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Brehmer Law What is Brehmer Law? Brehmer Law is the top law firm in California representing clients accused of driving under the influence of alcohol or drugs. What does Brehmer Law specialize in? When science intersects with law, Brehmer Law focuses on cases dealing with all types of laboratory analysis in an effort to ensure that convictions don't result from less than the reliable science of breath and blood alcohol testing. With more specialized training than the users that operate the breath and blood alcohol instruments, the attorneys at Brehmer Law have achieved results uncommon in the practice of scientific legal defense. What separates Brehmer Law from other law firms? The attorneys at Brehmer Law are the most trained in scientific defense, are the most published in forensic science in central California and have the most national speaking engagements in the area of forensic science among all lawyers in the region. Who should contact Brehmer Law? If you or a loved one is accused of driving under influence or any case involving chemical testing or forensics, Brehmer Law can help. What should clients look for Brehmer Law in an attorney? The area of 1200 Truxtun Ave., Suite 120 law, like the area 661-447-4384 of medicine, is broad. Clients must select the best-trained, most educated lawyer who specializes in forensic science cases to obtain the very best results. The attorneys at Brehmer Law are, in fact, the most trained and most educated. Past clients and colleagues across the country agree.


Bakersfield Life Magazine

May 2016



“Mr. Brehmer was able to achieve the result I was hoping for without going to trial. I met with many other attorneys before retaining him and not one of them instilled great confidence in me that I would keep my commercial license. I was worried at first about his fee being more than most, but it was one of the best investments I’ve ever made.” – Scott

“Attorney Brehmer is hands down the most experienced, credentialed and qualified DUI attorney in the Central Valley. He is one of those rare attorneys that not only cares about his clients, but also uses impeccable legal reasoning and cutting-edge science to achieve justice for his clients. I highly recommend him.” – Christina Oleson, Criminal Defense Attorney

“I went out with my friends and believed I’d done everything right. No more than one drink per hour for about 4 hours. When I was arrested for DUI, I was devastated. I assume if I was arrested, I must have been guilty. Mr. Brehmer’s office discovered that the test they used was expired and therefore not credible. I never would have known to check or what to do if I did know it was expired. He handled the DMV, so there was no loss of my driving privileges and he appeared many times on my behalf until the case was dropped. He saved me and my family from catastrophe. Just call him. He will honestly assess what he can do.” – Robyn

“Jeremy Brehmer is one of the best DUI attorneys in the country. He is incredibly intelligent and considered by all who know him in the legal DUI community as an ‘attorney-scientist.’ He regularly teaches other DUI attorneys throughout the country the science of blood alcohol and drug testing. He also uses his knowledge very effectively in court for his clients. He is certainly someone I go to when I need advice. I definitely endorse Jeremy Brehmer as an excellent DUI attorney-scientist.” – Barton Morris, Federal Crime Attorney

Bakersfield Life Magazine May 2016  
Bakersfield Life Magazine May 2016