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Electrical Systems and Instrumentation ESI is known for its work in the oil and gas industry. What other industries do you serve? ESI provides a full spectrum of electrical, automation and instrumentation services in any industrial or commercial sector – we cover it all. Our customers include an array of companies, from mining and minerals to water and waste water to food and beverage companies. ESI is highly respected for its quality of service as well as its ability to serve a diverse customer base. We continually seek ways to provide excellent results for each of our customers and their unique needs. How have you created and maintained your reputation for excellence? Although the typical response might refer to our work, at ESI we believe our excellence stems from our employees. They are the greatest asset we have! Our employees have a passion for producing exceptional work in everything they do. We treat our employees like family, providing ongoing opportunities for training and safety strategies, encouraging family priorities and listening to their suggestions for improving the way we do business. ESI has a very high employee morale and corresponding low turnover rate. We have found that when employees are highly valued, they, in turn, want to provide the highest value to our

Electrical Systems and Instrumentation (ESI) Headquarters 6906 Downing Ave. 661-587-9322 800-ESI-0800

customers. ESI is a company built on trust and positive relationships, both with our employees and with our customers. That level of trust naturally leads to excellence.


Bakersfield Life Magazine

How long has ESI been in Bakersfield? ESI was founded in Bakersfield in 2004 – this is our home. Over the past 12 years, our company has grown exponentially, and we currently have an office in West Texas, in addition to our home offices in California. And recently, we received our license in Oklahoma. We will continue to partner with our current customers to fulfill their electrical system needs, and we anticipate adding customers who are seeking the types of high-quality services we provide. What services does ESI provide? ESI provides a full spectrum of industrial and commercial electrical and automation services, such as electrical power, control systems, instrumentation and process control, overhead line construction, and panel and system fabrication (UL508A). We offer both construction and maintenance services for our clients as needed. In addition, our employees are committed to offering the highest level of integrity, professionalism and respect. What does “SQV” mean to ESI? SQV stands for safety, quality and value. Together they create a foundation on which every decision is based, whether it’s made

May 2016

by an employee on a service call or by the leaders of our company regarding future action. We pride ourselves on our safety record and stress the priority of safety every day. Why? Because not only Robert C. Riley, President do we want our employees to be safe on the job when they interact with customers, we also want them to get home safely to their families. We have a safety manager and several safety specialists who monitor and encourage safe behavior and work strategies. Similarly, we want every product and service we provide to be of the highest quality. Quality includes using trained personnel for each project and making sure we comply with all electrical codes and standards. We want it done right and done efficiently the first time. This provides the highest value to our customer – they get the best service for the best price in the most effective and efficient way possible. If something doesn’t add value for our customer, we don’t do it. It’s as simple as that.

Bakersfield Life Magazine May 2016  
Bakersfield Life Magazine May 2016