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Baked brie with maple and toasted pecans. My favorite piece of cooking equipment is: My All-Clad pans. They are amazing to cook in. My ideal dinner menu consists of: Sashimi or poke as an appetizer; seasonal salad; grilled fish and seasonal vegetables as an entree and seasonal fruit sorbet as dessert. I buy this in bulk: Almond flour — I love baking Parisian macaroons and I like to have this ingredient on hand at all times. A nut company I buy from makes the finest, clump-free variety. I’m addicted to: Carrot juice. Blini topped with smoked salmon and caviar.

enjoys doing makeup (she also used her creative skills as a makeup artist while in college) for weddings, special events and collaborating with photographers. She loves yoga, painting, continuing to become fluent in Spanish and French as well as practicing the guitar and piano.


I always mess up: A cookie here and there, so I can eat it. I rock at making: I make some pretty mean macaroons and croissants. Cake I am most proud of baking: One of my dearest friend’s birthday cake. A two-tiered chocolate cake with salted caramel and salted caramel buttercream filling. Decorated with a very teal buttercream, yellow and white flowers, gray bead accents and yellow inscription. It was very her, very me and very modern.
 My go-to cocktail is: An old-fashioned. My splurge at the grocery store: Fresh seafood.

I developed an interest in cooking and baking when: I was very young, watching and helping my mother cook dinner every day and baking with my older sister.

My kitchen disaster: I can’t remember honestly, because when I make a mistake, I immediately plan and execute a solution and move on. No time to dwell.

How often I cook at home: Almost every day, even after a long shift, and even if it is just a simple meal of fresh vegetables or eggs. At the very least, it’s three times a week, in which case I make big batches of healthy meals I can reheat throughout the week.

Worst kitchen injury: I cut my thumb while carelessly opening a bag and had to have five stitches. I was working two restaurant jobs and going to culinary school. We were short-staffed that day, so I bandaged my finger and put a glove on, worked a full eight-hour shift before going to urgent care, then when straight to class.

Ingredients that I love to use in my recipes are: Garlic and salt. I am a cook’s cook — these are my flavor-enhancing friends.

Ingredients I avoid/dislike: Artificial flavorings and extracts; Continued on page 42


Bakersfield Life Magazine April 2012  

Bakersfield Life Magazine April 2012

Bakersfield Life Magazine April 2012  

Bakersfield Life Magazine April 2012