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2012 Annual Report








Quality of Life


Our Mission Baker Industries provides work for adults with the most difficulty finding and keeping jobs. We strive to teach work ethic through real work experience in a safe and welcoming environment. Our program is a transition step toward gaining and maintaining outside employment when possible, and is designed to help our workers reach their highest level of achievement.

Our Values ■ ■ ■ ■ ■ ■

Acknowledge the worth and dignity of every person Create an inclusive work environment Live to solve big problems Serve our workers and customers with pride Take responsibility Always strive to be better

Our Workers ■ ■ ■ ■ ■

People with intellectual & developmental disabilities Recovering substance abusers Individuals on parole or probation Veterans The homeless

Our Vision To give vulnerable adults access to dignified work in a caring environment.

MESSAGE FROM THE PRESIDENT We are very pleased to share with you our Annual Report for 2012 – our very first one.

Management Team Turk Thacher

All of us at Baker would like to thank our customers and donors for their unwavering support – without you there would be no Baker Industries. Needless to say, the “quirky” economy of the past several years has presented challenges for most organizations, and Baker is certainly no exception. Thanks to all of you, we have had some success on the business side of Baker, which enables us to sustain our special program.


All nonprofits are evaluated on their “results” – clearly the ultimate result for us is when one of our Bakerites moves on to employment outside of Baker. Although we consider these figures when evaluating the effectiveness of our program, we believe that the full impact of our mission is immeasurable. Every Bakerite we welcome to Baker Industries, each hour of work we are able to offer to them makes a difference to their lives and to the lives of people around them. The skills and the experiences with which Baker Industries provides each participant, not to mention the source of income, are the truly impactful elements of our program, benefits that are less tangible than counting the number of graduating Bakerites, but that are by no means any less valuable.

Director of Finance

For the past several years we have strived to form collaborative arrangements with other organizations to enable us to offer additional services to our Bakerites. In 2012 we began a wonderful partnership with Thomas Jefferson University’s Department of Occupational Therapy, bringing OT Master’s Degree Candidates into our program to work with our Bakerites and help them “live life to its fullest.” It has been a win-win situation for both organizations, and we hope it will become a permanent addition to our program. The uniqueness of our program is special to all of us – we do not know of any other organization that works with four different segments of the lowincome vulnerable adult population, and does so without any government support. The need for our mission continues to grow each year. We are extremely fortunate to have a devoted staff very focused on what we need to do. Thank you all for your continued support and generosity.

Lee Kennedy

Director of Sales

Michael Ritchie Greg Lis

Director of Operations

Beth Tiewater

Director of Projects and Resources

Bill Panas

Plant Manager, F Street

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John H. “Turk” Thacher, Jr. President

Turk is a graduate of Princeton University and the University of Pennsylvania’s Wharton Graduate Division. He has had extensive small business and non-profit experience, and has performed corporate governance and development work. Turk joined Baker Industries in 2002.


Board of Directors Charles P. Baker, III Chairman of the Board, Founder Baker Industries Louise W. Baker Vice President Baker Industries Vijay Aggarwal, Ph.D Chief Executive Officer VaxiGenix Polly Bell Alden Sales Analyst Vanguard Asset Management Robert A. Cinalli Vice President Karr Barth Associates Karen M. Cruickshank President Tredyffrin/Easttown School Board Glenn A. Dever President Coho Partners, Ltd. Scott C. Dorsey Pastor Mount Zion Baptist Church Brookins D. Gardner President Gardner Fox & Associates Djoerd Hoekstra Chairman and CEO Biocoat, Inc. William H. Hoffmann Senior Consultant (Retired) Hay Group Richard C. Ill Chairman of the Board & CEO Triumph Group, Inc. Francis J. Leto, Esquire Executive Vice President Bryn Mawr Trust Company Susan K. McDaniel Former Technical Coordinator MTI Corporation J. Thomas Moore President & CEO The Moore Company Kenneth B. Mumma Director, Founder and Former CEO Customers Bank A. Edward Pringle III Former President Pringle Electrical Mfg. Co. Elizabeth Unger CPA (Retired) Dorothy C. Wackerman VP Communications (Retired) Saint Gobain Corporation

MESSAGE FROM THE CHAIRMAN OF THE BOARD OF DIRECTORS As Chairman of the Board of Directors, I am pleased to present Baker Industries’ 2012 Annual Report. 2012 was a good year in many respects and a challenge in others. We finished 2012 financially strong; even though we are a nonprofit, we have to be able to cover our expenses to exist. Our greatest challenge is the present economy. Part of our mission is to move as many of our employees as are able and ready into the regular workplace. Our success rate in accomplishing this has been below what we would like due to dwindling openings in entry level jobs. Opportunities have been exceedingly tough to find. Baker Industries has great supporters, an energetic and an accomplished board, and a truly devoted staff who sincerely buy into our mission. We are optimistic for 2013! Charles P. Baker III Chairman, Board of Directors Charles and Louise Baker have devoted 32 years of their life to the creation and building of Baker Industries, and they have done so for essentially no compensation. Mr. Baker is a graduate of the USMA at West Point and ran a small family business for 30 years before founding Baker Industries.


Who We’ve Helped in 2012 265 have participated in our program 57% were male 43% were female 38% have a disability 12 are veterans 25 have moved on to permanent employment 5 are in long-term temporary positions 48 received occupational therapy in our program 22 the age of the youngest program participant 73 the age of the oldest program participant

Ways We Serve ■

Program participants learn work ethic and gain work experience in a caring atmosphere

Occupational Therapy provided on site

Computer Training on site

Follow up through our Alumni Program

What Sets Us Apart ■

Four groups of vulnerable adults work together

94% of every dollar goes directly into program

We accept no government funds

Staff is from for-profit sector

Founders are still actively involved


SUCCESS STORIES 2012 Success is measured in many ways at Baker. Ultimately it’s about having the resolve and determination to keep going, regardless of barriers and obstacles that get in the way.

BOB Bob graduated college with a degree in chemistry and held numerous jobs as a scientist, but a difficult divorce in 2007 threw him off track. A few bad decisions led to financial hardship, and Bob’s life spiraled downward. A few years later, Bob found his way to Baker, where he began to pull his life back together. Baker gave Bob the chance to work a steady job again and get back into a routine of good decisions. He worked hard and quickly became a supervisor. Bob was known for the quality of his work and for his positive attitude. As Bob began to regain his confidence and remember his talents, he wrote, “I regret terribly the choices I made, believe I am fully rehabilitated, and am desperately looking for someone to give me a chance to prove myself and rebuild my life.” Bob found that chance in July of 2012, when Lancaster Laboratories hired him for his expertise in chemistry. We miss him greatly, but Bob’s story will always remind us of the power of optimism and a fresh start.

MIKE and DEBBIE Mike was assigned to Debbie’s line when he started at Baker. For him, it was love at first sight. Mike was taken with Debbie: her infectious laugh, kind heart, and no-nonsense supervisory style. For Debbie, it took a little longer, but she began to develop feelings for Mike, a shy, sweet guy with a great smile. It wasn’t too long before they were dating. Then, Debbie’s birthday came around. On bended knee, Mike asked her to marry him. Of course, she said yes! They were married in April of 2012. Debbie says she’s never been happier and Mike smiles in agreement. We celebrated with them just days prior to the wedding with a cake, balloons, and a bride’s bouquet made by Weezie. It was a great day!


SUCCESS STORIES 2012 JAMES At Baker we like to say we are “trying to lose our best people every day,” since permanent job placement is the ultimate goal for our ex-offender population. James was one of our best. He did a great job not only in Malvern, but also as an off-site temp. James made good use of our program, and after a few months, to the surprise of no one except maybe himself, he got a permanent job as a Test Tech at Omega Flex in Exton. James told us, “The opportunity Baker Industries gave me was wonderful. It was the stepping stone I needed.”

SARA For people with serious mental illness, life is often a cycle of hospitalization, medication issues, decline, and recovery, particularly in young adulthood. While work is almost impossible to find, the desire to work and be a part of an organization is often intact. At Baker, we understand this and are committed to accommodating the needs of workers like Sara, a friendly and capable young woman who struggles with serious mental illness. Sara is loved by all in the Baker community, and when she returns after a long absence, a spontaneous cheer resounds as she takes her place on the production floor! She brightens our lives.

TIM When Tim interviewed at Baker, he divulged a list of failures—jobs that didn’t work out, attempts at college, etc. He had been diagnosed with a processing delay and was suffering from anxiety, and some tasks didn’t come easily to Tim. At age 21, he seemed to have given up on ever succeeding at anything. But Tim is a hard worker—reliable and dependable, too. He got the hang of the work and was soon one of the fastest on the line. Watching his progress was akin to watching a flower bloom. As his confidence grew, so did he! Tim’s demeanor completely changed—now he stands straight and tall and has an easy smile. We know a lucky employer is going to snap him up soon. Tim is ready; our work here is done.


Financial Report 2012 Baker Industries does not take any government funding. Around 70% of the revenue needed to meet our annual expenses comes from payment for the jobs we do for our customers. The balance comes from individuals and organizations willing to make charitable contributions to our operating costs. We intentionally have a lean staff, and our administrative costs consistently average 6% of our budget.

Support and Revenue Donations - Individuals $116,038 Donations - Grants $626,272 Revenue from Fundraisers $233,386 Earned Income $2,233,223 Total $3,208,919


Program Services $2,702,286 Supporting Services $97,773 Fundraising $87,784 Total $2,887,843 Increase in unrestricted net assets



The Work We Do With one of the largest available labor forces in the Delaware Valley, we specialize in doing manual labor tasks very efficiently. Our customers use us to assemble, package, store, ship, correct, sort, and sometimes disassemble their products. Our tasks range from handling simple mailings of 160,000 pieces in three days to mechanically assembling products with over 125 parts that must be put together under exacting specifications. Customers turn to Baker Industries for projects that can’t easily be automated and require a human touch. We offer flexible, results based pricing that is highly competitive to traditional outsourcing providers.

Service Offerings by Category Manufacturing

Mechanical Assemblies Circuit Board Stuffing Harness Assemblies Soldering Wiring Building Sewing

Fulfillment and Packaging

Temporary Staffing

Mailings Hand addressing Name matching Folding Labeling Collation of binders and pocket folders Boxing and bulk shipping USPS, UPS and Fed Ex Shrink wrapping Counting Heat Sealing Fugitive Gluing

Staffing a department permanently Teams of temps weekly/ monthly Temps for big jobs Seasonal temps


2012 Events & Fundraisers

Supporters 2012

(lists may be incomplete)

Platinum Edwin Hall 2nd Charitable Trust Diamond Peter R. & Cynthia K. Kellogg Foundation Mrs. J. Maxwell Moran Triumph Group Charitable Foundation Triumph Group, Inc.

31st Annual Spring Gala honoree Joe Mena is presented an award by PA State Senator Duane Milne at the Merion Cricket Club.

The Wine School of Philadelphia put on a tasting event in our warehouse, which appealed to Baker supporters old and new!

The Triumph Group sponsors our golf outing at Applebrook Golf Club, which also includes drinks and dinner on the porch overlooking the course.

Gold The Beaty Family Foundation The Charter Foundation Danellie Foundation Mr. & Mrs. Rodney D. Day, III Mr. & Mrs. Peter Grauer Helen D. Groome Beatty Trust Hamilton Family Foundation Hoxie Harrison Smith Foundation Mill Spring Foundation Phoenixville Community Health Foundation L. W. Pierce Family Foundation PNC Bank Scholler Foundation Wayne Presbyterian Church Western Association of Ladies for the Relief and Employment of the Poor Ruby Barra Foundation The Becket Family Foundation Mr. & Mrs. W. Thacher Brown The Bryn Mawr Trust Company Mrs. J. Mahlon Buck, Jr. Mr. James Culbertson Genuardi Family Foundation Mr. & Mrs. Charles E. Haldeman, Jr. Mr. & Mrs. Richard C. Ill Joan and Herb Kelleher Charitable Foundation Mr. & Mrs. R. Chase McDaniel, II Saint-Gobain Corporation Foundation The Caroline J. S. Sanders Charitable Trust No. I Shouvlin Foundation Joseph Kennard Skilling Trust Summit Container Corporation U.S. Liability Insurance Group Anonymous Mr. & Mrs. Steven R. Zodtner Silver Addis Group Affiliated Computer Services, Inc. Mr. & Mrs. Vijay Aggarwal Mr. & Mrs. Edward Antoian Aon Risk Services Mr. & Mrs. James H. Averill Mr. & Mrs. Charles P. Baker, III Mr. and Mrs. Curtis D. Ball Mr. & Mrs. John H. Ball Ms. Mary I. Dorrance & Mr. Francis T. Boylan


Brandywine Abstract Company, L.P. Mr. & Mrs. William C. Buck Burke Family Foundation Mr. & Mrs. Robert T. Chenoweth Mr. & Mrs. David Christens City Line Motors Connelly Foundation Ernst & Young LLP Factory Mutual Insurance Company Mr. & Mrs. T. Ritson Ferguson Dr. Thomas A. Fosnocht The Fourjay Foundation Mr. & Mrs. John W. Frazier, IV Gardner/Fox Associates, Inc. Mr. Harry W. Gill, Jr. Haverford Trust Company Mr. & Mrs. Joseph Hill Mr. and Mrs. John G. Hoopes The Jake Foundation Mr. & Mrs Robert E. Keith, Jr. The Kintock Group Kistler Tiffany Benefits Kistler Tiffany Foundation Liberty Mutual National Accounts Dr. & Mrs. David M. McCarthy McCausland Foundation Mr. & Mrs. Robert E. McQuiston Mr. David R. McShane The Moore Company Mr. & Mrs. Ranney R. Moran Mr. & Mrs. Thomas Nerney Mr. and Mrs. Charles W. Ogelsby Mr. & Mrs. William W. Ogren The Pennsylvania Fund Mr. and Mrs. Leo Pierce, Jr. Princeton Club of Philadelphia Mr. & Mrs. Gerald B. Rorer Mr. & Mrs. Jeffrey B. Rotwitt Dr. & Mrs. Karl F. Rugart, Jr. Mr. & Mrs. Michael P. Shouvlin Mr. & Mrs. Stephen R. Sieke Mr. & Mrs. Robert C. Skelly Southco, Inc. St. John's Presbyterian Church Stradley Ronon Stevens & Young, LLP Mrs. Anson W. H. Taylor, Jr. Mrs. Clifton B. Thaw Mr. & Mrs. Peter R. Unger Ms. Donna Vanzile Ms. Dorothy C. Wackerman Mr. & Mrs. Raymond H. Welsh Mr. & Mrs. Richard Whiting, Jr. Mrs. Robert H. Wolcott The Women's Auxiliary of The German Society of Pennsylvania Mr. & Mrs. Bruce R. Zewe Bronze Mr. & Mrs. Francis H. Abbott Mr. & Mrs. Graham D. Andrews Mr. & Mrs. Stephen W. Bajus Mr. & Mrs. Jonathan Black The Brevoort Fund


Summer Picnic at Burke Park in Malvern.

Enjoying lunch donated by a supporter during 2012 Hunger and Homeless Awareness Week at Baker Industries.

Our Thanksgiving Luncheon is in the spirit of the holiday: those who are able to contribute do, and the rest is provided by generous donors. It’s a great occasion.

Mr. & Mrs. Radcliffe Cheston Mr. & Mrs. Robert Cinalli Mr. & Mrs. Peter Clark Ms. Barbara K. Clisby Mr. & Mrs. James E. Cruickshank Mr. & Mrs. Donald M. Detwiler Anonymous Mr. & Mrs. Glenn A. Dever Mr. & Mrs. Saunders Dixon Mr. & Mrs. John C. Dodds Mr. & Mrs. William C. Ebbott Mr. & Mrs. Robert Ecker Emily O'Neill Sullivan Foundation Fox & Roach Charities Dr. & Mrs. Robert Frederick Mr. & Mrs. Vincent Gilpin, Jr Mr. Bruce Hauptfuhrer Mr. & Mrs. Robert P. Hauptfuhrer Mr. and Mrs. John F. Hentz Mr. & Mrs. J. Robert Herd Mr. & Mrs. Djoerd Hoekstra Mr. & Mrs. Robert S. Hoffman Mr. & Mrs. William H. Hoffmann Ms. Winifred W. Humphrys Mr. & Mrs. William S. Hyland Mr. & Mrs. Thomas Kent Mr. & Mrs. Philip J. Koehler Mrs. Thomas C. Leonards, Jr. Mr. & Mrs. Dan Lievens Mr. Richard Lowry Mr. and Mrs. Kevin J. Lucey Mr. & Mrs. Lawrence E. Macelree Mr. & Mrs. A. Bruce Mainwaring Mr. & Mrs. Samuel R. Marshall Mr. & Mrs. F. Robert Masters, Jr. Mr. & Mrs. John J. McElroy, III Mr. & Mrs. William Miller Mr. & Mrs. Kenneth B. Mumma Mr. & Mrs. Britton H. Murdoch E. Murdoch Family Foundation Mr. & Mrs. Sherman E. Perkins Mr. & Mrs. Thomas Petro Philadelphia Alumni Association of Kappa Kappa Gamma Ms. Molly Pierce Mr. & Mrs. A. Edward Pringle, III Mr. & Mrs. Steven C. Ramsey Mr. and Mrs. Jay C. Sands Schneider Electric North America Foundation Mr. & Mrs. Marvin A. Scott Mr. & Mrs. George C. Shafer, Jr. Ms. Frances F. Tenney Mr. & Mrs. James H. Unger Mr. & Mrs. Douglas Walters Mr. & Mrs. William R. Wood Mr. & Mrs. Frank E. Woolley Mr. & Mrs. Jonathan K. Wright Iron Mr. & Mrs. Stephen S. Abate Dr. Harold M. Aberman

Mr. & Mrs. David Acton Mr. & Mrs. Stuart H. Alden Ms. Lucetta S. Alderfer Dr. & Mrs. Richard Allman Mr. & Mrs. Bruce E. Allred Mr. & Mrs. Peter Andruss Mrs. John R. Arms Ms. Susan Armstrong Ms. Hazel E. Arnold Mrs. Mary Jo Ashenfelter Mr. & Mrs. William Ashenfelter Mrs. Albert A. Austin Ms. Cynthia Rex Ayers Mr. & Mrs. Jeffrey Baena Mrs. William G. Baer Mr. & Mrs. Donald O. Bailey Mr. & Mrs. C. Pitman Baker, IV Ms. Jody Baker Mr. & Mrs. John Bartholdson Mr. & Mrs. Herbert O. Bascome Mr. & Mrs. Steven W. Bass Mrs. Robert F. Batchelder Mr. & Mrs. David E. Beavers Mrs. A. Richard Bell, Jr. Mr. & Mrs. Authur E. Bell, III Mr. & Mrs. James A. Bennett Mrs. Joseph G. Bertsch Mr. & Mrs. Dwight L. Beucler Mr. Thomas J. Bird Mrs. Thomas M. Birdsall Rev. & Mrs. James Birney Mr. James Blatchford Mr. & Mrs. Charlie Bloom Mr. & Mrs. Melvin C. Boyd Mr. & Mrs. Robert L. Broadrup Mr. & Mrs. James H. Bromley Ms. Heidi Brooks Mr. Bruce Broser Mr. & Mrs. Tony Brown Mr. & Mrs. James M. Buck, III Mr. & Mrs. Kevin Buraks Mr. & Mrs. Michael Burg Mr. Wesley Burns Mr. & Mrs. McBee Butcher Ms. Joan R. Calhoun Mr. & Mrs. Gregory Caneda Mrs. Charles A. Carmichael Mr. & Mrs. Vincent Carroll Mr. & Mrs. Joseph Carson Mrs. Joseph L. Castle, II Mr. & Mrs. William Chandlee Mr. & Mrs. David Chapman Mr. & Mrs. Arthur M. R. Charrington, III Mr. & Mrs. Morris Cheston, Jr. Ms. Jane Chopack Mr. & Mrs. Chip Clothier Mr. & Mrs. Isaac H. Clothier, IV Mr. Joseph P. Collins Mr. & Mrs. Peter J. Connors Ms. Martha Coonley Mr. Robert L. Corcoran Ms. Lisa Couser


Ms. Cathy Stevens & Mr. Joseph T. Cox Mr. & Mrs. Fronefield Crawford, Jr. Mr. & Mrs. Samuel Crothers Mr. Christopher B. Cryer Ms. Sheila K. Dahl Mr. & Mrs. A. Jack Dale Mr. & Mrs. John Davis Mrs. Tina DeAngelis, EdD, OTR/L Ms. Toni DeGeorge Mr. John Devereux Mrs. Park Dilks Mrs. Edward V. Dillon Mr. & Mrs. Thomas J. Dolan Mr. & Mrs. John H. Donaldson Mr. Robert R. Donecker Mr. & Mrs. Scott C. Dorsey Mr. & Mrs. Greg Doto Ms. Christine M. Eastburn Mr. & Mrs. Richard M. Eisenstaedt Mr. & Mrs. Herbert Engelbert Dr. & Mrs. Joseph L. Eremus Mr. & Mrs. A. Carter Fergusson Mr. & Mrs. Anthony L. Fernandes Dr. & Mrs. Kenneth Fetter Ms. Elizabeth Fifer Mr. Joseph H. Flather, Jr. Mr. & Mrs. Edward A. Flood, Jr. Ms. Rosemary Fluehr Mr. & Mrs. William Forrest, Jr. Mrs. George C. Foust, Jr. Mrs. Jane E. Fraschilla Dr. & Mrs. Thomas Frazier Mr. & Mrs. Paul Gansky Ms. Sandy Gargus Mr. John Garvey German, Gallagher & Murtagh, P.C. Mr. & Mrs. William H. Giese Mr. & Mrs. William Y. Giles Mr. Harry W. Gill, Jr. Mr. John S. Gilsenan Mr. and Mrs. David Girard Global Performance Institute Mr. & Mrs. Bayard M. Graf Mrs. Joseph F. Grass, III Mr. & Mrs. Martyn Greenacre Dr. & Mrs. Bernard R. Greenberg Mr. & Mrs. Robert F. Greenwood Mrs. Thomas Greenwood Ms. Louise B. Griffiths Mr. & Mrs. Gerald J. Hansen Jr. Mr. & Mrs. Chester D. Harrington, Jr. Mr. Bill Harrison Ms. Avonne A. Hartshorn Mrs. Daniel G. Hartshorn Ms. Beth Hawley Mr. & Mrs. Thomas D. Hays III Ms. Sheila Heenan Mr. & Mrs. Geary Heermann Mrs. Carol A. Henderson Mr. & Mrs. David A. Heydt Ms. Janice Hill Mr. and Mrs. John H. Hodge

Mr. & Mrs. Walter C. Hook Mrs. F. Thomas Hopkins Mr. & Mrs. Peter J. Houghton Mr. & Mrs. Michael B. Hudson Mr. & Mrs. Charles Humphreys Mr. & Mrs. Linden K. Hustedt Ms. Esther Hutchinson Ms. Frances Ingersoll & Mr. Mathew Taylor Mrs. Paul M. Ingersoll Mrs. I. Grant Irey, Jr. Mr. & Mrs. John Irwin Mr. & Mrs. John Jackson Mr. & Mrs. Millard H. Jackson, III Mr. & Mrs. Landon Y. Jones, Jr. Mr. & Mrs. Andrew P. Kalilec Mr. & Mrs. Philip Kampf Ms. Judith A. Kargher Mr. & Mrs. E. Brooks Keffer, Jr. Mrs. Steven Keller Ms. Linda Kennedy Mr. William Keyser Mr. Darwin P. Kingsley, III Mrs. William Kinkead Mrs. Macaira Koch Mr. David Kollock Mr. & Mrs. Scott Laird Mr. & Mrs. Bradford H. Lamson-Scribner Mr. & Mrs. Thomas Landmesser Mrs. W. Mifflin Large Mr. & Mrs. Robert B. Lawler Dr. & Mrs. William R. Leahy Mr. & Mrs. Mark Ledger Mr. & Mrs. Dennis Leeper Ms. Mary A. Lewis Mr. & Mrs. J. Thomas Ligget, Jr. Mrs. George J. Lincoln Mrs. Esmond R. Long Mr. & Mrs. John A. Lord Mr. & Mrs. Robert A. Lunbeck Mr. & Mrs. James W. Mackie Mr. David H. Maroney Mr. & Mrs. John L. Mather, III Dr. Owen R. Mathieu, Jr. Mr. & Mrs. Peter Maude Mrs. Gwynne G. McDevitt Mr. & Mrs. G. Richmond McFarland, Jr. Mr. Vincent McGuinness Mr. and Mrs. William A. McKenna Mr. & Mrs. David B. McMullin Mr. & Mrs. Anthony J. Mendicino Ms. Emma Jane Miller Col. & Mrs. Stephen W. Miller Mr. Peter Andrew Mitchell Mr. & Mrs. Paul Monaghan, Jr. Mr. Randall Montgomery Mrs. M. E. Moretzsohn Mr. & Mrs. Theodore S. Morgan MorganStanley SmithBarney Mr. & Mrs. Gary T. Morreale Dr. & Mrs. William Mowbray Mrs. Marshall Mundheim Mr. & Mrs. Britton H. Murdoch, Sr.

Dr. & Mrs. John Brien Murphy Mr. & Mrs. Robert E. Nahas Dr. & Mrs. Edward B. Nelson Mrs. A. Corkran Nimick Mr. & Mrs. Bruce Northrup Ms. Roberta O'Dell Mr. and Mrs. William C. O'Neill Mr. James F. O'Rourke, III Ms. Kathleen M. O'Shaughnessy Mr. & Mrs. Peter Paradiso Mr. & Mrs. Wayne D. Parker Mr. & Mrs. Robert N. Parsons Ms. Susanna Paterson Mrs. Henry P. Pendergrass Mr. & Mrs. Lloyd M. Perry Mr. & Mrs. Anthony Peterman Mr. & Mrs. Paul Petroske Mr. David H. Phillips Ms. Eleanor Pierson Mr. and Mrs. Clayton Platt Mr. & Mrs. Lucien B. Platt Mr. & Mrs. Charles Plohn, Jr. Mr. & Mrs. Paul V. Plourde Mrs. Joseph Potts, Jr. Mr. & Mrs. Steven Pressman Mr. Neil Rankin Dr. & Mrs. Steven E. Raper Mr. John Raymond Mr. Larry Redmond Mr. & Mrs. Redmond Mr. & Mrs. J. Barton Riley Mr. & Mrs. Robert J. Riley Mr. Chris Robinson Mr. & Mrs. Norman P. Robinson Mr. & Mrs. Joseph Romano Ms. Joan Ronon Mr. & Mrs. Christopher Rossi Mr. & Mrs. George Rubin Mr. Paul J. Savidge & Mr. Dan Macey Mr. & Mrs. Stephen Schaeffer Mrs. Nancy H. Schriber Ms. Presley Schwinn Mrs. Robert B. Seidel Mr. & Mrs. Herbert E. Seifert, Jr. Mr. Lee Sellman Mr. and Mrs. Stephen Shapiro Mr. & Mrs. Richard R. Shaw Dr. and Mrs. Neil Shepard Mr. & Mrs. Franco Sirkin Ms. Chandi Z. Smith Mr. & Mrs. Oliver Smith Ms. Virginia Smith Mr. W. Scott Smith, Jr. Ms. Dorothy K. Snowdon Mr. & Mrs. C. Stewart Spahr Ms. Mary E. Spence Mr. & Mrs. Russell B. Spencer Mrs. Dean S. Spiegel Mr. John L. Spofford Mr. & Mrs. Stephen E. Stambaugh Mr. & Mrs. E. Jeffrey Starke Mr. Harold Starr


Mr. & Mrs. Geoffrey Stengel Mr. & Mrs. Ethan A. Stenger Mr. & Mrs. Dave Strange Mrs. Elizabeth B. Stull Mr. Henderson Supplee, III Mr. & Mrs. Jeffrey D. Swarr Mr. & Mrs. Donald A. Synnestvedt Mr. & Mrs. Francis G. Tatnall Mr. & Mrs. George Teplica Mr. & Mrs. John H. Thacher, Jr. Ms. Kim Thacher Ms. Margaret Gallagher Thompson Mr. & Mrs. Thomson Ms. Carol Titzel Mrs. R. John Titzel, Jr. Ms. Jean Tremblay Mrs. Frederick A. Tucker, Jr. Mr. & Mrs. Steven Udicious Mr. & Mrs. Richard C. Unger, Jr. Mr. & Mrs. Walter E. Veghte, Jr. Mr.& Mrs. Roger F. Veit Ms. Chris Voss Mr. & Mrs. Brenton G. Wallace, Jr. Mr. & Mrs. Wallace H. Wallace Mr. & Mrs. Patrick J. Walsh Mr. & Mrs. William G. Warden, IV Mr. & Mrs. Joseph F. Waterman Dr. & Mrs. David B. Watermulder Waynesborough Country Club Mr. & Mrs. William Y. Webb Mr. & Mrs. A. Kent Weymouth, Jr. Mrs. Howard W. Whitaker Dr. Thomas O. Wilcox Jr. Mr. & Mrs. Gordon H. Wilder Mr. & Mrs. Edward B. Wilford, III Mr. & Mrs. Ralph Williams Mr. & Mrs. Peter Wilmerding Ms. Barbara B. Wilson Mr. & Mrs. William H. Wilson Mr. & Mrs. Miles K. Wolfson Dr. Elizabeth Wood Mr. & Mrs. H. Palmer Woodcock Dr. & Mrs. Nicholas H. Wright Mr. & Mrs. John S. Wynn, Jr. Mr. & Mrs. Thomas V. Zug, Jr. Employee Directed and Corporate Matching Contributions GE Foundation Turner Investment Partners, Inc. Pfizer Foundation Matching Gifts Program Citizens Bank Foundation Matching Gifts Program

Community Involvement

A strong community benefits the individual, the community, and society as a whole. We are fortunate at Baker Industries to have the support of so many individuals and organizations in our community.

Volunteers from Vanguard

Student interns Anjalie (right) from Princeton University and Beny (left) from Conestoga High School.

Brook Lenfest Foundation Bryn Mawr Trust Chester County Intermediate Unit Conestoga High School Senior Internship Program Friends Central Goodwill Industries Jefferson University Department of Occupational Therapy Kappa Kappa Gamma Kintock Group Main Line Unitarian Church Malvern Prep Newcomers of the Main Line Paoli Presbyterian Church PNC Princeton Club of Philadelphia Prudential Fox Roach Saint-Gobain St. John’s Presbyterian Church Transportation Management Association of Chester County (TMACC) Vanguard Veteran’s Administration of Chester County Wayne Presbyterian Church

We rely on faithful volunteers to help keep costs down as well as to provide companionship to our workers.

Volunteers from Wayne Presbyterian Church serving lunch at F Street.

Computer training with Vanguard volunteer, Boris


In-Kind Donations Businesses Academy Leadership The Academy of Natural Sciences The Andalusia Foundation Anthony's Pizza & Italian Restaurant Applebrook Aras Rug Company Bywood Seafood Market Capt'n Dick's BBQ Charles Jacquin et Cie, Inc. Christa's Classics Costco Creed's Seafood & Steaks Curtis Institute of Music D'Amicantonio Shoes Dantastic Food Diesinger & Dolan Jewelers Englund's Apparel for Men Flag Lady Gifts The Franklin Institute Frazer Dental Care Gardner/Fox Congressman Jim Gerlach Gingy’s Grappa Café The Inn at Osprey Point Iron Hill Brewery and Restaurant State Representitive Warren Kampf Leaf Floor Covering The Little House Shop Longwood Gardens Lucie's Barkingham Palace Margaret Kuo's Merion Cricket Club Hon. Duane Milne Morris Arboretum Nana's Creative Sewing Nancy Saam Designs Nota Bene Boutique Opera Company of Philadelphia People's Light & Theatre Company Philadelphia Museum of Art The Philadelphia Phillies The Picket Fence Please Touch Museum Polites Florist Radnor Racquet Club San Nicola Restaurant Summit Sports Training Center Sweet Jazmines Tango A Taste of Britain TJ’s Restaurant & Drinkery Tredici Italian Market Uhler's Seed & Feed Up Home Ltd.

Valley Forge Flowers Vertex Fitness The Village Salon Wayne Presbyterian Church Individuals Susan Aggarwal Gail Batchelder Pauline Bell Jill Bonn Kim Craig Kathy Disque Deb & John Donaldson Robert Graves Francie Ingersoll Rita Ingersoll Philip J. Koehler Linda McCarthy Susan McDaniel J. Thomas Moore Elizabeth Moran Ranney Moran Susan Baird Perot Dr. Donald & Judy Rosato Dianne & Jeffrey Rotwitt Diana & Gordon H. Wilder

2012 Gala Committee at work.


Gala Co-chair Francie Ingersoll and husband Matt Taylor

Malvern | 184 Pennsylvania Avenue | Malvern, PA | 610.296.9795 Philadelphia | 3506 F Street | Philadelphia, PA 19134 | 215.291.5700

2012 Baker Industries Annual Report  
2012 Baker Industries Annual Report