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The truth prevails in child custody case Child custody lawyers are vital during the process of child custody. They offer the much needed guidance and support. In extreme cases however, some parents will do anything to win, even falsely accuse the other party of abuse in court. This was the case when Winnipeg mother lost custody after confessing to falsely accusing her ex-husband of sexual abuse. During her appearance before Manitoba Court of Appeal she apologised for her discretion and said "at most, guilty of caring to much".

The court rules in favour of her estranged spouse by granting him full custody of the children, while the mother was allowed supervised access. Shortly after their separation in 2003, the case began. After their eight year marriage, they initially agreed on joint custody of their three boys. The arrangement didn't last long and the courts were brought in to mediate. The accusations of molestation started in 2006, resulting in several months of Child and Family Services investigating the claims. This greatly disrupted the father's life. After the investigation was completed, abuse was ruled out, and the woman confessed to her false accusations. Her efforts to discredit her ex to gain full custody of the children only lead to her own downfall. Although she was not charged for the malicious allegations, it did come back to torment her during the child-custody dispute. Due to her failure to abide by earlier rulings in the court, she has been found in contempt of the court twice. On top of this, she is also liable for more than $10 000 in legal costs of her ex-husband. "This is a high-conflict domestic dispute which has been ongoing for 10 years and which has resulted in thousands of dollars of legal fees to both parents, emotional anguish to the entire family and continuing litigation," said Steel. "It is the kind of domestic dispute which is particularly ill-suited to the blunt blows of the legal system, despite the best intentions of all involved." said Steel, writing on behalf of the three justices who decided the case. A court-ordered report has found the boys happy and adjusting well to their new life with their father. The mother however still bears the grudge and with every visit attempts to turn the boys against their father. All visits are now supervised. The court also ordered her to undergo psychiatric evaluation, but to date she has complied with this as she claims she has been unable to find a psychiatrist that would work with her. The inability of the parents to reach an agreement and stick to it has lead to many years of bitter disputes and thousands of dollars wasted during the process. Not to mention the emotional stress caused for the three boys.

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The truth prevails in child custody case  

Short article about unusual child custody case, where Winnipeg's mother falsely accused her husband in sexual abuse.