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CHINESE AUCTION In memory of Evelyn Racer Katz A”H

March 8th, 2008 8:00pm SATURDAY NIGHT Flatbush Park Jewish Center 6363 Avenue U, Brooklyn


Maimonides Medical Center would like to thank the Coordinators and Members of Hatzolah of Mill Basin/Canarsie for their outstanding efforts on behalf of our community

Martin D. Payson Chairman, Board of Trustees Pamela S. Brier President & Chief Executive Officer Mark McDougle Executive Vice President & Chief Operating Officer




SECOnd Annual Chinese Auction In memory of Evelyn Racer Katz A�H

Saturday Evening, March 8, 2008

8:00 PM

Flatbush Park Jewish Center 6363 Avenue U, Brooklyn, NY, 11234 Paid Admission: $20 (includes free $20 raffle ticket) Dairy Buffet Dinner and Desserts

What is a Chinese Auction? A Chinese auction is an opportunity to win great prizes while supporting the life saving services of Hatzolah of Mill Basin/Canarsie. Stores and individuals have generously donated goods and services to be used as prizes, which have been grouped into packages and listed in this booklet. You may purchase tickets for any prize package that you wish. If your ticket is drawn on the night of the auction, you win that prize. The winner need not be present to win. An order form is included in the back of this booklet. This form can be filled out in advance or at the auction. You may purchase individual tickets or discounted bonus ticket packages. Remember, all of the money used to buy tickets goes directly to continue the life saving work of your local Hatzolah division. So enjoy and good luck!



Hatzolah of Mill Basin the lifeline of our community The Mill Basin/Canarsie division of Chevra Hatzolah responds to emergencies in the greater Mill Basin, Georgetown, Bergen Beach, Canarsie, Starrett City and East New York neighborhoods of Brooklyn. Day or night, our non-paid volunteer EMTs and Paramedics provide our community with the finest pre-hospital emergency medical treatment and transportation. They put their lives on hold to respond to life threatening medical and traumatic emergencies in our neighborhood. They leave their jobs, family gatherings, children’s birthday parties, Shabbat tables and warm beds to save our lives. They are on call 24 hours a day, 7 days a week to help us in our times of need. And, they do it for free. No hesitation. No questions asked. Hatzolah of Mill Basin has become an integral part of our growing and thriving community and is proud to play a vital role in securing that growth. However, we must not take Mill Basin Hatzolah’s presence for granted. The legendary Hatzolah response time is only possible because our volunteers live and work locally in our neighborhood. Hatzolah of Mill Basin is continually facing a funding crisis. Many people do not realize that Mill Basin Hatzolah exists solely because of donations from community members. It does not receive any government funding or monies from other Hatzolah divisions or fundraisers. Hatzolah of Mill Basin must pay for its own insurance, supplies and life saving equipment. These operating costs are in addition to the astronomical costs of servicing and maintaining the ambulances. Without your financial support, Hatzolah of Mill Basin cannot continue to save lives. Each of you has the opportunity to save lives by ensuring that Hatzolah of Mill Basin remains as strong as ever in our community. Hatzolah is the lifeline of our community and we cannot rely on other people to keep our Hatzolah alive. 24/7, Hatzolah is there for us and now we need to be there for them. You will save a life with your generous contribution. We thank you for supporting us at last year’s inaugural fundraiser and look forward to seeing you on the evening of March 8, 2008. Please enjoy the evening and Tizku L’Mitzvot!



VOLUNTEER PARAMEDICS, EMTS AND SERVICE UNITS Hatzolah of Mill Basin/Canarsie We would like to express our utmost appreciation and heartfelt gratitude to the following Hatzolah of Mill Basin Paramedics, EMTs and Service Units and your families in recognition of your outstanding efforts on behalf of our community. Your selfless dedication and constant vigilance on our behalf are truly magnificent examples of Kiddush Hashem. We also extend a special thank you to all of the Hatzolah wives for encouraging and allowing your husbands to participate in this extraordinary mitzvah. May the Almighty bless you and your families with many years of health, happiness and nachas in recognition for all that you do.

Arthur Berkovitz Avi Boas Joey Calabro Matis Cohen Moshe Feldmaus Moshe Hacker Oren Kagan Peter Katz Joel Klein Chaim Levy Abe Lifshitz Barry Marmulszteyn Bruce Medjuck

Steven Modes Eli Poland Moshe Preger Heshy Rosenblum Yosef Rosenthal Menachem Silberman Alan Skurnik (Coordinator) Joshua Stein Michael Weisblatt Isaac Weiss Steven Weiss Mony Weschler (Coordinator) Eli Zin



In Loving Memory of

Evelyn Racer Katz A�H October 13, 1979 - October 27, 2007

This year we are dedicating the Hatzolah of Mill Basin auction in memory of Evelyn Racer Katz. Evelyn was a well known member of our community throughout her life from childhood to adulthood. She made many contributions in our community including several shiduchim amongst our members. Evelyn’s life started out like that of many of ours. She grew up in Mill Basin, attended Yeshivah of Flatbush and brought pride and joy to her parents. She graduated from NYU and later began law school during which time she married Zinovy Michael Katz. Evelyn was extremely kind and cared dearly for others. She was a fantastic friend to all who knew her. She always helped anyone in need whether it was a person or even an animal. On Shabbat, she would always make sure that people had somewhere to eat and if not, she would invite them to her house. Evelyn always put the needs of others ahead of her own and would even sacrifice herself for the sake of others. When Evelyn was just 24 years old, she felt pains in her stomach and was nauseous. After visiting the doctor and having some tests done, she was diagnosed with stomach cancer. This was a tremendous shock to all her family and friends. No one had ever had cancer in her family and it seemed impossible to be true. What followed was three and half years of pain and suffering for Evelyn. She had 9 different surgeries, several rounds of chemotherapy and suffered abuses on her body that no person could ever imagine.



When a young person gets sick in your family, you feel out of control and scared. You have to trust all of the surgeons and doctors and at the same time trust yourself in the decisions that you ultimately have to make. Every time you leave the hospital and go home, you are scared of what can happen. During these difficult times, it helps to know that in case of an emergency, Hatzolah will be there. Hatzolah came to Evelyn’s aid on several occasions. They arrived quickly with well prepared EMTs who took charge of the situation and ultimately saved her life. What happened to Evelyn can happen in any family. We do everything we can to stay healthy and care for ourselves but there are things that occur in life that are out of our control. During those times, it is imperative that we have Hatzolah in our community to save us. Evelyn passed away on October 27, 2007. During the time that she was sick, her family and friends had her in their lives and she had the opportunity to develop a memorable relationship with her niece and nephew. Evelyn touched so many lives and will be in our hearts forever. Her memory should serve as a reminder of how precious life is and how hard we should fight in order to appreciate every moment. We love you Evelyn and we will never forget you! Samuel, Irene, Michelle and Mark Racer Shlomo, Susan, Daniella and Ruben Kohn Faye Itin Zinovy Michael Katz



Discount Coupon Packages

Pre-Order Discount Packages

$100 buys you $150 in tickets $200 buys you $325 in tickets $300 buys you $500 in tickets $500 buys you $850 in tickets + 2 free admissions $750 buys you $1,200 in tickets + 2 free admissions $1,000 buys you $1,800 in tickets + 2 free admissions $2,000 buys you $4,000 in tickets + 2 free admissions

Pre-orders of $500 or more entitles you to 2 free admissions Please see the Order Form found at the back of this Brochure for information on how to pre-order tickets Preorders must be recieved by Thursday, March 6, 2008 Grande Raffle, Split the Pot, Jackpot and Instant Win are not included in Discount Coupon Packages




Split the Pot 1 for $10 3 for $25 7 for $50 Tickets are sold separately and are not included in discount ticket packages.

Jackpot Win a ticket in every prize 1 for $10 3 for $25 7 for $50 Tickets are sold separately and are not included in discount ticket packages.

INSTANT WIN Always a winner!

1 for $10 3 for $25



Grand Raffle Win your choice of a two year lease for one of the following:

BMW 328i Jeep Grand Cherokee Honda Pilot LX Chrysler Town & Country

1 Raffle:


3 Raffles:


6 Raffles:


15 Raffles:


Minimum of 180 tickets must be sold or raffle becomes a Split the Pot Tickets are sold separately and are not included in discount ticket packages




1. Trip to Israel Two Round Trip Airline Tickets to Israel (restrictions apply) International Cell Phone rental for your trip V3 Hotels 2. 42” Plasma TV Anonymous 3. Designer Watch From William Barthman Jewelers Choice of fine watches from William Bathman Jewelers. Choose from a dazzling selection of His and Hers Designer Watches Members of the Auction Committee in honor of the dedicated Hatzolah members and their families 4. March Madness Luxury Leather Massage Chair Yaakov and Shoshana Ruben, Tali and Leran Ruben Sharp Aquos 32” LCD TV Jason Aintabi Entertain your friends with food from Kosher Subway Kosher Subway of Avenue J




5. Set an Elegant Shabbat Table Includes: Platinum Lace Bone China service for 12 10 piece Crystal Starter Set (includes salt and pepper set, butter dish and spreader, sugar and creamer set, gravy boat and ladle) Crystal Wine glasses for 12 Crystal Water glasses for 12 Luigi Bormioli Crystal Cake plate with dome Godinger Silver Art

Stainless Steel Flatware for 12 Ricci Silversmiths

Silver Plated Kiddush Cup Grand Sterling

Shabbat Tablecloth Tablecloths by Gitti Steinmetz

Two Antique Silver Plate Candlesticks in memory of our grandma Dorly (z�l), love your grandchildren

Embroidered Challah Cover Paulette and Ronald Lichtman

Sterling Silver L’Chaim set Ronnie and Larry Birnbaum

6. Living Room Set Three Piece Living Room Set Anonymous




7. $1,000 Gift Certificate to Bloomingdale’s Edit and Seth Green National Gasoline Inc. 8. Get in Shape For You and a Friend Two One-Year Memberships to Gold’s Gym Gold’s Gym Mill Basin 9. 32” Flat Screen Plasma TV Samsung 32” flat screen plasma TV - 10. Manhattan Getaway Two Night Stay at the Bentley Hotel in Manhattan 2 Tickets to Mama Mia on Broadway (Sunday May 11, 2008) Amsterdam Hospitality Group 11. JEWELED NECKLACE Rectangular Citrine and Diamond Pendant Necklace MJJ Brilliant Sam and Marina Shwartz & Miki and Jane Yakubovich 12. Dazzling Diamonds Magnificent White Gold and Diamond 1.05 carat Necklace A&Z Diamond Corp 13. Choose a Piece of Exquisite Jewelry From David Rudy Jewelers Hanon and Sasson families in honor of Lenore Fleischman 14. Baby Bugaboo Deluxe Bugaboo baby stroller - Oh Baby Gifts 15. Super Grocery List Gift Certificates to stock up your home provided by the following establishments: $300 $300 $100 $100 $100 $100

Mill Basin Shuk Key Food of Mill Basin I&D Glatt Shop Smart Associated of Avenue P Kosher Palace

$100 Meal Mart of Avenue M $100 Friedman’s Supermarket $52 Kosher Corner $52 Kings Highway Glatt Kosher $50 Glatt Mart




16. Dell Laptop Computer Dell Inspiron 1520 Series Laptop Computer Martha and Howie Hershkovich

Wireless Network Setup for up to one computer and one printer (hardware not included) provided by Tech X Solutions

Samsonite Laptop carrying case - The Luggage Source

17. Designer Shopping Spree $360 Esti’s $250 Eleanor Schain $201 Chuckie’s $200 Lester’s $150 Stewart Paul Opticians 18. “Burberry” for Her Burberry Scarf and Hat - Anonymous Exclusive Burberry Ladies’ Perfume package - Tali and Tsafrir Kraidman 19. “Burberry” for Him Burberry Scarf and Cap - Anonymous Exclusive Burberry Mens’ Cologne package - Tali and Tsafrir Kraidman 20. American Girl American Girl Roll ‘n’ Go Collection Bitty Twin Girls Side-by-side double stroller Trundle bed and bedding Leah and David Podolsky | Malke and Scott Podolsky 21. Juicy Couture Teen Girl Mega package Designer Juicy Couture Messenger bag - Little People Kids’ Boutique

Juicy handbag and wrist pouch Juicy gold charm bracelet and school accessories Flirt Cosmopolitan Clothing

Juicy perfume - Tali and Tsafrir Kraidman




22. Home Office Dell Desktop Computer w/19” Flat Panel Monitor, Speakers Canon Printer Keith Kantrowitz and Abe Podolsky of Power Express Mortgages Expert installation and setup of your new computer Tech X Solutions 23. Wii Gaming System The Hottest Craze in 3D Virtual gaming systems Adar Elrod and Tali Kabilo Dancing with the Stars Wii Game Anonymous 24. Juicy Couture In-Style-Mom Designer Juicy Couture Diaper bag (includes changing pad, bib and burp cloth), Converse baby infant shoes, jeweled comb set and wipes case and other designer baby accessories Leah & David Podolsky 25. Apple iPhone The newest phone includes wireless and touch screen technology Star PCS 26. Sony Digital Camcorder Sony Mini DV Camcorder, 2.5” Touch Panel LCD screen, 20x optical zoom/800x digital zoom. Includes case and cassettes Esther and Leor Boyango 27. Canon Digital Camera + Wireless Memory Card Canon Power Shot SD 1000 7.1 Megapixel digital camera in memory of Sholom Dovber B”R Yeshayah Friedman A”H

Memory card automatically uploads pictures from camera to your PC or Mac and to your favorite photo sharing or printing website in memory of Rivka bas Yehudah Leib A”H




28. Stainless Steel Fridge and Freezer Frigidaire Stainless Steel Top Freezer & Refrigerator (18.2 Cu. Ft.) Anonymous 29. Mill Basin Fashion and Beauty Makeover $250 Gift Certificate to Eleanor Schain fine clothing for women Eleanor Schain Ltd.

David James Facial, Haircut & Blowout, eye brow reshaping David James Salon & Day Spa

10 Sessions of Tanning and assortment of tanning products Summer Dreams

Lunch for two at Atlantic Nature Café - Atlantic Nature Café 30. Brilliant Schonbeck Chandelier Choose from a sparkling selection of Schonbeck Chandeliers Lighting Palace 31. Ladies’ Bangle Bracelets 4 Ladies Slip-on Bangle Bracelets from Bangles by Kelly Irit and Joe Aboutbul, Suzie and Jason Arlick Helene and Robert Beda, Hanah and Seth Dankman, Dawn and Ariel Levy 32. DESIGNER HANDBAG StellaMcCartney Gold Metallic front lock, chain and strap shoulder bag. - Anonymous 33. Passover Preparations Clean your Carpet and upholstered furniture for Pesach (unlimited rooms and furniture Meir Carpet and Upholstery Cleaner


Service for 12 dishes Adelaide’s Alley in honor of Harriet Weisblatt Stainless Steel Flatware service for 12 - Godinger Silver Art



One case each of plastic plates, cups, utensils and napkins F. Nortman & Son Corp. in loving memory of Fred Nortman

Antique silver plated matzah tray in honor of the Hatzolah Volunteers

34. Erskine Extravaganza $250 Target - Senior Care Ambulance

$200 Babies `R Us/ Toys `R Us - Cappezano Construction

$180 Bed Bath and Beyond - Assist Ambulance

35. Fine Judaica Sterling Silver Choose from a magnificent selection of sterling silver pieces. Children and staff of Crown Heights Yeshiva in honor of the Hatzolah members 36. Set of Decorative Mahogany Arm Chairs Set of two traditional style mahogany upholstered sitting chairs Yaffa and David Rosilio 37. Yankees and Rangers Tickets 2 Field Level Box Seats for 2 NY Yankees Games Keith Kantrowitz and Abe Podolsky of Power Express Mortgages

2 Unbelievable Seats, 8 Rows off the Ice to Rangers game Howie Hershkovich and Eddie Vays

38. Portable GPS Navigation System The Nuvi 650 GPS by Garmin is the most up to date portable 4.3� widescreen navigation system available with numerous options and features. in memory of Rivka bas Yehudah Leib A�H




39. NY Knicks Fan 2 Great Seats (4th row) to Knicks v. Atlanta (March 16, 2008) The Wings Group 4 Great Seats to Knicks vs. Heat (March 26, 2008) Jaci and Gonen Paradis Official NY Knicks Jersey signed by Jamal Crawford Ruth and David Lee 40. Dining Out Enjoy Dinner sponsored by the following establishments: Dinner for 4 at Tea for Two Dinner for 4 at T Fusion Grill Dinner for 2 at Colbeh Persian Restaurant Dinner for 2 at Solo Restaurant, Manhattan Dinner for 2 at Pita Plus Glatt Kosher Grill Dinner for 4 at Garden of Eat In $75 Bermuda Restaurant $72 Café Venezia $50 David’s Restaurant $50 Esmé Bistro, Teaneck 41. Levels of Discovery Children’s Furniture Unique children’s Musical Toy Box Bench and Musical Rocking Chair Susan and Shlomo Kohn of 42. Entertainer’s Delight Fully Catered Shabbat Meal for 12 Catering by Michael Schick, under Supervision of Kehilah Kashrus

$120 gift certificate to Cake Center Joe & Eva Gollender and Klara & Eugene Roth

Bagels and salads for 20 people - Brooklyn Bagel Large Fruit Platter - Blue Ribbon of Ave. J


$75 towards household or upholstery cleaning services Home Clean Home



43. Mini Vespa Scooter Zoom around on your own personal Vespa scooter Zivi Kopolovitz and Benny Bracha of Bamba Toys 44. Host in Style One of a Kind Hand Cake Plate Painted by Regina Harari Regina Harari $150 Gift Certificate to The Yellow Door - The Yellow Door

Decorative Vase with Silver Roses and assorted silver accessories Paul Louis Designs

Set of 8 Crystal wine goblets - Impressions China & Gift

Unique Glass Serving Tray - Happy Home Newbridge Home Cutlery Set - Godinger Silver Art 45. Woman’s package 6 Month Gym Membership at Mill Basin Health & Fitness Mill Basin Health and Racquet Club

$360 gift certificate to Hooked on Fashion - Hooked on Fashion

$36 Shoe Palace - Shoe Palace

$35 Gift Certificate towards Makeup - Blossom Spa

$25 to Act 7 - Act 7

$180 gift certificate to Unique Boutique - Unique Boutique Gucci Sunglasses - Leah and Alex Frommer of Eye See You Optical




46. Just for Him Swiss Legend Men's 1000M Diver Stainless Steel Watch with watch winder Alan Skurnik

Dior Mens’ Sunglasses - Kings Highway Vision Center

Luxury Custom Mens’ Shirt and Tie - Ben Barber Menswear

$200 gift certificate to Wallach’s Men’s store Wallach’s in memory of Nat Wallach

$100 gift certificate to Marcy Clothing for Men - Marcy Clothing

47. McKenzie-Childs Assortment of McKenzie Childs Kitchenware to Grace Your Home in memory of Dorly Phillips Altman A”H with love by the Altman and Weitzman Families 48. Pamper Yourself One complimentary facial - Goldy’s Clinic 265 Avenue U One complimentary makeup makeover Miss Susan Horowitz of Divalicious. 265 Avenue U

Manicure and Pedicure - Ben Simon Hair Salon

49. Judaica Jems $252 Gift Certificate at Needles and Knots to pick out your choice of Needlepoint Challah Cover or Tallis case Needles and Knots

Assorted Books to add to your Judaica library Hecht’s Religious Articles

Talis, Talis Bag and Waterproof Talis carrying case Hecht’s Religious Articles

Sephardic Cookbook - Mekor Haseforim




50. Jewelry For Her Beautiful Strand of Pearls - Crystal Clear Diamond Ladies RSW Stainless Steel Watch with Double Hearts of Diamonds and Rubies in memory of Sara bas R’Moshe 51. Get set for Spring Update your spring wardrobe with gift certificates to the following stores: $500 $150 $101 $100 $100

OMG Clothing Manhattan Melon Ladies’ Sportswear Brooklyn The Fitting Room Mr. Joe Fashions Manhattan Fabyene Boutique

$75 $52 $52 $36

Clothes Horse Breeze Swimwear Twist Clothing California Sunshine

52. Luxury Home Accessories Beautiful mahogany carved upholstered valet bench to adorn your home Yaffa and David Rosilio Magnificent chandelier to grace your home from BIBI Lighting BIBI Lighting Expert installation of your new chandelier (restrictions apply) Super Cooper Inc. 53. Kitchen Corner Assortment of Kitchen Aid appliances including Mixer, Blender and more… Augenbaum Realty Yaakov and Rena Friedman

GE Microwave - S & H Glazer Brother Appliances

54. Out on the Town 2 Tickets to the Blue Note and 2 Tickets to B.B. King Blues Club with $50 gift card included B.B. King Blues Club and Grill

Dinner for two at Prime Grill - Prime Grill Restaurant




55. Let’s Do Lunch Lunch for 2 sponsored by each of the following establishments: Atlantic Nature Café Café Hadar Back to Nature Nosh Express Schnitzel King Subsational Crawford’s Cafe Dairy Delight II Sunflower Café 56. Video iPod 4 gig i-Pod video - Limor and Houshang Talasazan 57. iPod Anytime anywhere entertainment in memory of Avraham Ben Salima A”H 58. Edible Arrangements for One Year Each month for one year enjoy a beautifully decorated fruit basket from Edible Arrangements Edible Arrangements of Ralph Avenue 59. Crazy for Crocs Receive “Crocs” shoes for the whole family (up to 6 pairs) in memory of Rivka bas Yehudah Leib A”H 60. Motorola PEBL Cell Phone Unlocked (use with any service) with case and car charger Motorola Universal Bluetooth wireless Headset Anonymous 61. Nintendo DS Nintendo DS Game system with starter game The Ziarno Family 62. Baby Girl Petite Bateau Starter Set for Baby Girl - Tuesday’s Child


Baby Girl clothing - Lelach Shumacher of The Cotton Club



$100 to Seedless Watermelon Seedless Watermelon Children’s Clothing 464 Avenue U

Baby swing - Little King & Queen

Hand made baby Crib Accessories Michelle and Michael De’Amelio

63. Baby Boy Starter Set for Baby Boy - Anonymous

$100 to Baby Jungle - Baby Jungle

$26 Footsteps - Footsteps Fine Children’s Shoes

Combi Umbrella Stroller - Katz in the Cradle

64. Stuff-A-Bear or other themed Children’s Party Complete Kosher Children's Birthday Party for 15 kids with your choice of party theme Children’s Party Workshop 65. Family Day Out 4 tickets to the Brooklyn Cyclones - Jodie and Matt Cohen

Family Dinner at Shang Chai Shang Chai Kosher Chinese Restaurant

66. Hello Kitty and More Hello Kitty package that any girl will love includes rolling suitcase, clothes hamper, stamp kit with pens, notepads, pencils and more… Refuah Shlemah for Sarah Rosenblatt by family

Accessories for your teenager - Enzyme Shoes

Pottery Wheel set - Special Effects




67. Motorola Venus Cell Phone For use with Verizon service 68. HES Sunday Program 10 week children’s Sunday program for one child including free Bus Service (10AM-2PM) - Hebrew Educational Society 69. Pee Wee Tennis Lessons 10 week session of Pee Wee Tennis lessons for one child ages 3-6 Mill Basin Health & Racquet Club 70. Junior Tennis Lessons 10 week session of Junior Tennis lessons for one child ages 7-17 Mill Basin Health & Racquet Club 71. Kid’s Gymnastics Six months of gymnastics classes for one child at Nova Gymnastics Nova Gymnastics 72. The Dance Spot One Season of Dance classes for one child ages 3-10 at The Dance Spot Mona and Joseph Calabro (K-21) of The Dance Spot 73. Kids’ Bowling Party 15 Free Games of Bowling - Gil Hodges Lanes

$100 towards a Pizza Party - Dagan Pizza

74. Get Ready to go out Manicure and Pedicure - Nails by Susan

$35 gift certificate towards makeup - Blossom Spa

75. Takeout Delight An Assortment of Takeout Specials and Gift Certificates from Seuda Foods, Albert’s Fish Store, Ostrovitsky’s Bakery, My Favorite Bagel, Pizza Time, Tov U’Maitiv, Avi Glatt, Presser’s Bakery and Schreiber’s Home Style Bakery




76. Kid’s Entertainment Kid’s Table and Chair Set - Kid’s World Kiddie Treadmill - Anonymous 77. Luxury Bathroom Set Wrought Iron standing towel rack - Anonymous Luxury six piece towel set - Feathers and Lace

Assortment of decorative soaps - Anonymous

78. Car Care RSD Auto Repair Combo Pack - Free installation of Brakes and Remote Starter Kit (Package includes free brake pads and Keyless-Entry Remote Start System) RSD Auto Diagnostic Oil Change - Mazal Tov Auto 79. Computer Tune-up Get your computer working like new with an in-house visit to remove spyware, adware and viruses. Includes performance optimization 80. Games Galore Huge assortment of board games and toys for the entire family Hanon, Sasson and Dweck families in honor of Saul Tbeile 81. 10 Webkinz dolls Need we say more!



Thank you to all of our community Hatzolah supporters We would like to express our heartfelt gratitude to all the community residents who so generously give money to Hatzolah of Mill Basin all year long through the shul appeals and other means. We would also like to acknowledge and thank all of the other individuals who have so generously donated money towards this year’s Chinese Auction fundraiser. Without your constant financial support we would not be able to run our day to day operations and continue to save lives. May Hashem grant you the health, prosperity and good fortune to continue to be a part of this extraordinary mitzvah.



Chinese Auction Sponsors We would like to express our gratitude to the following sponsors of this year’s Chinese auction. Benefactor Maimonides Medical Center Platinum Blanche & Romie Shapiro Trust in honor of Blanche and Romie Shapiro Steve and Nina Steigelfest Gold Jason and Suzi Arlick Robert and Helene Beda Beth Israel Medical Center Alex and Rachel Forkosh Tibor and Galina Gershkovich Dr. Fred Grunseid Rita Horn in honor of Adar Elrod Keith and Renee Kantrowitz Kosher Vending Cafe New York Community Hospital Jeffrey and Arlene Peldman Abraham and Linda Podolsky Howard and Mindy Podolsky Jay and Sharon Podolsky Stuart and Shirley Podolsky Zenek and Fannie Podolsky Eleanor Reznick in memory of Barry D. Reznick Revival Home Health Care Alex and Olga Rovt in honor of Mr. and Mrs. Simon Roth Sam and Marina Shwartz Miki and Jane Yakubovich Tammy and Paul Yedin



Silver Congregation Beit Hillel of Flatlands Oded and Pessia Havdala & Natalie and Guy Rubin Susan and Robert Izsak in honor of our children Jacqueline & Ally Jackie and Stuart Miller Thor Equities

Chinese Auction Committee Suzi Arlick Ronnie Birnbaum Avi Boas Sylvia Fuksbrumer Martha Hershkovich Susan Izsak Tali Kabilo Adar Elrod - Chairperson Dawn Levy - Chairperson Paulette Lichtman Abby Miller - Book editor

Leah Podolsky Malke Podolsky Betty Sendzischew Alan Skurnik Limor Talasazan Sylvia Uziel Michael Weisblatt Isaac Weiss Zeeva Weitzman Limor Ziarno

Chinese Auction Supporters and Volunteers Arlene Peldman Barry Marmulszteyn Celia Beda Chaya Levy Danny Teitelbaum Erica Podolsky Estelle Peretz Esti Boyango Gene Stevens Helene Beda Howie Fleischman


Jackie Miller Jeanne Peldman Jennifer Levy Joey Calabro Lauren Feit Lenore Fleischman Linda Erdos Linda Podolsky Michelle Steigelfest Mindy Podolsky Nurit Baum

Orly Vahava Rachel Forkosh Ronald Lichtman Samantha Podolsky Sharon Podolsky Shirley Podolsky Tara Podolsky Toby Weschler Tziona Nahum


Our sincerest thanks‌ Without the help of the following people this night would not have been possible. The Mill Basin Hatzaloh Coordinators - Mony Weschler and Alan Skurnik All of the dedicated members of Hatzolah of Mill Basin and their families Rabbi Dr. David Halpern and Flatbush Park Jewish Center Ezra Khasky of Trends Caterers Isaac Weiss of Star PCS Eric Shumacher of L& E Entertainment Konstantinos Floral Design & Decor Group Inc. Our Chinese Auction Sponsors Our Chinese Auction gift donors The auction committee members, supporters and volunteers for all of their hard work and dedication to this very special cause Advanced Copy of Avenue J

We extend our sincerest thanks to our MC for the evening, Eric Shumacher of L& E Entertainment (347-312-6683), who donated his time and expertise to enhance our event. We extend our sincerest apologies to anyone whose name has been inadvertently omitted from this book.

Winners need not be present at time of raffle drawing. All prizes must be claimed no later than Sunday March 9, 2008. Not responsible for prizes past above date/ time. Proper I.D. required. All prizes are non-refundable and not exchangeable unless otherwise stated. Some gift certificates may have expiration dates. Some prizes may be subject to tax.


Order Form Name Address City Tel



Pre-Order Discount Coupon Packages* $100 = $150 in tickets $750 = $1200 in tickets $200 = $325 in tickets $1000 = $1800 in tickets $300 = $500 in tickets $2000 = $4000 in tickets $500 = $850 In Tickets Pre-orders of $500 and more entitles you to 2 free admissions Make your selection below by checking the appropriate item numbers. If you want more then one ticket for any particular item, please enter the quantity in the correct box $50.00







9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18 19 20 21


22 23 24 25 26 27 28 29 30 31 32 33 34 35 36 37 38 39 40 41 42 43 44 45




46 47 48 49 50 51 52 53 54


55 56 57 58 59 60 61 62 63 64 65 66 67 68 69 70 71 72 73 74 75 76 77 78 79 80 81

Individual Tickets __ $50 Tickets = $_____ __ $35 Tickets = $_____ __ $20 Tickets = $_____ __ $10 Tickets = $_____ Total $_____

__ __ __ __

Grand Raffle = $_____ Split the Pot = $_____ Jackpot = $_____ Admissions = $_____ Total $_____ Grand Total $_____

Phone Lynn 718-258-3900 (day) Tali 917-304-2283 (Day/Evening) Paulette 718-531-8859 (evening) Lenore 718-252-5414 (after 7PM)

Fax 718-434-9891

Mail Please mail form to Hatzolah of Mill Basin c/o Flatbush Park Jewish Center 6363 Avenue U, Brooklyn NY 11234

*All Preorder Packages must received by Thursday March 6th 2008. Orders recieved after this date will be treated as donations.

Payment Method Charge my credit card for the amount of $______ using my Card Number ___________________________________ Exp Date ____/____ Signiture_______________________________________ OR Check (please make checks payable to Hatzolah of Mill Basin)




HATZOLAH OF MILL BASIN “All who save one life... it is as if they saved an entire world”

6363 Avenue U, Brooklyn, NY 11234


Second Annual Chinese Auction  

Hatzolah of Mill Basin Present the Second Annual Chinese Auction

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