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experience 781.249.4904 101 Milton Street Arlington, MA

JORDAN BRAND (NIKE) Portland, OR, 2008-2010

Offered concept sketches, ideas and insights as a freelance footwear designer. Helped full-time designers take 4 shoes from initial sketch to production models. Was the lead designer on a $110+ pricepoint basketball shoe. Multiple designs have gone on to be carried by national retailers and be among the top-selling shoes in the industry.

4CENT DESIGN Detroit, MI, 2011-Present

Founded footwear design firm with a group of 3 other designers in Portland, OR. Firm has gone on to be amongst the leaders in the foot wear industry and has recieved significant press both online and in print.

Provided product illustration and graphic design work for a variety of clients in the Greater Boston area.


NIKE FUTURE SOLE COMPETITION, 2008 Selected as one of two grand-prize winners out of a pool of nationwide high-school students.


Selected as a top-5 Finalist in projectbluefoot’s inagural design competition out of a pool of professional and amateur entrants.

KICKSGUIDE 2x FINALIST, 2007 Selected as a finalist twice in kicksguide’s monthly footwear design competitions. Competitions widely regarded as the most competitive in the footwear-design community.

MONKEEDESIGN.COM, Designer of the Week Selected as designer of the week from a pool of 3 designers from voting sourced to the online design community.

BEN ADAMS-KEANE DESIGN Boston, MA, 2009-2011


AETREX Teaneck, NJ, 2009 Created concept sketches and ideas to help influence future footwear lines. Worked with designer-director to build around a cohesive design strategy.



FOCUS:ARTIST, Solecollector Magazine Featured in leading footwear magazine twice- once as an individual, and once as a member of 4Cent Design.

Fluent in nearly all forms of 2-dimensional communication. Highlyskilled in hand-sketching and rendering, Photoshop and illustrator.


Ideation Objective: Apply a ‘Ramsien’ sense of simplicity to a more organic set of forms. Discover an elegant solution to expelling whiskers.

Exposed Grate An exposed vibration mechanism could expel whiskers as they get caught.

Tapered Body Curvature of form could offer improved control in awkward shaving positions.

Easy-Empty How can whiskers easily be emptied without taking apart the whole product?

Less design- but Organic Aesthetics that remain modest and refined while breaking free of anti-ergonomic, rectilinear forms.


Head slides comfortably across top of shaver,

Shaver fits comfortably in hand; but only for right-handed users.

but not backwards as sketches intended...

...and empties whiskers onto the index finger.

Rotated Symmetry Could axis of symmetry be on the side to accommodate righties and lefties?

Thumb Swipe Open up head and move thumb out of whisker-path with one motion.

Hybrid Aesthetics Honing in on a comfortable, organic form that’s still refined enough for Braun.

Shaver fits comfortably in hand; for either right or left-handed users. Naturally flick thumb backwards to move shaver head away from motor. Empty whiskers without getting on hand.

Space saving inner Highly ergonomic body is achieved through economical use of the inside.

Assymetrical Body Assymetircal body mirrors curves of hand and hints to user which end to grab.

Hold shaver naturally, slide back thumb to empty whiskers.

Meaningful design that fits in your hand.

to be continued...

Muscle Inspired Concept sketches with a growing, muscular look to convey expandability.

Access to Supplies How could the shoulder straps double as utensil holders?

Tube Integration Aesthetics of the tube need to coincide with dynamism of backpack.

Tackle Box Can the bag be made compattible with a large capacity tackle box?

Honest Aesthetics Compartmental or modular aesthetic would communicate versatility of bag.

Expandable front bladder allows for tackle box to be stored.

Circular front pocket functions horizontally as well as vertically.

Straps thread through storage tube and backpack body, allowing bag to be worn as messenger by itself.

Articulated upper structure could increase pliability, prevent destructive effects of creases.

Concepts utilizing debossed lines to prevent creases; textile meshes to fight wrinkling.

Final design after marketing and development revisions.



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Ben Adams-Keane Portfolio 2013  

Winter 2013 Portfolio

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