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Whale Watching Trip With Baja Jones Adventures

This is a trip description written by a happy Baja Jones Adventures whale watcher. President's Day Weekend Whale watching trip with Baja Jones Adventures. Loading into the boats is an interesting experience here. There is no dock. Only a shallow sloping muddy seashore. We loaded into back of an old blue pickup truck and then the driver drove out into the water where the boat captain was standing in knee deep water, holding the boat steady.

We stepped from the tailgate of the pickup truck onto a seat in the boat. As soon as all of us were onboard, the captain pushed the bow toward the whales, and climbed into the boat himself. Then we slowly motored away from shore, as our boat driver carefully found a channel through the mudflats. Within 5 minutes we were in deeper water and surrounded by blowing whales.

The day progressed with continued whale spouts and an occasional jumping whale. We enjoyed this experience for about 45 minutes. Somebody later said they thought the morning started slowly. They thought maybe the entire trip would be just like that.

But this all changed in just moments, when a huge gray whale slowly moved toward our boat. Keith saw the whale coming to our right side and said that this whale was going to come closer. It continued to approach, then sank beneath water and swam under our boat. The whale was longer than our boat by almost twice. She was also wider than our boat and we could look over the left or the right side and see her floating directly below us. Her back never touched the boat, but it was almost frightening to me.

For another hour, that seemed like only 5 minutes we took turns touching, rubbing and even kissing this wonderful animal. After an experience like that how could we possible do better? Keith insisted we should think about this as a great individual experience. He said we should not try to compare it to tomorrow because we could have a different, but equally as great experience tomorrow.

Laura Soleil Writing from Laguna Ojo de Liebre (Scammon's Lagoon) Baja California Sur, Mexico February 12, 2010

Whale Watching Trip With Baja Jones Adventures