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As Colorful as Life For more than 175 years Waechtersbach has stood for colors and shapes, making life more bright and beautiful! Colorful ceramics add something special to any table, from everyday life to special occasions. Exquisite patterns, brilliant glazes and with varieties that charms customers worldwide with its distinguished products. The red glaze is a particular highlight and is the industry standard by which all red dinnerware is compared. Because of its intensity and luminance, it has long since become a worldwide trademark. Individuality is the key. Whether plain, noble, graphic, frisky or just brightly colored. With Waechtersbach you can realize the boundless possibility of a beautiful table! Waechtersbach complies with all ecological aspects of the standards expected today. Using modern machinery and optimal production processes, its products are made with much less energy expenditure compared to for example, the Far East. Waechtersbach therefore expends much less CO2, and that is great for our environment.

Beer Mug

Jumbo Mug

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Quality drinking mugs from Germany

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