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Bai Win Mercantile Corp. (HK) ltd.

香港商白銀有限公司 (台灣分公司)

Bai Win Collection Antiques & Objets d’Art



百韻古今傢俱文物飾品 台北市中山北路六段405巷2號 Lane 405, 2 Chung Shan N. Rd., Sec. 2, Taipei, Taiwan T. 886 2874 5525 F. 886 2873 9722

Bai Win Collection has a vast selection of antique furniture urniture from all all over al ovver er Asia. aa.. From From m stools sttoo ols to beds, chests to cabinets, originating from China, Taiwan, iwan, Japan, Tibet and n Indochina, nd Ind doc ochi hina na,, a unique piece from our collection exists for everyone. e. In recent years, due to to increasing in ncr crea easing rarity of genuine antiques and trend toward reconstructed d or reproduced furniture, Bai Win Collection has incresed it's collection to meet market et demands. Many Maany ny of our contemporary icate oral or bird birrrd d paintings, paiint n ings, or follow pieces are executed in the old Shanxi style with intricate nasty. the lines of the classic popular designs of Ming Dynasty.

Antiques and Old Furnitures 古今傢俱