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Issue #001 March 2013



women in: art . fashion . music . dance . culture

PHRESHA Tank Gyal Jalisa Ocean Megan Allard Mousai Entertainment

UP 4 IT presents


featuring 17 local vendors handmade glass work, clothing, paintings, jewelry, sculpture, chocolate and much more.

live music and live sand sculpture located at

Vancity Glass Galleries 3553 Main St ( between 19th and 20th )

Saturday, March 30 th Sunday, March 31th 11am - 7pm

In This Issue..

ARTIST SHOWCASE: PHRESHA........................................... 1 THE CREATRESS............................................................................................. 3 WATCH OUT ! ................................................................................................... 5 ARTIST SHOWCASE: MEGAN ALLARD................ 7 HOTTEST TING ON THE TURNABLES................. 9 DANCE LIKE EVERYONES WATCHING.................. 1 1

P hresha

PHRESHA was born with a crayon in her hand. This mischievous child of colour currently resides on the Canadian West Coast in rainy Vancouver, British Columbia. College educated in graphic design & advertising and deeply influenced by graffiti aesthetics, Phresha works in a variety of media ranging from conventional mediums like ink and paint to found objects and salvaged scraps of back alleys. Sultry, curvaceous vixens with ice cream cones are often found frolicking with moustached kittens and other wild creatures. Her work can be described as vibrant, playful and sometimes scandalous, organic flows with seductive female forms and whimsical undertones.





1. Sovereign Salmon 2. Winter Solstice 3. Nuturing Balance (detail) 4. Howling at the Moon ––


Jalisa Ocean JALISA OCEAN is well versed in a variety of creative skills. Whether it be fashion design, graphic design, photo editing, photography, web design, advertising, styling, painting, sculpture, illustration, garment production, wigistry, make up, interior decorating, digital art, or poetry, this girl certainly seems to do it all. Her main creations include one of a kind custom clothing and accesories., using recycled materials and creating minimal waste., whether they be wedding dresses or beer cozzies. Her mantra is

Recycle, Reduce, Reuse, Reinvent, Recreate, Renew. photo credit: Be Brutally Beautiful

All scraps are recycled into new products, recyclables are properly disposed. of, and new materials are purchased as little as possible. When fur and animal products are used they are preferably sourced from vintage and recycled products. Her main goal is to create a sustainable alternative to slave labor and mass production in the fashion industry. J​alisa seeks to create durable, creative, functional fashion that is unique just like the individual, no two creations are the same. When thinking about a custom creation you get to work one on one with Jalisa to create a custom design where you can choose the design, fabrics and colors,, as well as the custom details like trinkets and patchwork. With Jalisa Ocean, truly anything is possible! ​ To place a custom order or see what else Jalisa has been working on check out:::

​​A CREATRESS (kre’eh’tress):

an abnormally creative creature

Melissa Meretsky of M3 Artistry Singer, percussionist, makeup artist, hair stylist, poet, photogta[her, painter, and most recently a graduate of the John Casablanca special effects makeup program, MELISSA MERETSKY is a woman to watch out for. Well known as the front woman of one of Canada’s best live independent bands, Wassabi Collective, and more recently for her contribution to the world of body art and makeup, this woman is definitely staying in the scene, and is always looking to expand her skills. She has been recognized as a major talent in the Canadian music industry, winning best female performer at the 2008 BCIMA Awards, and more recently has been awarded several times for her make up artistry including first place in the Art World Expo Body Art Competition, as well as first place in the IMATS beauty category.

Her art embrases a creative feminine energy, that is both beautiful and bold. .She began songwritting at a young age, and has always used art as a way to explore her thoughts, draw attention to the positivity and beauty in the world, and inspire creativity in others, “ I believe that when you find your passion in life you should follow that path“ and never look back “ Melissa certainly continues to look forward, and there is no telling what this woman will accomplish next.. We look forwad to seeing Melissa’s future projects, now that she is finished school and ready to take the world by storm. To stay current with what Melissa is up to check out her website at:

“feel with your heart and not your mind, your wings are spread you’re doing fine” - song “Flowers”

Megan Allard MEGAN ALLARD was raised by a family of wild bikers in the southern prairies of Alberta, Canada. Growing up in an environment with motorcycles, snakes, and weirdness has greatly influenced her artistic style. She relocated to the west coast in 2006 to pursue a BFA in Visual Arts from Emily Carr University. Megan currently spends her time painting, collaborating with friends and other artists, playing with her ball python, Maynard, riding her motorcycle, and enjoying the great outdoors.



2 1. Nurse Mary French Inhales 2. Keyf Palace

DJ Tank Gyal

TINA KLAVORA AKA. DJ TANK GYAL is a Vancouver-born-and-raised DJ and event promoter. She is the creator and resident of Vancouver’s longest running reggae dancehall weekly Ting, which has been rocking every Thursday for over 5 years, and is also an amazing mother to her two year oldson Niko.. She is the first female member of Vancouver’s notorious Lighta! Sound, and brings a fresh style to a genre usually dominated by men,. Tank Gyal has played shows in places far and wide including Jamaica, Mexico, Switzerland, Las Vegas, Seattle, Bellingham, Whistler, Victoria, and all over the Lower Mainland and has perfomed at festivals such as Shambhala, Bass Coast Project, Diversity, Conscious Culture Fest, Car Free Day, and 420 and Cannabis Day Celebrations at the Vancouver Art Gallery. Tank Gyal has opened for many big name artists including Baby Cham, Mavado, Mr. Vegas, Tanya Stephens, Macka Diamond, Richie Spice, Gappy Ranks, Bugle, Serani and more. Her dj sets are a rapid fire massacre of the hottest Jamaican music from the past, present and future mixed with a heavy dose of custom dubplates, unique sound effects and siren blasts from her giant black Uzi megaphone. Tank Gyal always attracts the ladies to the dancefloor but can rock the turntables as hard as any man. Make sure to stretch well because daggering will be unavoidable.

Upcoming Shows March 21st - Hush (Victoria) March 22nd - Jam Jam (Seattle) March 23rd - Jam Down (Vancouver) March 27th - Sound System Wednesdays (Whistler) April 7th - Koshens (Vancouver)

Mousai Entertainment Mousai: A moving art production Muse: A guiding spirit, A source of inspiration. MOUSAI ENTERTAINMENT is made up of 8 beautiful women who come together from many different dance and performance backgrounds lincluding: salsa, flamenco, bellydance, jazz, ballet, acrobatics, contortion, aerial silks, circus and fire spinning,. Their diverse training and techniques make them a truly versatile and engaging act, which adds and amazing live dance element to any type of atomoshere. The team incorporates elaborate, creative character rolls and costuming into all of their live shows., to create a fun, interactive, and visually stimulating performace Based out of Vancouver and Calgary, the troupe collaborates with manytalented local costume and makeup artists, including two of Canada’s most skilled air brush artists, Jenny Jenn and Melissa Meretzsky, Mousai’s live visual acts seeks to uplift peoples energy, inspire creativity, increase positive vibrations, and promote awareness of ones body and its unspoken language of dance.

“our goal is to engage, inspire, and evoke creativity in anyones eyes, who meet ours when we cross paths in this life�

Maiden Magazine - Women In: Art. Music. Fashion. Dance. Culture  

Check out some amazing independent female artists in Vancouver, BC. In this issue: Jalisa Ocean, Phresha, Megan Allard Art, Tank Gyal, Mousa...

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