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Issue 8.1 presents the Best of Both contest at the

Pavel Headquaters in Dßsseldorf. Donald Campbell managed to built a quite unique place with the help of Dietsches, ramp builder and head of the OMSA and lots of other helping hands. There´s the older and more mellow bowl and the new more backyard pool like bowl with pool coping, tiles, deathbox what more could you ask for. So enjoy some bowl grinding action. Words by Donald Campbell. Photos by Gerd Rieger

Best of

Both Bowls

Kongo is happy that he made the long trip from Berlin and being able to skate two bowls in one location.

< Thilo Nawrocki with a switch nosegrind revert that takes him over the death box.

Wolfganster Toth grinding the bowl on day 1

Pavel called the bowlskaters for a best of both contest.

The only private indoor park with 2 bowls in Germany in the heart of Düsseldorf hosted a kick ass event for 2 days. John Magnusson from Malmö Sweden and his crew joined the battle for a day among such names as Kevin Wenzke, Jürgen Horrwarth, Thilo Nawrocki. The stakes were high as there was a budget of 1500 Euros available for the pro riders courtesy of Carhartt and tons of goodies sponsored by Flip, Plan B, Vans, Independent, Black Label, Pavel for the unsponsored riders. This last Saturday and Sunday we saw a lot of killer moves and lines by the assembled skaters and a cheering crowd all day long. John Magnusson totally dismantled the upper backyard bowl and really shredded the coping to pieces on Friday next right after the arrival of the Malmö crew.

Don, busiest man of the weekend: contest organizer, jugde and good soul of the factory bowls

Judges: Don, Wolfgangster, Hans

Saturday the event started in the original larger Factory Bowl and all riders were eager to collect points for the second day in the upper backyard bowl. John who was only able to stay for Saturday totally dominated the bowl with bs airs, fs airs, bs bonelesses and some rad lines all over the bowl. Jürgen Horrwarth with his superflowing and effortless style locked into some serious bs smith grinds, fs ollies, lipslides over the stairs and Thilo Nawrocki unpacking superlong 50-50 grind combinations and fakie 360 grinds over the deathbox, bs airs over the hip and his trademark blunt variations were close on John’s heels. Kevin Wenzke disappointed himself and the crowd a bit with his skating absolutely under his level but made it up with some long and speedy grinds, stylish crail slides and bio frontside airs. The unsponsored group showed some really good stuff with eleven year old Johannes Haist, dominating the scene. Frontside airs over the hip and other good moves brought him into the top position for the next day. At the end of the first day Don decided to have a highest air contest throwing out cash for the best air of the evening. The competition was strong with Jürgen Horrwarth as a seasoned vert pro going for it, but he didn´t really like that the bowl ended just below vert and couldn´t really go as high as expected but managed to pull some nice fs ollies and airs, in the end it was Kevin who could handle the not quite vert bowl better and surprised everybody with his blasting high frontside airs as he went for cash pulling a 6 1/2 foot air out of the bowl. The next gig was the longest 5-0 grind that was totally dominated by Jürgen Horrwarth. A party and good vibes ended the first day which had most folks totally drunk anyway. Frankenheim Alt, a fine local brewery, made sure that nobody had to leave the contest without some fine beer in his belly. The audience definitely took advantage of that fact.

John Magnusson showed up with a 10 + crew all the way from Sweden for a day and then continued his trip to more spots around Germany and Belgium

John was all over the bowls and showed the locals some new lines.

Kevin Wenzke highest air well above the head of the judge Syha.


Jßrgen Horrwarth didn´t like the no vert but still managed to flow some high and stylish ollies.

J端rgen Horrwarth, bs smith grinding

Wolfganster judging

Don taking crare of business

Lenard, lipsliding the death box

< Kevin and buddy checkig the new OMSA calendar as Thorstens lens (above) looks a bit foggy.

Anders Tellen made a Saturday only apperance and locked some nice smith grinds on the pool coping of the upper bowl.

< Kevin stalefishing on he Sunday event. Next spread: Thilo Nawrocki, one footer from deep to shallow

Sunday was the day of the backyard bowl and the top 10 unsponsored riders plus the top 10 sponsored riders made their way up to the tight backyard construction.. Rockstar energy drinks was the host of the second day and everybody got really electrically powered up by the booze. The battle in the unsponsored group was fierce with Johannes Haist emerging as a first place contender again grinding and flowing his way through the bowl. Second place was a big surprise with our “oldschool kid” Dennis Degenhart doing nice handplants layback rollouts and tailslides bringing back the good old days of the late 80’s. The sponsored group showed a big surprise with Thilo Nawrocki ruling the bowl. solid airwalks,one foot bs grinds over the deathbox and rock n roll slides to fakie into fakie ollies over the hip brought him into top position, followed by Jürgen Horrwarth and Kevin Wenzke and Björn Klotz who also showed some nice runs. Props go out to everybody who made it to the first best of both contest,especially to John Magnusson who sadly had to leave Saturday eve, you rule!!!!!!!!!!! Also Henkel, Germany’s biggest manufacturer of chemical products who made it possible to build the backyard bowl with a very generous donation, really deaserves a big THANK YOU!!!!

Lenard, smith

Kevin crailing on edge

> Again Thilo goes from deep to shalllow but this time with a lien air. Landing airs in the shallow end is definitly not the easy way to go over a hip.

Kongo grinding the deep end trying to escape his shadow.

Bjรถrn Klotz lien air >

IMPRINT Editor in Chief

Gerd Rieger (V.IS.d.P.)


Hanne Wakker

Translation/ Programming John Young


Donald Campbell


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BAILGUN Magazine issue 8.1  
BAILGUN Magazine issue 8.1  

Bailgun issue 8.1 features the -Best of both Bowls- contest in Düsseldorf