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The Swedish issue

EDITORIAL This issue brings you up to southern Sweden and shows you some impressions from the Quiksilver Bowlriders final in Malmรถ. Guest photographer Axel Torschmied shows us a nice mix of landscape and skate pics. Enjoy Your Bailgun Team

Contents Page 04-37 The Quiksilver Bowlriders final in Malmรถ by Gerd Rieger Page 38-43 Southwest Sweden in a nutshell by Axel Torschmied Cover: Gรถtland. Photo: Axel Torschied.

Quiksilver Bowlriders Final - Malmรถ 2008 Photos: Gerd Rieger

Guillaume Mocquin on the way back in from a fs tailblock

Daniel Cardone, lien to tail smack

Carl Wilson, fs bluntslide over the stairs.

The Quiksilver Bowlriders contest is one of best contests of the year. This is the 3rd year since it moved from Marseille to MalmÜs Stapelbäddsparken and although the weather might be better in southern France the last two years were as good as could be. First highlight of the weekend was the session in the freshly painted kidney pool. As last year Dave Duncan had his hands full with some Swedish Kronors to give out to whoever did some gnarly trick . Everybody ripped but Carl Wilsons fs blunt slide over the shallow end stairs was definitely gnarly.

Rune Glifberg, Ollie to truck

< Ross Mc Gouran one foot tailslide

Chris Miller, bs blunt

Alain Goikoetxea, one foot tail block

Kevin Kowalski, crailslide

Daniel Cardone with a trademark stalefish

> Chad Bartie and John Magnusson

J端rgen Horrwarth, fs air

< Christan Hosoi shows us how to do proper layback grinds

Kevin Kowalski, body jar in the deep end

Nicky Guerrero, fs air tailbone and a well deserved 1st place for him

Chris Miller, bs ollie over a hip that was hardly used by anybody else.

Chris Miller, lipslide around the corner of the deep end

> Chris Miller classic fs air early realease into the corner pocket

< Rune Glifberg fs ollie into the vert wall and into 1st place. Rune ruled the park with fast lines and hard tricks all over the place.

Casper Plaas fs ollie over one of the hips

On Saturday we got up really to check out this new park that was still under construction and is probably now finished as you read this. It´s located in a park next to the beach not to far from the Stapelbäddsparken. It’s way smaller but not less challenging because it has some weird and different transitions everywhere so it has a kind of the DIY feeling to it. So when you´re in Malmö on your next visit make sure to not only pay Stapelbäddsparken a visit but to also put your wheels on this nice piece of concrete. See you next year.

1st 2nd 3rd 4st 5st 6st


1st 2nd 3rd 4st 5st 6st


Special thanks go to Tomi, Cathy and Marine from Quiksilver.

Southwest Sweden in a nutshell

by Axel Torschmied

Dalsland: Going north there are less cities and nature takes over. The best place to relax are the lakes in Dalsland. Take a boat and forget everyday life.

The Gothenburg harbour used to be a lively place with ship construction. What is left of it is a small dock section. The rest is a skateable city terrain called Eriksberg stretching along the river. Fredrik Bundsen kick flips his way through a stone monument in the evening sun.

Long winters force people to go indoors. John Magnusson hits a fs nosegrind tailgrab during a weekend vert session in Malmรถs indoor park Bryggeriet.

A man that left Philly to live in Gothenburg: Jake Lewis runs the only skater-owned skateshop in town: PTNC – shop. In his spare time he takes care of his family or does nosegrinds on public brickwalls.

Jocke is a long time vert skater based in Malmö at the south end of the country. Between frequent travel he enjoys a relaxed session in his home spot in Stapelbäddsparken and pulls a massive backside air on the bank.

Ryan_Wootton_transfer > An english man in Sweden. Ryan moved to Alingsås some years ago ripping the local concrete park at its best. Nice transfer over a concrete wave land.

In Scandinavia vert-culture is still quite alive. Among a huge army of vert addicts Jocke Olsson, Nicky Guerrero and Rune Glifberg are ripping on a daily basis. Jocke – massive Madonna on a public vert ramp in Copenhagen.

< East Coast of Gรถtland, shot at 9.00 PM but it stays like that till 12.00 PM during summer nights. Photos: Axel Torschmied -

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Alex Sch채rfe alley oop grinding from deep to shallow end at the Woo Pool. Photo: Gerd Rieger