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Issue-15 Fall 2012

EDITORIAL Welcome to Bailgun issue #15, this issue is a Bergfest special with lots of rad pics from the best Bowl contest in Germany. Next up there´s a feature about an art show in Cologne to support our friend BEULE - check out the Kunst Clash! This issue finishes off with some photos from a Kitty, Daisy and Lewis gig at the Hot Jazz Club in Mßnster. Enjoy issue #15 Gerd

contents - Issue #15 COVER Street View? Photography by

The Bergfest IV Page: 08 - 37

Kunst Clash Exhibition Page: 42 - 55

Kiity, Daisy and Lewis Live Page: 66 - 73

Photography by

Volcom Bergfest

Photography by



J端rgen Horrwarth tailslide on the extention infront of the media


started with the kids and B-Group eleminations with a lolt of young talent. 1st palce kids went to Lenni Janssen 1st place B-Grpoup took local Fabian Wenzel Highligh of the first day was the Pavel Deathrace Like last year Christian Krause was unstoppable and clocked in the fastest time and got 200$

Lennie Janssen - frontside air

Donald Cambell was in control of the timing

Thilo Nawrocki

Bjรถrn Klotz came close but not fast enough for Krause - maybe next year


Thilo Nawrocki


2nd Tobi Springborn


BjĂśrn with a high wallride to fakie

JĂźrgen - bs ollie

JĂźrgen - fs air in front of a huge crowd



Photography by

Jßrgen Horrwarth did not have much practice as he took his first runs in the park on Saturday morning and he skated the new version of the Monsterbowl for the first time which didn´t make it easier to skate against Ben Hatchell but his experience to skate anything he sets his wheels on combined with high speed, tons of style, lines and a deep bag of tricks got him a well deseverd first place.

Ben - fs air



Ben Hatchell last years winner and crowd favorite pulled some rad tricks like blunt kickflips, front blunts, high airs, fronside airs over the hip from pool to the medium part.

Ben - front blunt with style



Ivan Federics from Italy was the big surprise of the Bergfest with just 13 years old he could have started in the kids division but with his talent it was obvious that the entered the pros contest and shredded into 3rd place.

Tom ollied all the way from the small bump on the left into the transition of the bowl. Photo:

Ivan - lien air

Renton head high fs air



Renton Millar had some cool lines worked the extention and blasted some massive frontside airs in the pool.

Stan in control of the crowd

Tim Bjisterveld - fs air double over his buddy

PRO – Results 1 Jürgen Horrwarth 2 Ben Hatchell 3 Ivan Federics

MASTER – Results 1 Thilo Nawrocki 2 Tobias Springborn 3 Oliver Gordon

PAVEL Death Race – Results 1 Christian krause 14,76 sec. 2 Tom tieste 14,99 sec. 3 Lukas axmann 15,06 sec.

AM – Results 1 Fabian Wenzel 2 Tim Turudija 3 Sebastian Nienhaus

KIDS – Results 1 Lenni Janssen 2 Eric Springborn 3 Leon Rüb Velbert

After the contest the Adolescents hit the stage and rocked the crowd. Great way to end a rad weekend.....

Matt tailblock on the ramp next to his pool.

Matt styles a front rock in the snake run during reconstruction of the Berg Fidel skatepark in M端nster. Parting shot - Crowd - See you next year


Wallpaper for

W ww . b a i l

r your Screen

Kunst Clash

E x h i bit ion


Words by Roadie

ur friend sits in jail for crimes we do not believe he has committed. Due to the weakness in the evidence against him, the prosecution has grouped him with co-defendants who he had never previously met, who also have substantially more evidence against them. The result is a very slow progress towards trial – it has already been almost 2 years since he was first arrested. We hope the trial will set him free. The expenses associated with his incarceration and defense has been substantial, and some of us are determined to help our friend in this definitive time of need.

Many of these friends are artists, some tattooing, most skateboarding, and our jailed friend is also an artist, skateboarder, and tattoo machine builder. Our friend, ironically sitting so far away in that jail cell, is the glue that holds us all together. With this network of friends, it was a fairly obvious choice to have an art show in order to raise some money and try to help our friend, while bringing us together.

Thus the concept for Kunst Clash was born, a diverse group of artists using different mediums and styles to express themselves. Burns, Schmal, Milly, Tomm, and Seana displayed painted canvases and paper, dabbled and brushed with acrylics, oils, and watercolors. Gerd, Jon, and Sergej hung images captured through their fish eyes and primes, some with double exposures. The metal on display from Beule was beaten, cut, and welded into shapes, painted, glued and decorated into lamps and sculptures. Beers started to flow, ladies sipped sparkling wines, and background music was performed. All admired the art. We missed our friend.

Seana gets a helping hand from Tomm

Jonathan fighting with the wall

Kai, Jonathan and Camilla

Jonathan Hay


Seana Mendij

Camilla Zavattaro

Tomm da Silva

Gerd Rieger

Sergej Vutuc

Holger `Beule´ Sander

Burns Seiken


w w w.F R EEBE


KITTY, DAISY and LEWIS Live at the Hot Jazz club Kitty, Daisy & Lewis don´t need an introduction anymore but if you have not seen them live you missed something. This trio with the support of Daddy Grazz on guitar, Ingrid Weiss on bass and Eddie “Tan Tan” Thornton on trumpet really rocks the stage and it shows how much fun they have playing music. If you have the chance to see them make sure to get some tickets.

Photography by




Eddie `Tan Tan´ Thornton

Indrid Weiss

Daddy Grazz

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