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Issue-13 SUMMER 2011


EDITORIAL Welcome to Bailgun issue #13, the contest issue, featuring the Transition Tango contest in Stuttgart, the 3rd annual Bergfest at the new Monster Bowl at Berg Fidel in Münster and the 3rd Ultra Bowl contest in Malmö, Sweden. Putting together a contest issue with footage of contests from weeks ago seems kind of odd nowadays that photos and video footage of contests float around the internet within minutes after they were shot not to mention livestreaming the whole event to viewers around the world. But we like to put a little more effort into the presentation than just to throw a bunch of pics into an online gallery and not even care about editing or layout and we think the result is well worth the wait. Enjoy issue #13 Gerd

Photo: Palmer, Alfred T., photographer. Gas welding a joint in a line of spiral pipe at the TVA‘s new Douglas Dam on the French Broad River, Tenn. This dam will be 161 feet high and 1,682 feet long, with a 31,600-acre reservoir area extending 43 miles upstream. With a useful storage capacity of approximately 1,330,000 acre-feet, this reservoir will make possible the addition of nearly 100,000 kw. of continuous power to the TVA system in dry years and almost 170,000 kw. in the average year 1942 June 1 transparency : color. Notes: Title from FSA or OWI agency caption. Transfer from U.S. Office of War Information, 1944. Subjects: Tennessee Valley Authority World War, 1939-1945 Dams Construction industry Welding United States--Tennessee Format: Transparencies--Color Rights Info: No known restrictions on publication. Repository: Library of Congress, Prints and Photographs Division, Washington, D.C. 20540 USA, Part Of: Farm Security Administration - Office of War Information Collection 12002-36 (DLC) 93845501 General information about the FSA/OWI Color Photographs is available at pnp/pp.fsac Persistent URL: Call Number: LC-USW36-321

contents - Issue #13 COVER Matt Grabowski testriding some fresh concrete - fs pivot Transition Tango Stuttgart Page: 10 - 17 Volcom Bergfest 2011 Page: 20 - 47 Ultra Bowl III - Malmรถ Page: 50 - 67

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Photos and Words by



Mattias Preisser - crailslide with speed

Jason Parks attacking the hip with a lien to tail

The Trans t it i on Tan g o

c ontes t at the Stut tgar t s katepar k wa s organize d by J端rgen H or war th an d his s p ons or s with free B BQ an d dr inks for c ontes t ant s an d s p e c t ator s. Ad d s ome h ot an d sunny weather an d you have a p er fe c t c ontes t.

Kevin Kowalski, Madonna Desaster J端rgen Horrwarth - tailgrab on the facewall of the deepend

Tim Johnson, giant stalefish

Results: Pro: 1. JĂźrgen Horrwarth 2. Matthias Preisser 3. Thilo Nawrocki 4. Steven Schmidt 5. Lukas Axmann 6. David Tuschel 7. Flo Hinke 8. Daniel Mertin 9. Marc Riedmann 10. Alex Schulz Masters: 1. Jason Parkes 2. Matthias Bauer Amateure/Unsponsered: 1. Lukas HĂśltzer 2. Kevin Kunz 3. Markus Preisser 4. Justin Romero 5. Fabian Bauer 6. Fabian Kneher 7. Konstantinos Travarow

Thilo Nawrocki fronside rocking the tight shallow end.



fest T


he 3rd annual Bergfest was bigger and better than

the previous two contests. The Monster bowl had gotten

a major facelift last fall and that gives the park endless new lines and speed to go from pool to bowl and back. This was also the first year with some major sponsors that helped make this great contest happen and bring some international skaters to the Bergfest to battle for some serious prize money. Thanks go out to Volcom, Circa, Globe and Pavel.

Photos and Words by

- 11:12:44 -

The young guns started the day with some good shredding. Nathan Kopp age 7 ollies with style. The youngest contestant was 4 years old!!!

- 18:07:54 -

After the junior class the unsponsored riders took over the bowl to show their talent.

Tom - lien desaster

- 13:19:11 -

Fabian Wenzel - bs air in the deep end - 2nd place

- 12:28:14 -

Christian Allen - fs air into 6th place

- 16:48:23 -

Lucas Axmann speeding through the death race course

- 17:27:57 -

Lester Kasai travels from shallow to deepen with this fronside air Antwerp overview Matt Grabowski built this place and it showed in his lines and tricks - 4th place masters

- 17:29:50 -

Jason Parkes high speed attack on every wall of the parkPhoto: - 3rd place masters

- 17:23:40 -

Anders Tellen shredding into 1st place masters

- 17:22:30 -

Thilo Nawrocky and a switch nosegrind revert - 2nd place masters

- 14:27:15 -

Ben Hatchell - stalefish and 1st place pro

Bjรถrn Klotz with a proper frontside air and NOT a frontside indy

- 17:56:02 -

Photo: Robin Menturp - Claus to tail - 2nd place pro


fter a rainy week it finaly clear up on Friday and some rad skating was underway till the sun set with locals and guests like Robbie Brockel, Ben Hattchel, Emmanuel Guzman and many more. Saturday started early with the junior class that showed some really good talent that makes look forward to the future. Next up was the unsponsored division, Lucas Axmann from Konztanz showed some speedy lines and skated faster that the rest. Local Fabian Wenzel took over the deep end with some nice backside airs. The masters followed and showed their experience. Anders Tellen had rad lines with inverts in the deep end, smith grinds, 5-0 fakies...., Jason Parkes attacked the park with speed and threw tricks in every possible spot. Thilo Nawrocki did big judo airs over the hip, switch nose grinds revert and more blunt variations that you can think of. Matt Grabowski built this park and it showed in his lines. He had speedy back and front tailslides, backside airs and some good stay on runs.

- 15:06:04 -

Bjรถrn Klotz - bs boneless

The pros were the highlight of the day: Ben Hattchel did front blunts, blunt flip fakies, frontside hurricanes, stalefish airs and a 540 in the deepend. Local Robin Mentrup went high speed and did some long stand up grinds in the deepend, indy airs and high fingerflip lien to tails. Robbi Bockel smith grinded and bs aired the deepend, did egg plants and some nice ollies. After a hot day of skating the clouds got a bit to heavy and let some rain pour down but this didn´t bother the bands Mc Rad and Duane Peters and the Bombs that played rad sets to end the day at the Berg Fidel.

- 18:02:56 -

Joke Olsson did the highest bs airs and slaped some serious body jars but was also treating the poolcoping with some smith grinds. Robbie Brockel - throws an egg to 3rd place pro

- 17:58:55 -

Photo:- lipslide Lenard

- 13:49:15 -

Results Volcom Bergfest 2011, presented by C1RCA. A-Division/Pros 1. Ben Hatchell (21) Manassas, USA 2. Robin Mentrup (18) Münster, GER 3. Robbie Brockel (21) Phoenix, USA 4. Jarne Verbrüggen (18) Mechelen, BEL 5. Lennart Efsing (23) Düsseldorf, GER 6. Julius Dittmann (28) Münster, GER

Masters/35+ 1. Anders Tellen (42) Dortmund, GER 2. Thilo Nawrocki (38) Düsseldorf, GER 3. Jason Parkes (41) Kehl, GER 4. Matt Grabowski (35) Zadrau, GER 5. Tobias Springborn (37) Castrop, GER 6. Dave Toms (43) Malmö, SWE

- 20:51:33 -


Youth Division/under 16

1. Lucas Axmann (24) Konstanz, GER

1. Johannes Haist (14) Karlsruhe, GER

2. Fabian Wenzel (17) Münster, GER

2. Sergej Udarcev (15) Münster, GER

3. Oliver Häfner (22) Krefeld, GER

3. Mathis Wenner (15) Münster, GER

4. Florian Dittrich (21) Weimar, GER

4. Nathan Kopp (9) Essen, GER

5. Sebastian Nienhaus (22) Münster GER

5. Christopher Koop (14) Münster, GER

6. Christian Allen (27) Münster, GER

6. Leon Mogharbel (14) Münster, GER

Death Race 1. Christian Krause (22) Münster, GER

- 21:43:09 -

Duane Peters an the U.S.Bombs

- 21:45:48 -

Duane Peters an the U.S.Bombs

Wallpaper for

W ww . ba i l

r your Screen




ltra Bowl III


fter two years of competing in the kidney pool of the Stapelbäddsparken Skatepark this years Ultra Bowl contest went back to the big park that features more lines and more posibillities for the skaters. With a good mix of US and European contestants there was some heavy shredding to be expected. Besides the main bowl contest there was the freestyle world championchips for everyone who´s interested in flattand skating and the girls contest on the street area. Unfortunately the girls didn´t compete in the bowl although there are a lot of girls shredding bowls and pools out there. Hope to see a girls bowl contest next year! Veteran concrete skater Jason Parkes had a serious slam on his head that took him to the hospital. The Ultra Bowl contest is a perfectly organzied event but whatever you do - don´t get hurt in Sweden. The last coulple of years showed that it either takes quite some time till you get professional help or some equipment like a strecher might not be at hand. So stay safe and enjoy the good skateparks, nice people, Kalles Kavier and Köt Buller.

Julien Benoliel - bs blunt off the extention

Nicky Guerrero - picture book sad plant

Sasha Steinhorst took some time from judging the pros for some high speed ollie into the extention

Kevin Kowalski - lien desaster in the deep end

Mattihas Nyhlen - egg plant

Steven Reeves - nose blunt on the big bank

Cody Lockwood - lien one foot not to tail

Benji Galloway - high speed tailslide

Brad McClain - fs air over the hip and into the extention



Get Set Go

1. Kevin Kowalski 2. Brad McClain 3. Ben Hatchell 4. Cody Lockwood 5. Steven Reeves 6. Andy Macdonald

1. Nicky Guerrero 2. Sean Goff 3. Paul Atkins 4. Lester Kasai 5. Sasha Steinhorst 6. Dave Toms

1. Emma Lindgren 2. My Magnusson 3. Maria Lima 4. Ashley Rehfold 5. Katta Sterner 6. Stephani Nurding

Freestyle World Championships


1. Stefan “Lillis” Åkesson 2. Greyson Ashton 3. Guenter Mokulys 4. Albert Kuncz 5. Per Canguru 6. Rene Shigueto

Betongcupen overall 1. Mika Edin

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