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Media Contac M ct: C Connie Hayne es, FIRST, Re egional Directtor for Georgiia P Phone: 770-3 366-5612 E E-mail: georg giafirst@comc

RO OBOTS CONVERGE ON GWINNETT G A 2,500 HIG AS GH SCHOOL STUDENTS COMPETE G Gwinnett Civicc Center, Dulluth, GA Thurrsday, March 15-17, 2012 N Nearly 2,500 high h school students, from m seven statess, will gather March 15-17 at the Gwinnett Conventio on Center fo the annuall FIRST Robo for otics Competittion’s Peachtree Regional event.

T FIRST Ro The obotics Comp petition’s com mbines the exccitement of sp port with the rigors r of scien nce and techn nology a representts the culmina and ation of six we eeks of intensse design and d construction n activity by sttudents and their t p professional m mentors. Und der strict ruless, limited reso ources and tim me limits, team ms of 25 students or more are c challenged to raise funds, design d a team m "brand," hone teamwork skills, and bu uild and progrram robots to perform p prescribed tassks against a field of comp petitors. It’s as close to "re eal-world engineering" as a student can get. V Volunteer proffessional men ntors lend the eir time and ta alents to guide e each team.

S Sixty teams will w compete head-to-head at the Peachttree Regionall with robots testing t their efforts e in strate egy, d design and fabrication. Join ning the Peacchtree Region nal for the firsst time in its te en year historry are 18 new w teams, in ncluding one all female tea am from Atlan nta, Georgia. The teams are comprised of high schoo ol students in n 9th to 1 12th grades. 2012 Peachtree Regional Team list is available a by visiting v h http://www.usf events.

T This year’s ga ame, Rebound d Rumble, is played betwe een two Allian nces of three teams t each. Each Alliance e c competes by trying t to score e as many of the basketba alls in the hoo ops as possible during the two-minute and 15s second match h. Balls scored d in higher ho oops score teams more po oints. Team Alliances A are awarded a bonu us points iff they are balanced on brid dges at the en nd of the matcch.

H High Tech ene ergy which ap ppeals to all ages! a This ev vent is free and a open to the t public.

M Media represe entatives are invited to visiit the media ta able in the up pper lobby of the t Gwinnett Convention Center C to a arrange intervviews and to tour t the game e floor. In add dition to 2,500 0 students, te eachers, menttors and volun nteers, r representative es of Georgia aFIRST and ke ey sponsors will w attend and be available e for interview ws.


Thurs sday, March 15, 2012 8:3 30 – 8:00 pm

Reg gistration, robot inspection and practice Med dia representa atives will havve full accesss to the “pit” on o Thu ursday.

Friday, March 16, 2012 8:3 30 am 9:0 00 – 5:45 pm 5:4 45 pm

Ope ening Ceremo onies Com mpetition Matches Awa ards Ceremon nies

1 2012 Saturrday, March 17, 8:3 30 am 9:0 00 – 12:00 pm m 1:1 15 – 4:15 pm 5:3 30 pm

Ope ening Ceremo onies Com mpetition Matches Fina al Competition n Awa ards Ceremon nies

A ADDRESS: G Gwinnett Con nvention Center, 6400 Sugarloaf Parkwa ay, Duluth, Ge eorgia 30097 7 ® O OTHER INFO ORMATION: The FIRST LEGO L Leagu ue, Jr. FIRST LEGO Leagu ue, and FIRST Tech Challe enge

(FTC) will havve exhibits in the t lower lobb by. For more information about a the FIR RST Robotics Competition’ss P Peachtree Re egional, visit GeorgiaFIRST G T online at ww g. A ABOUT FIRS ST A Accomplished d inventor Dea an Kamen fou unded FIRST T ® (For Inspira ation and Reccognition of Science S and T Technology) in 1989 to inspire an appre eciation of scie ence and technology in yo oung people. Based B in Man nchester, N N.H., FIRST designs d acces ssible, innova ative programs to build selff-confidence, knowledge, and a life skills while w m motivating you ung people to o pursue oppo ortunities in sccience, techn nology, and en ngineering. With W support frrom three o of every fivve Fortune 50 out 00 companiess and nearly $15 $ million in college scho olarships, the not-for-profit o organization h hosts the FIRS ST® Roboticss Competition (FRC® ) and FIRST® Tech h Challenge (FTC®) for hig gh-school s students, FIRS ST® LEGO® League L (FLL®) for 9 to 14-yyear-olds, (9 to 16-year-old ds outside the e U.S. and Ca anada) a Junior FIR and RST® LEGO® League (Jr. FLL®) for 6 to o 9-year-olds. Gracious Pro ofessionalism m™ is a way off doing things that encourages high-quality workk, emphasize es the value of o others, and respects indiividuals and the c community. To learn more about FIRST T, go to www.u

A ABOUT GeorrgiaFIRST G GeorgiaFIRST T is the region nal arm of FIR RST that prom motes these endeavours e in n the state of Georgia. G GeorgiaFIRST T engages ov ver 4,500 child dren in the crreative ‘handss-on, minds-on” process off technologica al in nnovation through three prrograms. C Celebrating itss 10 year ann niversary, the Peachtree Regional R has grown g from prrevious yearss to include 18 8 rookie teams this yea ar, including one o all female e team from Atlanta, A Georg gia. O goal is to get kids excitted about scie Our ence and tech hnology, enco ourage them to attend one e of our prestigious in nstitutes of hiigher learning g and upon grraduation to begin b a career in Georgia. By doing this, we are able to ‘put G GeorgiaFIRST T.’ Our best re esource, our youth, contrib bute to the gro owth and susstainability of Georgia’s inn novative w work force. T GeorgiaF The FIRST regiona al program is a non-profit organization o that relies on volunteers an nd sponsors to t o operate. Our generous g spo onsors allow us u to support teams, hold competitions c and reach ou ut to the comm munity. G GeorgiaFIRST T sponsors in nclude: Cisco,, Women in Technology, T Lockheed Marrtin, Kimberly--Clark, Georg gia Institute of Technology, So outhern Polyte echnic State University, U Tu urner, Automa ation Direct, DeVry D Universsity, T Teradata, Geo orgia Power, Georgia Enerrgy and Indusstrial Construcction Consorttium, Motorola a Mobility Fou undation, G Edelman,, emc2care, AutoTrader, GE, A M Group, Mercer MDI M Engine eering and the e US Army.

T learn more To e about Georg giaFIRST, go to Stay connected c with the Peachttree Regionall by liking o Facebookk page at www our om/peachtree eregional.


FIRST Peachtree Regional Media Advisory