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An A to Z of

Mythical Creatures

Matthew Bailey

A series of linocut prints inspired by the folklore and descriptions of mythical creatures. Each design was made by reading descriptions of the creature, and without reference material.

A Alp

Cousin of the Incubus, the Alp is a nightmare inducing creature. Feeding from primarily women as victims, the creature will sit atop the victims’ chest, becoming heavier as the nightmare progresses, until the dreamer awakens, paralysed by the weight. It will drink the milk of women, and blood of men.


Bugul Noz Taking residence in the countryside of Britain, Bugul Noz is a legandarily ugly creature. So ghastly is his appearance, that even the creatures that would share the wood with him flee upon sight. He is not known to be malicious in his manner, dispite his complexion.


Cyhyraeth Originating from the coast of Wales, this death spirit is the embodiment of the moaning sounds made before a persons death. With a disagreeable temper, its sounds have been known to be heard as omens of a shipwreck.

d Draugr

Able to increase their sizes at will, and wielding strength beyond that of any human, the draugr are undead warriors of fierce martial prowess. Rumours of their abilities in magical art have also surfaced, such as shape shifting, and control of the weather. Many have sought to enact vengeance upon those who caused their mortal death.


Epimeliad Nymphs of Greek origin, the Epimeliades are protectors of apple trees and livestock. Able to shape shift into either the forms of a tree or human, they have been known as a very passive race, avoiding conflict wherever possible.

F Faun

A half-breed of goat and human, the Faun have always strayed away from any sort of comprehension. Hindering as often as helping, the only known facts about their temper is that they enjoy the solitude of woodland areas. Interactions with this race can greatly vary in outcome.

g Gaki

A spirit of the greedy dead, the Gaki were first recorded in Japan. Believed to have been malicious and lustful in their previous life, the spirits are cursed with an insatiable hunger for that which they desired. This can be any number of objects, from collecting coin, eating faeces, or even devouring human corpses. Each spirit is unique in their curse.


Humbaba A giant with the face of a lion, Humbaba has been a hunter of human beings for as long as records have been made. Potentially immortal, this creature thrives on the murder of humans, and has long been a sign of ill omen.

I Ifrit

Originating from Arabia, the Ifrit is a class of infernal Jinn, who have been noted for their cunning and strength. Taking the form of a flame to interact with humans, this Jinn will typically be found inhabiting a lamp or other small objects of holding,Ordinary weapons have no effect on them, but has been found to be susceptible to magic.

j jengu The Jengu is a water spirit originating from West Africa. Cousins of mermaids, this creature lives in the rivers and unlike their cousins, prefer to be kind to humans. Often curing diseases when asked by their worshippers, they are also said to bring good fortune.

k Kapre

Mean tempered tree spirits, the Kapre stand between seven and nine feet tall. Often large and immobile, any human interaction with this creature has not boded well for those involved. Some Kapre have been known to associate themselves with human women and stalk them for the rest of their lives.

l Likho

A creature of Russian origin, the Likho has been known as an embodiment of evil fate and misfortune. It has been known to take the form of a one-eyed hag, or as a goblin. It has been known to be extremely adept at manipulating humans in the past, and has been known to cheat in deals or agreements.

m Mogwai

A demon of Chinese origin, the Mogwai are malicious creatures, known to often inflict harm on humans. Very little is known about their habits, other than they mate during raining seasons.

n Naga

Sea serpents of unknown origin, the Naga are a creature that is worshipped across the world for their ability to calm the rivers for boat journeys. In some cultures, they are thought to be the precursors of all other creatures.


Ouroboros A snake that devours its own tail is known as the Ouroboros. Typically known as the symbol for cyclical life, it is often used in the scrying of fortunes and fortelling.

p Piru

Originating from Spain, the Piru is a lower demon who enjoys battling its wit with humans, specifically children. The loss of this wager often results in the possession of the human.

q Qilin

A hyrid of dragon, ox, and deer, the Quilin is a beast of Chinese origin, thought to bring good luck. Appearing and disappearing with apparent ease, being in the presence of this creature often brings the witnesses a prolonged state of calm.


Ramidreju A mountain creature from Cantabria, the Ramidreju is an beast which resembles an elongated weasel. Only one is born every hundred years, and is extremely coveted, as their fur heals every sickness.


Shinigami A malicious Japanese death god, the Shinigami will attempt to lead its victim to an early demise. The creature will often attempt to trick its victim into its own death, or possess them and force them to commit suicide while in control of their body.


Takka Onna The Takka Onna is a female spirit, originating in Japan, who can stretch itself enough to peer into the second story of a building. When she was alive, she may have been a comely woman, but was never able to attract a male companion. As a result, she now seeks out men in their own bedrooms and attempts to take them for her own.

u Umibozu

The Umibozu are spirits of drowned monks. Often appearing as giant spectres, they attempt to drown the ships of fisherman. In Japanese culture, it is said that a person who dies at sea cannot find peace, and the Umibozu may be seeking for company.

v Valravn

The Valravn feasts on the bodies of the dead in battle. It has been known to bargain with the widows of the dead, offering the souls of their dead husbands for the lives of the first-born sons. Once the creature has taken the child, it will eat its heart, adding to its immortal strength.

w Wendigo

The Wendigo is a deeply evil creature. Once human and extending its own life by feeding on the flesh of others. This process mutates the human into a more animalistic form as they gain spiritual power from their victims.


Xecotcovach The Xecotcovach is a Mayan bird deity. Believed to be one of the enemies of humans, who were initially carved in wood and given life. The great bird, along with its siblings were sent to destroy the humans before they could gain control of the earth but failed.


Yeth Hound The Yeth Hound originated in Devon, England. Also known as the Black Dog. It is said to be the spirit of an un-baptised child, who makes wailing noises in the night, despite its lack of a head.


Zlatorog Zlatorog is a creature which resembles a white buck with bright golden horns. A spirit of nature, its blood is known to have healing powers, and is worshipped as a deity in some cultures.

A - Alp B - Bugul Noz C - Cyhyraeth D - Draugr E - Epimeliad F - Faun G - Gaki H - Humbaba I - Ifrit J - Jengu K - Kapre L - Likho M - Mogwai

Naga - N Ouroboros - O Piru - P Qilin - Q Ramidreju - R Shinigami - S Takka Onna - T Umibozu - U Valvarn - V Wendigo - W Xecotcovach -X Yeth Hound - Y Zlatorog - Z

A to Z of Mythical Creatures  

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