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You know it’s very hard to overcome fears. I know what I want and I have a pretty good idea of how to get there but still I make excuses for myself every day because putting myself out there and creating changes within is scary. Don’t be afraid to be human. We all are.

I Am Scaredy Cat

Be more comfortable making things

I’ve always been uncomfortable drawing even if I was alone, so I started by drawing hundreds of cats on 16" x 20" pieces of paper.

Practice drawing cats quickly without worrying what they look like.

This is the first sketch book I have ever used. My one rule was that if anyone asked to look through it I had to hand it over.

Make things & show them to people

Hanging posters in Williamsburg

Origami Cats were mailed to over 65 people all around the world.

In return I asked that the recipients send a photo back to me

Chalk cats in Greenpoint

Tape Cats in Crown Heights, Prospect Heights and Red Hook.

Be more comfortable making things, make things in front of people, & make things & show them to people

I drew cat pictures for people as a video camera recorded me while the video was projected on the wall.

First Memory Shirts.

I Am Scaredy Cat (SHORT)  

I Am Scaredy Cat by Bailey Dwyer