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Yoplait: FY 2014

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Yoplait Yogurt offers women the largest selection of flavors for a healthy breakfast, snack or dessert option that competitors cannot match. The media plan outlined in the following sections is focused on increasing Yoplait’s market share by 2% through implementation of an integrated media campaign for the 2014 fiscal year.

Section One Marketing Drivers

Emotional Bond o Yoplait stands for something important – health, family, and a connection to the community. It is interactive and engages the senses, making you feel “so good”. Yoplait uses relevant media which creates a personal involvement factor, while also establishing credibility and trust through their content. Finally, the brand is helpful, inspiring, honest, and welcomes a conversation. o We will incorporate emotional bond via: 

Television advertisements 

Heartwarming content which demonstrates the connection between Yoplait and healthy lives and families

Magazines 

Content that shows the positive impact of a healthy balance between family, fitness and food


Promotional Events 

Builds excitement and inspires an active relationship between Yoplait and consumers

Partnership with The National Osteoporosis Foundation demonstrates a bond between the brand and the community by working to inform women

Activation o Yoplait will generate interactions between their brand and the consumers, thereby stimulating and reinforcing the relationship. o We will incorporate activation via: 

Sunday Magazines – Coupons in Parade magazine will encourage our consumers to act and interact with the Yoplait brand

Buzz o Buzz is crucial to building conversation about the Yoplait brand. o We will incorporate buzz via: 

Promotional events and contests – Generates buzz by inspiring people to become opinion leaders, while advocating the Yoplait brand

Yoplait Youthful Dash

Create a Flavor

Social Media – Creates real-time conversations about Yoplait, generating hype and excitement around the brand





Word of Mouth/Third Party Endorsement – Word of Mouth instills confidence and creates a personal stake in the brand, inspiring conversation, positive commentary, and an increased perceived value of the brand 


Press Coverage 3

Target Audience 


Ages 18-49 o Index of 111.1, 62.7% of Yoplait users fall into this age range

Attended college o Women who attended college were 7% more likely to be Yoplait users, while those who had an Associate Degree were 11% more likely. Those who only graduated high school were 6% less likely to use the product.

Have kids o Women who had any children (ages 0-17) were 24% more likely than the average person to use Yoplait, while also making up 52% of the brand’s consumers.

Looking to live a healthy lifestyle o This connects with the Emotional Bond response we are looking to generate. We would like women to connect our product with a healthy lifestyle, in order to help them feel good about themselves.

Budget Last year, after taking out the portion of the budget which was allocated to advertise kids’ products, the Yoplait budget was $93 million for a 30% penetration of women. Based on this data, Yoplait spent $3.1 million for every 1% they reach, approximately. If we would like to see a 2% growth, we will need to spend an additional $6.2 million (2x3.1 million). We will add $6.2 million to last year’s budget of $93 million to get $99,200,000 as our FY 2014 budget.


Geography Recommendations 

Advertising nationally in order to maintain market share

Heavy up on advertising in the following regions in order to steal market share: o Southeast 

Index of 83.8

o Middle Atlantic 

Index of 79.7

o We wish to maintain our presence nationally, but our biggest opportunity for growth will come from expanding our market share in the Southeast and Middle Atlantic regions, which possess a high Category Development Index but a low Brand Development Index


Timing Recommendations 

Seasonality o We will be advertising throughout the year, with increased emphasis during the following months: 

August-October 

Children will be going back to school, providing us with an opportunity to reach mothers as they are setting their routine for the upcoming year. We hope that increased advertising during this time will allow Yoplait to be incorporated into a household’s routine, and thereby be purchased throughout the year.

January – February 

In January, women will be deciding on the New Year’s Resolution. During this time, many women commit to being healthy and losing weight – the very women we wish to target. By advertising during this time, we will show women how Yoplait is committed to helping them achieve a healthier lifestyle and making their New Year’s Resolutions a reality.

Amount spent by Yoplait during the 2010-2011 fiscal year:


Amount spent by Yoplait in the 2011-2012 fiscal year:

Timing o Our television advertisements will air on Daytime TV, Evening News and Primetime o We are committed to achieving a balance of effectiveness and efficiency through our television plan 

Cable and Daytime maximize efficiency

Evening News and Primetime maximize reach


Section Two Media Recommendation 



Sunday Magazines


Promotional Event

Note: We chose to forgo radio in favor of a promotional event. We believe in being innovative and creative, while also inspiring conversation. The promotional event is better suited for promoting these values and building interest in the Yoplait brand.

Overall Recommendation: Effective Frequency Approach 

We would like to advertise year-round in order to be reaching Yoplait consumers as much and as frequently as possible.

We do not believe that the Recency Approach would be effective for the Yoplait brand, as we think we should be trying to reach consumers all the time, not just right before they are making a purchase decision.

By utilizing an Effective Frequency Approach, we are able to show how Yoplait is always there for their consumers and chooses to maintain a connection with them at all times, not just when a purchasing decision is involved.


The overall budget breaks down as follows:

Percent of Budget per Medium 2 TV

6 13

Print Online 79 Promotional

Spending by medium by month breaks down as follows:


Television 

Television will be used to generate an emotional bond. We will show heartwarming commercials that demonstrate women with healthy lifestyles in order to help connect Yoplait with each woman’s lifestyle and integrate the product into her family. These commercials will show the commitment Yoplait has to each user and ensure that women feel as though the brand is looking out for their best interests.

This medium is also key for generating reach. With 67.1 million women between the ages of 18-49, this is the most effective way to connect with our audience. Though it may not be the most efficient method, our balance of day parts makes it as efficient as possible without sacrificing the high reach we will achieve.

Also useful is the ability to target a specific group through the wide varieties of programming available. o Sample TV Recommendations: 

ABC Family o Yoplait users are 8% more likely than the average consumer to watch ABC Family, while also making up 29.5% of their users. o Our target audience is women with kids, allowing us to reach mothers when they are watching television with their children. Ideally, this would result in mothers considering Yoplait for both themselves and their families.

Food Network o The Food Network has an index of 107.9, and those who watch the Food Network make up 33.8% of Yoplait consumers. o By advertising on the Food Network, we wish to reach consumers when they are most susceptible. When advertising on the Food Network, we hope to attract women who are looking for things to feed themselves and their families, who will consider using Yoplait in their recipes and as one of their regular meal options.

TLC o Yoplait users are 7.4% more likely than the average consumer to watch TLC, and also make up 26.1% of their users. 10

o Not included: 

We are not including news programming in our sample television recommendations. Though these programs may reach a large audience, they do not reach our target audience as well as the programs listed above. For example, among women, Fox News has an index of only 97.8, while making up 26.2% of Yoplait users.

Total spent on television: $78.31 million, or 79% of the budget.

Percent of TV Budget Network

12.5 33 12.5


Spot - South East Spot - Mid Atlantic


We will be utilizing spot television in the months of September and October in the Southeast and Mid-Atlantic regions, while continuing heavy television advertising nationally as well. o The increase in television advertising in our targeted regions, in conjunction with our promotional event, will ideally lead to increased penetration and market share in both the South East and Mid-Atlantic regions. o The spot TV will be in September and October in order to correlate with our overall National campaign, which also increases television advertising during these months for reasons previously listed. Our goal is to reach our key markets at a key time during the year.



Day parts o Daytime TV will be utilized year round, with increases from August-October in order to reach women during the back to school time. This year round method fits with our chosen Effective Frequency approach. o For the majority of the year, we will use Evening TV, only using Primetime from August-October in order to garner the largest possible reach during our heaviest advertising time. o Cable TV advertising will be consistent year-round. This is concurrent with the Effective Frequency approach, and ensures that Yoplait advertisements will be seen consistently and frequently.



Target Rating Points are broken down as follows:

A sample of the weekly TRPs is shown below:


Print The print advertising budget breaks down as follows:

Print Budget Breakdown Sunday Magazines

29 71


A total of $12.89 million, or 13% of the budget, was spent on print.

Magazines 

Magazines will serve to encourage an emotional bond. As with television, we will use magazine advertisements to develop a connection between women and Yoplait.

This medium is incredibly useful for targeting specific consumers via the numerous magazines options which are available.

The magazines chosen have established trust and credibility while also engaging their audiences. By positioning Yoplait in these magazines, the previously established trust and credibility will be reflected onto Yoplait’s brand.



In the above chart, we have selected the magazines which are highlighted in blue. We again chose to try and be efficient with our selections, targeting those which reached a large number of our target audience while also delivering a high value.

Sunday Magazines 

We will utilize Sunday magazines to achieve activation. We hope to build a long term relationship between the brand and the customer, but also want to motivate consumers to act. Coupons will generate immediate sales transactions and stimulate interactions between Yoplait and the target audience.


91% of consumers plan their shopping list with coupons before going to the store, while 76% said the newspaper was their primary coupon source (2011 Valassis Annual U.S. Consumer Packaged Goods Coupon Facts Report). o This leads us to believe that consumers will be looking for coupons from Yoplait, and will utilize these coupons when purchasing the product. 15

By advertising 32 weeks out of the year in Parade, Yoplait will demonstrate their consistency and show that they are always there for consumers. o

Coupons will be present every week from August-October, and every other week for the remainder of the year, remaining consistent with television plan.

o This method is efficient when compared to other newspaper advertising options, such as Valassis, allowing Yoplait coupons to appear as frequently as possible in order to be utilized by consumers more often Online The online budget breaks down as follows:

Online Breakdown 20 Display

Search 80

A total of $6 million, or 6% of the budget was spent on online advertising.

Online advertising will help Yoplait achieve buzz. Through owned and earned media, people will become advocates for Yoplait, generating conversation around the brand and enforcing positive connotations.

Online is an efficient way to reach Yoplait’s target audience. Through display ads, it is possible to show advertisements only to the target audience, while search allows Yoplait to reach the consumer while they are already interested in learning more.


Display The display advertising breakdown is as follows:

o Women’s Lifestyle 

Allocating the most money towards this area

Example:, which places emphasis on health through nutrition and active lifestyles

This fits with Yoplait’s target audience of women who wish to achieve a healthier lifestyle

o New/Info 


Video is particularly important on these sites for an interactive, engaging experience

o Social Targeted 


Although this will be year-round, Yoplait will also use social media to promote our events and contest promotion during the months in which they occur 17

Advertising on social media will also help us to reach customers who interests align with the Yoplait brand, making the ads more effective

o Adnetworks 

Example: GoogleAdSense

These advertisements will be used to display relevant ads to suit the audience’s specific interests. These will be behaviorally targeted through the tracking of cookies.

These advertisements are the least expensive form of online display advertising, allowing efficiency and a large reach

Search The search terms used were as follows:


o Selected 17 keywords ranging in price from $0.34 with “Yoplait flavors” to $3.83 with “healthy breakfast recipes” o In addition to Yoplait and yogurt terms, we selected other terms such as “osteoporosis” to coordinate with unique things Yoplait is doing. Promotional Event 

$2 million, or 2% of the budget, will be spent on a promotional event

Rather than spending additional money online or on the radio, we will use this event to increase the conversation about the brand and allow consumers to interact with Yoplait in a new and innovative way.

The promotional event will be used to generate buzz. The event is new and exciting, something which will be commented on by opinion leaders who will become advocates for the brand. The event will also utilize social media and word of mouth, allowing this event to be highly discussed and generate a lot of excitement.

Section Three 

Yoplait Youthful Dash o The Yoplait Youthful Dash (YYD) is similar to the Tough Mudder or the Warrior Dash. It will be touring 8 cities across the U.S., where people will vote to bring the 5k event to their city. The dash will consist of a challenging obstacle course through yogurt instead of mud. Yoplait will donate all proceeds to the National Osteoporosis Foundation, which helps to protect future generations from this disease through advocacy of exercise and an increased calcium intake – both of which are supported in the Yoplait Youthful Dash. o In addition, this event will spread awareness about the importance of bone health, honing in on our target consumers of women ages 18-49 with specific strategies for delivering new knowledge and prevention tips. o We would like to bring back the “Taste the excitement” tagline which Yoplait has used in the past.


o There will be one event per weekend over the two month period from OctoberNovember, with the event occurring in a different city each weekend.

o 8 cities will be part of this event. 

4 cities will be based on the lowest DMA indexes: New York, Atlanta, Nashville, and Washington D.C.


People around the country will vote on the other 4 cities via a Facebook application in order to bring the event to their city

o In order to generate conversations on Twitter, we will be using the following: #YYD, #TasteTheExcitement and #NOF o We will be trialing Yoplait’s newest line, Simplait, which consists of only 6 ingredients. This will create buzz and ties in nicely to the theme of the event being healthy lifestyles. We believe Greek was a lost opportunity and we want to focus on this line that is unique to Yoplait. o We are projecting that there will be approximately 2,000 participants in each city, for 16,000 total participants. o This event will be largely promoted via social media and word of mouth. This is modeled after many other successful 5ks, such as the Color Run, which achieved a high number of participants solely by promoting their event through these platforms. 20

“You Pick It” Flavor Contest o This contest will occur in the month of August to coincide with the beginning of our heavy television advertising. This also aligns with the beginning of the school year, during which time families are usually getting back into their usual consumption routines. The campaign will focus on “starting off the school year right by creating your own flavor”, and may also incorporate the “Taste the Excitement” tagline which will be featured in the Yoplait Youthful Dash. o Consumers will use social media to create their own flavor varieties which are developed through a Facebook application. 

Social media will also be used for sharing content among friends. Users will have the opportunity to post their flavor creations to their Facebook and Twitter accounts.

o These flavors will be created in the first two weeks of the month, after which time a panel at Yoplait will pick the ten finalists. On Facebook, consumers will vote among the finalists to pick the best flavor. The flavor with the most votes will be selected and produced for sale in stores. o Primarily, the contest will be promoted through social media and online display advertising, with a brief mention at the end of some television advertisements. 

The primary focus of advertisements present in television and other print mediums is not the contest.

o The “You Pick It” contest will foster consumer interaction with the brand and spark conversation. 

Owned Media o Yoplait Youthful Dash 

This is a channel that we will own and control. We will be using this event to promote the Simplait line among consumers, increase interaction with Yoplait’s product, and generate buzz.

o Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest 

Social media will also be used to generate buzz and to entice consumers into interacting with the brand. This will be done through status updates,


tweets, photos, videos, content from the Yoplait Youthful Dash and the “You Pick It” flavor contest. o Website with info tab about YYD event 

In order to further enhance the Yoplait Youthful Dash, there will be a tab on Yoplait’s website that provides additional information about the event. This will allow Yoplait to maximize their contact with consumers via the website, and continue to generate buzz for the event.

Earned Media o Our primary form of earned media will be through engagement and interaction on our social media platforms. We hope to provide interesting and relevant content that will get shared by opinion leaders. o We will be inviting food bloggers to blog about their Yoplait Youthful Dash experience and be strong leaders in advocating this event 

An example of someone we wish to target would be Carrie from Southern California who is a mommy blogger of She documents her journey to having a good relationship with all three of those things – family, fitness and food. She would be an ideal target for Yoplait, and as such would be a great person to spread the word about her interactions with the brand.

o We also wish to have media coverage of our Yoplait Youthful Dash 

We will be sending out press releases to local news outlets before arriving in the city in order to generate coverage

o Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram will also be heavily relied on for the Yoplait Youthful Dash. Participants will use these platforms to share comments, photos, and videos from the event 

Use of hashtags such as #YYD, #NOF, and #TasteTheExcitement will be heavily promoted

o On a more regular basis, we would like to continue the use of hashtags on Twitter and Instagram to carry on a conversation even when our promotional events and contests are not occurring 22

Conclusion This integrated media campaign can be used to strategically reach Yoplait’s target market both effectively and efficiently. By using the tactics described within this media plan, we are confident that Yoplait will successfully reach its business goal to increase its market share by 2%. In targeting consumers through the use of marketing drivers such as emotional bond, activation, and buzz, we can further emphasize the fact that Yoplait yogurt offers women the largest selection of flavors for a healthy breakfast, snack, or dessert option that their competitors cannot match.


Yoplait Media Plan  
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