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May Newsletter

Bailea Branum Lieutenant Governor Division 32 of Texas- Oklahoma District (903)-495-5548

The Thirst Project • Key Club International's newest partner is The Thirst Project, an organization dedicated to ending the global water crisis. Their vision coincides with Key Club International in that one of the main focuses of the Thirst Project is protecting children. By making sure developing nations have clean and usable water, we are ensuring the success of future generations. I encourage you all to visit their website and check out what exactly they do: The Thirst Project.

Eliminate Update • We saved or protected more than 11,361 lives last week with an increase of US$20,451. We are very close to achieving our next benchmark for all SLP programs - US$2.8 million. • Builders Club - US$803 • Circle K International - US$2,624 • Aktion Club - US$1,811 • Key Club International - US$14,869 • K Kids Club - US$345

Eliminate Week • Help save or protect women and their future babies. Key Clubs have all marked their calendars for Eliminate Week: May 5–9, 2014. Around the globe, Kiwanisfamily clubs are focusing on a week in May to raise funds and awareness for The Eliminate Project. Now's the time to start planning your week of fundraising fun! You can pass on this information to your clubs: Link here. The link includes fundraising ideas and some tips and tricks to make the best out of your week!

Important Dates • May 9, 2014- Kiwanis Lake Day • May 10, 2014- Fall Training Course @ Allen High School • May 13, 2014- Kiwanis Luncheon for Seniors • May 23rd- Convention Liaison, Video Producer, and District Editor Applications are due

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Chisum Carter BloodCare Drive

• Josh Lawings Barrett Mccleskey • Maranda Mccoy • Stefani McLeod • Alysa Moore • Chelsea Musik • Chasiti Musik • Hayley Pratt Christopher Reese • Jonathon • Shipman • Misty Stotts • Cody Vorwerk Kayla Washington • Jayde Boehlar Allison Boehlar • Madison Bolton • Metz Branch Reily Cunningham

Sydney Floyd Kayleigh Johnson Kassidy Kelley Kinsey Kelley Morgan Lamb Brett Conway James Freelen Corrinna Morphew Larry Sackett Kinsey Hutto Michaela Moffit Danbri Erwin Courtney Whitman Kaitlyn McIntire

• Gabriela Botello • Marisela Botello

• Mason Brandenburgh • Sam Cooper • Michael Craig • Meaghan Dawes • Marcus Jacobs • Taylor Kropelnicki • Kayla Gibson • John Herrmann • Taylor Doescher • Kayla Farmer

Chisum Key Club Officers • President- Misty Stotts • Vice- President- Michaela Clark and Winanda Tillema • Secretary- Amelia Preston • Treasurer- Erin Hurst • Editor- Makayla Reese • Reporter- Mahalah Callicoat Class Directors: • 10th Grade- Chey Ruthhart • 11th Grade- Stefani McLeod • 12th Grade- Nicole Bennett

New District Staff • District Governor: Katie Wilson • District Treasurer: Collin Gonzales • District Secretary: Samuel Kinnin • Convention Liaison and District Editor will be appointed later on in time

Check List • To read over my May Newsletter • E-mail me your Club officers and their contact information • Turn in your monthly reports • Contact me so we can have your officers trained • Contact me to tell me whether or not you are interested in coming to Kiwanis Lake Day on May 9, 2014

Monthly Reports, Articles, and Newsletters • All reports are due to this address no later then May 5th. Make sure every club has this new address. Reports are due to: Samuel Kinnin 323 Garmon Dr. Early, TX 76802 • Articles and Newsletters: All Articles and Newsletters are due to and on May 5th.

District Staff Applications • I currently have Video Producer, Convention Liaison, and District Editor applications. If you want me to email you one or all of these applications please either call/ text me (903-495-5548) email me at!

Contact Information Bailea Branum Lt. Governor of Division of 32 bai234@Hotmail .com (903)-495-5548

Samuel Kinnin District Secretary (325)-998-6240 samuelkinnin.kc@

Katie Wilson District Governor kaitlynwilson.k

Collin Gonzalez District Treasurer colingonzalez.kc@

Thank You! • Thank you to all the advisors and everyone else for the continuous support! I am honored to be your Lieutenant Governor for the 2014-2015. For this year has much in stored for us. I look forward to working with you all for yet another term. • If you want your club’s service projects, officers, or pictures included my newsletter please e-mail me at anytime!

May Newsletter 2014 of Division 32  
May Newsletter 2014 of Division 32  

May 2014 Newsletter of Division 32 Region 8 in Key Club International