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November 2021 | Vol. 25

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JEWELLERY SPECIAL Exploring the world of jewellery


Kristian Harrison delves into the history of convertibles


We review Silk’s Restaurant The best of dining options including Thanksgiving feasts!



Turkish Ambassador, HE Esin Çakıl highlights the bond between the two countries

Artist Marylou Herbert on her eclectic art that adorns the walls of venues across Bahrain Contemporary Winter Warmers Beauty Essentials & Skincare Parenting Recipes

We discover Bahrain’s newest beachfront destination, Vida Beach Resort Marassi Al Bahrain with GM, Ricardo Vale President of the Rotary Club of Adliya, Rula Husseini, on the global organisation’s community impact









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Kingdom of Bahrain

Discover the new taste of Italy. Bringing to life the Osteria Contemporanea experience, Primavera launches a refined and unassuming new menu with a mix of traditional and modern dishes, created by an impassioned leader and ingenious Chef Heros de Agostinis. In many ways, Primavera adheres to the very essence of its name - a sense of renewal and beginning, with food that is fresh and bright.

Discover the new Primavera. Call +973 1758 6499. The Ritz-Carlton, Bahrain Building 173, Road 1803, Al Seef, Block 428, Kingdom of Bahrain +973 1758 0000


Little India in Bahrain The Bahrain Authority for Culture and Antiquities

and the Indian Embassy held the opening ceremony of the golden jubilee celebration of Bahrain-India diplomatic relations. HE Shaikha Mai Bint Mohammed Al-Khalifa, President of Bahrain Authority for Culture & Antiquities, HE Tawfeeq Al-Mansoor, Undersecretary for Consular and Administrative Affairs, Ministry of Foreign Affairs & HE Piyush Srivastava, Indian Ambassador, watched as Indian National colours were projected on Bab Al Bahrain, Manama.

6 November 2021

THE TEAM Publisher and Chairman George F. Middleton

Bahrain This Month November 2021

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elcome to the November issue of Bahrain This Month. As COVID-19 cases continue to grow less frequent, we have the opportunity to appreciate the simpler things in life that we once enjoyed – better weather, time well spent with loved ones, as well as a more convivial and social atmosphere. This month, we had the pleasure of speaking to leading individuals who are champions of change. Turkish Ambassador to the Kingdom of Bahrain, Her Excellency Esin Çakıl, arrived in the Kingdom earlier this year and has proven to be a keen diplomat and admirer of Bahrain. She highlights her understanding of the deep bonds which exist between the two countries and her aim to bolster bilateral ties. Our next interviewee is the President of the Rotary Club of Adliya, Rula Husseini, who gives us some insight into the activities of the global organisation, her role in it and its impact on the wider community. In an exciting new development, we discovered Bahrain’s newest beachfront hospitality destination, Vida Beach Resort Marassi Al Bahrain, and all that the property has in store for guests in our chat with the property’s General Manager, Ricardo Vale. As any gastronomy enthusiast would, we scoured the finest of hospitality venues in the Kingdom to bring you the best of dining offerings at Bahrain’s best hotels AND some Thanksgiving options too. We also savoured a quick pitstop lunch at Mövenpick Hotel Bahrain’s ever-so-popular Silk’s restaurant. As the weather is now bright and breezy, in our Motoring section, Kristian Harrison looked into the history of the ultimate luxury vehicles – convertibles. Meanwhile, business expert, Pria Masson Tanwar explores the concept of Neo Banking which intertwines FinTech with core banking services that has resulted in a new level of convenience. In our Woman This Month segment, we explore the best of winter warmers, as seen on the runways of the exclusive couture houses. With plenty of sprightly art popping up across the Kingdom, we felt the need to speak to one of the vibrant artists behind some of the imagery, Marylou Herbert, whose art quite literally makes people stop and stare. We also bring you the best of beauty essentials, skincare, home décor, recipes and more! Finally, as we look back at some of our great achievements last month, we reflect on the release of our United by Friendship tri-media project which explored 50 years of diplomatic relations between the Kingdom of Bahrain and Republic of India through a book, documentary and website. Be sure to visit or get in touch to get your copy! And remember that Bahrain This Month will always be your guide to a great way of life.

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Jewellery Special

George F. Middleton Publisher and Chairman

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Championing Intercountry Connections


Leading People to Action



Turkish Ambassador to the Kingdom of Bahrain, Her Excellency Esin Çakıl is a keen diplomat who understands well the bond the two countries share and aims to further bolster their bilateral ties. President of the Rotary Club of Adliya, Rula Husseini, speaks about the global organisation, her role in it and its impact on the wider community.

Breathing New Life into Hospitality


Ricardo Vale, General Manager at Bahrain’s newest beachfront hospitality destination, Vida Beach Resort Marassi Al Bahrain, tells us what’s in store for the island’s discerning clientele.



Savouring Silk!


The best of dining options this November, and some Thanksgiving feasts too!

Behnaz Sanjana went on a flavour joyride during a quick pitstop for lunch at Silk’s Restaurant at the Mövenpick Hotel Bahrain.






Feel the Rush!


Motoring Bites

Convertibles are deemed the ultimate luxury vehicles. Kristian Harrison takes a look at some interesting facts and the long way this automobile design has come.




34 36

Business Bites Neo Banking – The New Banking System

Pria Masson Tanwar explores the amalgamation of FinTech with core banking services, which brings with it a new wave of convenience.

8 November 2021



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Be Cool, Stay Warm

These winter warmers have taken the world’s fashion scene by storm. Couture houses have presented their contemporary take on comfy knits that scream style and panache just in time for winter.




Musings on a Mural


In Her Shoes – Tanmayi Mohan


Artist Marylou Herbert has been splashing walls in Bahrain with visuals that can set the mood for their spaces and actually make onlookers stand and stare. This is her story. It’s not all about planning and strategising with Tanmayi Mohan, Digital Marketing Head – Bahrain, at LuLu Group International. We take a dip into the fun side of this creative expert with a zest for the essence of life.




Beauty Essentials to Embrace the Seasonal Switch


Super Skincare


Feel like a million bucks with these great beauty finds that will have your face, fragrance and hair game on point. Amp up your skincare routine with some nifty new products that’ll have your skin looking its very best.


64 womanthismonth 10 November 2021




Mom Jeans Won the Battle, and So Did You!


Autumn’s Palette


Isle of Flavour

Ouiam El Hassani uses the advent of Mom Jeans to cheer mothers on to shirk societal expectations, embrace reality and just be themselves. Let your furnishings, linens, wall papers and accessories echo the warm, fuzzy sentiment that Autumn brings with these warm neutrals. Whip up these meals that’ll take your mind on a gastronomical holiday.

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Turkish Ambassador to the Kingdom of Bahrain, Her Excellency Esin Çakıl, is a keen diplomat who understands well the bond the two countries share and aims to further bolster their bilateral ties.


er Excellency Ambassador Esin Çakıl’s goal as a high school student was to be a diplomat. “My strongest motivation was to explore different cultures and to meet with new people,” she says. “I wanted to contribute to the shaping and implementing of Turkish foreign policy and to find solutions to global problems.” Her dream was not out of bounds in a progressive country like the Republic of Turkey, with gender equality being the norm in both public and private sectors. “Our Ministry of Foreign Affairs boasts 72 women ambassadors doing their jobs in the best manner all across the world,” she says. Her Excellency’s Diplomatic Journey Her Excellency Çakıl’s first foreign posting was in Dakar, the capital city of Senegal, in Africa, between 1999 and 2000. “Africa is a unique continent and the Senegalese are very friendly,” she remembers of her time there, spent in productive, impactful work. “As Turkey has always attached particular importance to develop relations with African countries, I contributed to the efforts to enhance the status of women and children in the society.”

12 November 2021


tourism, trade, education, construction and defense, as well as coordination at international and regional organisations. We are keen on further enhancing them. Recently, our Foreign Ministers had a meeting on the occasion of the 76th UN General Assembly, and we continue to work on more high-level visits to discuss opportunities in bilateral relations and regional cooperation.” Establishing new avenues of cooperation and deepening the existing ones are Her Excellency Çakıl’s primary goals during my tenure in Bahrain. Turkey and Bahrain already collaborate in many areas. Her Excellency elaborates: “Our contractors have undertaken prestigious projects in Bahrain such as the extension of the Bahrain International Airport by TAV and ALBA Line 6 expansion project by GAMA. We are proud that they have been successful in delivering their promises in a timely manner, taking part in the Kingdom’s 2030 Vision.” Turkey has often partnered with Bahrain in the health and medical sector. The Turkish Erciyes University had set up an Oncology Centre in the domains of hematology, oncology and hematopoietic stem cell transplantation in King Hamad University until 2016, and the Yunus Emre Cultural Center has been giving Turkish language courses at the University of Bahrain since 2017, teaching close to a hundred students this year. An Eye on Untapped Potential

Her Excellency Çakıl went on to serve in Lebanon, the Netherlands and the Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus thereafter. “All these countries have a special place in my heart, especially the Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus; I am very proud to have contributed to the region while I was posted there.” She feels honoured to represent her country in the pearl of the Gulf – Bahrain. “Since I started my duty here in March this year, I have worked with excellent people. I am very touched by the hospitality and sincerity of the Bahraini authorities and people,” she says. Forging New and Strengthening Old Ties Touching upon the fact that Turkey and Bahrain have enjoyed deep-rooted relations bound by religious and cultural ties for centuries, Her Excellency says, “With the initiative and vision of our leaders, we have strong cooperation in the fields of health,

With USD380 million of bilateral trade between Turkey and Bahrain, Her Excellency Çakıl maintains that there is greater commercial potential between the two nations. “As of 2020, Turkey’s exports to Bahrain stood at USD202 million and Turkey’s imports from Bahrain measured USD178 million,” she says. “I believe that we can find newer areas of cooperation in a post-pandemic world, in which the economies of both countries are showing signs of recovery.” In line with this outlook, Turkey aims to further enhance relations with Bahrain in the fields of agriculture, renewable energy and construction amongst others. “Turkey has great experience in agriculture; we are the 10th biggest agricultural producer in the world. We know that Bahrain attaches importance to agriculture and has already achieved a strategic stock of food security. We have a huge potential with regard to supply-chains,” she says. Her Excellency Çakıl is optimistic about new Bahrain-Turkey collaborations in sectors like renewable energy, and contruction. She says, “The Kingdom prioritises effective use of energy with a green perspective, and Turkey ranks 13th, globally, and seventh in Europe, by way of solar capacity. Similarly, Turkish

construction companies have made quite a name for themselves with prestigious projects all around the world, having the second-largest construction sector globally. Even under Covid19 conditions, construction projects in Bahrain continued to be implemented.” With its sound economic structure and business-friendly eco-system, Bahrain is an attractive destination for Turkish enterprises. On the other hand, Turkey offers Bahrain great vistas in tourism. With the resumption of direct flights from Manama to Istanbul, Trabzon and Antalya on the acclaimed Turkish Airlines, Her Excellency observes that Turkey is one of the most preferred touristic destinations for Bahraini citizens. “With our ‘Safe Tourism Certification Programme’, we offer our Bahraini sisters and brothers a Covid-19-free vacation,” she says. We cherish their interest in Turkey and hope to boost the numbers of visitors from both Turkey and Bahrain.” Contributing to Social Causes Ambassador Çakıl’s efforts have contributed effectively to her Government’s work in the area of women’s rights. “The woman is the pillar and cornerstone of society,” she asserts. “In this light, Turkey announced the first Human Rights Action Plan in March 2021, which includes effective measures to protect women’s rights. Also, our 11th National Development Plan 2019-2023 comprises goals and measures to empower women, prevent discrimination, and ensure that they have equal access to the rights, opportunities and facilities available to men.” She has also aided efforts for the wellbeing of refugees in Turkey, mainly from Syria. “Turkey hosts four million displaced people, including 3.7 million Syrians. Along with those still in Syria, we support nine million Syrians. “Syrians in Turkey have access to health, education and social services, free of charge just like our citizens, and without significant support from the international community, having spent over USD40 billion for this purpose from our national resources.” From one million school-aged Syrian children in Turkey, 800,000 go to school. “Our target is to reach 100 percent in terms of school attendance of refugee children in coordination with the UNICEF and UNHCR.” Along with working towards greater alliances between her country and Bahrain on the macro level, Her Excellency Çakıl takes the welfare of the approximately 1,500 Turkish citizens in Bahrain very seriously, making it a point to be supportive and approachable to them at all times. “The Republic of Turkey very recently celebrated its 98th National Day, on the occasion of which I extend my best wishes to the Turkish citizens in Bahrain,” she says. November 2021 13


LEADING PEOPLE TO ACTION President of the Rotary Club of Adliya, Rula Husseini, speaks to Behnaz Sanjana about the global organisation, her role in it and its impact on the wider community.


oing by the motto ‘service before self’ Rotarians have been coming together to form lasting change for their communities across the world for over a century. “Rotary is a global network of more than a 1.2 million volunteers,” says Rula. “It has made an impact in various ways, one of the most notable being that the world is about to be polio-free, thanks to Rotary.” The Rotary Club of Adliya (RCA) was founded in 1994, and is one of the five clubs in Bahrain. As its leader, Rula’s responsibilities include facilitating the cohesive functioning of all the club’s working committees in serving the community in various aspects. “Besides managing club operations, I forge a network in order to help my club fundraise money for community projects.” The RCA has several activities focused on community development through the launch of many educational and vocational programmes in the pipeline for the year 2021-22. “We have set ourselves quarterly objectives around specific Rotary themes,” explains Rula. “Our first quarter’s theme of Education was a resounding success as our dedicated Rotary club members

and like-minded volunteers, delivered weekly virtual courses on various topics to over 350 participants. In addition, our annual multigenerational discussion forum, ‘7ewar’, hosted a number of diverse speakers who are experts in the fields of education and literacy. Our theme for the second quarter is Disease Prevention and our focus in the following two quarters of the Rotary year will be Elderly Care and Youth Empowerment.”

As a small Club, we can do big things when joining forces with all stakeholders in our community, with an aim to focus our efforts on achieving those affiliations and alliances for the betterment of our communities and thus, achieve Rotary objectives in the Kingdom of Bahrain.

The Rotary clubs in Bahrain hosted a gala event last month in honour of the visiting District Governor, where he interacted with Bahrain’s Rotarians to see their efforts for the betterment of the community, and understand in which areas the clubs needed the district’s support to accelerate new or ongoing projects. In the near future, RCA will be focusing on RYLA (Rotary Youth Leadership Awards), a Rotary International initiative which focuses on building leadership skills for age groups 13-30. “It involves training workshops, experiential challenge chambers, social entrepreneurship pitches, sustainability project building, survival exercises and more. RCA looks to build partnerships and execute projects with other stakeholders, which will be the focus for RYLA Bahrain 2021” says Rula. Commenting on why she is part the Rotary, Rula says, “The number one value that drives me day by day is giving, because I believe that when you give, you receive. Working alongside a structured platform that has a global network can multiply my efforts manifold. I can dream big about giving back to the community with the support of this network, and I can touch hundreds of lives instead of just a few if I work on an individual level.” Rula adds that it isn’t just monetarily that Rotarians help the deserving. “Anyone who has a passion to give back to the community, using their professional expertise and network can be a part of the organisation by way of their time and efforts,” she says. “Giving is a core value present in every single Rotarian around the world.”

14 November 2021

Royal Aesthetic Center

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Royal Bahrain Hospital




AVOID SHAKING HANDS bahrainthismonth


BREATHING NEW LIFE INTO HOSPITALITY Ricardo Vale, General Manager at Bahrain’s newest beachfront hospitality destination, Vida Beach Resort Marassi Al Bahrain, tells Behnaz Sanjana what’s in store for the island’s discerning clientele.


riginally from Portugal, Ricardo Vale has over two decades of international experience at premier hospitality properties, including London’s The Portman Hotel, Dubai’s One&Only Royal Mirage, and Shangri-La International Hotel Management group in Singapore and in Sri Lanka. He has now taken on the mantle of General Manager at Emaar Hospitality Group’s prime beachfront destinations -Vida Beach Resort Marassi Al Bahrain and Address Beach Resort Marassi Al Bahrain. Located on the picturesque shores of Marassi, they are part of the grand Marassi Al Bahrain development in Diyar Al Muharraq. “I have been pleasantly surprised by Bahrain, its vibrant upcoming youth scene, charming residents and the warm welcoming nature of the locals – a truly positive and heartwarming experience to say the least,” says Ricardo. “Fittingly, Vida is a haven for those who celebrate art, design, fashion and entrepreneurship – a place where art is a lifestyle and fashion is a belief. Whether you’re looking to relax, embark on an exciting family staycation, or seek inspiration for your next big idea; Vida will make it happen and you will return for the experience and the easy interaction the crew provides.” 16 November 2021

Vida Beach Resort Marassi Al Bahrain will open on December 16 this year, coinciding with Bahrain’s 50th National Day, and has pulled out all stops to wow islanders. “Our amazing white sandy beach is one of the largest you’ll see in Bahrain – stretching over 2km - and is truly spectacular,” Ricardo reveals. “We have 158 hotel keys and 141 serviced apartments with direct access to the upcoming Marassi Galleria Shopping Mall, rooftop temperaturecontrolled swimming pool, two experiential restaurants, 1 pool bar, a 24-hour fitness center with fantastic sea views, contemporary meeting spaces and a kids’ club. Don’t forget to ride our fully sustainable Vida bicycles from Chari Cycles when you stay with us!” The industry veteran observes that the hospitality scene in Bahrain is currently booming. “Thanks to Bahrain Tourism and Exhibitions Authority’s commendable job and the extensive support from the Kingdom, we are in a thriving industry in Bahrain,” he says. “We will soon become a part of a much larger complex once our sister property, Address Hotels & Resorts, will open in 2022. Although we are the new kid on the block, we have quite a few hidden surprises up our sleeves, like being the only hotel on the island with both, direct beach and mall access.”

Being a hotel brand that recognises the importance of eco-friendly operations, Vida Beach Resort Marassi Al Bahrain has some unique green initiatives. “We have installed our own water cleaning and bottling plant that provides clean drinking water to all hotel guests and staff. As water will be served in glass bottles that will be hygienically repackaged for consumption, the need for onetime-use plastic bottles and labels is eliminated,” informs Ricardo. “Our restaurants have partnered up with local farms to source farm-fresh ingredients directly from Bahraini suppliers and we fully support sustainable fishing.” Additionally, auto dimmers in the lobby lounge and all-day dining outlets, and motion sensors in corridors and staff areas will help save energy during low-traffic times. Ricardo continues, “I am extremely proud to see how far we have come as the pre-opening team. Our project will add more life to the bustling hospitality scene in Bahrain. We cannot wait for the completion of the bigger picture - Marassi Al Bahrain’s mega project that includes Marassi Galleria; one of the largest shopping malls in Bahrain and of course, our flagship property, Address Hotels & Resorts. “Let us at Vida Beach Resort Marassi Al Bahrain show you a totally unique experience that will make you want to return for more.”

Waterfront Luxury


Chic yet carefree, sophisticated yet refreshingly simple, Vida Beach Resort Marassi Al Bahrain is the new upmarket lifestyle destination that’s taking the island’s hospitality scene by storm. This December, Bahrain is going to be privy to the top-notch hospitality of Vida Beach Resort Marassi Al Bahrain, the first establishment of the Vida brand outside of the UAE, and the sixth in its impressive lineup of hotels. This resort is part of the hotel chain that falls under the umbrella of the Emaar Hospitality Group, and will be an integral element of Marassi Al Bahrain, a sophisticated real estate and lifestyle destination in Marassi. Located on the Marassi beach front, with direct access to the seashore and the soon to open Marassi Galleria Shopping Mall, Vida Beach Resort Marassi Al Bahrain offers the perfect balance of tranquillity and vitality at the upscale waterfront destination in the Kingdom. With 157 rooms and 141 serviced residences, the resort will be a welcoming escape, boasting stylish features and some great dining concepts including Origins – a sequel to the famed Vida Emirates Hills & Vida Beach Resort Umm Al Quwain – a quirky easy-going restaurant perfect for working from or lounging around. For those who love the al fresco concept, there is a trendy sea-facing pool bar with a temperaturecontrolled rooftop infinity pool affording impeccable views of the sea. Like its sister properties, Vida Bahrain offers a sophisticated retreat for the modern-minded, while celebrating the ethos of its brand - art, design, entrepreneurship, and fashion. The resort houses a fully-fledged gym and a dedicated kids

club. The rooms, gym and dining outlets have a contemporary, aesthetic appeal at this perfectly positioned waterfront property. The Vida brand views Bahrain as one of the most influential markets in travel and business, and aims to offer its residents a perfect place for a glamourous staycation, that will soon prove to be a much sought-after holiday destination. Vida Beach Resort Marassi Al Bahrain is a seamless mix of contemporary elegance, urban hospitality with an inspiring environment where guests can enjoy modern luxury and carefree stays. With a pristine beach, state of the art rooms, fabulous crew members and a brand that is environmentally conscious, Vida Bahrain will be established as a unique lifestyle hub within the region and a place where creative minds connect and come alive – whilst keeping it refreshingly simple. Whether you stroll along the gleaming sandy beach, dip your toes in water under the golden rays, chill by the pool, enjoy the finest gastronomy or soak in the endless sea views from your private balcony, Vida Bahrain is destined to become the most exciting destination designed to relax, rejuvenate, and reconnect, where guests feel inspired and alive in an atmosphere that is enthusiastic and light, leaving guests to feel free in their choices. To discover more about the Vida lifestyle, visit November 2021 17

jewellery feature

All That Glitters and Gold!

The best of jewellery and watched available in the Kingdom of Bahrain Who doesn’t love exquisite pieces of jewellery? Beauty and elegance are heightened when an outfit is adorned with the right piece of jewellery, and the best part is there isn’t any shortage of beautifully crafted jewellery, watches and more in Bahrain. With plenty to choose from, we focused on three of our favourite brands that pushed the boundaries of craftsmanship, are delicate and dainty too.


Swiss luxury watch and clock manufacturer, Patek Philippe, introduces a totally new perpetual calendar with an innovative patented one-line display. The manufacturer has expanded its rich range of calendar watches with the addition of a perpetual calendar that displays the day, date, and month on a single line in an elongated aperture beneath 12 o›clock. This new in-line perpetual calendar premières in an elegant platinum case with a blue dial. To combine this unique feature with crisp legibility and high reliability, the designers developed a new self-winding movement for which three patent applications have been filed. Perpetual calendars have been prominently featured in Patek Philippe’s collections since 1925 when it introduced its first wristwatch with the highly elaborate complication. Patek Philippe perpetual calendars offer a wide range of design elements with analog or aperture displays and dial configurations. Models with the famous self-winding ultra-thin caliber 240 Q movement can be recognised by their day, date, and month displays in three separate subsidiary dials. The single-line calendar display with four rotating disks, assuring optimised legibility, minimal energy consumption, and superb reliability. This mechanism alone required 118 additional parts in comparison with a conventional perpetual calendar display, including several bridges and wheels with jewel bearings that reduce energy consumption, especially of the two date disks. To implement this masterpiece of miniaturisation, Patek Philippe had to overcome totally new technical challenges. To assure the largest possible calendar display on a single line with optimised legibility, the developers were asked to design a system with two date disks – one for the tens and one for the units. So, the calendar display consists of four disks, one for the day, two for the date, and one for the month – all four perfectly embedded in the same plane. A single date disk with 31 numerals would have been too small and less easily legible. For more information on this innovative timepiece, contact the Patek Philippe Boutique at Moda Mall by calling 17 520-055.

18 October 2021

jewellery feature


Roberto Coin’s latest collection is a surreal scene full of elements reminiscent of Art Deco architecture. In isolated nature, arches, columns and staircases come together to form the meticulous, poetic frame in which the brand’s collections take absolute center stage. Art Deco, Love in Verona, Princess, Princess Flower, Venetian Princess and Rock and Diamonds take turns as the dazzling central sculpture. The gold is blazing hot, bathed in the colors of malachite and of black jade and mother of pearl – stones that were already brand icons – in addition to the mystery of blue lapis lazuli, and a new version of Love in Verona with

mother of pearl and diamonds surrounded by intensely hued stones, a rainbow that shines on the collection.

again in the internal structure of the pieces to create a three-dimensional frame that holds the flower.

Princess Flower belongs to the creative bouquet of Roberto Coin’s Princess family of collections. The flower made of small diamonds that decorates other Princess jewels has been re-elaborated in this collection to become the focal point of each piece. It was a natural evolution for the ornamental flower to grow until it bloomed.

Both the external part of the flower and the internal structure are created with 3D technology to guarantee the perfect proportions of the elements. Then, able craftsmen assemble the jewels, one by one, flower after flower. This special production process makes every flower in the collection the perfect result of balance and care, just like flowers in nature.

The corolla displays all of its nuances made of gold and precious stones. The characteristic twisted wire detail is also used here once

For more information on the exquisite collection, call 17 520-052. October 2021 19

jewellery feature


Time waits for no man, and it’s never too late to gift yourself or loved ones a ‘timeless’ accessory from a brand as renowned as Seiko. As the fine Japanese horologist turns 140, it marks the milestone with the unveiling of the latest Grand Seiko – a strikingly beautiful creation powered by a new Spring Drive movement. First created in 1960, The Grand Seiko was distinguished for its unique design, leading edge manufacturing and exquisite finishing. Today, its astounding reincarnation commemorates Seiko’s decades of bringing exquisite timepieces to the world. The watch’s dial is inspired by the calm waters of Lake Suwa that lies close to the Shinshu Watch Studio where the watch is made. Its patterned dial evokes the gentle sway of the water surface of Lake Suwa, with ripples and shallow waves that create a pleasing sparkle at whichever angle the dial catches the light. Combined with the smooth sweeping movement of the seconds hand unique to Spring Drive, the dial captures the tranquil and seamless passage of time. The gold of the seconds hand and the Grand Seiko lettering echo the morning sunrise

20 October 2021

shimmering on the lake’s surface. The understated charm and beauty of the watch’s movement reveals the uniquely Japanese aesthetic for which Grand Seiko is renowned. The delicate texture of the movement’s finish reflects the frost that winter brings to the forests in Shinshu where all Spring Drive watches are made. The bridge lines and hole edges are diamondcut to reflect light from all angles and the jewels and the tempered blue power reserve indicator add a quiet sparkle that is a delight to behold. This new timepiece is slimmer than any other current automatic Spring Drive creation, thanks to the re-design and repositioning of the Magic Lever. This Offset Magic Lever is positioned away from the center of the movement to reduce its thickness. The new setting of the hands also contributes to the slender profile of the watch. The limited-edition line will have only 2,021 masterpieces available worldwide, including at Ambassador Stores in December 2021. Call 17 225-513 for more information.


Golden Jubilee Celebration

The Indian Embassy held a reception to celebrate the golden jubilee of diplomatic relations between India and Bahrain.

November 2021 21


Golden Jubilee Inauguration Ceremony Lulu Hypermarket, Dana Mall held an inauguration ceremony to mark 50 years of Diplomatic Ties between Bahrain and India. The Inauguration of the festival was done by Indian Ambassador, HE Piyush Srivastava.

22 November 2021


SAVOURING SILK Behnaz Sanjana went on a flavour joyride during a quick pitstop for lunch at Silk’s Restaurant at the Mövenpick Hotel Bahrain.


ust as my fork tapped it, there was an audible ‘crack’ in the thin veil of caramelisation on the roundel of goat’s cheese in my Torched Goat Cheese appetiser. And boy, did that sweet sound make my mouth salivate while seated at Silks at the Mövenpick Hotel Bahrain! Feeding my hungry insides finally made me take notice of the restaurant’s chic ambience. From the skylight-roofed fringe of the restaurant, where we sat, I could appreciate the gold accents on the walls that led the eye to the sophisticated, soft gold chandelier hugging a column, and verdant lawns on the other side. Ever multitasking, my mind was simultaneously taking note of how the shredded green apple gave the dish well-balanced acidity, doing a great job cutting through the density of the cheese, along with the lettuce, asparagus, fennel and walnuts. The Home cured Salmon was a pretty sight to behold. A delicate creation with wafer-thin slices of blush pink fish flushed with a deeper hue at the edges, served with rolled cucumber, pickled beets, orange segments, dill and tiny dollops of lemon sauce piped around the plate – none of that overpowering ‘fishiness’ that dampens my appetite. It being a busy day, we dove into mains without further ado; Chef Domenico Cicchetti’s magnum opus, Wagyu Beef Cheeks. I would be lying if I said I’ve tasted anything like it before. The meat yielded to a mere nudge of my knife and melted like butter on the tongue. The mashed potato with parmesan,

parsley and truffle oil, as well as the apple compote and black truffle jus that the meat sat on played stellar supporting roles to the star on the plate. My vegetarian colleague wasn’t paying much attention to me raving over my lunch, because she was busy chomping down Grilled Zucchini and Eggplant. Garlic-marinated grilled eggplant and zucchini boats ferryied dices of spiced pumpkin, chickpeas and Sicilian caponata moistened with thick yogurt straight into her mouth. She was kind enough to spare me a bite (or three). The generous garnish of flaked almonds gave a complementary crunch. When Chocolate Cremeux arrived at the table, I thought, well, there’s going to be some chocolate cream within some chocolate sponge. Well, wrong! Velvety cremeaux layered between dark chocolate sponge gave a definite kick of orange to the taste buds. One could see the fluff of tiny air pockets incorporated into its texture. Toasted hazelnut halves and salted caramel ‘ice’ gave the dish added intrigue. Best part, it wasn’t as sweet as such a decadent dessert can get, and I thank Chef Domenico for it. Those who like it slightly more saccharine would thank him for the meringue cigars that rode along with the centrepiece. I remember feeling wistful at the sound of aircraft taking off in the vicinity just as I approached the Mövenpick’s lobby earlier that afternoon; little did I know that Silk’s Restaurant would take me on a whirlwind culinary journey sitting right here in Bahrain.

November 2021 23


Dining Out!

Good company, a picturesque location and great food make for a spectacular time out on the town. With this in mind, we bring you some of the best dining options for you and your loved ones to enjoy this November.

AN AUTHENTIC BEDOUIN ARABIC FEAST The latest pop-up restaurant concept, Ammuri, is an exciting addition showcasing Middle Eastern specialities at The Ritz-Carlton, Bahrain. Translating to a female Arabic name that means ‘radiant’, this dining spot is led by the hotel’s Oriental Chef de Cuisine, Hanan Osman, who has proved to be a key player in the kitchen while handling large-scale culinary operations for the hotel. The new pop-up restaurant will run from October 13 – December 1. Open from Tuesdays to Saturdays, 6pm to 11 pm. It will offer Egyptian, Moroccan and locallyinspired dishes that highlight an ensemble of regional flavours. Tagine, Machboos and Couscous will be amongst the signature dishes, along with Moroccan dessert and a rose petal sorbet to complete a beautiful meal. Set against the backdrop of the sparkling Arabian Gulf, Ammuri’s ambiance encapsulates the Middle Eastern culture and the genuine warmth of Arabic hospitality. Adorned with pendant lights, beautiful fabric patterns, and a splendid table set up, Ammuri will be a sight to behold for diners. Call 17 586-499.

A TASTE OF THE FRENCH RIVIERA Guest pastry chef Florent Margaillan, from The Grand-Hotel du Cap-Ferrat in France, is at the Four Seasons Hotel Bahrain Bay to showcase his special pastries at Bay View, from Tuesday, November 23 – Monday, December 6. His remarkable gastronomic creations can be enjoyed from noon to 9pm, for BD26.500 for 2 persons for afternoon tea, or BD31, inclusive of a crafted mocktail. The French chef doesn’t need to look far for inspiration at his home in the French Riviera. He says, “The views and the gardens here are so beautiful, and the town has real elegance and charm. I try to relate all of those things through my creations which I look forward to offering in Bahrain.” Though particularly fond of citrus, he works with anything seasonal – apricots in summer, apples and peaches in early fall, and so on – playing off the pure flavour as well as the actual shape of the ingredient, the exceptionality of which defines his culinary success. Book a table to ensure that you get to experience this fantastic culinary offering while you can. Call 17 115-500. 24 November 2021

SAVOUR THE FRESHEST CATCH Al Waha Restaurant at the Gulf Hotel, Bahrain, offers a delectable Seafood Night every Thursday. Dig in to the most divine flavours from the deep blue as you enjoy a range of the freshest catches – from locally available fish for familiarly comforting flavours to more unique delicacies, the memory of which will have your mouth watering long after your meal. The meal is priced at BD29 per person with free-flowing grape, or BD23 per person, inclusive of soft beverages. Call 17 713-000.

FRIDAY FUN Spend some quality time with your family at the popular Friday Brunch at Gallery Lobby Lounge and Silks Restaurant at the Mövenpick Hotel Bahrain. It’s the perfect spot to pamper yourself and relax with lip smacking food and entertainment to make the most of the weekend. The dining spots offer an international selection of dishes and desserts that cater to every taste, priced at BD38 per person, with free unlimited selected beverages, from 12.30pm – 4pm every Friday. Children between six – 12 years dine at 50% off, and those below six dine for free. Call 17 460-017 or WhatsApp 33 640-032


PORTUGAL IN BAHRAIN Bahrain has shared history with Portugal since the 18th century, and now islanders can get their hands on some authentic gastronomic delights at Lusitania Gourmet Food, a new outlet offering authentic Portuguese delicacies right here in the Kingdom of Bahrain. Located at Al Liwan Mall in Hamala, this Bahrain-based brand caters to the island’s discerning gourmet market, providing a careful selection of products supplied directly from Portugal. The products highlight a vast array of incredible traditional Portuguese flavours, with a twist of modernity and the highest quality standards. The shop is open all week, from 10am-10pm. Some of the bestsellers are Bio Honey directly from the mountains of Portugal, the 10-yearaged Moura Alves Premium Vinegar, premium olive oils including the award-winning Azeite Terras Dazibo, and Portuguese teas amongst a wide variety of other goodies.

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ALL-DAY REVELERY The Harvesters Pub & Terrace at the Crowne Plaza Bahrain brings you Fat Butcher Fabulous Friday, which is a perfect weekend hangout for those who don’t like to stick to timings over the holidays. This is an all-day meat feast comprising a range of delectable dishes served right to your table, paired with five selected beverages per meal. Vegetarians need not despair, as delicious vegetarian platters are also available. The feast is priced at BD20-25, and runs from noon to midnight every Friday. Call 17 531-122 / 39 920-163

The Ritz-Carlton, Bahrain welcomes Heros De Agostinis, as the new Executive Sous Chef of the diverse and dynamic culinary team of its five-star property. An impassioned leader and culinary genius with more than 20 years of experience in multi Michelin-starred restaurants and luxury hotels around the world, Chef Heros will oversee all facets of the culinary operations, including the resort’s award-winning restaurants, in-room dining, and banquets catering division, with guidance from Yann Bernard Lejard, the resort’s Director of Culinary and Food and Beverage. Hailing from Rome, Heros has been passionate about culinary arts since childhood, when he observed his grandmother cooking for the family, taking in the aromas of Italian and Eritrean cuisine. His deft kitchen skills have afforded him the opportunity to work with some of the greatest chefs and acclaimed restaurants in Europe. Chef Heros sees himself as “a passionate leader who is innovative, and constantly pushes the boundaries of culinary quality and service in the luxury hospitality industry.” Follow @ritzcarltonbahrain on Instagram

ROMANCE IN THE AIR Fraser Suites Diplomatic Area Bahrain has an unbeatable deal for couples to spend some quality time over a delicious meal. The reputed hotel offers a Romantic Dinner for Two in-room, which can be availed from Sunday to Thursday for BD35. When guests pay an additional BD20, they can get the benefit of a one-night stay at the hotel’s one-bedroom Executive Suite, early check in and late checkout, as well as a 60-per-cent discount voucher for any treatment at the Haven Spa (for vaccinated guests only). This offer is valid till December 31 and bookings are subject to availability and Covid-19 restrictions. WhatsApp 33 621-016 or call 16 161-888 November 2021 25


A MEATY AFFAIR Al Waha at the Gulf Hotel Bahrain comes alive with the aromas and delicious flavours of meats when it hosts the sumptuous Butchers Night every Wednesday. Enjoy the finest quality and tastes of marinated meats like juicy steaks and flavoursome kebabs cooked to your preference from the outlet’s live cooking station. The evening is priced at BD15+++. Call 17 713-000.

UNIQUE DEALS Furn Bakery at The Westin City Centre Bahrain is your go-to place any day of the week, either for a quick mid-week coffee break with friends or colleagues, or a relaxed bite with your favourite ones over the weekends. Guests can enjoy a great selection of delicious cakes crafted by skilled culinary hands all day at Furn Bakery while they take in the unique ambience of the on-site Rotunda and the mouth-watering specials in venue’s display. The outlet will be celebrating Espresso Day on November 23, when guests can enjoy a single espresso shot for only BD0.800, making it an unmatched caffeine deal for everyone! On November 28, the venue will be observing French Toast Day in recognition to everyone’s favourite dish, which will be priced at only BD3. Call 17 171-000.

FANTASTICALLY FISHY Embark on a tantalising seafood journey of exotic flavours from far-away destinations at La Mosaique Restaurant at the Crowne Plaza Bahrain. Chef Magesh and his team will be preparing a delectable five-course menu with the gems of the ocean, emphasizing the unique flavour and cooking styles spanning the continents. This special meal is priced at BD18 per person, and can be savoured every Thursday from 7pm – 11pm at the restaurant. Call 17 531-122 / 39 242-391

26 November 2021


HE Thanis’s Farewell Party The Thai Club in Bahrain hosted a farwell party for Thai Ambassador, HE Thanis, at The Gulf Hotel Bahrain

Innovative Japanese Cuisine

KAKI TORO SUSHI The world is your oyster, and it pairs beautifully with Toro. BOOK NOW! CALL: 17522733




November 2021 27



GIVING THANKS AT CUT BY WOLFGANG PUCK Savour a traditional Thanksgiving dinner with a contemporary Wolfgang Puck twist where Executive Chef Brian Becher and his culinary team create a flavour-infused take on this American tradition on November 25. Guests can enjoy tunes spun by the DJ as they munch on Thanksgiving favourites such as deepfried turkey with cranberry apple compote, brioche stuffing and Kabocha pumpkin pie. Refreshing bespoke drinks created exclusively for the celebration will be served throughout the night. The evening starts at 7pm and is priced at BD65, inclusive of beverages. Call 17 115-044.


28 November 2021

THANKSGIVING DINNER YOUR WAY Furn Bistro, the sylish eatery at The Westin City Centre Bahrain, has you and your convenience on mind for Thanksgiving this year. Guests can either opt to dine at the restaurant while they soak up its chic and elegant ambience, or enjoy a readymade Thankgiving dinner in the comfort of their own home. The venue will host a sumptuous meal on November 25, with special set menu priced at BD18 per person, inclusive of soft drinks. If you prefer to stay home and enjoy a quintessential festive dinner at your own dining table, the hotel has a convenient Turkey-To-Go option priced at BD75, for a 9-10kg turkey with trimmings. Orders need to be placed 48hrs in advance. Call 17 171-000 or follow @westinbahrain on Instagram

Celebrate an enjoyable Thanksgiving without the stress of preparation. Let Silk Restaurant at the Mövenpick Hotel Bahrain attend to you and your loved ones with a lavish dinner, so that you have the opportunity to focus on relaxing and savouring this cherished holiday. The venue will stage a special Thanksgiving Dinner on November 25, showcasing a selection of roast turkey, salads, buttermilk cornbread stuffing with sausage, mashed potatoes, Brussels sprouts with bacon and roasted chestnuts, gravy and cranberry sauce, along with a special dessert section, and many more traditional favourites. As seating is limited, prior reservations are recommended. The meal is priced at BD34 per person, including unlimited selected beverages and will last from 7pm -11pm. Call 17 460-017 or WhatsApp 33 640-032


Birthday Celebration

A celebration was held to mark the birthday of Dr Murat and Natalia at their villa in Amwaj.


This festival of lights, celebrate a memorable and joyful time with your loved ones. Savour the delectable cuisines, offers and facilities along with the finest hospitality at Asdal Gulf Inn - Seef

starts from BHD 10/net

November 2021 29


Lynne Al Wazzan Charity Memorial Lunch A Luncheon was held in loving memory of Lynne Alwazzan 1950-2020 at Cico’s Italian Restaurant. The proceeds collected at the luncheon go to Lynne’s Rainbow scholarship.

opening of the 2021 Korea Movie Nights “The Great Battle” was hosted by the Embassy of Korea Movie Nights Opening The the Republic of Korea at Cineco Cinema, Oasis Mall, Juffair.

30 November 2021

motoring news

FEEL THE RUSH! Kristian Harrison takes a look at some interesting facts about the ultimate luxury vehicle; the convertible, and the long way this automobile design has come.


veryone remembers their first ride in a convertible. Hitting the open road on a beautiful day with the top down and the wind blowing in your hair – it’s an experience that’s hard to forget! Well, it’s that time of year again. Now that the heat in the Kingdom has been dialled down a tad, it’s time to dig in the garages, pull the sheets off and hit the highway. The history of these beautiful machines is surprisingly convoluted. Obviously, the global conscience is to look at convertibles as the ultimate in luxury driving. Having that top down as you cruise the city streets and the long, linear stretches through wilderness has been an appealing piece of car culture for as long as anybody can remember. However, despite its innovativeness, convertibles originally weren’t as lavish as people may think. In fact, there was a time before the turn of the 19th century when ALL automobiles on the road were open-topped, without roofs, windshields, doors or side glass. Early cars – such as the 1986 Ford Quadricycle – were just derivatives of 19th-century buggies and retained the lightweight, minimalist design that worked for horse-drawn vehicles. As you can imagine it wasn’t all that great. If you were out driving in your fancy motorpowered vehicle and encountered some inclement weather, well, you either had to be pretty innovative yourself, or you needed to find a tree to park under!

Imagine not having the option to close the roof and being stuck out in the rain while travelling across the dusty landscapes of prepavement era roads. Not exactly luxurious, is it? Thankfully, in 1905, Cadillac began producing closed-top vehicles. These became a massive hit amongst consumers, who were fed up with eating dust while trying to look dapper during their daily commute, while doing a swift 40kmph. By 1910, the new design became the standard, and it seemed as though the open-top concept was dead. But as they tend to do, people grew bored of the new design, and longed for the days of cruising along with their hair blowing in the breeze. They wanted to have that open-top once again, but this time perhaps with a little control over the elements outside. So, in an effort to give the people what they wanted, manufacturers began producing the modern convertible. Those early models, emerging in the 1920s, were hardly the stuff of innovative folklore. In fact, they were usually cold, drafty, and had unreliable, difficult-to-operate roofs. Not exactly luxury living. But that all changed in 1934 when Peugeot introduced the 601 Eclipse model. A true innovation was finally introduced, as this beauty featured the first reliable, retractable hardtop roof. This concept would be expanded upon in 1939 by Plymouth, who created the first motor-controlled tops. Things were moving now!

In the 1950s the concept grew even more advanced, when Rambler introduced the Nash convertible, complete with door frames and B-pillars that stayed in place while the roof was being let down. This allowed for greater structural integrity and got rid of the awful sound made when early models retracted their roofs. During the Eighties, the ragtop was picking up steam among the hip young crowd of car buyers, and continues to be an appealing automotive trend around the globe. As our technology and innovation grow, so too does the open-top car concept. While true convertibles tend to be reserved for fast two-seater sports cars or special brands these days, giant sliding glass roofs are taking over the convertible landscape. The panoramic panels run from the windshield header to the top of the backlight and from side rail to side rail. The flowing appearance adds excitement to a typical sedan›s roofline. The translucent panels let light in to brighten interiors. Where will the convertible be twenty years from now? Advances in structural engineering and lightweighting mean that the performance differences between closed-roof and open-top cars continues to shrink. This practicality means that drivers will have the powerful combination of choice and affordability. One thing’s for sure, they won’t be going away any time soon. Enjoy the ride!

November 2021 31

motoring news


The first-ever champions in the Sakhir Rotax MAX Challenge (SRMC) were crowned late October following the final two rounds of the series’ inaugural season held at Bahrain International Karting Circuit (BIKC) in Sakhir. The SRMC is BIKC’s all-new, highly competitive national karting championship, which has added to the action in the long-established Bahrain Rotax MAX Challenge, which is scheduled to take place later this season. Clinching the titles in their respective categories were Fahad Almuqla in the Senior MAX class, Luca Houghton in the Junior MAX, Shaikh Rashid bin Salman Al Khalifa in the Mini MAX, Shaikh Ahmed bin Saqer Al Khalifa in the Micro MAX and Anthony Hogg in the DD2 MAX class. The last two events—rounds three and four— were held along BIKC’s 1.414-kilometre CIK-FIA

track and the competitors were suited up in their very own Rotax karts. Fahad Almuqla claimed the champion’s trophy in the Senior MAX category after finishing the inaugural four-round campaign with 126 points. He claimed two Finals wins and appeared on the podium the two other times. In the Junior MAX category, Luca Houghton was the runaway title winner, ending the SRMC

season with 136 points including a clean sweep of the Finals in all four rounds. In second was Alexander Skjelten with 97 points, while Gracie Rose Grantham came third on 86 points. Shaikh Rashid bin Salman Al Khalifa was the champion in the Mini MAX category, winning one Final and stepping onto the podium the three other times en route to scoring 119 points for first place.

PUT THE PEDAL TO THE METAL The Ebrahim K Kanoo Drag and Drift Nights are back at the Bahrain International Circuit (BIC). This is one of the most popular events for those who nurture a passion for racing in Bahrain, where participants get the chance to take their very own car or motorbike and push them to their limit down BIC’s world-class drag strip and around the circuit’s Vehicle Dynamics Area. BIC is a member of the prestigious National Hot Rod Association (NHRA) Worldwide Network, and its quarter-mile strip is highly regarded as one of the best in the sport, ensuring an absolute thrill of a drive for all taking part. BIC’s Vehicle Dynamics Area is a specially configured venue at BIC’s car park that has been surrounded by safety barriers. It is the largest open tarmac area in Bahrain and the ideal location to go drifting. Both the drag and the drifting can be enjoyed for a single fee of BD10.500. Participation in just the drag racing or just the drifting costs BD7.500. Visit for more information. Ebrahim K Kanoo Drag and Drift Nights are open to the public and are a true treat for those wishing to unleash their inner racer within a safe and controlled environment. 32 November 2021

motoring news

NEW GRAND CHEROKEE IN TOWN Jeep Middle East unveiled the Regional Digital Premiere of the AllNew Grand Cherokee L, that claims to be engineered to elevate. Highly versatile, the Grand Cherokee L offers three Class-Exclusive available 4x4 systems and a host of capability features designed for off-road trails, city streets and everything in between. For the first time ever, Grand Cherokee comes with three rows of seating allowing customers to fit in more when they set off for their adventures. The interior seats up to seven passengers with spacious second-row legroom. The All-New Grand Cherokee L secures your back, front and sides. Drivers can be more confident with over 110 standard and available safety and security features including standard Forward Collision, Active Lane Management, Blind Spot Monitoring with Cross Path, Automatic Emergency Braking and Adaptive Cruise Control with Stop and Go across the entire lineup of trims. In another of firsts with the Grand Cherokee, an available 10.1-inch touchscreen links you to your Uconnect® system. With personalised profiles, customers can connect to their smartphones with Apple CarPlay® support and Android Auto.

ABU DHABI ALL SET FOR GRAND PRIX 2021 Organisers of the Formula 1 Etihad Airways Abu Dhabi Grand Prix 2021 have announced that this season’s final race will see a return to full capacity at Yas Marina Circuit in a sporting and entertainment extravaganza. Aligned with the latest government regulations, capacity at Yas Marina Circuit has increased allowing for a full-capacity crowd to get in on the action taking place from December 9 – 12.

The race action at this year’s event will showcase motorsport’s biggest stars, including Lewis Hamilton, Max Verstappen, Valterri Bottas, and Lando Norris, take on the newly reconfigured track for the first time. Modifications have been made to set up more dramatic racing and increased opportunities for overtaking, offering fans an enhanced overall spectacle. With the potential championship decider between Mercedes’ Hamilton and Red Bull’s Verstappen at this

season’s final race, racing enthusiasts are sure to see history in the making at this year’s milestone event. Combining top level motorsport with world-class entertainment, fans attending this year’s event can look forward to the return of the traditional Yasalam After-Race Concerts produced by Flash Entertainment. Grammy nominated artists, Khalid and Lewis Capaldi are the first to be announced in a star-studded line-up of four AAA artists. November 2021 33

business bites

BAHRAIN HOTELS REGIONALLY RECOGNISED The Hotelier Middle East Awards 2021 that took place in Dubai awarded winners in 19 different categories spanning various operational roles and teams in the hospitality business. Amongst them was Unsung Hero of the Year, awarded to Cecilia Tabuzo of the InterContinental Regency Bahrain. Hotel nurse Cecilia was recognised for her selfless efforts on being a front liner in the face of the pandemic, facing various challenges in spite of imminent danger and going above and beyond the call of duty. Not only has she been a pillar of moral support to colleagues in the face of adversity and seen to their mental wellbeing, but has also been able to save a Coronavirusinfected colleague in dire need of medical aid, thanks to her daily follow-up calls. Shaji Chellapan, Assistant Facilities Manager at Crowne Plaza Bahrain was announced the Highly Commended Unsung Hero of The Year. He selflessly volunteered to ferry infected colleagues to the Health Centres at the height of Covid-19, arrange accommodation for their isolation and food at the accommodation.

THE AUTUMN FAIR TO COMES TO TOWN Everyone’s favourite landmark shopping event, the Autumn Fair, will be staged at the Bahrain International Exhibition and Convention Centre from December 13 – 21, 2021. In its 32nd year, the Autumn Fair will bring together families, singles, old and young to enjoy a day of fun and shopping, through Bahrain’s National Day celebrations on December 16 – 17. Held under the patronage of the Bahrain Ministry of Industry, Commerce and Tourism, this nine-day retail paradise features over 650 stalls from 16 countries, thousands of potential bargains as well as the return of a special guest, the Autumn Fair’s well-known mascot ‘Dabdoub the bear’. This year, the shopping gala will see a revived event concept including a large outdoor seating area where shoppers will have the opportunity to take a break and delight their senses through mouthwatering culinary experiences, a DJ, arcade games and fun for children and adults alike.

NEW GENERAL MANAGER AT HILTON BAHRAIN Tamer Farouk has been appointed as the General Manager of Hilton Bahrain, an upscale new hotel and residence expected to open in the first quarter of 2022. Located along Al Fateh Highway, the 348-room hotel will feature studios, one and two bedroom apartments with all the comforts of home and a stunning view of the sea from each unit’s balcony. Six distinct restaurants and lounges together with nine meeting rooms and a luxurious spa are put together to complement every guest experience. This property is owned by Mr. Salim Ahmed Mannai, Chairman of Mannai Holdings and managed by Hilton. Farouk will lead the team in all aspects of hotel operations, from marketing and hotel administration to guest services and satisfaction. 34 November 2021

business bites

WYNDHAM GARDEN RESTAURANTS SHINE ON TRIPADVISOR Terrasse@28, a rooftop lounge at the Wyndham Garden Manama in Juffair, topped TripAdvisor’s list of fine-dining restaurants in Bahrain. The outlet is known for its notable food and beverage offerings as well as an ambience with spectacular skyline views of the surrounding city. The hotel’s Indian fine dining restaurant, Jashan, was ranked second for its authentic flavours and dishes; in addition to monthly food festivals focusing on various themes, offered by Chef Jainul Khan. Via Brasil restaurant ranked at number four on the trusted travel website for its unique concept of a Brazilian experience of endless skewers of freshly barbecued meats in a Copacabana-like atmosphere led by Brazilian chef, Emanuel Valim. The Wyndham Garden Manama team expresses gratitude to all their valued and loyal guests for taking the time to leave a positive rating on TripAdvisor.


NATIONAL INITIATIVE TO TRAIN BAHRAINIS The first Arabic remote training platform, ‘Tadreeb Hub’ has launched a nationwide programme aiming to qualifying and developing the capacities of 1,000 Bahrainis in quality sectors required by the labour market in Bahrain and the region. This new initiative will empower Bahrainis in seizing opportunities, particularly in the field of remote work and starting their enterprises that contribute to earning a rewarding income and have the potential to develop, allowing them to hire other Bahrainis. Mr. Khalil Alqaheri, the platform’s CEO and a Bahraini entrepreneur revealed that the training disciplines include programming, e-marketing, graphic design, audio performance, video editing, and other professions that are in high demand and can be conducted remotely. The Tadreeb Hub team has interacted with Bahraini firms to gain their sponsorship and support for the initiative to train and integrate locals into the labour market, as part of their social responsibility initiatives.

Under the Patronage of His Excellency Sheikh Mohammed Bin Khalifa Al Khalifa, CEO of the Real Estate Regulatory Authority (RERA), the Bahrain Institute of Banking & Finance (BIBF) will host the National Real Estate Forum from November 23 – 24, 2021. The Forum is powered by Diyar Al Muharraq, and is part of BIBF’s commitment to the professional development of the real estate sector. It aims to contribute to advancing the real estate industry and the Kingdom’s economy as a whole. Key speakers and subject-matter experts will convene over the two-day forum to discuss various emerging topics in the real estate space. The first day will involve engaging sessions and panel discussions that will be open to the public, while the second day will offer various specialised training workshops, where participants can register according to their training needs.

November 2021 35


NEO BANKING The New Banking System

Pria Masson Tanwar explores the amalgamation of FinTech with core banking services, which brings with it a new wave of convenience. A couple of months ago, someone told me about a digital on-boarding banking platform which allowed her to take a picture of herself, upload the minimal documents needed, and simply go to a local ATM to verify her identity proof. This was in the midst of the pandemic and with no requirement for physical interaction, seemed to be a fabulous service.

Onboarding is the process of welcoming new clients into the business. It was later that I found out that she was dealing with a neo-banking platform – a wonderful amalgamation of fintech with core banking operations. This essentially means that the application or web-based interface allows a user to create banking accounts and interact with banks completely digitally. A company or individual can get credit, make payments, have credit and debit cards, and have a full banking relationship through a neo-banking platform. They aim to ease out the on-boarding process and the physical interactions necessitated by banks while offering the same or more tailored services. While they seem like they are the same as the digital platforms of banks, do not be deceived. Neo Banks are not banks at all and they do not need to have a banking license. They are simply digital platforms that act as the front end for banking products and services and they function based on tie-ups with existing and legacy systems within the banking ecosystem. This is what also sets them apart from Challenger Banks that have online banking as a priority but hold a banking license. Since they are not burdened by legacy systems, it is easier for Neo Banks to adapt to the needs of the customer and keep themselves light and responsive to customer requirements. By reducing the lead-time for the setup of an account for instance, customer conversation after the initial iteration is likely to be much higher. Neo Banks have been around for over five years, however, during the pandemic, they have gained momentum. In the USA for instance, digital-only account holders’ penetration has been projected to grow from 11.4 percent in 2021 and reach 19.9% by 2025*. What makes this such an interesting

* 36 November 2021

A Challenger bank is a relatively new entrant into retail banking that directly competes with traditional banks using modern financial practices. business model is the flexibility it offers. The products offered can range from traditional products to newer products such as crypto currencies as well as latest technology services like AI based interfaces. Bahrain-based Bank ABC that has ila bank, launched Fatema, the first emotionally intelligent digital employee in the region. Fatema engages with customers using a combination of digital neurology and AI. Gulf International Bank has the Meem platform while elsewhere in the GCC, Neo Banks are sprouting up as well. In the UAE, there are Liv and E20 by Emirates NBD, Mashreq Neo by Mashreq Bank, and ADCB Hayyak by Abu Dhabi Commercial Bank.

The segment that probably benefits the most from these neo banking and challenger banking systems, are start-ups and SMEs which benefit from the loan products and credit facilities that these banks are able to offer. Lifestyle-focused Neo Banks are also seeing a rise – and more such niches are likely to emerge. With an increasing need to have a flexible approach to financing, these advanced digital systems are the go-to products for a world where digital signatures and paperless interactions are the norm rather than a luxury. Pria is a business coach and advisor. You can follow her @businesscluess33 or read more of her articles at


Ammuri Opening

General Manager, Bernard de Villele, hosted a dinner for guests to partake in the unveiling of The Ritz-Carlton Bahrain’s new and exciting Arabic restaurant concept, Ammuri, led by empowered women and spearheaded by Oriental Chef Hanan Osman.

Conversation at Plums

The Ritz-Carlton Bahrain hosted a cocktails and conversations event at their contemporary steakhouse, Plums, with an elevated menu curated by Chef de Cuisine, Alexis Knecht and restaurant manager Gokul Parambil.

November 2021 37


Fancy a beach vacay? Ditch the most run-ofthe-mill spots and fly to Zanzibar, an island nation in the Indian Ocean.

Nungwi is a village that’ll give a taste of Swahili living that savours a slow rural rhythm. Besides being one with the miles-long beach, visit Mnarani Marine Turtles Conservation Pond, Nungwi and Baraka Natural Aquariums, Tazari Caves or take a cultural village tour.

Zanzibar – the name itself conjures up images of the exotic – mesmerising turquoise waters lapping pristine shores, aromatic spices lining bustling bazaars and hammocks gently oscillating between lush palms. As the airplane descends upon this archipelago of over 50 islands, one can see the vast oceanscape punctuated with patch reefs, rich with marine life, and the gentle movement of wooden dhows hark back to the island’s Omani connection.

uguese oth Port guese b e r e w an ortu threw P r and Om Zanziba fore Oman over ountries. The th c , be colonies nd took over bo mercial hub, a l a com y. contro became spices and ivor n e h t d in e islan d a ed for tr renown

Although the capital of the island cluster is Zanzibar City, Stone Town is the urban spot that lures most tourists. It echoes the mood of its mother country, Tanzania, and is a UNESCO World Heritage Site, being rich in history and culture. The erstwhile prosperous maritime gateway to East Africa holds intrigue within its folds - Swahili mansions converted to boutique hotels, ornate carved doors, souvenir shops, snack bars and street food, and lanes lush with spices. 38 November 2021


Between walking the eclectic streets and ocean dipping, munch on some Zanzibar specialities like Zanzibar pizza, much unlike any other pizza you may have eaten, Mishkaki (meat skewers), pweza (octopus; barbequed or curried), Urojo Soup, Mandaki (deep-fried dough balls) and ‘Zanzibar chocolate’.

South-west Zanzibar is the quietest corner, perfect for islet hopping; each more beautiful in its own way than the other. Indulge in a spot of dolphin watching and snorkelling in marine parks like Menai Bay Conservation Area and Chumbe Island Coral Park. You’ll find eco-tourism at its best here and plenty of marine, animal and historical conservation projects to observe.

East Coast Zanzibar is where thalassophiles will find their utopia – palm-fringed shores, white sands, and an endless stretch of the cerulean sea which sports a barrier reef about a kilometer offshore. The pace here is slower, where tourists can soak in the remarkably stylish architecture, sweeping bays and quiet coves. November 2021 39

tv releases

Take your pick from a variety of intriguing, entertaining shows that Kristian Harrison suggests.

Wheel of Time

Touted as the successor to Game of Thrones, The Wheel of Time is an epic fantasy series based on Robert Jordan’s novel series of the same name. It follows Moiraine, a member of the Aes Sedai, a powerful organisation of women who can use magic. She takes a group of five young people on a journey around the world, believing one of them might be the reincarnation of the Dragon, a powerful individual prophesied to either save the world or destroy it.

Curse of the Chippendales The muscular men of the Chippendales captured the hearts, minds and dollars of the 1980s in their iconic cuffs and collars. As women’s liberation collided with new ideas of modern masculinity, this unique moment in history catapulted the Los Angeles dance troupe to untold riches and global fame. But as the crowds out front sky-rocketed from hundreds to thousands, the men behind the phenomenon plunged into greed, paranoia and ultimately murder.

You: Season 3

The third season of this hit psychological thriller series picks up with Joe (Penn Badgley) and Love (Victoria Pedretti) – now married and raising their baby – after they have moved to the balmy Northern California enclave of Madre Linda, where they’re surrounded by privileged tech entrepreneurs, judgmental mommy bloggers and Insta-famous biohackers. Joe is committed to his new role as a husband and dad, but is worried about Love’s lethal impulsiveness. There’s also the pesky matter of his heart still being stuck on a certain woman who may be found even closer than he thinks.

Locke & Key: Season 2

After their father is murdered under mysterious circumstances, the three Locke siblings (Emilia Jones, Connor Jessup, and Jackson Robert Scott) and their mother (Darby Stanchfield) move into their ancestral home, Keyhouse, which they discover is full of magical keys that may be connected to their father’s death. As the Locke children explore the different keys and their unique powers, a mysterious demon awakens – and will stop at nothing to steal them.

Red Notice


Based on the 1929 novel by Nella Larsen, the film – Rebecca Hall’s feature directorial debut – follows two Black women capable of ‘passing’ (or being seen as white) as they live their lives on opposite sides of the racial divide in pre-WWII New York. Tessa Thompson and Ruth Negga star. 40 November 2021

In this action comedy film, an Interpol-issued red notice is a global alert to hunt and capture the world’s most wanted. But when a daring heist brings together the FBI’s top profiler (Dwayne Johnson) and two rival criminals (Gal Gadot and Ryan Reynolds), there’s no telling what will happen.

tv releases

Home Sweet Home Alone Home Sweet Home Alone is an all-new adventure comedy from the beloved holiday film franchise. Max Mercer is a mischievous and resourceful young boy who has been left behind while his family is in Japan for the holidays. So when a married couple attempting to retrieve a priceless heirloom set their sights on the Mercer family’s home, it is up to Max to protect it from the trespassers … and he will do whatever it takes to keep them out.

Entrelazados Allegra dreams of joining the Eleven O’ Clock music hall company, but her mother, Caterina, won’t accept that. Allegra’s life changes drastically when she finds a mysterious bracelet that takes her to 1994, the year Caterina was her age and was starting her career in Eleven O’ Clock while she lived in the shadow of her grandmother, Coco. Will Allegra be able to change the past?

Olaf Presents Frozen’s Olaf steps into the spotlight and goes from snowman to showman as he takes on the roles of producer, actor, costumer and set builder for his unique ‘retelling’ of five favourite Disney animated tales in Olaf Presents, a series of new animated shorts from Walt Disney Animation Studios. The charismatic and versatile Olaf demonstrates his theatrical flair, taking on such iconic roles as a mermaid, a genie, a lion king (and most of the parts in between), as he entertains Arendelle with his delightful abbreviated versions of these beloved tales.

November 2021 41




A fun if familiar ride.RATING:


Far Cry 6 is an action-adventure first-person shooter game developed by Ubisoft Toronto and published by Ubisoft. Set in a fictional Caribbean island Yara (which is loosely based on a modern-day Cuba), ruled as a dictatorship by “El Presidente” Antón Castillo (portrayed by Giancarlo Esposito) who is raising his son Diego to follow in his rule, the player takes the role of guerrilla fighter Dani Rojas, attempting to topple Castillo and his regime.


Similar to the previous entries in the series, Far Cry 6 is set in an open world environment which the player can navigate on foot or via using various land vehicles, combat vehicles, watercrafts or aircrafts. The gameplay mainly focuses on armed and closequarters combat, while also allows the player to freely roam and explore Yara’s 88 km² environment. The game incorporates many elements found in role-playing games, including upgradeable guerrilla camps and gear customisation mechanics in order to uniquely tailor the gameplay experience.


The series’ latest open world evokes the more lush, jungle terrain of earlier games, while there’s also the return of technologies like fire spread – its omission much lamented in Far Cry 5. While gameplay hasn’t progressed significantly, there are a range of new graphics features, along with ray tracing on PC and a focus on 60 frames per second on the latest generation of consoles. However, despite some of the finest acting talent in the world, the cutscene animations are average at best. There is no movement in the eyebrows, the lip sync is off and soulless eyes make characters look devoid of life and emotion

Troubled author Alan Wake embarks on a desperate search for his missing wife, Alice. Following her mysterious disappearance from the Pacific Northwest town of Bright Falls, he discovers pages of a horror story he has supposedly written, but he has no memory of. Wake is soon forced to question his sanity, as page by page, the story comes true before his eyes. This Remastered edition offers the complete experience, with the main game and its two story expansions – The Signal and The Writer – in stunning new 4K visuals. The tense, episodic story is packed with unexpected twists, heart-stopping cliff hangers, and intense bursts of combat where it takes more than bullets to banish the darkness.




Kena: Bridge of Spirits is an action-adventure game which follows Kena, a young spirit guide who uses her magical abilities to help deceased people move from the physical to the spirit world. The game is presented through a third-person perspective and the player uses Kena’s staff for attacking enemies and her pulse ability for defending against attacks. They are tasked with collecting small spirit companions known as the Rot, who help to complete tasks and battle against enemies.

42 November 2021

Back 4 Blood is a thrilling cooperative first-person shooter from the creators of the critically acclaimed Left 4 Dead franchise. You are at the centre of a war against the Ridden. These oncehuman hosts of a deadly parasite have turned into terrifying creatures bent on devouring what remains of civilisation. With humanity’s extinction on the line, it’s up to you and your friends to take the fight to the enemy, eradicate the Ridden and reclaim the world.

websites Kristian Harrison explores some of the most useful and interesting websites available to us.

Mental Floss is an addictive online magazine with articles covering an extensive range of topics. Their articles are wellwritten, well-researched and usually on topics that don›t get a lot of airtime. For example, in their ‘Big Questions’ section, they tackle weirdly intriguing questions like why shells sound like the ocean and why yawns are contagious. Readers can even submit their own big questions.

Product Hunt is an online space for entrepreneurs and creative people who want to promote their new tech products/ services, books, games or podcasts. If you want to be the first to know about the best new products and services that launch, visit here and read reviews, discussion and even vote yourself.

It›s fun to check out real estate in areas you might want to live – and it›s just as fun to check it out in places you›ll probably never live, but would love to in a dream world. Go ahead and explore what›s out there. You can set up saved searches (some more realistic than others) to relive your discoveries later.

Medium is a blogging/ publishing website where lots of talented writers go to share their stories and to educate others willing to read their stuff. You can find everything there from opinion pieces and personal development hacks, to marketing advice and health tips. If you love to read interesting life titbits, get on Medium and start browsing your interests.

Welcome Breakfast The Association Francophone de Bahrein hosted a welcome breakfast for members and guests at Westin City Centre.

November 2021 43


Copy Me That

MX Player This video player supports almost all the primary video and audio file formats. It packs a lot of features including editing of subtitle timeframes, fast forwarding and volume control gestures, gestures for zooming in and out of a video, on-screen kid lock and many more.

A quality homemade meal is one of life’s greatest comforts, so whip up a tasty dish using Copy Me That. This multipurpose tool lets you copy, organise and manage recipes that you find online or input yourself. Customise your recipe collection with photos of your choosing, and organise them in whatever categories you want. The app is great for cutting through long-winded websites to get concise recipes, and it even provides a meal planner and shopping list to make cooking a cinch.

Fitbit You might know Fitbit from its popular fitness trackers, but the app that powers those devices works well on its own, too. Using just your smartphone, this fitness app can count steps and log activities to help you achieve daily goals. There are also social features, so you can compete against your friends. It›s a must-have for Fitbit users, but also a smart choice for anyone looking to be more active.

Anchor If you want to record your own podcast, Anchor is likely one of the easiest ways to do it. This app lets you record by yourself or with friends and build out entire podcast episodes entirely from your phone. Anchor even implements some basic audio editing tools for perfecting each clip in the app. Recently, the service announced a monetisation programme for creators on the platform. 44 November 2021



Five Legged Dog One of the reasons the Melvins remain vital and productive as they approach 40 years as a band is they’ve never been afraid to try new things and give themselves fresh challenges. However, after a certain point, one begins to run short on new things to try, and their desire to push themselves out of their comfort zone sometimes takes them down blind alleys. This is the case with Five Legged Dog, which marks the first time the band, known for their crushing volume and downtuned heaviness, has recorded a full-length acoustic album. Perhaps thinking that wasn’t novel enough in itself, they have also made it an epic-scale career overview, featuring new interpretations of tunes from their catalogue, as well as a handful of covers, in a marathon production that clocks in at two-and-a-half hours.

Primal Scream

James Blake

Friends That Break Your Heart Verdict:

A happier set of songs from the talented artist.

What’s the story?

James Blake’s discography has experienced a gradual thaw. While still mired in heartbreak and discontentment, the production on 2016’s The Colour in Anything brightened up just a touch from the stark atmospheres of Blake’s ground-breaking earlier records. His fourth album, Assume Form, felt a few degrees warmer as well, with several songs that offset his signature melancholy with feelings of springy joy and the giddy excitement of new love. Fifth album Friends That Break Your Heart continues the emotional climate change that the producer/songwriter has been experimenting with, landing largely as a friendly pop record, even while holding on to traces of the pain and loneliness that are inextricable from Blake’s music.

Demodelica Primal Scream’s 1991 album Screamadelica earned classic status with a seamless mixture of live instruments and programmed machines that captured the moods and attitudes of the era almost perfectly. So perfectly that it’s hard to imagine that the band did anything as mundane as recording demos, working through early attempts at songs, or tentatively putting new ideas down on tape. They did, though, and some of the results are captured on Demodelica. Ranging from snippets of vocal takes, full-band run-throughs and early mixes, it’s a fascinating glimpse of how the album might have sounded had the job of putting it all together and giving it that extra kiss of brilliance not been farmed out to Andrew Weatherall, the Orb and Jimmy Miller.

Worth a listen?

A string of straightforward and uncomplex songs open the album. The spare “Famous Last Words” flows affably through subtle synth lines and increasingly layered vocals, opening up into a sweet swell of strings and romantic harmonies just before winding down. “Life Is Not the Same” brings back the skeletal piano chords, click-drum programming and unexpected production turns of Blake’s early work, but anchors the song’s more free-floating qualities with a soaring chorus. It commits to dynamism in a way that’s almost anthemic by James Blake standards, wallowing in heartbreak but still delivering a hooky chorus. Overall, it’s still one of the more accessible, and occasionally predictable, collections of material from Blake. Sounding like it was created from the other side of the crushing sadness that defined his earliest work, the album continues Blake’s incremental shift to lighter material and songs that lean more into acceptance than torment.


In the Court of the Dragon In the Court of the Dragon is Trivium’s tenth album, a milestone for any band. It’s also a homecoming for the quartet of Matt Heafy (guitar/ vocals), Corey Beaulieu (guitar), Paolo Gregoletto (bass) and Alex Bent (drums). Heafy returned to Florida after living in California for several years, as did Gregoletto after a period in Chicago. Produced by Josh Wilbur, this extremely musical, ten-song set aesthetically reaches forward and back simultaneously. For starters, it’s simply brutal. Metalcore, thrash and technical death metal converge throughout, with some prog metal nods, too. Wilbur’s production is streamlined yet massive as it juxtaposes extreme aggression with some arena rock tendencies. November 2021 45



BTM brings you the latest gadgets to push your technological buttons.


It’s a portable desk that lets you use your laptop with ease, without having to juggle your phone and use the sofa cushion as a mouse mat. This sturdy desk is designed to support laptops up to 17”, and has a built-in mouse pad and slot for holding your mobile phone. With a cushioned base, it’s comfortable to use even if you’re doing a full day’s work from home. Available from


These colour-changing car atmosphere light strips add awesome ambience to your car’s interior. Simply peel and stick them under the dashboard and seats. Then, use the included remote control to change the colour of the LED lights! Available from


So, you want an accurate star map. How would you like one that identifies stars as you look at the night sky? This handy telescope has markings around the outside of the barrel, which you can set to the current time and date. Next, turn it skywards and it will show you the stars and constellations that are visible right then and there. The viewing map gives you a computer-generated readout that you can view with one eye while looking at the real sky with the other! Available from 46 November 2021


Project a constellation onto your ceiling, wall or any other flat surface and you can bring the night sky into your home. The Sega Star Theatre Planetarium comes with two star slides so that you can either see constellations or a realistic night sky with the Milky Way. This is an interactive way for you to explore the constellations, or a way to add a sci-fi feel to your room. Available from


This storm globe predicts the weather by using just liquid and crystals! The crystals change shape and the glass fogs up depending on the weather. It makes a fantastic ornament and is great for anyone interested in weather changes. Available from

Bahrain Edition


November 2021 | Issue 223

BEAUTY The best of cosmetics and fragrances this month Invigorating Skincare

FASHION Contemporary winter warmers as seen on the runway

INTERVIEW Artist Marylou Herbert speaks of her eclectic art that adorns the walls of venues across Bahrain A peek into the life of Tanmayi Mohan

LIFESTYLE Delicious recipes Warm home interiors for Autumn

PARENTING Ouiam El Hassani tells mums how to embrace themselves

FASHION | styling

Here’s a look at the winter warmers that have taken the world’s fashion scene by storm. Front rowers at fashion weeks in Europe have given their stamps of approval to couture houses for their contemporary take on comfy knits that scream style and panache. Flip though our fashion pages and take a leaf out of the latest lookbooks to get winter-ready just in time for the chill we await. In celebration of its 170th anniversary, the Bally AW collection this year features timeless pieces and standout signatures, that give a nod to this fashion house’s fascination for the mountains. The signature colour this season evokes the deep red hues of Peru's Rainbow Mountain for A/W 2021, recalling a Ballysponsored expedition to the Andes in 1957. The couturier presents a collection that gives ample choice; allowing the wearer to select statement pieces for everyday exploration of the outdoors, as well as modern designs for cool winter soirees. Each piece of clothing and accessory further demonstrate the fashion house’s mastery as superior leather architects.

48 November 2021

FASHION | styling

With a mix of sports and sharp references, Fred Perry creates the total look with classic wardrobe pieces amplifying the brand’s DNA through styling. The pieces that comprise the season’s collection are created to be layered, and sport dark pastel colours with a youthful boxy fit and contrast taping. Cropped track jackets and hooded sweatshirts echo the style of 90s leisurewear as the oversized fit remains a firm favourite with millenials. The collection also has jackets that give a nod to the legendary Amy Winehouse, reflecting her distinctly nuanced style that makes the collection so unique.

November 2021 49

FASHION | styling

The Tory Burch lineup for Fall/Winter21 screams New York, and is meant to be a reinterpretation of American luxury channeled through the attitude of the Big Apple. The fashion house reinforces the art of layering with its elegant pieces that’ll keep you snug and stylish through the cold months. Accessories and jewellery add dimension to the layers: louche hobos and structured crescent bags, loafers, curvedheel boots and gold or button chokers

50 November 2021

FASHION | styling

Accessories can make or break an outfit, and picking the right pieces can add that ‘oomph’ to your carefully curated look. Here are some eclectic pieces from across the latest A/W mood board that’ll elevate your style to well… next level.





Editor’s Picks


Etro’s offering portrays oversize silhouettes with outerwear, cardigans and jumpers in eccentric hues for women. Showing an obvious love for paisley, the collection transports us into an imaginary garden with dream-like and surreal atmospheres where flora and fauna blend harmoniously with the human being, symbolizing a new renaissance.

November 2021 51

PEOPLE | interview



he blow-up of a woman’s face on a café’s wall gives the space a fresh, cheerful vibe; the interiors have a personality that guests can immediately associate with it. The powder blue background and gold details in the strikingly lifelike eyes and the floral imagery around her reflect elements from the café’s décor, making the mural cohesive with the overall interior. The larger-than-life visual could easily be thought to be a print, but is, in fact, the detailed handiwork of Marylou Herbert. “I like to work on huge spaces,” says Marylou. “My art sometimes takes a few months to complete”. But this is not the genre of art that Marylou learnt at art school in France. “I was taught the very classical form of art; like you would


November 2021

Artist Marylou Herbert has been splashing walls in Bahrain with visuals that can set the mood for their spaces and actually make onlookers stand and stare. She talks to Behnaz Sanjana about how this came about.

see, for instance, in Versailles. Gold leaves, patina, and all that.” An offer to intern with a French company in Bahrain lured her to the island’s sunny shores, and she was happy to stay on when they employed her fulltime. Two years on, Marylou decided to branch out on her own. “The company was into more of French classical art and decorative painting, and I wanted to express myself with contemporary art, so I decided to start my own business four years ago.”

The timing was perfect, as little cafés and classy terrace restaurants were beginning to pop up in Bahrain, and were on the lookout for someone to add a touch of verve to their interiors. Needless to say, the first project was stressful. “It was for a new café, and I was nervous because I had to complete my work within a timeframe and ultimately the client needs to be happy with the end result,” she says. “A big smile on the client’s face is everything.”

She wasn’t sure whether it would all work out for her, but the gutsy youngster listened to her heart and took a leap of faith anyway. “I was only 24 at the time,” she says. “It did sound like a crazy idea, but I had nothing to lose, so I tried. And word about my work spread and soon I realised that I could live my dream!”

Marylou has gone on to lend her artistic touch to many a popular venue in Bahrain, like Bushido, Gravity Village and Solymar beach amongst others. She attributes her success to her versatility that allows her to give the client exactly what they’re looking for. “I do not stick to a

PEOPLE | interview

particular style of art; I can be very flexible as per what the client wants. My background in interior design (I wanted to be an interior designer before Art attracted me) helps a lot, as I’m not just creating a mural, but lifting the look of the overall space.” Marylou now works with her business partner, Arnaud Rothfuss, whose artful skill she admires. “I think he really brings something to my art,” she says. “Our work is complementary; he is amazing with spray cans and I bring more detailing with my brushes. That way, we create great paintings together. It also helps to have two heads presenting ideas to the client. He comes up with amazing ideas and concepts, to which I can apply technical details.” Marylou scoffs at the common notion that running a business in art is all about painting and creativity. “Besides the painting, it’s endless meetings with clients, hours spent on photoshop to present samples of the artwork, buying paints and materials, coordinating deadlines and work schedules with contractors, email exchanges, social media management and so much more,” she says. “The actual work of painting is just 30 per cent of the whole project. It looks easier than it is.” Although she thinks the art scene in the Middle East is still nascent compared to that of Europe, she thoroughly relishes being part of it in Bahrain. “The art scene here has just exploded in the last few years and there is so much opportunity for artists of all types on this island,” she says. In the near future, Marylou has bagged some prestigious public and private projects in her kitty. “I love sharing my art with others, where it can be seen, at the same time I also enjoy doing pieces for private villas and VIP residences,” she says. “Doing business in Bahrain has been the best decision I have made!”

November 2021


BEAUTY | news

FRAGRANT WITH RASASI As the summer bids us adieu, Rasasi Perfumes, one of the leading fragrance houses in the region, has curated some luxurious scents to reflect the warmth of Autumn. Highlighting a variety of unique notes such as Agarwood, Musk and Oudh, the fragrances evoke a sense of warmth along with a blend of floral and fruity notes such as Vanilla, Jasmine, Rose and

Patchouli to add a hint of sweet freshness. Two of Rasasi’s best sellers, Hawas for Him & Her are fresh, elegant and woody perfumes that combine a mix of premium contemporary notes to yield a sensational fragrance. The Hawas for Him highlights notes of sandalwood, cedar wood and musk together

with a variety of fruity freshness while the Hawas for Her highlights a combination of fruity flavours and vibrant citrus notes. These bestsellers are sure to add an opulence to one’s scent wardrobe. For more information, visit

to Embrace the Seasonal Switch Feel like a million bucks with these great beauty finds that will have your face, fragrance and hair game on point.

THE GCC’S FIRST 100% CERTIFIED HALAL BEAUTY RANGE The pioneering Khaleeji beauty brand, Mikyajy, is bringing beauty in its purest and cleanest form to the Middle Eastern Glam Girl. Mikyajy is bringing a complete range of 100% Halalcertified colour cosmetics – the certification being the ultimate stamp and guarantee of purity. The end-to-end production process, from ingredients, manufacturing and warehousing facilities are 100% certified by accredited agency ESMA, recognised by the Governments across the GCC. This guarantees all the products in the range are made with pure, approved ingredients that contain zero alcohol, gelatin, keratin and collagen. The range is also 100% cruelty-free, free from harmful ingredients and free from animal derivatives. All the products are formulated with the region’s climate in mind and promises intense colour payoff, complete coverage and long wear. The range includes lipsticks, liquid lipsticks, breathable nail enamels, concealer and powder foundations. To view the product range, visit

54 November 2021

BEAUTY | news

IT’S ALL IN THE EYES The key to a striking eye makeup is a good eyeliner, and the Flormar Waterproof Eyeliner Pencil comes in a range of colors to choose from. Whatever your style or preference, you are bound to find the colour that suits your unique beauty. The brand’s formula is enriched with Vitamin E to offer the best results, while moisturising and nourishing the skin around the eyes, preventing signs of early aging. Flormar is a brand popularly known for its trendy makeup line with ‘beauty for everyone’ as its focus, targeted at female audiences of all age groups. Available in a gamut of colours and palettes, Flormar’s product range include everything a woman needs to glam up. Available at Flormar Stores and online on

LUSCIOUS LOCKS Brighten up your ‘do and enjoy healthier, shinier hair with protection from daily pollution. The Body Shop’s beautiful Moringa range is made with Community Fair moringa seed oil and shine, and you can expect softer, smoother and healthier looking hair that smells fragrantly floral. The Moringa Shine and Protection Shampoo cleanses and leaves the hair feeling fresh and looking healthier and shinier, protecting it from daily pollution. The Moringa Shine and Protection Conditioner leaves hair feeling soft and looking healthier and shinier, for fabulous hair days. The Moringa Shine and Protection Hair Mist is lightweight and nonsticky, and instantly boosts visible shine. In addition to repairing the hair from the follicle out, all of The Body Shop’s new haircare bottles and tubs are sustainable and made from 100% recycled plastic, including Community Fair Trade recycled plastic collected off the streets of Bengaluru, India. Available at The Body Shop

SENSORIAL HAIR CARE Rossano Ferretti, the premium, Italian brand leading the hair care industry, offers a stunning product range designed to create a sensorial experience, sans sulphates, aggressive surfactants or any polluting and nonbiodegradable ingredients. Ferretti’s unique Prodigio range of Regenerating Oil and Treatment comprises theee products; a miracle oil containing a precious blend of vegetable oils and Sphingolipid Complex to protect the hair from heat and styling, a reconstructing treatment which leaves the hair extraordinarily shiny and silky after just one application and a cleansing Scalp Scrub

which removes impurities, excess oils, product build up and dead skin cells. Ferretti’s range of unique hair care products are known as cosmetics for the hair and come in a range of delightful textures with beautifully scented formulas. They are designed to reveal the inner beauty of the hair and are formulated with a selection of the finest ingredients that combine powerful natural elements alongside the best bio-technology principles. A high volume of the finest raw materials from plant and vegetable oils are used to help create the best that nature can offer for the ultimate in hair beauty Available at November 2021 55

BEAUTY | skincare


Need to revive your complexion from drab to fab? Amp up your skincare routine with some nifty new products that’ll have your skin looking its very best.


HELLO, GOOD STUFF! From Essence is the perfect match for any beauty addict who loves to keep it simple, more natural and effective. The six new products of this line are packed full of at least 90 per cent natural ingredients that pamper the skin and give it a beautiful natural look – all under the motto ‘Clean Beauty’. All products in the range are vegan and do not contain microplastics, parabens, PEGs or mineral oil. Because what is good for nature is also good for you – and your skin! The HELLO, GOOD STUFF! FACE SERUM guarantees a radiant complexion. Made with 97 per cent natural ingredients, the formula with pineapple extract provides intensive moisture, leaving behind a beautiful glow and a delicate pineapple fragrance. Available instore and online at Centrepoint

GENTLE YET POWERFUL CHANEL has developed the Hydra Beauty Camellia Glow Concentrate, that combats dull, dry, and tired-looking skin. This product will enable you to reset your beauty routine, giving you a fresh, glowing complexion, after just a month of use. With gentle exfoliating hydration with AHAs, this dual-action concentrate provides both hydration and refinement in a single, gentle skincare step. Camellia japonica ‘Alba plena,’ an emblematic ingredient in the Hydra Beauty line, has exceptional properties that maintain and boost hydration, so you can exfoliate without fear. The versatile HYDRA BEAUTY Camellia Glow Concentrate revitalizes the skin and restores radiance to the complexion. Available at


October 2021


Salt, the brand created by Kellie Collis, was born out of nothing but 'motherly love' for her son, Hendrix. The little hero suffered with acute eczema and all-round general sensitivity. What she created is a very Insta-worthy brand whose Mermaid Oil is packed with jojoba, argon, amellia oils, and works just as well under makeup as it does an overnight treatment. Highly moisturising yet light as a feather, this beautiful oil is designed to assist with improving skin elasticity quickly. Rich in Omega 6, Omega 9 fatty acids, Vitamin A and E, linoleic and oleic acids, this facial oil is a super food for your skin. All it needs is 2-3 drops into your hands which is then massaged onto your face in an upward motion. Available at


Sensitive skin can leave one feeling uncomfortable, dry and irritable but with the right products from Neal’s Yard Remedies, your skin could be left feeling plump and hydrated. From products such as hydrating micellar waters, replenishing moisturisers, to restorative and smoothing serums, Neal’s Yard Remedies products are not only organic certified, but are packed with soothing nutrients and ingredients that will keep the skin feeling calm, cool and beautifully moisturised. The brand’s Restore and Smooth Serum is a skincare favourite. This serum, formulated with fermented oat and helichrysum extracts, and a sea water mineral infusion is expertly formulated to calm, hydrate and rebalance reactive skin. Available at


Enjoy sustainably sourced luxurious, natural skincare using the finest organic and wild foraged ingredients from the Welsh Rhug Estate with organic beauty brandx, Rhug Wild Beauty. The brand’s Purifying Cleansing Lotion with Dandelion is the perfect start to your daily skincare regime. The antioxidant-rich skin purifying cleanser works to restore balance, whilst nourishing, hydrating and gently exfoliating the skin. Great for congestion, dehydration and uneven skin tone, simply apply 1-2 pumps onto the skin and remove with warm water and a muslin cloth. All Rhug Wild Beauty products are 100 percent vegan, halal-certified, cruelty-, gluten- and sulfate-free, without genetically modified ingredients, artificial fragrances, artificial colours, parabens and harsh chemicals. The products contain chosen ingredients with essential vitamins and minerals, 100% natural fragrances and essential oils. For more information visit


PUTTING E D U T I T A R G IN YOUR ATTITUDE Educator Julia Knight shares her thoughts on how the simple act of giving thanks can have positive lifechanging effects.


e talk about wellbeing in schools and one way to help students become more mindful is by practising the art of happiness - gratitude. Studies have shown that giving gratitude can make you happier. Harvard Medical Journal reported that positive psychology research found gratitude to be strongly and consistently associated with greater happiness. It said that gratitude helps people feel more positive emotions, relish good experiences, improve their health, deal with adversity, and build strong relationships. So, this makes an ideal scenario for schools to build into their timetables. Interestingly, the effects of gratitude are far reaching as Dr. Robert A. Emmons of the University of California, Davis, and Dr. Michael E. McCullough of the University of Miami found out when they conducted research on 58 November 2021

gratitude. They asked participants to write a few sentences each week, focusing on particular topics and then studied the effects.

Practising gratitude is the butterfly effect in action. The butterfly effect is the idea that one small change can have wide and lasting consequences.

One focus group wrote about things they were grateful for that had occurred during the week. A second group wrote about daily irritations or things that had displeased them, and the third wrote about events that had affected them (with no emphasis on them being positive or negative). After 10 weeks, the psychologists found that those who wrote about gratitude were more optimistic and felt better about their lives.

When applied to a school context, gratitude has an amazing effect on shifting the way in which children and students speak to each other and also themselves.

An interesting find was that those who were more grateful visited the doctor less than the other groups. The health benefits of practising gratitude are enormous as children grow and develop. Healthy habits that are carried into adolescence and beyond create a much healthier society.

At the school I work with, we cultivate kindness and gratitude in many ways. Our children write ‘Thank You’ notes, and we encourage our students to be thankful and to contemplate who and what they are grateful for. This is a really positive activity and children love to read what their friends say about them. ‘Say Something Nice Day’ is observed annually to encourage staff and students to say something positive about each other in messages that are delivered throughout the school. It really lifts the spirits of staff and is a

education simple way to improve wellbeing and happiness across the school campus. Schools and parents can encourage older students to keep a gratitude journal and make it a habit to collect and focus on the nice things that happen throughout the day. Parents can also ask their children what the best bit about their day was. This helps children to relive the positive experiences and create the connections that in turn keeps the serotonin (the happy hormone) level high. Many schools have introduced mindfulness meditation into their day and this involves focusing on the present

moment. A simple breathing technique readies the children for the next lesson while keeping them calm, as opposed to bells or buzzers to signal change between sessions. This can be done at home too; parents can ask their children to focus on something positive like the warmth of the sunshine, or a person or place that makes them happy. Gratitude is not about forcing children to be happy or to pretend to be happy. It is a resilience building tool that even on dark days, there will be something positive to focus on and that is the art of happiness.

Julia Knight has been teaching for 18 years in London, Bangkok and, is now a principal in Bahrain. She writes for many education magazines worldwide and offers teacher training and consultancy. You can follow her on Twitter @KnightWilliams.

November 2021 59

s n a e J m o M , LIFESTYLE | opinion

e l t t a B e h t n o


Ouiam El Hassani uses the advent of Mom Jeans to cheer mothers on to shirk societal expectations, embrace reality and just be themselves.


November 2021

! u o y d i and so d


t the most uncertain time that moms have ever experienced since World War I and II – thanks to Covid-19 - fashion comes to lighten up their mood and add a whole line of clothing labeled under their name: Mom Jeans. From fashionistas to celebrities, ladies have been drifting towards this next big denim craze; Mom Jeans, OUR JEANS! Do you even realise the shift? What better statement to boost every mom’s confidence in their sense of fashion, even if it is ephemeral because we all know fashion and its everchanging moods.

The word ‘motherhood’ is, without fail, associated with anything but sensual; we are all familiar with ‘mom underwear’, ‘mom dance’, ‘mom heals’… we are all accused of hibernating in yoga pants, leggings, or bohemian dresses for the fancier ones. We moms are tired of these absurd implications because we had just predicted the birth of a whole trend even before Anna Wintour decided on it. Yet, this shift can’t possibly only mean that moms are back on track when it comes to their vogue-approved appearances; it is much more than that. It is a pass for

LIFESTYLE | opinion

other exhausted women to relax, to embrace their inner moms – because, in every female in the world, there is a small part in her soul that wants to hibernate in yoga pants foreverat least for some time in their lives. To these women, Mom Jeans came to lighten their load and invite them to embrace their goofiness, welcome their comfort, and still shine bright as fashionably as they would like to. How often has one of your children asked you, “where are you going?” simply because you were dressed up – sometimes that just includes a clean shirt and a pair of jeans? (Mom Jeans or not). How many times have you wanted to stay in your PJs all day, but you had to put on decent clothes because life can’t wait for you while you take your break? Women are expected to look phenomenal, be great mothers, fabulous cooks, excellent wives, and some of us are even expected to lead flourishing businesses, sleep the appropriate amount of time, eat nutritious food, have hobbies, find time to see friends,

read books, and do things that make us happy, all in the 24 hours that exist in a day. It is not what women would like to be or what men would like them to be; it is a whole culture that has falsely reinforced a concept that only exists in fairytales, where fairies turned rags into ballroom dresses, and mice into chariots, or in sci-fi movies where women are robots. A culture that burdens women with layers of unwanted weight and builds a highly appealing picture of the modern woman who has it all; the perfect woman, the superwoman who can do it all, leaving these delicate creatures drowning while refusing to give up the fight against perfection, an ugly battle that robs your joy, peace, and leaves you forever wounded.

with them, drop every ounce of expectation, responsibilities, and for once, enjoy comfort, embrace freedom, and thrive on being who you are and not what society wants you to be. Mom Jeans are just the beginning of a new movement cheering for women’s vulnerability, hooting for their perfect imperfections, and changing the narrative for the new generations to come so they can finally live their lives the way they see fit, doing what they really want to do, and tossing aside an old, ugly and so very unwanted culture.

Mom Jeans winning the battle over skinny jeans is a bold statement that women should enjoy while it lasts. Drop the skinny jeans, and

November 2021


s ’ n m Autu tte Pale


H&M Pumpkin, ochre, rust, sepia, emerald green, caramel, burgundy, berry, amber and nutty browns – these colours take centre stage in Nature this time of year, and so should they in your home. Focus on warm neutrals to cosy-up your interiors for the Middle East cool in the months ahead. Let your furnishings, linens, wall papers and accessories echo the warm, fuzzy sentiment that Autumn brings with it. It’s a whole mood by itself to curl up in with a cuppa.

Emerald Isle Sofa Home Box

Quick Seat Stool THE One

H&M 62

November 2021


Warm Welcome Entryway Rug

Wallflower Picture Frame THE One

Monochrome Musings Crockery Home Centre

Wicker Works Storage basket H&M

Cosy Up Throw THE One

Rose Gold Gleam Organiser

Fall Fragrances Candles Lifestyle

Memorable Moments Dining Set Home Centre

Rustic Red Comforter set Home Box

November 2021




As air travel is slowly and surely returning to pre-pandemic times, many of us are craving that giddy anticipation that going on a trip brings with it. So what if hoping onto a plane that lands in a heavenly island fringed with fine white sands and turquoise waters is not an option right now… you can whip up a meal that’ll take you right there in your imagination.

MALDIVIAN ESSENCE COCONUT KIRU FOLHI Coconut Crepe Cannoli, Berry Compote, Cardamom and Rose Cremeux Makes 1 Portion


For Folhi (crepes) 50 grams All Purpose Flour 30 ml Coconut Milk 50 ml Full Cream Milk 10 grams Sugar 10 grams Butter Salt to taste For Filling 50 grams Fresh Coconut 40 grams Jaggery 3 grams Pandan Leaves 2 grams Cardamon Powder 1 gram Cinnamon Powder

For the Rose Cremeux 50 grams Pastry Cream

64 November 2021

50 grams Sweet Whipped Cream 10 ml Rose Syrup 15 ml Coconut Milk Place all these ingredients in a bowl and whip with the help of a hand blender. Keep cool in the refrigerator. For the Berry Compote Place stawberries of your choice in a saucepan. Add sugar and juice or water. Bring to a boil. Reduce the heat to low and simmer until the strawberries are all soft


FOR FOLHI Take a bowl, put the flour in it, add salt and sugar and mix it well, slowly pour the both

the milk and with help of whisk mix well until smooth. Heat butter in a pan and when moderately hot, pour the batter, and make a crepe of it. Keep aside and let it cool. FOR FOLHI FILLING Heat a pan and put jaggery in it to caramelise it. Add pandan leaves, cardamon and cinnamon powder, add fresh desiccated coconut. Mix well and allow to cool. Place the mixture on to the crepe and roll it like cannoli. Add coconut milk to the Rose Cremeux if required to make it smoother. With the help of a piping bag, pipe it onto the plated folhi. Drizzle with the Berry Compote and enjoy!



1 Sheet Rice Paper Roll 50 grams Silken Tofu (thin strips) 10 grams Cucumber, cut into juliennes 10 grams Scallion stalks 10 grams Carrot, cut into juliennes 10 grams Fresh Coriander Stalks 10 grams Celery, cut into juliennes 1 Fresh Romaine Lettuce Leaf 3-4 Fresh Mint Leaves 10 grams Beans Sprouts 20 grams Glass Noodles 2 Kafir Lime Leaves 10 grams Salted Peanuts, crushed 100 ml Oil for frying noodles for nest

For Dipping Sauce

50 ml Hoisin Sauce 10 ml Lime Juice 10 grams Palm Sugar 2 grams Bird Eye Chili, crushed 5 grams Lemongrass, finely chopped)


For Dipping Sauce In a bowl, mix all the ingredients well, keep cool in the refrigerator for 30 minutes. For Vegan Tofu Cigar Fill a large bowl with warm water. Submerge the rice papers into the water for 3-5 seconds. Take it out of the water and lay on a flat surface to start placing tofu, cucumber, scallions, carrot, fresh coriander stalks, celery, fresh lettuce leave, beans sprout and fresh mint leaves. Fold the left and right edges of the rice paper in, then roll firmly into a tight cylinder. Place on a bed of cooked noodles and serve immediately with the Hoisin Lime dipping sauce.

November 2021 65


Farewell Breakfast

Rehab Abdelqader, wife of the Ambassador of the State of Palestine, hosted a farewell breakfast in honour of Ruqaiya Al Qadri, wife of the Ambassador of the Democratic Republic of Algeria and Retnani Y Rahardjo, wife of the Ambassador of the Republic of Indonesia, at the Ambassador’s Residence in Juffair. At the event, Mrs Abdelqader presented both ambassadors wives with a palestinian shawl.

Wedding Anniversary Party

Celine and Olivier Pétrilli celebrated their 18th wedding anniversary on a beautiful sunny day in Miami park, Janabiya with a pool party with friends and family and a surprise jumping out of the cake.

47th Anniversary

The American Women’s Association celebrated its 47th Anniversary at Mövenpick Bahrain. The US Embassy Chargé d’Affaires Margaret Nardi cut a special cake at the AWA General Meeting in presence of the executive committee of the organization. 66 November 2021

In Her Shoes

last word

It’s not all about planning and strategising with Tanmayi Mohan, Digital Marketing Head – Bahrain, at LuLu Group International. We take a dip into the fun side of this creative expert with a zest for the essence of life. Your favourite cuisine and dish?

I’ve been loving and bingeing on Turkish food since I moved to Bahrain, but my favourite dish, in true Indian style, is a good ol’ Dum Biryani.

What’s your favourite childhood memory?

Summers! Laying on the grass with my family around – sun-kissed and carefree, slurping mangoes and being happily lost in the world of books.

A superpower that you wish you had.

Teleportation - so I can travel the world and meet my loved ones without any visa or ticketing hassles.

What’s a valuable lesson learnt at your job?

Work with equal zest and enthusiasm every day, like it’s your first day! And teamwork can conquer the stormiest of work days.

What would you advise your younger self?

The Universe always has a plan - things will fall beautifully in place when they’re meant to. Every bump, every hurdle prepares you for something bigger. So don’t stress over the little things, trust the process, keep your faith and enjoy every second of the journey.


What’s your favourite fragrance / aroma?

Nothing brightens my mood quite like the smell of freshly brewed coffee, jasmine flowers and the rain.

Name three unusual things that are always in your bag.

Where would you want to travel to next? Well, the list keeps changing but currently Greece tops it!

Ketchup or hot sauce, a Sudoku puzzle, Axe oil.

An item of clothing you wish you could wear more of. Can I say my pyjamas?

A movie you don't mind seeing on repeat and why.

Forrest Gump – it encapsulates an appreciation for life, gratitude for the little joys, and a kind of innocent simplicity in today’s world. November 2021


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