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April 2021 | Vol. 25

| Issue 4 | BD2 / SR20





Dick Potterr tells us about the UK’s role in motoring

A Special Supplement

A chat with the Red Bull Racing Honda team


Where to Eat this Ramadan


We talk art and family with celebrated artist Mariam Fakhro


Ishaq Madan reflects on his photography and ambitions

Khadija Mercer speaks about the need for market adaptability

A chat with Wolfgang Puck about business, culinary arts and current affairs

Beauty Essentials Skincare The World of Modest Fashion










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The Visual Storyteller

Supremely talented photographer, Ishaq Madan, tells us about his photography, exciting projects and his fundraising adventure.


The Return of the Master Chef

Michelin-starred, international celebrity chef, Wolfgang Puck graces Bahrain’s shores once again!



The Spirit of Giving

Six charitable causes that you can donate to this Ramadan.



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We try out the set menu at Downtown Rotana’s Teatro The best of dining options this month, including some very welcome iftars at the finest hotels!




A special supplement celebrating bilateral relations between the UK and Bahrain.

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Decrypting Cryptocurrencies

COMMERCE Business expert, Pria Masson Tanwar, discusses the world of cryptocurrencies.

Business Bites






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My Life in Cars

Dick Potter tells us all about the UK’s role in the motoring industry

Full Speed Ahead

Kristian Harrison and Dick Potter have a chat with the Red Bull Racing Honda team

Racing Through

A throwback to the time Sangeeth Mullassery had a chat with Alfa Romeo

Motoring Bites

4 April 2021

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RBH Medical Center Opens at The Park - Janabiyah

Premium prívate healthcare provider in the Kingdom, Royal Bahrain Hospital, opened its second branch – RBH Medical Center - in the Northern Governorate on April 3. The new branch brings its expert medical services closer to residents of the Northern Governorate. Conveniently located at The Park mall, Janabiyah, the new RBH Medical Center will provide the services of top doctors from the Royal Bahrain Hospital. The Center is equipped to provide outpatient, pharmacy, laboratory and radiology services and some of its prominent specialties include – Family Medicine, Internal Medicine, Obstetrics & Gynecology, Pediatrics, Orthopedics, ENT, Cardiology, Ophthalmology, Gastroenterology, Urology, Dermatology & Cosmetology, Dentistry, Nutrition and Dietetics, Neurology and Physiotherapy.


April 2021 5







We speak to the celebrated Bahraini artist at Bahrain’s recent ‘Love & Inspire’ Art Exhibition, Mariam Fakhro.


CSR and Marketing Manager, and insightful university student, Khadija Mercer tells us about the need for market adaptability and her plans for the future.




With Ramadan dawning on us this month, we explore the magnificent world of Modest Fashion.


Jewellery that’s sure to make it onto your wishlist.



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Skincare that will leave you glowing!

The latest Perfumes and Makeup products



Exquisite décor to adorn your homes this Ramadan


Delicious recipes for the perfect family feast!



Ouiam El Hassani tells us how to involve the kids this Ramadan.

6 April 2021



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THE TEAM Publisher and Chairman George F. Middleton

Bahrain This Month April 2021

Editor Farah Baig Contributors Behnaz Sanjana, Kristian Harrison, Dick Potter, Pria Masson Tanwar, Ouiam Charkani El Hassani, Bill Grieve Editorial Consultant Ahdeya Ahmed


elcome to the April issue of Bahrain This Month. Things have begun to pick up in the Kingdom, once again, so there’s plenty to look back o the no-no a couple were rather n aside from exciting things to look forward to! As Ramadan soon approaches, we take it upon ourselves to bring to light some excellent causes on the island that are making a difference in the lives of many. In keeping with Ramadan traditions, our team of voracious writers has put together a list of outstanding iftars and ghabgas to visit at some of the island’s best hotels. In our interview section, we talk with a young, gifted Bahraini photographer, Ishaq Madan, who tells us about his visual storytelling, and talks about an upcoming feat that will see him see him scaling three mountains to raise funds for charity! Another very welcome interviewee was the world-renowned chef, Wolfgang Puck, who had plenty of thoughts to share.

Print Production Manager Sabu Sebastian Art Director Hatem Monem Webmaster Nishad Eapen CRM & Database Coordinator Muna Yousef Staff Photographer Subeesh Kumar N S Administration and Finance Samson Vaz, Marlyn Ragasa

April is the month that BTM traditionally engages with the Kingdom’s British community, through publication of our UK in Bahrain supplement. Our main interview here is with the British Ambassador, H.E. Roderick Drummond, who talks about his time in the Kingdom to date so far and his plans for the futurer.

Corporate Affairs Director Bassem A. Al Khabbaz Distribution Team CM Abdul Rahman, Gopal Arul Kumar Distributor Al Hilal Group (Hilal Direct Services)

Looking back, one of the most exciting developments last month was the Kingdom’s ability to successfully host the Formula 1 Gulf Air Bahrain Grand Prix. We had the opportunity to chat with the Red Bull Racing Honda and Alfa Romeo teams to find out what it’s like living life in the fast lane.

Media Sales Anuradha Manhas anuradha@redhousemarketing.com

In Woman This Month, given that Ramadan is just around the corner, our team of fashionistas explored the world of modest fashion. We had the pleasure of speaking to the celebrated Bahraini artist, Mariam Fakhro, about her recent collaboration with her daughter and grandchildren in the recent ‘Love and Inspire’ art exhibition. We also bring you the best of beauty essentials, skincare, home décor and more!

DIGITAL & CONTENT MARKETING TEAM Digital Strategy Director Lini Reghunath Digital Marketing & Social Media Executive Farah Baig

Despite the challenges that the current pandemic has presented the Kingdom with, our beautiful island continues to be as charming and eventful as ever. That being said, remember that Bahrain This Month will always be your guide to a great way of life. Printing Press Union Press, Bahrain Published monthly by

RED HOUSE MARKETING P.O. Box 20461, Manama, Kingdom of Bahrain Tel: (+973) 17 813-777, Fax: (+973) 17 813-700 Email: info@redhousemarketing.com www.bahrainthismonth.com © Copyright Reserved 2005-2020 The concept, content, style and design of this publication remain the exclusive property of Red House Marketing (Jersey) Ltd. and must not be reproduced in any form whatsoever without prior written permission. Every effort has been made to ensure the accuracy of the information contained in this publication. However, Red House Marketing cannot accept legal responsibility for any error or omission. • Views expressed in this magazine by journalists and writers are not necessarily those of the publishers of Bahrain This Month. Licensed by the Ministry of Information Publication Code: TA001 ISBN 1 899 348 09 3


George F. Middleton Publisher and Chairman

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Since 1997

April 2021 | Vol. 25

| Issue 4 | BD2 / SR20





Dick Potterr tells us about the UK’s role in motoring

A Special Supplement


A chat with the Red Bull Racing Honda team


We talk art and family with celebrated artist Mariam Fakhro

Where to Eat this Ramadan


Ishaq Madan reflects on his photography and ambitions

Khadija Mercer speaks about the need for market adaptability

A chat with Wolfgang Puck about business, culinary arts and current affairs

Beauty Essentials Skincare The World of Modest Fashion

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April 2021 7




Supremely talented photographer, Ishaq Madan, tells Bahrain This Month’s Farah Baig about his photography, exciting projects and his upcoming adventure through which he’ll be raising funds for a charity that changes the lives of the terminally ill.

ou need no introduction when it comes to your followers, but could you tell our readers a little bit about yourself? I am a self-taught, published Bahraini photographer practicing the art of photography since 2014. My work often combines natural light techniques that play with soft highlights and unusual perspectives that aim to create painting like photographs which portray subtle visual storytelling through the characters captured in the frame. Moreover, my inspiration is heavily drawn from my desire to bridge the gap between Bahrain and the world through visual masterpieces that embody the definition of the word ‘Sonder’, in parallel with local Bahraini constructs of architecture and traditional metaphors via visual elements and personal emotions.

public. I said to myself, “I want to be a part of this new historical moment in Bahrain’s history”. Years later, I got the opportunity as BAC commissioned a number of local artists and I to create something new. Of course, I can’t thank Abdulla Buhijji and Noor Alwan, the curators, for the opportunity and support. As someone who has delved deep into the world of photography, are there any photographers you look up to? I look up to Japanese photographer Daido Moriyama, and the late German photographer Peter Lindbergh as their philosophies intertwine in respect to the breaking of norms, and the call to pursuit of whatever brings you joy in the

medium of photography; hence, my works reflect a range of photography genres such as street, fashion, and architectural photography. You recently announced that you have teamed up with Marie Curie UK and NTU 3 Peaks Trip Team to embark on the ‘Three Peaks Challenge’. Could you tell our readers about this feat? Indeed, I’ve teamed up with Marie Curie UK and Nottingham Trent University 3 Peaks Trip Team to embark on the ‘Three Peaks Challenge’ in June, a journey to the 3 highest peaks in the UK: Ben Nevis in Scotland (1,345 m), Scafell Pike in England (978 m), and Snowdonia (1,085 m) in Wales in around 36 hours or less. A total estimated distance of 42 KM & a total

You describe yourself as a ‘Bahraini visual storyteller’. What led to your interest in photography and when did you get started? My journey began during the rise of iPhoneography; however, I believe the seeds were planted when I used to take photos of my mother and brother during our summer holidays abroad when I was a kid. Phone photography and social media played a huge role in my development as the ease of mobility and connecting with the world instantly grew my curiosity to see the mundane and beyond as visual poems relaying stories of a still life. How would you describe your photography? I would best describe my photography as visual stories that portray the in between: moments that occur in fraction of seconds. Often missed and neglected, that’s where choices are made, and the future follows. What has been your most exciting project to date? One of the pleasures of this medium of art is it has taken me around the world as my works have been featured in numerous exhibitions ranging from Sharjah Art Foundation’s Vantage Point 5 (2018`), Paris’ Biennale (2019), Dubai’s Arab Street Vol. 2, and the 46th Bahrain Annual Fine Arts Exhibition (2020). I was also recently commissioned by Bahrain International Airport to create a unique piece for the new airport terminal which began operating in January 2021. I think the airport project is currently my favorite, and has been my most exciting project to date. It was as if I manifested it into reality. I recall when the construction of the new airport was announced and the plans to have a museum in it were shared to the 8 April 2021



ascent of 3,000 m. It’s a national event with many organisations and universities taking part to raise funds for charities of their choice; professionals tend to complete the challenge within 24 hours! That being said, I am fundraising in support of Marie Curie UK; a charity with origins that date back to the late 40s, which provides care and support to the terminally ill. Every penny will help frontline nurses provide vital care to those in need. At least an hour of service can be provided with only £20. Every nonanonymous donor will receive a collection of postcards called the ‘NOTTS Collection’ - a one-off series of postcards with photos captured in Nottingham. Is this your first charitable project? What’s making you pursue the challenge? In terms of fundraising, yes, it is! I believe in travelling with purpose. A purpose of doing good and helping others wherever you go and stay; it illuminates your self-growth and soul. Isn’t that something worth living for? To touch the lives of others in a positive way. Nonetheless, I love challenges, it’s the best way to learn more about yourself.


What made you pick Marie Curie UK as your charity of choice? Nottingham Trent University 3 Peaks Trip Team have always partnered with Marie Curie UK. The organisation literally changes the lives of the terminally ill, empowering them to further lead their lives with courage, strength and joy. When will you begin the challenge and how do you plan to prepare for it? Inshallah, if restrictions ease up, we will begin our adventure sometime mid-June. I’ve been preparing myself for this feat by going on daily walks around Nottingham. Being a photographer, it helps motivate me more than usual as it’s only when I am practicing street photography. A win-win situation if you ask me. You recently moved to Nottingham. Are you pursuing a special project or goal in the area? I am pursuing my postgraduate studies here in Nottingham, at Nottingham Trent University. When there’s a crisis, there’s also an opportunity. The current situation has shown me that it’s a good time to increase my knowledge and skills. As the world evolves rapidly I need to adapt with it as well.

What would you consider your greatest achievement to date? I’d probably say exhibiting in Paris. That was such a surreal experience right out of a movie! It’s quite a rare experience exhibiting internationally, especially being an artist in the Middle East in the 21st century. Nonetheless, all my achievements would have never been possible without the support of my Instagram family, I owe it all to them.

April 2021 9

ramadan feature

The Spirit of Giving Here are 6 charitable causes that could use your help this Ramadan! Ramadan is a time for giving and deep self-reflection. The Kingdom has no shortage of charitable organisations or causes which could use the public’s help in terms of funding, volunteering or raising awareness. While there are a multitude of worthy causes, we believe these six have made quite an impact and could use your help!


Founded in the Kingdom of Bahrain in 2016, Shamsaha, which is Arabic for ‘Her Sun’, is a non-profit corporation focusing on women’s empowerment and protection. Shamsaha is the Middle East’s first and only domestic and sexual violence crisis program and has done plenty to protect women across the Kingdom. Shamsaha has three primary mandates; 1) 24/7 crisis advocacy for women 2) women’s goal-based empowerment case work support and 3) community education and awareness, including mirco-finance. Shamsaha works tirelessly to give women a voice so they can realise their potential socially and economically. The corporation will be working on a fundraising initiative throughout the holy month in addition to a ‘Micro-finance and Entrepreneurship Project’. To get volunteer, donate or find out more, visit www.shamsaha.org or call 17 651-421.

AL SANABEL ORPHANS CARE SOCIETY Since its establishment in 1999, the society has relied on corporate and individual support to care for the Kingdom’s orphans. The society works tirelessly on building the integrated personality of orphans of different ages and groups so they may grow to be productive citizens with a great quality of life. To ensure that all their needs are taken care of, the society has divided their causes into five broad categories: financial, educational, residential, medical and social. For the holy month of Ramadan, the society will be accepting donations towards its food and clothing drives, aside from its on-going activities. To get in touch, visit www.alsanabel-bh.org or call 33 553-535.


This charitable initiative has positively impacted the lives of over 3000 less fortunate individuals in Bahrain over the last four years. The group only accepts donations in kind and will be collecting non-perishable food items and essentials which will be distributed to less fortunate local and expatriate families during Ramadan. Most recently, the group collected donations for first time mothers and their children to provide them with all they need. To get in touch, contact @aboxofgoodness on Instagram.

10 April 2021


ramadan feature


ICRF is a non-government, non-profit organisation established in 1999, working under the patronage of the Ambassador of India to the Kingdom of Bahrain for the general welfare of Indian workers in Bahrain. The organisation lends a helping hand to the economically weaker section of the Indian community in Bahrain, providing them with legal aid, 24/7 emergency help, community welfare services, medical assistance, counseling etc. Icrf has conducted 98 medical camps that has benefited more than 24,000 low income Indians in Bahrain. One of the unique features of the ICRF is the Family Relief Fund, which extends financial assistance to the dependents of poor workers who have perished in Bahrain. Through this initiative they have raised much needed funds for over 150 families. For more information, visit www.icrfbahrain.com.


This charitable group reaches out to and distributes food and other items to migrant workers who are often overlooked and faces several hardships, sometimes involving access to basic necessities. In a recent conversation with Bahrain This Month, the group stated that there will be three main strands of activity to support socio-economic well-being: food, jobs and second-hand goods. The group has actively relayed job opportunities to job seekers – especially those who were presented with challenges throughout the pandemic. To find out more about the cause, visit www.oneheartbahrain.com or check out @oneheartbahrain on Instagram.



MWPS is a registered Non-profit NGO, established in 2005, which helps expatriate workers achieve basic human rights in Bahrain in accordance with international standards. The society actively creates awareness while educating, advocating and providing basic necessities like food and clothing to these workers. In addition, they assist them through translating and facilitating their repatriation when required. The society relies on local donations from private companies and individuals to carry out this important work. Aside from funds, the society accepts donations of food, clothing, toiletries and more. For more information, visit a or call 17 827-895. April 2021 11


Dinner with Wolfgang Puck at the Four Seasons Hotel Bahrain Bay

Wolfgang Puck made his regular return to his restaurants at the Four Seasons Hotel Bahrain Bay during the F1 last month. His set menu delighted carnivores, pescaterians and vegetarians alike and on this occasion he was joined by his wife and two sons.

12 April 2021



THE RETURN OF THE MASTER CHEF It’s that time of year when the Michelin-starred, international celebrity chef, Wolfgang Puck graces Bahrain’s shores. He made time to chat about business, culinary arts and current affairs exclusively to BTM’s Publishing Chairman, George Middleton. Your company encompasses 26 fine dining locations and is listed amongst the top 40 restaurants in the United States. How important is training for you to ensure the standards maintained in your organisation? We have a certain culture and I really believe people have to buy into the culture. People should want to work for us; if not, they shouldn’t be with us. We have so many people who have been with me for so many years, some for even 40 years; their whole working life. Our chef at Spago, for example, came to interview with me for a school project. Then when he was in high school, he started to work on the weekends. And then after high school, he started to work full-time and now he’s the chef at Spago and supervises three other restaurants. So, I think training is really an important part to get the right people; people with passion, who are excited to work with us. And then we can move them into our style. What’s your take on fake meat? I’m not really much into anything fake. I


understand the environmental impact with greenhouse gases, but I think in America, for example, we should just cut down the portion size. We would need, maybe, half the number of cows running around. I think Americans also have to learn how to use all parts of the meat, not just the prime cuts like ribeye or New York steak. So, I think it will help if we become a little bit more self-conscious in how we utilise things, how we eat in smaller portions. Nobody really needs a 16-ounce steak, right? Eight ounces is good enough. Even that I like to share with my wife on our nights out. What is your personal favourite cuisine? I love all kinds of food. As long as the quality is really good. That’s why I like to go to good restaurants because I know the quality of the ingredients will be really first class. It could be Japanese, Italian, French or any other food. It’s the experience of an evening out, not just the food, you know? Something people may not know about you is

that you have also acted on screen. What was your most memorable experience behind the camera? Oh, so many of them! I did this TV show about Las Vegas where I got really nervous, where I just needed to be myself. But I was most nervous shooting with Sharon Stone. I forgot my lines and all of a sudden, I blacked out, and I said it in German. And of course, they couldn’t understand what I was saying. And the director said, “No, no, you have to speak in English”. I have acted in Frasier as well. I like doing live TV for cooking shows, but I think I’ll leave the acting part to the actors. Who is a chef that you most admire and consider to be a master in culinary arts? There are a lot of young people out there who are really interesting, but I judge somebody by longevity. Some chefs turn popular overnight, but soon they’re just gone. There are few who were really successful 30 or 40 years ago, and are still successful today, and that is really important to me.

April 2021 13


Malaysian Ambassador’s Birthday

A surprise birthday party was held for Malaysian Ambassador, HE Agus Salim Haji Yusof, organised by his wife Wani, at their residence in Hamala.

‫رﻣﻀﺎن ﻛﺮﻳﻢ‬

G H A B K A P L A T T ER T o o r d e r call: 17522733 WWW. OLI VERMAKI . COM


14 April 2021






Behnaz Sanjana savoured a riveting culinary performance at Teatro and is counting the days before she can return for an encore.


ou may remember Downtown Rotana’s Teatro in all its theatrical glory by night in its pre-Covid heyday. Glitzy. Luxe-lounge. A show full of swagger. The stage however, has had to walk with the times, and the curtains now go up every afternoon instead, with a setmenu deal that sounds too good to be true, but is not. Hear me out. Teatro seems to have missed its patrons much, and shows it by offering a four-course set menu at BD7. And get this – guests get a voucher for a complimentary meal on their subsequent visit. I’ll wait till you do the math. And now for the ultimate wow-factor – there are five, yes five, different set menus to choose from: Italian, Asian, Arabic, Indian and Vegan. Scanning the menu virtually, the Asian menu vied for my attention. As there were more of us at the table, we ordered each of the menus so we could share in an array of cuisines, of course, being extremely mindful of our actions in keeping with new table etiquette. #newnormal We waited for the show to begin, watching the culinary champs at work backstage through the glass panel while sipping on our summer coolers from the extensive beverage list. The opening act of starters, followed with hearty soup, quelled those 1pm hunger pangs and www.bahrainthismonth.com

whetted the appetite for more. My Asian plate was Som tam Thai - long yard beans and shrimp with chilli and peanut goodness. Crackers and sweet chilli dip gave contrasting texture and a piquant kick. The lamb kibbe from the Arabic menu was melt-in-your-mouth meat, flavour packed with Arabic spices. India gave a street-side bite of tangy papadi chaat, and lamb seekh kababs. I shamelessly also helped myself to the moreish Vegan pankocrusted vegetables with fluffy garlic dip and Italy’s aromatic focaccia. Downing herby Tom Yam Kai with chicken for soup, I heard slurpy sounds of approval for the other varieties all around the table. But the loudest was for the Vegan wild mushroom soup with vegan cream and truffles. Headlining the show came the mains. I dug clean disposable wooden cutlery to sample all of them. My Asian Pla rad Prik - Thai reef fish coated in spicy-sweet tamarind sauce spiked with basil was a runaway hit, but the Indian Butter Chicken and Dal Makhani and the Italian Fusilli with beef ragout, salsa verde and onion crisps were equal winners. Special mention to the vegan burger here. Sandwiched between pillowy grilled buns, the patty was a delicious meaty texture, colour and mouthful, leaving

us guessing the ingredients. Onto the finale; the Italian Tiramisu struck the delicate balance between lightness and decadence. India’s Gulab Jamun was a pleaser, while the Um Ali’s yielding filo pastry in creamy richness did the Middle Eastern menu proud. Vegan dessert was palate cleansing tropical fruit with a zesty mango sorbet and Asian flavours took over the senses with Tab Tim Krob. Everyone savoured its unique flavours of water chestnuts, jackfruit, melon and sago in sweet coconut milk. With stomachs satiated to the core, we ambled out, each one secretly scheming about what we would devour on our next visit to Teatro. I know I was.

April 2021 15


DINING OUT! Good food is certainly not a scarcity on the island. Here are some places where you can grab a fantastic meal on the island.


SUPER SUMPTUOUS ‘Let’s MEAT Again’ Friday Brunch will be staged at Flavours on 2 at Downtown Rotana every Friday, with a new lavish, modernised vision. This fine dining experience will be on from 12.30pm – 4pm, where you will be able to order all that your heart desires and stomach can bear from an extensive menu that is directly served to your plate. Take this opportunity to catch up with your loved ones and their latest news while enjoying a memorable experience that costs BD22, including the soft drinks package, or BD33, with unlimited drinks package. Children between the ages of six and 12 pay BD11, while those below six can dine for free. Call 33 605-070 / 16 000-111

The Ritz-Carlton, Bahrain’s new beachfront bar, La Dolce Vita stays true to its meaning of “the sweet life”; an ideal place to enjoy life’s simplest pleasures, and the best island views in the company of friends and family. La Dolce Vita features signature libations such as Vespa with cucumber and green chili, and Pinoco with pineapple and coconut, along with a vast selection of craft beverages. The dining menu consists of light bites including Shrimp and Seabass Ceviche ala Veracruzana with avocado, lime and coriander, Chicken Satay with spicy peanut sauce, Crispy Hammour Sushi with tempura shrimp, cream cheese, avocado, fried hammour, spicy mayo and teriyaki. Open daily, from noon to 10pm, La Dolce Vita will stimulate your senses as you indulge in delicious food and beverage while soaking up the sun, dancing to Latin melodies or simply gazing at the sunset. Call 17 586-499 or visit - www.ritzcarlton.com/bahrain.

WEEKEND REVELRY Unwind at the perfect outdoor poolside venue to enjoy the cool breeze, magical sunsets and majestic views surrounding Bahrain Bay at the Four Seasons Hotel Bahrain Bay for Sushi Nights at the Pool Deck. Indulge in the newly introduced Japanese menu featuring sashimi, nigiri and maki rolls by the sushi chef along with refreshing drinks and the DJ’s tunes, every Thursday – Saturday until Ramadan, from 6pm – 11pm. Call 17 115-000

16 April 2021




OUT OF A STORY BOOK Four Seasons Hotel Bahrain Bay invites you to celebrate Easter with a delicious Willy Wonka & The Chocolate Afternoon Tea inspired by the Roald Dahl classic at Bay View, from April 2 – 10, between noon and 9pm. Created by Executive Pastry Chef Imad Boukli, the scrumptious treats include a golden ticket of caramelised hazelnut praline, oompa lumpa cake, blond dolce caramel mousse egg, wonka’s whipple, Caribe cake pop, and cocoa infused scones. The chocolate extravaganza is complemented with finger sandwiches and a selection of 18 loose leaf teas. This unique experience is priced at BD17 per person or BD31.500 per couple. Call 17 115-000

Mövenpick Hotel Bahrain’s new outdoor dining, Bello Tapas, is staged every Wednesday night at the hotel’s poolside terrace. Chef Domenico draws upon his longstanding experience to serve Italian gastronomic tradition featuring creative dishes using only the finest produce. Roll with the al fresco Italian theme and start with an Aperitivo of Aperol Spritz, before taking a deep dive into a selection of Italian grape by the glass. The food menu is replete with Italian classics, all served as small plates for people to share their passion for culinary and artistic delights. Bello Tapas is priced at BD12 per person for the food menu selection. Special Aperitivo are available upon request. Call 17 460-017.

Join us this Ramadan at Lanterns for the perfect Iftar experience

Iftar Feast

Iftari time to 9:30pm

Lanterns BD 5.9* Budaiya,Riffa,Adliya

On all a la carte (all branches) after 8:00 pm (Available for dine in, take away and delivery)

*Taxes and service charges as applicable


Adliya | 17246777 Budaiya | 17590591 Riffa | 77366333

April 2021 17


CELEBRATION FOR THE SENSES Dusk beckons the start of time-honoured traditions at The Ritz-Carlton, Bahrain at the advent of the Holy Month of Ramadan. The five-star luxury lifestyle destination invites families, corporategroups, and couples to experience the month-long celebration like never before at the resort’s al fresco venues by the beach. A family-style sharing menu will be set up with aromatic dishes encompassing flavours of traditional Arabian cuisine, along with modern international fare. New this year is a selection of speciality rice dishes from different parts of the world including Dum Biryani from India, Paella from Spain, Tahig from Iran, and Koshari from Egypt. Ramadan desserts and gourmet sweet delicacies served at the end of each meal will satisfy the most discerning palates. A traditional Arabic coffee station will be set up to welcome guests to the night’s festivities. Shisha-service will be available nightly from sunset to 2am. Iftar at Thai and La Plage is priced at BD26 per person, and Ghabga is BD29 per person. The Ramadan spread at Nikmati costs BD25 per person, available for group bookings of up to 30 persons. Call 17 586-499.


Downtown Rotana invites you to gather with family, friends, and colleagues during the Holy month of Ramadan over a vibrant spread of extravagant Iftar at Downtown Rotana for only BD15. Indulge in a combination of live cooking stations along with delicious delicacies served at your table Including live grills and traditional Ramadan dishes, drinks, and desserts. Special discounts for group bookings of 10 or more guests. You can enjoy a group Ghabga for only BD15 per person, with a minimum of 20 persons. The unique Ramadan decorations and ambience will add some more magic to your evenings, accompanied with all necessary health and safety procedures. Call 33 605-070 / 16 000-111


Celebrate the spirit of Ramadan at the InterContinental Regency Bahrain with a daily steak iftar at Legendz Steakhouse. Choose from a much-loved signature menu that offers unforgettable flavours along with Arabic favourites, served at your table. This meaty meal can be savoured every day, from sunset to 8.90pm, and is priced at BD24 per person. Call 17 227 777. 18 April 2021

THE BACKYARD RAMADAN Enjoy Ramadan at The Backyard at Crowne Plaza Bahrain from sunset to 1am with an Iftar fit for friends and family. Enjoy a wide array of international and Bahraini Ramadan favourites curated exclusively for you. In the spirit of sharing the outlet will be serving a five-course family feast of amazing culinary delights from April 12- May 13. Call 17 531-122 / 39 920-163



RAMADAN BY THE BAY Four Seasons Hotel Bahrain Bay enables you to retreat to a beautifully transformed poolside venue overlooking Bahrain Bay and Manama’s glistening skyline for a lavish experience surrounded by traditional décor in a relaxing atmosphere. Spend Ramadan evenings under the night sky, with live entertainment from Arabic musicians. Chef Hassan Ahmed and his culinary team will be serving a selection of popular Iftar and Ghabga delicacies and global specialities. For Iftar, the sharingstyle set menus range from BD17.500, BD20, and BD22.500 per person, for a minimum of two persons. An à la carte menu is also on offer. Ghabga entails a minimum spend of BD15 per person with both à la carte menu or sharing set menus available. Guests can also book a Private Cabana at the Pool Deck for a minimum spend of BD150, for a maximum of six persons. Call 17 115-000.

A SPECTACULAR SPREAD Experience the month of Ramadan at InterContinental Regency Bahrain, where you can revel in personal and attentive service, along with their international know-how and local cultural wisdom. Selections restaurant will stage an indulgent Iftar daily from sunset to 8.30pm, indoors and outdoors. Break your fast with a lavish buffet at your table with live BBQ station alongside traditional delicacies and international cuisine. Iftar is priced at BD18 per person. Ghabga at Selections will be under the moon from 9pm – 1am daily, for you to savour a combination of vibrant live BBQ stations along with extravagant delicacies served at your table including the chef’s traditional and international curation priced at BD16 per person, or BD21 for the unlimited Shisha Package. A harp player will provide pleasant entertainment through both dining events. Call 17 227 777.

A SATIATING FEAST Mövenpick Hotel Bahrain will indulge you with a wide selection of delectable Middle Eastern dishes as you break your fast with your family and friends. Savour hot and cold starters, quzi, madhrouba, as well as refreshing juices and kamaradin. Taking the variety even further, thareed and harees are also served to make the meal a wholesome treat. Enjoy this flavoursome Iftar selection prepared from prayer time till 9pm every night. priced at BD18 per person. Spend a pleasant night as you surrender to the sweet flavours of your favourite shisha at the poolside terrace, overlooking the sprawling lagoon. Call 17 460-017. www.bahrainthismonth.com

THE SPANISH FLAIR Salero Restaurant at the The Westin City Centre Bahrain will be serving guests through the month of Ramadan from Monday to Saturday, between noon to 10pm. Diners can choose to select from the à la carte menu, or ask for the Salero Ramadan set menu available from sunset to 10pm for BD20 per person. A special rate of BD17 per person is offered for group bookings of a minimum of 10 persons. The restaurant can seat a maximum of 30 persons and can allow guests above 18 years of age as it is a smoking venue. Call 17 171-000, WhatsApp 33 538-150 or visit www.salerobahrain.com April 2021 19

April 2021

A Special Supplement by Bahrain This Month


The Kingdom’s Ambassador

As part of our ‘UK in Bahrain’ supplement, Kristian Harrison spoke to the British Ambassador to Bahrain, His Excellency Roderick Drummond, about his time in the Kingdom so far and his plans for the coming year.

In April of this year, you will have been in Bahrain for two years. As Ambassador, what do you consider to be your primary focus during the remainder of your assignment in Bahrain? I think the main goal is to enlarge our countries’ collaborations in trade, investment, education, science and technology. These are all areas that we already co-operate in, but we can do a lot more. During the pandemic, we’ve 22 April 2021

found ways to take this to a higher level such as offering educational programmes such as Masters and PhDs rather than just Undergraduate degrees. What do you consider to have been your most significant achievements in the past two years? I’ve been really impressed with the way that Bahrain has taken advantage of educational and investment opportunities with the UK. From

the other side, many UK firms have found a strong base in Bahrain and expanded into areas such as renewable energy, waste energy and green industries. The Embassy teams have helped promote such work as we all have a duty towards combating climate change. I can see our work has had lasting achievements in the Kingdom and tangible benefits have shown themselves over the past two years after many years in gestation. www.bahrainthismonth.com

unitedkingdomsupplement You joined the UK’s Diplomatic Service in 1985. Since then, you have had extensive experience with postings in the Middle East and North Africa region. Can you tell us a little about those? I’ve spent half of my career in the Middle East and Arab world. I learnt Arabic after joining the Foreign Office and I’ve served in Algeria, Jordan, Syria, Qatar, Saudi Arabia and Bahrain. I’ve also been in Fiji and Brussels, so I’ve had a varied career! My work depends on what the focuses and targets of the British government are at the time. Are there any unique skills that you have had to call upon or develop during your tenure in Bahrain? What strikes me about the region, which I noticed in Saudi Arabia and even Bahrain, is that despite how the general culture is the same and people wear the same clothes, there are huge differences in how they speak, their customs, what they eat and more. To succeed in this job, you need to learn about these cultures and embed yourself in them. I would urge all upcoming diplomats to keep their ear close to the ground and really immerse themselves in the post. I want to get the best out of our junior colleagues, so when I conduct talks I do emphasise this as a very important facet of the career. I would say getting the best out of many fields is the toughest challenge in the job. So it’s not just trade, investment, transport and such, but all of these combined and more. Of course, with COVID-19, this has made it tougher as we’ve had to conduct meetings online and that naturally means it’s harder to build personal relationships. Despite that, it has reinforced how important it is to have an Embassy in the country to liaise with and build bonds. It would be impossible to do this from London, it would be like cold-calling and progress would be very slow. The Kingdom of Bahrain and the UK have a rich history of trade relations spanning several decades. How do you see the current status of the commercial relationship between the two countries? Relations are really good. We had five years of growth with £1.5 billion worth of trade and this was growing 10 per cent year on year. However, with the pandemic this has obviously taken a hit but as Bahrain comes out of COVID, there is huge potential for it to grow and surpass even what it was before. www.bahrainthismonth.com

Recently, talks on commercial and investment cooperation between the United Kingdom and Bahrain took place. What can you tell our readers about this? We’re talking intensively with Bahrain and other GCC countries in a process called the Joint Trade Investment Review, which analyses in detail what the issues restricting trade and investment are. It’s an important phase to discuss which areas need to be covered by official agreements and where problems lie. A UK-GCC arrangement and agreement will obviously be preferable and that’s something we’re working towards. Since COVID, we’ve also facilitated some expert discussions between academics and clinicians. These have helped shape our ideas for the future and I think we’d be in a far better position to tackle a pandemic. How many UK citizens are currently residing in the Kingdom? Which key sectors are they engaged in? We have 5,000 British citizens who are permanent residents in Bahrain, with approximately another 1,000 who come in and out of the country either in the ports as part of the Royal Navy or across the Causeway who work in Saudi. We still have many working in the oil and gas industry, but we’ve seen a large influx into the educational and academic sectors. I think it’s great to see British citizens working in a wide range of fields and supporting the local community here. How have they adapted to the challenges presented by the current pandemic crisis? How has the embassy supported its citizens during this time? We’ve done a lot of messaging, using social media such as Twitter, Instagram and Facebook to listen to people and hear their

problems. We’ve kept people up to date with travel advice, new Bahraini regulations and signposting them towards changes to work permits and visas. We’ve not had too many problems in terms of people being stranded here as the air link to London has always been open. It’s always been the most important air route in the country as it’s not just a gateway to Europe but North America too. We were also in a position to help facilitate flights from India where people were stranded, with Bahrain Airport helping as a stop-off country to refuel and re-crew the planes and get our citizens home. The Embassy is always in discussion with the UK government about the latest travel advice and we see the final drafts before it goes out, so we’re always ready and on the ball without messaging which we put out on social media. A high-level UK delegation visited last month. Are there any other planned VIP visits likely this year? If so, how will these be managed in the COVID-19 era? Earlier this year, we welcomed the International Minister for Trade Ranil Jayawardena, who was here looking at investment opportunities, and then very recently we had James Cleverly, Minister of State for Middle East and North Africa, here for a joint working group with the Bahraini Government about future collaboration. We are hoping to have further visits in the economic sphere in the coming months and we are looking ahead to a potential UK-GCC summit later in the year which will involve the Prime Ministers from all involved parties. Of course, this depends on travel restrictions in and out of the country at the time but we are confident that towards the second half of the year we will be fine on that front. April 2021 23


Opening of New Pop-Up Restaurant, Vivir

The Ritz-Carlton, Bahrain launched a new Spanish pop-up restaurant, Vivir, in the presence of invited guests and media members. Vivir, meaning “to live”, is run by Madrid-born Spanish Chef Miguel Martinez, all the way from The Ritz-Carlton Abama in Tenerife, Canary Islands, Spain. On the occasion, General Manager, Bernard de Villèle, said: “Vivir is the fourth among a series of successful culinary events since we opened our first pop-up in 2020, in which the main objective is to keep providing our guests the opportunity to experience different cultures and tastes through a gastronomic journey without ever leaving the island.”

wards Ceremony of Royal Beach Royal Beach Club Tennis Tournament Awards Ceremony AClub Tennis Tournament

24 April 2021


unitedkingdomsupplement BJC-GRAFF

The Graff Tribal Collection With over 60 stores worldwide, Graff has grown from its foundation in the UK to have a global presence. Throughout its history, Graff has become the world leader for diamonds of rarity, magnitude and distinction. Founded by Laurence Graff OBE in 1960, the company remains a family business with his son, Francois Graff, as CEO and two further family members directing design, merchandising and production. The high jewellery collections and Unique High Jewels are designed and manufactured at Graff’s London atelier, where master craftsmen employ stoneled design techniques to emphasise the beauty of each individual stone. Now, with the powerful new Tribal jewels, Graff brings the art of storytelling to poetic life. Launched on March 20 to align with the Spring Equinox, which ushers in new life and light, the collection speaks to the soul of the eternal beauty of nature. Since time began, mankind has been driven by a tribal instinct to look to the stars and celestial bodies for guidance. The search for meaning in the heavens The Graff Gateway The hero motif in the Tribal collection, the Graff Gateway is a contemporary vision of timelessness linking the past and the future, the Earth and the stars. Sublimely sculptural, abstract ovals defined by expressive curves resonate with symbolism.

New Dawn An explosive sunburst symbolic of life, energy and power, the New Dawn motif is a signature of the Tribal collection. Harnessing the beauty of a sunrise breaking over the horizon, each jewel blazes with the powerful fire of the finest diamonds.

above has inspired many captivating stories that endure to this day. This desire to make sense of the world around us through the ancient craft of storytelling resonates throughout the Tribal collection. Taking us on a journey from dawn to dusk, sunrise to sunset, it tells a compelling story that is rooted in humanity. Striking, sculptural motifs define the Graff Tribal collection — a contemporary reimagining of universally understood symbols that surround us in nature, recognised across all cultures and civilisations. Included in the collection are a significant number of high jeweller designs, many of which are unique pieces. The artistic process of interpreting these ageless forms through drawings, sculptures and, ultimately, jewels tells the Tribal story through a contemporary visual language, using a medium about which Graff is passionate: exceptional diamonds and gems.

Night Moon A perfect half-moon formed of clusters of round and pavé diamonds, Night Moon is symbolic of clarity and reflection. A modern reimagining of an iconic motif, it shines bright in Tribal jewels that enchant with their talismanic beauty.

For more information on Graff, get in touch with Bahrain Jewellery Centre by visiting www.bjc.com.bh or call 17 520-053. www.bahrainthismonth.com

April 2021 25

unitedkingdomsupplement AUJAN

The House of Quality The Abdullateef Khalid AlAujan & Sons Group has had a glowing reputation in Bahrain’s FMCG market for over five decades. From humble beginnings, the company has steadily grown to be a multi-faceted group representing a multitude of well-known products in the Kingdom of Bahrain. This consists of food, non-food, food service, pharmaceutical and shoe retailing divisions. “We began our journey with Latif Shoe, a shop in the heart of Manama Souq, back in 1972. It was only in 1984 that we ventured into the FMCG sector with a few dedicated employees and a handful of brands in our portfolio,” says the Chairman of the renowned AlAujan Group, Abdullateef Khalid AlAujan. “Almost five decades later we have grown to become one of the leading FMCG distributors in Bahrain with over 350 employees and a commendable brand portfolio,” he adds. The group’s brand portfolio is dotted with several of the world’s leading and most recognisable food brands such as Anchor, Cadbury, Tang, Nabisco, Lu Tuc, Philadelphia Cheese, Toblerone, Royal, Dreamwhip, ChupaChups, Mentos, Britannia, Twining Tea, Flora, Horlicks, Boost, Nada Water in addition to several regional brands. “In addition, we deal with some of the most prominent British companies such as Glaxo SmithKline, Cadbury, Upfield GEC Ltd., and R. Twining & Co. Ltd,” he states. Widely recognised brands in the group’s non-food brand portfolio includes Sensodyne, Aquafresh, Parodontax, Corega, Bahar Detergents, Fine Paper Products, Dabur, Emami, Enchanteur, Santoor, Pears, Ponds, St.

26 April 2021

Ives, Pepsodent along with several other regional brands. “Some of these brands are clearly market leaders in their respective categories,” says Mr. Al Aujan. “Although we are approached by many regional and international brands to represent them in Bahrain, we handpick them after a thorough assessment of their products’ quality and reputation aside from current market trends,” he adds, highlighting a strategy that has led to the group’s widespread success. With their wide range of products, the group has grown to be an essential name in the

FMCG sector that has undoubtedly contributed to the growth and development of Bahrain’s market over the years. “We have a full-fledged sales and marketing team covering the entire Bahrain market in each and every customer channel, including small customers such as home-based businesses,” he explains. The group has a highly dedicated team which is professionally and ethically committed to the its customers and suppliers. “During this pandemic while the entire market has been reeling under its effect, we have continued to service our customers without any compromise,’ he says, reflecting on the effects that the pandemic has had on the region. Al Aujan Group abides by their tri-fold mission statement which elaborates on the responsibility towards suppliers, customers and employees too. “We consistently aim to satisfy our customers and suppliers with a distinctly superior level of service, which has led to us fostering lasting relationships,” he says. In addition, the group markets and distributes reputable products in order to enhance their image as ‘The House of Quality’. “As a longstanding company, we also empower our employees with necessary knowledge and skills to respond creatively and competitively to help sustain growth,” he says. “We will always remain socially responsible to help and develop the communities we serve in the Kingdom of Bahrain,” he concludes. www.bahrainthismonth.com

unitedkingdomsupplement ST CHRISTOPHER’S SCHOOL

A Beacon Of Excellence St. Christopher’s School has a rich history in the Kingdom of Bahrain and is synonymous with world-class education - a beacon for innovation and excellence in the region. “Multinational organisations are able to attract their best executives to Bahrain because St Christopher’s is able to provide a first class education for their children. Our outreach to the community and the service we offer is well known in Bahrain, benefiting both the local and expatriate communities over the last 60 years,” says St. Christopher’s School Principal, Dr. Simon Watson. Around 150 students graduate from St Christopher’s annually and attend top universities worldwide. “In the past few years, students have attended the most competitive universities in the UK, including Oxford, Cambridge, Imperial, UCL, LSE as well as leading universities across the world such as Yale, Princeton, Harvard, MIT, Stanford, McGill, and many other prestigious tertiary educational institutions,” highlights Dr. Watson.


In addition to providing pupils with a world-class education, St.Christopher’s has a rich extra-curricular programme giving them the opportunity to engage in sport, music and drama. “The successful development of the school’s extensive extra-curricular programme led to the formation of the St. Chris SPARTA Academy providing high quality sports coaching to children of all ages, not just for St. Chris children, with over 900 participants enrolled in SPARTA activities,” he explains. Service to others is a key part of life for St Christopher’s students and staff, following the realisation of the vision for all students to be engaged in service activities and fundraising for local and global charities. “St Christopher’s has built three schools in Nepal and Cambodia and is committed to funding the yearly running costs of these schools,” says Dr. Watson. “Our students are inspired to create a positive impact on the community they live in and beyond,” he concludes.

April 2021 29



The Best of Produce The Kingdom of Bahrain has no shortage of essential and indulgent products, ensuring the trust and peace of mind of residents across the Kingdom. One of the key contributing factors to this has been the role of trusted household names such as Mega Mart – a part of Babasons which is backed by the internationally renowned T Choithram Group of Companies. Mega Mart’s approach to customer satisfaction and their ultra-modern European-style supermarkets has earned them over 20 years of success in the Kingdom. Mega Mart and Macro Mart’s aisles feature an impressive assortment of international brands with one of the most popular being Tesco products from the UK. “Mega Mart is

30 April 2019

one of the biggest importers with products coming in from Australia, the UK, the US and South Africa. We pride ourselves on serving the local community with the highest quality

fresh produce from around the world, in addition to products from reputable brands,” says Babasons and Mega Mart General Manager, R V Waghnani. With the vast majority of people moving from canned goods to fresh produce, Mega Mart has paid special attention to being a leading contender in providing consumers with a host of fresh fruits and vegetables, meat and fish, bakery, and deli products. “With high standards of quality and service inherited from Choithram’s, Babasons’ Mega Mart continues to be one of the leading supermarket chains in the Kingdom of Bahrain,” he adds. Today, the company boasts twelve Mega Mart branches in the Kingdom, including branches in Juffair, Amwaj, Segaya and Manama in addition to two Macro Mart branches. Further expansion plans continue and the company shall open new outlets wherever the demand arises. “We opened two new branches in Sanad and Bahrain Financial Harbour during 2020 and plan to open two more new branches in Busaiteen and Sehla,” stated Mr. Waghnani. Each branch has been strategically designed to cater to consumers in the immediate surrounding area. “Despite the COVID-19 crisis, we have full faith in the vision of Bahrain’s leadership and in Bahrain’s economy,” he adds. To increase its reach to the customers, Mega Mart has also been exploring e-commerce platforms through its own site goodtaste.com, and its availability on Instashop and Talabat. “We try to cater to all communities, including the smaller communities when it comes to product and brand choice,” says Mr. Waghnani. “It’s difficult to have all the agencies and bring goods directly from manufacturers, so to meet consumer expectations we have mixed containers coming from Europe, the US, Australia, South Africa, Indonesia, Malaysia, the Philippines and India,” he explains. Prices throughout Macro Mart and Mega Mart are kept competitive and cost effective. “Due to direct imports and no ‘middleman’, costs are kept low, which therefore does not affect consumers,” he adds. Through changing times and trends, the primary concern for Babasons, Mega Mart is their customers, dedication to their principals, their wholesale and supermarket clientele, and to the brands under their care. “The company has remained firm to this philosophy and pledges to always be dedicated to it,” concludes Mr. Waghnani. www.bahrainthismonth.com

unitedkingdomsupplement G4S

Top of the Line Security Globally-certified service provider, G4S Bahrain, introduces new Facilities Management services. Established in the year 1993, G4S Bahrain is the only international integrated security solutions provider in the Kingdom of Bahrain. With the aim of being recognised as the global leader in providing security solutions, the company consistently creates sustainable value for its customers and shareholders by being the supply partner of choice in all markets. Quoted on the London Stock Exchange with a secondary stock exchange listing in Copenhagen, G4S is active in around 90 countries with a global footprint in Asia Pacific, Latin and North America, UK and Ireland, Africa and the Middle East. G4S, which is headquartered in the UK, now employs over 540,000 people. G4S offers a host of services in the Kingdom including manned security services; electronic security systems; cash, valuables and ATM management; Cash360 Deposita machines; security consultancy services; event security; emergency response; cleaning services and maintenance services. The reputable company now has a new addition to its line of services - facilities management. “Through the new line of

32 April 2021

services, G4S will provide solutions for the effective management of facilities and services which will have a significant positive impact on operational efficiency and business performance,” says Director of Human Resources & Facility Management, Sumaira Yasmin. “The addition of FM services line enables us to provide clients with a well-rounded solution to integrity security and FM solutions,” she adds. The Facilities Management services includes residential and commercial cleaning, landscape care and maintenance, office support personnel, general or room attendants, receptionists, drivers or messengers,

housekeeping and trolley management services. “In addition, G4S can provide thermal screening and technology systems; disinfection and sterilisation services; maintenance services which includes mechanical, electrical, plumbing, heating, ventilation and air conditioning, and painting aside from and waste management,” adds Ms. Yasmin. Since its establishment, the company has provided impeccable safety and security services across the Kingdom through innovation and teamwork. “As the world’s leading security and facility solutions provider, G4S is committed to consistently setting the benchmark for health and safety standards in the FM industry,” she says. In order to achieve their health and safety objective, G4S has established a number of minimum standards which includes monitoring specific KPIs, ongoing training for all personnel and compliance with local and regional legislative and regulatory requirements. “The company’s major clients in the kingdom to-date include petrochemical industries, banks, ministries, ports, retail businesses and embassies,” she states. The company is ISO 9001, ISO 45001 and ISO 14001 certified and its group revenue for the year 2019 stood at GBP 7.8 Billion. “Through our experienced multi-national staff and extensive recruitment capabilities we have been adding value and provided numerous organisations in the Kingdom with high-quality solutions,” she said. “We have been operating in the Kingdom for nearly 30 years and are committed to deploying competent, well-trained personnel capable of responding to and dealing with a broad range of tasks, reducing the number of issues and incidents on site,” she concludes. Call 17 714-409, 17 710-994 or visit www.g4s.com. www.bahrainthismonth.com

The Global leader in providing security solutions Your security risk is complex. Our security capabilities are complete. Let’s talk.

SERVICES Manned Security Services Electronic Security Systems Cash,Valuables & ATM Management Cash360 Deposita Machines Security Consultancy Services

Event Security Emergency Response Facilities Management Cleaning Services Maintenance Services

G4S is the leading global, integrated security company, specialising in the provision of security services and solutions to customers. Our mission is to create material, sustainable value for our customers and shareholders by being the supply partner of choice in all our markets. G4S is quoted on the London Stock Exchange and has a secondary stock exchange listing in Copenhagen. G4S is active in around 90 countries and has over 540,000 employees.

T: +973 1771 4409 / 0994 | F: +973 1771 6577 | www.g4s.com | security@bh.g4s.com

unitedkingdomsupplement NADEEN SCHOOL

Nadeen School: Child-centred, inclusive, and diverse! Founded in 1977, Nadeen School is wellknown for its holistic approach to education and for celebrating the unique, individual talents of children with diverse backgrounds and abilities. Currently located in Um Al Hassam, the school has 400 children from over 50 countries and 80 staff. The family-style school, with the motto “Small School – Big Family,” is further enhanced by their green spaces, school farm, cosy campus, and Open Door Policy. The school is one of the founding members of the British Schools of the Middle East (BSME) and an accredited member of the group. Nadeen School is also one of only three British Schools Overseas (BSO) schools in Bahrain, registered and recognised by the British Government and Department for Education.

The school credits their success to their ability to combine the best of many different education systems, with high-tech education at one end of the spectrum and forest schools at

the other. “Fundamental to our ethos and practice is our whole-child and child-centred approach to education. Our creative, individualised approach to the curriculum and to all of our students ensures our students’ success, both personally and academically,” says Director of Administrative Affairs, Shanee Puri. “Ensuring our students’ and team’s wellbeing, continuation of the children’s learning, and preservation of our strong community bond were our topthree priorities over the last year. Our teaching and support teams have gone above and beyond to ensure that the children have continued to progress in all aspects of their learning and development.” she concluded.

We offer a child-centered, holistic approach to education Since 1978, Nadeen School has been dedicated to providing a nurturing, safe, stimulating and encouraging environment in which children of all ages, nationalities, abilities and strengths can develop a lifelong love for exploration and learning. We have 50 nationalities in Primary School, Pre Nursery up to Year 6.

Tel: 17 728886 Email: info@nadeenschool.com www.nadeenschool.com

Accredited member:

34 April 2021



Leading Through Innovation Established in 1976, the Bahrain-based company Universal Electro-Engineering (UNEECO) has consistently adapted and implemented innovations to meet the diverse and changing needs of the region’s electrical and electronics engineering sectors, earning itself the reputation of being the leading manufacturer of Low Voltage (LV) Switchgear Products and more. The company, which established its first assembly plant in Salmabad, later moved to Mina Salman Industrial Area, where it operated for nearly 15 years, following which it rooted its state of the art facility in BIIP at Bahrain’s Al Hidd Industrial Area. “We marketed and sold our first product back in 1977. Our first partners were Ring Master of Norway and Aiphone of Japan for Internal Communication equipments and by the early ‘80s, UNEECO followed the international industry’s standards prevailing at that time,” reminisces UNEECO Chairman and Managing Director, Abdulrahman Juma. Over the years, UNEECO tied up with

various international players in the field of electrical and electronics engineering. “With these international associations, UNEECO delivers quality products and services to the society at par with global practices and standards,” says Mr. Juma. UNEECO is the first factory to introduce Type Tested Panels to the market that meets

the IEC Standard high quality products. “That’s what sets us apart from our competitors. We also utilise E-plan Design Solution software, for effective engineering, to save time for design and procurement process,” he explains. The company has been involved in several recognisable projects and developments including the Bahrain International Circuit, Bahrain International Airport and Marassi. “We’ve made a clear effort to provide our clients with excellent after-sales service. That’s what our key to success has been - our customercentric approach and attention to their satisfaction,” he concludes.

LV Fuse Board

Mini Feeder Pillar

UK Tel: (+973) 17826644 Fax: (+973) 17827090 Website : www.uneeco.com


April 2021 35

unitedkingdomsupplement CHARLES RUSSELL

Award-winning Legal Services This international law practice has received a multitude of coveted accolades for their exceptional services.

Charles Russell Speechlys LLP (CRS) is an international law firm headquartered in the UK, with offices throughout the Middle East, Europe and Asia. With an extensive specialised team, the practice offers a comprehensive range of legal services for

governments, sovereign wealth funds, businesses, financial institutions, families and individuals. Their wealth of expertise allows CRS to undertake some of the highest value transactions and cases in the region. As a result, CRS was awarded ‘Bahrain Law Firm of the Year’ in 2018 and 2019 at the Oath Awards making it the leading international law firm in the Kingdom. In addition, in recognition of their work carried out on the Bahrain Marina Development megaproject, their Real Estate team was awarded the ‘Real Estate Team of the Year 2019’ at the

Legal Week Middle East Legal Awards. Notably, the company’s partners are consistently ranked as leaders in their field by the main independent directories, including Chambers Global and Legal 500 EMEA. “Despite the challenges of the last 14 months for both our clients and our own people we have continued to grow and strengthen our business and our relationships in Bahrain,” says Head Partner of CRS Middle East, Patrick Gearon. The practice has expanded its Bahrain Litigation and Dispute Resolution team in the last 12 months with two new associates, Simone Sancandi and Sam Saunders, from their Paris and UK offices, respectively. “As we come out of the pandemic we are extremely confident that we can continue that growth, help our clients with their own growth and maintain our market leading position in the Kingdom,” concludes Mr. Gearon. Call +973 17 133-200.

Here today for your tomorrow Guiding you through your most pressing legal challenges and rewarding opportunities

charlesrussellspeechlys.com/manama London | Cheltenham | Guildford | Bahrain | Doha | Dubai | Geneva | Hong Kong | Luxembourg | Paris | Zurich

36 April 2021


unitedkingdomsupplement BRITISH SCHOOL OF BAHRAIN

The British School of... Global Connections The British School of Bahrain (BSB) is one of the foremost ‘Outstanding Schools’ in Bahrain, as shown by the Bahrain Quality Assurance report (BQA). Established in 1995, BSB celebrates over 25 years of delivering an outstanding holistic education to bright students living in Bahrain. Over its prestigious history, it has evolved considerably to boast a diverse and harmonious community of students from 82 nationalities destined for international success. BSB follows the National Curriculum of the United Kingdom, with adaptations to reflect the local historical, cultural and physical features of Bahrain. A BSB education is designed to ensure that the students develop their academic knowledge, while enhancing their 21st Century skills and understanding to become confident, successful and independent members of a global society. BSB students achieve top international examination results and, more importantly,


access the best universities across the world before proceeding to successful careers. The School is proud that it nurtures an educational environment based on global best practice. The Inspired Education Group, talented staff and a supportive parental body all share the school’s vision to develop BSB into a prominent school within the entire Gulf region. This is achieved by embracing technological advances, effective modern teaching, empowering students through structured learning, promoting students’ voices, and the best possible British international curriculum. Education at BSB is about developing the well-rounded global leaders of tomorrow. Take the next step in this journey by contacting the friendly BSB Admissions’ team. Call 17 610-944, WhatsApp 39 992-410, email admissions@thebsbh.com or visit www.britishschoolbahrain.com.

April 2021 37

unitedkingdomsupplement EURO MOTORS

A Cut Above David McGoldrick, Group General Manager at Euro Motors, talks about how the company has offered the best of British motoring to Bahrain. Euro Motors is a well-known motoring company bringing the best of British automobile brands to Bahrain. Its holding company, Al Zayani Investments, and its predecessor, began relationships with brands such as Austin and Land Rover in the late 1940s. David McGoldrick says: “We have developed a strong relationship with our UK suppliers based on integrity, honesty, and longterm commitment to investment, whilst adhering to brand standards. This collaborative relationship allows Euro Motors to bring the full range of models and services to Bahrain.” With regard to major contracts secured and agreements signed in the last five years vis-àvis trade between Bahrain and the UK, the business has seen success. “We have been the sole importers for Rolls Royce, MINI and Jaguar Land Rover in the Kingdom of Bahrain. Rolls Royce Bahrain has also received a regional award for Commitment to Operational Excellence and Customer Centricity 2019 / 2020” says Mr. McGoldrick.

The organisation has adopted timely strategic changes to cope with the challenges presented by the pandemic. “Customers can now view ‘New Cars Stock’ and reserve a model of choice online. Online payments to all departments can now be made 24 hours a day via the Euro Motors website,” he says. “We fully adhere to government guidelines to keep our staff and customers safe. Extended workshop hours and development of flexible shift patterns are in place to reduce staff contact.” Euro Motors’ UK brand portfolio are icons of the industry representing the best in British design, technology and construction. David adds: “Euro Motors is committed to its relationship with its UK partners, and we will continue to work with them to bring the best of the UK motor industry to Bahrain.” Call 17 750-750.

STAND OUT FROM THE CROWD. Thrill-seekers unite: it’s time your drive had kick. Check out the MINI range by visiting the nearest Euro Motors showroom, or contact us on 17 750 750 to book a test drive.


For more information, please contact Euro Motors, 810 Sh. Jaber Al Ahmed Al Subah Highway, Al Hamriya 611, Sitra, Kingdom of Bahrain Tel: 17 750 750, MINI@euromotors.com.bh, MINI.Bahrain, MINI_Bahrain

38 April 2021




Business expert, Pria Masson Tanwar, discusses the world of cryptocurrencies. Of-late, of all the jargon and trends of the business and financial world, the one that has baffled me the most has been blockchain or its subset cryptocurrencies. My understanding, thus far, has been limited which was what motivated me to do some research to try and simplify what it’s all about. The concept of blockchain is that it is a collaborative technology that acts as an enabler for transactions. The first thing to understand is that blockchain is the parent of cryptocurrencies. The earliest form that we have used this is in the loyalty cards we use at retail outlets. At its core, the concept is pretty simple – it’s a closed network that allows a central entity (the retailer) to track all transactions related to the card holder.

The execution of the system is through a complex technology whereby each time you get a “coin” and transact, it gets added to towards forming a “block”. Each block is then tracked and added to a larger block or ledger. Think of it as tally marks, so, each tally is a transaction and when you hit the required number or get approval, it becomes a block of tallies and so on. However, so far, the value of these alternative currencies are still pegged and benchmarked against traditional currencies. They are like a product in themselves and their value has increased manifold since inception as is visible in the table alongside. This value is of course driven by the increased demand for these currency forms.

for bitcoins or Ethereum or even regular US dollars (fiat currency). The people who pay these bitcoins or Ethereum or dollars are betting on the value of the new ICO rising as it circulates and increases demand. If it does not increase demand, the investors gain nothing. If it does, the value rises as it did in the table able and everyone makes money. There is speculation that cryptocurrencies could be replace traditional currencies. Time will tell. For now, blockchain technologies are a vast pool of unexplored options that could simplify, streamline and integrate a number of systems – currency or otherwise.

The popularity of this system increased after the 2009 financial crisis when trust in the traditional regulators, central banks etc. all began to wane. This technology-based, trackable, accountable system garnered appeal. The most renowned of blockchain systems is cryptocurrencies which as the name suggests, is an alternative to traditional currency or money. As a concept, currency has value because they can be reliably counted to have certain value over time without depreciating. Currencies also need to meet certain basic criteria namely scarcity, divisibility, utility, transportability, durability, and protection from being counterfeited.

One question that I wanted answered most was – how does a cryptocurrency provider like bitcoin begin? The answer lies in a concept called Initial Coin Offering or “ICO”. It is literally, issuing the initial offering of your system in exchange for a more traditional form of currency. So, if a new cryptocurrency has to start up, they could issue their ICO in exchange

Pria is a business consultant and advisor. You can follow Pria at her Instagram handle businessclues33 or read more of her articles at www.business-clues.com. www.bahrainthismonth.com

April 2021 39

business bites

COPING WITH CHANGE The Umatter campaign for mental health and well-being in the Kingdom of Bahrain has launched an integrated package of support and counseling services for the mental health of employees of companies and institutions. The services were launched with the aim of contributing to a safe return to work for employees while increasing productivity, and avoiding any negative repercussions inflicted by the COVID-19 pandemic. Umatter Founder and Strategic Leadership & Human Development Adviser, Wael Zaki, said: “Following the pandemic, there will be a need to invest in the mental health of workers and employees in the private sector, as human capital is the most important asset of any company or institution.” Umatter uses the latest scientific approach in the

field of employees’ and workers’ mental health, having recently developed the methodology to cope with the change in business performance in light of the pandemic, including remote work or working in an environment that follows precautionary measures. Umatter co-founder and Talent Management and Life Skills Adviser, Rula Husseini, said: “The International Labour Organization (ILO) statistics indicate that for every one dollar invested in providing treatment


Four new Arab countries, namely Tunisia, Morocco, Palestine and Yemen, have joined the Arab ICT Union (AICTU) which is headquartered in Bahrain. They join the existing five members: Egypt, Kuwait, Jordan, Lebanon and Bahrain, bringing the total number of members to nine. AICTU Secretary-General, Ahmed Al Hujairy, said: “The ICT sector has a tremendous ability to contribute to all fields of development, and make people’s lives easier by facilitating rapid access to services. We are confident that our cooperation will produce tangible successes in the region and bring about the largest possible integration between Arab countries in the field of manufacturing and producing ICT solutions.” AICTU was launched by the Bahrain Technology Companies Society (BTECH) and continues its efforts to attract all Arab countries to its membership, in a way that leads to boosting the contribution of Arab technology companies in the ICT industry worldwide. 40 April 2021

for common mental disorders, a return of four dollars is achieved in terms of improvement of health and productivity.” “On the other hand, depression and anxiety have serious effects on the economy, in terms of lost productivity to the global economy estimated at one trillion US dollars annually,’ she concluded.

ENHANCED LOGISTICS International express and logistics service provider, DHL Express MENA, has signed a partnership with FODEL, the first Pick-up and Drop-off (PUDO) network provider in the GCC that, through an advanced PUDO technology platform, signs up and manages local merchants from across the region as alternative pick-up locations to home delivery. The partnership with FODEL consolidates last-mile logistics and provides a more convenient delivery solution for DHL MENA’s customers. Commenting on the partnership, CEO of DHL Express MENA, Nour Suliman said: “eCommerce in the MENA is on an upward trend and we anticipate that it will continue on its double-digit trajectory in the foreseeable future. Our partnership with FODEL will enable us to overcome any delivery challenges, particularly last mile, by building on its extensive network of PUDO locations for both collections and eventually returns.”The partnership will drive operational and cost efficiencies for DHL, as well as consumer convenience and choice, while also tackling a range of environmental and operational challenges associated with online shopping and failed deliveries.


business bites


The youth arm of Rotary International, Rotaract Bahrain, and Elysian Water has announced their partnership in launching the nationwide initiative ‘MAKE A DIFFERENCE’. Through the initiative, Rotaract Bahrain will use recycling proceeds to purchase wheelchairs for The Bahrain Parents Foundation for the Disabled and are further exploring upcycling opportunities with partners to convert this plastic into clothes and other reusable material. President of Rotaract Bahrain, Sanket Kothari, said: “We are excited about this initiative as we believe that

collaborating with small and large companies to recycle large quantities of plastic in the Kingdom of Bahrain will enable each person to positively contribute towards the community.” The association has now aligned and partnered with Elysian Water, whose headquarters are based in Bahrain and Saudi Arabia, and have been avidly searching for an entity to recycle their plastic. This initiative is designed to collaborate with companies in Bahrain and the region to prevent the disposal of recyclable plastics.


The Bahrain Association of Banks (BAB) held a remote meeting with several representatives of financial and banking institutions, during which it discussed implementations within the national campaign to raise awareness of fraud prevention.

ELITE RECOGNITION Kuwait Finance House - Bahrain (KFH-Bahrain) was awarded the J.P. Morgan ‘Quality Recognition Award’ and ‘Elite Quality Recognition Award’ 2020, for the Bank’s performance in individual and financial institutions money transfers. The StraightThrough Processing (STP) award recognises leading financial institutions that have successfully adopted technologically-advanced e-services, in line with J.P. Morgan’s standards for operational excellence. The award comes following a number of initiatives implemented by KFH- Bahrain to ensure high-quality performance in adopting STP, in compliance with J.P. Morgan’s standards. The J.P. Morgan Award consists of two groups, each designated by a SWIFT message type (MT); the ‘Quality Recognition Award’ and the ‘Elite Quality Recognition Award’, which is granted to institutions adopting the highest levels of performance and efficiency practices. www.bahrainthismonth.com

The campaign will be launched shortly by BAB in cooperation with the General Directorate of Anti-corruption and Economic and Electronic Security at the Ministry of Interior, the Telecommunications Regulatory Authority (TRA), the Central Bank of Bahrain, and members of the Association from financial and banking institutions. Aspects of financial fraud which will be focused on include impersonation of a bank employee, requests to update bank data and personal information over the phone, announcements of debts payment, and granting of financing for projects issued by non-regulated entities and individuals who are unauthorised to engage in banking activities. In addition, the campaign will target shopping through suspicious websites, and SMS and electronic messages claiming to win in-kind or cash prizes. Attendees discussed the drafting of campaign assets including videos, posters, messages, press releases, street banners and more which shall be published through social media, TV, radio and more. April 2021 41


THE BRITISH AUTOMOTIVE JOURNEY Dick Potter takes us through the UK’s illustrious role in the world of motoring.


he British involvement in the automotive industry has been at the forefront of the motoring sector for decades. This involvement has led to the creation of some of the most iconic cars in the world-such creations including Land and Range Rovers, Aston Martins, Bentleys and the Austin Mini. Other leading UK brands over the years have included Daimler, Jaguar, Lotus, McLaren, Morgan and, of course, Rolls-Royce. The UK is also a major manufacturing base for some of the world’s most recognised brands including Honda, Nissan and Toyota. The UK embedded its tentacles in the automotive industry near the end of the nineteenth century. In 1885, Gottlieb Daimler patented a design for a new petrol-based engine, whilst simultaneously befriending London-based engineer Frederick Simms who acquired the British rights for the engine design and associated patents. In 1893, Simms formed the Daimler Motor Syndicate Limited. Despite the young UK automotive industry finding such footing, the Locomotive Acts of the 42 April 2021

nineteenth century impeded its growth, ironically due to restrictions on the use of cars on public roads - which were eventually eased in 1896. Whilst early British vehicles were based on the designs developed in Germany and France, the first all-British four-wheel car emerged in 1900 with a vehicle designed and built by Herbert Austin. In 1901, Austin launched Birminghambased Wolseley Motors Limited which remained the UK’s biggest car producer until 1913, when and until Henry Ford opened his plant in Manchester. Other major players included Rover and Humber, both of which were based in Coventry and by 1922 an astounding 183 motor companies were operating in the UK. By 1944, 90 percent of motor vehicle production was controlled by the British Motor Corporation (BMC), Ford, Rootes, Standard-Triumph, Vauxhall, Rover and Jaguar. In 1955, the UK had emerged globally as the second largest car manufacturer and had also become the world’s largest exporter of cars. As German, Japanese

and American vehicle production grew from economies recovering after the Second World War- the UK’s status as a major manufacturer declined - the contribution of higher labour and production costs, when compared to other countries, did not help. The 1950s and 1960s saw the beginning of a major consolidation of UK production caused primarily by a steady decline in the UK’s position in car manufacturing. In 1952, the Nuffield Organisation merged with Austin to launch BMC. The Nuffield Organisation had been formed in 1938 with the merger of Morris Motors, MGS, Wolseley and Riley. At its founding, BMC controlled 40 percent of the UK market. BMC and Jaguar merged in 1966 to form British Motor Holdings (BMH), while Leyland-Triumph purchased Rover and Chrysler UK acquired Rootes in 1967. By 1968, the British Leyland Motor Corporation (BLMC) was formed from the merger of LeylandTriumph-Rover and BMH. www.bahrainthismonth.com

motoring Despite efforts to recover with new vehicle designs, BLMC’s dominance in the UK market diminished during the 1970s. The UK continued to fall as a top car producer and was thus rated as the sixth largest manufacturer in 1974. By the end of the 70’s, newly-formed British Leyland was the only major stand-alone UK car maker. Other UK manufactures from Ford, Peugeot-Talbot (which had been formed after Chrysler UK sold its UK operation to Peugeot) and Vauxhall has become increasingly integrated with companies of other European countries.

Since the 1980s, the automotive industry again saw a major shift with further consolidations and an increase in foreign car manufacturing in the UK. British Leyland was renamed to Rover Group in 1986. Meanwhile, foreign car makers, including Citroen, Fiat, Renault, Peugeot, Volvo and Volkswagen continued to make factory inroads in the UK. In 1986, Nissan established its first European production in Sunderland, with Toyota following suit in 1992 with a factory near Derby. In recent years, major UK brands have been

acquired by international car makers, including the purchase of Mini and Rolls-Royce by Germany’s BMW, the acquisition of Bentley by Volkswagen, and Ford’s acquisition of Aston Martin and Jaguar. More recently, Jaguar and Land Rover were acquired by Tata Motors of India, while MG was purchased by China’s SAIC Motor Corporation. Today, the British automotive sector is known as a major exporter with approximately 70 percent of all vehicles made in the UK being exported.

Young and old Bentley models mark the opening of the Bentley Motors Campus in Crewe, England.

A legendary British sports car 1964 Jaguar E-Type S1 Roadster in excellent condition at a vintage car meeting. This model was manufactured by Jaguar Cars Ltd between 1961 and 1975.

Now, where better to see some of those beloved British cars portrayed than on the silver screen? Who hasn’t enjoyed watching The Italian Job, when the red, white and blue Minis flee through Rome with the loot? Ditto, Austin Powers’ mojo ‘E’ type Jaguar adorned with the Union flag paint job, or perhaps James Bond’s escapades in one or other of his iconic fleet of Astons? Then, there’s Her Majesty the Queen, historically pictured whilst regally acknowledging us through the windows of her ubiquitous convoy of Rolls Royce’s! All wheels aside, one would be hard pressed to beat the UK when it comes to a motoring pedigree.

Happy British Motoring, all! dickpotter@redhousemarketing.com www.bahrainthismonth.com

April 2021 43



Bahrain This Month’s Kristian Harrison and Dick Potter have a chat with the Red Bull Racing Honda team


he 2021 Formula One season began in exhilarating style with a thrilling spectacle under the lights in Sakhir.

Perez, who scored his maiden victory in last year’s Sakhir Grand Prix, was understandably emotional upon his return to the Kingdom.

Whilst Lewis Hamilton won the race in his Mercedes, it was the Red Bull Racing Honda team which really caught the eye of fans and other teams within the paddock.

“It’s a very nice place to come to, I enjoy it here. The people always welcome me and it’s always a pleasure, it’s similar culture-wise to Mexico with how chilled out it is. Of course, I have great memories of the circuit after last year.”

The car seems to have been given wings over the winter break, with Dutchman Max Verstappen posting the fastest times in testing and taking Pole Position in the race by four tenths of a second. He narrowly finished runner-up in the race by one of the slimmest margins in recent years. Mexican Sergio Perez has also joined the team for this year and after a difficult start to the race due to technical difficulties, he powered through the field to finish a highly commendable fifth place as he continues to adjust to his new surroundings. Bahrain This Month spoke to the two drivers during the race weekend. 44 April 2021

He also emphasised that despite the difficulties posed by the COVID-19 pandemic, he’d been training just as hard as any other year. “I’ve been training hard physically and mentally with the team and engineers so I’m ready for the season. I always try to keep myself as fit as possible and this is an amazing opportunity so I don’t want to leave anything on the table. “The team, everyone from the mechanics to the engineers to the marketing group, have done their best to make me feel welcome and I’m really excited to be part of the group. I can’t wait to get going.”

Due to Red Bull’s stunning pre-season pace, Verstappen comes into the season as some people’s favourite for the title, or at least with the pressure that he should push Hamilton closer than any one has managed over the past few seasons. The man himself, however, believes the pressure is no different than normal. “I feel very relaxed to be honest. It was a great test to be sure, but I can’t wait to get started. I don’t think we’re favourites, Mercedes won seven titles in a row so I just hope we can be competitive and start the season well. “I have friends here and I enjoy the country. The weather and environment is really nice and I think the night race aspect makes it more exciting. “It’s great to have fans here in Bahrain in the stands because last year we had none and you can feel the lack of atmosphere. Of course we’re concentrating on driving, but they do make us feel special.” www.bahrainthismonth.com


The 2021 Formula 1 Gulf Air Bahrain Grand Prix There were fireworks both on and off the track during the Formula 1 Bahrain Grand Prix after Lewis Hamilton held off Max Verstappen in a thrilling duel in the desert. Over 56 gruelling laps, the British seven-times World Champion somehow kept his Mercedes ahead of the faster Red Bull to claim his fifth win in


the Kingdom, another outright record for the man who keeps on collecting them. More than 4,500 fans attended the Bahrain International Circuit over the weekend, with safety measures put in place so that only those who were vaccinated or had recovered from COVID-19 were allowed entry to the event.

The event was hailed as a huge success, with entertainment such as a giant Ferris wheel and numerous food and beverage outlets operated under the strictest health protocols meaning that attendees could enjoy a feast of entertainment while assured that the utmost safety procedures were in place.

April 2021 45


RACING THROUGH A throwback to the time Sangeeth Mullassery had a chat with Alfa Romeo’s Kimi Raikkonen and Antonio Giovinazzi


OVID-19 has pulled a number on the world at large - professional sports across the globe were hit especially hard, with entire seasons of events being cancelled owing to the alarming spread of the coronavirus. Formula-1, the pinnacle of motorsport, was also a victim of the pandemic in 2020, but in true upper-echelon fashion, managed to work its way through a season - sans spectators in the stands. Towards the end of the season last year, it was clear that certain countries simply wouldn’t be able to host their respective races owing to the dangers that the virus presented to the athletes and personnel. This left some

46 April 2021

countries such as the Kingdom of Bahrain in a unique (and advantageous) position to host two races back to back at the end of the year. Since then, of course, the Kingdom has taken the challenges of COVID-19 in stride - successfully hosting two nail biting backto-back races last year and the spectacular Formula 1 Gulf Air Bahrain Grand Prix 2021. I had the (socially-distanced) opportunity to pixellate with Antonio Giovinazzi and Kimi Raikkonen of team Alfa Romeo, prior to the historic and one-of-a-kind Sakhir GP, to get their thoughts on what undoubtedly is a

hallmark era in sport’s history. If you’re not an avid F1 fanatic, the name Antonio Giovinazzi may be unfamiliar, and you’d be forgiven since this is the Italian’s third-ever season with the pinnacle of motor racing, having debuted in 2019 alongside Kimi “Iceman” Raikkonen with Alfa Romeo. Kimi on the other hand, needs no introduction to even the most passive of motorsport fans – an absolute Formula one legend and one of the stalwarts of the V10 era, the Iceman as he’s monikered is as legendary to the sport as was Niki Lauda.


interview Antonio, there’s talk of historical lap records being broken with the new track layout at the Sakhir GP. As far as your car is concerned, do you consider the layout to be advantageous toward your chances of a podium finish? Antonio: It is obviously a different track and small with a lot of straight lines - the brake zones will be tough. The slipstream will play an important part in the race this time. So, we will have to wait and see what happens and hopefully we can have a good race and score some points. Kimi, you’ve been in F1 for over a decade and have been through the V10 era and ‘sustainability’ is the keyword at the moment. What is your view on F1 moving towards the future? Kimi: Obviously, nobody knows what the future holds and we would have to defer to those who make the rules. Only time will tell what will happen, essentially. As far as us F1 drivers are concerned, we are happy to drive the car no matter what. Obviously Kimi has a lot of experience in F1. Antonio, has being partnered with Kimi offered you a wealth of experience? Antonio: I’ve said this many times since I’ve had Kimi beside me. Since my first race and official season in 2019, it was important to improve and to watch him in what he was doing, not only on but also off the track such


as in meetings for example, and I’m very happy that I will continue with him next year as well. It’s always better to have a strong team mate with lots of experience because it helps you grow faster in the sport. The cars are expected to be tweaked for the 2021 season - what are your thoughts on the changes? KIMI: It’s going to be mainly aero changes on the existing chassis so we will have to wait and see what the rule changes will bring in terms of downforce and recovery. Hopefully we can gain an advantage and hopefully it will shift the grid in our favor and we will be able to make the best out of the chassis. Antonio: I think Kimi has covered it all and we have a new engine coming next year and hopefully we will get more speed out of the car and be able to get some podium finishes. It’s been a trying season. What are the greatest challenges that you’ve faced both personally and professionally? KIMI: I think the whole year has been challenging - not just in terms of racing but life in general for everybody. I’m happy that we were able to race and achieve as much as we did on track given the situation. Antonio: It certainly was a difficult year for everyone - not just in F1 but life in general. For us all I can say that it was a blessing to be able to have 17 races on the calendar.

Certainly not having fans in the stands wasn’t ideal, but I think we made the best of an impossible situation. Since it’s the first time with the new circuit layout, what challenges do you foresee as far as the car’s performance and the race, in general, is concerned? Antonio: I believe that owing to the track layout, it will be tough with traffic and blue flags out during the race. I’m sure the team will be up to it in terms of strategy since we are targeting to be ahead of HAAS who are our main competitors and that’s part of our target at the second race in Bahrain. The Bahrain GP has become the gold-standard of Formula Racing, demonstrating both professionalism and skill in dealing with incidents such as Grosjean’s unbelievable crash in 2020 and in getting vaccinated spectators back into the stands this year. Needless to say, we can continue to look forward to more in the exciting world of motorsport. Need car advice or an industry-specific consultation? Reach out to Sangeeth on sangeeth@brakemycar.com or follow him on Instagram using the handle @sangeeth911.

April 2021 47

motoring news


Setting new standards for high performance vehicles, top-of-the-line technology and fuel-efficient engines, the Chinese automobile brand, Chery, continues to set benchmarks, ranking first among Chinese automakers in terms of export markets with nine million units sold to date. Since its inception in 1997, the company has grown to operate in over 80 countries, with over 1,500 overseas dealers. Chery boasts six full-fledged research and development bases and ten manufacturing plants across the world with an impressive production capacity of 200,000 units per year which have made it possible to sell nine million units worldwide. Chery has also set new benchmarks for prime efficiency embodied within the third-generation technology of its sensible engines, that are stronger, lighter, and extra fuel-efficient, making it one of the top ten prime engines in China.


The fourth-generation Kia Carnival has arrived in markets within the Middle East and Africa (MEA). Based on Kia’s new mid-size platform, the Carnival offers owners three or four-row seating configurations, with room for seven, eight, or 11 occupants. Depending on local specifications, the Carnival is available with a choice of up to three new engines - all paired as standard with eight-speed automatic transmissions. The new Carnival boasts a range of passive and active safety and driver assistance systems, including Kia’s advanced driver assistance systems (ADAS) and is fitted with up to seven airbags, Kia’s innovative Multi-Collision Brake system, Kia’s Vehicle Stability Management (VSM) and Electronic Stability Control. The bodyshell is comprised of different grades of Advanced HighStrength Steel, maximising rigidity while keeping body weight low to reduce road vibrations and enhance occupant safety in the event of a collision. With a comprehensive array of sound-reducing and insulating measures, the new NVH features ensure the new model is one of the quietest and most refined on the road.


INFINITI has announced standard and optional equipment for its newest crossover - the statement-making 2022 INFINITI QX55. Offered in three well-equipped grades: LUXE, ESSENTIAL, and SENSORY, the all-new 2022 QX55 steals the scene with standard Intelligent All-Wheel Drive, 20-inch wheels, Apple CarPlay compatibility, and class-leading cargo capacity. Every QX55 is powered by an award-winning, 268-horsepower VC-Turbo engine paired to a Continuously Variable Transmission with steering wheelmounted paddle shifters and Drive Mode Selector. The 2022 INFINITI QX55 LUXE is equipped with active safety features including Forward Emergency Braking with pedestrian detection, Rear Automatic Braking, Predictive Forward Collision Warning, Lane Departure Warning, Blind Spot Warning and more. The 2022 INFINITI QX55 ESSENTIAL builds on that and adds INFINITI InTouch Navigation, climate-controlled front seats, an Around View® Monitor with Moving Object Detection and more. The 2022 INFINITI QX55 SENSORY includes all of the aforementioned features and adds supple semi-aniline leather-appointed seating, natural open-pore wood trim accents, tri-zone automatic climate control, a motion-activated lift gate, interior ambient lighting, cube design LED headlights and more.

48 April 2021


motoring news


MG Motor has announced details of its new strategic brand positioning for the Middle East, celebrating the company’s achievements and rich history, as it embarks on the next stage of its technology-focused journey. MG’s new positioning is encapsulated by the ‘Do More’ tagline highlighting how the British-born brand has pushed boundaries since its foundation in 1924. The ‘Do More’ campaign will reflect MG’s product line-up, which is equipped with state-of-the-art technology. New models will also go through a fundamental transformation that will help bring the brand closer towards its vision for a better connected, safer environment. MG is now active in nine countries across the GCC and Middle East: Saudi Arabia, United Arab Emirates, Kuwait, Bahrain, Qatar, Oman, Lebanon, Jordan and Iraq. Last year, it recorded a remarkable 72 per cent increase in sales, breaking into the GCC’s top ten of car makers for the first time.


Bentley’s Flying Spur W12 has been recognised in MotorWeek’s 2021 Drivers’ Choice Awards as the ‘Best Dream Machine’. MotorWeek is the longest running automotive show on American television. With over 40,000 examples sold since its launch in 2005, the Flying Spur continues to set the bar as the most successful luxury sports sedan in the world. The 2020 model of the Grand Touring sedan, which launched in the Middle East in October of 2019, features sporting details including industry-first three-dimensional leather, cutting edge Bentley Rotating Display, and a retractable, illuminated ‘Flying B’. The latest generation Flying Spur has increased road presence from stronger, more muscular styling, which is evident the full length of the car. The bold exterior design of the Flying Spur is based on a new and modern vision that is unmistakably Bentley, utilising the latest technologies in aluminium extrusions and castings. An embedded SIM is provided, meaning My Bentley connected car features no longer require customers to provide their own data connection.


Al Haddad Motors has won three major awards at the 2021 Mercedes-Benz Cars Middle East Awards - an annual event that recognizes the work and efforts of all the Mercedes-Benz General Distributors around the region. Al Haddad Motors won the Best Sales Target Agreement Achievement, as well as two customer satisfaction awards: Best Sales CSI improvement award and Best Customer Services CSI improvement award. Al Haddad Motors is now number one for CSI in both Sales & Customer services in the GCC. The event was held virtually from Dubai with awards presented by Daimler AG representatives including the New President & CEO of MBCME, Martin Schulz, Vice President, Krishan Bodhani, Customer Services Director, Thilo Grossmann, and Head of Network and Training, Pablo Souto. The Al Haddad Motors management also attended the ceremony virtually. Among the attendees were the Al Haddad Motors General Manager, Warren Hudson, Financial Controller, Jeff Cummings, Sales Manager, David Lord, Customer Service Manager, Ian Beattie, and Marketing Manager, Imran Ali. For more information, kindly visit www.bahrain.mercedesbenzme.com or call 17 785-454. www.bahrainthismonth.com

April 2021 49




Maquette is a first-person recursive puzzle game developed by Graceful Decay for the PC, PS4 and PS5. The world of Maquette is both incredibly small and vastly large, with each change you make it in one version of the world being reflected in the other. If you want to solve the puzzles held within the game, then you need to learn how to navigate the interlocking realities of Maquette.


In the centre of each chapter’s contained puzzle area is a little model (a maquette) of the terrain around you. Drop an item – like a key or a bridge – into the model and a to-scale version will appear in the same spot behind you, only much larger – alternatively, pick something small out of the model and you’ll suddenly have a tiny version to use in your regular-sized world. It’s a phenomenally clever concept, and one that’s an absolute joy to mess around with when you’re first getting your bearings.


Part of that game’s appeal is thanks to how jaw-droppingly gorgeous it can be. Its use of vibrant colours and ornate, warped architecture is some of the most beautiful in any puzzle game. Those impressive aesthetics also extend into its otherworldly particle effects as objects phase in or out of place, as well as its top-notch audio design.


A vibrant, fun puzzler.



In Kaze and the Wild Masks, you journey through the Crystal Islands in 90’s classics platformer style. Play as Kaze and save your friend Hogo from a curse that spread chaos around the islands. Face enraged living vegetables by invoking the powers of the Wild Masks. Pounce ferociously like a tiger, soar through the sky like an eagle, sprint fiercely like a lizard and rule the sea like a shark.


Embark on the craziest journey of your life in It Takes Two, a genrebending platform adventure created purely for co-op. Invite a friend to join for free with Friend’s Pass and work together across a huge variety of gleefully disruptive gameplay challenges. Play as the clashing couple Cody and May - two humans turned into dolls by a magic spell. Together, trapped in a fantastical world where the unpredictable hides around every corner, they are reluctantly challenged with saving their fractured relationship. 50 April 2021



Mortal Shell is a deep action-RPG that tests your sanity and resilience in a shattered world. Your adversaries spare no mercy, with survival demanding superior awareness, precision and instincts. Possess lost warriors, track down hidden sanctums of the devout and face formidable foes. www.bahrainthismonth.com

websites Exploring the wonderful world of the internet? Check out these sites that we find quite useful.

www.quran.com www.salah.com

Salah.com is an Islamic website which is very helpful in finding prayer timings for any location. Just type in the name of the country, state, province or city for which you want to know the timings and press Enter; the timings will be loaded. You can also choose whether you want the timings of a day, a month or a year..

Quran.com is a very helpful Islamic website through which you can easily access the Quran online. You can listen to it and also read it with translation on this website. This website has translation of the Quran from six different sources available in 30+ languages along with transliteration. It also provides audio of 12 prominent reciters of the Quran.


The website is magic, or rather feels like one. You can think of any character in the entire world, fictional or non-fictional, and through a series of questions, it will deduce the name. It’s very difficult to accomplish, but try and beat him!

Your local search engine for restaurants and hotels in Bahrain


It’s a place which shares ideas and insights from the most successful people around the world. You won’t get life-hacks here, but you will get real information. You will learn from the mistakes of the others and their successes too. A good place to get content from people who know what they are talking about.








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Quran Reader This app is interactive and allows users to read, listen and study the Quran with a simple tap and hold on the line that users want to recite. You can also create notes or view the translation. The app provides verse-by-verse recitation and also uses background audio, plus it allows users to search for the Surah name or a specific ayah and has beautiful interface.

Ramadan Recipes Latest As many Muslims lose weight due to fasting during Ramadan, this app gives users a dietary note on the ‘dos’ and the ‘don’ts’ during the Holy Month. It suggests exercises and pushes notifications reminding users of the right time to exercise and to eat.

Qibla Finder This app will provide users with information on the direction of prayer. It has the necessary compass that points users to Mecca from any position around the world. Also the app is inbuilt with alerts, notifying the user about the prayer time and it can also play Adhan. The app uses GPS position to connect and also has many other features.

52 April 2021

Muslim Pro This app notifies users with the correct fasting times as the prayer time calculator is based on your location. It has visual as well as audio notifications for Adhan. The app also provides users with audio recitation of the Holy Quran with phonetics and translations. It also provides information on the Halal restaurants and mosques in the area. The app is available in 14 languages.



Rob Zombie

The Lunar Injection Kool Aid Eclipse Conspiracy Extending a late-era creative resurgence, Rob Zombie resurrects the spook show for album number seven, The Lunar Injection Kool Aid Eclipse Conspiracy. Inscrutably titled and strange as ever, the veteran rock icon sticks close to his established aesthetic: a sci-fi, psychedelic gore-fest packed with ghoulish culthorror schlock, breakneck riffs and pummelling delivery. This time around, Zombie stretches his reach even further, incorporating refreshing ideas that help break the monotony of his typical high-octane antics.

Ringo Starr

Lana Del Ray

Chemtrails over the Country Clubplaying on loop this month! Verdict:

A more emotional set from the talented artist.

What’s the story?

Chemtrails over the Country Club is the seventh studio album by American singer-songwriter Lana Del Rey. She stated that the lyrics of the album pertain to her “stunning girlfriends and beautiful siblings who so much of the album is about”, and mentioned “wanting so much to be normal and realising that when you have an overactive, eccentric mind, a record like Chemtrails is just what you’re going to get.”

Worth a listen?

Del Rey shakes off the cocoon of her slick pop days completely, continuing the nuanced song writing and hushed perspectives of her recent work and turning in her most atmospheric set of songs to date. Much like its predecessor, the arrangements on Chemtrails are toned down, keeping the rhythmic elements minimal if they show up at all. This puts her layered self-harmonising in the forefront of most songs, and also makes room for colourful smears of laid-back ‘70s-style lead guitar or delicate, jazz-informed touches. Del Rey again pairs with Jack Antonoff for production, and the duo map out every song with slowly evolving subtleties. ‘White Dress’ opens with spare piano and a drawn-out vocal line, and slowly adds nearly imperceptible layers of sound as it goes on. On the surface, the song appears to be a simple nostalgic reflection, but the introduction of each new instrument adds tension and uneasiness, shifting the emotional undercurrents.


Zoom In Ringo Starr spent the 21st century working at a steady clip, touring regularly and releasing a new album every two or three years. This latest effort is filled with superstar cameos and top-notch professionals, all lending their skills to a collection of breezy little tunes. Many of the names are familiar – old pal Paul McCartney shows up – as are the vibes and themes: it’s all love, peace and good times.


Duets A companion album of sorts to 2019’s My Songs, Duets collects 17 duets Sting has recorded over the years. Some of these tracks appeared on soundtracks, some were included on albums by his duet partners, while some were trickled out on compilations. Collectively, these duets showcase Sting the Polymath, a cultured and worldly individual with an ability to synthesise his diverse interests into smooth, jazzy, mature pop. What’s striking about the compilation is how a roster as diverse as Eric Clapton, Shaggy, Mary J. Blige, Annie Lennox, Herbie Hancock, Sam Moore and Julio Iglesias doesn’t sound especially eclectic; when the common denominator is Sting, all the guests adapt to his particular ways. April 2021 53

tv releases

Staying in and socially-distanced? Our top movies and series should help you pass some of that time!

Coming 2 America

It only took 30 years, but the follow up to Eddie Murphy’s hit comedy is finally making its royal debut. This time, it’s an even bigger family affair: Murphy’s (now) King Akeem along with his trusted friend Semmi (played by Arsenio Hall) jet back to America to find Akeem’s only male heir, his son (Jermaine Fowler) that he may have left in New York. Meanwhile, his eldest daughter Princess Meeka (KiKi Layne) back in Zamunda is left to wonder why she can’t just rule herself.

Formula One: Drive to Survive - Season 3

It’s that time of year again: the Formula One season has begun, which means the third season of Drive to Survive has dropped on Netflix. This year, things are a little different: Covid-19 first postponed and then shortened the season and introduced a whole host of regulations that made filming a little more difficult than usual. But all those changes also resulted in some incredible races that the producers have refined into a series of 10 episodes, each one following a different team. 54 April 2021


Based on the ground-breaking comic book by Robert Kirkman, this animated superhero drama series revolves around 17-year-old Mark Grayson (Steven Yeun), who is just like every other guy his age, except for the fact that his father is the most powerful superhero on the planet, Omni-Man (J.K. Simmons). The series also features Sandra Oh, Zazie Beetz, Gillian Jacobs, Zachary Quinto, Jason Mantzoukas, Mark Hamill, Mahershala Ali, Seth Rogen and more.

The Falcon and the Winter Soldier Set after the events of Avengers: Endgame, this new entry into the Marvel Cinematic Universe sees Sam Wilson/Falcon (Anthony Mackie) and Bucky Barnes/Winter Soldier (Sebastian Stan) unite to try and live up to the legacy left behind by Captain America. Unlike WandaVision, this show goes big on the spectacle early on – MCU fans won’t be disappointed by the movie-level set pieces on display here.

Worn Stories

In this funny, heartfelt and moving docuseries, real people unpack the fascinating and quirky stories around their most meaningful pieces of clothing. In eight episodes, a diverse array of people, their clothes and the stories behind them are introduced, all far from concepts related to fast fashion shopping or the season’s must-have garment.

Before the Flood From Academy Award-winning filmmaker Fisher Stevens and Academy Award-winning actor and environmental activist Leonardo DiCaprio, Before the Flood presents a riveting account of the dramatic changes now occurring around the world due to climate change.


Bahrain Edition


April 2021 | Issue 216





Our top beauty essentials this month

We discover Khadija Mercer’s young ambition

Skincare that will have you glowing

Mariam Ali Fakhro’s thoughtprovoking art

LIFESTYLE Ramadan decor Family-friendly recipes!

PARENTING Ouiam tells us how to include your kids this Ramadan!


Get your favourite partner anytime at www.redhousemarketing.com






Inauguration of Pediatric Centre of Excellence

Royal Hospital for Women & Children (RHWC), Riffa, recently launched a primary Pediatric Centre of Excellence making it the first private hospital to introduce a multi-super specialty Pediatric department in the private healthcare sector in Bahrain. The inauguration ceremony was held in the main atrium of the hospital under the patronage of the National Health Regulatory Authority (NHRA) Chief Executive Officer, H.E Dr. Mariam Al Jalahma. The Pediatric Centre of Excellence currently encompasses Pediatric Gastroenterology, Pediatric Allergy & Immunology, Pediatric Surgery, Pediatric Orthopedics and Pediatric Psychiatry alongside General Pediatrics and Neonatology. The hospital is keen to further expand the department with the expertise of a Pediatric Cardiologist and more such super-specialties to accomplish its vision to be a healthcare destination in Bahrain for all women and children.

DePARTMENT OF obsTETRICS, GYNECOLOGY AND IVF • High-Risk Pregnancies • Prenatal diagnosis of congenital anomalies • Screening of cancers

Dr. Mariam Alahmedi

• Laser vaginal rejuvenation

Consultant Obstetrics & Gynecology

• Laparoscopic gynecology surgeries • Gynaecological surgeries

Dr. Hatem Shawki

• Colposcopy

Consultant Obstetrics & Gynecology & infertility

• ovarian disorders • Treatment of Menstrual disorders • Post-Menopausal check-up & management • Abdominal and Reconstructive surgeries • Diagnosis and treatment of infertility

Dr. Sanjeewani

and reproductive problems

Consultant Obstetrics & Gynecology

• Counselling Couples • IUI (Intra-Uterine Insemination) • IVF (In Vitro Fertilization) • Diagnosis and treatment of polycystic • ICSI (Intra Cytoplasmic Sperm Injection) • PGD (Pre-Implantation Genetic Diagnosis) • Freezing Sperm, Embryos & Oocytes

Dr. Sarah Faour

800 40000

1775 9999


Consultant Obstetrics & Gynecology & infertility

April 2021 57

Modest Magnificence

FASHION | trend

Chic modest fashion for the modern woman this Ramadan

The basic concept of modern dressing involves wearing longer and looser clothing, a concept that has been around for centuries. While the concept might seem like there isn’t much room for exploration, it’s quite the contrary with several renowned fashion houses creating memorable looks for the runway year after year and the concept gaining further momentum with each passing day. Modest fashion, in this day and age, has grown extremely exciting and with different shades, textures and cuts, as is evident with the modest fashion brand, Leem, and Haute-Couture kaftan house, Selma Benomar.

Leem’s SS21 collection is punctuated by the ultra-feminine, think floral prints, prairie dresses, soft gradient hues, swishing pleats and sheer fabrics. The season also sees the interjection of bold trends via eyecatching statements including exaggerated shoulders, vibrant pops of solid colour, studded embellishments, ethnic print accents, photographic prints on jersey and the classic yet striking use of monochrome. Specialising in essential staples with an air of luxe that form the building blocks of any modest wardrobe, Leem's stylish SS21 silhouettes continue to mark the intersection of conservative fit and modern flair, elevating the fashion quotient of its all-inclusive clientele-base, whether they choose to conceal for culture or as a personal preference of style.


April 2021


FASHION | trend

Dubai-based designer and Haute-Couture kaftan house founder, Selma Benomar recently launched her Ramadan gown collection which incorporated intricate embellishments and custom illustrated embroidery techniques throughout the signature masterpieces, bringing traditional craftsmanship to modern bespoke gowns. Selma Benomar continues to shed new light on traditional kaftan apparel. Selma incorporates her signature narrative and arabesque aesthetics, beautifully tied together with modern trends, vibrant palettes and meticulous designs.


April 2021


FASHION | celebrities


Need some fashion inspo? This month’s inspiration comes from the Golden Globes and the stars whimsical looks for their social media.

Addison Rae wears a Patchwork Paisley print puffer jacket paired with black and white Paisley print jeans from ETRO for images that appeared on her Instagram account.

Talented actress, Gal Gadot, wore these beautiful René Caovilla Ellabrita Sandals to the 78th Golden Globe Awards.


April 2021

Cynthia Erivo, nominated for Best Supporting Actress in a Drama Series for HBO’s The Outsider, donned Tiffany & Co. Schlumberger® Apollo earrings and a selection of Tiffany & Co. Schlumberger® and Tiffany T T1 rings. www.womanthismonth.com

BEAUTY | skincare

REVITALISING SKINCARE 5 Skincare Products for Glowing Skin


Instantly wake up tired eyes with Fenty Skin’sFlash Nap Instant Revival Eye GelCream - Rihanna’s secret to looking fresh after frequent late nights. This 2-in-1 eye cream and concealer primer instantly brightens, soothes, and reduces visible puffiness and the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles to give off well-rested vibes anytime, anywhere. The lightweight, nongreasy gel-cream texture quickly absorbs into skin for all-day hydration.Fenty Skin is available at Sephora.

Genetics, weather conditions, nutrition, pollutants and other factors have a way of affecting the appearance of our skin. We’ve all had our fair share of bad skin days dealing with blemishes, dryness, excess sebum and more. With that being said, all hope is not lost! You absolutely can have great skin with excellent products and a suitable skincare routine. Here are five products that had us glowing this month.


FOREO LUNA 3 soft touchpoints guarantees a delicate and effective exfoliation to get rid of dry skin. Use a cleanser along with the LUNA 3 to ensure the skin’s natural moisture balance is maintained.The LUNA 3 brush head reaches deep into the pores with the help of FOREO’s signature T-sonic™ pulsations and gentle silicone touchpoints. Available in three separate versions for sensitive, normal and combination skin, the LUNA 3 gets rid of all dirt and oil residue on the skin. After cleansing, incorporate the Serum SerumSerum with the back side of LUNA 3 and its app preprogrammed firming massage modes to roll back the hands of time. FOREO is available at Sephora.



Oilier skin types are also more likely to struggle with dehydration and moisture barrier damage as a result of overlystripping the skin in an attempt to avoid looking shiny. If you’re in need of shine-free hydration, Kiehl’s Ultra Facial Oil-Free Gel Cream is just right for you. First launched in 2013, the now alcohol-free formula features works to reduce the appearance of excess sebum on the skin. Fast absorbing for a residue free, freshfeelingfinish, it provides long lasting,essential hydration and shine reduction for combination and oily skin types. Check out @kiehlsmiddleeast for availability. www.womanthismonth.com

This cleansing Micellar Gel from Spanish Pharmaceutical brand, MartiDerm, thoroughly cleanses the face without drying it out. It leaves skin clean and moisturised and contains prebiotics that protect the skin and improve the natural microflora and Edelweiss which provides hydrating, calming and antioxidant action. This Micellar Gel can be used twice a day to cleanse and remove make up and impurities. MartiDerm products are available at Boots Pharmacy, and online on www.cigalahmedpharm.com.


Your lips will feel very fortunate with Ritual’s Fortune Balms that are formulated to enhance their appearance while nourishing them! The balms are natural and ultra-nourishing tinted lip balms, enriched with Shea Butter and Aloe Vera. An exclusive blend of rich oils - including olive oil, jojoba oil and coconut oil - helps moisturise the lips, while the antioxidants in grapeseed oil and Vitamin E help smooth and protect against the damaging effects of free radicals. The 100% natural formula moisturises, protects and softens dry and damaged lips, while boosting your look with a hint of colour or nude. April 2021


y c a g e L e h T of Art

PEOPLE | interview

Guest artist at Bahrain’s recent Love & Inspire Art Exhibition, Mariam Fakhro spotlights generations: past and future. She tells Behnaz Sanjana all about it.


f the artists that belong to Bahrain’s womb, Mariam Fakhro’s is a celebrated name. Wielding her paint brush to create captivating canvases sincethe early 80s; her artworks have graced international and local exhibitions and art galleries over four decades. “Art is my voice and the constant practice that I go back to all the time,” says Mariam. “It's amazing for me to look back and see how many experiences I have had being an artist, travelling and participating in international shows, and being part of the vibrant and active art community in Bahrain.” Speaking of which, Bahrain’s art scene sung a paean to the everlasting mother-child bond by way of the ‘Love & Inspire’ Art Exhibition, dedicated to Bahrain Mother’s Day last month. Organised by Art Fusions Studio Bahrain group of artists in collaboration with Fosbis Design and Marketing, it was momentous for Mariam; she had the opportunity to participate along with her daughter, Farah, and grandchildren, Ali, aged 12 and Nayla, eight. “I'm so proud of my children and grandchildren, they are my truest artwork,” she says, evidently exhilarated. “I am happy that they share my love for creativity and have found a medium to express their thoughts and feelings through art.”

The love for fine art has drawn the three generations in a tighter union, giving them something special to share. Mariam says: “Farah and I always discuss our work with each other, giving helpful feedback, criticism and honest opinions to keep growing and improving. My grandkids, from a very young age, would wander into my studio and look at what I'm doing and ask questions. It's wonderful to be a role model for them, to see them liking and following the same path. Of course, they have their own unique style and voice, and that's exciting to see.” This was evident from their exhibits – while Nayla’s ‘Desert Child’ was acrylic on canvas, Ali’s ‘Classic Car’ was mix water-colour on paper. “They are uniquely talented, and I see them both being very artistic in their future studies and careers,” says the doting grandmother. “Ali was very happy to have sold his piece. It inspired them to keep producing work and realise what they are capable of.” Daughter Farah’s ‘Seated Figure’ is the back of a woman deep in thought, explains Mariam. “It is the story of every human being, but women in particular pause when they are trying to fix something and reflect first rather than rushing into fixing the problem. That is what that moment is.The sister painting is entitled Meditation; a circular abstract depicting a meditative state. They find the solution; they become the solution.” ‘The Yellow Thobe’, a striking portrayal of a Bahraini woman, is the opus of the renowned artist herself. “She's dressed up and burning incense for a very special occasion. I see in her my grandmother in her twenties, doing just that. She passed away in child birth, when my father was quite young. I wanted to depict what I imagined she looked like from the few stories I heard from him,” says Mariam, turning her thoughts to a generation past. Returning to her present and future, Mariam says: “It was a special opportunity for us to show our work together and we hope to do it again. It's a wonderful bond for me to have with my children.”


April 2021


PEOPLE | interview

BRIGHT BEGINNING Khadija Mercer proves that the youth aren’t just the future, but the present too.


young woman brimming with potential, Khadija Mercer is the quintessential representation of Bahrain’s highly-driven youth. At just 19 years old, Ms. Mercer is not just a university student at the Royal University for Women(RUW), but the Director of CSR and Marketing at Mercer Consultancy and a budding entrepreneur who is currently developing her own business concept. As an individual, Ms. Mercer’s main aim is to continue learning about the sector that she is involved with and the general economic climate of Bahrain. “The consultancy that I represent focuses on providing counsel with expert advice regarding areas such as Governance, Banking, Strategy and Operations, and Islamic Finance,” she explains, adding that the consultancy’s direct involvement with many of their clients includes advice on public relations. “We have confidence that our work does ultimately enhance the professional services sector for the Kingdom of Bahrain,” she adds. Despite being a fresh addition to Bahrain’s workforce, Ms. Mercer has an interesting insight into the impact of the COVID-19 outbreak on young women in the Kingdom. “We see now that the capacity for adaptability is a crucial one that applies to all aspects of life, both in the corporate and the personal. In retrospect, I have found that the Kingdom’s collective efforts to provide flexibility has given women a better environment to balance multiple priorities,” she says. “Being in lockdown, especially for many women, was an opportunity to take some time to re-evaluate our current situations, and figure out how to move forward with our lives most effectively.” Ms. Mercer strongly believes that women in Bahrain have the potential to impact the economy. “Firstly, I have had the pleasure of meeting numerous women that I feel have an existing impact on the economy whether they are CEOs or in other leadership roles,” she says, www.womanthismonth.com

highlighting that women conduct the majority of consumer purchasing. “Our influence in the consumer market cannot be overlooked. According to Ms. Mercer, women in Bahrain undoubtedly have the potential to do more for the benefit of Bahrain’s economy. “I hope that becomes a motivator for growth and for more women to take up leading positions in the corporate field especially. If there is one sentiment that I could share today it’s that the Kingdom provides so much for female entrepreneurs and I look forward to seeing more women take up these opportunities,” she says. Time management has proved to be key, when juggling her responsibilities. “I am in my second year at university, pursuing my bachelor’s degree. Alongside that I’ve been working at the business consultancy for about a year now,” she says, adding that she has been developing her business concept in her own time. “I do consider myself a very optimistic individual when it comes to multitasking

various priorities with my personal life.” “I think I can speak for many women that we have numerous unsaid commitments - the responsibilities to our families as a daughter, a sister or a mother, the time that we promise to our friends too,” she says. “All of these things have to be kept in mind, but with the right motivation taking those risks reap many benefits for yourself and the people around you.” Ms. Mercer’s business concept involves designing and showcasing clothing lines for bespoke abayas. “I do hope to open a store and specifically pay more attention to customised luxury pieces,” she says, when asked how she would like to grow her business. “I would also like to find new ways to provide ethicallymade and environmentally-friendly garments and make products such as these more accessible to the consumer market.” “As a Bahraini woman, I hope that I give back to my country and create a significant impact in some type of way.” April 2021


BEAUTY | news

GO NATURAL WITH GUERLAIN Guerlain has introduced L’Essentiel High Perfection – the first foundation with 96% naturally-derived ingredients and 24 hours of perfect wear. The foundation comes in two finishes: natural glow and high perfection and is available in 30 shades. It leaves skin even and delicately mattified, all while remaining luminous. With a secondskin texture which immediately offers high coverage without a mask-like effect, pores and imperfections are blurred away for a refined skin feel.Each ingredient has been carefully selected to preserve hydration and protect skin from daily external aggressors such as UVA and UVB.

YSL’S DELIGHTFULLY FLORAL LIBRE INTENSE With LIBRE EAU DE PARFUM INTENSE, Yves Saint Laurent Beauty’s iconic scent takes on more depth and mystery with a higher concentration. The bold gender-bending composition brings the fragrance elements of cool masculinity and smoldering femininity. Customized by Anne Flipo to highlight its flamboyance, Diva Lavender heart from Provence brings out the warmest facets of the essence. Lush Orange Blossom absolute from Morocco, fashioned by Carlos Benaïm, reveals the hidden, burninghot character of the suave white flower. The fragrance is floral, vanillic and more – the perfect fragrance for spring.


April 2021

Ladies, treat yourselves!

We put together our top beauty essentials which we believe will put a spring in your step. You deserve to be taken care of and to treat yourself or get treated to divine skincare, makeup and other products that you’re sure to love.

AN INTENSE PARFUM FROM GIORGIO ARMANI unveils Sì EAU DE PARFUM INTENSE, an ever more intense and sophisticated interpretation of the classic feminine scent, previously introduced in 2013, which encapsulates confidence and energy.The fragrance’s top note is blackcurrant nectar, a signature of the Sì fragrance family, with this alluring note extracted from the core of the fruit. At the fragrance’s heart is Isparta rose, harvested in Isparta - a region of Turkey known as “the city of roses”, and the velvety and liquorous davana. Together, these two notes create a fiercely intense effect. At its base are patchouli and benzoin resin, which both lend an enveloping sensation.The more intense successor of the classic is a chypre oriental fruity fragrance that’s sure to be an excellent addition to your collection of fragrances.


BEAUTY | news

THE PERFECT CAT EYE WITH DOLCE&GABBANA Dolce&Gabbana’s Felineyes Waterproof Eyeliner Stylo is the funky new makeup product we all could use right now. It creates a perfect black line like no other with intense colour and effortless application with its precision felt-tip applicator - designed to create perfect lines from thin to bold. The liner’s ink-rich formula offers eight hours of waterproof, smudge-proof and transfer-proof wear.Now, you can enrich the iconic black line by twisting it with pops of playful metallic colour with three new limited edition Shimmery Top Coat Powder Duos. The innovative double-ended pens contain reactive powder inside each cap: signature Iconic Gold at one end, and a choice of Mediterranean Blue, Vivid Emerald or Passionate Dahlia at the other.

TRANSFORM WITH VIKTOR&ROLF’S FLOWERBOMB Sambac jasmine, centifolia rose, cattleya orchid, and ballerina freesia bloom on a base of patchouli in the magical scent by Viktor&Rolf – Flowerbomb. This floral explosion has the power to make everything seem more positive. Magically evocative notes immediately awaken your deepest senses, giving you the impression of living life in your own secret garden, away from reality. An ode to femininity that has the power to transform the negative into the positive, Flowerbomb transcends the traditional traits of a scent and is rather an experience.

ALL-DAY GLAM WITH MILANI COSMETICS Take it to the next level with the Italianinspired Milani’s Gilded Palettes. This assortment of standout colours is sure to get your eyes popping with a mix of 15 high-impact, ultra-blendable shades. With luxe mattes, striking shimmers and lavish metallics, you’ll be able to take your look from day to night with ease. Available in four palettes to suit every skin tone. Milani is available in Debenhams (MOE, City Centre Mirdif & The Dubai Mall), Lifestyle (The Dubai Mall) and online on www.glambeaute.com and www.instashop.com. www.womanthismonth.com

April 2021


FASHION | accessories


Driven by the desire to offer something whimsical that could span generations, Runsdorf chose enamel to outline her iconic Flip Ring available in two sizes with matching bands in five bold, impactful colors that breathes new life into the collection.

All That Shimmers ! Jewellery that’s sure to make it onto your wishlist.

We sure love our fair share of exquisite jewellery. Earring, pendants, embellished cuffs and chainsof every length have a way of adding an element of exuberance to every outfit. Here are some of the most stunning jewellery collections that caught our attention this month.

The Charm Capsule Collection by Maria Tash

This new collection features linear diamond designs which utilise versatility and controlled movement to deliver an unexpected and dramatic effect on the ear. This capsule introduces two new bar designs that represent an evolution of the classic Maria Tash Diamond Eternity Ring: Diamond Eternity Bar Charms and Diamond Eternity Bar Threaded Charm Earrings. The new charms feature double-sided gemstones that are low profile and can be reversed for two distinct aesthetics. The studs can also be flipped for a diamond or gold face. Both the charms and studs move with the wearer and I designed several lengths and gem combinations so clients can layer and create dramatic pairings.


April 2021


The Garrard’s Wings Embrace collection presents us with powerful symbols of peace, purity and protection. Each evocative Wings Embrace jewel is accentuated by the addition of precious gems in a range of captivating pastel colors, illuminating each precious curve.Garrard’s much-loved wings Embrace motif comes to rest upon pendants, earrings and rings.


FASHION | accessories

Sandy Leong x Gemfields Sol Collection

Sandy Leong is partnering with world-leading gemstone supplier Gemfields on the release of Sol, a new fine jewelry collection rooted in the brand’s values by featuring responsibly sourced emeralds, 18 karat recycled yellow gold and conflict-free white diamonds. The Sol collection is comprised of 18 original pieces sculpted in Sandy Leong's signature organic silhouettes. Designed and developed under the sun in Amagansett, the Sol collection is aptly named for the surprising fact that most of the light that comes from the sun is a miraculous shade of green, not dissimilar to Gemfields’ vibrant Zambian emeralds. The collection includes rings, earrings, cocktail rings and a sculptural cuff.

Messika’s Unchained Soul Collection with Kate Moss

This set pays tribute to Kate Moss’ relaxed and effortless personality. A mixture of chains, created as sautoirs, earcuffs, rings and bracelets. This set is inspired by Boho and most of all, memories from Kate’s jewelry box.



This innovative jewellery collection is unlike anything else, featuring a strong sense of movement and a combination of classic jewellery materials with less traditional ones, all while adhering to the principles of simplicity and precision that distinguishes the brand.The collection features cuff bracelets and band rings, and sculptural earrings that mirror the curve of the lobes. The unique pieces make up four different variants: rose gold and bronze; white gold and gunmetal bronze; white gold, gunmetal bronze, and white diamonds; rose gold, bronze and brown diamonds.

April 2021




As we look forward to ushering the Holy Month of Ramadan into our homes and hearts, there cannot be a better time to introspect and give thanks for the year gone by.It's also an ideal time to renovate and revamp our interiors which may have morphed into home-offices and multi-functional spaces for many of us. This Ramadan, let’s seek comfort in convention, while treating ourselves to rich Arabic colours of fuchsia, teal and sapphire interposed with gold accents and alluring Arabesque patterns.

Tiered Treats Juice Dispenser Home Box

Three’s Company Sofa Danube Home

Sweet Scallops Centre table Danube Home

Cheeky Chic Console and mirror Danube Home


April 2021



Get Cushy Cushions Danube Home

Classic Side End Table Home Box

Dining Disposables Paper Plates namshi.com

Enchanting Scents Candle and diffuser THE One

Quintessential Glow Lantern Home Box

Savvy Storage Cabinet THE One

For Quiet Reflections Accent Chairs Home Centre

Dining Delights Tableware Home Centre

Mystical Muse Fragrance Accessories Lifestyle


April 2021


LIFESTYLE | parenting


Ouiam Charkani El Hassani comes up with innovative ways to get your child into the spirit of Ramadan!


s mothers, we are the makers of our children’s memories; we are in charge of making every milestone in their lives enjoyable and memorable so that when they reminisce, they can smile fondly with a full heart, and maybe even tell their children how fun those days were. In a few days, we will be welcoming a very special occasion that we only get a chance to celebrate once a year. Kids and adults anticipate this month with lots of excitement; roads will be embellished with lights, crescents, and stars, signaling the start of the Holy month of Ramadan. An exceptional month when we ditch the routine, enjoy delicacies by night, and fast during the day. Everything is special in Ramadan, from the exquisite treats that we can only enjoy during those 30 days, to the long nights around the coffee table playing games and drinking tea while listening to stories from friends and family, even TV channels air special programs… only in Ramadan! Even though children do not fast, we can still include them in everything we do during Ramadan; there are so many ways to make this month extra special for them. To instill the importance of Ramadan within them, we can begin to teach them the basics. It’s a great idea to use these early years to slowly build their love for the month of Ramadan so when they are eventually able to fast, they will look forward to the month with happiness and understand some of the fundamental principles. Here are some ideas on how to involve your children this Ramadan and get them in the spirit.


April 2021

Decorate your home together

Decorations remind everyone who enters your home that this is a special time. It will add sparkles of joy and beauty all around and keep the kids busy for a while. Kids also tend to have what appears to be a photographic memory, so they tend to absorb and retain their surroundings as images, some of which they will cherish forever.

Make it a family matter While socialising is prohibited due to COVID-19, you can still enjoy Ramadan as a family. Read books about Ramadan together, do art and crafts sessions together, say what you are grateful for daily together, etc. www.womanthismonth.com

LIFESTYLE | parenting

Make a calendar

Thirty days, thirty good deeds

Such a fun way to build their character and instill in them kindness, generosity, love and care for others. Write simple tasks that you know your child can do independently, and offer them one task each day of the 30 days of Ramadan. Make it a little more fun by adding a small reward if the child succeeds in achieving the tasks - perhaps candy, some extra time with you, or something he enjoys doing.

Fun activities

Plan for special activities with your child, such as baking star or moon-shaped cookies, making gingerbread mosques, lanterns and stars to decorate the house and windows, writing letters to family and friends, etc.


Nothing says “anticipation” better than looking at a calendar and counting days. The best part about Ramadan is that after all the excitement of the 30 days of fasting comes an even bigger excitement: Eid! Having a calendar can make the children more aware of time, making them understand Ramadan and Eid's concepts better.

Let them fast for an hour or so before Iftar This will make them appreciate Iftar more. You can also take the opportunity to explain to them the reason why we fast - so we can become more compassionate to those in need and appreciate all the blessings Allah has gifted us with.

Ramadan Mubarak!

April 2021



FAMILY FEASTS! Iftar and Suhoor tend to be times of bonding for families during the month of Ramadan. This month, we were happy to feast our eyes on Chef Ahmed Aldeleigan’s delicious eats. The Saudi Arabian banker turned Chef is a member of the World Master Chef’s Society and the founder of Chef Faisal Consultancy; so, needless to say – every bite was scrumptious.


Total cooking time: 40 mins - Serves: one

• Butter 30 gm • Onion chopped 10 gm • Garlic chopped 5 gm • Mushroom slice 15 gm • Mix bell pepper (julienne cut) 40 gm • Celery salt ¼ tsp • White pepper ¼ tsp • Cooking cream ½ cup • Coconut cream ¼ cup • Black pepper 1/8 tsp • Grilled chicken (julienne cut) 100 gm

• Basmati rice (soaked in warm water for 10 mins)

• Cardamom whole • Cinnamon whole • Bay leaves whole • Sea Salt • Turmeric powder • Water

For the sauce:

Sauté the garlic, onion, bell peppers and mushroom in 15 gm of butter. Add the grilled chicken (previously seasoned and cooked in a cast iron skillet with butter), celery, salt, white pepper and black pepper, and toss it well. Then, add the cooking cream and coconut cream and cook the mixture for four minutes. For the rice: Bring water to boil in a pot over medium heat and add soaked rice. Add 10 gm of butter, cardamom, cinnamon, bay leaves, salt and turmeric powder. Cover the pot and cook for 18 minutes, or until the rice is tender and water absorbed.This dish is best enjoyed garnished with parsley and friend onions.

100 gm 2 pcs 1 pc 1 pc ¼ tsp ½ tsp 200 ml

We hope you enjoy these recipes as much as we did! For more, visit www.cheffaisalco.com


April 2021

Decadent Umm Ali

Total cooking time: 25 -Serves: one

• Cooking cream 250 ml • Cardamom powder ¼ tsp • Cinnamon powder 1/8 tsp • Croissant medium 2 pcs • Raisin 5 gm • Pistachio 10 gm • Nutella sauce 50 gm • Dry roses 3 pcs • Sugar 50 gm Pour the cooking cream into a saucepan, and mix with cinnamon, cardamom and sugar. Heat until hot but not quite boiling, and then pour the mixture into a baking bowl. Break the croissant into pieces and place half of the portion on the top with 20 gm Nutella in a medium bowl. Add a second layer of croissant with 20 gm Nutella, raisins and pistachios, and then pour the cream mix into the bowl. Preheat the oven to 200 Celsius. Bake for 15 minutes in the preheated oven, or until puffed and golden brown. Garnish the dish with pistachio, Nutella and dry roses. www.womanthismonth.com

What’s your proudest achievement?

I think I can say my proudest achievement would be me - the person I am today due to the experiences I had in my life so far to become who I am. So, I consider each experience that’s made me live and learn from are my achievements.

In Her Shoes

This month, we got to know a woman who has an exquisite eye for creating stunning aesthetics. Didem Bynum is a creative fashionista who has taken her love for fashion and nurtured it as a stylist. We discovered that Didem’s personality is just as vibrant and inspirational as her wardrobe!

last word

What’s a mantra you live by?

If I’m given this life then I will do my best to enjoy it and do everything in my power to be best version of myself.

What’s one song you just can’t resist at Karaoke?

Oh, I can’t stand to hear my own voice on a microphone! I can only sing in the shower and usually sing Jess Glynne’s Thursday.

What’s the best advice you’ve ever been given? “The only time you should look back at your past should be to learn something from it or to remember happy memories.” It was advice given to me by my mom.

What is your dream holiday destination?

What are your five fashion essentials?

When you’re into fashion, essentials never end with only five pieces! I love hats! They are perfect bad hair day savers! While hiding your stubborn hair that doesn’t want to get in to shape, you can still look stylish. I’m obsessed with shoes and can’t seem to have enough. Combat boots, heels and sneakers are my jam. Perfumes! Oh my perfumes! I’m a Gemini so I have a lot of moods and I have a lot of perfumes for all my moods, but my ultimate favourite one would be the Tom Ford Lost Cherry. Sunglasses are another obsession of mine as it can change your whole mood and your whole look. Necklaces! I love layering them up! And there’s no way I would go out without wearing at least two!

Cats or dogs? Give me both!!!! I love them all! www.womanthismonth.com


Didem Bynum

What would your life be incomplete without? My health!

Name three things you are currently looking forward to.

I look forward to whatever life has planned for me; I love surprises. I look forward to seeing my family back home in Turkey. I look forward to a happier and kinder humanity; I still have hope. April 2021


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Bahrain This Month - April 2021  

Vol.25 - Issue 4 - Your guide to a great way of life

Bahrain This Month - April 2021  

Vol.25 - Issue 4 - Your guide to a great way of life