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Congratulations on becoming a pet parent! Whether this is your first pet, or you’re a senior pet parent it’s always important to have the latest information at hand to ensure your pet lives a happy and healthy life. This brochure provides some basic overview of what you’ll need to know to take care of your furry friend, and even some suggestions for what type of cage and feeding practices to follow to accommodate your new pet.

Cage Selection

The cage:

Selecting a hamster cage can be daunting when you first walk into the small pet aisle. Below are a few key things to consider when choosing the appropriate cage size and design for your hamster:

You can either have a glass, or wired cage. The benefit of a glass cage are that the hamster won’t be able to escape the cage. A wired cage provides more of an open-air feel for your pet, and your pet is less-likely to overheat in the summer if your home gets especially hot.

Size matters: Depending on the size and breed of your hamster the type of cage you need will vary. For dwarf hamsters you don’t need a massive cage for your furry friend to be happy, whereas for larger breeds like the Syrian hamster you’re going to want to choose a cage that will not only give them enough room to play and not feel cramped, but also so that you can switch up their cage with toys. Location matters: While you shouldn’t place the hamster in direct sunlight, if you do have a home that’s well-lit it would be better to get a tinted cage, like a Critter Trail cage. You also want to choose a cage that will fit in the space you’ve allocated for your hamster; however remember the sizing of the cage will affect your pet’s happiness. A standard wire cage will work in most situations.

Cleaning the Cage Cleaning your hamster’s cage should take no more than 10 minutes. Most of the legwork will be cleaning the base of the cage using mild dish or hand soap with a sponge. Pro tip: mix some of last week’s bedding into the new bedding to lessen the stress of your pet until they are completely settled. Finally, be consistent in cage layout because hamsters are creatures of habit and if you rearrange their home weekly they won’t settle in as quickly, and could possible get even more stressed.

Health Tips When your pet first arrives at its new home give it a week to settle in, and avoid taking them out of the cage during that time. If your hamster gets under a lot of stress it can develop wet-tail virus, which can prove fatal. Always ensure your hamster lives in clean conditions. They like to clean themselves and are relatively clean animals so long as their cage is cleaned regularly. Doing this also prevents unnecessary illness in both your pet and family. Make sure to use unscented or alpine bedding. Avoid using cedar or pine bedding as those may lead to allergic reactions and affect your hamster’s health. Newspaper, cat litter, and fluffy bedding can also harm your hamster due to the ink in newspaper, or impact their cheek pouches and prove fatal. Always check your hamster’s teeth, eyes, fur, and paws for any changes as this may indicate a change in their overall health. Hamsters can also catch a cold from a human and shouldn’t be handled if you’re just recovering from a cold.

Feeding You have two approaches to ensure your pet if fed enough food each week: you can fill their bowl with enough food to last the entire week (2 scoops), or provide a half scoop of food to your pet’s bowl each morning. The half-scoop method is great for hamsters who need to lose weight, while the two-scoop method is great for pet parents on the go, and children who have to go to school during the week.

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Hamster Care 101

A quick guide to caring for your new hamster

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Brochure Mockup - Hamster Care  

Using my own hamster as a model, and borrowing a free commons photo of a second tan hamster, I created a hamster care brochure with my own t...

Brochure Mockup - Hamster Care  

Using my own hamster as a model, and borrowing a free commons photo of a second tan hamster, I created a hamster care brochure with my own t...