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Welcome! In June in 2012 Primary School in Pielgrzymowice completd Comenius project Creative Brains. The positive effects of participation in such activities caused that we took the decision to re-engage in a new project, this time focusing on the theme of ecology and artistic activity. Project partner countries are: Hungary, Italy, Germany, Turkey and Poland. On the 22-26 October it was held the first, organizational teacher’s meeting from schools involved in the Comenius project. The meeting took place in a friendly with Pawlowice community town Sendrö in Hungary. The central point of the main tasks was to discuss and plan activities for students and teachers of all partner schools. Certainly a big motivation to get involved in the project will be the opportunity for the students to go to Turkey, Italy, Germany and Hungary. Partnership meeting in Primary School in Pielgrzymowice will take place in May 2013. Participation in another Comenius project is using the offer, which gives us the European Union, which principles seek to cross the border, not only territorial, but also in contact with people of other cultures, beliefs and languages. Can we not to use this wide open window to Europe?

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The whole school is involved in activities of the Eco & Art Comenius project. It has already been established group of teachers who are responsible for carrying out various tasks. They will meet with students who specifically want to get involved in the project. We invite all students to participate in extra activities: ecological and artistic. In the next issue you'll learn about the specific tasks which will be performed. Students who will be the most involved will have the opportunity to go to one of the partner schools. But this is not the main goal. Comenius is project which gives an opportunity to make lot of international contacts and know more how the European Schools function.

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The Comenius Eco & Art - As with any activities, you need the people who ensure the proper execution of all the assigned and planned tasks. The coordinator’s job is not so easy. It requires a lot of responsibility and a lot of activities related to the organization of school activities, trips and partners’ meetings. The coordinator’s task is also to collect documentation, edit reports and project reports. In the pictures we present all project Eco & Art coordinators. I deliberately did not give information who is who. This is a job for you - dear students - try to guess who is the coordinator of the German, Italian, Turkish, Hungarian, Polish school. .

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Why this topic? Where did the abbreviation Eco? Of course, from the word ecology. But what is ecology? Is the study of the structure and functioning of nature, dealing with the study of interactions between organisms and their environment and each other between the two organisms. However, in everyday language we use the term in a much broader sense. To explore issues related to ecology we invite all children who would like to learn more about the world around us - plants, animals, landscape, atmosphere, and many other aspects of the environment in which we live. We want to show how beautiful is the world around us, and how complex and fascinating it is. We all should take care about our environment, because it determines our life, health and well-being every day. Environmental activities carried out under the project will focus on issues related to our home: our village, a region, but also with the environmental problems of our country, in Europe. Thanks to contacts with other countries we will find out what environmental problems they face in their countries.

The second part of the title of the Comenius project is more complex and covers a large area of human activity. The abbreviation "art" we associate with the words: art, artist, artistry, art ... How to connect the issue of ecology with artistic activity? We will answer the question during performing tasks related to the project. Certainly it will be useful creative thinking skills here – which we trained during the previous Comenius project "Creative Brains". After all, every artist has to be creative. In your artistic activities you will certainly use materials related to ecology different types of waste, but you also should think of artistic creations using the natural gifts of our nature. Artistic activity not only art, but also singing, music. There will be international songs, dances, and you might be able to create an eco-instruments? We cannot forget about another field of artistic activity, which is theatre. With theatrical performances we can show the problems of our natural environment and its protection. We are going to prepare such a presentation and present it by the students to all students in our school.

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The first meeting was held in a friendly school in Sendrö in Hungary. Teachers from all partner schools attended in it. Our school was represented by teachers presented in the picture who are involved in the project. The whole meeting was held in a very relaxed, friendly atmosphere. Participants seemed to have known each other for a long time and the relationships were very open, which helped to establish all the goals and activities related to the project. It is important to have such direct contact with our partners from Hungary (this is school is the main coordinator), Italy, Turkey and Germany. During the meeting we decided about the dates of next appointments. The next trip will be on the 11th – 15th March in Sardinia in Italy. We will be a host of the next meeting in May (13-17) 2013 year. Then in Turkey in October, Germany in March 2014 and at the end the meeting will be held again in the Hungarian school.

All the guests were greeted in each of the partner’s language. It was also interesting that in Hungary there is the same tradition like in Poland the tradition of welcoming guests with bread and salt. We were welcomed in this way by students in regional costumes.

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Polish Newspaper (November)  

Polish Newspaper (November)