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Week Week 1&2(16-27 September 2013)

Objectives Ss will have an insight upon what UN&MUN is and the objectives of the organization.


*Brainstorming x.php? option=com_content&view=article&id =98&Itemid=163

*Guessing background knowledge of the students by question-answer technique.

HW: Guiding students to study the overall info about the UN Organisation via the links below:

--What is UN&MUN? -UN&MUN history -Presentation of the MUN Club ewsid_1720000/newsid_1721800/17 21851.stm v=paktq41Jyfc

Week 3(30 September 4October2013)

Ss will learn the 6 main principals of UN following forming groups of 2 or 3 to search for each organ using ipad.

*Brainstorming *Skimming& Scanning *Reading for gist *Presentation of the committees one of which is to be presented by one of the delegates in the classroom. •

Week 4(07-11 October 2013):

Ss will watch sample videos in the class (sequences of 6 main organs, Model United Nations Overview, Mock Sessions, Do’s and Dont’s etc.)

*Warm-up: Asking Questions about what to expect from the videos to be watched. v=268ROcmJjLU v=aBh_RaX0gvs v=i9Rwhw-L2iU

*While-listening: Notetaking upon the video Do’s and Don’t’s(Writing what to do and what not to do during the MUN conferences.) Week 5(21-25 October 2013)

Ss will learn the members of UN and they will discuss upon their memberships( Standing members to be highly focused)

*Gripping the countries by looking at the flags, spotting the member

Week 6(28 October-1 November 2013)

countries on the map. • Ss will learn that UN alliance values parallel to IB learner profile: *Brainstorming & sharing international values (corresponding to IB learner profile) -what common values could UN and IB learner profile have? •

Week 7(48November 2013)

listing IGO’s and NGO’s( IGO’s and NGO’s can be found in the MUN Booklet)

Ss will be shown sample session videos , demonstrated the members-participants. • Ss will practice the roll-call, motions on the floor and opening speeches * Practising the roll call with the placards given to the students • “How to make an opening speech? “ to be taught (Sample opening speeches on MUN Booklet) *Parliamentary procedure video will be shown.

Roll-call video: v=fRBZ0qomi2E A sample session overview: v=QYu9mJz6S3I&list=PLdGqtVIqVRbqIaFI-jclLAbwz1IimjYu An entertaining video to be presented by the end of the lesson: Model UN Style: v=9ZHqtqpaSzY&list=PLdGqtVIqVRbqIaFI-jclLAbwz1IimjYu v=7Nli0yunikc

Week 8(11-15 November 2013)

Ss will learn the MUN vocabulary (can be found in the MUN vocabulary)(Question&Answer)

*Watching a sample session video in the sequel highlighting the words they have heard. . Week 9 (18-22 November 2013) Week 10(25-29 November 2013

Week 11 (02-06 December 2013)

Week 12: (09-13 December 2013)

Ss will practice a mock session, priorly they will watch a mock session on the link. *Topics will be given by the teacher. • Useful Expressions Worksheet will be introduced to the ss. • Pronunciation+ Quiz (Useful expressions can be found in the MUN Booklet) • Ss will keep on learning the useful Expressions following vocabulary activity. (Useful expressions can be found in the MUN Booklet) • Ss will make a research on Selected Agencies/ NGO. (NATO-UNESCO-UNICEF etc.) and they will give information v=268ROcmJjLU Alternative video: 9707817255/check-out-the-mockmodel-united-nations-movie-the 9707817255/check-out-the-mockmodel-united-nations-movie-the

Week 13(16-20 December 2013)

Week 14(23-28 December 2013)

Week 15&16(30 December 2013 10 – January 2014)

about each in the classroom environment. *The teacher provides the students with the foreknowledge of the selected NGO’s and divides the students into groups of four to make them make researches on ipad. • Ss will write an opening speech. *Via the link the students will read fast the info and by the help of the sample speeches they are going to write their own sample speech in the classroom.(Opening speech samples and persuasive speech info can be found in the booklet.) • Ss will conduct a research upon the most devastating global issues (Book Creator activity) *5 topics to be tackled by the students. • Ss will offer solutions to selected global problems. 2 phased activity a)writing individual solutions for the selected global problem b) Writing solutions for the selected problems from a country’s point of view. ng+Speech

MUN first term syllabus outline (Beykent College)  
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