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First some eggs Then everything inside your fridge Spinach, tomatoes, nuts and bolts Potatoes, celery, raisins sage Spinach cookoo, tomato cookoo Cilantro cookoo, tumeric-masala cookoo Sweet potato cookoo, too many eggs-cookoo Love you darling-cookoo Good morning sweetheart-cookoo I have nothing to make-cookoo It’s cold outside-cookoo We’ll stay inside and watch the orange leaves Let’s have a picnic-cookoo! It’s not too cold and the grass is dry I don’t cook-cookoo I’m a vegetarian-cookoo So have some of this and I won’t say another word Try something Iranian-cookoo This doesn’t taste like a frittata-cookoo That’s a funny word and doesn’t it mean-cookoo? We’ll have a romantic dinner and I know this one recipe-cookoo Candlelight, wine, and fancy salads, kale and things But cookoo as the main dish Can I put some Indian food in this? Sure, why not-just pour it in-cookoo Delicious for breakfast-cookoo With feta and walnuts and parsley and barbari You know, the bread with fluffy bubbles and crunchy edges Melt in my mouth-cookoo Stick between my teeth-cookoo Picky eaters do it yourself-cookoo Fancy foodies use trendy greens-cookoo Missing food from home-cookoo Gosh, I love ethnic food!-cookoo Wrap it in a pita and pack it for lunch-cookoo Fill the pan and flip it over and let it brown-cookoo Every family makes them different-cookoo Come over for tea we’ll talk for hours It’ll get late, and dark so soon I’ll whip something up -cookoo