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Hostess Packet

Thank you for hosting a ThirtyOne Gifts Party!

We're in this together

Alison Otto Independent Director with Thirty-One Gifts 920-585-0323

You set the stage on participation in the event, so please like or comment on every post

Maximize attendance  by sending private messages to each guest thru the event.  Send one right away inviting them to join and one the day of or day before as a reminder.

Spring Summer Catalog PDF

Customer Specials

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Hostess Specials

Qualify for this with only $600 in sales

Details on Hosting

Start your wish list NOW Your order gets entered with me, not on my website. That way I can make sure you get the best BANG for your BUCK!

More details on Hosting

Hostess details all in one graphic

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Qualify for 1 with $200 in sales 2 with $500 in sales 3 FREE with $1200 in sales

Join my Team for only $99

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February hostess packet  
February hostess packet