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SCHEDULE DECEMBER 2010-JANUARY 2011 Activities Drawings and pictures for a calendar. The calendar will collect lighthouses with brief description from partners. Also poems written by students will add to the calendar

Time December 2010

products “Publisher” software could be used. Final product is a calendar make by students all together in collaborative way.During the meeting we decided the following:

Know how partners say lighthouse, sea, coast, etc in their own language. Make a interactive dictionary with images and words mentionated above and publish it on ebook form.

December 2010

Share information and greetings for Christmas in the way we like.

December 2010

January February led by Poland

March April led by Spain

May June led by Greece

July August Cover and Back led by Italy

September November December led by Scotland

An audiobook using myebook tool will be prepared in collaborative way. Also we can prepare a display in each school showing how you say the same word in different language Postcards, videos, drawing, photo…..put both on the website and etwinning

Start reading of the book: “My very own lighthouse” written by Francisco Cunha; We can read also all series of “The lighthouse keeper’s….” by David and Ronda Armitage Make classroom display with examples of activities of reading book mentioned above and share pictures of it

January-February 2011

February 2011

You can choose activities you prefer. You can use the lighthouses support you received during the meeting we take pictures of activities

Continue To investigate on our own lighthouses ( it will take the whole school year)

Till June 2011

We use this information making a calendar for the new year

The Comenius’ corner grows in each school.

Till end of the project

We Take photos of it and put in the website

schedule november january  

activities for the second term

schedule november january  

activities for the second term