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Best Horror movies you should download from iTunes If you need a movie to get scared, then here is a list of horror movies, best from iTunes tops. Hope you’ll enjoy. Orphan – The movie represents a tragic story of a girl, and her parents abandoned her after she was born. A couple that can’t have children adopt her, but there is something very strange about this girl. See the movie to understand what is strange about that little girl. A Nightmare On Elm Street- The movie tells another version of the story of Freddy Krueger, who is a famous serial killer but has a different way of killing. Freddy kills the people while they are asleep, but they result also dead in reality. Drag To Hell – If you ask me is one of the horror movies that kind of scared me. The movie tells us the story of a loan officer that doesn’t want to offer a loan to an old lady that is about to lose her house. So the old lady curses her. In the rest of the movie you can see what desperate measure the woman is about to take, so that she can save her life. Silent Hill – In this movie a woman is seeking for her daughter, and ends up in a lost town named Silent Hill. Some very strange things happen in here, and her live is in big risk. See if the woman founds and saves her daughter. Mirrors – The movie presents us the drama of an ex cop who is also a target of a dark force that uses a mirror to enter into his home. Ben is terrified by these mysterious force that is on the mirror, but his wife thinks they aren’t real and they are just side effects of the medication. But Ben is sure of this force which is chasing him. Texas Chainsaw Massacre – The action is quite typical for a horror movie. Some teenagers are been stalked by an undead killer which uses a chainsaw to kill. The stalker hunts and them kills him victims. My Bloody Valentine- The main character of this movie comes back to his hometown on Valentine’s Day. But this day is not a normal day because it’s the tenth anniversary since a massacre happened. In that massacre 22 people were killed. And now everybody seems to believe is Tom. Did he really done all those murders? He is the only one who still believes he is innocent. Sinister – The movie is about a writer who has a best-seller 10 years ago, and who wrote two books since then but they weren’t good enough. So he moves with his family in a house where a family was killed and a little girl disappeared. Strange things are about to happen in that house. I personal, really liked this movie and the story is interesting.Just click here for more. Sorority Row- You know how the girls that are in a sorority are very united. Well this story is about a group of girls that try to cover a murder.

30-Best Horror Movies You Should Download From Itunes  

Sinister The movie is about a writer who has a best - seller 10 years ago, and who wrote two books since then but they killed and...