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Erasmus Mundus Action 2 Mediterranean Area for Science Technology and Research 2011-4051/002-001-EMA2


About Medastar MEDASTAR (Mediterranean Area for Science Technology And Research) is a project that aims for broader co-operation between Europe, Egypt and Lebanon putting emphasis on science, technology and research. The project will be co-financed by the Education, Audiovisual and Culture Executive Agency (EACEA) for a maximum of EUR 3.989.650. The project is devoted to creating a mutual forum for scientific cooperation, acknowledgement and exchange. It takes into account the objectives (both general and specific) of the Erasmus Mundus Action 2 Strand1 (EMA 2-1) call and the objectives and expected results of Egypt and Lebanon as reflected in their national reports on the state and development of education. The project will actively respond to the needs of Egypt and Lebanon for higher education, in accordance with their level of development. Attention will be given to the promotion of equal opportunities and the values of democracy, the rule of law, respect for human rights and fundamental freedoms.

INTERNATIONAL OFFICE In order to work in an efficient and effective way, a special unit “MEDASTAR” will be established within the International Office at Universidad de Oviedo which will take care of the daily management of the project and which will support the implementation of the activities of the project (intranet management, coordination of selection and admission, financial management, etc).

Kick off Meeting: 18th – 21th January 2012


Venue: - Frem Civic Center, Byblos Campus of the Lebanese American University, Lebanon

Date: Wednesday 18thOctober Arrival of participants and transfer to Canary de Byblos Hotel Thursday 19th October OPENING CEREMONY: 9:30am-10:00: Official opening of the meeting at SelinaKorban Theater 1. Dr. AbdallahSfeir, Provost of the Lebanese American University (LAU) 2. Dr. Elise Salem, VP for Student Development & Enrolment Management at LAU 3. Dr. Juan Carlos Gafo Acevedo Spanish Ambassador in Lebanon Session 1. Introduction & Project Overview 10:00 – MEDASTAR Consortium proceed to meeting at FREM Center. 10:10 – 11:30 Morning Session 1. Welcome Address – Dr. Fuad Hashwa. Local Project coordinator 2. Dra Ana Mª Fernández García. Vice-chancellor of International Affairs University of Oviedo. Medastar Project Coordinator 3. Introduction/Short Presentation from each Partner Institution (max. 5 minutes each). 11.30-11.45 Coffee Break 12.00 -13.00: Introduction to MEDASTAR PROJECT 1. Project Overview (Objectives, Partnership Structure, Thematic Fields, Activities…) 2. Promotion Campaign - (Action: Discussion, Approval) 1.1. Promotion Materials / Insitutional Marketing 1.1.1. Logo, Posters / Leaflets, Seminars / Presentations 1.2. Dissemination strategies, recruitment of target groups II and III 13:00- 14:30 Lunch in the Campus

In total, 199 mobility flows are planned: 60 Undergraduates, 54 Master, 41 Doctorates, 23 Post-doctorates, and 21 Staff Mobilities from wich 12 will be for Academic Staff and 9 for personnel involved in isntitutional building. 9 Administrative Staff will receive a tailor-made program on university governance and quality assurance organized in one of the EU partner universities. 92 Mobility Flows will be from Egypt, 71 from Lebanon and 36 from EU.

Session 2. Organisation and implementation of mobility 14.30- 14.55: AnilaTroshani (EACEA), “Criteria for a good management”

15.00 – 17:00 - Call for applicants and selection process 1. Call for Applicants & Selection Process - (Action: Discussion, Approval) 1.3. Call for Application – Cohort Process 1.4. Selection Criteria / Documentation 1.5. Selection Process 1.6. Appeals Procedure 2.

Financial Aid for the mobility

3. Database - (Action: Information, Approval 3.1. What an Applicant can do? 3.2. What a Partner can do? 17.00 – Official Photograph of Consortium 19:30 – Evening Meal in Byblos at Bab El-Mina restaurant

Friday 20th January Session 3. Organisational matters 9.00-12.00 Mobility and organisational matters 1. Implementation of Mobility - (Action: Discussion, Approval) 1.1. Project Documents (Learning Agreement, Scholarship Contract, etc.) 1.2. Quality Assurance 1.3. Academic Recognition 1.4. Sustainability -Short Coffee Break2. Organisational / Managment Matters 2.1. Management Structure (as per the project proposal) - (Action: Information, Approval) 2.2. Financial Management - (Action: Information, Approval) 2.2.1. Organisation of Mobility – Using the flat rate 2.2.2. Mechanism for money transfer for scholarships (Subsistence, Insurance Participation Costs, Travel Costs) 2.2.3. Financial Reporting from partners (Tuition fees, subsistence, travel, insurance) 2.3. Memorandum of Understanding

12:30 Closing Remarks 13.00 lunch in the Campus After lunch a trip to World famous Jeita Grotto, then to Beirut for sight seeing and dinner in downtown Beirut at KARAM restaurant

Saturday 21th January Departure of participants

LIST OF PARTICIPANTS IN KICK OFF MEETING-BEIRUT Universidad de Oviedo. Ana Mª Fdez. García, Constantina Álvarez Peña. Ain Shams University (Egypt). Samar Abdelazim Ahmed. American University Of Beirut. Katherine Nugent Yngve. Arab Academy For Science, Technology And Maritime Transport (Egypt). Mohamed Shehadeh. Chimikotehnologichen I Metalurgichen Universitet-UCTM Sofía (Bulgaria). Rossica Betcheva. Damanhour University (Egypt). Elhamy Tarabees. GeorgAugust-Universität Göttingen (Germany). Carlos Machado García. Helwan University (Egypt). Aliaa Youssif. Hochschule Karlsruhe – Technik Und Wirtschaft (Germany). Joachim Lembach. International Telematic University Uninettuno (Italy). Gianluca Cortese. Lebanese American University Hashwa Fuad, Dina Abdel Rahman. Masaryk University (Czech Republic). Amal Al Khatib. Nile University (Egypt). Wael Akl. Port Said University (Egypt). Ahmed Daoud. Sciences Po (France). Regine Serra. Sohag University (Egypt). Ahmed Aziz Abdel Moneim Sharaf. The American University In Cairo (Egypt). Mohamed Abouel Seoud , Ann Lesh. Université Saint-Joseph. Nayla Hocheimy Hajj.




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