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We dream. We donate. We act.

We dream of a powerful worldwide network where people bundle forces for

a better world. Wanna join our mission?

“Bundle forces for a better world” Pifworld is an international platform where people and companies donate to charity projects and act to make a change. Donations go directly to personally selected projects. Via (video) updates, you can see the change you made possible.

Pifworld for companies

“Turn your company into a community” Pifworld consults and provides customized solutions to increase employee- and consumer engagement with your corporate social responsibility activities. As a company, you can: • Donate - enable your employees and consumers to donate to project of their choice, individually or together. • Act - involve your employees and enable them to contribute their knowledge & expertise. Our customized products (games, competitions) facilitate CSR involvement, teambuilding and management development.

Pifworld for media partners

“Socialize your brand & expand your network” Pifworld offers on- and offline media partners the possibility to act for a better world. As a media partner, you can: • Use our SixP inspiration network. Work together with peers and partners for people, planet & profit (see our SixP group on LinkedIn); • Voice Pifworld’s mission to your target group. You can blog, share or... fund a project together; • Support Pifworld with your knowledge & expertise.

Pifworld for foundations

“Enable online fundraising & company participation” Pifworld offers strategic advice and tailor made solutions to involve consumers and companies with your mission. As a foundation, you can: • Fundraise for your projects and keep your donors involved with photos, videos and blogs; • Build a network of companies, whose employees support you with donations and expertise; • Use our products to involve companies with your foundation (e.g. CSR Breakfast Club, Christmas Giving, Loyalty Giving, games and competitions).

Pifworld organisation “complementary fields of expertise� The Pifworld organisation is founded in 2008 and has eight full time professionals. We offer advice on all legal, online fundraising, financial, (social media) marketing, technical, and employee engagement aspects of doing good. Off course, you can also make use of our products.

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