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New publications up to December 2015 Jean-Philippe Rameau Opera Omnia, OOR IV. 5 Dardanus Edited by Cécile Davy-Rigaux and Denis Herlin BA 8854

Concentus Musicus, Band XV Sei cantate a voce sola Edited by Giulia Giovani BA 8391-01

Franz Schubert New Edition of the Complete Works Series IV, Volume 15, Register Edited by Walther Dürr and Susanne Eckstein BA 5572-01 Heinrich Schütz New Edition of the Complete Works, Volumes 34/35 Larger Church Works Edited by Andreas Waczkat BA 4486-01 George Frideric Handel Halle Handel Edition, Series II, Volume 7 Lucio Cornelio Silla Edited by Terence Best BA 10701-01 Halle Handel Edition, Series III, Volume 10 Coronation Anthems Edited by Stephan Blaut BA 10711-01 Johann Pachelbel Complete Vocal Works, Volume 6 Magnificat III Edited by Katharina Larissa Paech BA 10556-01

Georg Philipp Telemann Musical Works, Volume 55 Jahrgang ohne Recitativ Edited by Ralph-Jürgen Reipsch BA 7805-01

Johann Pachelbel Complete Vocal Works All 11 volumes available at a special set price of € 1,338 New Issue Title

New Publications 1/2016 · The Programme


Musical Works, Volume 51 Concerten-Jahrgang Edited by Maik Richter BA 7803-01

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New Publications 1/2016  

New Publications 1/2016  

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