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MPDCLick (also known as Mudpie) is an online trend forecasting service. It covers all aspects of retailing, comprehensive overviews of the global marketplace, business analysis for every stage of the product cycle, coverage of all the major Fashion Weeks and analysis ov over 200 trade shows. All images are downloadable. Click the link of the left to visit the site.

Click the SIGN IN button and then enter the following‌ Email: westherts@mpdclick1 Password: student

Use the dropdown menus to select which area of the site you would like to go to.

For each report there is a keyword search box. You can sort alphabetically or by date. Just click on the image to go to that particular report.

If you click on an image in a report it will pop up in a hi-res version. You can zoom in and out and crop the image if you wish to highlight a particular area. You can navigate backwards and forwards through the images in the report by clicking on the arrows either side. All images can be downloaded straight to your PC.

You can zoom in and out You can crop the image

You can download the image as a .jpg

You can go to the previous image

You can go to the next image

Mudpie has a large selection of creative images such as clothing, prints, graphics and vectors. You can download them in either JPG, AI or EPS formats, which can be edited in Adobe Photoshop or Adobe Illustrator.


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