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AO& HOTEL KONKURRENZ AO& (Philipp Furtenbach, Philipp Riccabona and Thomas A. Wisser) discovered the Hotel St. Oswald, situated on the edge of Bad Kleinkirchheim’s uniform tourism culture. This once pioneering business was built and developed in the 1970s and in 1991 was expanded to include 100 beds. It embodies the spirit and optimism of the day like no other. AO& declared the hotel to be an objet trouvé and convinced the owners to hand over the reins to an outsider for five weeks. Now, in addition to changes to the rooms, new forms of meeting will be developed as well as new working relationships and processes within the accommodation sector. The renamed ‘Hotel Konkurrenz’ will bring together interested and interesting people from different areas. A series of concerts, talks, readings and films will complete this 30-day congress with a difference. Under the direction of Philip Rachinger and Anton de Bruyn (two young and gifted chefs with international experience), new forms of dining will be developed for the hotel and contemporary food and drink of the highest quality offered.

WEDNESDAY, 14 MAY TILL SUNDAY, 18 MAY 30 inhabitants of Bad Kleinkirchheim will be spending a few free days of holiday in their own village at the invitation of AO& Manfred Hellrigl, office manager for future issues in Bregenz, discusses community and regional development, participation and social capital Ambassadors from Bad Gastein report on the redevelopment of a lost tourist resort Sepp Schellhorn, a hotelier and former manager of the Austrian hotelier association, discusses the nature of the industry Herta Nöbauer, social and cultural anthropologist from the University of Vienna, discusses the anthropology of snow and forced smiles in tourism Jonathan Crayford, a pianist and multi-instrumentalist from New Zealand, spends several days at the hotel. During his improvisation performances, he seems to do whatever the piano wants! Werner Jakits, a visual artist, DJ and collector of recording media, especially Afro-American music from all eras MONDAY, 19 MAY TILL SUNDAY, 25 MAY Cid Rim, a producer and drummer, famous for his new interpretation of jazz beyond the borders Dorian Concept – ‘modest megalomania’ – nobody plays the keyboard like he does and his latest album has been released on Ninja Tune Zanshin is described as a Swiss army knife of the electronic music scene on the website of his label, Affine Roland Velich gives a talk about intercultural connections and historical relations of landscapes in relation to winegrowing Bernhard Kathan, a social scientist, publicist and artist, observes the happenings inside and outside the hotel Sigrid Hauser, an architectural theorist and Professor at the Vienna University of Technology, observes the happenings inside and outside the hotel Egyd Gstättner reads from his book ‘Geisterschiff’ which takes place over wide areas of a hotel in Grado MONDAY, 26 MAY TILL SUNDAY, 1 JUNE Michelangelo Pistoletto on his life project ‘Cittadellarte’: the creation of new art and life models from the interaction between cultural, economic and productive energies

14 May to 15 June 2014, St. Oswald / Bad Kleinkirchheim / Austria Run by AO& for 30 days, 60 rooms, 100 beds, suites, dormitory, restaurant, bar, swimming pool, steam room, sauna, weights room, tennis courts The kitchen will be open to all guests wishing to observe the preparation process during their stay. All of the drinks offered at the hotel will be selected by winegrower Roland Velich (MORIC). Day and evening guests are also welcome to visit the ‘Hotel Konkurrenz’ with its culture programme and restaurant operation. The comfortable hotel with over 100 beds is located on the edge of a forest and offers impressive views of the surrounding Nockberge peaks. It is the ideal starting point for walks, bike tours, etc. Guests and staff can make use of the 20 m swimming pool with a sauna and steam room. The ‘Hotel Konkurrenz’ has a range of different therapists on offer who can provide guests with various treatments and support.

Bookings & enquiries: and +43 4240 8212-29 As part of the 30 day programme, all of those contributing to the programme will spend several days at the hotel. This will lead to deliberate overlaps and gatherings. Precise details of individual events will not be given for dramaturgical reasons. The spacious layout of the site allows for parallel stays or visits independent of the programme. For more detailed information about the hotel and programme, see here

Prices per person and overnight stay with breakfast, lunch and evening meal, including all the facilities and events on offer at the hotel, a ‘Kärnten Card’ and resort tax: Single or double room: 125 Euro Dormitory: 55 Euro Children under 12 stay for free.

Michael Zinganel, an architectural theorist, artist and curator, discusses ‘backstage*tourism’ and ‘the art of action in tourist worlds of experience’ Edelbert Köb, curator of nock/art, on society-related art, new artist images and art as a form of action Daniel Knorr, Roman Signer, Michael Strasser, Ingeborg Strobl, artists of nock/art, on their self-image and projects in Bad Kleinkirchheim Hans Schabus was born in Carinthia, his film ‘Val Canale’ demonstrates the important north-south connection between Carinthia and Italy Dietmar Nigsch, a theatre-maker and manager of the ‘Walser­ herbst’ festival, discusses his experiences of establishing cultural life in remote location Peter Seher, a musician, performer, provocateur and farmer from Carinthia Markus Orsini Rosenberg, a painter from Damtschach, plays music from his record collection MONDAY, 2 JUNE TILL MONDAY, 9 JUNE Brigitte Franzen, director of the Ludwig Forum for international art in Aachen, discusses her curatorial and scientific focus: the relationships between art – landscape – architecture Konrad Sprenger is the pseudonym of the artist, composer and publisher Jörg Hiller, live performance with a computercontrolled multi-channel guitar Phillip Sollmann, a sound artist and composer. He released on Dial Records as ‘Efdemin’ and travels the world as a DJ. He will give one of his drone concerts at the hotel Dietmar Schwärzler is a curator and compiled the ‘Blaue Zone – Zimmer 405’ film series for the ‘Hotel Konkurrenz’. Featuring works by: Bas Jan Ader, Heddy Honigmann, Peter Liechti, Joan Jonas, Lukas Marxt, George Kuchar, Lida Abdul, David Horvitz, Markus Scherer and others Yasmina Haddad, ‘music and other such things’, from Laurie Spiegel to FKA Twigs

Miklos Ajtai, a pianist, lives in Radenthein and has been playing at various Carinthian hotels for many years Albrecht Dornauer works with vinyl records in a range of ways and plays tunes from his archive of rare records Florian Horwath, a multi-talented artist, performer, songwriter presents his new album TUESDAY, 10 JUNE TILL SUNDAY, 15 JUNE Ed. Hauswirth, a director and artist, is artistic manager of the Graz ‘Theater im Bahnhof’. During his time at the hotel, he will get involved with hotel events Babak Tafreshi and Christoph Malin, globally active representatives of astrophotography, talk about their work and seek to capture the Nockberge and the sky at night Barbara Stracke and Mirko Winkel – the astrophysicist and planetary researcher (Deutsches Institut für Luft- und Raumfahrt) and visual artist discuss the possibility of life on other planets John Gerrard, an Irish artist, demonstrates and discusses a new work from his ‘Exercise’ series Markus Krottendorfer gives one of his famous slide shows David Ajtai, the piano genius from neighbouring Radenthein Dieter Würch, the militant universal scholar and operator of the Vienna 777 book store, reads science fiction Pepi Helm, a landlord, musician and central figure in the incomparable ‘post-apocalyptic’ sociotope, discusses his ‘3er-Wirtshaus’ in Zwerndorf an der March. He plays guitar, shares anecdotes and sings Klaus Feurstein, DJ, chef, pioneer, founder and operator of the legendary ‘Stone Club’, plays and discusses items from his unique record collection Philipp Quehenberger and Didi Kern ...!! ...!!! ...!!!!!!!!!!! Oliver Kargl, a DJ and producer who grew up in the techno town of Feldkirch and releases on the Dial and Laid labels as ‘RNDM’ FRIDAY, 10 OCTOBER TILL SUNDAY, 12 OCTOBER AT THE HOTEL ST. OSWALD A look back at the ‘Hotel Konkurrenz’ and symposium on the issues of changing focus and shifting generations in hotels

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14 May to 15 June 2014, St. Oswald/Bad Kleinkirchheim/Austria Run by AO& for 30 days, 60 rooms, 100 beds, suites, dormitory, restaurant, bar...