Wellis Catalogue 2017

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HIGH QUALITY EUROPEAN PRODUCTION 21ST CENTURY GREEN TECHNOLOGY SINCE THE COMPANY WAS FOUNDED IN 2003, MORE AND MORE PEOPLE ARE CHOOSING WELLIS PRODUCTS, NOT ONLY IN OUR HOME COUNTRY, BUT THROUGHOUT EUROPE. WITH THE PURSUIT FOR A HEALTHY LIFESTYLE, THE DEMAND FOR QUALITY WELLNESS PRODUCTS IS ON THE RISE. Thanks to continuous growth and development, Wellis Magyarország Zrt. is now the largest spa manufacturer in Europe. As a domestic producer, it is the market leader amongst the wellness equipment manufacturers and distributors of Hungary. Production of pools and spas happen in two separate departments, in an area of altogether 18.000 square meters (approximately 190.000 square feet), with the involvement of 400 people. Owing to the significant growth in capacity, every year 20.000 families can enjoy wellness experiences provided by Hungarian-made spas and sanitaryware! Every developing company’s history has major milestones. For Wellis, the latest of these came only a few months ago: in December 2015 we opened a 10.000 square meters (approximately 110.000 square feet) large production hall. The building of the complex equipped with enormous, cutting edge manufacturing tools was motivated by the rising demand of the market and the pursuit of quality manufacturing technology.