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GreGory Stewart Probation Violation

larry HitcHcock cruelty to cHildren, SimPle battery

wyletHia watkinS Probation Violation

JoHn may cHild SuPPort arreSt

JaSon moody tHeft by takinG

GIVE US ROOM TO WORK mary SmitH driVinG witHout a licenSe

micHael GraHam cHild SuPPort arreSt



micHael SmitH dui-alcoHol or druGS


alexander af-urSin underaGe PoSSeSSion of alcoHol

candace almond-malonado burGlary

GuadaluPe baez-cortez driVinG w/o a licenSe, tint Violation

JeSSyca barnett 4tH deGree forGery

donna bateS PreScriPtion fraud

JuStin bowen Probation Violation

Julie boyd aGGraVated aSSault, battery

monica brown SerVinG 48 HourS for dui-alcoHol

katHleen caSwell dui-alcoHol, liGHtS required

daVid cHerry battery, contemPt/ct., terror tHreatS/actS

cHriStoPHer coomeS SerVinG 48 HourS for dui-alc./PoSS. mariJuana

ray corbett felony contemPt of SuPerior court

douGlaS dalton dwol, imProPer driVinG, HeadliGHt Violation

Grady damonS Violation of bond

eric fair felony failure to aPPear

willie JoHnSon Probation Violation

celentoria JoneS Probation Violation

clayton liSter bencH warrant

lee little felony Probation Violation

darrell mattox criminal treSPaSS, Parole Violation

barry nelSon SHoPliftinG

laura newton felony Probation Vio., wanted in oconee co.

derek oliVera driVinG witH SuSPended licenSe

keitH Powell felony Probation Violation

daVid ryalS SHoPliftinG, obStruction leo, Probation Violation

azikiwe SHieldS SerVinG 48 HourS for dui-alc. & SPeedinG

roderick Stewart dui-alcoHol, imProPer driVinG

benJamin tarPkinS credit card fraud (x3)

eddie tHomaS PoSSeSSion mariJuana

Holly treadwell tHeft by conVerSion


tHomaS abbott racinG on HiGHwayS

cody auStin driVinG w/ SuSP. licS., SuSPended reGiStration

rita barneS failure to aPPear, wanted in barrow co.

leSter barnett driVinG w/ SuSP. licS., unreGiStered VeHicle

erica dillard felony Probation Violation

laderren flaniGan PoSSeSSion mariJuana, felony Probation Vio.

carey Hardaway dui-alcoHol, SiGnal/SiGn Violation

elizabetH Hart PoSS. cocaine, Probation Vio., druG-rel. obJect

Paul kelley diSorderly conduct(x2)

donald little dwol, SimPle battery, diSorderly conduct

IrIz AndrAde

andrew GoSS tHeft by decePtion, tHeft by receiVinG

tiffany Green SHoPliftinG, criminal treSPaSS

enterIng Auto(x2), IdentIty FrAud (x2), CredIt CArd theFt (x2), CredIt CArd FrAud (x4)

nAthAnIel edwArds


duI-AlCohol, underAge Poss./AlCohol, serIous Injury by VehICle (x3)

daVid Hill racinG on HiGHway, driVinG/wronG Side/rd.

waSHinGton JulloPez driVinG witHout a licenSe

Sofia martinez-deSaucedo driVinG witHout a licenSe, SPeedinG

tracey maSSey Hit & run, croSSwalk Violation

brittany meadowS PoSSeSSion controlled SubStance

naaJiy muHammad Probation Violation

billy orteGa Probation Violation

delfido ramirez-riVera driVinG witHout a licenSe

mark rice dui-alcoHol, dwSl, SuSPended reGiStration

lataSHa SimS Probation Violation(x2)

SteVen SutHerland criminal treSPaSS

willie tHomaS felony Probation Violation

quarice tucker PoSS. controlled Sub. w/ intent, druGS near Park

Gerald VinSon driVinG witH SuSPended licenSe, HeadliGHt Vio.

tiffany bauGHenS driVinG w/ SuSP. licS., followinG too cloSely

JoSe calderon-SancHez battery, dwol, StoP/yield Violation

cHarleS camPbell aGGraVated battery

corintHianS craieG driVinG w/ SuSP. licS., turninG Violation

blandon dean felony Probation Violation

andrew eberHart felony Probation Violation

kennetH elliS felony Probation Violation

Hobert ePPS bencH warrant

SHakeira ferGuSon SHoPliftinG

cormaine GoSS Probation Violation

akoyia GriffitH driVinG witHout a licenSe

Samuel Heard Probation Violation

nundi Huff falSe rePort of crime, influencinG witneSS

cierra JoHnSon 4tH deGree forGery

Sereko JoHnSon felony Probation Violation

felix kemP failure to aPPear

Holly lambert dui-alcoHol, center lane Vio.

ricHard mcGaHa Probation Violation

roGer naylor dui-alcoHol

elda ortiz-Vera driVinG w/o a licenSe, tint Violation

Patricia ParkS PoSSeSSion cocaine, contemPt of court

daVid Pierce 2nd deGree forGery, GiVinG falSe information

antonio rucker felony Probation Violation

Jennifer rucker dwol, StoP/yield Vio., GiVinG falSe information


daniel aaron felony Probation Violation

Jacquin alexander Sentenced to 1 year for battery, treSPaSS, tHeft

bradley altenHofen Public intoxication

torry aPPleby PoSSeSSion mariJuana, felony Probation Vio.

cHriStoPHer boyd underaGe PoSSeSSion of alcoHol

waymon daVenPort felony failure to aPPear

roGer GrantHam underaGe PoSSeSSion of alcoHol

eric HankinS underaGe PoSS./alcoHol, oPen container

eddie lumPkin contemPt/SuPerior court, GiVinG falSe information

fredrick malcom dwol, Hit & run, imProPer driVinG

rodrIguez CoFer

leSlie ford SHoPliftinG

riGGS Gaultney dui-alcoHol, layinG draGS

AggrAVAted AssAult(x3), reCkless ConduCt(x3), FIreArm durIng CrIme(x3), dIsChArgIng gun neAr rd.

mArk thomAs


loIterIng/ProwlIng, gIVIng FAlse InFormAtIon, wAnted In hAll Co., FAIlure to APPeAr

micHelle Howard SimPle battery

william kenney PoSSeSSion mariJuana

carly Saxon dui-alcoHol, imProPer driVinG

reGan ScHocH SHoPliftinG

timotHy SulliVan underaGe PoSSeSSion of alcoHol

wanda tate felony failure to aPPear

traViS tHomaSon dui-alcoHol, Hit & run, faulty tireS

JoSePH tHomPSon dui-alcoHol, dwSl, oPen container/VeH.

dequariuS tHornton tHeft by takinG

kennetH tucker Probation Violation

Sammy wattS felony Probation Violation

daVid webb felony Probation Violation

GeorGe weinStein underaGe PoSSeSSion of alcoHol

dwayne wiSe Probation Violation

Jacob brandleHner dui-alc., reckleSS drVG., exP. licS., bencH warrant

barry brown dui-alcoHol, oPen cont., SuSPended reGiStration

melinda brown dui-alcoHol, SPeedinG

dexter ecHolS, iii failure to aPPear, Probation Violation

kane fraSer underaGe PoSSeSSion of alcoHol

SPencer freeman underaGe PoSSeSSion of alcoHol

lauren HawkinS underaGe PoSSeSSion of alcoHol

eVan HickS underaGe PoSSeSSion of alcoHol

SHemika JoneS SHoPliftinG

derek lePPek criminal treSPaSS

taylor marSHall battery, diSorderly con., underaGe PoSS./alcoHol

morriS meekS dui-alcoHol, liGHtS required

nelSon nwannunu diSorderly conduct, walkinG in road

daVid ScHwartz criminal treSPaSS, underaGe PoSS./alcoHol

robert SimS, Jr. dui-alcoHol, SiGnal/SiGn Violation

ryan Smiley dui-alc., dwSl, no inS., SuSPended reGiStration

mIChAel grAnt

karla Gaytan SimPle battery, criminal treSPaSS

Summer GileS underaGe PoSSeSSion of alcoHol

Poss. CoCAIne w/ Intent, Felony theFt/ reCeIVIng, ConCeAled weAPon, obstruCt leo, Felon w/ FIreArm, loIterIng/ProwlIng

Andre mItChell

keVin Hill robbery, wanted in oGletHorPe county

JameS Hunter PoSSeSSion mariJuana

PossessIon CoCAIne, tAmPerIng w/ eVIdenCe, gIVIng FAlse InFo., ProbAtIon VIolAtIon


josePh brown


catHerine adamS wanted by monroe Pd

JoHnatHan allen dui-alcoHol, SiGnal/SiGn Violation

naklenam attiPoe dui-alcoHol, imProPer driVinG

lucaS baGnaScHi dui-alcoHol, HeadliGHt Violation

eric boddiford dui-alcoHol, imProPer driVinG

Sexual bAttery, battery, sexuAl PanderinG PAnderIng

JoSePH brown

aubrey fambrouGH tHeft by takinG

Sandrika Gilmore PoSSeSSion mariJuana

alexander HaaS Public intoxication

carly moore dui-alcoHol, one-way road Vio.

taylor moore underaGe PoSSeSSion of alcoHol

morGan mzorik dui-alcoHol, moVe oVer law Vio.

taylor ott underaGe PoSS./alcoHol, oPen container

tommy Pittard felony failure to aPPear

conStance Stewart du-alcoHol, followinG too cloSely

JameS Street aGGraVated StalkinG

kriStin tanneHill underaGe PoSSeSSion of alcoHol

katrina taylor diSorderly conduct, HaraSSinG PHone callS

larry taylor criminal treSPaSS

randall tHelen dui-alcoHol, imProPer driVinG

SamantHa tuten Probation Violation

tHomaS watkinS SimPle battery

frank wilSon contemPt of court

ricHard zimmerman underaGe PoSS./alcoHol, Public intoxication

mario baker failure to aPPear

leSia blackmon Sentenced to 30 dayS for tHeft by takinG

tHomaS carter Probation Violation

JonatHan crandall Sentenced to 15 dayS for dui-alcoHol

Gonzalo del-rio SerVinG 48 HourS for dui-alc. & PoSS. mariJ.

cHarleS duncan Sentenced to 10 dayS for dui-alcoHol

brandi fettic Probation Violation

HuGo floreS driVinG w/o a licenSe, HeadliGHt Violation

JameS franzman Probation Violation

JaSon froSt SerVinG 48 HourS for dui-alcoHol

Jeffrey Gazaway SerVinG 48 HourS for dui-alcoHol

iSrael Gonzalez driVinG w/o a licenSe, SiGnal/SiGn Violation

irbin Gonzalez-arauJo driVinG witHout a licenSe

Gwendolyn GoSS Probation Violation

carl GottS Probation Violation

Patrick klinG felony Probation Violation

aSHley knottS SerVinG 24 HourS for dui-alcoHol

elba martinez driVinG w/o a licenSe, croSSwalk Violation

marlon martinez failure to aPPear (x2)

william mattox failure to aPPear

linda norriS wanted in JackSon co.

andrew PoPP Probation Violation (x2)

marVin rHodeS failure to aPPear, contemPt of court

Juan Salmeron failure to aPPear (x2), Hold for immiGration

dan ScHab Probation Violation

StePHanie ScHmidt SerVinG 24 HourS for dui-alcoHol

adarryl SmitH Sentenced to 45 dayS for dui-alcoHol

antHony Stafford driVinG w/ SuSP. licS., SiGnal/SiGn Violation

william StumP Sentenced to 72 HourS for dui-alcoHol

micHael SuddetH SerVinG 24 HourS for dui-alcoHol


coretta berry felony Probation Violation

franklin browder treSPaSS, GiVinG falSe info., wanted/catooSa co.

kendrick bullock felony Probation Violation

cHriStoPHer clift dui-druGS

Jeremy cooPer obStruction leo, curfew Violation

Jermizer crawford abandonment of dePendent cHild

a. Hernandez-Velazquez driVinG w/o a licenSe, Hold for immiGration

caSSandra JoneS dui-alcoHol, no Proof inSurance

SHerry leSter contemPt of court

antonio lonG Probation Violation, wanted in madiSon co.

brAndon dAVIs

Santonio Hall burGlary

katHerine Harrell SimPle battery

robbery, obstruCtIon leo, Poss. mArIjuAnA, Felony ProbAtIon VIo., wAnted In bArrow Co.

robert dIllArd


dwol, reCkless drIVIng, FleeIng/eludIng, sPeedIng, PArole VIolAtIon

SerGio laGuuna-ramirez driVinG w/o a licenSe, StoP/yield Violation

kiran lemar SHoPliftinG, fail to aPP, felony Probation Vio.(x3)

cHad lumPkin felony Probation Violation

SHannon martin SerVinG 48 HourS for dui-alcoHol

JameS mcqueen felony failure to aPPear

deboraH Sewell criminal treSPaSS, Probation Violation

daniel Seymour Probation Violation

antHony SmitH Violation of family Violence order

demariouS SmitH Parole Violation

andrew StokeS PoSSeSSion mariJuana, Probation Violation

terry watkinS Probation Violation

larry welborn failure to aPPear

demarquemiS williamS PoSSeSSion druG-related obJectS

brian wilSon felony Probation Violation

deVion boldS failure to aPPear

fonda corbin cHild SuPPort arreSt

JonatHan ecHolS dui-alcoHol, fail maintain lane

katrina eVerSon wanted in lee county

PHilliP freeman Probation Violation

cHriStoPHer JackSon criminal treSPaSS, obStruction leo (x3)

lekia lanHam Probation Violation

mattHew lewiS dui-alcoHol, oPen container

daVid moSS battery (fVa)

roland Scott driVinG w/ SuSP. licS., taG Violation

cHriStina teSSier Probation Violation

kriStin zent PoSSeSSion mariJuana



cody barrett dui-alcoHol-under 21, StoP SiGn Violation

StePHanie boatriGHt SHoPliftinG, PoSS. controlled Sub.

melanie breedloVe underaGe PoSSeSSion of alcoHol

brian callaGHan PoSSeSSion mariJuana

ronald cHaPman wanted in bibb county

roy cobb wanted in forSytH co.

donald crumP dui-druGS, SPeedinG, SuSPended reGiStration

emily dill dui-druGS, weaVinG

alan GoSS Probation Violation

timotHy Goza underaGe PoSSeSSion of alcoHol

cHriStoPHer Grindle battery, crim. treSPaSS, cruelty to cHildren

daniel GuiJada driVinG witHout a licenSe

benJamin Hill SHoPliftinG

brandon lawSon burGlary (x2), tHeft of auto

JeSSe looney dui-druGS, PoSSeSSion metH

cHriStoPHer maHurin underaGe PoSSeSSion of alcoHol

muHammad malik driVinG witH SuSPended licenSe

mary mccrackin obStruction leo

ryan rubio SimPle aSSault, diSorderly conduct

JoHn rylee Hit & run, weaVinG, no taG

tHomaS SanderS dui-druGS

rodney SHellnut Probation Violation

loGan Stroly PoSSeSSion mariJuana

Stacey wallS PoSSeSSion cocaine

JuStin wHitmire burGlary (x3)

kelSey williamSon PoSSeSSion of metH, obStruction leo

myStyn wilSon PoSSeSSion mariJuana, criminal treSPaSS

SteVie allen wanted by eaSt Point Pd

JoHnny baGwell dui-alcoHol or druGS, litterinG, oPen cont.

damon breitenbacH dwSl, no Proof inS., unreGiStered VeHicle

tony bullinS diSorderly conduct, obStr. leo, loiterinG

eddie carrutH driVinG witH SuSPended licenSe

dantonio cHandler dui-alcoHol or druGS, SPeedinG

lacey daViS obStruction leo

ryan GirdHam PoSSeSSion mariJuana

Jack HenSley affray (fiGHtinG in Public)

Sandi Hill SHoPliftinG, treSPaSS, Probation Violation

deanna kitcHenS failure to aPPear, wanted in bankS co.

Saint kue Hit & run, unlawful oPeration of VeHicle

keVin miller contemPt of court (cHild SuPPort)

william Patrick HoldinG for uS army

kara PHilliPS failure to aPPear, Probation Violation

benJamin Price cHild SuPPort arreSt, failure to aPPear

willie SHelnutt Ped. under influence, VGcSa, inmate w/ druGS

elIzAbeth wrIght

duI-AlCohol or drugs

drIVIng w/ susP. lICs. hIt & run oPen ContAIner JameS cHaStain PoSSeSSion of metH, PoSS. toolS for crime

claud cHeSSer, iii battery

Jerry GolSon diVinG witH SuSPended licenSe, SPeedinG

keVin HankinSon, ii dui-alcoHol or druGS, underaGe PoSS./alcoHol

no ProoF Ins. FAIlure to yIeld

amber HarPer contributinG delinquency of minor



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tImothy ClAy Agg. ChIld molestAtIon entICIng ChIld ChIld molestAtIon Jaclyn Howard terroriStic tHreatS and actS

JameS Howard terroriStic tHreatS and actS (x2)

ChIld Cruelty

cHriStoPHer JoHnSon PoSS. metH w/ intent, PoSS. toolS for crime

Harold JoneS, Jr. 2/10 dui-alc., oPen cont., Hit & run, falSe State.

kimberly loGGinS dwSl, fail maintain ln., driVinG/wrinG Side/rd.

Jeffrey looney diSorderly conduct, Public drunkenneSS

JoHn maxwell reckleSS conduct, diSorderly conduct

cHarleS mcmillan, iii dui-alcoHol or druGS, SPeedinG

kellie moore driVinG witH SuSPended licenSe, SPeedinG

Pedro orozco diSorderly conduct, obStruction leo

Stacey wallS tHeft by receiVinG Stolen ProPerty

bradlie williamS dui-alcoHol, oPen container

nICholAs joIner ChIld molestAtIon entICIng ChIld ChIld Cruelty Harold JoneS, Jr. 2/16 dui-alcoHol or druGS, oPen container

erin korbar reckleSS driVinG, licS. Violation, SPeedinG

montel reynolds PArty to CrIme (ChIld molest.) entICIng ChIld andrew maddox driVinG w/ SuSP. licS., wanted in Hall county

ChIld Cruelty

danny maxwell SimPle battery, obStruction 911

joshuA sAuCIer, jr.

Agg. ChIld molestAtIon ChIld Cruelty


william mcneely cHild abandonment(x2)

william moHan dui-alcoHol, dwSl, fail maintain lane

cHriSty PottS fail rePort accident, fail maintain lane

SteVen robertS wanted in Gwinnett co.

ChIld molestAtIon

miGuel ruGamaS SimPle aSSault (fVa), battery

cHriStoPHer SailorS battery, treSPaSS, obStruction 911


anGela baldwin wanted in Gwinnett co.

marSHaun barneS Probation Violation

JaSon benefield Probation Violation(x2)

JameS brannon felony Probation Violation

brandon daVenPort felony Probation Violation

ricky daViS failure to aPPear

Stanley dyer SerVinG weekend for PreViouS cHarGeS

JameS erVin wanted in Gwinnett co.

keSHandra Geter Probation Violation

tracy Hector contemPt of SuPerior court

cHriStoPHer JackS SerVinG 48 HourS for PreViouS cHarGeS

cedric JefferSon Probation Violation

ricardo l0uiS felony Probation Violation (x2)

liSa maddox wanted by auburn Pd

cHarleS micHael wanted in Gwinnett co.

auzzie Parker Probation Violation

courtney PatterSon Probation Violation

willie Peek driVinG witHout a licenSe

JoHnny ray SmitH SerVinG weekend for PreViouS cHarGeS

kelVin SmitH dwol, no inSurance, no/exPired taG

Sandra SPearS wanted by dulutH Pd

daVid tiPton failure to aPPear

todd waGeS Probation Violation

Samuel weStbury SerVinG weekend for PreViouS cHarGeS

JoSHua Healan failure to aPPear, felony Probation Vio.

Jeffery HinkSon StalkinG

JedediaH inGram licS. Vio., no inSurance, cHild Seat Violation

brandon kudlak dui-alcoHol, SPeedinG, fail maintain lane

JuStin maddox dui-druGS, failure to yield

micHelle morriS failure to aPPear

StePHanie oSier dui-alcoHol, PoSS. druG-related obJ.

cHarleS Petrin Public drunkenneSS, oPen container

antHony PoPe SHoPliftinG

JameS bonnemer dui-alcoHol, dwSl, oPen cont., SPeedinG

cederick boStic battery, cruelty to cHildren

adam brandenburG dui-alcoHol, fail maintain lane

micHael dale credit card tHeft, Probation Violation

cHriStina funk battery, criminal treSPaSS

cHriStie Gunter bad cHeckS

marcuS JackSon battery (fVa)

dionne JoneS dwol, no inS., GiVinG falSe info., concealed taG

damon kinney felony Probation Violation



cHriStoPHer brady SerVinG weekend for PreViouS cHarGeS

franklin SelVaGe driVinG w/o a licenSe, ProHibited equiPment

brandy SmitH PoSS. controlled Sub., PoSS. druG-related obJS.

Holly SmitH felony Probation Violation (x5)

Jeffrey SmitH aGGraVated StalkinG

JonatHan SmitH PoSS. controlled Sub., obStruction leo

cecil SoleS dwol, no inSurance, PoSSeSSion mariJuana

carl talmaGe dui-alcoHol, Public drunk, obStruct leo

larry traViS cHild SuPPort arreSt

Jaylon Vanderford PoSS. druGS, PoSS. druGrel. obJ., Prob. Vio.

JoHnatHan walker felony Probation Violation

cHriStoPHer wHite diSorderly conduct, diSturbinG tHe Peace

cHriStoPHer williamS terror tHreatS/actS, SimPle aSSault (fVa)

JoSePH barrett Ped. under influence, walkinG in road

leiGH bridGeS terroriStic tHreatS and actS

tiffani brown felony Probation Violation

PHilliP cantrell contemPt of court

rodney deaton felony Probation Violation

kriStina denomme obStruction leo

timotHy HarriS felony Probation Vio., failure to aPPear

cameron Hubbard dui-alcoHol, fail maintain lane

kerry malcom PoSSeSSion controlled SubStance (x5)

cHriStoPHer middlebrookS felony Probation Violation

micHael morriS armed robbery

tanica morrow PoSSeSSion controlled SubStance

micHelle ParkHill PoSSeSSion controlled SubStance

timmy StePHenS felony Probation Violation

daVid Stewart, Jr. diSorderly conduct

mattHew waller felony Probation Violation

darrell wHitlock contemPt of court (cHild SuPPort)

melton brAdley duI-AlCohol hIt & run FAIl stoP/ ACCIdent w/ InjurIes liSa denomme dwSl, fail StoP @ accident w/ inJurieS

dwiGHt Gray felony Probation Violation

micHael Jarrett felony tHeft by takinG

brandi JoHnSon PoSSeSSion controlled SubStance (x2)

ImProPer turn

clinton kabwatHa felony Probation Violation


brian anGlin 1St deGree forGery

Sammy bauGH re-reGiSterinG aS Sex offender

earl bramlett dui-alcoHol or druGS

miStella curtiS warrant-cHild SuPPort, Probation Violation

Henry dorSey, Sr. SerVinG weekend for PreViouS cHarGeS

keVin froSt driVinG witHout a licenSe

taccuma Henry driVinG witH SuSPended licenSe, SPeedinG

cHarleS JerniGan diSorderly conduct

sImeon grImsley

anaStaSia Gaulke driVinG witHout a licenSe

antonio Grayble dui-alcoHol or druGS, dwSl, tail liGHt Vio.

eddie Greene dui-alcoHol or druGS

Simeon GrimSley Sex offender reGiStration sex oFFender


ChArles dunn

roderICk johnson

AggrAVAted AssAult CrImInAl tresPAss

sImPle bAttery roderick JoHnSon Sex offender reGiStration sex oFFender

terrance mccommonS Probation Violation

Scotty moSS diSorderly conduct, Public intoxication

SHaquille PeakS Probation Violation

franklin rowland PoSS. druGS (x2), druGS near ScHool

bradley SteVenS failure to aPPear

bryan uPSHaw wanted in fulton co.

timotHy wiSe Probation Violation

erica wriGHt PoSSeSSion druGS



ProbAtIon VIolAtIon(x2)



renier aGuilar SerVinG Sentence for PreViouS cHarGeS

bruce alexander dui-alcoHol, oPen container

Jeffrey anderSon contemPt/cHild SuPPort, Probation Violation

brandon bradSHaw Probation Violation

Jennifer bray SerVinG Sentence for PreViouS cHarGeS

dereck brinSon criminal interference

cHelSea carter Probation Violation

alex caStillo SHoPliftinG

cHarity franklin PoSSeSSion controlled SubStance

micHelle funderburk SHoPliftinG

JameS HeSter SerVinG Sentence for PreViouS cHarGeS

aPril lyon forGery, Public drunk, identity fraud

JoSHua PilGrim felony tHeft by takinG, criminal damaGe/ProP.

meSHel tHomaS Probation Violation

donald turPin Probation Violation

micHael williamS Probation Violation

bryan cole failure to aPPear

rodney Stroud contemPt of court (cHild SuPPort)

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