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JonAthAn Austin felony ProBAtion violAtion

fredriCk BlACkwell felony ProBAtion violAtion

Jerome ClArk ProBAtion violAtion

APril dAvis felony ProBAtion violAtion

gAry deAn sentenCed to 48 hours for dui, no ins, imProP. driv

JoshuA dyson driving with susPended liCense

deBoris fAust ProBAtion violAtion

rodArius fAvors ProBAtion violAtion

Jose flores-lAndin driving w/ susP. liCs., stoPPing/stAnding vio.

mArtin gArCiA susPended registrAtion, signAl/sign violAtion

rAmiro gArCiA-linAres driving w/o A liCense, fAilure to yield

CArl godfrey ProBAtion violAtion

mCneAl hAnCoCk, iii felony ProBAtion violAtion

JAmes hAyes felony ProBAtion violAtion (x2)

dAood hull sentenCed to diversion Ctr. for dwsl

hArold Johnson ProBAtion violAtion

BrAndon JordAn ProBAtion violAtion

sun lee dwsl, BenCh wArrAnt, following too Closely

ABrAhAm legAll driving w/ susP. liCs., stoP/yield violAtion

AlexAnder mAlone ProBAtion violAtion

nohemi mondrAgon driving w/o A liCense, stoP/yield violAtion

stACey PAss sentenCed to 5 dAys for felony ContemPt/Court

BenJy PAyne sentenCed to 10 dAys for driving w/ susP. liCs.

AzAleA sAlAdo-rAmirez driving w/o A liCense, lights required

Alison skelton sentenCed to 48 hours for dui-AlC, imProPer driving

ChArles smith PArole violAtion

lArry tAylor driving without A liCense

melindA thomAs PArole violAtion

mArisol vAldez driving w/o A liCense, stoP/yield violAtion

douglAs wAtkins BAd CheCk



ChristoPher Allen ProBAtion violAtion

PrinCe BArnes, Jr. sentenCed to 10 dAys for dwsl, sPeeding

tyler Beers ProBAtion violAtion

Pedro Berrios ProBAtion violAtion

Chsity CAldwell sentenCed to 60 dAys for shoPlifting, tresPAss

Audrey dAniel ProBAtion violAtion

virginiA dixon ProBAtion violAtion

gArriCk evAns felony ProBAtion violAtion

kessler gilmore sentenCed to 72 hours for dui-AlCohol

Arthur Joiner sentenCed to 20 dAys for dui-AlCohol

dAvid mArtin ProBAtion violAtion

niCholAs mAthis ProBAtion violAtion

derriCk mAttox felony ProBAtion violAtion

frAnCis mCCAffrey sentenCed to 90 dAys ACC hoPe house for dui-AlC.

terrAnCe mCguire driving with susPended liCense

dennis mitChell felony ProBAtion violAtion (x2)

CArly moore sentenCed to 24 hours for dui-AlCohol

deAnnA moore driving with susPended liCense

JAlAndriCk moore felony ProBAtion violAtion

timothy moore ProBAtion violAtion

gregorio morAles-mArtinez sentenCed to 10 dAys for driving w/o A liCs.

kAthryn o’kAin sentenCed to 48 hours for dui-AlCohol

AdriAn Potts ProBAtion violAtion

luther reed ProBAtion violAtion

JonAthAn roBerts BenCh wArrAnt

foster simPson sentenCed to 20 dAys for dui-AlCohol

mAriA solis driving w/o A liCense, imProPer driving

wArren sweAt ProBAtion violAtion (x3)

melvin wAy, Jr. ProBAtion violAtion

PAtriCk wermert sentenCed to 48 hours for dui-AlC., hit & run

deBorAh Adkins dui-AlCohol, imProPer driving

rudolfo BAhenA dui-AlCohol, imProPer driving

BrAndi BArnett shoPlifting

sAntriCiA BArrow PuBliC intoxiCAtion, Ped. under influenCe

dAvid Berry fAlse rePort of Crime

dAteAmA Burton felony Cruelty to Child -PAin

Jermerious Collins BAttery, CriminAl tresPAss

iAn Crowley felony fAilure to APPeAr

Julio esCoBAr theft By tAking

tonyA fAttig shoPlifting, wAnted in oConee County

steven hAmerlA dui-AlCohol, sPeeding

virginiA hAyes dui-AlC., oBstruCt leo, BAttery on PoliCe dog

tAreze hillsmAn entering Auto, wAnted in oConee Co.

mArtAvious owens theft By reCeiving

louisiAnA riCome dui-AlCohol, imProPer driving

mArCiAl rodriguez dui-AlCohol, imProPer driving

stAnley smith theft By tAking, loitering/Prowling

mAdison wilhelm underAge Possession of AlCohol

emily wood dui-AlCohol, unregistered vehiCle

JoshuA hArvey disorderly ConduCt, PuBliC intoxiCAtion


BrAndon BAttle entering Auto

JermAine Brown fAilure to APPeAr

orlAndo CunninghAm felony oBstruCtion leo, threAtening mediCs-felony

stAr CunninghAm BAttery, Cruelty to Children (x2)

kristoPher ellison sell/dist Controlled suB, drugs neAr PArk, Pv

Adonis freemAn theft By tAking

trent giBson dui-AlCohol, sPeeding, imProPer driving

tAylor geonis underAge Possession of AlCohol

sArAh hendriCk dui-AlCohol, oPen ContAiner in vehiCle

mArlon henry shoPlifting, BondsmAn off Bond (shoPlifting)

Marquett Lawrence

kiAnA frost shoPlifting

JuAnitA gArCiA disorderly ConduCt, intoxiCAtion

Possession of Meth, Possession Marijuana, Poss. Drug-reLateD obj., Prob. VioLation, wanteD in barrow co.

jonte PoPe


faiLure to aPPear, giVing faLse inforMation, obstruction Leo, wanteD in waLton co.

Andrew goss Poss. of mAriJuAnA w/ intent to distriBute

sCott guinn Poss. mArJ., disorderly Con., Poss. Cont. suB.

JoshuA hill CriminAl tresPAss, ProBAtion violAtion

trevon hodge roBBery

BoyCie howArd oBstruCtion leo, ProBAtion violAtion

ChristoPher Johnson shoPlifting

lisA Ann lee shoPlifting

shikA mAttox disorderly ConduCt, hit & run

nAtAshA mAxey disorderly ConduCt

mArquAvious PArks Crim. AttemPt Commit felony, wAnted/oConee

fionA PAtmAn CriminAl tresPAss

dAvid PAuli dui-AlCohol, underAge Poss./AlCohol

dAniel simmons wAnted in frAnklin & JACkson Co., ProB. vio.

AemArk young driving w/o A liCense, giving fAlse informAtion

molly Allen 4th degree forgery(x2)

george BAll wAnted By us mArshAlls

sergio BArr wAnted in floridA, fugitive/extrAdition

Betty BAss simPle AssAult, terroristiC threAts/ACts

edwArd BrumBy dui-AlCohol

dexter eChols, Jr. oBstruCtion of 911 CAll, BAttery

Anthony gilliAm CriminAl tresPAss

Alfredo hernAndez CriminAl tresPAss

stormy howArd fAilure to APPeAr, wAnted in mAdison Co.

John Joslin AggrAvAted AssAult, BAttery, Child Cruelty

tommy mArtin felony ContemPt of suPerior Court

Antwon rittenBerry Possession mAriJuAnA, oBstruCtion leo

kAtherine tAnt dui-AlCohol, sPeeding

mArCus thomAs felony ContemPt/Court ($2,732.17 CAsh PAyoff)

iAn tiBBett dui-AlCohol, fAil dim heAdlights

miChAel wArd felony ContemPt of suPerior Court

deuntAy wAtkins violAtion of fAmily violenCe order

sAmuel woods theft By tAking, theft By deCePtion

CArlos zegArrA-Arroyo dui-drugs, ProB. vio., ProBAtion violAtion

miChAel reese Armed roBBery, AggrAvAted AssAult


JArvier AlBArrAn BAttery, Child Cruelty, felony Child Cruelty-PAin

JessiCA AlexAnder Possession of meth

miChelle Bolton CriminAl tresPAss

roBBie lee Byrd wAnted in fulton Co.

Celeste CAmPBell-smith shoPlifting

virginiA Cook dui-AlCohol, turning violAtion

JosePh fournier BAttery, underAge Possession of AlCohol

JosePh gArrett dui-AlCohol, sPeeding

ChAndler hArvArd dui-AlCohol, dwol, following too Closely

shAmekA Jones BAttery

terrence cLark

Justin diAz entering Auto, Credit CArd frAud(x3)

Courtney elrod simPle BAttery (fvA)

Poss. controLLeD sub. w/ intent, Poss. Marijuana w/ intent, obstruction Leo, susPenDeD registration

DeMarcus furr


siMPLe assauLt, DisorDerLy conDuct, obstruction Leo, intoxication

dequAn greene underAge Possession of AlCohol

renAtA hAiley AggrAvAted stAlking

kArl klein disorderly ConduCt

ChArles linder simPle AssAult

lewis mAdkiff simPle BAttery, PuBliC intoxiCAtion

heCtor morAles violAtion of fAmily violenCe order

Joel PriCe dui-AlCohol, Possession mAriJuAnA

suzAnne sCordino underAge Poss./AlCohol, oPen Cont., fAke id

mAx strum dui-drugs, imProPer driving

sherry sutherlAnd dui-AlCohol, oPen ContAiner in vehiCle

fredriCk wAde hABituAl violAtor

dAvid whitloCk BurglAry

wAlter williAms BAttery

Johnny witCher BenCh wArrAnt, felony ProBAtion vio.

liBorio AlvAtCAdo sentenCed to 5 weekends for dui-AlC., hit & run

lArAneCe BAiley felony ProBAtion violAtion

JermAin BArnett felony fAilure to APPeAr

roBert Booker driving without A liCense

AleJAndro ClAvel driving w/o A liCense, susPended registrAtion

odell Collins dwsl, no Proof ins., susPended registrAtion

quinCy Curry dwsl, no Proof ins., tAg violAtion

renee doBBs sentenCed to 24 hours for dui-AlCohol

lAurAn ferguson-grAnt ProBAtion violAtion

Jose flores-diAz driving w/o A liCense, tAg violAtion

riChArd hAmel felony ProBAtion violAtion

rAndAll howington sentenCed to 48 hours for dui-AlCohol

ChAd lumPkin felony ProBAtion violAtion

Jeffrey mABry dwsl, BenCh wArrAnt, lights required

mAry moxley BenCh wArrAnt

deunquAvis odister hit & run, leArners liCs. vio., Curfew violAtion

mArgAret rAndels sentenCed to 24 hours for dui-AlCohol

wesley reeves, iv sentenCed to 48 hours for dui-AlCohol

Jeff roBinson felony ProBAtion violAtion

AdriAn ruCker sentenCed to 5 weekends for dui, dui w/ Child

milton russell felony ProBAtion violAtion (x2)

mAtthew shiPmAn ProBAtion violAtion

mAtthew shroPshire ContemPt of Court

AmAndA terrell ProBAtion violAtion

loreAl vinson sentenCed to 24 hours for dui-AlCohol

BrittAny wAlters sentenCed to 24 hours for dui-AlCohol

JACoB young sentenCed to 24 hours for dui-AlCohol


quinCy Brooks ProBAtion violAtion, wAnted in gwinnett Co.

Bridget CAntrell dui-AlCohol, unregistered vehiCle

Jose dimAs dui-AlCohol

roBerto gArCiA-vAzquez driving w/o A liCense, tAg violAtion

shAkyrA gilliAns wAnted in fulton Co.

nAthAn gornto underAge Possession of AlCohol

tomAs kAminAs sexuAl BAttery, PuBliC intoxiCAtion

ryAn mAtthews dui-AlCohol, lights required

terrenCe PrAtt dui-AlCohol, dwsl, oPen ContAiner/veh.

AudriAnA Pullen BAttery, oBstruCt 911, felony Child Cruelty

ezekiel stewArd driving without A liCense

Jennifer wAtkins ProBAtion violAtion

DaViD harreLson

BenJAmin hAll sexuAl BAttery, simPle BAttery

mAtthew hAnsford dui-AlCohol, underAge Poss./AlCohol

entering auto, theft by taking, creDit carD frauD, iDentity frauD, battery

jaMes Leon, jr.


creDit carD theft, Possession of Meth, taMPering w/ eViDence, DriVing w/o a License

gArrell mAttox dui-AlCohol, oBstruCt interseCtion

PArth PAtel dui-AlCohol, hit & run

AshleA riCe driving with susPended liCense

dAniel romAnko dui-AlCohol, stoP/yield violAtion

ryAn roux felony shoPlifting, CriminAl tresPAss

dAnny wAtson-weisenstein disorderly ConduCt

shAmmAr whiteheAd Agg. AssAult, BAttery, reCkless driving

keonkA williAms reCkless driving, oPen ContAiner/veh.

mAJor simmons driving w/ susP. liCs., signAl/sign violAtion

John BlAsh 1st degree Arson, insurAnCe frAud

PAmelA Butler ContemPt of Court

kelvin freemAn driving w/ susP. liCs., following too Closely

ronaLD richarDson Poss. Marijuana weaPon During criMe theft by receiVing Poss. Marijuana w/ intent iMProPer Passing

Andre heArd wAnted in newton Co.

john waLker


oPen container Poss. controLLeD sub. rx/originaL container foLLowing too cLose

BriAn lee wAnted in douglAs Co.

lAkisA mAlCom ProBAtion violAtion

helenA mArtin ProBAtion violAtion

Anthony shAnnon ProBAtion violAtion

CrystAl sheAts Possession mAriJuAnA

deBrA stAPP Child suPPort Arrest

dAvid williAms dui-less sAfe, hit & run


mAuriCe Brown Poss. Controlled suB., ProBAtion violAtion

niCholAs Brown driving with susPended liCense, sPeeding

williAm Brown disorderly ConduCt, simPle BAttery (fvA)

mAuriCe Collins theft By reCeiving, giving fAlse informAtion

gerAld dunn shoPlifting, fAilure to APPeAr

JAsPer fulton dui-AlCohol or drugs, oPen Cont., noise vio.

emory hArris PuBliC drunkenness

lAJArvis hill ProBAtion violAtion

eddie ingrAm, Jr. PuBliC drunkenness

dwAyne JACkson ProBAtion violAtion

DanieL griffin

kiDnaPPing arMeD robbery

aggraVateD assauLt tAriCk gArry driving with susPended liCense

faLse iMPrisonMent

Jerry golson simPle BAttery (fvA)

Durante Lee

kiDnaPPing arMeD robbery

aggraVateD assauLt


faLse iMPrisonMent

eriC hillsmAn PuBliC drunk., tresPAss, oBstruCtion of offiCer

shAnnon hurt ProBAtion violAtion

williAm leslie, Jr. CriminAl tresPAss

terrenCe lewis dui-AlCohol or drugs, stoP/yield violAtion

JonAthAn moon fAlse stAtements

kyle PeAks ProBAtion violAtion

leonArd Porter dwsl, sPeeding, oPen ComtAiner

ChArles rhodes ProBAtion violAtion

kimBerly rhodes entering Auto w/ intent of felony

treveon rowlAnd theft By reCeiving, giving fAlse informAtion

williAm ruff dui-AlCohol or drugs

yolAndA sCott wAnted By other AgenCy

gerAld williAms BAttery (fvA)

kimBerly wright driving with susPended liCense, sPeeding

BrAndon BArrett ProBAtion violAtion

AAron CArroll PArole violAtion

Arturo ChAmorro-gArduno driving without A liCense

miChAel ChAndler BurglAry, ProBAtion violAtion

ChristoPher ClAy ProBAtion violAtion

Alex fortson wAnted in ClArke Co., ProBAtion violAtion

osmAn frAnCo-tello loitering/Prowling, ContriBute/delinq./minor

Arturo gArCiA driving w/o A liCense, BrAke lights required

eriC glenn theft By tAking, Possession mAriJuAnA

sAgrArio hernAndez driving without A liCense

dAvid hernAndez-riverA driving without A liCense

Jimmy howington driving w/o A liCense, following too Closely

terry mintz wAnted in BAnks Co., ProBAtion violAtion

PAtriCiA nunns PArole violAtion

AngelA PAtriCk dwsl, rx/orig. Cont., giving fAlse informAtion

kenneth ManguM

miChAel king fAilure to APPeAr

Jussel loPez-sAnChez driving w/o A liCense, fAil mAintAin lAne

ChristoPher medinA wAnted in hAll County



sAntos riverA BurglAry

BriAn sAmuel BAttery, Child Cruelty, oPen ContAiner

nAthAniel snyder loitering/Prowling, ContriBute/delinq./minor

JoshuA stiwinter theft By reCeiving, felon with fireArm

trevor wAfler theft of Auto, ProBAtion violAtion

JAmone white PArole violAtion

The National Center for Missing & Exploited Children®(NCMEC), in partnership with Athens-Clarke County Police Department will be observing National Missing Children’s Day this year by participating in the national Take 25 child safety campaign. A Safety Fair will be held on May 25, 2013, from 11am-2pm at Georgia Square Mall, 3700 Atlanta Highway, in the rear parking lot near the West Police Precinct. May 25 has been observed as National Missing Children’s Day since it was first recognized in 1983. National Missing Children’s Day serves as an annual reminder that there are thousands of children who are still missing and stresses the importance of making child protection a national priority. The Take 25 campaign is a national child safety public awareness campaign created in 2007 by the National Center for Missing & Exploited Children. The campaign encourages parents to take 25 minutes to talk to their children about safety and ways to prevent abduction. The campaign begins on May 1 and continues through May 25 every year in communities throughout the country.



nilsA ACevedo-soto theft By reCeiving, tAmPering w/ evidenCe

CAlvin AdAms violAtion of fAmily ProteCtion order

sherri Allen PArty to A Crime1st degree forgery

vontAe BAnks dui-AlCohol

roy Bowden Possession of meth, felon with fireArm

PAul dunCAn dui-AlCohol or drugs, fAil mAintAin lAne

miChAel elrod dui-AlCohol or drugs, heAdlights required

ross fAulkner BAttery

miChAel fortner ABAndonment of minor Child (x2)

Jeffery greeson theft By reCeiving stolen ProPerty

sherry hArvey mAndAtory eduCAtion for Children

ChAndreA hill Possession mAriJuAnA, oBstruCtion of offiCer

roger hill oBstruCtion of offiCer

gAry hooPer fAilure to APPeAr

Jimmy ingrAm disorderly ConduCt

Jerry keith Possession mAriJuAnA, tAil light violAtion

BrAndi kelly disorderly ConduCt

John london BAttery (fvA)

BrAndi mAys driving with susPended liCense

ChAd mCCAig disorderly ConduCt

CArlA miller BAd CheCk(s)

donAld mitChell theft/reCvg., illegAl dumPing, tAmPer/evidenCe

williAm murPhy Poss. Controlled suB. (eCstAsy)

roBert Poole interferenCe with Custody

kenneth rolls BAttery (fvA)

ChristinA sAAvedrA loitering/Prowling

JoshuA sewell BAttery

moniCA sheAd fAilure to APPeAr

Jeffrey sPArks oBstruCtion of offiCer

JonAthAn thomAs Possession mAriJuAnA, tAg violAtion

Arnulfo ArellAno-loPez driving without A liCense

russell Brown ProBAtion violAtion

JuAn CArdoso driving without A liCense

ruBen Cisneros driving without A liCense

JAvier CoChAChin-ArAque driving without A liCense

eugene Cumming, Jr. dwsl, no Proof ins., no tAg, fAil to APPeAr

lloyd dAlton serving weekend for Previous ChArges

Justin Bo fields order to inCArCerAte

riChArd freemAn, Jr. ProBAtion violAtion

yolAndA greshAm ProBAtion violAtion

doriAn heArd ProBAtion violAtion

PAtti hiPP sentenCed to 48 hours Per stAte Cour

tAvish JACkson ProBAtion violAtion

troy kiley ProBAtion violAtion

CAsey kimsey order to inCArCerAte

ChristoPher medinA wAnted in hAll County

Ashley minCey ProBAtion violAtion

miChAel Peek driving with susPended liCense

normA Pugh driving with susPended liCense

isrAel rAmos-nolAzCo driving without A liCense

steven ridling ProBAtion violAtion

Andres rivAs ProBAtion violAtion, wAnted in hAll County

Coty sAnders driving w/ susP. liCs., following too Closely

Alfonson sAvAlA driving without A liCense

JosePh stewArt driving with susPended liCense

dAnA thomAs ProBAtion violAtion

reynAldo venegAs serving 48 hours for Previous ChArges

JAmes wheelus, iii ProBAtion violAtion

Andrew wright driving with susPended liCense

CArlos zunigA-rAmirez driving without A liCense



ChAd Berggren driving with susPended liCense

mAtthew BrueCk wAnted in lumPkin Co.

deAnnA Bunner felony ProBAtion violAtion

dAniel CArmonA-rAmirez driving without A liCense

JAred ChAmBers underAge Poss./AlCohol, Possession mAriJuAnA

Jennifer Crowe ProBAtion violAtion

lewis dAniel driving with susPended liCense

JAmes fowlow wAnted in AlABAmA

kenishA giles driving without A liCense

wAlter hAmmond fAilure to APPeAr

JAmes hArtley fAilure to APPeAr

JAmes hAyes felony ProBAtion violAtion

wAynevA Johnson driving with susPended liCense

BrAdley krekemeyer felony ProBAtion violAtion

PhilliP loPez driving w/o A liCense, tint violAtion

CrAig mAgwood dui-AlCohol, oPen ContAiner

willie mCdowell felony ProBAtion violAtion

mAtthew miller driving with susPended liCense

JosePh Pirkle wAnted in BAnks Co., wAnted in white Co.

eddie sAmmons wAnted in gwinnett Co.

BrAndon smith driving without A liCense

emmett smith CriminAl tresPAss

keyonnA smith wAnted in gwinnett Co.

williAm stoCkton oBstruCtion leo, Poss. drug-rel. oBJ.

dAniel stokes PArole violAtion

Corey tAylor ProBAtion violAtion

BoBBy treAdwell felony ProBAtion violAtion

niCholAs williAms felony ProBAtion violAtion (x2)

Joe wilson PArole violAtion

John wood BAttery (fvA)

Luis aLVarez

heAther Allen shoPlifting

luis AlvArez raPe (x2), rAPe (x2), sexuAl battery BAttery sexuaL

Jennifer Anderson disorderly ConduCt, oBstruCtion leo

Jennifer BAgwell simPle AssAult, disorderly ConduCt

keith BAgwell simPle AssAult, disorderly ConduCt

Jennifer CAmPo disorderly ConduCt, PuBliC drunkenness

dArio domizi CriminAl tresPAss, hArAssing Phone CAlls

AdAm eArle dui-AlC., oPen Cont., endAnger Child By dui(x2)

ChAsity frisBy dui-AlCohol, dwsl, fAil mAintAin lAne

desiree fudAli BAttery, Cruelty to Children

jaMie banks

Possession Meth

Poss. controLLeD sub. (x2) Drug-reLateD objects John CoChrAn ComPuter PornogrAPhy

Jeffery Crowe BAttery, Child Cruelty, oBst. leo, drug-rel. oBJ.

Poss. Drugs w/ intent

eDwarD Dukes, jr.

siMPLe assauLt faLse iMPrisonMent criMinaL tresPass theft of auto battery (x4)

fred evAns dui-AlCohol, oPen Cont., fAil mAintAin ln.

miquAvious flAnigAn Poss./sell mAriJuAnA

mArtin fudAli BAttery, Cruelty to Children

lACi hAmm dui-AlCohol, oPen ContAiner

sCott hAmmond Poss. meth, Poss. tools for Crime, felony Pv

leonArdo hinton disorderly ConduCt

Ashley housley disorderly ConduCt, PuBliC drunkenness

Adrienne hunter dui-drugs, endAnger Child By dui, Child seAt vio.

tAffAnie Johnson fAlse rePort of Crime, fAlse stAtements

felix kemP oBstruCtion of offiCer, felony ProBAtion vio.

ChristoPher moon dwol, hit & run, fleeing/eluding

kenyAtA slAyton oBstruCtion of offiCer, felony ProBAtion vio.

Peter vAng dui-AlCohol

gAry williAms dui-AlC., Poss. mAriJ., Poss. drug-relAted oBJ.

feLony Probation Vio.


melissA knight Poss. Controlled suB., Poss. drug-relAted oBJ.

viCki knoell AggrAvAted AssAult, simP. AssAult, BAttery

PAtriCiA lAzuriCk Poss. meth, Poss. tools for Crime,Poss Cont. suB.

JACkie lee Child suPPort Arrest, ProBAtion violAtion

sAmAnthA lemley felony oBstruCtion of offiCer (threAts)

mAnuel merino-sAnChez disorderly ConduCt, PuBliC drunkenness

JosePh nAnez CriminAl tresPAss, driving w/ susP. liCs.

dAniel nelson theft By Conversion

dAirio Peters BAttery (x3)

kevin Powell shoPlifting

kelly rogers-deAn oBstruCtion of offiCer, CriminAl tresPAss

Corey sAndBerg theft By reCeiving, driving w/o A liCense

Dwight Mathis

siMPLe battery (x2)

PubLic inDecency faLse iMPrisonMent criMinaL tresPass ryAn morAn Possession mAriJuAnA, underAge Poss./AlCohol

lAshAwndee morrow disorderly ConduCt

feLony Probation Vio.

bryant VeasLey

Possession of Meth

Poss. Drugs w/ intent Poss. Marijuana Poss. sch iV Drug dAniel PAse simPle AssAult, disorderly ConduCt

CAmeron Peters hit & run, following too Closely

Poss. Drug-reL. obj.

wynDeLL waDe Poss. sch iV Drug Poss. Drug w/ intent Possession of Meth PAmelA roBerts hArAssing Phone CAlls

Poss. DrugreL. obj.

steven roBerts hArAssing Phone CAlls

harris zubah


CAmri sims disorderly ConduCt

Christine smAllwood dui-AlCohol, oPen Cont., fAil mAintAin lAne

BruCe vue disorderly ConduCt, PuBliC drunkenness

Ann wArd felony theft By tAking, Alter/forge lotto tix(x7)

BrAndon whitmAn Possession of meth, Poss. drug-relAted oBJ.

hArris zuBAh

sexuaL sexuAlbattery, BAttery, battery BAttery

DeDric benefieLD

todd BeArd dui-AlCohol, no ins., susPended registrAtion

dedriC Benefield

ChildMoLestation, molestAtion, chiLD sodomy soDoMy

timothy BertrAnd underAge Poss./AlCohol, loitering/Prowling

JAmArio CArr ContemPt/Court (Child suPPort), ProB. vio.

ChArles CrAin 2nd degree forgery

rAoul Cross Possession mAriJuAnA, Poss. drug-relAted oBJ.

dAvid fortune AlCohol/sChool ProP., loitering/Prowling

rodney goss AggrAvAted AssAult

Matthew reece

terroristic threats/acts obstruction of Leo battery criMinaL tresPass

Amy edmondson Possession mAriJuAnA, disorderly ConduCt

John ePPs, Jr. ContemPt of Court (Child suPPort)

susAn hAmBy disorderly ConduCt, dwsl, no tAg, no ins.

tiffAny hAnsford felony ProBAtion violAtion

niCholAs hulsey theft By reCeiving, BenCh wArrAnt

JordAn humPhries felony ProBAtion violAtion

JAmes JordAn disorderly ConduCt

PrinCess lee shoPlifting

louAnne mArx dui-AlCohol, oPen Cont., Poss. mAriJ.

hAnnA Peters Credit CArd frAud(x5), felony ProBAtion vio.

PAtriCk PoPe felony ProBAtion violAtion

shondA PoPe BAttery

JessiCA reAgin felony ProBAtion violAtion

ChArese rushing Agg. AssAult, Child Cruelty, disChArge weAPon

AmAndA thomAs Possession mAriJuAnA

dominique thomAs BAttery, Crim. tresPAss, oBstruCtion of 911 CAll

mArk weBB BurglAry

Adrien williAmson, Jr. Poss. Controlled suB., Possession mAriJuAnA

JAleesA wright shoPlifting

lAtoyA wright shoPlifting


tess AndriAtti felony theft By tAking, PArole violAtion

montAvious Ansley Possession Controlled suB., felony ProB. vio.

sArAdeine Augustine disorderly ConduCt

williAm Ayers dui-AlCohol, hit & run

steve BArrett ContemPt of Court (Child suPPort)

CArolyn Byrd AggrAvAted AssAult, CriminAl tresPAss

miChAel CrAnk, Jr. Possession Controlled suBstAnCe

susAn fisher dui-AlCohol, fAil mAintAin lAne

reco sMith

hijacking aircraft

aggraVateD assauLt


arMeD robbery

dAniel CAmPBell dui-AlCohol, no ins., fAil mAintAin lAne

diAnA Correll felony ProBAtion violAtion

miChAel flint BAttery(x2), tresPAss, theft By tAking

rufus giBBs felony ProBAtion violAtion

quAtAvious griffith sAle of Controlled suB., underAge Poss./AlCohol

shAne holBrook Poss. Controlled suB. Pos. mAriJ, drugs in JAil

terrenCe JAmes Possession mAriJuAnA

tArA Johnson dui-AlCohol, fAil mAintAin lAne

niCholAs keener, Jr. theft By deCePtion

JAmes kingslAnd sexuAl exPloitAtion, ProBAtion violAtion

miChAel lAwrenCe dui-AlCohol

steven mAlCom felon with fireArm, fAlse stAtements

dAniel mCfAlls Possession mAriJuAnA

timothy morrell dui-AlCohol

kenriCk muCkle Possession Controlled suBstAnCe

sCotty nix disorderly ConduCt

mArshAll normAn felony theft By Conversion

Antonio smith BAd CheCk(s)

sArA stePhens Possession mAriJuAnA

seth willoughBy theft By tAking, simPle BAttery

tAnner Aderhold ProBAtion violAtion

keshiA Atkinson ProBAtion violAtion

Ashley dAvis driving w/ susP. liCs., tAg violAtion

dustin gunn disorderly ConduCt

donnA hArBin disorderly ConduCt

Courtney hAyles felony ProBAtion violAtion

kAJAvis hill hArAssing Phone CAlls

JAmes Jenkins, Jr. ProBAtion violAtion

BrittAny killingsworth dwsl, no/exPired tAg, noise violAtion

demArCus king felony ProBAtion violAtion

Jodi lAmondo BenCh wArrAnt

donAld lee felony ProBAtion violAtion

frederiCk lonnquist driving with susPended liCense

ChArles mCClAin fAilure to APPeAr

roBert mulCAhy felony ProBAtion violAtion

JoshuA musgrAve felony ProBAtion violAtion

Jose nieves-riso driving without A liCense

Christy PhilliPs felony ProBAtion violAtion

howArd roBinson limited liCense vio., following too Close

vernon roBinson ProBAtion violAtion

Billy russell felony ProBAtion violAtion

Andre sAnders ProBAtion violAtion

BryAn sCott BenCh wArrAnt

tyrone tAylor driving without A liCense

heAther viCidomine fAilure to APPeAr

JAmAl williAms ProBAtion violAtion

Jerome woods wAnted By other AgenCy

riChArd wommACk felony ProBAtion violAtion

neil wormley felony ProBAtion violAtion

dustin wroe simPle BAttery


Danny fowLer

glendA BArnett shoPlifting

nAdiA BArnett shoPlifting

roBert BeCerrA ProBAtion violAtion

keith edgley simPle BAttery (fvA)

Armed robbery, roBBery, Agg. arMeD agg. AssAult, feLony felony theft assauLt, theft

dAnny fowler

PrinCess golden shoPlifting, theft By deCePtion, Poss. drugs

PAtriCk hulsey dui-AlCohol, driving w/ susPended liCense

Christine illesCAs Possession mAriJuAnA, simPle BAttery

aDaM angeL aggraVateD staLking crueLty to chiLD terroristic threats/acts criMinaL tresPass

miChAel hAmilton dui-AlCohol, underAge Poss./AlCohol

gArret hAyes dui-AlCohol, weAving, light violAtion

wesley lewAllen oBstruCtion of offiCer

mAnuel loPes oBstruCtion of offiCer

CArlos loPez oBstruCtion of offiCer

trAvis mArtin shoPlifting

fredy misAnCAngo dwol, tint violAtion, oBstruCtion leo (x2)

rhondA o’kelly oBstruCtion of offiCer

wilson PAtdA oBstruCtion of offiCer

JosePh Pirkle ProBAtion violAtion

moniCA sheAd giving fAlse informAtion

JAmes silvers shoPlifting, Possession Controlled suBstAnCe(x2)

CrystAl townsend shoPlifting, Possession Controlled suBstAnCe

JAson townsend shoPlifting, Poss. meth, Poss. Cont. suBstAnCe(x2)

kevin whitloCk driving with susPended liCense

miChAel wilBurn fAilure to APPeAr

bobby turPin


BoBBy turPin

faiL fAilto to coMPLy ComPly Asas sex sex offenDer offender

timothy Anderson disorderly ConduCt

edwArd BrAdy felony ProBAtion violAtion

donny Brown driving without A liCense, no tAg

JosePh dillArd felony fAilure to APPeAr

riCky duBose dwol, no insurAnCe, no tAg, weAving

eliJAh gAmBle, Jr. felony ProBAtion violAtion

susAn Johnson PuBliC drunkenness

Austin kelley Possession mAriJuAnA

faiLure to Pay

gregory PAtton dui-drugs, weAving

towns roBerts theft By tAking, felony ProBAtion vio.

JessiCA stArnes dui-AlCohol, dwol, ProB. vio., oPen Cont.

timothy tAPley ProBAtion violAtion

ClAudiA thornton BAd CheCks

wesLey fLanagan Poss. Marijuana oPen container obstruction Leo susPenDeD registration no Proof ins. steven green felony ProBAtion violAtion

Jerris henderson terroristiC threAts And ACts

habituaL VioLator

sheLton hiLL

feLony theft by taking criMinaL DaMage to ProP.

CorBin kittle serving weekend for Previous ChArges

ChArles mCCurley BurglAry

miChAel sChmidt felony ProBAtion violAtion

steven shelnut AggrAvAted AssAult, AggrAvAted BAttery

thomAs wilfAwn reCkless ConduCt

riCkettA williAms dui-AlCohol, weAving, susPended registrAtion

JAmes smith felony ProBAtion violAtion


JoshuA BileCky serving sentenCe for Previous ChArges

trACy Brudon, Jr. BAd CheCks (x2)

reginA Clementi serving sentenCe for Previous ChArges

thomAs fAust serving sentenCe for Prior ChArges

Billy hAnley PArole violAtion

Joey hArP ProBAtion violAtion

tAreze hillsmAn BurglAry

steven hilsmAn ProBAtion violAtion

PAulA horne ProBAtion violAtion

erin JAmmoul shoPlifting

miChAel lAnArd ProBAtion violAtion

rodney lumPkin driving with susPended liCense

rAymond mCdAniel BurglAry

mArquAvious PArks BurglAry

miChAel reeves serving sentenCe for Previous ChArges

CArl roeBling AggrAvAted stAlking

JAmes sAmPles Bond revoked

CArmen smith BAttery (fvA)

kevin snyder dui-AlC.-less sAfe, dwsl, fAil mAintAin ln.

donAld tAte shoPlifting

tAshAwnA willoughBy BAttery (fvA)

frAnk wilson driving with susPended liCense

AngelA yeArwood serving sentenCe for Previous ChArges


JAred BeCkhAm fAilure to APPeAr


Issue 21  

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