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TimoThy hill Child SupporT ArreST

dAnny hill probATion ViolATion

JedediAh mCCommonS driVing wiThouT A liCenSe

Tommy mCKie AggrAVATed ASSAulT, bATTery, Crim. TreSpASS

lori rogerS no inSurAnCe, SuSpended regiSTrATion

deondrA wATKinS fighTing in publiC

SCoTT williS dui-AlCohol or drugS, heAdlighTS required

melVA young diSorderly ConduCT, CriminAl dAmAge/prop.

AShley STeVenS ThefT by TAKing

ZACArro Turner dwol, fleeing/eluding, open ConT., no inS.

mArTin ArKAnSAS ConTempT of CourT

dArrell ATKinS probATion ViolATion

STeVen ATKinSon Simple bATTery

JonAThAn AuSTin felony probATion ViolATion

AAron bArKSdAle felony probATion ViolATion

rAy burTon, Jr. SenTenCed To 30 dAyS for dui-AlCohol

TAVAreS dAnielS probATion ViolATion

TrelliS drAKe felony probATion ViolATion

KenneTh elder driVing wiTh SuSpended liCenSe, Speeding

TAdAriuS fAuST felony probATion ViolATion

modeSTA gArCiA-bAlTAZAr driVing w/o A liCenSe, SignAl/Sign ViolATion

Jennifer goSSeTT probATion ViolATion

Keinon hAmpTon felony ConTempT of Superior CourT

ChArleS houghTon probATion ViolATion

peTer iTurriAn probATion ViolATion

dAniel Kellum SerVing 24 hourS for dui-AlCohol

fredriCK mAlCom felony probATion ViolATion

mArleni mArTineZ driVing wiThouT A liCenSe

fAbiolA mArTineZ-medinA driVing wiThouT A liCenSe, Speeding

CynThiA mAyfield SenTenCed To 48 hourS for ThefT/ConVerSion

SeAn mCnATT SenTenCed To 48 hourS for dui-AlCohol

melVin miTChell bATTery, Child CruelTy, obSTruCTion 911

demAreo morriS benCh wArrAnT

TrAVArouS pATmAn probATion ViolATion

bAber rAThur SerVing 48 hourS for dui-AlCohol

george SimS probATion ViolATion

ChriSTinA STone fAilure To AppeAr

TonyA TArpKinS probATion ViolATion, wAnTed in JACKSon Co.

Tony ThomAS probATion ViolATion, wAnTed in JACKSon Co.

demeTriK williAmS driVing wiTh SuSpended liCenSe



SCoTT ASher benCh wArrAnT

JeSSiCA benneT probATion ViolATion

AnKur bhAVASAr SenTenCed To 48 hourS for dui-AlCohol

eddie bolTon fAilure To AppeAr(x2)

pedro boTello driVing wiThouT A liCenSe, Speeding

John CAylor benCh wArrAnT

williAm ChArboneAu SenTenCed To 24 hourS for reCKleSS driVing

JoShuA dAViS SerVing 24 hourS for dui-AlCohol

rAndAll edwArdS benCh wArrAnT

Adinel gAldAmeZ driVing wiThouT A liCenSe, Speeding

derriCK hAwKinS benCh wArrAnT

demeTriouS hAyneS probATion ViolATion

JoSeph hopKinS probATion ViolATion

niCholAS JACKSon CriminAl TreSpASS

Jeremy JoneS driVing w/ SuSp. liCS., SignAl/Sign ViolATion

CArmiSKi Kenney SenTenCed To 7 weeKendS for poSSeSSion mAriJuAnA

Jennifer loVing bATTery

miguel meJiA-floreS SenTenCed To 5 weeKendS for dui, dwol, open ConT.

glenn morgAn publiC drunKenneSS

eliSSA nArdiello SenTenCed To 24 hourS for dui-AlCohol

Auburn priTChArd publiC inToxiCATion

miKe puleo publiC inToxiCATion

m. rolAndo-mAnuel driVing wiThouT A liCenSe, expired TAg

SAlVAdor SAnCheZ-diAZ driVing w/o A liCenSe, TAil lighT ViolATion

ChriSTopher SAnderS felony probATion ViolATion

dArrell SmiTh probATion ViolATion

KATrinA TAylor probATion ViolATion

JoSeph ThompSon driVing wiTh SuSpended liCenSe

rodrigueZ ThompSon driVing wiTh SuSpended liCenSe

george wAlKer SenTenCed To 5 weeKendS for driVing w/SuSp. liCS.


ChArleS bAiley diSorderly ConduCT

ronJon bAnerJee dui-AlCohol, poSSeSSion mAriJuAnA

pATriCK buChen dui-AlCohol, open ConT., following Too CloSely

AmAndA ChodKowSKi dui-AlCohol, u-Turn ViolATion

oliViA dAniel benCh wArrAnT

CorneliuS duggAnS driVing w/ SuSp. liCS., benCh wArrAnT

ChriSTopher gordon dui-AlCohol, one-wAy roAd Vio.

ChArleS greShAm underAge poSS./AlCohol, giVing fAlSe informATion

JonAThAn gunTer dui-drugS, no proof inSurAnCe

billy Joe hAnley ShoplifTing, pArole ViolATion

rAKeim hillSmAn reCKleSS Con., TreSpASS, inTerfere goVT. prop.

Jennifer hudSon ShoplifTing

miChelle hundA wAnTed in ColumbiA Co.

AVery JohnSon CriminAl TreSpASS

iVy JohnSon underAge poSS./AlCohol, giVing fAlSe informATion

edwArd KnudSen ConTempT of CourT

KeAgAn long bATTery

bexie lopeZ driVing w/o A liCenSe, unregiSTered VehiCle

deSi lyleS dwSl, STop/yield Vio., SuSpended regiSTrATion

miChAel mCKnighT burglAry (x3), probATion ViolATion

melboriS miTChell ConTempT of CourT

hendrex niCely fAilure To AppeAr

AgneS reed publiC inToxiCATion

TAdAriouS SmiTh Simple bATTery

miChAel STArneS ShoplifTing

bArbArA TAylor driVing w/ SuSp. liCS., wAnTed in ClAyTon Co.

JAmAriuS wATKinS bATTery

Sidney weST poSS. CoCAine w/ inTenT, obSTruCTion leo (x2)

mArqueS young ThefT by reCeiVing

CArloS ZegArro-Arroyo poSSeSSion mAriJuAnA

mirAndA bAbineAu ShoplifTing

TAKenyA beSS Simple bATTery, ConTempT of CourT

burnell buCKley CriminAl TreSpASS, poSS. drug-relATed obJ.

JASper dAVid driVing w/ SuSp. liCS., lAying drAgS

SArA doggeTT poSSeSSion mAriJuAnA

ShowniCiA hull felony probATion Vio., giVing fAlSe informATion

lArry mAddox Simple ASSAulT

pedro mATTox dui-AlCohol, improper driVing

gordon oSborne poSSeSSion mAriJuAnA

philip pendergrASS dui-AlCohol, reCKleSS driVing

TiniKA robinSon ThefT by ConVerSion

CoTy roThery Speeding

Kim TArpKinS poSSeSSion mAriJuAnA, CriminAl TreSpASS

SCoTT umbArger dui-AlCohol

fredriCK wAde obSTruCTion leo

yeKeShA webb AggrAVATed ASSAulT(x2)

KenneTh wehunT probATion ViolATion

Cora West

willie JohnSon, Jr. dui-AlCohol, open ConTAiner/Veh.

niCholAS lATTimore bATTery, Child CruelTy, ViolATe fAmily Vio. order

SeTh mCCAnnon diSorderly ConduCT, publiC inToxiCATion

byron miTChell dui-AlCohol, TAil lighT ViolATion

DUI-alCohol, reCkless DrIvIng, no Proof InsUranCe, sUsPenDeD regIstratIon

JeSSiCA nASh ShoplifTing


roy Arnold dui-AlCohol, lighTS required

TrAViS bArneTT loiTering/prowling

donAld bArneTTe dui-AlCohol, improper driVing

CrAig CoChrAn dui-AlCohol, yield To emergenCy VehiCleS

ShAnTeeSA dAlTon Simple bATTery

Trey dAViS felony obSTruCTion leo, underAge poSS./AlCohol

deqAViouS dunn poSS./Sell mAriJuAnA, TreSpASS, drugS neAr pArK

nATAShA dunn driVing wiThouT A liCenSe

Jerry greShAm wAnTed in greene Co.

JArreTT griffin publiC inToxiCATion

Jake Peavy

JohAnneS debeSe dwSl, SuSp. regiSTrATion, giVing fAlSe informATion

briAnnA dunCAn dwol, SignAl/Sign Vio., wAnTed in bArrow Co.

DIsorDerly ConDUCt, PUblIC IntoxICatIon, obstrUCtIon leo

Javonte tate


sImPle assaUlt, obstrUCtIon leo, faIlUre to aPPear, felony ProbatIon vIolatIon

TrAViS eVAnS felony ConTempT of Superior CourT

JoShuA grAnT underAge poSS./AlCohol, probATion ViolATion

AdAm hArriS publiC inToxiCATion

quinTAViouS JohnSon obSTruCTion leo, CriminAl TreSpASS

JoShuA JoneS dui-AlCohol

Alirio JoVel dui-AlCohol, open ConTAiner

williAm Kimbrough dui-AlCohol, hiT & run, following Too CloSely

Kil mo Ku Simple bATTery, CriminAl TreSpASS

quenTin SAner felony dwSl(4Th offenSe), fAilure dim heAdlighTS

JoShuA ShArp obSTruCTion leo

JAmeS SmiTh AggrAVATed ASSAulT

JonAThAn SorrellS bATTery, wAnTed/wAlTon, fAlSe impriSonmenT

eriC wAySon dui-AlCohol, improper driVing

mArK williAmS driVing w/o A liCenSe, fleeing/eluding

renee Angwin wAnTed in gwinneTT Co.

eugene bAllArd fAilure To AppeAr, probATion ViolATion

ebin bAShirrudin probATion ViolATion

lAToyA bolTon CriminAl TreSpASS

nATAShA deAn felony probATion ViolATion

iVAn denniS AggrAVATed ASSAulT

dAVid heAdlee felony probATion ViolATion

ronnie hemphill Simple bATTery (x2)

ShAnnA JoneS wAnTed in henry Co.

dAemon KendAll dwol, no proof inS., poSSeSSion mAriJuAnA

druVA KoTA probATion ViolATion

ZAKiyAh lAwSon CriminAl TreSpASS (x2)

roberT leSeueur fAilure To AppeAr

dominique lumpKin driVing wiTh SuSpended liCenSe

donAVAn mAllArd wAnTed in hArT CounTy

dexTer mAxey probATion ViolATion

brAdford whiTe, Jr. diSorderly ConduCT

nestor bravo

lAundeJo greShAm SerVing 10 dAyS for preViouS ChArgeS

AnThony hAll ConTempT of CourT

TrAViS hill bATTery

xAVier hollAnd Armed robbery, burglAry

bUrglary (x3), felony theft by DeCePtIon (x3), theft by reCeIvIng, DWsl, ContemPt of CoUrt

will hunTer open ConTAiner, giVing fAlSe informATion


wAlTer AdAmS Child SupporT ArreST

ShAwnA ATKinSon dui-AlCohol or drugS, Child endAngermenT (x2)

AnTonio bAllArd wAnTed in louiSiAnA

george binion Child SupporT ArreST

lAmAr brown SAle of CoCAine, Simple bATTery, Agg. STAlKing

miriAm CAllihAn poSSeSSion mAriJuAnA

riCKy CArr Child SupporT ArreST

CrAig CArVer probATion ViolATion

roy CoATS dui-AlCohol

rAndAll edwArdS driVing wiTh SuSpended liCenSe

April ely dwSl, Speeding, poSSeSSion mAriJuAnA

Sergio eSCobAr driVing wiThouT A liCenSe

JAmeS gibSon dui-AlCohol

AlmAnZA grAnAdoS driVing wiThouT A liCenSe

willie hAnnAh probATion ViolATion

TAbiThA hobgood felony probATion ViolATion

SAndrA lopeZ driVing w/o A liCenSe, heAdlighTS required

Jennifer mCdAniel driVing wiTh SuSpended liCenSe

riChArd meSSer probATion ViolATion

TimoThy moon felony probATion ViolATion

KenneTh newmAn felony probATion ViolATion

benJAmin porTer CruelTy To AnimAlS

mArry porTer CruelTy To AnimAlS

STephen SAlAndy driVing w/o A liCenSe, TinT ViolATion

SCoTTie SimS Child SupporT ArreST

CrySTAl TruleTT driVing wiThouT A liCenSe

SherAn wAller poSSeSSion mAriJuAnA

KenneTh wAre dui-AlCohol or drugS, open ConTAiner

morTon williAmS poSS. mAriJ. w/ inTenT, dwol, drug-rel. obJ.

hunTer yeArwood bATTery (fVA)


ThomAS AlleS dui-AlCohol or drugS

roSel brighTwell CruelTy To Children

dAriuS brown probATion ViolATion

ArVie bruCe Simple ASSAulT

JAmeS burdeTTe probATion ViolATion

Sheron CAmpbell driVing w/ SuSp. liCS., no TAg

bennIe Dooley


ThomAS CArroll driVing w/o A liCenSe, no proof inSurAnCe

John CrAwford re-regiSTering AS Sex offender

sex SexoffenDer offender regiSTrATion regIstratIon

bennie dooley

norriS eVAnS burglAry, CriminAl TreSpASS

deSeAn frAnCiS poSSeSSion drugS

VinTreZ hobbS driVing wiTh SuSpended liCenSe

John JACKSon probATion ViolATion

TrAViS JohnSon poSSeSSion drugS

benJAmin lenArd dui-AlCohol or drugS, Super Speeder Vio.

SCoTTy moSS probATion ViolATion

JArViS porTer fAilure To AppeAr

JASon rhodeS poSSeSSion drugS, driVing w/ SuSp. liCS.

Jerry rhodeS probATion ViolATion

deniSe robbinS ThefT by TAKing

STACy rowlAnd fAilure To AppeAr

Cody Seymour probATion ViolATion

riCKy, SilVery, Jr. probATion ViolATion

rAymundo Simbron driVing w/ SuSp. liCS., following Too CloSely

John SimpSon, Jr. poSS. drugS, ConCeAled weApon, felon w/ fireArm

TreVAriS TySon CruelTy To Children

KenneTh wArd wAnTed in Cobb CounTy

riChArd weST driVing w/o A liCenSe, noiSe ViolATion

gerVAiS wyATT diSorderly ConduCT

ShAron AbboTT bAd CheCKS (x2)

KeVin AuTry, ii Simple ASSAulT (fVA)

Clifford beAuChAmp poSS. meTh, poSS. mAriJ., poSS. ToolS for Crime

erwin bligen driVing wiTh SuSpended liCenSe

hArold bolTon, Jr. fAilure To AppeAr

JuSTin booTh Child SupporT ArreST, wAnTed in oConee Co.

mAliSSA brown CriminAl TreSpASS, loiTering/prowling

roberT brown CriminAl TreSpASS, obSTruCTion leo

frAnCiSCo hernAndeZ ViolATion gA ConTrolled SubSTAnCe ACT, dwSl

JeremiAh huTChiSon driVing w/ SuSp. liCS., fAil mAinTAin lAne

brAndon lAwSon fAilure To AppeAr

STeVen mAlone dui-AlCohol or drugS, driVing w/ SuSp. liCS.

dAVid mCdAniel fAilure To AppeAr

roberT preSley poSS. meTh, poSS. mAriJ., poSS. ToolS/Crime, pV

denniS ShooK, Jr. Child SupporT ArreST, driVing w/ SuSp. liCS.

Jerry STAndridge dwol, expired TAg, probATion ViolATion

STeVen yeArwood Simple ASSAulT (fVA)

John Cantrell

DUI-less safe

oPen ContaIner PossessIon marIJUana DefeCtIve eqUIPment mATThew boSSon diSorderly ConduCT, CriminAl TreSpASS (fVA)

ieShA brown probATion ViolATion, wAnTed in ClArKe Co.

brAndon CAgle poSS. meTh w/ inTenT, poSS. meTh, dwSl

roy CASey poSS. meTh w/ inTenT, VgCSA-poSS. meTh

faIl maIntaIn lane

ViCKie ChAndler wAnTed in ColorAdo



TonyA CASon wAnTed in hAberShAm Co.

ellen ChAnSombATh diSorderly houSe, furniSh AlCohol To minorS

nellie ChAnSombATh underAge poSSeSSion of AlCohol

elVin CruZ diSorderly ConduCT

oSmond douglAS ShoplifTing

riCKy gAbrelS TerroriSTiC ThreATS And ACTS

JoShuA hill diSorderly houSe, furniSh AlCohol To minorS

KhAliluddin lASSiTer hiT & run, driVing wrong Side of roAd

bArry lee driVing wiTh SuSpended liCenSe

KenndriCK long driVing wiTh SuSpended liCenSe

mArCelo mArrero wAnTed in oConee Co., wAnTed in mAdiSon Co.

VerA mCCollum TerroriSTiC ThreATS And ACTS (x3)

JoSe morAleS-mArTineZ dwol, Speeding, Child SeAT Vio.(x2)

hendrex niCely obSTruCTion leo, wAnTed in ClArKe Co.

dAT phAm underAge poSSeSSion of AlCohol

SAmAnThA preSley poSS. meTh w/ inTenT, poSSeSSion of meTh

JuSTin rowlAnd poSSeSSion ConTrolled SubSTAnCe (x2)

ChriSTopher SAmpSon imperSonATing An offiCer

JAmeS SCAnnell underAge poSSeSSion of AlCohol

pATTy SimmonS CriminAl TreSpASS, loiTering/prowling

mAriA SoCorro driVing wiThouT A liCenSe, Speeding

JeSSie ThAo underAge poSSeSSion of AlCohol

Jeffrey ThornTon fAilure To AppeAr

TrACy wAldron, Jr. TreSpASS, publiC drunK, loiTering/prowling

John wAlKer reCKleSS driVing, Speeding(102mph/55Zone)

TAnyA woodruff wAnTed in gwinneTT Co.

Tony yAng underAge poSSeSSion of AlCohol

brendA Alley publiC drunKenneSS, open ConTAiner

dAVid bArfield diSTurbing The peACe, publiC drunKenneSS

JeSSiCA CrAnfill diSorderly ConduCT, publiC drunKenneSS

AShleigh berrymAn SAle of meTh, SAle of ConTrolled SubSTAnCe

Terry CAdwell dui-AlCohol, fAil mAinTAin lAne

iShA CAmp SAle of ConTrolled SubSTAnCe (x2)

quinCy Cooper poSS./Sell mAriJuAnA, drugS neAr SChool

lAShAylA CunninghAm probATion ViolATion

KriSTin dAmonS poSS. ConTrolled Sub., rx/originAl ConTAiner

donAld dunhAm poS. ConTrolled Sub., dwSl, STop Sign Vio.

ChAriTy frAnKlin felony fAilure To AppeAr

Andrew fuller CriminAl dAmAge To properTy

AliCiA gAZAwAy SAle of ConTrolled SubSTAnCe

debbie greeSon dui-AlCohol, poSSeSSion mAriJuAnA

JASon hAll bATTery (x5), CriminAl TreSpASS

JoShuA heArd SAle of CoCAine

rodney henry SAle of CoCAine

STeVen ingleTT wAnTed in forSyTh Co.

CrySTAl mArTineZ-lueVAno bATTery (fVA)

KelVin mAyweATher bATTery, CriminAl TreSpASS (fVA)

JosePh Jones

JoSeph JoneS Sex sex offender ViolATion offenDer


Kyle JoneS burglAry, CriminAl dAmAge To properTy

Terry liTTleTon poSS/Sell ConTrolled Sub, fACiliTATe felony w/phone

ToumuA lor publiC indeCenCy, poSS. ConTrolled Sub.



reginAld mCCullough bAd CheCK

Tommy mCKie dui-AlCohol, open ConTAiner

briTTnie pATTerSon Simple bATTery (fVA)

Kimberly meeKS poSSeSSion ConTrolled Sub. w/ inTenT

dAnny morrow Child moleSTATion, SexuAl bATTery/minor

ChAndler murphy SAle of ConTrolled Sub., poSS./Sell mAriJuAnA

ThomAS o’rourKe poSSeSSion mAriJuAnA

AnThony pope SAle of CoCAine

meliSSA SASSAno SAle of ConTrolled SubSTAnCe

KirA SheeTS fAlSe reporT of Crime, fAlSe STATemenTS

ZyndAll SimS bATTery

brAndi SKinner SAle of ConTrolled Sub., felony probATion Vio.

CAmmie SmAllwood felony probATion ViolATion (x3)

lAToyA SmiTh obSTruCT leo, pV, giVing fAlSe informATion

SpenCer SmiTh bATTery, Simple ASSAulT, driVing w/o A liCenSe

AngelA STewArT-finCher AbAndonmenT of dependenT Child

mArTin STill poSSeSSion ConTrolled Sub. w/ inTenT, pV

STephen TrAmmell fAil To AppeAr, wAnTed in mAdiSon & elberT Co.

SenTillA TreAdwell felony ShoplifTing

AdAm VArgo reCKleSS driVing, Speeding

roberT VongphAKdy fAilure reporT ACCidenT, poSS. ConTrolled Sub.

billy whiTe wAnTed in wAlTon Co.

Amber williAmS fAilure To AppeAr

pATriCK williAmS Simple bATTery (fVA), CriminAl TreSpASS

JASmine wylie felony probATion ViolATion

pATriCK yAnAgi poSSeSSion mAriJuAnA, Speeding

kIm gIbson

KendriC brAdley dui-AlCohol, bATTery, driVing w/ SuSp. liCS.

ChriSTen CArdwell dui-AlCohol, leAVing SCene of ACCidenT

rAndAll hArmon ThefT/reCeiVing, felon w/ gun, poSS. drugS

eriC dobieS AbAndonmenT of dependenT Child

efron gober ConTempT of CourT (Child SupporT)

quATAViouS griffiTh underAge poSSeSSion of AlCohol

briAn hiCKS reCKleSS driVing, dwSl, fleeing/eluding

ginA hogAn ViolATion fAmily ViolenCe ACT

Jeffrey hudSon ConTempT of CourT (Child SupporT)

leroy lATTimore, Jr. dui-AlCohol, open ConT., moVe oVer lAw Vio.

KwAJAliem lAwrenCe fAlSe impriSonmenT ThefT/TAKing, bATTery

April mCelwAney dui-drugS, dwol, fAilure To yield

CASSie miCA CriminAl TreSpASS

dAVid miller ConTrib./delinq./minor, poSSeSSion mAriJuAnA

JoSeph miller diSorderly ConduCT, publiC drunKenneSS

rAndy phillipS dui-AlCohol, fAil mAinTAin lAne

JACquelyn rAinwATer publiC drunKenneSS

ChriSTopher rAy AggrAVATed STAlKing

CArwon redding bATTery, obSTruCT leo, poSS. ConTrolled Sub.

brAndon Summerour fAilure To AppeAr

TimoThy wAyne poSS. ConTrolled Sub., ConTempT of CourT

KeVin SloAn ShoplifTing

Kim gibSon AggrAVATed Child sex offenDer moleSTATion (x2) regIstratIon

AliCiA STephenS bATTery, CriminAl TreSpASS


mattheW nUnnelley battery

CrImInal tresPass Poss. ControlleD sUb. rx/orIgInal ContaIner


TimoThy Allen felony probATion ViolATion

STAnley burgeSS felony probATion ViolATion

Amy fAin felony probATion ViolATion

feliShA finney poSSeSSion ConTrolled SubSTAnCe

Angel hoSKinS ThefT by deCepTion(x14)

PossessIon marIJUana DrIvIng W/o a lICense

deSTiny byArS diSorderly ConduCT, following Too CloSe

ronnie CulbreATh CriminAl ConSpirACy, pArTy To A Crime (x2)

CynThiA guy bATTery

KATlyn guy poSS. ConTrolled Sub., rx/originAl ConTAiner

Kerry hAmm felony ThefT by reCeiVing STolen prop.

AnTonio huTChinSon bATTery

dAleShiA JACKSon ThefT by deCepTion

miChAel Kelly Simple bATTery, felony probATion Vio.

VAlenTin KunAKowSKy driVing w/ SuSp. liCS., probATion ViolATion

brAndon peTerS felony probATion ViolATion

ChriSTopher pugh felony probATion ViolATion

KriSTA SimS diSorderly ConduCT

JeSSiCA ST. John CrediT CArd frAud(x9)

TimoThy STrom ConTempT/Child SupporT, benCh wArrAnT

roberT ThomAS felony probATion ViolATion

ChAriTy young felony probATion ViolATion

STACey greene pArTy To A Crime

miChAel blACKmore poSS. ConTrolled Sub., TinT Vio, defeCTiVe TireS

deVion boldS probATion ViolATion

Tommy ChAndler probATion ViolATion

JeSSiCA dAViS fAlSe/defACed/no TAg

wendy deeS SerVing SenTenCe for preViouS ChArgeS

TriSTein eTChiSon driVing w/ SuSp. liCS., TAg ViolATion

niCholAS hulSey probATion ViolATion

ruSSell JAmeS probATion ViolATion

faIl maIntaIn lane

mATThew lyonAiS SerVing SenTenCe for preViouS ChArgeS

KeVin mCKroSKey probATion ViolATion

alonzo harbIn


CrImInal Damage/ProP. oPen ContaIner gAry flinT driVing wiTh SuSpended liCenSe

DrIvIng W/ sUsP. lICs.

gerAld holmeS driVing wiTh SuSpended liCenSe

mUkesh ItWarU


Poss. marIJUana ContrIb./DelInq./ mInor DrIvIng W/o a lICense oPen ContaIner KelVin Kennon CriminAl TreSpASS

JuSTin Kimbel probATion ViolATion

SCoTT miTChell driVing wiTh SuSpended liCenSe

lonnie moon, Jr. probATion ViolATion

riChArd moSS AlCohol on SChool properTy

williAm peTerS benCh wArrAnT

AnTonio phillipS SerVing SenTenCe for preViouS ChArgeS

Johnny porTwood, Jr. ViolATion of fAmily ViolenCe ACT

JAmeS puCKeTT probATion ViolATion

JAy SAnderS driVing wiTh SuSpended liCenSe

ChriSTopher SCulley poSSeSSion ConTrolled SubSTAnCe

Tommy SmiTh driVing w/o liCenSe, TAg ViolATion

AngelA STinSon felony probATion ViolATion

ZAChAry wiSnewSKi hArASSing phone CAllS



f. ACeVedo-VAZqueZ driVing wiThouT A liCenSe

i. AlVArAdo-eSCobedo driVing w/o A liCenSe, TinT ViolATion

riCKy CheeK driVing wiTh SuSpended liCenSe

TAylor broAdriCK dui-drugS, Speeding

ChriSTopher bryAnT dui-AlCohol, weAVing

Verlin byerS AggrAVATed ASSAulT, bATTery, obSTruCT leo

r. CerVAnTeS-ZAmArripA driVing wiThouT A liCenSe

JuAn CorTeS-SebASTiAn dwol, no proof inS., following Too CloSely

frAnK dipASquAle poSSeSSion drugrelATed obJeCT

fedor doroSh publiC indeCenCy

eriC foSTer poSS. ConTrolled Sub., poSS. mAriJ. w/ inTenT

williAm holley publiC drunKenneSS

deAnnA KiTChenS probATion ViolATion

miKe mArKS robbery, obSTruCTion leo

riChArd miTChell robbery, obSTruCTion leo

TiffAny miTChell robbery

ChriSTopher moTA ASSAulT, loiTer/prowl., CriminAl dAmAge/prop.

AShley SmiTh driVing w/ SuSp. liCS., following Too CloSely

eliZAbeTh STApleTon Simple ASSAulT (fVA), CriminAl TreSpASS

JuSTin SuTTon driVing wiTh SuSpended liCenSe

JAmeS williAmS wAnTed by duluTh poliCe depArTmenT

pAmelA wilSon poSSeSSion ConTrolled Sub.(x3), publiC drunK

ChriSTopher pierCe driVing w/ SuSp. liCS., poSS. drug-relATed obJ.

Issue 12  
Issue 12  

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