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Felicity Wood, the founder of the health website Bad Backs is proving that age is not a limiting factor in being a successful business woman. At 64 years of age, Felicity has become a self made internet entrepreneur when she created the Bad Backs website back in 2001. From starting off her career in the advertising world, Felicity was able to develop her business savviness. And it was also her job within advertising that lead her to do consultancy work with the CSIRO that she decided to go down the path of developing a website, which provided people with a source for back pain related remedies and products. After having a skiing accident back when Felicity was 18 she was left with a bad back. From then Felicity tried numerous products and therapies to help alleviate the pain and became very experienced and informed about the methods of how to manage pain. This is what drove her to enter into a new world of e-commerce. With the launch of her website; soon after the hard work began to pay off. By adding references to medical information to her site, it provided credibility to the products and information that Felicity was making available to people, so that they could be better informed when making decisions about their purchases. Felicity teamed up with national and international suppliers to offer her customers top quality products which were specifically designed to manage bad back pain. Some speciality products included top of the line beds, ergonomic office furniture and work stations.

A problem that Felicity came across with the sale of the more expensive items like beds and ergonomic furniture was that customers were more reluctant to buy online without having the ability to be able to tangibly try the products out. This lead Felicity to open up her first Bad Backs showroom in South Melbourne. Today Felicity and her Sydney based business partner Jonathan Hulme have opened showrooms in Sydney, Melbourne and Perth which has helped expand her business and the Bad Backs brand name nationally. The Bad Backs website has a section with an A – Z of therapies that Felicity recommends for solutions to back pain, from Acupuncture through to Yoga. As not everybody suffers pain in the same way, this guide provides solutions to satisfy many different needs. The website includes various tips and medical research from various international research centres and hospitals. Felicity is constantly learning and being challenged by being in this business and encouraged by the support and positive word of mouth buzz that her online store has created for her customers. Whilst most of her friends are retired, now at the age of 64, Felicity is having fun and more stimulated than ever.

Felicity Wood – Bad Backs  

Felicity Wood, the founder of the health website Bad Backs is proving that age is not a limiting factor in being a successful business woman...

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