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Letting go isn't giving up. It's understanding that the best is yet to come.


Soul Success




Own your truth. Tap into your internal power. Unleash your YOUness onto the world.

what's it about Badassery Unleashed Magazine by Laura Francis is all about you, the entrepreneur, the spiritual, the creative, the visionary, the leader: it’s about your message, your desires, your passion and your purpose. It's about... Owning your truth, tapping into your internal power and unleashing your YOUness onto the world. Growth and expansion and creating the business and mindset that allow you be: ✔Unfiltered ✔Unrelenting ✔Unapologetic Disrupting the social norms and questioning how things are done and what people believe. Living your life fully expressed, on your terms and by your rules. And having loads of fun while doing so. Badassery Unleashed Magazine is about blazing your own trail in business and life; abandoning antiquated systems and enjoying the abundant, aligned and fully expressed life you were born for. Created by Laura Francis – who is on a mission to inspire and empower you to tap into your hidden potential, align with your higher self and create massive change –  she’s here to disrupt social norms and challenge age-old systems and what people believe true and possible, as she fully embodies her powerful message. Inside you’ll find a mixture of inspirational success stories, business blueprints and strategies, wealth mindset practices and exclusive access to offers, FREE trainings, behind the scenes into Laura’s world, mindset, spirituality, alignment, manifestation, entrepreneurship and all that it entails.

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5 BIGGEST Business Building Mistakes and how to avoid them

49 STORY TELLING for fun and profit





65 the THREE D's: discipline, discernment and diligence

Our exclusive conversation with best-selling author and social influencer, Danette May - where questions are asked and truths get told, unapologetically - of course!

43 72 5 ways to KICK ASS with your facebook LIVE videos the pain of NOT 80 flossing your teeth


JOURNAL TO SUCCESS Start rapidly manifesting Our editor gets real. raw. unapologetic wild success in justasafuck. few Spilling the beans on guilt, shame and so much more!! minutes a day


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Today I choose to let it be EASY. It being e.v.e.r.y.-f.u.c.k.i.n.g.-t.h.i.n.g!!

letter from the editor AN OPEN LETTER TO YOU Dear Badass Queen (or King) When things aren't working out as you had hoped. As you had planned. As you had expected. When it looks and feels as though no matter what you do or how you approach it, shit just doesn't go the way you would like... I get that it's sooooo fucking easy to slip out of faith and trust and belief and into self deprecation, self loathing and not-enoughness. When it appears like all hope is lost. It's really easy in those moments to forget how far you have come. To forget to see and be grateful for ALL THE GOOD SHIT that you have done and that you have created and that surrounds you. It's really in those moments to lose sight of your vision, of your dreams and of your desires. To throw the towel in. To give up on it all. To quit. But these are the times when it's REALLY FUCKING IMPORTANT that you remember, that you FOCUS on and tell yourself over and over again at times like those is that... EVERYTHING IS PERFECT EXACTLY AS IT IS - even though what's showing up in your reality seems to be everything but perfect. EVERYTHING IS ALWAYS WORKING OUT FOR YOU - because it is, even though you can't always see evidence of it. THAT YOU ARE SUPPORTED ALWAYS, ON ALL LEVELS AND IN ALL WAYS - because you are even when it feels like the world is being ripped from beneath your feet. Babe, it's when everything seems to be going to shit, when miracles happen. Stay the course babe. This game of business and life is a long game. And you fucking have EXACTLY what it takes to fucking WIN!!

o x o x s i c n a r f a r u la editor in-chief

4 CYCLES of a

relationship by Mirella De Boni

4 CYCLES of a relationship

It would be lovely to think that when you finally find that special someone in your life that you can expect sunshine, rainbows and lollipops thereafter. Unfortunately, it’s not the case. Relationships don’t need to be hard work but they do require consistent attention.  Just like anything, the more you focus your energy and attention the more it grows, right? If you use the analogy of the seed and fruit.  In general, it goes something like this; the day you plant the seed is not the day you get to eat the fruit.  I believe this is 100% true when it comes to weight loss, business growth etc.  However, when it comes to relationships it’s kind of the other way around. When you meet someone and the sparks fly, everything feels amazing. Just a word, a text, a look can make your day.  Everything they do is special. You’re having fun overlooking any of the red flags you will come to realise over a period of time.  Except when you first meet it really is sunshine and lollipops.  In other words, you get to eat the fruit.  You’re enjoying where you are and experiencing the best this relationship and this person has to offer you.  Why?  Because in the beginning everyone puts their best foot forward.  You are seeing their absolute best. Relationships are a big learning curve.  You can either learn the lessons that will strengthen your relationship or tear it apart.


4 CYCLES of a relationship 2) Comfort Stage Stage two is when both people feel comfortable in the relationship.  They feel a certain level of security. That means they feel comfortable incorporating some of their previous passtimes into the relationship.  This is when you get to meet the friends, maybe spend some time to get to know them too.  You feel you can start doing other things again like the sports and hobbies without your partner. Trust is developed right here because you are not together 24/7 and you need to adjust to that.  The sex finds a different level of closeness. There is still plenty of sex but you will find a natural rhythm and pace to it.   During this stage people start to notice small things about their partner which they didn’t notice in stage one. Like their habits. Things they say or do that can get irritating or that don’t match your values and morals. Mind you, those small things were there all along but because people feel more comfortable they are more relaxed and they’re not on their best behaviour anymore. They are just being themselves. Understand that no-one has changed, you’re just seeing reality. In other words, you’ve taken off the rose-tinted glasses.


4 CYCLES of a relationship

'DO-GOODERS HELP YOU QUESTION IF IT’S REALLY WORTH BEING WITH THAT PERSON AND IF THEY ARE GOOD ENOUGH FOR YOU.' 3. Conflict Stage The conflict stage is exactly as it sounds. This is where all the little things noticed from stage 2 start to grate on each other’s nerves. All those little things end up being a big something and conflict erupts.  People start questioning the relationship. Do I really know him/her? He/she was never like this before (yes, they were!) Why am I in this relationship? What’s in it for me, Etc.  Unfortunately, a lot of couples do not make it through this stage because the ideal version of their partner no longer matches the real version. People start to fantasize again on what else might be out there for them.  What would life be like if they were single again? Why should they put up with this?  Friends and family start to feel comfortable enough to give their “real” opinion on your partner and therefore you have extra baggage to carry. Do-gooders help you question if it’s really worth being with that person and if they are good enough for you.  My opinion on that is fuck them and their opinion. They are not you and are not living your life. They can see only the surface. They don’t see all the good in the relationship and sometimes they are telling you what they think you want to here. In other words, if you’re happy in the relationship. they are happy for you and your partner is the best thing since sliced bread.  And when you’ve got the shits with your partner they start bitching about them as if they “have your back.”

4 CYCLES of a relationship

Again, it’s all useless. Only your opinion matters because you have all the information to make the best decision for you. Of course, not all relationships should keep going for various reasons. (We can go there in another article.) The problem with giving up at the conflict stage is people begin to repeat the pattern all over again without learning anything new. They breakup without learning how to do things differently. However, should they persevere through the conflict and learn to listen, understand and ask for what they want, they would reach an awesome stage of personal growth and understanding. Not all conflict is bad conflict. Sometimes it’s just how issues find a way to the surface. Conflict in a relationship is an opportunity for better understanding and deeper level of connection and intimacy.

'... THOSE SMALL THINGS WERE THERE ALL ALONG BUT BECAUSE PEOPLE FEEL MORE COMFORTABLE THEY ARE MORE RELAXED AND THEY’RE NOT ON THEIR BEST BEHAVIOUR ANYMORE.' 4. Resolution Stage This is what everyone says they want. Resolution.  They want the conflict to stop.  They want to go back to happier times.   The resolution stage is where people start to communicate and discuss issues, problems, perceptions, values, expectations, feelings and thoughts, goals and dreams. They brainstorm solutions and work through their issues. And this takes them to a whole new level of friendship, love, respect and intimacy. They discover tools to work through their issues and they are equipped for future challenges.  Progressing through this stage allows for the relationship to proceed back through the stages. You get to experience stage 1 all over again because you have a deeper connection and deeper love.  You’ve invested the time to learn new things about each other and identify each other’s needs, wants and desires.  More importantly you learned how to communicate with each other and focus on solutions instead of problems.

4 CYCLES of a relationship

Now communication is open and you have a new focus for your relationship. You feel safe and secure in your future together.

'CONFLICT... IS AN OPPORTUNITY FOR BETTER UNDERSTANDING AND DEEPER LEVEL OF CONNECTION AND INTIMACY.' These 4 stages identify different times throughout your relationship. If you reflect back on your relationship now you may be able to understand why certain things were happening and why things panned out the way they did. In the positive and the negative. Even more importantly you will understand now that it is normal for there to be ups and downs throughout the relationship. It doesn’t make it good or bad, it just is what it is. You just need to know if the good is outweighing the bad in your relationship so when you cycle through you can enjoy the good times and when you roll around to the conflict stage you can focus on the solutions instead of the problems.  Last of all, it’s ok to have conflict because if you work through issues honestly and openly it will take you to a deeper level of love and understanding. It is in that time you are planting the seed and you get to eat the fruit only after you’ve invested the time and attention to maintaining it, looking after it and helping it grow. That’s when you get to experience the sweet fruit.

Mirella De Boni: Business Coach, Author, NLP & Relationship Expert You’ll find Mirella in the Whitsundays Queensland, Cappuccino + Peanut M & M’s in hand, surrounded by cats & armed with cute stationery (too good to write on!) With her background in NLP, Clinical Hypnotherapy, Marriage Counselling, Business Coaching, Marketing & Book Writing…. I’m the one-stop-shop to help business owners perform at their best personally and professionally. Mirella works with service-based business owners and married couples in business, who struggle with depression, anxiety or relationships, while trying to grow their business, write content and market their services.

Stay in touch with Mirella De Boni here:

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Bali Animal Welfare Association’s work is funded entirely by donations.

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5 BIGGEST Business Building Mistakes

and how to avoid them

by Donnie Boivin

5 BIGGEST Business Building Mistakes and how to avoid them

One of the reasons people fail in their businesses is because they try to do it all alone. They get stuck in their heads with all the noise, don’t know how to create a strategy, and get massively stuck when things don’t work out the way they planned. Here are 5 of the biggest mistakes I made on my way to success and what to do to avoid them when you’re building your business. I was six months into my new business realizing the numbers weren’t adding up and it smacked me in the face. I had a job, not a business. And that was because I was trying to do everything by myself. I didn’t want to reach out and ask for help because I didn’t want anyone to know I’d screwed it up. The thoughts in my head were loud. What will people think? I’m a screw-up. I’m a failure. And for the longest time, I let my own pride kill me. Everyone on the outside saw what I wanted them to see. They saw the super-confident sales pro. The reality was my business was turning to shit and I didn’t know what to do about it. Thankfully one day I had an Aha. There were plenty of people out there who I knew who’d been on this journey, had gone through it and who could help me. I knew something had to shift and it was my ability to start asking for help and building a community around me to help me succeed.


5 BIGGEST Business Building Mistakes and how to avoid them

I started reaching out to old coaches, mentors, and friends. It was amazing to connect with people again, especially people who’d been there and done what I wanted to do. Going through that experience has shaped everything I’m doing now. It gave me clarity, confidence and more importantly, a strategy.

Here are the 5 biggest mistakes to avoid when starting your new business and what to do instead: 1) Avoid Shiny Object Syndrome I was basically buying up every book, program or course and thinking that if I followed those step by step I would succeed. After thousands of dollars lost, I realized something, I needed to be building my business, not spending all my time, money and energy buying up all the answers. I need to start connecting with people instead of trying to figure it all out on my own. Avoid shiny object syndrome. Sit down and create a strategy for your business, including all the people you need to meet, network with and talk to that have been where you’ve been. Then start making those calls and setting up those meetings. 2) Pick One Thing and Do it Well I decided I wanted to write a book. And then I decided I wanted to sell a course. Then I decided I’d speak on stages and that would be the ticket. The problem was I wasn’t getting good at anything. And while I tried to do all these things, precious time and money were flying out the door. I was in a constant state of frustration and thinking, why isn’t this working? What I had to do was go back to the basics and become a business owner. I had to figure out what it was I sold. And I had to get good at that one thing. When I got more clear about what I wanted to provide, the how started to unfold. I was too caught up in the “how” of making it happen, instead of getting clear on the “what.”


5 BIGGEST Business Building Mistakes and how to avoid them

3) Listen to Your Instincts and Get Clear In the beginning, I was listening to everyone else, all the gurus, and following all their advice about creating multiple streams of income. Meanwhile, nothing was getting done, no income was coming in and I was becoming more and more frustrated. I was trying to sell five different programs to double that amount of different people. It wasn’t working. And I was watching other business owners crush it. I was comparing myself to everyone. I had to turn off all that noise in my head and start listening to my gut and following my own instincts. I had to buckle down and build my business instead of trying to do everything. When you quiet the noise in your head and begin to get clear on what it is you sell, the how comes to you. Opportunities start to appear. I picked the program I wanted to offer and got much more clear about that. And things began to change.

'WHEN I GOT MORE CLEAR ABOUT WHAT I WANTED TO PROVIDE, THE HOW STARTED TO UNFOLD.' 4) Know Who It Is You're Selling To I had no idea at first who my Avatar was. When I started to get more clear about what it was I was selling I was able to figure out who it was that might want what I had to sell. Getting clear about my Avatar was key. Getting laser focused on that particular person, what their needs were and what problems they had that they needed to overcome helped me create and build my business. I could finally build a business and a plan for that business that made sense. 5) Create Programs Geared Toward Your Avatar When you get into the mindset of your avatar you’re going to have the clarity to create the program that will solve their problem. Knowing who you’re selling to is part of the

5 BIGGEST Business Building Mistakes and how to avoid them

key. The next and very important piece is writing and speaking the words that convey the message in a way they know it’s for them, they resonate, and they purchase. When I began to focus on my Content Marketing Package (the program that really helped me understand and build my business) and who it was that needed that service, I learned the language of expressing that to my ideal clients or Avatar. Building the relationships with people who could help me do what I needed to do included learning about and hiring a great copywriter so that I could spend the time where I needed to; in my business, and leave the rest up to my team. These are some of the steps that will help you fix your business. Part of the journey is making mistakes and learning along the way, but you don’t have to do it alone. Right now, more than any other time in history, we have the resources to figure out just about anything and the ability to reach out and connect with others. When I started asking myself hard questions, reaching out to others for support, and then adopted the willingness to learn about the business I wanted to build, everything changed. You might be thinking, I need to do this. Or, holy shit I have to do this. Or, OMG, where do I even start? Start by taking some action and making a list of the coaches and mentors you know or a friend might know, and reaching out. Your business will begin to get what it needs to make the vision you had come to life.

'...WRITING AND SPEAKING THE WORDS THAT CONVEY THE MESSAGE IN A WAY THEY KNOW IT’S FOR THEM.' Donnie Boivin - Sales Expert, Badass Entrepreneur & Podcaster Donnie Boivin has over two decades of experience in sales and knows what it means to be a badass in your business. He’s an expert sales professional and top 200 iTunes business podcaster. His quickly-growing Facebook group, Donnie’s Success Champions, is kicking ass, taking names and redefining how to do business. After the Marine Corps and diving into the world of sales at a young age, Donnie took a huge risk and started his own business. Through learning from the mistakes and being at the brink of failure, he gained the experience, perseverance, and attitude required to succeed. Now he’s teaching others how to do that too as an international speaker and coach.

Stay in touch with Donnie Boivin here:

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Can you remember who you were, before the world told you who you should be?

this is WHY your launches ALWAYS fail and how to change that

editors column

with Laura Francis

this is WHY your launches ALWAYS fail and how to change that

editors column with laura francis

Without a doubt the #1 reason your launches fail - and those of soooooo many spiritual, creative and visionary online entrepreneurs...

RESISTANCE IN THE FORM OF PROCRASTINATION Disguised as: Creation (procrastination) Self Doubt & Inconsistency (procrastination) Busy work (procrastination) Limiting beliefs (procrastination) And, if you get REAL honest with yourself and take a moment to think on this stuff and the patterns of your current and past behaviours, you'll see that resistance in the form of procrastination has been a thing for you for a long, long, time.

Check out these clever disguises and notice the one that speaks to you the most:And you can too! 1) You get caught up in the CREATION of your course/program/product - building out the modules with pretty workbooks, audios and sexy as fuck videos. Hiding that busy work instead of showing up sharing your message on social media - posts and live streams - putting your offer out there and asking for the sale. Instead of selling the bloody thing you create it and make no sales. #wtf I get it though - there's a shitty belief out there that you must create the thing before you sell it but that's total bullshit. Take your idea to market, gauge the interest, breakdown the raw elements of what will be delivered (features and benefits) and then sell the fucking thing... gradually building out the content side of things as you go while being primarily FOCUSED on getting more and more sales and serving your soulmate clients. This kind of inconsistency is killing your business and your bloody dreams!


this is WHY your launches ALWAYS fail and how to change that

editors column with laura francis

2) You show up a couple of times talking about your new and amazing offer but you don't get the engagement or the sales you expected - so you pull back and you give up. Quitting before you ever really get started. SELF-DOUBT kicks in, leading to INCONSISTENCY and you quickly find yourself pussying out of doing the real work while telling yourself a shitton of bullshit stories as to why and how what you did didn't work, like: "No-one likes me or wants to buy my stuff." "I am shit at selling."  "Selling my ideas is so fucking hard." "I don't know what I'm doing." "The Universe is against me." "I'm destined to struggle for fucking ever!" Instead of sticking it out for and being relentless as fuck, showing up every single day, multiple times, on multiple platforms, sharing your message and putting your offer out there so you can get the sales you desire and have massive impact on the lives of your soulmate clients - which is what you really fucking deserve! Keeping you stuck in struggle and self doubt - while your confidence dissipates.

this is WHY your launches ALWAYS fail and how to change that

editors column with laura francis

3) You get caught up in a CREATIVE BUBBLE, putting together your sales page and the like and you get flooded with a gazillion ideas on how you can build out the sales funnel and instead of being focused on the task at hand, you end up creating sales page after sales page, upsell after upsell, and funnel after funnel. (This form of procrastination is quite similar to 1) above but different enough to be worthy of a mention on its own.) By the time you're finished, you've lost all fucking interest in the thing you originally decided to sell. Then you end up in such a funk that you basically do nothing for days - even weeks until, once again you get hit with a wave of inspiration, the download from soul flows through you and you begin the entire fucking process all over again. Which gives you the exact same results. No clients. No sales. What it does do though is reinforce your egoic story that nothing ever works out for you as you planned it. Reaffirming your internal dialogue that you're not enough - and causing you to stay in this shitful cycle even though you desperately want to escape it!

'SELF-DOUBT KICKS IN... AND YOU QUICKLY FIND YOURSELF PUSSYING OUT OF DOING THE REAL WORK WHILE TELLING YOURSELF A SHITTON OF BULLSHIT STORIES AS TO WHY AND HOW WHAT YOU DID DIDN'T WORK...' 4) You get bored with talking about the same thing and quickly lose focus but more than that you carry around the LIMITING BELIEF that your audience doesn't want to hear you talking about the same thing over and over. That they'll get as bored as you and stop reading your posts/watching your lives. But the thing is, packaging and selling your genius AND being a successful entrepreneur means you must be in it for the long haul but you're not committed or disciplined enough to stay at it long enough to see your efforts turn to fruition and for things to work out in your favour.

this is WHY your launches ALWAYS fail and how to change that

editors column with laura francis

But remember... Abraham Hicks has spoken about the same thing for 30+ years - and still does!! Very fucking successfully. You know you have a powerful as fuck message and that your soulmate clients are out there waiting for you to shift through and beyond your limiting beliefs so you can support and guide them - in ways that only you can! It's time gorgeous one for you to OWN your story and for you to CHOOSE to DECIDE to RELEASE that fucker and never, ever pick it up again.


this is WHY your launches ALWAYS fail and how to change that

editors column with laura francis

I want to share with you a couple of ways that can help you release procrastination and drastically improve your sales results… I’m sharing them because this is what works for me and has worked for me since I was a kid: 1) Create a sense of urgency. It's pretty hard to ignore something that is has a sense of urgency (like a baby crying or a ringing phone), so wrap the creation, launching and selling of your brilliant offer in a blanket of urgency. Give yourself what seems to others as a totally unreasonable deadline. And push yourself to meet it! Committing to maintaining your focus through to the end. The process will be a powerful cocktail of fear and excitement that'll flood your system with dopamine to boost your levels of motivation and adrenaline to keep you going through to the end. With the elevated energy, the Universe can't not be there cheering you on!

'... WRAP THE CREATION, LAUNCHING AND SELLING OF YOUR BRILLIANT OFFER IN A BLANKET OF URGENCY.' 2) Add a little pressure. The truth is that some of us perform much better under pressure - hence the deadline mentioned above. Remember back in high school or college when you'd leave your study to the last minute and then spend the last couple of nights before exam day cramming in as much study time as you could?. This is an active type of procrastination (the good kind) which again fills you with an adrenaline rush and intensifies your focus. How many sales do you want to make - commit to showing up like a mother fucker in order to meet that goal. Decide on the outcome and commit to doing e.v.e.r.y.t.h.i.n.g. you can to making that your reality. Again, these are quite similar and they do tend to produce the same outcome.

So, lean into a good ol' deadline and embrace the pressure of showing up to sell out your offer, right down to the wire.

this is WHY your launches ALWAYS fail and how to change that

editors column with laura francis

Ready to ditch procrastination for good and kick-ass in your business? Want some support to make that happen? Join me and a badass as fuck purpose driven group of women on the same journey as you, with the same dreams and aspirations AND with the same need and desire to overcome this shitty resistance that is keeping them from being the successful as fuck leader they desire to be in:

28 DAYS FROM CONCEPT TO SOLD OUT No matter whether you want to create & sell a digital course, group program, mastermind, retreat, live event or 1:1 service/coaching... And no matter your asking price, your industry or who your soulmate client is... The process of Create, Launch & Sell remains the same! But so many online entrepreneurs go about this stuff the wrong way; they get caught up in their heads - questioning, second guessing, doubting - which causes them to manifest the exact opposite of what they want. It fills them with fear and puts them into a state of overwhelm. Instead of bringing their brilliant product idea to life and getting that out there in front of their soulmate clients... they do nothing. They don't create their amazing offer. They don't make it available to the people who need it most. And, they don't sell shit. But I don’t want that to be true for you babe. I get it though… I've been there too! But, in 10 years as an online entrepreneur...

I've learned that the Universe loves speed. It rewards fast action takers!! And when it comes to selling out your offer, that means that as soon as you get the inspiration, as soon as the idea strikes, as soon as the download for your offer comes through and to you...

this is WHY your launches ALWAYS fail and how to change that

editors column with laura francis

You must take immediate and aligned action! Don't think on it. Don't plan HOW you're gonna do it. JUST. FUCKING. DO. IT! Make a decision. Get started. Take forward action. Create momentum. And let the Universe take care of the rest. That's exactly what I'm going to support and guide you in doing in Create, Launch & Sell Like a Mofo! Click the button below to sign up now! $497 pay in full - regular $777 pay in full - V.I.P Monthly payment plans also available. It's time to blow shit up babe. It's time for you to rise. It's time for you to claim everything you desire. That is your fucking divine right! I'm excited to support and guide you on your journey gorgeous. I'll see you inside the program!


Journal to Success WITH LAURA FRANCIS


Inside the JOURNAL TO SUCCESS, I’m sharing with you my EXACT journaling practices and strategies so you can attract INFINITE soulmate clients, money and magic FAST and  do it all with crystal clarity, flow and bold self belief.


danette may

meet danette may : America’s Leading Healthy Lifestyle Expert, #1 Best-Selling Author, with laura francis Founder of The Rise Movement, Motivational Speaker What motivated and inspired you to start your own business? There’s no better motivation and inspiration than hitting your own rock bottom, and then successfully crafting your own rise. When I only had $47 in the bank, was a single mother and had two daughters to feed, I knew I had to create a life for us that would take care of them, but I wanted it to be a life full of meaning. So I started writing down what was working for myself and when transforming my personal training clients, physically, mentally, and spiritually. Every night, after my I’d put my girls to bed, I’d sit down at my desk and write my books, as well as my early nutrition and recipe content. And that’s where the idea for my current business began to take shape.

Tell us about your journey so far as an online entrepreneur? I was so convinced that I had to share this dream of mine with others – but you don’t magically get your dream just because you said a lot of “I am” affirmations in front of your mirror (although that’s a start), read all the entrepreneurial books, and listen to podcasts. You grind, you do things that are not convenient, you fight exhaustion late at night, working while others sleep, and then you wake up early to keep at it. At the beginning, I worked so much harder and longer than I had ever worked in my life. I worked on myself internally as well. I started the work of believing in myself, loving myself, and getting radically honest with myself. I feel grateful every day for starting this dream. I am grateful for doing the internal work, for believing, for attracting powerful business partners and employees. It takes a team to create the magic that I get to put out in the world.

'... I KNEW I HAD TO CREATE A LIFE FOR US THAT WOULD TAKE CARE OF THEM, BUT I WANTED IT TO BE A LIFE FULL OF MEANING.' What has been your most influential experience to date as an entrepreneur? Why and how did this change the game of entrepreneurship for you? The most influential experience is the very beginning of this whole journey – the moment I lost my son, then went through a tough divorce, and had $47 to my name

meet danette may : America’s Leading Healthy Lifestyle Expert, #1 Best-Selling Author, with laura francis Founder of The Rise Movement, Motivational Speaker and not only had to find a way to feed my children, but also create a life for us. That was the moment I found my “why.” When you hit rock bottom like I did – more than once – it is a wake-up call to rise from those ashes and create the life of your dreams. I had nowhere to go but up. And when you know your “why,” that changes the game of entrepreneurship because you can always come back to your “why.” It centers me, grounds me and lifts me up all at the same time.

Where do you operate from? I am so blessed to be able to live in the gorgeous Rocky Mountains in Colorado. It is also homebase for our company, Mindful Health, but we are a completely remote organization, so our employees work from their homes all over the world. (Literally! We have employees in 9 countries!)

'... WHEN YOU KNOW YOUR “WHY,” THAT CHANGES THE GAME OF ENTREPRENEURSHIP BECAUSE YOU CAN ALWAYS COME BACK TO YOUR “WHY.”...' What were the first few steps you took to get your business up and running? I knew that social media was the key to sharing information and connecting with a wider audience. I also knew I had a gift for helping other people transform through movement, food and mindset. I needed to share this dream, but I needed help to do it. So my first steps included: 1. Sitting in visualization and meditation daily. I knew my “what”. I just didn’t know “how.” So I did a lot of trusting of the universe to help me find the right people. 2. I teamed up with a social media guru. I basically convinced him to be my business partner. He had marketing skills and I had content skills. We jumped all in.

meet danette may : America’s Leading Healthy Lifestyle Expert, #1 Best-Selling Author, with laura francis Founder of The Rise Movement, Motivational Speaker 3. We created an ad on Facebook for a free recipe in exchange for an email. This is how we started growing our email list. Each email we got, we over delivered and gave more content than we ever asked for in a sale.

What have been your biggest challenges so far? At the beginning, it took my husband, Craig, and I some time to iron out our own strengths and weaknesses and focus in our zone of genius as well as balance a loving relationship. Early on, I was still creating programs and trying to provide customer service and be the creator of content and videos-basically juggling what a full team would manage- while Craig was trying to do all the marketing pieces. But we remained focused and understood this was part of growing a business. The next challenge has been hiring the right people to run our dream. We have had some mis-hires and have learned to hire slow and fire fast. We are now an organization of approximately 70 full time employees around the world, which brings its own, new challenges. We are going through the normal and to-be-expected growing pains that any rapidly growing business goes through.

meet danette may : America’s Leading Healthy Lifestyle Expert, #1 Best-Selling Author, with laura francis Founder of The Rise Movement, Motivational Speaker How did you overcome these challenges? We used all our tools of empathy and communication, and our vision and positivity. We kept coming back to those things to ground us and remind us why we were working so hard doing what we were doing. We also practiced visualizing where we wanted the company to go and set goals to keep us on track. We now manage a team of nearly 70 employees, our email list goes out to 1.5 million active recipients a day, we have 1.45 million Facebook followers, and we’ve tapped into Instagram as a platform to really get our message out. So all of our hard work is paying off  - and it’s more than worth it to share my dream and vision with millions of people every day.

How do you keep motivated and stay badass through difficult times?


Well, of course my kids are the best motivation, no matter what kind of times I’m going through. But I get asked this question a lot and I think motivation is the biggest illusion of all. We are all waiting to feel motivated, to feel inspired before we act. The truth is, motivation and inspiration rarely hit you…especially if you are in the mud and muck gasping for air. You create your momentum. You have to do the very thing you don’t want to do. You have to get into action even when you don’t feel like it. Especially if you don’t feel like it. Motivation and inspiration are not the sauce for living an epic life. Getting into motion, acting on the hunch, and doing the work, especially when you don’t feel like it, are the secret sauce. I surround myself only with positive people. I do not listen to the news or read the paper. I do not concern myself with what people are saying about me (positive or negative). I focus on my “why” to change lives, which is my fuel.

What is the best advice you have received recently?

meet danette may : America’s Leading Healthy Lifestyle Expert, #1 Best-Selling Author, with laura francis Founder of The Rise Movement, Motivational Speaker Since we are team of employees around the world and we are rapidly growing in reach, some of the best advice lately from epic business leaders has been this: “If you are talking or thinking about an employee in a concerning way during your ‘off’ time or when you are meant to be with your family or doing something fun, then that is your sign to let them go.”

What one piece of badass advice would you give to other entrepreneurs? Everyone – and I mean every single person living and breathing on this planet – has their own “zone of genius.” And your zone of genius is that thing that comes easiest to you. A lot of people miss it because they think that if it’s easy, then it’s not worthy of money – that you’re not going to be able to make a living at it. But the reality is that is exactly what you are meant to be doing. That fire that’s burning in you? That is your soul’s work. And that is a song that only your soul can sing. The late Hay House author, Wayne Dyer, used to say, “Don’t die with your music still inside you.” And I think my best advice would be to listen to what your soul is trying to tell you. All you have to do is trust that voice, claim your zone of genius, and then do the hard work it’s going to take to make that dream of yours happen.

What is a good article or book you have read recently? How has this book or article inspired, changed or impacted you? A book I just recently read again for the 3rd

meet danette may : America’s Leading Healthy Lifestyle Expert, #1 Best-Selling Author, with laura francis Founder of The Rise Movement, Motivational Speaker time (it really is that good) is The Big Leap, by Gay Hendricks. He shows you how you can find your zone of genius as well as how you can keep yourself from self sabotaging your happiness and your success.

'... I KNEW I HAD TO CREATE A LIFE FOR US THAT WOULD TAKE CARE OF THEM, BUT I WANTED IT TO BE A LIFE FULL OF MEANING.' What is your go-to to Facebook, Instagram or Twitter account for inspiration?

I only spend my time listening to positive people. I rarely follow people on social platforms, as I am too busy growing mine. If I am on social for work, and I am scrolling, I may stop to read or hear what Jay Shetty has to say or see what movement Kelsey Wells is posting up.

meet danette may : America’s Leading Healthy Lifestyle Expert, #1 Best-Selling Author, with laura francis Founder of The Rise Movement, Motivational Speaker What does 2019 look like for you?  What amazing badassery do you have in the pipeline? I am so excited for what we have planned for 2019! We already have some speaking events scheduled. I love connecting with people eye to eye, soul to soul. I am creating a new show around Rising Up Into Your Fullest Potential. Traveling to different parts of the world and showing the human condition of resilience as well as interviewing some epic humans on their Rise. It’s going to be a big year for Mindful Health -- and for helping even more people rise into their own transformations with healing foods, healing movement, and healing mindsets!


Learn more about Danette May here:

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STORY TELLING for fun and profit

by Pete Godfrey

STORY TELLING for fun and profit

There are many reasons to become a serious student of stories that sell. If you want to merely sell stuff then the basic “50% Off Sale!’ will do. Sure you’ll deal with price shoppers. And sure your profits get slashed to the bone. But you’re making sales right?  However, if you want to sell in a more sophisticated way and sell to folks who are not price shoppers then a more complete approach is needed. This is where strategic sales stories come into play. Using stories builds trust in your customers and forms a lasting bond with them. Your customer base will provide you with real equity. So mastering the craft of creating stories that sell should be your desired goal. I’ve written about strategic stories that sell in detail in my old newsletter, in my two-day Cash Characters Workshop, and more recently in my Buying Frenzy course. So I’m not going to rehash anything here. Today I’m going to take you inside my thinking, my modus operandi when it comes to crafting stories that sell that have made my clients multiple millions of dollars. This is a rare glimpse inside The Wizard’s Den so appreciate it for what it is.

Can I tell you a secret on how I craft winning copy? I do things a little different than many copywriters. Let me explain. You’ll hear us copywriters talking about ‘The BIG Idea’ and ‘The Hook’. I’ve written about that many times myself. And they are important. You need that BIG Idea that’s gonna hook the prospect in and get him or her wanting to know more. For example… John Carlton’s classic… “Amazing Secret Discovered By One-Legged Golfer Adds  50 Yards To Your Drives, Eliminates Hooks And Slices …  And Can Slash Up To 10 Strokes From Your Game Almost Overnight!” And an old classic of mine… “How a Simple Device Called SNORBAN Saved My Marriage  And My Sanity…And Stopped My Husband’s Snoring  Once And For All!” And here’s where I’m a little different.  I look for the story first.  My Hook comes from the story!

STORY TELLING for fun and profit

'USING STORIES BUILDS TRUST IN YOUR CUSTOMERS AND FORMS A LASTING BOND WITH THEM.' I hunt down the story and then I search for the BIG Idea inside the story! In case you missed it; that’s a writer-downer if I ever saw one. Okay, so my story comes first then the hook. And the hook is prospect-focused as opposed to product-focused. It’s all about the prospect. It’s about feelings. Emotions. Because many new to copywriting get so caught up with features and benefits they forget about the prospect. They forget to make them feel. They are focusing on the product instead of focusing on the mind, heart and soul of the prospect. So while many copywriters try to get their hook from the product itself, I’m looking for a hook from a story that’ll connect with my audience. Let it sink in and smile.

Here’s another secret on how I craft winning copy To begin with, I don’t worry too much about the product. As long as it works and it’s ethical I’m okay. What concerns me is the human interest story buried deep inside all the data. Take the Snorban anti-snoring device promotion for example.  When I took on the client, a couple of days later, a big box of technical crap arrived at my door. I only had a quick scan. I didn’t want to get bogged down in details. (That’s for later.) But I did wanna speak to the client. See if there was a back story in there I could use.  Turns out there was. She had bought the rights to Snorban after it stopped her husband’s snoring. After trying

STORY TELLING for fun and profit

many products, after having her husband sleep on the couch for years, they finally found Snorban and the rest is history. So in the sales letter, yes, I led with aggravation of the problem and then I discussed some painful and costly treatments and then I revealed an easy and affordable solution in Snorban. But I built all this around the story. It’s my Tension and Discovery Story Template in action. Here’s a chunk of copy from the letter.

EXAMPLE STARTS I wish my husband and I had discovered this years ago. Looking back on our lives I realise just how bad my husband’s snoring was affecting our marriage. We couldn’t even sleep in the same bed his snoring was so bad! Does this sound familiar?  My husband used to bunk down on the couch and believe me, that’s no way to run a marriage. I felt guilty about doing this. But what could I do? I worked through the day so I just had to have my sleep. I couldn’t function on anything under six hours a night … but having Tony sleep on the lounge definitely wasn’t the ideal solution. There had to be a better way! There had to be a solution! So we searched for a product that would solve our problem.  We tried all kinds of remedies to stop his snoring … most with little effect … until we finally stumbled upon Snorban. And now it’s hard to imagine just how miserable our lives had become. This is your chance to do the same.


STORY TELLING for fun and profit

EXAMPLE ENDS Now I knew damn well the buyers for this product were women. Women who were going through the exact same thing. Hence the story. Towards the end of the letter I placed another little feel-good story. Here’s what I said in the copy…

EXAMPLE STARTS Nothing compares to the feeling I experienced when Tony’s snoring stopped thanks to Snorban. It felt like we had regained our marriage … like we were starting all over again. And yes, the romance soon returned to our marriage … I didn’t realise just how much I craved and missed the intimacy we had once shared.

EXAMPLE ENDS Now if that doesn’t hit you in the emotional-sweet spot you haven’t got a heart! Notice how it’s got nothing to do with the product? It’s all about how the prospect felt after using the product! What it meant to her! Her marriage! Her life!

STORY TELLING for fun and profit

Hey, I’m not kidding myself I’m Hemingway nor am I curing cancer. However, judging from the many letters of thanks I’ve received from grateful clients I’m doing good work and for that I’m grateful. By the way, if you’re a copywriter, and your client says he hasn’t got a story, it’s your job to find it. It’s always there.  In fact, there are at least 5 specific questions I ask to make sure the stories flow. So don’t believe them. Go deep. Look for the story and then wrap your BIG Idea around it. Turn your product-focused hook into a prospect-focused winner.


Pete Godfrey - Wizard of Words, Master Story Teller With 19 years of experience in the marketing arena, Pete Godfrey, AKA “The Wizard of Words”, has developed a keen eye as to what it takes to succeed in business. As one of Australia’s most successful and highest paid copywriters and strategic story-tellers, Pete has the uncanny ability to turn the written word into money. His irreverent style and no B.S. attitude offends some, attracts others, but his clients wouldn’t have it any other way. Check out his free weekly podcast, “The Pete Godfrey Persuasion Show” on iTunes or listen in at his site:

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ASTROLOGY february/march 2019 by: kathleen fraser - the astrology seer: connecting the cosmic macrocosm

ASTROLOGY february/march 2019 - Kathleen Fraser: the astrology seer

Aries You began the year with ruling planet Mars, entering Aries and bursting through the door, bringing plenty of drive and initiative to 2019. Now that he has moved into the second sign Taurus, you projects gain traction and people begin to take notice. When the Sun enters your sign also on March 20, there will also be a Full Moon as your ambitions culminate into high visibility. You will be vocal and dedicated in the pursuit of everything that is important to you, and you set yourself up to be the best that you can be.

Taurus With an increase in physical energy and confidence, you widen your social circle and engage with new and interesting faces. The Virgo Full Moon on February 20 harmonises with your earth element and you put the finishing touches on your projects. Uranus settles into Taurus on March 6 until the year 2026, heralding in a time of creative new perspectives and innovations. Uranus’ re-entrance into Taurus occurs the same day as the Pisces New Moon which means that you can make a wish for the future from some very ethereal and inspirational places and your rulingplanet Venus will support you.

Gemini You are adaptive and versatile and have been really enjoying the positively uplifting energy that 2019 has brought so far. Your social life has increased and you have been finding new ways to express yourself and get results. When ruling planet Mercury retrogrades in Pisces from March 6 to 29, you have the opportunity to tune into your intuition and receive clear messages fromsource. The Gemini tendency to prioritize the intellect will dissolve so that you can feel your way along your current path, because on March 31 action planet Mars will enter Gemini and will inspire you with unlimited passion and confidence to succeed.

ASTROLOGY february/march 2019 - Kathleen Fraser: the astrology seer

Cancer The Moon changes signs every two and a half days, and as the ruling planet of Cancer she picks up and collects all the feely-feels on her journey around the zodiac. If you find the task of creating harmony in your relationships difficult, then reconnect in with your higher vision. Pisces is sending a lot of compassion and understanding your way, Mercury’s retrograde in Pisces mid-March will allow your intuition to play with your imagination and help you to get back on top.

Leo The Sun will shortly complete his journey through the zodiac by transiting through the final sign Pisces where everything that has been learnt and experienced gathers together to be released into the ether. The Equinox marks the Sun’s entrance into Aries on March 20 and inspires fiery Leo to get up and boldly move towards your dreams. The same day is the Full Moon which is a great time to continue releasing what no longer serves you, so that you can step into the light of a new day.

Virgo The Virgo Full Moon will rise on February 20 opposite the Pisces Sun, and with this the culmination of all the hard work that you have put in for the past year. Your Full Moon will give you the spiritual release that you need, and a greater appreciation of yourself. Give plenty of gratitude to yourself and to the Universe, releasing all that you no longer wish to hold on to. For notlong after, on March 6, your ruling planet Mercury will begin his first retrograde for the year. This too will be in your opposite sign, which will require you to take a mental rest so that you can access your intuition and feel out the magic of the year ahead.

ASTROLOGY february/march 2019 - Kathleen Fraser: the astrology seer

Libra With much planetary energy happening in challenging areas of your chart, it’s a nice break tosee your ruling planet Venus waking up each day in fellow Air sign Aquarius from March 1. This harmonious shift will give you a break and encourage you to spend time with close friends and partners, you are very likeable at this time and receive some lucky breaks. Mercury’s retrograde mid-March will remind you to be mindful of your health and lifestyle. The Libra Full Moon on March 20 will be a celebration of a busy year and a spiritual-emotional release.

Scorpio Ruling planet Mars enters your opposite sign Taurus on February 14, heralding in a period of activity. You will need to find a worthy interest for your emotional energy at this time, and you will find much inspiration with multiple planets transiting fellow water sign Pisces. The magical realms of Pisces will send you on a journey of soul discovery and wonder, and you will want to create and enjoy life.

Sagittarius Asteroid Ceres in your sign will encourage you to use your philosophical nature as a teaching and guidance tool, and you may feel inspired to join new groups to discuss these larger than life subjects. With plenty of fiery encouragement, you return to the age of your ancestors for inspiration and astral awareness. You are very popular and people enjoy your contagious energy at this time. When your ruling planet, Jupiter turns retrograde from April 11 you will get to explore your belief systems in more depth.

ASTROLOGY february/march 2019 - Kathleen Fraser: the astrology seer

Capricorn There is always so much to do in Capricorn town. As you create and sustain a new life infrastructure, you also receive plenty of admiration. Co-ruler Mars will transit through fellow Earthsign Taurus and you will feel supported by the productivity that follows. The Virgo Full Moon on February 20 will also help you to meticulous calculate your next move. The dynamics of the Sun’s transit through Aries will provide you with enough healthy competition to keep you active.

Aquarius You wrap up your birthday month in time to welcome Venus into your sign. Under her influence you shall enjoy an active social life and a valuable exchange of information between you and your peers. Candid conversations inspire your subconscious mind to re-structure your thoughts and shift into a new reality devoid of the mundane. When ruling planet Uranus re-enters Taurus on March 6, to remain for the next seven years, you will find new ways to transform traditional thoughtand actions into progressive and influential lifestyles.

Pisces There will be plenty to inspire the muses of Pisces during the coming months, with a host of planetary bodies gracing you with their presence. You will shine a welcoming light on new thoughtsand new opportunities for emotional enrichment. Mercury’s retrograde on March 6 is also the same day as the Pisces New Moon, and you will dive deep into the rich waters of your imagination to emerge with new messages of hope and wisdom.

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Kathleen fraser the astrology seer  In 1995, Kathleen was given an Astrology book and when she read it, everything clicked. Since then she has devoured countless books and articles on the subject and continuesto explore beyond the traditional planets, past the asteroids and towards the mysteries objects of the Kuiper belt in deep space. Kathleen never tires of the stories of the world's mythologies and then connecting the dots within the events of each given moment, exploring the energetics of the cosmos playing out their game of destiny on our human lives. The heavenly bodies speak a language that can be interpreted and applied to our daily life to great success, and Kathleen loves to do it.

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We shouldn't do things so we can be happy. We should be happy so we can do things.

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The THREE D’s: discipline, discernment and diligence

by M.J. Robertson

The THREE D's: discipline, discernment and diligence

Let’s just be real, spiritual awakening and transformation is mindblowingly, heart-crushingly intense, while simultaneously offering up a tangible exhilaration and near-forgotten states of connectivity, compassionate intelligence and pure love. Truth is, it is well worth the intensity. The tricky bit is that freedom does not look the same for everyone, we are all unique, after all, so the process of transformation can vary greatly from one person to the next. It would appear that we can easily be sold a better life, but the actual realisation of it can, in moments, feel like a little more than we bargained for. Will it be in the next job, the next relationship, the next purchase? We might come across a really great motivational video that inspires us temporarily, until the phone rings or the kids start screaming and we are back into a swirling vortex of all-too-familiar stress-patterns, chasing a to-do list that never gets done, worrying incessantly about what may or may not come. By the end of the day that motivational video is nothing but a distant memory of a fleeting feeling, ‘maybe there’s more for me?’, as we crash out in bed, exhausted, dreading another day.

The THREE D's: discipline, discernment and diligence

There is more, but what most of us can’t see and fail to give ourselves is real time and space to feel into, is that ‘the more’ ain’t in the stuff we are chasing and the lists we are building. ‘The more’ lives in our hearts and yearns for our presence attention their. Being present in our hearts is a certain kind of practice, because our minds have been programmed away - to look ‘out there’ for the love and fulfilment that lives within us. It really is a profound commitment to live in a radically different way, where your personal sense of joyful love and abundance is an inner priority, and everything else reflects that, vs. the other, where you are chasing that feeling of love and abundance in material gain and a sense of power that perpetually seems to elude you while creating more stress and worry. Straight talk: You are capable of being the change you wish to see. You are deserving of living your most awesome life and feeling amazing!

'TRANSFORMATION , FOR ANYONE BUT, it ain’t no quick-fix. TRULY Transformation, for anyone truly ENDEAVOURING endeavouring the path, is radical and requires THE PATH, IS your deepest dedication to see it through. Every time. RADICAL AND What has become very useful, as the age of REQUIRES YOUR information and transformation ripples throughout the globe, is that we are DEEPEST managing to pin down some common variables and techniques that seem to be DEDICATION TO SEE working for the people that are living well and from the heart, i.e. authentic, real, IT THROUGH. vitally alive human beings, genuinely EVERY TIME.' enjoying the ride of life, while positively impacting Earth’s conditions.

The THREE D's: discipline, discernment and diligence

The three D’s, discipline, discernment and diligence are just a few of these common variables aligned with successful transformation and loving manifestations, so, let’s dive in. 1) Discipline. This can actually be a trigger word for a lot of people. It has a harsh edge to it. It can invoke a sense of unworthiness, if we felt like we never fit into the status quo. Due to that feeling of not fitting in, we assumed we lacked discipline, from the limited perspective of a mechanistic world view. However, the truth is, we are all very disciplined at whatever we think about. So, if we think we don’t fit in and aren’t enough, than we are disciplining our minds and thus, our reality, to that construct or belief system. In regards to transformation, we must transform our perspective around the word discipline and recognise that the real re-disciplining is in fact much deeper. We must turn our attention inward and focus on creating a positive and loving dialogue from within ourselves about ourselves and the world, and everyone in it. And yes, there are actual practices or disciplines that you can do to help you transform your innerdialogue-discipline from one of worry and anxiety to one of love and harmony. How? You can create more loving discipline by imagining what that might look like and then do it. Re-decorate, create a meditation station, start journaling! Once your off, your off! You just have to start. Now that you’ve implemented some love discipline, your awareness will refine, expand and you’ll start to want to use discernment, a lot.


The THREE D's: discipline, discernment and diligence

2) Discernment. Like all this stuff, discernment is a practice, and can be heightened or honed with the help of meditation, relaxation, mindfulness, yoga, etc. It really is about discerning energies, and how you are moving through this energetic reality. How conscious are you of your thoughts, feelings, interactions and desires? The more conscious you are, the more you’ll be able to discern the nature of an exchange, intuitive insight and release doubt and confusion. Here again, discernment is much more than a mental exercise, but an ability to listen with your entire energy field, from a centred, heartfelt place and use logic from this broader, intuitive understanding to make optimal decisions as you navigate your life. Game changer. 3) Diligence. Now, this one is just annoying. Annoyingly true! Any real, down-to-Earth, champion of badassery knows that diligence is just part of the hustle of life. You need to keep at it! Just keep going. Keep believing. Keep the faith. Keep loving. Keep on keepin’ on. Life is relentless until you choose to take a breath. Life is a slave game, until you master it. Life is what you make it, unless you’re letting other people make it for you. Be told what to do or choose the life you want to live. Simple. Gritty. Tough. Heart-crushingly intense. But, totally fucking worth it. You just gotta keep going. That’s diligence. It’s an inner game, so you get to choose whether you win or lose. I’m choosing the game where every body wins. It’s way more fun and feels fucking fantastic. Let’s all be wild, loving and free.

M.J. Robertson - Spirituality, Sustainability, Freedom Born in Chatham, Ontario, Canada, M.J. left home after having a series of spontaneous spiritual awakenings while studying at the University of British Columbia in Vancouver. She's been intuitively guided by her intention to create a new paradigm on Earth; the fearless life. M.J. is founder of All To Love, a speaker and author of "The Fearless Life Guide: An All To Love Project". She has been practicing yoga for over twenty years and teaching yoga/meditation since 2008. She considers yoga to be one of the most powerful tools for creating positive change and transformation. Having personally experienced the transformational power of love, it is with a sincere and compassionate heart that she shares her message with the world.

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Stop looking for evidence and external validation and just do the fucking thing!

5 ways to KICK ASS with your facebook LIVE videos

by Rachel Dunn

5 ways to KICK ASS with your facebook LIVE videos

I don’t have time to make videos for my business… Have these words come out of your mouth before? If they have, I’m here to call bullshit. Are you trying to tell me you don’t have fifteen minutes a day to get online and do a Facebook Live? Here is a tip straight off the bat… get out of bed and start your morning routine earlier. This will allow you to have an extra fifteen minutes (or more) to schedule in a Facebook Live later in the day. And make sure you schedule it in otherwise you will not do it! Good… now that you are doing Facebook Live videos lets work on raising the quality, engaging your audience and getting results!

Here are 5 Ways to Kick Ass with your Facebook LIVE Videos 1. Sit Down And Get UNCOMFORTABLE That's not a typo... we really do mean uncomfortable! Girl Director is all about high end videos! And to be honest with you we fought against doing Facebook Lives for a long time because we just weren't comfortable being that vulnerable on camera! Yes, believe it or not, we still get nervous about being on video but we know it works so it is a fear that needs to be knocked down... When we started doing regular Facebook Live Videos we were so happy with the results! The first part of Facebook Live you have to come to terms with is being UNCOMFORTABLE but we are happy to say that the more you do it the easier it gets! All you need to do is slow down and have a plan of what you will talk about. There is no need to cover ten topics in ten minutes… stick to one and explain it well! Connect with your audience by relating the topic back to you and telling a story about yourself and the experiences you have had.

5 ways to KICK ASS with your facebook LIVE videos

2. Setting the Standard There are so many people doing Facebook Live Videos that are just unbearable to watch! PLEASE DON'T BE ONE OF THOSE PEOPLE!!! You know the ones you can barely hear or are backlit, so you can't see their face. If you are posting these types of videos people will not stick around to see how it ends... Find a quiet area with a suitable background, you can either set up a lounge set or get a portable background made specifically for your business. I hate it when I see videos and there is a mess in the background – trust me, I am no longer listening to what you have to say… I am completely focused on the mess. Use a microphone, tripod and make sure the lighting works in your favour. We are more than happy to tell you which brands we prefer and recommend to our clients! Just email us and mention Badassery Unleashed Magazine to get a copy of our equipment list!

'THE FIRST PART OF FACEBOOK LIVE YOU HAVE TO COME TO TERMS WITH IS BEING UNCOMFORTABLE BUT WE ARE HAPPY TO SAY THAT THE MORE YOU DO IT THE EASIER IT GETS!' 3. Give A Little & Get A Lot Give value to your audience and you will find that they continue to come back. People will return to your page and look out for your content if they feel as though it is worth their time! Think about it, if you started this thinking you didn’t have enough time to make videos, what makes you think people have enough time to watch them? Find out what your audience wants to know! Do your market research, send out surveys and ask questions! If you do this every now and then you will have an endless list of video topics to cover! I know a lot of people hold back and feel as though they are giving away too much information for free, but you are an expert at what you do, and nobody knows what you know. Even if you are handing out free information most people will not implement what you have said without help.

5 ways to KICK ASS with your facebook LIVE videos

So, it is important to give away some information in each Live Video in order to get those regular viewers to come back to your page. 4. Sell Yourself Know what you are going to talk about and advertise it! Get people interested in your Facebook Live by posting about it a day or two beforehand. Give a bit of a description about what you will cover and show your audience that there is something in it for them. Make sure you include the time in your post, so people know when to be on the lookout for your video. Plus, this will help to keep you accountable! Once it is time to press record on your Facebook Live, you will have the option to write a description. DO NOT HALF ASS THIS! If you write something as boring as ‘Coming to you live from my lounge room!’ - I am definitely not clicking it! Make sure people have no choice but to click your video… Sell yourself and make what you are about to give them sound irresistible!

5 ways to KICK ASS with your facebook LIVE videos

5. What's Next? How do you end your Facebook Live Videos? If your answer is, “Okay, see you next time!” please stop right now! Always make sure you have a Call to Action at the end of your videos! For example, "Don't forget to check out next week’s Live Video on Thursday at 11am!!" or you can always have something more specific to the video like, “Message me for the link to this free PDF.” This will increase engagement in other areas of your social media. Now, repeat after me… I I I I I

do have time to make video content for my business… will schedule regular Facebook Lives… will set a high standard for myself… will inform and engage my audience… will kick ass with my Facebook Lives!

There you have it! Now it is your turn to schedule in a Facebook LIVE Video! We can't wait to see what you've got! Remember to send us an email at for your copy of our equipment list! Just mention Badassery Unleashed Magazine!

Rachel Dunn: 1 Half of the Badass Team at Girl Director Girl Director is on a mission to teach and empower women how to grow their businesses and change the world with video content - women who are passionate and are masters of what they do. It's all about creating a Ripple Effect through business and culture... Rachel Dunn and Michael Hole are the founders of Girl Director. They are video experts and mentors with over 20 years each in professional video production, film, TV and marketing. They work with people all over Australia and the world to master video and video marketing.

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the pain of NOT

flossing your teeth

by Melissa Krivachek

the pain of NOT flossing your teeth

Have you ever thought for a minute about the reason you aren’t flossing your teeth? It doesn’t even have anything to do with your teeth themselves. It has nothing to do with your willpower, your desire, your energy levels, the time it takes or your commitment. It has to do with the lies you keep telling yourself. How do I know? Well, I kept telling myself that same lie. I don’t need to floss my teeth because ____ fill in the blank. It took too long. It was too much work. There was no point. I didn’t feel like it. I would do it tomorrow. Yada. Yada. The reality of that lie was that I had to deal with bleeding gums for the last 18 years (not months …. YEARS!) just so I could live in that story. The story I created myself about how much effort it took to floss my teeth and how flossing wasn’t the problem my gums were. I went as far as paying for dental surgery not once, not twice but THREE times!!… Seeing a dentist, getting braces at an orthodonist, visiting a periodontist and the time, effort, energy and cost to avoid creating a different story added up to thousands of dollars and 18 YEARS of time all for the trouble of avoiding the thing I didn’t want to do the most. Flossing!

the pain of NOT flossing your teeth

Now while the title of this article is about flossing your teeth the concepts I share in this article go far beyond that. Having reasons for not flossing your teeth is just one of the many lies you lead your life with. These lies compounded over time have brought you the results you have today. My guess is if you’re like nearly 100% of the world your life is hardly the way you want it. You can’t wake up in the morning without thinking about the life you could have had and should have. Unfortunately, your reality dictates your beliefs and these beliefs are a result of the story you have told yourself. At any point in your life you could tell yourself a different story but you didn’t and that is how you got here. You are bleeding maybe not from your gums but bleeding in your relationships, in your faith, in your fitness, your marriage and most importantly your bottom line. Can you imagine if you had just set aside those two minutes a day you wouldn’t have to deal with the bleeding gums right? Right! It’s a lot harder to face a reality and fix it by changing your story than it is to continue. Or is it? The story is the lie and the lie you have lived for so long has sucked the life out of you, it drains your energy, keeps you stuck running on a treadmill going nowhere. You have the choice to change. You know you need to change and yet … yet you keep grinding, hustling, wishing, hoping and dreaming for something more, something different, some change! Some change that only you can make. A different story … only you can curate. What is it going to take for you to make that change? How much pain are you willing to endure? How much hardship are you going to put yourself through? How much bleeding are you going to take before you say enough!


the pain of NOT flossing your teeth

Enough with the stories, lies and beliefs. Enough with the problems! If you’re at that turning point then stay with me for a few more minutes while I guide you through while flossing your teeth is just one small thing that could dramatically improve your life. Flossing your teeth, making your bed, putting on clothes that make you feel confident all lead to feeling accomplished and if for no one but yourself you can spend the rest of the day feeling like you’ve actually achieved something. The key is not to do this for one day or whenever you feel like it but rather to do it every day on a consistent basis.  So … as we come to the end of our time together I want to give you three ways you stop lying to yourself and start moving forward towards your goals. I want you to know one thing though before I go on. UNTIL and UNLESS you are truly honest with where you are right now there is nothing in the world that is going to help you move forward.

'.THE LIE AND THE LIE YOU HAVE LIVED FOR SO LONG HAS SUCKED THE LIFE OUT OF YOU, IT DRAINS YOUR ENERGY, KEEPS YOU STUCK RUNNING ON A TREADMILL GOING NOWHERE.' 1) Get Radically Honest The truth is you don’t want to face the truth. You don’t want to look at your finances and realize that you suck at keeping yourself accountable to saving, investing and building your assets. You don’t want to face the fact that you are in debt and it continues to snowball out of control, you’ve maxed out your credit cards, re-mortgaged your home, borrowed from payday lenders, friends, family and started a go-fund me account and the bigger the snowball the deeper your are in the pit trying to climb your way out. You don’t want to face the fact that you wake up in the middle of the night searching for your next snack or that you’ve eaten all the bad food in the house only to replace it with more bad food in hopes that some day you’ll be able to break the vicious food cycle that is keeping you from losing weight. You don’t want to face the fact that no matter how many times you go to the gym if you keep stuffing your face with chicken, pizza, waffles and all kinds of other shit there is no point in even showing up! UNTIL and UNLESS you realize you need help you won’t ask for it. Which brings me to my next point.

the pain of NOT flossing your teeth

2) Ask For Help & Get Some Accountability There are plenty of people that are or have experienced the wounds you have and the problems you are facing. Write down a list of people that you can trust and decide that this moment is the moment that you share your deepest darkest fears, insecurities and struggles with this person. Finally, 3) Commit to The Conversation The person you converse should be there to support, encourage and challenge you. Most importantly though they should be there to listen to you. Most of the time when one can open up about their struggles and know that support is a listening ear away they are able to transform and take the action necessary to make the changes required to live a better life. These three things although incredibly difficult to do will open a world of different possibilities for you. They will open doors you never knew existed and allow you to see the “problems” you have in a different light. You will find more ease in your daily activities and more peace of mind when your head hits the pillow at night.  Remember just doing any one of these three things can make a difference but doing all of them will change your world and the impact of those around you and don’t you owe it to yourself to do that?

Melissa Krivachek - Author, Sales Genius, Lifelong Entrepreneur At just 30 years old, as the Executive Producer of The Ultimate Sales Summit, Melissa Krivachek has 23 years of sales experience. She has been involved in every kind of sale imaginable from high ticket, door to door, cold calling and social selling generating millions of dollars in revenue while inspiring business owners to grow. Having done over 300 media appearances, Melissa has been blessed with numerous accolades including: making the front cover of Evolution Magazine as their Top Power Player under 40, being nominated for Inc. Magazines list of 30 under 30, being the top 1% of US Executives as awarded by The American Council of Executives in addition to multiple awards given by the state of Iowa and Minnesota for her dedication to small business and entrepreneurship.

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