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Issue#3 | June 11 2018

what's it about Badassery Unleashed Magazine by Laura Francis is all about you, the entrepreneur, the spiritual, the creative, the visionary, the leader: it’s about your message, your desires, your passion and your purpose. It's about... Owning your truth, tapping into your internal power and unleashing your YOUness onto the world. Growth and expansion and creating the business and mindset that allow you be: ✔Unfiltered ✔Unrelenting ✔Unapologetic Disrupting the social norms and questioning how things are done and what people believe. Living your life fully expressed, on your terms and by your rules. And having loads of fun while doing so. Badassery Unleashed Magazine is about blazing your own trail in business and life; abandoning antiquated systems and enjoying the abundant, aligned and fully expressed life you were born for. Created by Laura Francis – who is on a mission to inspire and empower you to tap into your hidden potential, align with your higher self and create massive change –  she’s here to disrupt social norms and challenge age-old systems and what people believe true and possible, as she fully embodies her powerful message. Inside you’ll find a mixture of inspirational success stories, business blueprints and strategies, wealth mindset practices and exclusive access to offers, FREE trainings, behind the scenes into Laura’s world, mindset, spirituality, alignment, manifestation, entrepreneurship and all that it entails.

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editors notes Welcome to Issue #3 of Badassery Unleashed Magazine! May was a massive month for Badassery Unleashed Magazine - we've had dozens of people reaching out asking to contribute articles, to be featured and be interviewed. Not just that but I've also received truly ah-mazing collaboration opportunities from some truly inspirational and empowering influencers. If you would like to contribute, be featured and/or interviewed or have an amazing opportunity for Badassery Unleashed Magazine or for me personally, please email our editorial team at: badasseryunleashedmag@laurafrancis.com. I am honoured to share my exclusive feature feature Jenn Scalia in this issue. Jenn is an author, influencer, impact maker, visibility strategist and 7 figure badass who helps fierce women create wild visibility online while creating wealth and freedom through their business.    You can get all the goss on what makes Jenn tick in our exclusive interview on page 30. This month our pages are filled with articles from badass online entrepreneurs who are kicking major goals in their businesses and want to help you do the same. The Badassery Unleashed Podcast was originally slated to kick-off last month but I have instead decided to hold off on that until July. I've got a bevvy of rebellious spiritual and entrepreneurial game-changers lined up and ready to share their badassery with you. I  am super excited about the release date of the first interview and will keep you updated (of course!).

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NLP the Secret Sauce to Success using NLP to build better client relationships, a stronger brand message and boost the bottom line



what's inside 30

5 reasons to Podcast take the puzzlement and confusion out of podcasting and discover if it's the right marketing medium for you

STOP silencing your kids: 5 ways to HELP them cultivate their voice give children a voice and the power that comes with it while becoming a better parent than yours


Laura Francis asks: what does a 10k/month offer look like for you?

47 "I just Want to Make a Video that goes Viral"

how, with a little effort and a solid strategy you can use video to blow up your social media likes, credibility  and sales


Putting Yourself First: the Scary Truth to Supporting your Man discover how putting yourself first not only makes you a better person but also encourages him to rise to be the best version of himself

Exclusive Interview with Jenn Scalia a badassery unleashed magazine exclusive conversation where questions are asked and truths are told.


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NLP the Secret Sauce to Success by: mirella deboni How would you like to build better client relationships, a stronger brand message and boost the bottom line in your business? It’s essential you take the time to build rapport with your clients online and offline. Rapport is the mostly an unconscious connection.  It’s a state of mutual trust and respect between people and gives people a sense that your on the same page as them. When you have rapport with your clients, they will value and respect your advice and you will have a greater influence and impact in their lives. NLP has a whole range of tools you can use to effectively build rapport with your tribe.

Let me introduce you to NLP NLP (Neuro-Linguistic Programming) is the holy grail of personal and professional development. It’s the study of excellence and focuses on 3 main aspects: Neurology: how we think and process information Linguistics: how we use language with ourselves and with others Programming: how we behave, and the specific steps we take to achieve a particular goal or outcome

NLP the Secret Sauce to Success

NLP breaks down the exact steps individuals and corporations take to achieve outstanding results so others can replicate those steps, in sequence, to produce the same results. Building Rapport Rapport happens naturally over time when you spend time with people. You’ll find yourself sitting the same way, sipping coffee at the same time, and using the same words or phrases.   Next time you’re out for dinner, take a look around and you’ll easily recognise people in rapport. They’re having conversations, leaning in towards each other, maintaining eye contact and they’ll even move in sync. When there’s no rapport they’ll be on their phones, scrolling through FB just happy to have a distraction because they don’t know what to say to each other.  Sad – but true. It’s easier to build a rapport with someone when you spend quality time with them.  You pick up on their idiosyncrasies and unconsciously match them.  This is how people fall in love or form deep friendships because they feel they’re on the same wavelength. In business, however, your time is limited and you don’t have the luxury of spending quality time with your clients, especially before they’ve become clients. With online businesses you don’t get to have a coffee or a margarita with your potential client. There’s no chance of picking up on their words, phrases or other aspects of their personality. This is where your brand needs to do the rapport building for you. When people read your messages, blogs and social media posts you want them to get the sense that you “get them”.  So it’s important to make the most of the communication you have and the time you get with your peeps so you can create a lasting, trusting bond both online and offline.


NLP the Secret Sauce to Success

People like to buy from people they trust. That’s a fact.  People like people who are similar to them.  The key is to emphasise similarities and minimise differences. Building a connection is about finding commonalities and being interested in what they have to say. Ask questions and learn more. If you’re not interested in what they’re talking about don’t pretend and fake your way through it. Always act with integrity.  No one likes people who are full of shit.

NLP – Matching & Mirroring Body Language When you’re with people face to face you want to note how they’re sitting.   Are they sitting straight, leaning in or on an angle?  Do they have their legs crossed or arms folded?   By matching their body language and posture you’re showing them you’re the same as them.  It’s another unconscious connection. For example; if they’re sitting with their arms folded, then you want to cross your legs.  If they’re leaning to one side you want to tilt your head to the side too. If they reach for their coffee, give it a second or two and then reach for yours.


Don’t want to mimic them.  Not only will that break rapport, it will really piss them off too.   Here are a few more things you can match and mirror Posture – head tilt, where they have their hands, are they fidgeting or tapping their fingers? Body angle – are they upright, leaning, sitting forwards or leaning back Gestures – do they make certain hand gestures when they’re talking Breathing rate – are they breathing fast or slow Voice – listen to their tone of voice, the volume, and speed Eye contact – do they maintain eye contact, do they look away often? When you’re naturally in sync with someone you tend to match and mirror each other without even realising it.  

NLP the Secret Sauce to Success

Language Patterns By taking the time to listen to your clients you'll hear them repeat and emphasize certain words and phrases.   You want to feed these words and phrases back to them intermittently.  When people hear their own words coming back to them it creates an immediate unconscious response of “I like this person.” Listen to the words they use to express themselves and situations.  Are they: Visual words – “I see what you mean”  “It looks good to me” Auditory words – “Sounds like a plan”  “I hear you” Kinaesthetic (feeling) words – “It feels like it’s the right move”  “I’m excited about this!” Auditory Digital (thinking) words – “It makes sense to me”  “It’s the next logical move” When people hear you using their words you’re showing them that you’ve been listening and people love that.  Everyone wants to be heard and understood.   Communication Styles Chunking up and Chunking down refers to the size of information people process. In my opinion, this is the most important tool for communication, building rapport and making sales. Chunking up means less information but the bigger picture. A chunked up person loves to talk about the vision and future.  They take time to process information so you need to paint a picture of their future and allow them to experience it in their mind. Give them time to imagine it…. and drift away to that place where they have already achieved X, Y, and Z.  This is how they process information. Don’t burst their bubble by talking about all the fiddly details.  Seriously, they don’t give a shit about the specifics. The more you talk, the quicker they’ll switch off and they won’t buy from you because you’ve broken rapport.  Let them dream, use visual words so they can create their future in their mind. Chunking down means more information but specific details.  A chunked down person wants to know all the nitty-gritty details. They process information quickly and they’ll have a lot of questions. Give them specific information because if you’re too vague you’ll lose rapport and lose the sale. Tell them everything they need to know, answer every question and they‘ll be more likely to buy from you.

NLP the Secret Sauce to Success

This is where many people lose sales because they either gave too much information to a Chunked Up person or not enough information to a Chunked down person. How do you know the difference? Listen.   Be quiet and listen to the questions they’re asking, their tone of voice, their pace and what it is they are looking for.  This is when you want to feedback some of their words and phrases, reminding them you “get them.” Get this right and your sales will soar.   Building Rapport Online Every business coach worth their salt will always hone in on your brand, your message, and your ideal client.  Most people want to skip this part and get to the part where they can make a lot of money. When you know who your tribe is, you’ll know how to create content they want to read, produce courses and offer services they want to buy and resonate with them on a deeper level so they follow you and refer you to their friends. That’s when you get to make a lot of money by knowing your people and knowing all the intricate details of what appeals to them. 


NLP the Secret Sauce to Success

You demonstrate you “get your people” with your: Brand Voice Words and phrases Visuals, images Content  Personal stories you share Solutions you offer How you show up Blogs and articles Audios Videos This is why video is so popular in marketing right now. Those who are doing videos and FB lives are killing it because they’re giving you the whole package.  You see them, hear them and get a feel for their personality.  It’s an instant rapport builder or rapport breaker.  Not only do you attract your tribe you also repel the people who don’t resonate with you. Win/win. NLP tools are subtle, accurate and powerful.  Try it out for yourself. You’ll be rewarded with a build a bigger following, you'll attract more of your favourite peeps and make more money in your business.

Tell them everything they need to know, answer every question and they‘ll be more likely to buy from you. Mirella DeBoni - Business Coach, Author, NLP and Relationship Expert You’ll find Mirella in the Whitsundays, Queensland, Cappuccino + Peanut M & M’s in hand, surrounded by cats & armed with cute stationery (too good to write on!) With her background in NLP, Clinical Hypnotherapy, Marriage Counselling, Business Coaching, Marketing & Book Writing…. she's the one-stop-shop to help business owners perform at their best personally and professionally. Mirella works with service-based business owners and married couples in business, who struggle with depression, anxiety or relationships, while trying to grow their business, write content and market their services.

Stay in touch with Mirella DeBoni here:

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5 reasons to Podcast by: tracy sheen I work with a lot of small businesses, advising on everything from communications to marketing, and when I suggest podcasting as a marketing tool, I’m generally met with some very quizzical looks. Often people seem to think that podcasting is some left-field medium that only draws in a very niche audience or that it would require A LOT of work to create one. The answer to both of these questions is a loud, resounding nope! As of March this year Apple has passed 50 billion all time ever podcast downloads and streams across Podcasts and iTunes, and in the US alone over 44% of the population have listened to a podcast at some point. And as for ‘hard to create’, if you have a microphone and a computer to record onto you can make a podcast (and if you want it to come out particularly polished than someone like me can take care of that). And with more and more BIG companies jumping on the podcasting train, getting your podcasts ‘out there’ is becoming easier than ever...but more on that later.

5 reasons to Podcast

For now, I want to share my top 5 reasons why your business really should be podcasting. 1) Podcasting creates an “authoritative voice” I’m sure you know a lot about your industry - you might be too humble to call yourself an expert but you shouldn’t be. When potential clients are searching through businesses in your field they are looking for experts; they’re looking for someone with an ‘authoritative voice’ in the industry, someone who clearly knows what they’re doing. And based on what they find about your business, whether it be your website or social media or word of mouth, they will create their own perceived value for your brand, and an expectation of what they should be paying for your products and services. Think about it: when you go to the hairdresser, you always pay less for a Junior Stylist, someone fresh from their qualification or still completing their training, than you do for a Senior Stylist, someone with years of proven experience. Why? Because we assume that a Senior Stylist has more expertise in the industry and we’re willing to pay for it. By creating your own podcast that delivers informative, value-driven content to your target audience, you automatically create an ‘authoritative voice’ for your business. You let potential clients know that not only are you passionate about your field but you also have a lot of knowledge and experience, and with that you instantly increase your brand’s perceived value.



5 reasons to Podcast

2) Podcasts are repurposing gold! Anyone who has worked with me personally would know how much I love the simple act of repurposing. I see so many businesses making their content strategies unnecessarily hard by thinking that every single phrase needs to be somehow original. But in reality it doesn’t have to all be original, it just has to be relevant. A good content strategy is about putting in the hard yards to start with to create an original body of work that you can then pull from, recycle, and repurpose again and again and again. And there is no better way to do this (in my humble opinion) than starting with a podcast. If you take your podcast and have it transcribed, with just a little tweaking, you’ve got in instant blog post ready for your website. If you then pull a few key phrases you’ve not only got some great Facebook posts but add a few fun pictures behind some well placed quotes and you’ve got Instagram fodder for weeks. And if your podcast is heavy on industry statistics and facts, you can easily pull those and create an infographic that will not only help listeners ‘digest’ your podcast but will also help build your authoritative voice. And that’s just the start. The repurposing possibilities really are endless (think eBooks, workshops, keynote speeches).


And it all starts with one little podcast. 3) Podcasting gives your business some “soul”  Marketing has changed. It’s not about who can come up with the catchiest slogan anymore; today’s audiences don’t want mindless sales pitches. They want brands that they can connect with. For instance, Apple and Steve Jobs are practically synonymous words now, and as much as the general public love all that Apple’s products have to offer, a huge part of their brand identity is built around Steve and his underdog story, even now after his passing. People identify with people - I can’t put it any more simply than that. If you want your clients to value your brand, to trust it, to feel connected with it, then you’re going to have to 

5 reasons to Podcast

introduce them to the people and the story behind it. And I can’t stress enough how fantastic podcasting is for doing this. Podcasts allow you to share the unique stories behind your business, the struggles and the successes, and gives your potential clients a chance to get to know you, to laugh with you, and build some trust before they even meet you.

4) Podcasts are highly engaging Not to mention a highly effective, and cheap as chips, marketing tool. With over 1 billion subscribers globally, podcast listeners are not only highly engaged but they are also a very loyal audience. This means that if your first episode is compelling enough, with enough value-driven content, then chances are your listeners will hit subscribe and from there on in you’ve got a built-in audience. And what’s more, according to Fast Company, a 2014 survey of 300,000 podcast listeners found that a massive 63% had purchased something promoted by a podcast host! If you take away nothing else from this article, take away that statistic. Podcasting definitely provides some of the best bang for your marketing buck.  5) Google have joined the game Yep. You heard me. Google are finally ready to join the podcasting party and it’s a game changer. (I told you there were BIG companies getting involved).

5 reasons to Podcast

Up until now Apple’s dedicated platform ‘Podcast’ has been one of the only places to search, download and listen to podcasts, leaving Android users relatively out of the loop. But not anymore. Google have finally pulled the plugs from their ears and they’re ready to not only ‘listen’ to podcasts, with new software allowing them to search through your podcasts for key words and phrases, but they’ve also announced that they were be integrating podcasts into Google Search, meaning that when people search your business not only will your website, social media pages, and published videos appear but also any podcasts you’ve created. The company has even made a Google-vow “to help double the amount of podcast listening in the world over the next couple years”. Pretty exciting stuff! Of course, Google have released a list of requirements in order for your podcast to qualify for this special treatment - you can read them here. As a marketing platform and communication tool for your business, podcasting can really work, but it’s all about having the right strategy behind your series, and behind each episode as a solo piece.

'... podcast listeners are not only highly engaged but they are also a very loyal audience.'

Tracy Sheen - Speaker, Writer, Podcaster and CEO of Unusual Comms Tracy Sheen is a born communicator. Her first article was published aged 5 and she was speaking on stage at the Opera House at age 6. As a teenager, she was reporting for the school magazine and in her 20s she hosted her own radio show. Tracy began Podcasting 7 years ago, she created the global breakout “Not Another Business Show” has been featured as a guest on numerous other podcasts and is a regular judge for the Australian Podcasting Awards. Tracy regularly commentates on the changing face of communications, is a sought-after freelance writer for business publications and an engaging keynote speaker.

Stay in touch with Tracy Sheen here:

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A succinct, engaging, and practical guide for succeeding in any creative sphere, The War of Art is nothing less than Sun-Tzu for the soul. What keeps so many of us from doing what we long to do? Why is there a naysayer within? How can we avoid the roadblocks of any creative endeavor-be it starting up a dream business venture, writing a novel, or painting a masterpiece? Bestselling novelist Steven Pressfield identifies the enemy that every one of us must face, outlines a battle plan to conquer this internal foe, then pinpoints just how to achieve the greatest success. The War of Art emphasizes the resolve needed to recognize and overcome the obstacles of ambition and then effectively shows how to reach the highest level of creative discipline. Think of it as tough love . . . for yourself. Whether an artist, writer or business person, this simple, personal, and nononsense book will inspire you to seize the potential of your life.


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I am so happy and grateful that I get to make money sharing my truth and being my authentic self.  And I am ecstatic that my soulmate clients are happy and excited to pay my asking price to work with me..



STOP silencing your kids: 5 ways to HELP them cultivate their voice by: michelle catanach Many of us as children were invisible: forced to conform, blend in, shut down and silenced. Now as entrepreneurs we’re unlearning old conditioning and finally finding AND setting our voice - our values, our truth, our emotions and whispers of our soul - free. Yet what I’ve noticed in the entrepreneurial world is that, no matter how conscious we consider ourselves to be, it’s so easy to fall back into old egoic and fear-based thinking, especially when raising our own children. Nothing triggers us more than becoming a parent, old buried wounds ripped open for the world to see, especially when our cute little babies become strong-willed toddlers with a voice, thoughts and opinions of their own and then teens trying to assert their significance in the world. Children are still viewed (and treated) disrespectfully, expected to stay quiet until spoken to, shamed for being too quiet and too loud, or chastised when “answering back”. Yet, they're

STOP silencing your kids: 5. ways to HELP them cultivate their voice

not answering back. They're expressing their thoughts, values and opinions. They're no less worthy of speaking or of being heard just because they're kids. And neither because we're adults and therefore we're right and we're the authority and - as in the old outdated paradigm - kids should be seen and not heard. Why unleash your own voice and deny a child theirs? If we’re so hell bent on shifting paradigms to create a more conscious world , then we have to take our children with us. Because ultimately, they are not only our future. They are our now.

Here are 5 ways to help your child to cultivate their voice. 1) Encourage them to explore their own beliefs, values and opinions. Contrary to popular culture, your child is not your property. You don’t own them. They are not an extension of you - your success or your flaws - but in fact a sovereign being here to learn their own lessons and walk their own path. And with this comes developing their own world lens, which may completely conflict with yours. And that’s okay. You be you. And let your child be who they came here to be. When you’re parenting from a place of unconditional love and connection, differences do not matter.  2) Actively listen. Stop what you’re doing, get down to your child’s level and make eye-contact (if your child chooses to look away, that’s fine; don’t force it). We all want to be seen and heard. And more often than not we want to be heard beyond the words. Nothing says “your voice doesn’t matter” or “you’re not that important” more than when we’re distracted which, let’s be honest as entrepreneurs, is easily done with our heads glued to our laptops and smartphones. The more actively you listen, the more likely your child will be to seek counsel from you in the future at the times they most need it. 

STOP silencing your kids: 5. ways to HELP them cultivate their voice

3) Validate their experience. Always. EVEN IF their experience makes no sense to you or you haven’t experienced it yourself. True empathy is acknowledging someone else’s experience regardless of your own and recognising that their world lens is different to yours. The more we validate our child’s experience the more they will open up which is vital to helping them express and process all of the emotions that come with it. When we dismiss or deny their experience, they’re unable to integrate it fully from a neurological perspective so stuff it down, leaving unprocessed emotions that will come back to bite them on the arse later on in life. Being able to talk about their experiences and emotions is crucial for mental wellbeing and for developing emotional intelligence.  4) Give your child freedom. Freedom is a birth right, though something that still many cultures are denied. Children thrive when they are given the freedom to explore their own interests, develop their own passions and discover who they are without a helicopter parent breathing down their neck and micro-managing their every move. Of course, I’m not encouraging child neglect. 


STOP silencing your kids: 5. ways to HELP them cultivate their voice There are times that we as parents need to step in and intervene, Yet there are so many more times that we don’t need to. Children are naturally curious learners with minds of their own. They are not here to be controlled any more than you are. So relinquish control. Trust that with less of your input they’ll be guided by their own wisdom and actually be okay. 5) Encourage your child to develop their own boundaries and to use their voice when they feel their boundaries have been crossed. Often when we hear about kids needing boundaries the experts are actually talking about other people’s rules. But what about children learning what is and isn’t okay for them? What about children deciding what they do and don’t find acceptable? Boundaries must work both ways, not merely another attempt for parents to exert power and control over their children. And boundaries are particularly vital when it comes to the body. Help your child to develop body boundaries, to know that their body belongs to them. Teach them about consent and let them know that it’s safe for them to speak up when a line has been crossed, even against an adult. And ensure that you have very clear boundaries too and that you’re modelling them - as well as your voice - when your own boundaries have been breached. 

'Children thrive when they are given the freedom to explore their own interests, develop their own passions and discover who they are...' Michelle Catanach - Child Advocate and Founder of Uncaged Online

Michelle Catanach is on a mission to end childism and violence against children & women and is passionate about alleviating depression and anxiety in our kids and teens. She helps children master their emotions and be the leader of their life. Michelle is also the founder of Uncaged Online, a creative platform for paradigm-shifters to create an impact through book publishing and digital magazines.

Stay in touch with Michelle Catanach here:

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What stories and beliefs am I holding on to that are keeping me operating from a place of not-enoughness?


jenn scalia Author. Influencer. Impact Maker. Visibility Strategist. Brazen Badass. Million Dollar Mommy. Helping Fierce Women Become Wildly Visible Online and to Create Wealth & Freedom Through Business

meet jenn scalia: Impact Maker. Visibility Strategist.  Brazen Badass.  Million Dollar Mommy.

What motivated and inspired you to start your own business? Tell us about your journey so far as an online entrepreneur?

bottom line and business. From there, I knew I had what it took to make it online. My income, opportunities and experiences have just skyrocketed year after year.

My start was pretty interesting compared to most. I’m definitely NOT that entrepreneur who was desperate to escape her 9-5. I actually really loved my job. I was doing social media and marketing for a huge casino.

I’ve been able to generate over $2M in revenue with my online programs and services in the last few years and have impacted thousands of lives.

Unfortunately (or maybe fortunately) for me, I got laid off and I got pissed. It was in that moment I decided that no-one else, not a person, a corporation or an employer would ever dictate whether I was coming home with a paycheck or not. I vowed to always be in control of my destiny and my money. I had a little boy that was watching my do life and I also vowed to be the absolute best role model for him. My journey from that point has been an incredible ride. Like most entrepreneurs I experienced low points and really high points. My first year in business (if you can even call it that) I made zero dollars. I couldn’t’ figure out how to book new clients and frankly I just didn’t have the confidence too. But after that year, things got real, I was running out of money and I had another decision to make: either make this work, or go get a job.

Clearly, there is a so much more to the story, but without writing a novel, that’s pretty much how things went down. What has been your most influential experience to date as an entrepreneur? Why and how did this change the game of entrepreneurship for you? I don’t know if I can choose just one. There have been so many events, programs, and mentors that have totally changed the game for me. Personally, I’ve definitely gotten the most out of going to live events and conferencesactually getting out from behind the computer screen and in a room with people of like-minds is incredibly inspirational.

'I DECIDED THAT NOONE ELSE, NOT A PERSON, A CORPORATION OR AN The latter was not an option. EMPLOYER WOULD So I worked my ass off, made about $35K EVER DICTATE that year (pure profit) and starting having more faith in myself. I started working on my WHETHER I WAS mindset and my relationship with money and knew I was destined for so much more! The COMING HOME WITH following year, I added $500,000 to my PAYCHECK OR NOT.'

meet jenn scalia: Impact Maker. Visibility Strategist.  Brazen Badass.  Million Dollar Mommy.

It’s at events like these where I’ve met my best friends, collaborators, and my most influential mentors. Where do you operate from? I don’t know if you mean my actual physical location with this question, but my initial response was “from my heart and my intuition”. I learned this the hard way in business, trying to follow all the rules at first, doing what other people said I should do and getting caught up in shiny objects. It took me some time, but once I started creating content and programs that just felt aligned with where I was, everything started falling into place for me and business became easy!


What were the first few steps you took to get your business up and running? I binge-watched youtube videos to figure everything out from creating my own Wordpress site from scratch to connecting my lead magnets to my email service providers. I was determined to figure things out fast. I also studied the people I admired in the industry and looked at what they were doing to garner such huge successes. What have been your biggest challenges so far? My biggest challenge has been shifting my business model from 1:1 to more of a course/producer model. The bulk of my income in the first couple of years relied heavily on 1:1 work which became very draining, very fast. It was hard to let go off the easy income and the higher rates I was charging to focus on creating massive value content that hundreds of people could buy at one time.  How did you overcome these challenges? It’s not this was necessarily harder, but it was a definite mindset shift in also knowing that I could provide just as much value by serving many people as I could doing the one on one work. This also required a lot more people buying my stuff. So audience and list growth had to become a priority. When people started buying my programs and courses and buying from me over and over again, I knew I was tapped in and that what I was creating led to massive results. 

meet jenn scalia: Impact Maker. Visibility Strategist.  Brazen Badass.  Million Dollar Mommy.

How do you keep motivated and stay badass through difficult times? I have a group of industry peers that I can always turn to in the difficult times. I recommend that everyone gets not only a mentor, but a group of peers that understand what you are going through and also support you in your journey. If you don’t know a lot of people, or are more on the shy side, start with at least one “business bestie”, someone that will support you, encourage you, and keep you accountable to your goals.  What is the best advice you have received recently? This was actually a piece of advice that I got a few years back, but I often have to remind myself of this. “The things have to be done, but they don’t have to be done by you”.

'...ONCE I STARTED CREATING CONTENT AND PROGRAMS THAT JUST FELT ALIGNED WITH WHERE I WAS, EVERYTHING STARTED FALLING INTO PLACE FOR ME AND BUSINESS BECAME EASY!' As solopreneurs, we often fall into the trap of thinking that we have to do it all. This advice speaks to outsourcing and having other people handle tasks that aren’t in your zone of genius. You are the CEO of your business. And just because you “can” do something, doesn’t mean that you should be doing it. Spend your time in your zone of genius, focus on showing up and serving your clients and audience and that’s pretty much it. All the other mundane, painstaking tasks can be done by someone much more qualified to do it.

meet jenn scalia: Impact Maker. Visibility Strategist.  Brazen Badass.  Million Dollar Mommy.

What one piece of badass advice would you give to other entrepreneurs? Fuck all the rules. Fuck what people say. Do what’s in your heart and soul to do. Offer whatever you want to offer. Price it however you want to price it and stop fucking doubting yourself, for real. If you’re reading this magazine and this article right now, then you are definitely one of us. And you are here for a reason and a purpose and most likely you are here to lead the way for even more badasses to grace the online world. Release the ego and do what you were put on this Earth to do! What is a good article or book you have read recently? How has this book or article inspired, changed or impacted you? Anything by Garret Gunderson and the Wealth Factory. In the beginning of my business, I was really only concerned with making money and not acquiring true wealth. Every article is wealth of knowledge in learning more about tax benefits, cash flow banking, and making the most out of your money and totally makes you look at your money in a different way. Sounds nerdy, but it’s totally badass! What is your go-to to Facebook, Instagram or Twitter account for inspiration? I’m loving Instagram and InstaStories right now! I love following @girlconfident and @alexbeadon for stories and @manifestationbabe for having it all inspiration.

What does 2018 look like for you? What amazing badassery do you have in the pipeline? 2018 is all about throwing out all the rules and doing whatever the hell I want! I am planning a combination of automating my evergreen marketing programs and launching masterminds that are more in depth, mindset and identity focused.


Rewriting The Rules Of Success For Women Who Want To Pursue Their Passions, Earn a Sustainable Living, and Create A Financial Legacy For Their Families Through Online Business.



Success is walking from failure to failure with no loss of enthusiasm.



YOU'RE NOT LIKE OTHER ENTREPRENEUR. YOU'RE A REBELLIOUS, GAME-CHANGING, RULE BREAKING, SPIRITUAL AS FUCK BADASS! We ship internationally using UPS and United Express Postal Service; once placed, orders are dispatched within 1-2 days.

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what does a 10k/month offer look like for you? And. What will it take for you to be able to easily create 10k (and more) months in your business? You many not believe it (though I strongly encourage you to) but creating 10k in sales in your business is actually really easy.  You you don't need to jump through hoops to make it happen. But the main reason most online entrepreneurs struggle to get that result is that they overcomplicate it - they put too many roadblocks in the way. Let me break it down a little for you... FIRSTLY: Know who your soulmate client is: - Why you want to work with them - What they love

editors column with laura francis

what does a 10k/month offer look like for you? -

editors column

with laura francis

What they hate What makes them happy What pisses them off How you can help them Why they would want to work with you

Now, this part should be super easy considering the fact that your soulmate client is YOU! And that's why it's super important for you do the internal work to discover exactly who you are... What floats your boat.  And what doesn't! SECONDLY: Know what their current reality looks and feels like (their pain point the problem they want to solve/remove from their life): -

Struggling to find clients Confused about their message Feeling invisible/minimal reach/audience No authority/credibility Inconsistency in leads/sales Don't know how to scale Unsure of how to get their message/offer out there The questions they're asking themselves, repeatedly The problems they face daily/weekly

Again - it's about you! Knowing what your pain point was before you moved past it and the solution you needed will really help you here.  You need to what the answers to these things were for you, you know, before you became the badass you are now!! THIRDLY: Know what they want their future reality to look and feel like (the desire point - the solution/pleasure they want to experience/create in their life): -

Why they want it and why it matters to them What it would feel like for them What that reality looks like to them What they love about it What excites them about it The experiences they want to have The person they want to become The life/lifestyle they want to be living The freedoms (time/money/emotional) they would have The leads, the clients, the sales they want to enjoy

And create an offering that speaks to that.

what does a 10k/month offer look like for you?

editors column

with laura francis

With that said, what could an offering that easily and effortlessly gives you 10k months look like for you? Let's take a look at a few examples: BRANDING STRATEGIST Your offer could be a 6 week group digital (online) program with 6 separate modules that help you clients to get the confidence they need to show up online and increase their visibility while being their own brand, and helps them to identify the places online where their ideal clients hang out and how to connect with them authentically. Sell 4 x @ $2,800, smash your 10k goal and make $11,200 in sales! DIVORCE RECOVERY COACH Offer a 10 week online program that helps newly divorced women get back their power, confidence and self-belief while re-discovering their core desires and what their want their lives to look and feel like as a newly single person. Sell 10 x @$1,000 and collect a neat $10,000 in sales! Upsell them into a 3 day retreat with, say, 5 other women, where you go deeper into what was discussed/taught in the online program.  Selling that as a V.I.P. Upgrade (to program participants only) for $3,100. Even if you get just 3 x women to purchase you have added an extra $9,300 to your monthly sales.


what does a 10k/month offer look like for you?

editors column

with laura francis

INTUITIVE/SPIRITUAL COACH Offer a 12 week 1:1 program that helps entrepreneurs tap into their intuition, align with their highest self through meditation, mindfulness, connecting with angels and using shamanic journeying techniques, practices and methodologies. Sell 3 x $4,500 and blow up your sales with $13,500 from one program. SOCIAL MEDIA MANAGER Offer a 8 week combination group and 1:1 program where you teach your clients how to use Instagram and Pinterest to grow their audience, increase their reach and make sales organically by bolstering their brand authority and using automated sales funnels. Sell 5 x @$3,900 and smash your 10k goal with $19,500 in sales. Add to that an upsell of 90 days of done-foryou social media content creation and management for, let's say, an additional $1,800 and you can potentially add an extra $9,000 to your sales quota for the month.


COPYWRITER Offer a 12 week digital course that helps people to understand the basic principles of copywriting and how to use their newfound skills to build on the KLT Factor (know, like, trust) And use that to connect with and grow a thriving online community of soulmate clients (prospects). Add in a module that shows them how to write social media posts and sales pages that easily converts into qualified leads and sales Sell 10 @$2,500 and blow up your sales with $25,000 for the month!

what does a 10k/month offer look like for you?

editors column

with laura francis



Offer a 30 day email mini-course that teaches entrepreneurs how to find and work with virtual assistants, while focusing on the benefits to them/their business. Sell 25 @ $797 and explode past your 10k goal with $15,940 in sales. Upsell by throwing in an offer of a 14 day trial with you (your agency) where you provide, let's say, admin and social media support for an extra $495. If 10 people take it up you have added an extra $4,950 to your monthly sales. PLUS: This gives you the perfect opportunity to extend  the sales cycle and therefore the LV (lifetime value) of your client because once you've demonstrated how badass your skills are you get to upsell them into your services/packages.

what does a 10k/month offer look like for you?

editors column

with laura francis

You see. The magic here is in being able to create a message and offer that  speaks to your soulmate client and encourages them to want to buy your stuff is connection. Your words must resonate with them. Your offer must meet them where they're at right now. Your solution must be what they are seeking. Get all three of those things working for you and you can't not get the soulmate leads and clients you want so you can smash your 10k+ sales goals. Want some help to identify your soulmate clients, to create messages and offers that resonate with them at a core level, hitting their pain and desire points in a way that encourages them to buy your stuff... So you can blow up your sales and make 10k (and more) months your new normal? Click the link below right now and let's talk about how I can help you to do exactly that. bit.ly/6FigureCallWithLaura I have one spot remaining to work with me privately for 3 months. And it has your name on it! We start in July. Love, Truth & Badassery!



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“I just Want to Make a Video that goes Viral” by: michael hole - GirlDirectorTV Sometimes people say this to me. They say, "I don’t want to know all the marketing and stuff. I just want to make a video that goes viral on the internet (insert annoying voice)."  It really makes me laugh.  Let me just say, anyone who says that to me knows sweet FA about video and social media.  It happened again quite recently and I just had to laugh. I went and checked out their Facebook profile and Page and guess what I found… no surprises here… she had no Likes on her page. She hadn’t even posted on her personal timeline for over 6 months…. And she thinks she can make a video that goes viral! Well F# me!! I want to know how she’s going to do it! Gee. If I had her winning formula I’d be a very rich man, and quickly! 

“I just Want to Make a Video that goes Viral”

I mean, let’s face it, we all want to make videos that go viral, but it’s not quite as easy as all that. In fact, most ‘viral’ videos follow a carefully planned out marketing strategy. They use social media connections, particular subjects and messaging strategies that are intrinsic to getting people to share them. That’s not to say some videos don’t just go viral. There are heaps that do that, but it’s often the posts we least expect to go viral that suddenly do so.   Just think about it...  Imagine if you had the perfect formula for making your videos go viral every time. It would be more valuable than guaranteeing a 1% guaranteed daily compound interest on your money… You’d be a billionaire within a very short space of time. I’m sorry to burst your bubble but there is no such thing, that’s just not how the world works. People with a massive social media clout have generally taken a lot of energy and money to get to where they are. It rarely comes for free. 


“I just Want to Make a Video that goes Viral”

Even those Instagram models with millions of followers didn’t get that way by luck. They had something to work with (their looks) and then they maximised their star power using strategies and time to make it all look so easy! You know the old story… behind every Instagram model with the perfect life is hours of preparation and either a marketing team or a long suffering, hipster partner taking all the photos and getting the pleasure of bathing in their beauty…. Hmmm. I know, I’m sounding a bit flippant, but you get my point, right? So that you don’t go around talking about making an instant viral video and sounding silly, I'm going to tell you now How To Become An Internet Sensation And What To Do When You Get There!  Are you ready?  It's Who You Know! That’s right. If you don't have that many followers or likers to begin with, it really doesn't matter, so long as you have a few friends on your list with a large following and they share your videos then you will have every chance of your post going viral.  E.G. If you have a post and a friend shares it to their 20,000 likers/followers then your reach has already multiplied massively. Now think, what if even one of them shares your post - the numbers just keep increasing from here. 


“I just Want to Make a Video that goes Viral”

Unexpected Viral Posts I was recently talking to our chiropractor and we were having a bit of a chat about his Facebook profile. I recommended that he should start doing regular posts about some of the questions his clients asked him the most. After noticing his engagement gradually increase he posted an image showing the effect on your spine if you sit with your wallet in your back pocket. This post was shared by one of the big influencers that followed his page without him knowing.  The next morning he woke up and could not believe his eyes! Overnight the post received 43 million views (not thousand) and his business Page had grown to over 100 thousand Likers!!!  The day before he had only just over 100 Likes on his Page. I didn’t believe him when he first told me, but then he showed me his Page and there it was… A big part of this is due to how relatable his post was so make sure you know what your fans are looking for before you create the content. But that’s only half of it. My chiro called his friend who had posted the exact same picture to his page, but it only had only received around 100 Likes on the post – the norm for him. So as you can see, it was the influencer in his network that gave him the kick required to make it go viral. Holy Shit, My Post Went Viral!!! So what happens when your post does go viral? It is so important that you make the most of this as soon as it happens! Make sure you are ready to act when the Likes start flooding in because it can happen when you least expect it.    Our Top Tip is to direct them straight into your marketing funnel - post an offer and pin it to the top of your page. Whether you are giving them a free program for lead generation or you have an event coming up... Make sure you take advantage of the traffic coming through your social media channels. 

“I just Want to Make a Video that goes Viral”

Our posts have gone viral a few times when we least expected them - one of these times was just after we had released Rachel's book Better Video's so we immediately pinned the link to the top of the page and our sales increased over night! It’s exciting times when this happens The final word...! In summary, here’s what you want to do… Get to know your followers and make sure you have some high profile people on there. Ask them to like your page, but even more so, ask them to share things you really want shared. And of course, always be ready.   So, there you have it, now you know how it works, so hopefully you won't go around saying things that annoy the hell out of me! ;) 

Our Top Tip: direct them straight into your marketing funnel - post an offer and pin it to the top of your page. Girl Director Academy - Owned by Life Partners, Rachel Dunn & Michael Hole If you want to stand out in the marketplace and learn how to make video content that ROCKS, these guys are it! They make the complex simple so you can make stuff happen. Based on the Sunshine Coast in Australia, they are highly sought after video directors, marketers and mentors with over 30 years experience in the film and TV industry. They’ve directed many big names including Vanessa Amorosi, Ita Buttrose, Ian Thorpe John Williamson and Jackie O. These days they’re best known for their global video and marketing program called The Ripple Effect Mastermind. This in-depth training is designed for entrepreneurs to grow their businesses with high quality, innovative video and social media. It covers all the technical side, strategies, creativity, implementation and mindset to give you the best possible results and lifestyle you want.

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super simple Vegan Pad Thai Recipe & Image Credit to Vegan Insanity: http://www.veganinsanity.com/recipes/vegan-pad-thai

by: vegan insanity Cuisine:


Recipe Type: Entree Serves: 3-4

Prep Time: Cook Time: Total Time:

5 minutes 25 minutes 30 minutes



Main Dish

¼ cup brown sugar ¼ cup soy sauce 1 tbsp tomato paste 2 tbsp rice vinegar 2 tbsp lime juice 2 tsp sesame oil ¼ tsp garlic powder

2 tbsp olive oil, divided ½ block super firm tofu, drained and chopped into cubes* 1 cup/8oz. rice noodles 1 medium head of broccoli, very small chopped florets 2 large zucchini, spiralized ½ small red pepper, sliced thin 1 medium garlic cloves, minced 4 green onions, chopped small

Toppings ½ cup peanuts 1 tbsp sesame seeds fresh cilantro (coriander) or parsley, chopped

super simple Vegan Pad Thai

INSTRUCTIONS 1) Heat a large pan over medium heat. Add 1 tbsp olive oil and cook your tofu until browned on all sides, 5-10 minutes. Set aside. 2) Bring a large pot of water to a boil. Once boiling, add your rice noodles and cook according to package directions. 3) While your noodles are cooking, heat another tbsp of olive oil in the same large pan you used for the tofu. Then add in your broccoli, zucchini and red pepper. Cook for about 5-10 minutes, or until softened. Add in the minced garlic and cook for another minute or two more. Drain the rice noodles and add to the pan of veggies. Add the tofu, as well, and toss everything together. 4) In a small bowl, whisk together all of the sauce ingredients until well combined. Pour all over the noodles, veggies and tofu. 5) Divide between bowls, and top with peanuts, sesame seeds and chopped cilantro or parsley. Serve warm. NOTE: *Use soy-free tofu to make this dish soy-free.

Want more delicious recipes like this one? Check out Vegan Insanity on the web and Instagram!

Badassery Unleashed Magazine is honoured to be a supporter of BAWA. BAWA not for profit organisation based in Bali, Indonesia who works to save, protect and improve the lives of all animals in Bali and beyond. BAWA directly relieves the suffering of animals by providing emergency response and rescue, food and medication, rehabilitation and adoption. BAWA practices humane population control, disease control and runs intensive education and advocacy programs for sustainable improvement to animal welfare now and into the future. BAWA will respond to alerts of any animal in distress – from snakes to dolphins. A key focus is Bali’s Heritage Dog – the island’s genetically unique street dog that is under threat. BAWA is funded entirely by donations and relies heavily on a staff of dedicated volunteers. Founded in 2007 by Janice Girardi, BAWA works every day to relieve the suffering and save the lives of animals. BAWA is a non-profit organisation registered in Indonesia to work for better animal welfare. BAWA runs: 24/7 hotline Bali’s only free 24/7 animal ambulance service Animal rehabilitation Free sterilisation & vaccination programs Daily Street feeding Foster and adoption programs Education in schools & communities Advocacy for better animal welfare Bali Animal Welfare Association’s work is funded entirely by donations.


5 Reasons Why you’re not Getting Clients by: jenn scalia Today, I’m dishing out the dirt on clients, or shallI say, a lack thereof. It’s what we’re all after, right? A wait list. Being booked solid. New clients every month without the dreaded hustle and promo.  So where are they? Why aren’t you getting any and why aren’t people knocking down your door to work with with you? The truth is, something is missing. All of the pieces are not there and until they are- you will continue to struggle with getting clients.

Here are the 5 main reasons why you’re not getting any clients: Lack of Clarity Wanting to help everyone and do everything will result in sporadic and likely clients who are not ideal. You must be absolutely clear on who you help and how you help them. You also

5 Reasons Why you’re not Getting Clients must be really clear on exactly what you do. Now I’m not talking about being super niched down, although that helps- but you have to be able to express to others what you do in a clear concise manner that is understandable to them. Many people think they know what they do, but it ends up coming out all jumbled and you end up confusing people. And it doesn’t necessarily have to be just one thing, but find a way to marry all the things you do together so it makes sense to your ideal client. Likewise you have to know who your ideal client is so that you can speak directly to them on your website, in your copy, in your sales and your message.

'WANTING TO HELP EVERYONE AND DO EVERYTHING WILL RESULT IN SPORADIC AND LIKELY CLIENTS WHO ARE NOT IDEAL.' Lack of Confidence So now that you are super clear on who you help and how, are you able to confidently express that. Do you know without a doubt that you can help people and can get results? Most people seem to doubt themselves at this point. Their website copy sounds amazing, their packages are coming together, but when it comes to making the sale, they aren’t confident that they can deliver. When you lack confidence or have doubt, it will show. The desperation will show and your potential client will not hire you. That’s why it is so important to really embrace HOW you can help clients and how you’re different. When you go out into the world, go confidently, go boldly. When you do this, the right people will be attracted to you.

5 Reasons Why you’re not Getting Clients

Lack Visibility and/or Relationships You can have the best product in the world, be the best at what you do, have a sparkly beautiful website and killer copy but if no one knows about you, none of that matters. You have to be comfortable putting yourself out there and promoting what you do. You have to be comfortable connecting with people and building relationships. As an introvert, I know this fear too well. But when I decided that I was going to make this business work, I had to put my fears and my worries aside and basically get over myself.I remember how scary it was when I realized that I had to plaster my face all over my website, so that people would get a sense of who I am. And videos, forget about it. But I knew if I wanted to be successful, there were things I had to do that I did not want to do. It’s part of the game. And if this shit was easy, everyone would be doing it. Another important aspect of this is having a tribe to support you. Online business can be scary and lonely at times. Having a core group of people to support you in everything you do online can make or break you. I mean let’s look at a very recent example of that. If you’ve been in this online space and coaching industry for any time, you’ve probably noticed a whole slew of people promoting launches like Marie Forleo’s B School or Todd Herman’s 90 Day Year. In fact, the last three emails I received mentioned him. Now I’m not suggesting you have to go to that extreme but I want to point out the significance of being visible and having a tribe behind you. Marie wouldn’t have a multimillion dollar business if she did it on her own.


5 Reasons Why you’re not Getting Clients

No Sales Process/Follow Up Funnel Most people don’t have a strategy when it comes to selling their products or services. It’s going to be an awful hard sell to get someone into a $3,000 or $5,000 package if they’re not investing in you in some way, shape or form. It still amazes me when I come to people who do not have an opt in, do not keep in touch with their list through the way of newsletters, blogs, videos, etc. People need to know you before they buy from you. You have to show them your value. You need to add value to their lives or businesses. And you’re not going to succeed in that by simply having a package on your website. The idea here is to make your free content so great, that working with you long term is a no-brainer. Alignment Finally, if you have all the above things in place and you’re STILL not getting the clients you desire, it’s because something is off. You’re out of alignment either in what you do, how you do it or who you do it for. Check in with yourself. This is one of the things that made a huge difference in my business. I was trying so hard to do something that just didn’t feel right – something I thought I was supposed to be doing and it did not work. I didn’t enjoy blogging about my topic, I didn’t want people in my personal life to know what I did, I didn’t want to post anything on my personal Facebook wall. I was so misaligned with my business that it was obvious. I came across as desperate and people felt that energy. That’s why I didn’t get the amount of clients I wanted and when I did get clients, it wasn’t fun, they were draining and I was no longer enjoying what I was doing. If this sounds like you, I would highly encourage you to take a step back and work with someone to help you put all the pieces together.

Jenn Scalia - Impact & Visibility Strategist for Women Entrepreneurs Jenn Scalia is a visibility strategist for entrepreneurs who want to make an impact. She is THE go-to expert for entrepreneurs who want the world to know their name. This self professed introvert and single mom went from rock bottom to creating a 7 figure business within 3 years. Known for her tough love, no-B.S. style, Jenn helps entrepreneurs overhaul their biggest fears and empowers them to share their message with the world. She is the CEO and Mastermind of Million Dollar Mommy, a company founded to help women across the world reach their dreams and financial goals. Jenn has been featured in Business Insider, Inc. and Forbes.com.

Stay in touch with Jenn Scalia here:


If you are not willing to risk the usual, you will have to settle for the ordinary.

Putting Yourself First: the Scary Truth to Supporting your Man by: richie nelson There are currently three big conversations swirling online and in the media. ‘Be the best version of yourself’, the empowered women, and men: stepping up. How do you support your man on his journey, while you are on yours, without losing yourself, or him? I’ll tell you how. First, breathe. Now forget about the ‘how’ (for now). Next, let go of what he ‘needs to do’. The key here is to find your self! Let me explain. “Step up. Man up. Harden up. Toughen up.” Let’s drop that kind of language.

Putting Yourself First: the Scary Truth to Supporting your Man

If If If If

you you you you

are, stop pushing him, he’ll only resist and push back. are, stop trying to fix him. He is not broken. are, stop coaching him, he is not losing. are supporting and loving him unconditionally

Massive respect Sister. However, if you are not giving your self the same level of support, love and care, this is called an energy drain or leak. Despite your intentions, you are giving your power away. Don’t stress; this can be resolved effortlessly. By choosing to put yourself and your health first, in a selflessly selfish AND responsible manner, just being in your presence will leave your Man feeling supported and loved. He will see you strong, in your power, but supportive, soft and understanding. He will not feel intimidated. He will respect you. He will naturally become the best version of himself. He will FEEL like a man.

But, where do you start? 1) 5 Pillars of Health It all starts with health and self. Every day or night, check your self and your health. This little journaling exercise brings awareness to your most essential needs. Out of 10, rate yourself in regards to Sleep, Water, Food, Exercise and Self Care. Everyday make a note of one thing you can do for each to get them up to a 10/10 and maintain them there. Everything’s better when your health and self are in check. 2) Getting in the Habit of Life, Self-Care and Time Blocking Blocking out time for yourself to do nothing, to do something fun that charges you UP, things that ENERGISE you. Meditating, reading a book, sipping a glass of wine, taking a bath, getting your hair and nails done, having a meal with your friends, making friends, studying something new, a walk on the beach, travelling with AND without your partner, that’s called having a life! Feeling worthy enough to love yourself and look after your self. Done responsibly and explained with love, your Man will have the opportunity to have a life of his own as well. When you are both satisfied with yourselves, and your lives, you will have something to share and talk about. Lives. It may feel hard at first, but that guilt is bullshit. Staying unhappy and not having a life is also hard. Your man needs to see you caring for your self, leading by this example, and, in a healthy way, is fucking hot in my opinion.

Putting Yourself First: the Scary Truth to Supporting your Man

Men respect a woman who has a life, puts herself and her health first. It makes Men want to be more. From this space and energy, there is no competition, just love, support and fun. 3) OpenCommunication, Speaking Up and Speaking Your Truth Your man needs to know how you feel. If you keep it in for whatever reason, be it you don’t feel like you should because of your own feelings, or because he might not like what you have to say, say it, before it’s too late. Regret is an ugly thing. Speak your truth, speak your mind, in a soft kind way. In a way YOU would appreciate being spoken to, for example:  A) Woman “When I tell you how I feel you never listen to me, you always get angry and I’m sick of it.” Vs. B) Woman “Hun, I need help with something, have you got a minute? (if no then say - if not now that’s cool, but when?) I’m feeling a bit sad about what happened the other night. I love you, I don’t want to argue, can we please talk about what happened? I’d love to hear your side of the story if you want to tell me. I just want to feel like we are all good again.”


Putting Yourself First: the Scary Truth to Supporting your Man

Yeah, that’s a mouthful, but it beats feeling like you can’t express yourself, and it definitely beats World War 3 attack and defend. What changed in he two examples? 1.  Clear communication 2.  Soft Starter approach, indirect discussion 3.  Absolute statements removed (never, always) 4.  Removed judgement, blame and criticism (You did this, it’s because you always) 5.  Talking from a place of love, care and support. Men love fixing shit. Asking him for help, it’s in his nature! Yeah, nothing’s broken, but by asking for support you might actually get it! 4) Ponder the Concept of Committing 110% to Building Each Other Up With Your Thoughts, Words, Actions and Intentions Instead of tearing each other down, build a foundation of commitment, trust and support together, plant those seeds, and see what grows. If you are 110% committed to your journey, the rest will work itself out, however it is meant to. 5) Gender Roles Okay. Fuck the rules, stereotypes and what is normal. It’s 2018. Look at consciously sharing and living from the different energy types of masculine and feminine. Who makes the money, who cooks and cleans, who goes on top, who cries, who listens, who supports. Share the roles and energies. If it feels good, do it! Know that you can be a strong but soft woman from both your feminine and masculine energies. When a women lives from both energies, a Man feels supported to do the same. He can stop being Mr. Tough Guy and express himself. He can feel strong and supported. He can feel like a Man.


6) Letting Go of Your Mum and Dad shit Letting go of past trauma. Letting go of anger, blame, judgement, criticism, fear, sadness, hurt and guilt. Releasing the Victim. Finding true gratitude in forgiveness and letting go. Takes time, strength and courage.

Putting Yourself First: the Scary Truth to Supporting your Man


Just remember, whatever happened when you were younger, pre-birth until this current moment, does NOT define your future. You can find ways to let it all go. To heal. For no one other than, yourself. Journal, set boundaries, practice personal development, do emotional clearing work, spiritual growth ceremonies, find like minds and build your own tribe. Whatever it is, whatever it takes, find ways to heal whatever has happened in the past, inside of the relationship, and outside of it. So you get to the point where can see the lessons in all the shit from the past, and finally move forward. Why not break the cycle, and give your relationship the best chance possible? “Heal your wounds, they will become your super powers.”

Putting Yourself First: the Scary Truth to Supporting your Man

There is no rush to get it done, only to begin. As you heal yourself, your Man will feel your strength and power. He will feel supported because you are supporting your self. 7) Don't Sweat the Small Shit Get clear on your WHY. Your Purpose. Big picture stuff. You’ll notice little things don’t annoy you as much. You’ll have more energy. Your Man will appreciate it and begin to do the same. Then you can both walk side by side on ‘the journey,’ together. 8) Projections and Triggers Realising our partners are reflections of ourselves, and the best and worst that we see in them, is only what we see in ourselves. Ultimately, what we love and hate the most in our partner is what we see in ourselves.

We must acknowledge we have attracted in this partner because there is something for us to learn about ourselves. Finding gratitude in this is humbling. It allows us to slow down and be present with our partner. We stop judging and critiscising. We accept ourselves, and our partner. We appreciate ourselves, for who we are, and in turn our partner, for who they are. When a Man feels this kind of unconditional love, acceptance and appreciation, he can be himself. He will allow himself to become the amazing guy you catch glimpses of permanently. Literally nothing could change, bar your perspective and his attitude.

Putting Yourself First: the Scary Truth to Supporting your ManÂ

And hey, some partners come into our lives for reasons, seasons, or a lifetime. Sometimes Men need to work things out on their own. They need to feel supported to support themselves, on their own. When they are supported to do so, they will show up as their truest, best self. So whatever it takes; Love your self. Know your self. Support your man to be himself by putting your health and self first in a selflessly selfish manner. So you can have the opportunity to both come first, together, in your own individual times. No one needs to come second, when there is support.

Know that you can be a strong but soft woman from both your feminine and masculine energies. When a women lives from both energies, a Man feels supported to do the same.

Richie Nelson - Lifelong Entrepreneur & Mindset Wizard for Parents Nomadic. Minimalist. Holistic Health. Spiritual & Emotional Alchemy. Richie is on a mission to raise the world's level of consciousness and bring families closer. He believes: 'Men don't need to 'step up', they should be nurtured and supported. Women don't need to be 'tough,' they should be understood and heard. We don't need to tear each other down and do it 'on our own'. We are stronger together. We must lift each other up, equally, together; lead by example. What kind of world do we want our children to inherit?'

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cocktail schmocktail Recipe & Image Credit: https://www.tasteandtellblog.com/iced-chocolate

iced chocolate Decadent and perfect for summer, this chocolate drink is perfect for company or just for a summer night. Prep Time: 15 minutes Total Time: 30 minutes Makes:Â 4 servings



3/4 cup hot water 1/2 cup super fine sugar 1/4 cup good quality unsweetened Dutch processed cocoa 1 teaspoon chocolate extract 1 cup milk 2 cups ice Club soda Chocolate Gelato, slightly softened Fresh mint

Place the hot water, sugar, cocoa and extract in a blender and blend until smooth. Add in the milk and blend to combine. Set aside to cool completely. Add the ice to the chocolate mixture. Blend until it is frothy and slush-like, adding more ice if needed. Pour a splash of club soda into the bottom of each glass. Fill the glass with the chocolate mixture, leaving about 1 inch of space at the top. Place a small scoop of chocolate gelato on top. Garnish with fresh mint.

Q A &

Laura, you say that sometimes going from 2K to 10k+ a month is as simple as redesigning your offer, what does that mean? Simply put, the price of your offer IS NOT based on the number of 'bells and whistles' you include, it's about the value. And something I see all too often is online entrepreneurs giving away the baby, the bathwater and the farm in exchange for a few measly dollars. This is a common scenario: Life coach sells a 3 month program and includes 12 hours of 1:1 time plus a 12 module digital (online course) component PLUS they make themselves available 24/7 via email, phone, messenger... And they sell this 3 month program for $997. But if you package your offer based on REAL and TRANSFORMATIVE value, it'll sell itself. Without you feeling like you need to give away the farm to get the sale. Sell 2 x products at $997 to get to (almost) 2K or tweak the offering and the REAL value and sell 2 x products at $4997 each and you've made almost 10K. Why do people do this? There are several reasons, including: 1) They don't believe anyone will pay the real asking price (i.e. 5K) - they've been knocked back enough to know that to be true 2) They don't believe people can afford to pay the real asking price (again, 5K) - they've heard all the money objections their prospects throw at them and they believe them. 3) They don't see the REAL and TRANSFORMATIONAL value that their offer provides because they can't see and don't believe in the value, they can't bring themselves to ask the real price (5K).   Believe me when I say that if  you're not confident and you don't believe in what you're selling (no matter the asking price) then it won't sell.  Period!

Q&A So, getting from 2K to 10K+ is often a matter of, first, tweaking the REAL value and how your offering is packaged AND knowing and believing that there are absolutely people out there who will pay your asking price - these guys are your soulmate clients. And that perhaps all it'll take to get some sales across the line is for you to clarity your message and position yourself and your offer in a slightly different way to get them to pay your REAL asking price. Secondly, know what the most common sales objections you get from your prospective clients are and know how to overcome those objections. What do I mean by that?   Know how to turn objection on it's ass and to your advantage.  Most of the time  the reason (objection) a person gives for not buying is not the real reason so be bold enough to dig into their real reason.Often, the only thing stopping someone purchasing is them not seeing the REAL value. This may mean you need to undergo some sales training to learn how to do this and do it well but that's nothing at all to be afraid or ashamed of.  In fact, it can be incredibly rewarding.  You'll know exactly how to close more sales and be able to do that more often.  Resulting in more cash banked and greater profits. And thirdly, you need to believe in what you're selling and also believe and trust in the REAL and TRANSFORMATIVE value your offering delivers to your client.  And that you have the ability to deliver that value to them. Which can take some doing and is, more often than not, mindset related.  Having a coach or mentor to help you to identify the belief systems (success blockers) getting in your way and help you to massively increase your sales conversions.

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Issue #3, June 2018 Badassery Unleashed Magazine  

Issue #3, June 2018 Badassery Unleashed Magazine