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| APRIL 7 2018

editors notes I am beyond excited to bring to you Issue #1 of Badassery Unleashed Magazine - a fully digital publication that you can access anywhere with an internet connection. This has been something I have dreamed of since I first started in online business a little over 9 years ago. As I have grown and evolved, so has the concept and vision for this magazine.  I have a burning passion and desire to motivate, inspire, educate, empower and help online entrepreneurs the world over, to unleash the badassery within and thrive in all areas of their business and life. Badassery Unleashed Magazine is designed for you.  It is about you - the creative, visionary and spiritual online entrepreneur, coach, mentor, leader and messenger who is ready to create the multiple 6 figure empire you know you were born for. And it is laden with killer content that will give you the confidence to identify and own your truth and purpose at a core level and embolden you to disrupt the social norms and challenge the way you think and do things - so you can live your life fully expressed, on your terms and by your rules. I say e-fucking-nuff of being told to be quiet, to be less than, to play a smaller game, to settle, to be mediocre! It's time for you to leave the past where it belongs - in the past. It's time for you to show up - unfiltered, unrelenting and unapologetic.   It's time for you to go after absolutely everything you have ever desired. To take back control of your mindset, kick fear and limiting beliefs and stories to the kerb and to access your infinite power so you can create the business and life you have always dreamed of. To rise up and claim the experiences, happiness, love, abundance, success and money that is yours by divine right. And Badassery Unleashed Magazine is here to make sure you get to do that!

editor in-chief

what's it about Badassery Unleashed Magazine by Laura Francis is all about you, the entrepreneur, the spiritual, the creative, the visionary, the leader: it’s about your message, your desires, your passion and your purpose. It's about... Owning your truth, tapping into your internal power and unleashing your YOUness onto the world. Growth and expansion and creating the business and mindset that allow you be: ✔Unfiltered ✔Unrelenting ✔Unapologetic Disrupting the social norms and questioning how things are done and what people believe. Living your life fully expressed, on your terms and by your rules. And having loads of fun while doing so. Badassery Unleashed Magazine is about blazing your own trail in business and life; abandoning antiquated systems and enjoying the abundant, aligned and fully expressed life you were born for. Created by Laura Francis – who is on a mission to inspire and empower you to tap into your hidden potential, align with your higher self and create massive change –  she’s here to disrupt social norms and challenge age-old systems and what people believe true and possible, as she fully embodies her powerful message. Inside you’ll find a mixture of inspirational success stories, business blueprints and strategies, wealth mindset practices and exclusive access to offers, FREE trainings, behind the scenes into Laura’s world, mindset, spirituality, alignment, manifestation, entrepreneurship and all that it entails.

what's inside 7 key mistakes entrepreneurs make that CO$T them

28 Interview with the Michelle Catanach a badassery unleashed magazine exclusive conversation where questions are asked and truths are told.

36 what if... eh? by: laura francis 6 figure success secrets revealed. Discover exactly what's getting in the way of you being wildly successful and rich

by: malaine lea avoiding entrepreneurial pitfalls that cost you money and stop you from being rich

13 not Everyone should be an Entrepreneur

44 how to be a Badass in 5 Steps by: michelle catanach 5 steps to becoming the badass woman you were born to be and owning that

by: marc mawhinney move over all you "wannabepreneurs", this thing called entrepreneurship just isn't your thang

18 five ways to Make a Video that Demands Attention by: rachel dunn & michael hole Women of colour taking back their power, owning their toots and their truth

23 letter to the Whyte women

49 how Goal Setting and being “full of yourself “ can help you Create a Life You Love... by: Sarah shakespeare the importance of knowing what you want and planning ahead and how to stay the course

54 shining the Light on our Truth: a conversation

by: satwinder simone isser

by: melly stewart

Women of colour taking back their power, owning their toots and their truth

asking yourself the hard questions bares fruits of truth, growth and expansion

free download by Laura Francis

These 20 Badass Mindset Hacks will help you to shift from operating in a state of confusion, overwhelm, fear, struggle, self-doubt & lack... Â To place of infinite possibility & manifestation abundance so you can call everything you desire into your business & life, with ease & from flow!



innovation distinguishes between a leader and a follower.

key mistakes entrepreneurs make that CO$T them by: malaine lea It’s a brand-new world and a new dawn for the world of business men and women. Unlike every before we are seeing people emerge like crazy in the entrepreneurial world to make it BIG and to make it RICH. It’s a brand-new world and a new dawn for the world of business men and women. Unlike every before we are seeing people emerge like crazy in the entrepreneurial world to make it BIG and to make it RICH. It almost is similar to the feeling of when the immigrants were flocking to America to find their freedom, their riches, their destiny.


key mistakes entrepreneurs make that CO$T them

With the online world, all seems possible and many people are hitting it big. There are traps though and you want to steer clear of these while building your business otherwise not only will you jeopardize your success but your cash flow. Here are the top 3 mistakes made in the entrepreneurial world, that to avoid will save you heaps of cash! 1. Investing in a bells and whistles type of website.  Stop, stop right now. You do not need a glamorous website to sell your service. What you do need is a deep connection to why you are doing what you are doing, a stellar service-based solution offer and great sales. Website? Keep it simple and not expensive. 2. Overanalysing and spending too much time and money on content, curriculum, and packaging.  People do not buy what you do they buy why you do it. Spending massive amounts on a product or service before you test it and not seeing if It will actually sell is such a waste. Instead develop the idea or concept and do a beta run, see if the market actually is interested and then invest more as you make money to improve the quality. 3. Copying off other entrepreneurs.  No, no and no. Stop this right now. Copycatting in the business world is not sexy or attractive. In fact, it’s just rude, out of integrity and wrong. Copying off someone or 

key mistakes entrepreneurs make that CO$T them

stealing a similar idea because you think it will make you money ends up costing you more in the long run. You will invest heaps of cash into getting the business started to find out it will not make you as much as the person you copied from. Why? Because your unique message is not anyone else’s. Stay in your lane, stay true to you and you will find success.

These simple mistakes can easily be avoided. When the mistakes are avoided a successful and wealthy life can really happen at a faster speed.

Trusting yourself and your intuition will guide the way to an abundant life, internally and externally. Each person has a unique message to share with the world, connect with that, connect with the why and the rest will always fall into place.

Malaine Lea is a Lifestyle Architect & Wealth/Luxury Mindset Coach. As a women of faith and divinity she has supported hundred of women to find their power, worth and abundance. Her mission is for every women to be able to stand abundantly in their divine goddess power while claiming ever desire they want. She is on a mission to make sure no women every says no to herself or life because of money.  Through her own experience, strength and hope along with her studies in transformation workshops, energy work, spiritual work and professional experience, she has cultivated earth shattering, life changing formulas to help women truly MASTER THEIR LIVES. Malaine has been featured in Inspired Coach Magazine, Goddess on the Go Events, YFS Magazine, Sustainable Success Lounge, Elephant Journal, Addicted to Success Podcast with Joel Brown. 

Stay in touch with Malaine Lea here:

affirmation of the month

I am so happy & grateful now that money comes to me daily, in increasing quantities and from a multitude of sources, continuously, with ease and flow and in a perfect way.

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not Everyone should be an Entrepreneur by: marc mawhinney In 2018, it’s easy to say you’re an entrepreneur.  In the “old days”, you would have to put out a ton of money to get your businesses up and running.  You would have to buy office space and equipment, hire staff, pay for advertising on the radio and in the newspaper, and more.   It wasn’t cheap. I saw this in my past life, when I spent well over six figures launching a brick and mortar business in real estate.  After the ribbon cutting was done at the office, it then cost tens of thousands of dollars every month just to keep the lights on. It was a large monetary investment, and gave me a few sleepless nights and gray hairs.  But today, if someone rolls out of bed and decides that they want to be in business, all they have to do is hop online and spend ten bucks to buy a domain name. Those who would have never been able to afford to launch their own businesses in the past are rushing online and proudly proclaiming that they’re “entrepreneurs”.


not Everyone should be an Entrepreneur

The results aren’t usually pretty. Many stay stuck in business limbo, increasingly frustrated at their lack of results.  Plenty fail to even make the few dollars back to pay for that domain name, and quit with their tails between their legs.  The problem is that despite the Get-Rich-Quick ads you see proclaiming that anyone can be an entrepreneur and promising 7-figures in a month if you buy their magic systems, it’s not easy to become a successful entrepreneur.  It takes time, blood, sweat and tears (and a little bit of luck doesn’t hurt). You have to be dedicated and take your online business seriously. Running such a business is deceiving, since you probably don’t have an office on Main Street with customers walking in and being greeted by your receptionist. Your “office” could be your kitchen table, with you working away in your pajamas and munching on your bowl of cereal while in front of your laptop. This casual environment doesn’t make it feel like a “real” business, and the undisciplined entrepreneur will have trouble treating it that way.  In my estimation, only 20% of those proclaiming that they have an online business are actual entrepreneurs (and that number may even be generous).   The rest of them are “wantrepreneurs”, who aren’t acting like they have a real, live business.  I’m now in the fifth year of my coaching business, and I shake my head at how many coaches I see who are just playing around. For example, serious ones keep their commitments and show up for calls when they say they’ll show up for calls. But I’ve had a number of times where I’ve been waiting on Skype for someone to arrive for a scheduled call, and they don’t show up.  After messaging them, I get back a lame excuse like “Sorry Marc, I forgot about our call!” or “Ooops I didn’t put it in my calendar, can we reschedule?”.  If you can’t show up for scheduled appointments, you should ditch your entrepreneurial dreams and go work at a 9-5 where a boss can tell you where to be at all times, and then you won’t have to worry about managing your own schedule. 

not Everyone should be an Entrepreneur Here’s another example: successful online entrepreneurs find out which activities bring in revenue, and  then consistently do them every single day.  This consistency is what brought me the success that I’ve had in business.  I released my podcast 300 straight days in the first year of my coaching business and later committed to emailing my list daily (I’ve been doing that for over two years now - close to 1000 straight days so far).  Yet most people don’t have the discipline to stick with things for that long. They try something for a week or two, and if they don’t get results from it they quit to move onto the next bright shiny object.  Since the gurus promising easy riches make the whole online business thing seem easy, new entrepreneurs are surprised when it actually takes time and hard work to get their businesses off the ground.  They enter the online world with a lot of hopes and dreams, but are knocked off course when hit with the inevitable challenges that come with the entrepreneurial journey. Don’t get me wrong: I love the democratization of business so that it’s now open to any of the 3 billion plus people on the planet who have access to the Internet. When I launched my coaching business in 2014, I was just a few years past a closure with my real estate business and I didn’t have a lot of money to throw into a new business (I had to make up for the lack of resources with my energy).  But it’s my hope that more aspiring entrepreneurs know what they’re getting into before they start, and then they’ll be better prepared for the long journey ahead.

I believe that entrepreneurs make the world go around – but I also know that not everyone is cut out for life as an entrepreneur!

Marc Mawhinney - Lifelong Entrepreneur, Podcast Host, Coach

Marc Mawhinney is a lifelong entrepreneur who helps coaches get more clients (without paid advertising)! He achieves this with his coaching programs; his podcasts (Natural Born Coaches and The Marc Mawhinney Show); his Facebook group The Coaching Jungle, and his exclusive print newsletter – Secret Coach Club. He's been a speaker at events like Social Media Marketing World, frequently makes media appearances and contributes for

Stay in touch with Marc Mawhinney here:

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How much money do I want to make in a month? Â Why do I want that money?

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five ways to Make a Video that Demands Attention by: rachel dunn & michael hole Creating videos is the best way to get your message to a large audience but the question is: How do you make them stand out from the rest?  I don’t know about you but if I’m scrolling through Facebook and a video doesn’t catch my attention in the first 5 seconds, then most of the time I won’t watch until the end. You need to make sure your videos are eye grabbing, catchy, entertaining and most of all that they  KICK ASS! We’ve put together our top tips for people who want to improve the quality of their videos. It’s time to put an end to boring videos!!! 1) Captivate Your Audience Before we get to the shiny things, let’s start with the basics. It’s the part most people forget to do first… Getting your messaging right is super important. How many times have you watched a video where they trail off to another topic or you just end up confused by what they are trying to tell you? You need to be consistent with the messaging that appeals to your target market –

five ways to Make a Video that Demands Attention

if your target market doesn’t connect with the video content then you’re reaching the wrong people. Most of all keep your messaging simple and COMPELLING. A bunch of short videos are better than one long one. People are time poor so you need to get your message to them in the shortest time possible. If it is compelli 2) Graphics That Smack You In The Face Nobody wants to watch someone talking for three minutes straight… it’s just boring. Break up your videos with graphics to make them more interesting. Start by using some big text over your videos so people on Facebook can get the idea of your video, even if they have the sound off. Logo animations are also a great way of enhancing your videos. Have you seen graphics at the end of all the Girl Director videos? We have a heel stomping on a film reel… pretty badass right? Make your videos interesting and memorable. More people will watch to the end if your videos are interesting the whole way through. And if you’re consistent with your animated logos then viewers will associate them easily with your brand.


five ways to Make a Video that Demands Attention

3) No More Elevator Music Music is subliminal. Just think of what an action movie or horror movie would sound like without the music and sound effects... It would be emotionless.... You’d switch it off. You know those times in great films when you start balling your eyes out near the end, just when someone dies or falls in love... Pay close attention from now on... What is the music doing at that point to elicit that kind of emotion? What are they doing with sound effects? The swell of strings!! Music is so powerful and if you want to stand out, then you need to use it cleverly.

It's brilliant for grabbing attention from the get go.

4) Get Off Your Butt And Move Breaking your video up with moving shots makes it so much more captivating and illustrative. Drone footage is a great way of producing a different point of view and showing the bigger picture. Another great technique is using shots that move in and out of focus, or are taken from interesting angles. Next time you’re watching an ad on TV, take notice of the different shot techniques they use. (You will probably see all of the different types of graphics too!) Capturing B-roll (those extra shots) can be difficult at first but the best way to become good at it is to practice, practice, practice! Make a plan, collect your ideas and start getting great moving shots to break up your video and reinforce your message.

five ways to Make a Video that Demands Attention

5) What The Hell Is The “Bokeh” Effect This is where the background is out of focus while the person talking is crystal clear. It’s how you make your videos look much more professional. It's harder to do with a Smartphone, but there are ways and means when you know how...

The final word…

Don’t Make It Boring And The Same As Everyone Else People love stories. We all love inspiring people... You have so much to offer people. It's about putting your best foot forward and sharing something that people can relate to. Now, get out there and make a Kick Ass video! 

Girl Director Academy - Owned by Life Partners, Rachel Dunn & Michael Hole If you want to stand out in the marketplace and learn how to make video content that ROCKS, these guys are it! They make the complex simple so you can make stuff happen. Based on the Sunshine Coast of Australia, they are highly sought after video directors, marketers and mentors with over 30 years experience in the film and TV industry. They’ve directed many big names including Vanessa Amorosi, John Williamson, Ita Buttrose, Ian Thorpe, Jackie O and many more. These days they’re best known for their global video and marketing program called The Ripple Effect Mastermind. This indepth training is designed for entrepreneurs to grow their businesses with high quality, innovative video and social media. It covers all the technical side, strategies, creativity and mindset to give you the best possible results and lifestyle you want. 

Stay in touch with Rachel Dunn & Michael Hole from Girl Director TV here:

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ABOUT BIG MAGIC Readers of all ages and walks of life have drawn inspiration from Elizabeth Gilbert's books for years. Now, this beloved author shares her wisdom and unique understanding of creativity, shattering the perceptions of mystery and suffering that surround the process – and showing us all just how easy it can be. By sharing stories from her own life, as well as those from her friends and the people that have inspired her, Elizabeth Gilbert challenges us to embrace our curiosity, tackle what we most love and face down what we most fear. Whether you long to write a book, create art, cope with challenges at work, embark on a long-held dream, or simply to make your everyday life more vivid and rewarding, Big Magic will take you on a journey of exploration filled with wonder and unexpected joys.

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letter to the Whyte women by: satwinder simone isser Dear Whyte Spiritual Women, Once upon a time you were my inspiration!! You were someone who I looked up to, when I started showing myself on social media. As a spiritual healer, I saw you embracing spirituality and creating an income out of it. To me it was so inspiring as I thought I can do it as well. I believe that I can also help others the way your were showing you were helping others. I hired you to teach me. I talked to you so that I can listened to you. I included you in my circle. I added you in my daily life via social media. But in that inclusion, in that period when I was following you, I somehow saw the underlying truth. I started to feel uncomfortable and powerless.Â


letter to the Whyte women

I started to experience and feel that something is wrong with me, when I started to feel anger towards you. When I saw how you are manipulating my culture by commercialising it. I felt sad and shut out when I saw that you have created your own circles with your friends who looks just like you. It became crystal clear through the shine of white robes and sparkly veil of “high vibes” that you only play with the kids who have your skin type in the playground. Consciously or unconsciously, knowingly or unknowingly, you have hurt me and many others, and I was quiet. I was quiet because I was self-judging myself. After all, anger is low vibe, right? Feeling hurt is my responsibility, right? Isn’t that what you say when others speak up?  I was asking myself questions on why do I feel the way I am feeling towards Whyte women?  (I spell Whyte to connote those who appropriate and misrepresent indigenous practices and beliefs.) Am I being racist? Am I insane?  I have seen you water down or completely misrepresent the teachings of not only my culture but of many other cultures. I saw you not including any people of colour in your events, summits and programs. But I asked myself how long I will keep quiet and just let this mass manipulation of cultures happen? Now I can no longer stay quiet or stuff my feelings about how Whyte women in the spiritual marketplace are corrupting my culture and many others for profit. Guidance has shown me

letter to the Whyte women

how to stand in Truth and speak out against the unjust use of culture and tradition, not to mention the profane way the Goddess is used. I urge you to pay heed to this message, because to remain in your status you must change your ways. Now it’s time for you to listen, because you have no other option left. The time has now come where you will be questioned on diversity again and again. You will be made responsible for your actions in spiritual sector on many aspects. From the robes you wear to the names you claim. Your time is over, you can no longer manipulate and get rich misteaching the Divine messages that come through different cultural lenses. Your time is over for showing your fake spirituality. Robes do not make a Priestess or Goddess.

Your time is over for spiritual bypassing, gaslighting, tone policing. I see so much ignorance, attitude and Ego from so called leaders. So many of whom claim to want to lift sisters up. Which sisters? I ask. Those with the pocket books and idle time? Or those who the Divine has called to service? Those who will wrestle in the shadow or those who cringe away and only dance in the disco of spirituality lite? I know it’s hard and difficult for you to embrace your shadow because all you have known so far is to deal with edges of  light. I know how it makes you feel when you get called out. For many of you have called me and my sisters out. It is time. It’s time for you to Stop, Pause, Listen and Change. It’s time to look in the Mirror!! It’s time for you to heal not only yourselves, but your past generations, and help the coming one so that they can know how important diversity is, because Women of Colour are not going to sit silent We are going to keep on calling you out for your own good and for healing. We will no longer be silent, in fact we are going to get louder.

letter to the Whyte women

Now is the time to embrace your Shadow and learn about some important topics you have been ignoring for generations. Now is the time to free the Karmic imprints of your Ancestors, It’s due and you are responsible to liberate not only yourselves but your Ancestors as well. It’s time for you to clean and heal your DNA from hundreds of years of harm you have done to BIPOC. 

Take responsibility if you are a true Spiritual leader I want to see you honouring your mistakes, healing and looking into the eyes of your shadow before you start talking about the light. Before you start calling yourselves, The priestess, The Goddess, The spiritual coach or any other title you have grabbed, I want to see that you are worthy it. The Goddess demands it of us all. We BIPOC want to see how you find your own roots and their teachings. You do not need to take from our cultures.

letter to the Whyte women

I understand the feeling of belonging you and your generations have been seeking, I understand your quest! Understand you have taken the wrong path, just like your Ancestors did. It’s time to Stop, Pause, ask for help to find the right path. We BIPOC are ready to help you if you are ready to invest in yourself, if you are ready to let us teach, heal, coach you. Now It’s time for me to say on behalf of my BIPOC that You are not our teachers, Instead WE are our own teachers and your teachers as well, if we choose to. Now it’s time to hold space for yourself and look within in the truest form, not alone but with a BIPOC coach, mentor, teacher, healer.

Satwinder Simone Isser - A Spiritual Guide and Teacher

Growing up steeped in the mystic heritage of India Satwinder followed her calling to empower women to embody all aspects of the Divine Feminine. She combines Soul work tools such as Akashic Records, Shadow work, Rituals, Womb Healing, Ancestral and Generational healing to help women to connect with their Soul and live a life of liberation and Sacredness.

Stay in touch with Satwinder Simone Isser here:


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michelle catanach Rebel. Badass. Game Changer. Founder of Uncaged Online. The woman on a mission to end childism and violence against women and children who is especially passionate about empowering children to be the leader of their life, stay spiritually connected and change the dialogue around body image, sexuality and gender.

meet michelle catanach: Rebel.  Badass.  Game Changer.  Founder of Uncaged Online.

What motivated and inspired you to start your own business? Tell us about your journey so far as an online entrepreneur? I always knew I wanted to run my own business. Throughout my entire Corporate career I was constantly thinking of ways to earn a living and embarked on various trainings from nutrition to sports massage to eating psychology. I knew I was meant for more than a 9-5 and felt called to do something more rewarding, rather than selling my soul to companies that told me what to do, what to wear and how many days holiday I was allowed. I really wanted to make a difference in the world, yet had no clue what that was. My calling became more apparent when my daughter was born. Suddenly working in London lost its magic. Now a new mum the glitz and excitement of after-work drinks and climbing the corporate ladder no longer resonated. I knew I had a greater legacy to leave and wanted to create something that would fit around family life.  Tell us about your journey so far as an online entrepreneur? To say the journey hasn’t been easy is an understatement. It’s been fun to experiment with different strategies and also frustrating when things have gone horribly wrong. I’ve made many mistakes along the way yet have learnt many valuable lessons, some that I wish I hadn’t had to learn yet I’ve grown and evolved exponentially as a result. I’ve gone from one idea to the next, completely confused about my message and what it is I even want to do. But one thing is clear: I’ve often gone down the route of what

is easiest and less polarizing to avoid criticism and doing the “real” work. I’ve gone with the comfortable to avoid the discomfort. Yet when we’re not following our soul’s work, which isn’t all rainbows and unicorns, it shows, not only in our results and business success but also our health and close relationships. What has been your most influential experience to date as an entrepreneur? Why and how did this change the game of entrepreneurship for you? I went to an event which well-an-truly opened Pandora’s box. It was the first in-person event I’d attended and it blew my mind. I was branding myself as an uncaged woman yet I still felt trapped inside. I had all of these external goals and desires that I thought would give me freedom so was striving to attain them, yet I realised during that event that true freedom comes from within. This started my deeper self-exploration and took me on one hell of a rollercoaster ride. And it also shifted how I ran my business. Whereas before I would work all hours I allowed myself more space for creativity and play and to take time off if I wanted to. And in doing so actually increased my bottom line!


meet michelle catanach: Rebel.  Badass.  Game Changer.  Founder of Uncaged Online.

Where do you operate from? I run my business from home which has its benefits. My kids’ school is a 5-minute walk so I don’t lose any time having to travel to an office and of course PJ days are a given! However, I do miss human company. Sometimes it’s nice to have someone around to bounce your ideas off of or have adult conversation so my aim this year is to move to a co-working space. Where do you operate from? During my entrepreneurial journey I’ve experienced burnout, something I would not wish on anyone. It’s not something you recover from overnight. And I’ve been on the brink of divorce. Twice. I’ve abused my body with alcohol and food, neglected my self-care and racked up thousands in debt. I’ve been to some incredibly dark places, had many dark nights of the soul. Yet from my darkest moments came my deepest truth and each breakdown was a step closer to my true purpose. There have been many times that I’ve questioned why I even started my business in the first place, however, the Universe always had a way of presenting a triggering newspaper headline or social media post to jolt me back and reignite my purpose and passion. How did you overcome these challenges?  It’s so easy to quit, to listen to the internal chatter that tells you no one will like you or your work, that you’re not good enough, that there’s something wrong with you because

you’re not like everyone else, or even to listen to the opinions of those who don’t share your vision or even understand why you do what you do. Yet every time I fall into this thinking I’m reminded of my WHY. And the truth is, when we have awakened, when we are in a privileged position and have a voice while so many people still do not, it’s our responsibility to use it for the greater good of humanity. Our purpose reminds us that it’s not about us or our ego, it’s about making a positive difference in the world and to create a platform to be the voice for those still silenced. Focusing on the bigger vision and the difference I want to make keeps me going. My work is all about impact, to catalyse the healing of others. And when I fall into victim-mode, complaining as though I didn’t choose this path, I take some time out to recalibrate and re-focus on my vision. I’m a huge believer that there are no mistakes, only lessons. We can choose to quit and berate ourselves when things go wrong, or we can rise up, look for the lessons and keep moving forward. What has been your most influential experience to date as an entrepreneur? Why and how did this change the game of entrepreneurship for you? Life isn’t all love and light, in fact it can feel very heavy and dark, especially when you’re called to do work that defies convention and popular belief. Shifting paradigms and fighting oppressive systems can feel like a mammoth task. When putting your head above the parapet and in the firing line of negativity and criticism it can be tempting to retreat and detract from your mission. I used to feel overwhelmed with the intensity of it all and try to be more “normal” to fit in like everyone else. Now I stay focused on my

meet michelle catanach: Rebel.  Badass.  Game Changer.  Founder of Uncaged Online.

What is the best advice you have received recently? The best advice I ever received was back when I was 19 and working in my first Corporate job in London. My boss, who was a real stickler for rules, said: “never assume”. And it has stuck with me ever since. It’s so easy to second-guess people and jump to conclusions, especially in the online space in the absence of real conversation. We can make snap judgments without stopping to pause and get curious about what’s really going on for someone. I see it a lot in group threads, especially among the more “spiritual” where gas lighting and emotional bypassing is rife. We don’t know what we don’t know, and this can be applied to all areas of life, not only business.


What is a good article or book you have read recently? How has this book or article inspired, changed or impacted you? A New Earth by Eckhart Tolle and Elizabeth Gilbert’s Big Magic have become my bibles! They go everywhere with me. I’ve been reading A New Earth for months yet still haven’t finished it. I often find myself re-reading the same page several times. It’s such a powerful and insightful book and helps me remember who I am when I start to spend too long in my ego. Big Magic is every creative’s must-have. I think as creatives we have a tendency to take our creativity seriously or focus on the end goal instead

meet michelle catanach: Rebel.  Badass.  Game Changer.  Founder of Uncaged Online.

of being present with and enjoying the process. Big Magic is a reminder to embrace our creativity. This is the book that I always intuitively reach for and receive exactly the right message when I need to hear it. What is your go-to to Facebook, Instagram or Twitter account for inspiration?  There are very few people I follow. I found myself slipping into comparisonitis or simply not being aligned with their message so removed many people from my feed. There are some gems online whose content I look forward to. Laura Francis is one of them. I love truth-tellers, but people who seek and speak truth from their heart and soul always, not just because it’s a trend. You can tell when someone is emulating their coach and this saddens me; we all have our own unique voice. My desire is for everyone to own their voice and their whole self, even the parts of us we try to hide. My favourite platform is Instagram. To me it has lighter, fresher energy than Facebook and I’m very visual so love being grabbed by an eye-catching meme. Art hugely inspires me. I follow a lot of artists and love seeing their work come to life. 

What does 2018 look like for you? What amazing badassery do you have in the pipeline? Uncaged: The Rise of the Badass is available on Amazon and other anthologies in the pipeline include its sequel, this time focusing on child abuse, plus Boys Do Cry, giving men a voice to heal AND a daily digest to empower our teen girls. I am also launching a digital magazine for teens at the end of the year and running some workshops and retreats for paradigm-shifters to find their voice and write their book. To buy Uncaged: The Rise of the Badass or for information on other projects visit All royalties from the Uncaged books are being donated to nia, a charity delivering cutting edge services to end violence against women and children.


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it's ok to have doubtful thoughts. but you get to choose whether or not those thoughts are passing or become your living reality.


editors column with laura francis

what IF... eh? What if you stopped trying to do all the things?

'...IT'S TRYING The things is that most creative, visionary and spiritual online TO DO ALL THE entrepreneurs (coaches, leaders, messengers) try to do ALL THE THINGS because they believe at a core level that NOT doing all THINGS THAT the things: KEEPS YOU Will stop them from ever being truly successful. FROM DOING Will keep them from ever being free. WHAT YOU From ever being truly happy. From smashing their 6-figure income goals. LOVE, WHAT But. SETS YOUR The truth is. SOUL ON FIRE.’ It works the opposite way.

what IF... eh? 

editors column

with laura francis

What keeps you stuck and not achieving your dreams, not fulfilling your desires and smashing your sales goals IS that you trying to do all the things! Trying to do everything keeps you from: Pursuing your passion Chasing your dreams Tapping into your desires Sharing your true message Living your purpose Expressing your creativity Doing what you love And. Trying to do everything keeps you from: And, it’s trying to do all the things that keeps you from doing what you love, what sets your soul on fire. And it keeps you operating from a place of lack and a place of fear. But, the thing is… IT DOESN'T NEED TO BE THAT WAY Not for me. Not for you. Not for any of us! YOU WEREN’T DESIGNED TO LIVE LIKE THAT.  TO BE LIKE THAT. That’s just how things have ended up because of the social conditioning you are exposed to. And by trying to do all the things… Having 3 different businesses (= 3 things fighting for your 100% focus) Trying to be someone you are not (= putting on a facade to keep the peace, make others happy) Doing everything you know how to do so you can make money (= living in confusion and overwhelm and getting nowhere, fast)

what IF... eh? 

editors column

with laura francis

What you’re doing. What you’re really doing. IS SENDING A DIRECT MESSAGE TO THE UNIVERSE THAT YOU’VE GOT NO FUCKING IDEA WHAT YOU WANT AND THAT YOU’RE NOT READY TO GO ALL-THE-FUCKING-WAYIN AND BACK YOURSELF. UNCONDITIONALLY. You’re saying that you need a back-up plan (= not committed). You’re saying that you don’t trust yourself (= don’t have faith). You’re saying that you have no self-belief (= lack of trust, that you’ll do the work). You’re saying that you’d rather settle and exist through life (= aren’t ready to do the work it takes to achieve your desires)

'THAT’S JUST HOW THINGS HAVE ENDED UP BECAUSE OF THE SOCIAL CONDITIONIN G YOU ARE EXPOSED TO.’ AND WORSE STILL Gives all your internal power away to your ego mind. But. You can change all of that. You can take back control. You can claim back what is yours by right. You simply need to CHOOSE to stop being the person everyone else expects you to be and to DECIDE to be the person who shows up every single day and:

what IF... eh? 

editors column

with laura francis

Says FUCK the rules Does what makes you happy Shares your truth, your core message Is unapologetically your authentic self Takes action to call your desires into reality Expresses your art, your creativity freely Taps into the core of your being and lives purposefully

'THERE IS ALWAYS ANOTHER Sure. WAY TO DO You’ll be breaking new ground. THINGS. Sure. Some people will think you’re crazy. A MORE FUN Sure. WAY. A WAY Some people will hate on you. THAT FILLS Sure. YOU WITH You’ll be rebelling against social conformity & constructs. JOY. AND Sure. You’ll be getting learning to get comfortable living in ALLOWS YOU uncertainty. TO SMASH Sure. YOUR MULTIYou’re gonna need to trust and believe in yourself. 6-FIGURE Sure. You’re gonna make mistakes and maybe even fail every now SALES GOALS and then. TO Sure. You’ll need to have faith that the Universe wants for you SMITHEREENS.’ what you want too.

Sure. There’ll be scary times and internal demons to slay. But. That’s what being an entrepreneur is all about. It’s about knowing all of THAT^ and committing to back yourself anyway. It’s about knowing in your heart of hearts that their no other option. That doing what you love and loving what you do is the reason you were put here on this earth.  The reason you were born.

editors column

what IF... eh? 

with laura francis

Look. Let’s be frank here, shall we. YOUR JOB IN LIFE IS TO GET CRYSTAL-FUCKING-CLEAR ON WHAT IT IS THAT FLOATS YOUR BOAT AND ON WHAT YOU WANT OUT OF LIFE. WHAT YOU WANT THAT LIFE – YOUR FUCKING LIFE – TO LOOK AND FEEL AND BE LIKE! And to do THAT^! Fiercely. Unrelentingly. Unapologetically. Non-negotiably. The reason you pick up a boat-load of skills, knowledge and qualifications throughout your life is so when it comes time for you to get honest with yourself and admit that the life you’re living ISN’T the life you fucking want to live… YOU GET TO CHOOSE TO DO, BE AND HAVE EXACTLY WHAT IT IS THAT YOU DO WANT. So many people over-complicate it. So many people make it harder than it is.  Than it needs to be. So many people tie themselves in knots and put hurdles and road-blocks in the way. When it just. doesn’t. need. to. be. like. that. And. When you break it all down. When you get down to the nitty-gritty. You can spend all the time thinking about THINGS. You can spend all the time talking about WHAT COULD BE. You can spend all the time wondering about WHAT IF. BUT NONE OF THAT WILL FUCKING SAVE YOU.  WILL GIVE YOU THE LIFE YOU TRULY SEEK.  YOU TRULY DESIRE. Only you can do that. Get Get Get Get Get Get

clear clear clear clear clear clear

on on on on on on

what what what what what what

it it it it it it

is is is is is is

you love. that sets your soul on fire. that makes you truly happy. that gets your juices flowing (not sexually, but… meh!). that you want your life to look and feel like. that you honestly care about, give a real fuck about.

what IF... eh? 

editors column

with laura francis

And know that regardless of the fact that you ONLY KNOW ONE WAY to do things. There is always another way to do things. A more fun way.  A way that fills you with joy.  And allows you to smash your multi-6-figure sales goals to smithereens. And. Forget about everything else Because. In the end. When you’re lying on your deathbed. When you’re time is all but up. None of that stuff even matters. So. Now. I ask you. Are you going to still try to do ALL THE THINGS or are you going to choose to ONLY DO WHAT SETS YOUR SOUL ON FIRE? I highly encourage you to do the latter. That’s That’s That’s That’s

where where where where

joy lives. happiness hangs out. liberation is at home. freedom reigns supreme.

LIVING YOUR LIFE FULL OUT IS ALL ABOUT… Doing what you love. With those you love. Speaking your truth. Calling in your desires. Fulfilling your passion. Living your purpose. Expressing yourself creatively. Oh, and making big-assed-bank!

Stay in touch with Laura Francis here:

This is the only time in 2018 that I'll be running this program - and potentially the last time overall, as I have no future plans to do so. Online Empire Badassery is a 10 week private and intensive 1:1 mentoring program where you work with me exclusively to explode your sales results to 10k + each month. On repeat! During the 10 weeks we focus in on blowing up your online visibility, clarifying your message and getting you messaging to get your offers in front of more of your soulmate clients so you can smash 10k+ sales months. I first ran this program in 2017 for 10 people, and the results my clients got were amazing. This year, I have opened. up just 5 spots.  3 of those spots are already taken with just 2 remaining.  Is one of them yours?

"OMFG!!! 30 days in working with Laura and I've more than 5x my income!!! I'm literally talking 5 months unable to pay my mortgage then BOOM the $$ are flowing! THANK YOU Laura for your badassery and much needed butt kicking.  I KNOW I'm going to be FLYING by the end of the year.  If you're on the fence about working with Laura, hop on a call with her. There's nothing to lose by having a conversation  ❤❤❤ ~ Michelle Catanach

Want to know more? Message Laura Francis directly here:

Laura Francis - Author, Speaker, Mentor & Queen Of The 6 Figure Mindset She is the go-to mentor internationally for badass spiritual, creative and visionary online entrepreneurs, coaches, leaders and messengers who want to create the multiple 6-figure empire they were born for, while being unapologetically authentic. Laura helps you own your truth, your desires and your passion and empowers you to show up, speak up and massively impact the world with your message and your purpose.  Inspiring you to unleash the multi-6-figure mindset within so you can blow your results and your income out of the water.   Because, seriously, gorgeous badass. YOU WERE BORN FOR MORE THAN THIS!

HEADS UP CREATIVE, VISIONARY & SPIRITUAL BADASS ONLINE ENTREPRENEURS, COACHES, LEADERS & MESSENGERS You're Invited To Join Me & Four Other Badass VIP Entrepreneurs in Bali In 10th-15th May Where you'll experience a deep soul-level immersion into what really matters to you in business and in life. We'll journey into the depths of your mindset blocks, your passion, your desires, your purpose, messaging, and sales. And, we'll do it in one of the most spiritual locations on earth. Â While having a shit-ton of fun!

5 Days, 6 Nights Of Fully Immersive & Truly Life Transformational VIP Level Mentoring



how to be a Badass in 5 Steps by: michelle catanach By definition, badass means “a tough, uncompromising, or intimidating person.” And in many respects, particularly when speaking about women, this is true. Why? Because seeing a woman standing boldly in the truth and integrity of who she really is, a woman defying social, familial and cultural conditioning, a woman daring to be the voice for change can appear tough, uncompromising and intimidating to those still caged by shame, judgement and perfectionism.  In the wake of #metoo, #timesup and subsequent victim-shaming when someone has courageously broken the silence, it has never been more crucial for women to find their 

#WomenRise: how to be a Badass in 5 Steps

voice and own it. And even more so for those called to shine a light on the collective shadow and shift the consciousness of the planet. Following your calling can feel very heavy and dark, especially when you’re called to do work that defies convention and popular belief. Shifting paradigms and fighting oppressive systems can feel like a mammoth task. When putting your head above the parapet and in the firing line of negativity and criticism it can be tempting to retreat and detract from your mission. However, this work requires us to take responsibility, to make a positive difference in the world and to be the voice for those still silenced. Never before have we been more called to collaborate, to rise together and be badass!


Here are my 5 tips on how to be a badass: 1) Don’t fear judgment. You have no control over how others perceive or judge you. You are not responsible for their thoughts and feelings towards you. Recognise that when you’re feeling judged, you’re feeling thought and your own self-judgment in that moment. Reflect on the parts of you that you are judging. Also recognise your judgment of others as a mirror for parts of you that remain unexpressed. Lean into the feelings that arise, then take the action regardless. After all, whatever others may or may not be thinking of you, it is you who is ultimately blocking your path.

#WomenRise: how to be a Badass in 5 Steps

2) Know you are worthy. Contrary to outside influence(s) other people don’t get to decide how worthy you are. YOU do. And your level of worthiness is directly correlated to your thinking in the moment. We all have off days. We all have an inner bully that is louder on some days more than others. Yet you can choose whether or not to listen. Know that the fact that you are living and breathing right here, right now, is proof that you ARE worthy and have a valid place in this world. 3) Own who you are, your light, your dark and all the grey areas in between.  Feel all the feelings. Lean into your discomfort. There’s no such thing as a bad emotion, simply energy that needs to be expressed in all its many multi-faceted forms. Be present to the murkiness in your shadow, the parts you’ve spent a lifetime trying to hide. It’s not all love and light, and that’s okay. Because stepping into your shadow and owning your WHOLE self is the source of self-acceptance, unconditional love and, ultimately, liberation.  4) Find your voice. Honour your boundaries. Walk away if you need to.  Recognise that your feelings and experiences are valid, even when others cannot see it. And validate the feelings and experience of others, always. True empathy is the acknowledgement of another’s experience regardless of your own. We are all seeing and experiencing life through our own unique lens. Be the voice for those still harmed, abused and silenced. Use your privilege responsibly and for the greater good of humanity. You do not need to be the loudest person in the room to spark a conversation.


#WomenRise: how to be a Badass in 5 Steps

5) Reclaim your power. You cannot control anything or anyone outside of you, you are not responsible for another person’s actions or behaviour towards you, yet you can choose how you respond. By all means feel angry, enraged, grieve. Allow yourself every spectrum of emotion. Yet do not allow it to define you. In #1 Amazon Bestseller Uncaged: The Rise of the Badass 26 trail-blazing women share their stories of strength from struggle, turning their mess into their message to empower and inspire their peers and future generations. These are women united in their mission to create positive change in the world through truth, authenticity and an indestructible knowing that women are worthy and deserving of so much more.

This book is an essential read for women of all ages and a celebration of our strength, courage and resilience in the face of adversity. When we rise our children rise. And that is how we change the world.

Uncaged: The Rise of the Badass is available on Kindle and in paperback from Amazon, Barnes & Noble and

Michelle Catanach - Founder of Uncaged Online and Badass Bio Michelle Catanach is on a mission to end childism and violence against women and children. She is especially passionate about empowering children to be the leader of their life, stay spiritually connected and change the dialogue around body image, sexuality and gender. Michelle is also the founder of Uncaged Online, a creative publishing agency for new paradigm leaders to create a movement with their message through self-publishing, content creation, physical and digital products. Michelle lives in Amersham, UK, and is mum to two spirited souls, wife to Steve and is obsessed with owls, avocados and VW campers!

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NOW TAKING BOOKINGS FOR MAY 2018 << Limited Spots Available >>

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how Goal Setting and being “full of yourself “ can help you Create a Life You Love... on your terms! by: sarah shakespeare Do you have a 100 year plan or even a 5 year plan? Wait.  Do you even have a 52 week plan? Somewhere along the way you have to take time to make plans. Let’s see, when you have to fly somewhere for a trip, do you turn up at the Airport and hope that there is a flight available at the time that you need to the destination that you require?  Would you turn up to the Dentist without an appointment, hoping that she could fit you in for 3 hours of dental work as soon as you arrive at the front desk?  Furthermore, would you get married today and hope that the hair and makeup team were available just by chance on the morning of your wedding? I believe that the answer is “No” to the all of the above. When we have something important in our schedule that we have to rely on other people to help us with, we schedule it in as we can not guarantee our desired outcome without 

how Goal Setting and being “full of yourself “ can help you Create a Life You Love...

planning ahead. So, why don’t we prioritize ourselves on a daily basis on this  journey called “life”? Why are we not taking time to plan ahead for ourselves?  I think that the simple answer is that we are fearful of seeming too “full of ourselves”. I wish that more people would in fact be full of themselves, which simply means that they can then give back to others. We only get one life to live so it is up to us to use it well. I believe it to be an absolute gift so let’s treat it that way!  The most important thing that you must feel in life before anything else can be set into place is to have the feeling of gratitude.  When you are grateful for the amazing things around you then you are able to see a bigger picture in life. Think about what you are grateful for in life and  then work towards making that life of yours even better! First of all we must all have goals in life, after all,what will you be motivated to do if you have no direction?   When setting goals for yourself you must first think about what you personally want for yourself. Do not under any circumstances become competitive and make comparisons and watch what other people are doing. Sit and think about how you would like your life to look, then write it down so that you can add things to the list. Look at the timeline of the goals and always set the goals with patience in mind. Now that doesn’t mean that you don’t have to push forward on goals, it means that you should give yourself adequate time to get there.  When putting the goals together, it’s important to set short and long term goals. List your short term goals in certain areas of your life such as health and fitness, family, accommodation, career and business. You may find that some of the goals actually link in with each other. Does that make it easier? Not necessarily, but it will put an urgency on yourself to achieve those goals. How will you find the motivation to achieve those goals that you've set? How can you put a plan into action?

how Goal Setting and being “full of yourself “ can help you Create a Life You Love...

One of the most important things to do is to get a good support system around you. It could mean that you get a Personal Trainer or a Coach to help you if you have specific fitness and life goals in mind. It’s also important to make sure that you have your “Top 5” supporters around you. This could be close family or valued friends who see the value in the goals that you have set. Remember, not everyone is going to support your goals and dreams, so it's imperative that you execute some self discipline too. When sharing your plans with someone it can hold you accountable to reaching them. We all need someone who checks in with us regularly to see how everything is moving along. Remember “actions speak louder than words” so make sure you put an action plan together so that you will succeed.  If you don’t succeed at first,  then don’t feel disheartened or feel like you have failed. Its merely a setback and you may have to reinvent a new way to reach the goal. So back to the drawing board and start again, this time by maybe setting a different path to the same destination. The main thing is that you must never lose focus on where you are destined to go!  Also, it’s so important to celebrate even the smallest step in the right direction. You don’t have to celebrate in a big way that takes you overdrawn! Celebrate your achievements in the way that you know best. Don’t  let one thing pass by without commending yourself on a job well done so far. 


how Goal Setting and being “full of yourself “ can help you Create a Life You Love... As you're focusing on your goals it is so important to look after your health during the process. Make sure that you are finding time to eat well and exercise. Your mental wellbeing as well as your physical wellbeing can be greatly improved when you take that extra time to re-energize yourself. At first, it can be tiring to workout and that’s why it is most important that you try different types of exercise so you can find something that you enjoy. Workouts can be enjoyable and most beneficial so take the time to find something that you actually like to do! Healthy eating can also be interesting as there are so many great recipes that will make you feel as though your not on a boring diet. You can certainly enjoy eating well if you take the time make it tasty! So, in conclusion, goal setting is so important in life and it helps us stay focused and driven to life live with a smile on our  a face.  Happiness is the key to success and we all reach that feeling of happiness in different ways. Discover your way.. and go for it!  

Many opportunities come along in life and we must always welcome them with open arms.

Sarah Shakespeare- Always Living Life with a “Glass is Full” Attitude.  As a Personal Trainer and Coach for nearly 25 years she loves to help people enrich their life through creating a healthy lifestyle. She loves to exercise and fondly calls the gym her “Happy Place”! As someone who is very goal driven, she has come to know that success really comes from first sculpting a positive mindset. She has a radio show on Coach on Fire Radio called “Create a Life You Love”. She is extremely involved in her local School District and loves to help have an impact raising the next generation. She is a wife, mother of three daughters was born and raised in England. She lives in beautiful British Columbia, Canada and feels lucky everyday to live in  her dream destination! 

Stay in touch with Sarah Shakespeare here:

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shining the Light on our Truth: a conversation by: melly stewart Sometimes we need someone to ask us the hard questions to wake us up to our own truths. Sometimes we need to have those really deep conversations with the people we admire and trust to truly shake us up. Sometimes we need someone to shine the light on our truth so we can see it clearly for ourselves. I had one of those conversations yesterday. It’s a quick lunch break in between planning the schedule and background systems for the Hot and Healthy Show. Nicole is making tea in the kitchen and we start discussing how we can further collaborate together to make it a win-win for both of us. But first she needed a crystal clear idea of what I was doing. ‘So what are you doing?’ ‘I help women grow their business online with video storytelling. I teach women to step up and be real, raw and vulnerable in the online world.’

shining the Light on our Truth: a conversation

‘Why should I be real, raw and vulnerable online?’ ‘Because society is over fake. We want to see real people, real emotions. We want some truth.’ ‘Why though?’ ‘At guess at the heart of it the collective consciousness is rising. We want truth. We want people to drop their masks and show something real. Society is sick of bullshit.’ ‘But why?’ By this stage Nicole is leaning against the bench looking intently at me from across the kitchen. She has that cheeky smirk on her face and I don’t know whether she is teasing me or whether she is taking me somewhere with this. Either way I’m getting damn frustrated! ‘I don’t know Nicole. We just do!’ ‘What does people being real and raw mean for you?’ ‘It gives people context. I can understand why they do things the way they do.’ ‘What do you mean?’


shining the Light on our Truth: a conversation

‘You know when you go to networking groups and there’s this one bitch in the middle of the room?  The one that looks so up herself and fierce at the same time and you just avoid her because you don’t want to be caught up in THAT. But then all of the sudden she is the one up on stage sharing her story about abuse, hardship and overcoming some serious challenges in her life and how she uses that to help others. All of a sudden you see her in a different way. She’s no longer a bitch. She’s strong. She’s fierce because that’s how she protects herself. She has context to her being. I’ve seen it happen so many times now that it makes me curious about people. It makes me question why people are the way they are.’ ‘Why does that matter to you though?’ ‘It helps me understand them.’ ‘Why though?’ From the look on Nicole’s face I could see the answer was crystal clear to her but the point had been completely lost on me. She’s still standing in the kitchen, hands wrapped around her teacup, giving me the space to come to the answer myself. Problem was, I couldn’t see it.

shining the Light on our Truth: a conversation

‘I’m not sure… just tell me what you are thinking. What can’t I see?’ ‘Love. You want to understand them because you want to how you can love them. And then when you know, you take that to a larger scale and show the world how the world can love them too.’ And just like that everything shifted. Nicole was 100% right. About me. About my truth. About my why. Everything about me comes back to curiosity. Everything comes back to the question of: How can I love this person in front of me? How can I love this person? Why should the world love them too?

Sometimes we are just too close to ourselves, to our businesses, to our lives purpose to be able to see it clearly for what it is. Sometimes it takes a strong women with crystal clear clarity to look into your soul and ask you the big questions to truly shine a light on your truth. Sometimes, you just need a little help.

Melly Stewart - A Curiosity Driven Storyteller For most people, storytelling doesn’t sound very interesting. For MellyS, storytelling is a curiosity driven search to understand how to love those around her and is something she has been unconsciously doing her entire life. Her love for the entrepreneurial journey has led her to bring this curiosity to understand the ‘women behind the businesses’. Being a creative at heart, she collects entrepreneurial women’s stories through video storytelling in a real, raw and vulnerable way and then uses these videos to help them grow their businesses in the online space. In doing so, she is inspiring all women to own their stories, their past and their truth and be unafraid to share it with the world. It is because of this MellyS is known as The Story Collector.

Stay in touch with Melly Stewart here:


a lack of money is not an obstacle. but a broken money mindset is.

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Issue 1, April 2018 Badassery Unleashed Magazine