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what's it about Badassery Unleashed Magazine by Laura Francis is all about you, the entrepreneur, the spiritual, the creative, the visionary, the leader: it’s about your message, your desires, your passion and your purpose. It's about... Owning your truth, tapping into your internal power and unleashing your YOUness onto the world. Growth and expansion and creating the business and mindset that allow you be: ✔Unfiltered ✔Unrelenting ✔Unapologetic Disrupting the social norms and questioning how things are done and what people believe. Living your life fully expressed, on your terms and by your rules. And having loads of fun while doing so. Badassery Unleashed Magazine is about blazing your own trail in business and life; abandoning antiquated systems and enjoying the abundant, aligned and fully expressed life you were born for. Created by Laura Francis – who is on a mission to inspire and empower you to tap into your hidden potential, align with your higher self and create massive change –  she’s here to disrupt social norms and challenge age-old systems and what people believe true and possible, as she fully embodies her powerful message. Inside you’ll find a mixture of inspirational success stories, business blueprints and strategies, wealth mindset practices and exclusive access to offers, FREE trainings, behind the scenes into Laura’s world, mindset, spirituality, alignment, manifestation, entrepreneurship and all that it entails.

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I choose to love and feel good about myself every single day. Â Each morning I remind myself that I can make the choice to feel good. This is a new habit for me to cultivate.

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3 keys to Un-fucking Yourself: how to live an Authentic, Creative and Joyful Life Laura Francis explains: the Reason you're stuck in a Pattern of Blame


24 podcasting to Build Your Profile 30


raising humans: how to Parent with Less Fear & More Respect your Intuition is Lying to You - here's what Works instead

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Exclusive Interview with Laura Francis an exclusive conversation with badassery unleashed magazine's editor in chief where questions are asked and truths are shared unapologetically - of course.


Our Editor tells it like it is: 10 steps to aTTracting SOULMATE clients

editors notes YAY!! We made it!  Welcome to Issue #4 of Badassery Unleashed Magazine! The past couple of months have been insanely good - in so many ways.  But, as with everything... The good comes with the not so good.   Such is life, In July my partner, Dan, and I bought a gorgeous home on a half acre in the mountains - just outside the Gold Coast (Australia).   The sale and the move went incredibly well.  But the same cannot be said fo your bloody internet connection. As I'm sure you can imagine, trying to run an online business and publish an online magazine without internet is somewhat challenging (watch the livestream I did about this here!). I tried in many ways to 'force' the internet company to make things happen STAT... But, they were unresponsive.  Then I checked in with and reminded myself that the manifestation process requires me to release all control and surrender the my desire to the Universe... And so I did. I sent the internet company a lengthy email and shared that on their Facebook page in the hope of expediting things... Oh, hell yes it worked! What most people in this area are saying is that it's not uncommon to wait more than 6 weeks... I had my internet on in 10 days. Sure, I couldn't work properly.  And sure I definitely couldn't publish the July issue of Badassery Unleashed Magazine (hence the mammoth size of this issue đ&#x;˜ƒ)... But I did learn a few incredibly valuable lessons around taking inspired and aligned action and surrendering to support the manifestation process. Love, Truth & Badassery, Remember... You Have One Life. Hit The Fuckin' Button!

editor in-chief

editor laura francis

special thanks to this Issue's Contributing & Featured Badasses Laura francis mirella deboni malaine lea tracy sheen kristina mills michelle catanach victoria mantzoros m.j. robertson

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3 keys to Un-fucking Yourself:

how to live an Authentic, Creative and Joyful Life by: m.j. robertson Let’s start this off bluntly. The world is fucked and we all know it. So, how do we un-fuck the world? No, not by blaming it for all our problems. We begin by un-fucking ourselves! In life, there are these pesky little things we call EMOTIONS. Typically, only women have them and across the globe, we are taught to deny them, repress and push them down far enough so that they never bother us again. What’s happened though, is that after ages of denial and repression, we’ve squeezed the life force right out of us and are, in a very real way, a sick and dying world; fucked. But wait. There’s hope. A brilliant and shiny future for humanity is possible. No one person has all the answers and the future is not gonna come wrapped in rainbows and unicorns. We are gonna have to work for it. We gotta make ourselves shiny from this inside out. We gotta buff out our insides (emotionally speaking), if we want to see a shiny new world. It ain’t straight forward and no one is gonna hold your hand to the finish line. You may need someone there with you along the way, in fact, we all do, but once the end is in sight, you gonna have to walk your tired, broken ass passed the red tape. Every. Single. Time. 

3 keys to Un-fucking Yourself: how to live an Authentic, Creative and Joyful Life

Remember: The journey never ends. Just continuous life cycles. One marathon (or gentle stroll, mountain hike, surf adventure if you’d prefer?!) after another. Some simple, yet solid advice for living your dreams….JUST KEEP GOING. But for a little more depth, here’s 3 juicy nuggets that have helped me un-fuck myself from a life of shame, poverty and self-loathing. I’m now flowing, loving my life and truly feel like an authentic-badass-joy-radiating-Goddess of Fearless Love!!!!!!!!!

3 Keys to Un-fucking Yourself 1. Emotional Awareness, Vulnerability & Resilience We are lost in a vicious rat-race - running away from our own emotional pain. This widespread denial is ultimately what causes our disconnected, insane and cruel behaviour. Whether we are on a path of self-destruction or propagating stories of fear and violence, at the root of it all, is a core wound that perpetuates cycles of suffering. This core wound stems from a belief that we are separate, when in fact, we are all One. I know, this shit is deep. Part of the paradoxical mystery of enlightenment and transformation is that it is deeply painful.  And emotions are still misunderstood, demonised and ridiculed. We are afraid and have been programmed to fear our own bodies, emotions and indeed, one another. Now, I am being radical here, because it comes from a deep inner knowing that mass emotional denial is what keeps people enslaved, and keeps a system of control and domination in power, feeding off of humanities unconscious and conscious fear. Really let that sink in. And freedom is simple. Start feeling your emotions with as much inner grit and fearless love that you can possibly muster from within you and claim your freedom. Then, you have to live it - facing, owning and transforming every layer of shame, guilt, embarrassment, loneliness and any other slew of dark emotional storms that come up along the way. Emotions are the demons we are afraid to face and yet, those same demons bombard us day after day with news stories and drama-filled soaps that externalise your pain so that you


3 keys to Un-fucking Yourself: how to live an Authentic, Creative and Joyful Life

can numb out and feel “normal”…and live a mediocre, mind-numbing, robotic life. And there is absolutely nothing wrong with that. If you’re feeling good about yourself and life. If you are miserable, however, know that there is something you can do to change. But my offer is not usually what people want to hear. You have to breakdown. Over and over again. That’s right, the emotional waves and storms keep coming…you just get better and braving the storms. You have to start paying attention to your feelings (and thoughts) and you have to keep at it. You have to discipline your mind, expand your awareness and have the courage to dive deep into your emotional field. And LOVE all your dark and painful emotions. Awareness: Let’s put it this way. If you are not aware of something, you cannot change it. Now, it would appear that there are things we want to change in this world. Fine. Great. Without sounding negative, it would also appear that we are just repeating patterns. War after war. Lies and deception. Blame and attack. Nice words masking greed and perversions. When it comes to our feelings, collectively (which just means mostly all humans), we both consciously and unconsciously fear our emotions, thus live in state of denial, repressing certain aspects of ourselves. We are systematically programmed to conform, in a dark and twisted way, to be cogs in the system, robots for a war machine and blind, numb consumers that question nothing for fear of not belonging. When, the truth is, every single one of us is completely unique and yet one thing we all have in common is a desire to be loved…to belong. Do you see the dilemma we’re in? So great, we are all slaves. How to break free? Increase awareness. How, you say? Meditate. Stop making excuses. Sit down. Shut up. Close your eyes. Stop fidgeting. And breathe. Just sit there and pay attention. Notice yourself. Feel yourself. It’s just you paying attention to you. That’s it. Notice your thoughts. Explore the sensations. Be curious about you innocently ask questions and be open to receive. Really feel your breathe…like really feel it. OMG. Who knew?! Getting to know yourself could be so powerful…Know Thyself…pretty sure there have been people trying to teach us this for a while. That’s it. That’s all I’m gonna give you when it comes to you becoming more aware. There are plenty of other techniques, tools, practices, but meditation is a really great start.


3 keys to Un-fucking Yourself: how to live an Authentic, Creative and Joyful Life

Vulnerability: Part of the reason increasing awareness is important, is that you’ll need this awareness as a form of spiritual ammunition when it comes to being vulnerable. Real vulnerability comes down to brutal honesty, as life experiences help you to get to know yourself. As you come to know yourself, you must have the courage to stand in your integrity, truth or inner knowing, no matter how difficult the situation appears. Vulnerability is the beginning of a deeper and more meaningful relationship with yourself, everyone else and all of existence. It really is profound. The way I see it, vulnerability is surrendering to emotional release or breakdown. You just have to know that while you may feel like you are emotionally breaking down, in actual fact, you are being reborn. Feeling is healing and the more vulnerable we let ourselves be, the healthier we will be. Simple. Resilience: We all know the adage, ‘what doesn’t kill you makes you stronger’ or ‘if you fall, dust yourself off and try again’. Somewhere at some point, we got really serious, life got hard and we turned against our selves (and because we are all actually one, this is why we have turned against one another).  


Now, we gotta feel the wounds, accept and let go, imagine something better, practice kindness and just keep going. Breakdown, breakthrough, rebuild. As many times as you please. Resilience, baby! JUST. KEEP. GOING.


3 keys to Un-fucking Yourself: how to live an Authentic, Creative and Joyful Life

2. Vision & Discernment In order to create a life you love, you must have a sense of what that dream life looks like. Better yet, a tangible sense of what that life would feel like. And vision is not the same for everyone.

'NOBODY WANTS TO WATCH SOMEONE In a world of fear and conformity, it’s as if we are all pretending to know what we are doing, while secretly spying on one another for fear of being caught out! TALKING FOR Since it’s your life and your vision, you absolutely must be discerning because a lot of THREE people are going to try to tell you how to live your life. But it’s really all in you. MINUTES So, get to know yourself, get to trust yourself, listen and follow through. Know that some people will want the best for you, others won’t. It’s up to you toSTRAIGHT...’ discern the difference. Hint: For some, it is a feeling, something simple, easy. For others, vision is a very specific desired manifestation, seeing an innovative idea come to life or leading a people to freedom. Each of us is completely unique, so the way we feel and see into our own vision is a unique process and unfolding. And this is where discernment comes in.

it’s in your feelings and it’s about choosing the ones that feel right to you.

Discernment is subtle and it gets deeper and more refined with practice. So, like all this stuff, keep at it.

3 keys to Un-fucking Yourself: how to live an Authentic, Creative and Joyful Life

3. Focus & Diligence Let’s keep this short. Keep believing in yourself. If you’re tired, rest. If you’re sad, be kind to yourself and give yourself space and time to process your pain. Love yourself. Practice showing up for yourself and commit to living your most joyful life, even when you feel totally broken and powerless. If you just keep believing (that’s focus) and if you just keep going (that’s diligence), one day your life will feel better, because you will feel better. And the people in it, will reflect all that love and commitment back at you. But first, you gotta be there for yourself. And in conclusion - once you un-fuck yourself, people and the world, will stop trying to fuck you. 

Feeling is healing and the more vulnerable we let ourselves be, the healthier we will be.

M.J. Robertson - Founder of All To Love, Speaker, Author, Transformational Coach Born in Chatham, Ontario, Canada, M.J. left home after having a series of spontaneous spiritual awakenings while studying at the University of British Columbia in Vancouver and is intuitively guided by her intention to create a new paradigm on Earth; the fearless life. M.J. is an inspirational speaker and author of "The Fearless Life Guide: An All To Love Project". She is an expert yoga and meditation guide and transformational coach at Yeotown, an award winning wellbeing retreat in the UK. She is a student and teacher of A Course in Miracles and a student of Vipassana meditation. She has been meditating for over 10 years and enjoys the practice immensely, considering it to be one of the most powerful tools for positive change and transformation. Having personally experienced the transformational power of love, it is with a sincere and compassionate heart that she shares her message with the world. 

Stay in touch with M.J. Robertson here:

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journal prompt of the month

Where am I not showing up fully online with my message and why? Â Is that true? What can I do differently to change this?

the Reason you're stuck in a Pattern of Blame

and not living as the Queen you were born to be is because you fail to accept responsibility for the part you have played in a thing! by: laura francis When I first heard this concept from a mentor of mine about 5 years ago, well, to say I was affronted and thought she was full of shit would be an understatement. My initial thoughts were things like: "How the fuck am I responsible when I was on the receiving end of xyz and their xyz?!"

the Reason you're stuck in a Pattern of Blame...etc.

editors column

with laura francis

And, to be completely honest with you it took me another 6 months, maybe more, before the penny dropped. I mean, really dropped. Before I really understood the concept behind what she was saying. Before I fully grasped the reality and the truth of her words. Before I was able to see the raw power in what she was asking me to do. But when it did it was almost as though a big, bright light was shining on the super fucking obvious fact that she was so very right!! I'll come back to this in a bit but fir

LET ME TELL YOU A STORY This morning at my local cafe, I was speaking with one of the staff about, let's just say, stuff (read: blame, shame, tolerance, etc) and she mentioned to me that her child's father was doing things like: This morning at my local cafe, I was speaking with one of the staff about, let's just say, stuff (read: blame, shame, tolerance, etc) and she mentioned to me that her child's father was doing things like:

Projecting his negativity on to her. Poor management of her business causing it to fold. Being abusive and manipulative. Taking her 4x4 with her young daughter inside and crashing it. There were many things and many details but it's not at all my place to go there. But. Instead of starting a pity party with her. Instead of cooing 'poor baby, how dare he'. Instead of letting her stay stuck in this pattern. Because seriously, she doesn't need any fucking more of that in her life. And if I were to do that I'd not be honouring or serving her in the way I was born to. Doing so would mean that I'd not be living my truth or my purpose. And, well, that's just not even possible for me.


the Reason you're stuck in a Pattern of Blame...etc.

editors column

with laura francis

So. Instead. I mentioned that no matter what he is doing that is affecting her... She is allowing it to happen. And that's the truth. For all of us. Don't get me wrong. I'm not claiming that he didn't do those things. I'm not saying she's making that shit up. But.

INSTEAD OF CREATING A STORY THAT: 'IT'S ALL HIS FAULT What if you were to look at the 'stuff' that's happening and you were able to see where you were responsible for allowing it to happen?... Where you were even giving the perpetrator permission to do and/or continue to do those things to you. It's a bold concept. I know.


the Reason you're stuck in a Pattern of Blame...etc.

editors column

with laura francis

Which is exactly why I was so affronted when my coach all those years ago presented it to me. But sweet gorgeous love. You see. When you are able to see... When you are able to accept... When you are able to recognise… Where Where Where Where

you you you you

are are are are

not not not not

living in your truth. respecting yourself. valuing yourself. loving yourself.

And. Where you are not appreciating your awesomeness and badassery. Where you are not setting solid boundaries (and sticking to them). Where you are not honouring yourself and your personal values. Where you are not setting the foundations that allow you to be treated as the Queen that you were born to be.

'WHEN YOU LACK CONFIDENCE OR Well. HAVE DOUBT, IT THAT'S WHEN YOU ARE TRULY WILL SHOW. THE SERVING YOURSELF. DESPERATION Being able to accept responsibility for WILL SHOW AND the part you have or are playing in a situation, in a relationship, in a 'thing', that is when you put yourself in a positionYOUR of power. POTENTIAL CLIENT WILL NOT And that. Well, my love. HIRE YOU.' That is one of the best ways you can ever serve yourself.

the Reason you're stuck in a Pattern of Blame...etc. Because you see. The part someone else is playing is quite irrelevant in the grand scheme of things. That is something you do not have the power to change. That is something you do not necessarily have the power to influence. That is something you do not have the power to control. However. The part you are playing in 'a thing', well, that you do: Have the power to influence. Have the power to change. Have the power to control.

editors column


And when you look at 'things' from that perspective… You begin to see things differently. You begin to feel things differently. You begin to think about things differently. When that happens, you start putting into place a powerhouse of building blocks that enable you to: Grow Expand Love Empower

YOURSELF! It's the internal work. That's the most powerful.

with laura francis

That's the biggest game-changer Because my love. When you're doing the blaming. When you're not being accountable. Because. It should always be about you. Every-fucking-thing. Should always be about you. You need to put yourself first. Above all others. You need to raise yourself up. Higher than ever before. And, truthfully.

the Reason you're stuck in a Pattern of Blame...etc.

editors column

BLAMING Holding others responsible. Not being accountable. That's all the stuff of the ordinary people. That's all the stuff of the victim. That's all the stuff of the narrow-minded. It's It's It's It's It's

the the the the the

small small small small small

And. That stuff.

people people people people people

who who who who who

never never never never never

see it. accept it. address it. change it. work through it.

with laura francis


Well. That's the stuff that keeps you playing a smaller game than you were born to play. That's the stuff that keeps you feeling less than, not enough, insignificant, unloved, unworthy, undeserving. That's the stuff that keeps you sad, isolated, miserable and existing your way through life.

'WHEN YOU LACK CONFIDENCE OR That is the stuff that keeps you stuck in a HAVE shitty patternDOUBT, of repeating suffering, IT pain and heartache. WILL SHOW. THE That's the stuff that keeps you stuck in comfortable discomfort and stops you from DESPERATION expanding and growing into the badass that you were born to be. WILL SHOW AND And honestly gorgeous one. You are so much better and so much more deserving than that. YOUR POTENTIAL And you know it. CLIENT WILL NOT Just like you also know that that is the stuff that you need to drop like hot fucking coals. HIRE YOU.' That's the stuff that keeps you from tapping into your desires, your passions and your purpose.

the Reason you're stuck in a Pattern of Blame...etc.

editors column

Right here. Right now. So So So So So So

that that that that that that

you you you you you you

can can can can can can

honour yourself. love yourself. respect yourself. step up. rise. fully own your internal power.

And. So you can claim your throne and your crown. Because my love... You Are The Fucking Queen!


with laura francis

Be yourself; everyone else is already taken.

podcasting to Build Your Profile by: tracy sheen So anyone who knows me would know that I am a massive advocate for podcasting (not that the industry really needs my support considering Apple has passed over 50 billion all-time podcast downloads). Not only are podcasts a lot of fun to listen to - and seriously if you’re not already on the podcast train, hop on board, there’s pretty much a series for every interest under the sun but they’ve also proven to be a fantastic communication tool for businesses and brands.  Podcasting is a great way to build your “profile”, both as an individual and as a business. As a medium it allows you to strut your knowledge in a helpful way that adds value to your listeners and gets your name out there. According to statistics, podcast listeners are highly engaged and an incredibly loyal audience and they trust the person in front of the microphone, so much so that a 2014 survey of 300,000 podcast listeners found that 63% had actually purchased something promoted by a podcast host!

podcasting to Build Your Profile So the real questions are: why does podcasting work? And how can you use it to build your profile? Well, for starters in a world where consumers are more conscious than ever about how and where they spend their money and the sort of brands, groups, and individuals they support, podcasting is actually a very ‘cozy’ way of marketing.

'..STRUT YOUR KNOWLEDGE IN A HELPFUL WAY THAT ADDS VALUE TO YOUR LISTENERS AND GETS YOUR NAME OUT THERE.' What do I mean by that? Well, it’s kind of like inviting a bunch of new acquaintances over to your house for coffee to have a good old fashioned chat. Albeit the chat is a bit one-sided but podcasting gives you the chance to get personal with your audience as you share from your own experiences, laugh at your own jokes, and have meaningful conversations with your guests.

'NOBODY WANTS TO It can be as serious or as light hearted as you want, but either way your listeners are going to get a good glimpse into the WHO behind the what. WATCH SOMEONE The benefits of this are actually twofold: if you are trying to build your business’s profile than it instantly gives your brand more integrity by giving your business some soul, but it also TALKING FOR builds up your profile as a person, leading to more opportunities separate from your business... but more on that later. THREE Another benefit of podcasting is that it gives you an authoritative voiceMINUTES in your industry by making you an “instant expert”. I have a writer-friend who used to work in high-end jewellery, she told me that sometimes in order to clinch a sale they would run the old ‘expert ruse’. If STRAIGHT...’ my friend was showing a diamond ring and the customer was still unsure, she would bring in another salesperson who happened to be their “diamond expert”; this person would then use their “expertise” to explain all the incredible benefits of the ring until the customer was

podcasting to Build Your Profile


convinced. The ruse was that the salesperson was actually no more an expert than anyone else in the store - sure they all had a lot of knowledge about jewellery, my friend included, but something happens when you label someone as an “expert”: their opinion instantly demands respect. Now, I’m not saying you need to hoodwink your listeners, because trust me it will take them all of two seconds to figure out whether you actually know what you’re talking about or not, but when you start a podcast on a particular topic, you are instantly naming yourself as an expert in that field and chances are people are going to listen to and respect what you have to say. 

So then what do you do when the subject runs a little bit outside of your expertise? How do you keep your authoritative voice and do your episode justice? Well, it’s pretty simple, you bring in another expert...which brings me to my next point. Podcasting will get you in front of influencers. Ever wanted an excuse to reach out to that incredible “business hero” of yours and pick their brain? Get them on your podcast! Send out some emails, make some phone calls, and get those interviews happening. Not only will this help inform your podcast’s content, and keep things fun and fresh by adding in some new voices from time to time, but it also allows you to piggyback off their profile in order to boost your own. If you grew up with a trampoline in your backyard, you would know that you can jump a whole lot higher when there are two people involved; well, podcasting isn’t all that different. Your guest stars will probably have their own content channels (websites, social media, bonus points if they have their own podcast) that they can plug their guest appearance on, instantly putting your podcast in front of a wider audience and bouncing your profile up to new heights. Finally, podcasting provides you with new opportunities in areas you never imagined. I never thought that I would be a judge for the Australian Podcast Awards, or spend my days helping others formulate and polish their own podcasts, and yet these are all things that came about

podcasting to Build Your Profile because I decided to use an inexpensive microphone and a couple of outdoor couch cushions to create a little podcast of my own. Like I said before, podcasting can help you build an individual profile, separate from your business or brand, one that will allow you to market yourself as a person (an expert even), leading to all sorts of things like keynote addresses, workshops, mentoring and so much more. So now you know what podcasting can do for you, I feel it would be remiss of me to not share at least a few quick tips on how to create the best possible podcast for boosting your profile... First of all, have a solid strategy. You might think that you have enough knowledge in your head to just “talk” for a solid thirty minutes but trust me it’s harder than it looks, and making sure that what you say makes sense and is entertaining is even harder. Have a strategy in place. Start off by figuring out what you want your podcast to do for you and who you’re trying to reach with it - this will hugely inform what topics you cover and what sort of ‘calls to action’ (if any) you include.


podcasting to Build Your Profile

At the same time, make sure to map out your seasons. Hammer out an ‘overarching theme’ so that you know where you’re going with each episode. This will allow you to create episodes that work as stand alone pieces but also add to a larger story (your season). My next point is super important: you need to make your podcast informative but keep it entertaining. There’s a fine line between senseless drivel and reading a statistics report word for word, and much like Johnny Cash you need to walk the line. Remember, your an expert in your field, but your listeners might not be; find a way to tell them everything they need to know in a way that is fun, fresh, and doesn't talk down to them. And while you’re at it, set aside some time to edit out those clunky “umms” and “errs”. This podcast is an extension of you and your brand, so make sure it is reflective of a high standard. My final tip is that your podcast is really just the start. It’s so important to build other content around your podcast to both supplement it and link back to it, so that you can draw in new listeners and perpetuate your authoritative voice across multiple mediums. Happy podcasting!

'Start off by figuring out what you want your podcast to do for you and who you’re trying to reach with it...' Tracy Sheen - Speaker, Writer, Podcaster and CEO of Unusual Comms Tracy Sheen is a born communicator. Her first article was published aged 5 and she was speaking on stage at the Opera House at age 6. As a teenager, she was reporting for the school magazine and in her 20s she hosted her own radio show. Tracy began Podcasting 7 years ago, she created the global breakout “Not Another Business Show” has been featured as a guest on numerous other podcasts and is a regular judge for the Australian Podcasting Awards. Tracy regularly commentates on the changing face of communications, is a sought-after freelance writer for business publications and an engaging keynote speaker.

Stay in touch with Tracy Sheen here:


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raising humans: how to Parent with Less Fear & More Respect by: michelle catanach For centuries a patriarchal society and toxic, abusive systems that have favoured the white adult male have seen other groups - women, BIPOC, marginalised communities and children - devalued, dehumanised and silenced. Such authoritarian systems may have had a place (or not) at its specific time in history, but not any more. However, the power dynamic that requires fear and coercion as a means to control and create an outcome that ONLY benefits the controller still exists. It’s a dynamic that I personally am seeing acted out in younger and younger children as we (parents) become more and more disconnected while our kids struggle to be heard.


raising humans: how to Parent with Less Fear & More Respect

Raising children from a place of fear and coercion has never worked. Yes, threats and punitive punishment have generationally kept our children towing the line, too fearful to make a mistake because ultimately they don’t wish to experience those uncomfortable, shameful feelings. However, you only need to look at humanity to see that this approach has had dire consequences. Murder, rape, terrorism, abuse, violence, intolerance etc are not the result of respectful parenting, in fact, quite the opposite. When we raise our children disrespectfully, they learn to disrespect others. When we model unconscious and aggressive behaviours, they mimic them. When we raise our children in a way that leaves them feeling unloved, rejected and worthless, their insecurities will manifest as unwanted and destructive behaviours, either towards others, their environment, or themselves. Now, no one is expected to be the perfect parent. In fact, pursuit of such a thing is futile. We are all doing the best we can with the resources we have. We are doing the best we can with what we ourselves learnt AND we ALL have the capacity to do and be better. 

Here’s how: 1. Respect Your Childs Autonomy We are ALL autonomous beings, meaning we are free, self-governing and independent. We have no right to control our kids anymore than anyone has the right to control us. As parents it’s crucial that we respect our child’s own unique path which can make many a detour throughout their life (and won’t necessarily align with our own values or expectations). Of course we all want what’s best for our kids, however, it is not up to us to decide what’s best. Our perception of what’s best is derived from our own world lens and experience; our children are here to have their own human experience. They need to trust themselves, to listen to their intuition, to make their own decisions and, most importantly, to make their own mistakes. AND they need the freedom to think for

themselves (sidenote: society does not want free-thinkers). Of course, if your children come to you, be available, however, don’t force your agenda onto them. Don’t push them away. Don’t turn your back on them because they’ve made a life choice that you disagree with. Put your ego to one side and give your child the freedom to fuck up, learn, grow, spread their wings and fly.  2. Treat Your Child As An Equal Spiritually and as humans we ARE all equal, despite what society will have us believe. This doesn’t mean becoming your child’s best buddy (although there is nothing wrong with being a friend AND a parent; it doesn’t have to be either/or), but it does mean that you are not more worthy or important simply because you are the adult. So many adults in positions of authority abuse their power and try to exert control

raising humans: how to Parent with Less Fear & More Respect

over children from a place of fear and ego. This isn’t right. We all deserve to be treated with respect as human beings regardless of our age, gender, ethnicity, sexual orientation etc. When we respect our children as equals they are far more likely to treat others with respect, compassion and kindness.


In short: NO-ONE has the right to abuse another human being. Period. 3. Quit With The Blame Game It’s easy to lose our shit with our kids, especially when we’ve neglected our own self-care or have unresolved trauma or pent-up emotions bubbling beneath the surface. However, your children need to understand that they are NOT responsible for you, your feelings or your reactions. Of course, raise children to recognise the impact their actions have on others, however, your happiness or sadness is not because of them. When we point fingers and blame our children for our anger and frustration, it’s a HUGE weight to bear (for them) and one 

raising humans: how to Parent with Less Fear & More Respect

that leads to unhealthy, dysfunctional and codependent relationships, not only within the family unit but also in their adult life. 4. When You Fuck Up, Apologise We ALL make mistakes; it’s all part of being human. It’s how we learn and grow spiritually (if we choose to see the lesson, that is). And don’t think that just because you’re a parent you need to be right and perfect all the time. In fact, the opposite is true. By showing your humility, owning your screw ups and holding yourself accountable for your actions, not only are you teaching your children responsibility but you’re also modelling what it means to be a decent human being. And let’s face it, in a world that appears to be broken and so many people tearing others down, it’s time that we expressed the fullness of our humanity. HOWEVER - and this does come with a caveat - don’t get into the habit of repeating the same mistakes and thinking that an apology will cut it. It won’t. Take the mistake, learn the lesson, and commit to doing the necessary to facilitate change within yourself. Our children love us unconditionally so can be very forgiving of our behaviour. But don’t teach them to accept or tolerate abuse ESPECIALLY from those who claim to love them. If we want our children to develop healthy relationships with themselves and others, they need very clear boundaries on what is and isn’t acceptable.  5. Look Beneath Your Triggers  When we find ourselves reacting to our children it is NEVER about them and only ever about us. Most of us are carrying unprocessed trauma and suppressed/denied emotions that are desperate to be expressed. When an outside event triggers an emotional reaction, our body is unconsciously trying to release the stagnant trauma and energy. However, because we have been conditioned not to feel and avoid our feelings, we easily project outwardly (or use some other strategy such as food or alcohol to numb the pain), and more often than not it’s our children that bear the brunt of our anguish.

raising humans: how to Parent with Less Fear & More Respect

We don’t want to demonise any emotion but we DO want to model to our children healthy ways to express our feelings. So look beneath your triggers. Where are you not meeting your own needs? Have you neglected your self care? Are there things going on in your life that you’re avoiding? Are you not honouring your personal boundaries? Is there something from your past that you know you haven’t fully processed? We don’t always get to choose our emotions but we CAN choose how we respond to them. So when you feel your own rage bubbling to the surface, take some deep breaths. Walk away if you have to. Tell your kids that you need 5 minutes of time-out. Then, once you’re feeling calmer and your senses less heightened, return to the situation and choose a more composed, calmer response. And if you need to, seek support. Asking for help is a strength, not a weakness. 

'... your children need to understand that they are NOT responsible for you, your feelings or your reactions.'

Michelle Catanach - Child Advocate and Founder of Uncaged Online

Michelle Catanach is on a mission to end childism and violence against children & women and is passionate about alleviating depression and anxiety in our kids and teens. She helps children master their emotions and be the leader of their life. Michelle is also the founder of Uncaged Online, a creative platform for paradigm-shifters to create an impact through book publishing and digital magazines.

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your Intuition is Lying to You –

here’s what Works instead by: kristina mills I just read something on intuition that made my blood boil. There’s SO MUCH misinformation out there about what intuition is and it’s misleading people into thinking that they’re acting on their gut when they may not be. It’s no secret that listening to and acting on your intuition IS THE key to getting everything you want in life. The problem is, most people don’t listen to it or follow it … even when they think they are.

your Intuition is Lying to You – here’s what Works instead

Avoid These Two Big Intuition Mistakes 1. The Amygdala Atrophy Let’s say that you know that the answer to growing your business is, getting a mentor, and you’re on a sales call to that mentor. You have a great conversation, and you know in your heart that coach is right for you, but as soon as they mention their fee, your gut starts to churn. You’re terrified. You know you want the coaching but your brain is saying, “What if I spend this money and it doesn’t work?” “What if I can’t do this. I’ve wasted my money. I have bills to pay”, So you do nothing. And six months later you’re worse off than you were before. Here’s the thing … That fear wasn’t your intuition. Your intuition was the ‘aha’ knowingness you had earlier. The fear and the self-talk was your reptilian brain kicking in because you’re absolutely terrified of stepping out of your comfort zone and taking that very step that will lead you to a breakthrough. Or maybe this has happened to you.


your Intuition is Lying to You – here’s what Works instead

Avoid These Two Big Intuition Mistakes 2. The Adrenalin Addiction Let’s say you get on a sales call with a LinkedIn coach. You’re listening to them and early on the piece you hear a quiet voice in your head that says, “No. Facebook.”   But even though that voice in your head is saying, “No”, and you know in your heart that Facebook is the answer, you’re mesmerised by what the coach has to say. They’re telling you all the things you want to hear about how amazing you are and how you can make huge amounts of money with their help.   So you’re pumped and you spend the money. You stop all the work you’re doing on Facebook and focus on doing what the LinkedIn coach says. And – CRICKETS. Has that ever happened to you? When, you have gotten so carried away by adrenalin and said YES to something that (in hindsight) you know was an intuitive NO. Here’s the thing … Intuition ISN’T emotional.

The Six Figure Intuitive Windfall About 7 years ago, I had been running my marketing agency for about 19 years but I knew it wasn’t my true calling. My calling was to help entrepreneurs self-actualise and at the same time experience explosive growth by tapping into the power of their superconscious mind. So I took the bold step of putting my business on hold so I could research and write a book on intuition, and create a new methodology – even though I had very little in savings to live on. Months passed by, the money had dried up. I was starting to panic. I hadn’t done any email marketing and I wasn’t doing any advertising nor was I spending a lot of time on Facebook. But I needed to earn money. I figured if I could earn $15,000 a month working with one or two clients, I could live comfortably and have time to get traction with the new business venture. My ego barged in and said, ‘Stop writing the book. Put it on hold.  Move back to Brisbane and live with your mum. Send out emails. Start hustling. Market, market, market. Get back out there – NOW.“

your Intuition is Lying to You – here’s what Works instead

'... EVEN THOUGH MY HUMAN SELF HAS BEEN TERRIFIED AND WAS SHOUTING PANICKED DIRECTIONS AT ME, I DECIDED TO LISTEN AND ACT TO MY INNER VOICE.' It was like a freight train going off in my head. There were so many ideas spinning around. I was totally confused. I then heard a booming voice say, “STOP.” So I stopped. I went for a walk. In the silence, while walking through the forest, I heard another voice that said, “Focus on the book. Trust. You’ll be fine.” In that moment, a feeling of calm and peace came over me. So – even though my human self has been terrified and was shouting panicked directions at me, I decided to listen and act to my inner voice. I got home and within three hours, a client I hadn’t heard from in 10 years rang me up with a five figure cash up front project. A few weeks later, I had now finished the book, and another client who I hadn’t heard from in 17 years, who just happened to now be living on the Sunshine Coast where I lived, found me and called me, with a six figure (plus) deal. Had I stopped writing my book and hustled for work, I wouldn’t have had the time to take on the project and my book wouldn’t have been finished. And had I not followed my intuition a year earlier and moved to the Sunshine Coast that opportunity wouldn’t have been suitable.

your Intuition is Lying to You – here’s what Works instead No doubt, you’ve had tons of experiences like that one. So what does that intuitive ‘hit’ actually feel like? Here are some characteristics:

6 Simple Secrets to Distinguish Your Intuition from Your Ego 1. Positive If you hear a voice telling you that you’re stupid, lazy, disorganized, you can’t do that, or the sky is going to fall in, that’s always your ego talking. Your intuition will never criticize you. Instead, it will guide you in another direction instead of telling you the direction that you’re currently in is one stupid. 2. Peaceful There’s a wonderful sense of peace with intuition even when the truth is something that you don’t want to hear. Ego has urgency. If your thoughts are flipping around your head at a million miles an hour that’s your ego in control. On the other hand, when you are completely present and in a high state of awareness, your intuition flows in patiently. 3. A Subtle, Energetic Weight Intuition is soft. Its’ loving and there’s a feeling of light about it.


your Intuition is Lying to You – here’s what Works instead You can just feel it that it’s right – that it’s the truth. And egoic perception comes in as an idea but it’s kind of hollow and fleeting. 4. Consistent and Persistent Your egoic mind will grasp and jump from one thing to another – fight or fright. Your intuition is different. You’ve probably heard the saying that your intuition will start tapping you on the shoulder. If you don’t listen, it will tap harder. If you still don’t listen, it will hit you over the head with a four-by-two. 5. A Sense of Knowing It’s the kind of feeling you have when you think about the certainty of the sun rising in the east. You just know. You can’t rationalize it or perhaps explain it. But you just know. 6. A Feeling of Being Complete There’s nothing missing.  There’s complete focus with intuition. Ego has your mind flipping all over the place and often leaves you still leaves you unsure. So become best friends with your intuition. Trust it and act upon it and I promise you, your life will transform in magical ways.

As Einstein said, “The Intuitive Mind Is a Sacred Gift and the Rational Mind Is a Faithful Servant” Kristina Mills - Business Strategist, Intuitive and Alchamist Kristina Mills is a top business strategist & teacher of intuitive intelligence and ancient alchemy. Over the last 25 years she has helped industry leaders earn tens of millions of dollars. Today, she helps crazy mission-led visionaries and thought leaders electrify their legacy by harnessing the power of their superconscious genius and marketing magnetism. She is the author of ‘Client Attraction Vortex’. “Superconscious Genius’, and ‘Energy Force Genius’. Kristina is also the founder of Words that Sell, International Writers & Consultants Academy, creator of the Luminary Leaders Institute, and Empyrean Alchemy Institute.

Stay in touch with Kristina Mills here: 

laura francis

meet laura francis: Author. Speaker. Truth Teller. Mindset + Success Coach. Creator of #365Badass & Badassery Unleashed Magazine.  What motivated and inspired you to start your own business? Tell us about your journey so far as an online entrepreneur?  I was half-million in debt.  A single mum.  And, I'd had e-fucking-nuff of everything.  Of it all.   After being made redundant twice in 2 years (prior to that I’d never ever been fired from a job - I always quit and moved onto the next best thing), I decided that I valued myself far more than any employer had or is ever going to… With that decision made, I then made another - that I was no longer employee material.   From that day forward I was going to become unemployable.   I decided then that I was going to be an entrepreneur. From there I did a quick assessment of my experience, skill-set and the tools/ recources I had at my disposal and decided that I would use those to get started. I knew nothing was perfect. I knew I could learn from the ground up. I knew that simply starting was what mattered. I knew I had little to no savings.   I knew I still had one child in school and at home.   I knew that there was no back-up plan for me. I knew no-one was going to come and (financially) save me.  

I knew that, no matter what I would come up against, I would succeed. That business was Red Apple Virtual Assistant Services. Yep - I started out as a VA.  I had that business for 6+ years, and when I decided to make the transition into coaching/mentoring, I used my VA business - client base and sales - as financial leverage.  That was early 2014. And sure, since launching the Laura Francis brand and going full-time as a coach/mentor, there have been moments when I wanted to quit, when it was all too hard, when leads, clients and sales simply were not flowing, let alone fast enough. But quitting.  Becoming an employee.  Has never been an option for me. Entrepreneurship is about the journey.  And that means the ups, the downs, the wins, the losses, the good and the bad. It's all a part of the bigger picture!


meet laura francis: Author. Speaker. Truth Teller. Mindset + Success Coach. Creator of #365Badass & Badassery Unleashed Magazine.  What has been your most influential experience to date as an entrepreneur? Why and how did this change the game of entrepreneurship for you? Oh, that would be hiring my first ever coaches.  An Aussie couple specialising in Sales & Marketing.  

I had several clients cancel on me. I had several sales fall over. I went from dominating on my sales calls... To bombing every time. Everything in my business - an my life started to go backwards.

This entire experience changed the game for And even though in the 6or so years previous me - in fact, it changed everything for me. I'd experienced some pretty testing times... As good as these guys were at sales and marketing, they equally as good at persuasion, head-fuckery and manipulation. I'm not condemning them. They taught me many things. All of which have resulted in valuable lessons... Some I even catch myself learning for the first time years later.

It never. Ever.  Felt.  Like.  This.   My soul was aching.  I was crushed.  I was hurting.  Endlessly. My self-belief went out the window. My self-worth along with it.

I spent weeks... O.K. let's be really honest here... I spent almost a fucking year slowly unraveling and losing my shit behind the I learned about coaching - the industry, what scenes. it means, what it's (and not) about. I learned about positioning. Messaging.  Getting visible and in front of my tribe. I learned about offer and product creation digital, combined digital & 1:1, f2f, retreats and live events. I learned about pricing, low ticket, high ticket, and a combination of the two.

On the face of it (yeah on Facebook) I was still showing up as though everything was perfect. However, the offline truth for me was anything but. I had quite my VA business - meaning no more clients and no more sales. I had borrowed all the money I could from my partner.

I learned so many things. Working with I was talking tough, about being kick-ass, these coaches changed so much for me.  As about being authentic in all areas of your did seeing how they worked the online space business and your life. and their tribe. And it also broke me. Or should I say - I allowed it to break me. Everything was great - until it wasn't.  

But. I wasn't living it. I had spent my entire life immersed in deep internal mindset work and personal development - yet I was telling everyone that I was a bloody digital marketer...

meet laura francis: Author. Speaker. Truth Teller. Mindset + Success Coach. Creator of #365Badass & Badassery Unleashed Magazine.  And wondering... Why things just weren't working....   Why my offers were just weren't selling... Why it all felt so fucking wrong and shit... I spiralled out of control in so many ways.    Drinking way to much wine - every night. Smoking way too much weed - every day/night. My heart was broken.   I was scraping the bottom of the barrel. I might as well go all the way down. I self-sabotaged until I could sabotage no more. At that point I was smacked in the face with the most game-changing epiphany of all time. Nothing was working because there was no congruency... Because there was no alignment!

the confidence to do that... In ways that are fully aligned and for their highest good. Empowering people to raise two fingers to mediocrity, and archaical societal belief systems, stereotypes and rules... To create a wildly successful and happy business and life. On their terms, by their rules. Their way. Serving people in ways that I had wished someone would serve me; genuinely holding space for people - being a container for them to be able to tap into, unearth and own and use their their truth: their pain, shame, desires, passion and purpose to influence and impact those they were born to serve. Creating the space where people can love, honour and respect themselves, putting their wants, needs, desires, loves, happiness and purpose first - above and beyond anyone or anything else and doing that unashamedly and without fear and/or judgement.

Being my real, true, raw, bold and bolshy self and making shitloads of money doing so. And by doing so I am paving the way - giving My message was saying one thing... permission if you will - to do that for Positioning me as a kick-ass digital marketing themselves, while being unrelenting, genius (FB Ads, Funnels, Digital Programs...). unfiltered and unapologetic as fuck.  You name it.  I was your guy! Where do you operate from? But the truth of it all was... Great question; and one I'm sure can be answered in a gazillion ways. Even though I could do all that stuff.  And well.  My heart wasn't in it.  That stuff alone didn't set  my heart on fire.

What did, though, was discovering my truth, my message, my genius and my purpose are all centred around mindset & success and my purpose is to use my message to impact, empower and influence the change in others that they desire the most.

But for me... I operate from a place of giving zero fucks and trusting that by doing things my own way and listening to my inner guidance (intuition) system that I cannot fuck this up.

I've worked with the best coaches, mentors and teachers who instructed me to do all the Helping people realise their potential within - things in all the ways... to rise, succeed and thrive and giving them

meet laura francis: Author. Speaker. Truth Teller. Mindset + Success Coach. Creator of #365Badass & Badassery Unleashed Magazine.  but when I stopped listening to them, stopped thinking my shit was broken and theirs was the magic sauce... And I simply started creating what needed to be created (content and offers) based on exactly where I was at, what I was experiencing and how that was aligned with my higher self and my big picture vision...  And not giving a fuck about what others were doing or had going on.... Everything changed. Sure I still have coaches and mentors... And other online entrepreneurs I admire... But I no longer compare myself or my content/offers to them. Instead I trust in myself and my ability to create, serve and sell a whole lot more now! What were the first few steps you took to get your business up and running? Making a decision and fucking sticking with it. I know that sounds so simple but that's the crux of it.  Fuck knows the number of arguments I had with my partner about me NOT getting a job when things were tough early on. But that decision was worth every one of 'em! Aside from that, knowing my skill-set and committing to using that as my platform to become an entrepreneur... Googling and watching YouTube videos on social media, lead gen, sales, content creating and so much more and finding ways to implement that in my own business.

The only thing I didn't focus on in the early stages of business but given my time over... I'd do the deep internal and external mindset work.

'I OPERATE FROM A PLACE OF GIVING ZERO FUCKS AND TRUSTING THAT BY DOING THINGS MY OWN WAY AND LISTENING TO MY INNER GUIDANCE (INTUITION) SYSTEM THAT I CANNOT FUCK THIS UP.' What have been your biggest challenges so far? Again, this comes back to trusting myself. To knowing that everything I need to fulfil all of my desires is already within me. I hid from my intuition, spirituality, true message and purpose for so damn long, denying their truth and existence... their very reason for BEing. My very reason for BEing...  Because that stuff was didn't fit the image

meet laura francis: Author. Speaker. Truth Teller. Mindset + Success Coach. Creator of #365Badass & Badassery Unleashed Magazine.  what others said my life, business, success should look and be like. But, doing the internal work and getting the clarity and direction I needed around that stuff is what unlevelled everything from a messaging, visibility, audience, tribe building and success perspective.   Doing the internal work absolutely changed the game as far as my sales, client retention and business model are concerned. How did you overcome these challenges? I was feeling broken and battered by my entrepreneurial journey.  If something didn't give, well... Who knows!


I took a deep dive into my inner self. I got familiar with journaling. I practiced gratitude daily. I read mindset book after mindset after book. I studied the likes of Eckhart Tolle (his book 'The Power of Now' - transformational!!), Gabby Bernsteain, Abraham Hicks... I started to be more accountable. I started to be more intentional. I started to be more responsible. I started to give more fucks - about stuff that mattered.  And less fucks about stuff that didn't. I gave myself the love and support, the compassion and forgiveness, the acceptance and understanding that I'd been lacking... That I'd been looking for externally. And I gave myself permission to show up, every single day, even when it hurt and made no sense at all... And I to say what was on my heart... What was important to me.  In the now. I I I I

shared my message. spoke to my people. put out my offers. asked for the sale.

And, I simply accepted that I was what was blocking the leads, the clients and the sales from coming to me. Once I owned that, and released it, I uplevelled again. How do you keep motivated and stay badass through difficult times? I find it invaluable to have a business bestie - 

meet laura francis: Author. Speaker. Truth Teller. Mindset + Success Coach. Creator of #365Badass & Badassery Unleashed Magazine.  a confidant who's on the same journey and has or is experiencing the same things.  She can relate to me in most situations and likewise. Plus - we're funny as fuck together. I also have a super supportive partner who even though he's on a different journey entirely - he loves me unconditionally and is always. there for me - in the good times and the bad! This is where self-care really comes into it's own too. I make sure I get a nature hit - at least once daily.  I've just moved from the beach to the mountains so regardless of where I find myself, there is always somewhere for me to immerse myself in the ISness of nature. I love stand-up-paddle-boarding and walking on the beach to balance out my Ions.  But I also love sitting and journaling by the cows. When I get real down (which isn't often these days and certainly doesn't last long) I find simply being in the sunshine and surrounded by the abundance that is nature, my energy, focus and badassness balance gets restored really quickly. What is the best advice you have received recently? I learned this many years ago but it's still massively relevant today... You don't need a website, logo or sales pages to build an audience, get leads and make sales. Needing that stuff means that you're waiting for everything to be perfect before you get started.  It's a distraction.  It's an excuse to delay doing thermal work. Instead, focus on decluttering your mind and rid yourself of the stuff that doesn't serve you: belief systems, habits and stories or lack, not enough ness and limitation.  Success is 80% mindset and 20% effort.  What you give your attention to makes all the difference.

meet laura francis: Author. Speaker. Truth Teller. Mindset + Success Coach. Creator of #365Badass & Badassery Unleashed Magazine. 

What one piece of badass advice would you give to other entrepreneurs? Suppressing your truth, including your emotions, causes you to suppress your desires and that means you are suppressing who you are, your purpose and the essence of your BEingness. IN doing so, you lower your vibration and you get out of alignment with the frequency of attraction which then makes it really fucking difficult (if not impossible) for you to be able to manifest your desires into your reality. In short, when you suppress your truth you are basically cockblocking yourself in all areas including love, happiness, fun, excitement, success, money and abundance. What is a good article or book you have read recently? How has this book or article inspired, changed or impacted you? Anything by Eckhart Tolle or Stephen Pressfield.   Reading Tolle's 'The Power of Now' changed so much for me and seeing him live was a profound game-changer.  His 'this is how it IS' way of writing cuts through all the bullshit and guides you toward YOUR truth.   And, Pressfield, again it's his no bullshit approach that gets me.   In truth, these guys are simply telling us what we already know... But in ways that we've previously not allowed ourselves to receive the messages they have to share with us. These guys are so purposeful in everything they say and do - that resonates so much with me.

meet laura francis: Author. Speaker. Truth Teller.  Mindset + Success Coach. Creator of #365Badass & Badassery Unleashed Magazine. 


What is your go-to to Facebook, Instagram or Twitter account for inspiration? You mean aside from my own or those belonging to Badassdery Unleashed Mag đ&#x;˜›. Honestly, years ago I used to jump on everyones stuff on all the SM channels, but I learned that that was one of the reasons I was always stuck, always feeling less than, always pushing and never in flow or alignment.  I was constantly distracted by what they were doing, saying and how... And trying to replicate or implement that in my business. That was version 1.0 or me.  Now I'm up to (at least!) version 10.0 and I no longer do that. That said though...

I love Stephanie Synclair, America's Medium she knows exactly who she is, who she serves and why.  Always stays in her own lane and her live streams are fucking epic! Her content, her presence, the person she is and how she shows up - her ISness. The way she honours herself and her clients... Ahh, I have so much love for all that she is about. You can't not learn something and remain ever changed (for the better) when you engage with Stephanie and/or her content online. What does 2018 look like for you? What amazing badassery do you have in the pipeline? I'll just say that, to date - it's been an amazing year with some massive growth and huge uplevels in sooo many areas of my business and my personal life.  And I know this is just the beginning. I came into 2018 holding onto a lot of 'ish that I needed to work through and release so I could align more with my higher self but also so I could serve my soulmate clients from a much more aware, knowing and higher level. I've refined my offerings and how I deliver my badassery and am getting myself out there more and building on my brand (authority and cridibility) through collaborative and media opportunities.

meet laura francis: Author. Speaker. Truth Teller. Mindset + Success Coach. Creator of #365Badass & Badassery Unleashed Magazine.  I've also launched and monetised a couple of insanely exciting projects - including this magazine and my #365Badass Bosslady Merch store. The Badassery Unleashed Podcast is finally off the ground with the first couple of episodes recorded and on their way to the editor as this mag goes to print. And, I'm opening up 3 spots in my high level 12 month mastermind, The Inner Circle of Badassery, with applications being accepted from September 1st. So much goodness happening right now it's impossible not to be bloody excited!!


Money is usually attracted, not pursued.

nlp anchoring: Choose your State, Choose your Outcome by: mirella de boni Some people go through their day feeling negative emotions and being stuck in a negative mindset when what they really want is to feel inspired, motivated and positive. The problem is they believe that to feel differently, situations and life circumstances need to change.  The chances of that happening, are usually pretty slim so they feel they’re at a dead-end. What they really need to be changing is their state of mind. What if you had the choice and you were in control of how you felt? What if you were in charge of your mindset? You see, you do have choices. You can go through your days waiting for something good to happen to you or you can get out there and make it happen yourself.

nlp anchoring: Choose your  State,  Choose  your  Outcome

You can wait for something or someone to make you feel happy or you can find ways to generate your own happiness. You can wait for your ideal clients to come to you to buy your products and services or you can get off your ass, go find them and make more sales than you thought possible. It's all up to you.

'... THEY BELIEVE See, the problem is a lot of people are waiting for their THAT TO FEEL partner to change, their profits to grow in their business or their excess weight to drop off by itself. Rather than DIFFERENTLY, taking charge, taking control and making shit happen the way they want it to be, they just….wait. Then they feel SITUATIONS disappointed at the lack of results.  Therefore their negative beliefs about love, life and business are AND LIFE confirmed. CIRCUMSTANCES It doesn’t need to be that way. NEED TO The way we feel impacts the outcome in everything we do. CHANGE.'

nlp anchoring: Choose your  State,  Choose  your  Outcome

If you want to switch up your mindset and change the way you feel so you can be unstoppable then I have some good news. I can help. Well, actually NLP can help. Have you ever heard of anchoring? NLP Anchoring is a technique where you set up a stimulus response pattern so you can feel the way you want to, when you need to. In other words, you can replicate feelings of confidence, success, inspiration, happiness and motivation (and others) on demand. Imagine, being able to change your mindset, the way you feel and the way you respond, to life events by being in control and choosing the exact state you want to be in. So, instead of waiting for something magical to happen so you can feel happy, excited or motivated, you can just turn those feelings on in an instant. Just like flipping a switch.  Sounds good, right! The goal is to choose the right state for the outcome you want to achieve.

There Are 4 Steps to Anchoring. Step 1: Think of a time, a specific time when you felt (insert whatever feeling you want to switch on, eg. motivated). Go back to the memory in your mind. Imagine being back there, seeing what you saw, feeling what you felt, hearing what you heard when you felt really motivated. Step 2: When you can feel the feelings of motivation rising within yourself, press your pointer finger and thumb together as tight as you can. This is how you anchor the feeling to a particular part of your body.  You can squeeze your ear lobe too.  Make sure you apply some pressure so you can really feel it. Step 3: Now change your thoughts to something random like looking at your watch to see what time it is. This is just to change your state to neutral. Step 4: Test the anchor.  Squeeze your finger and thumb together to recall the feelings you’ve just anchored. The beauty of NLP is that whatever tool or technique you’re taught or using is based on what we do naturally.  It’s not a trick.  NLP uses the strategies we create naturally and then we use them with purpose.


nlp anchoring: Choose your  State,  Choose  your  Outcome

For example, anchoring occurs naturally when you listen to music. You might be driving along in the car and hear a song and immediately you’re taken back to your first kiss in high school.  Or back to the time when you first got your driver’s licence and hit the road with your mates, feeling that sense of freedom and independence. Songs trigger emotions. You would most likely have certain songs that make you jump around the room like a rock star (when no-one is watching!) or a song that gives you a lump in your throat because it reminds you of a tough break up. This is why playlists are so popular.  People are trying to get themselves into a specific state of motivation to go to the gym or to feel relaxed after work so they can just chill out.


There are lots of ways to anchor emotions so you can recall and easily access a specific state of mind.

Here are 3 Situations where you’ll Benefit using NLP Anchoring To Change Your Mindset: 1. Making Sales in your Business When you’re making sales calls or writing a sales letter, you want your client to feel a certain way. Therefore, you have to go first and get yourself into a state of motivation, inspiration and positivity. States are contagious so you want them to catch your state so they can feel what’s possible for them by working with you.  

nlp anchoring: Choose  your  State,  Choose  your  Outcome

'RULE #1: NEVER LET AN ASSHOLE BRING Don’t be that person.  YOU DOWN.' 2. Responding to negative comments on social media. There’s nothing worse than someone making you an offer when you can tell they’re really not into it.  You can feel it and it’s off-putting.

Like I said, states are contagious and just because someone is a crappy mood and they’re giving you a hard time, it doesn’t mean you have to catch their state. The truth is, nasty comments can really bring you down and that’s where you can use anchoring to get back into a positive state.  Don’t give anyone the power to fuckup your groove and ruin your day. Rule #1: Never let an asshole bring you down. 3. Switching off from work and being present at home.   Some people light candles when they get home, have a shower or play specific music to switch off their busy mind so they can feel relaxed.  My husband bought me an Audi Roaster for our anniversary a few months ago.  (I know, it’s so cool!)  When I leave my office, I put the top down and it’s my anchor to switch from work to home.  It’s almost as if any stress is blown away with the wind.  When I get home the top goes back down and I’ve switched into mum and wife mode.

Here are 3 Ways to Anchor Positive States Naturally 1. Being out in nature usually gives most people a sense of calm and peacefulness.   If you feel stressed you can go for a walk or sit in nature because it’s a natural anchor that brings you to a place of balance. 2. The clothes you wear.   Choose the clothes that boost your confidence and make you feel proud of yourself.   We do this naturally when we dress down on the weekends when we’re hanging out around the house.   We choose specific clothes when we train and go to the gym.  Maybe you have that little black dress or special lingerie that works a treat every. damn. time đ&#x;˜ƒ


nlp anchoring: Choose your  State,  Choose  your  Outcome

3. Your signature Scent. Do you have a certain perfume or aftershave that’s your signature scent?  You might use it on special occasions because you’ve anchored it to intimacy or social events.  Your partner may use a certain scent that every time to smell it, it reminds you of them. Anchoring is natural and it’s the absolute BEST way to change your life, right this very minute.  You have 100% control over how you feel no matter what. You don’t have to wait and it costs you nothing. If you want better sales results, better relationships and better results in your life than anchoring is the answer.  Change your mindset and the results will speak for themselves. 

'States are contagious so you want them to catch your state so they can feel what’s possible for them by working with you.'

Mirella De Boni - Business Coach, Author, NLP and Relationship Expert You’ll find Mirella in the Whitsundays, Queensland, Cappuccino + Peanut M & M’s in hand, surrounded by cats & armed with cute stationery (too good to write on!) With her background in NLP, Clinical Hypnotherapy, Marriage Counselling, Business Coaching, Marketing & Book Writing…. she's the one-stop-shop to help business owners perform at their best personally and professionally. Mirella works with service-based business owners and married couples in business, who struggle with depression, anxiety or relationships, while trying to grow their business, write content and market their services.

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13 ways to Live an Unleashed Life by: victoria mantzoros When you look in the mirror, who looks back at you? Do you see someone inspired, healthy and unstoppable in all areas of life? If you had asked me this question 5 years ago, I would have assumed the answer was yes, but that is only because I was so busy staying busy, that I actually had a misunderstanding of what being inspired, healthy and unstoppable really meant. Don’t get me wrong, I was enjoying life, but when I looked in the mirror, I still had a little voice telling me I needed to look more like this or do more of that. I would look at my body and feel comfortable, but definitely not loving and accepting of all of me. In fact, I would try to focus on the parts that I did like, or on a bad day, criticize the parts I didn’t. I was doing great at work but was stressed and it impacted my relationships. 

13 ways to Live an Unleashed Life

I was focusing on what was working while settling on the elements of the job I didn’t like. For me this meant, I liked my job and had spent years there, but knew deep down it wasn’t my passion, however, I liked the clients enough to keep going at this corporate gym. Do you see a trend? After attending a silent meditation retreat, I came back refreshed and realized how much of my energy I was spending on things I liked, but not on activities I loved. I was settling for good when great was right around the corner. This led to an unquenchable thirst in the personal development world. It started because I wanted to be a better girlfriend, then it became a quest for me becoming a better me so that I can be my true self and have a kickass impact on the world. Having a kickass impact on the world is so much more than leaving a lasting impact. If I have learned anything over the last 5 years, it is that sustainable impact stems from within, from being connected to your heart and fire while being in action.  I’m going to get real with you for a minute. If you don’t appreciate and honor yourself, you will limit the impact you will have on the world.


I am of the belief that everything is connected, that the way we treat ourselves is a reflection of how we treat our lives. For that reason when we powerfully and compassionately take care of our health and well-being, a portal opens up for us to be more powerful and compassionate in every element of life.

I used to think that as long as I was helping humanity, that I was doing “what I was put here to do” and now I know that isn’t the full story. We must also help ourselves, stand for ourselves and connect with our light as we help humanity. I have worked with many clients looking to lose weight, love their lives, connect to their purpose, live with empowerment, truly connect and feel seen and heard by the people in their lives. I have seen time and time again, that when they transform internally, their external world changes; they make more money, they have more fun, they are able to express themselves

13 ways to Live an Unleashed Life


and actually be themselves. Throughout my time with them, I have noticed a handful of elements that each person regularly implemented when they noticed their lives starting to take off. Without further ado, here are 13 elements, that when implemented, will transform your life and magnify your impact and sense of fulfillment.  1. Foster Deep Awareness of Yourself and Your Unique Needs When you understand yourself and what you value in life, it becomes far easier to know what decisions align with you or not. Some people value adventure and freedom while others value community and connection. Each person has a unique order in which 

they put their values and knowing yours can help tremendously in understanding how you best operate. 2. Do What Brings You Joy Far too often, we say yes to things that we are only half excited about in an effort to connect with others. When we remember that we can have community and connection around what brings us joy, it opens up space within to explore what we like and trust that we will be supported. 3. Create and Maintain Healthy Boundaries When we get upset or angry, it is often because a boundary has been discovered and pressed. How we handle these upsets, greatly impacts how empowered we experience ourselves as.

13 ways to Live an Unleashed Life

Do you get angry and lash back or do you sit with the feeling and try to understand what is really going on?    4. Transform Your Environment Look at the rooms you spend the most time in, whether at home or at work. What do they look like? Are they set up in a way that energizes you or do they drain you? Keep things clean and let go of extra stuff you don’t use anymore to make room for new experiences. 5. Live for Something When someone asks what you are up to, are you excited with what you have to share with them? Do you have a sense of purpose? If you don’t know yours, finding out not only adds years to your life but can contribute to an overall sense of fulfilment. 6. Respect Your Mind and Your Body It can be so easy to skip workouts or eat unhealthy when life pulls you in different directions. Notice the reason why you want to skip it and you may find that the same reason is getting used in other areas of your life as well. For some people, it is tiredness or busyness keeping them from doing what they want. Regular exercise not only decreases your risk of illness later in life, but also increases energy levels, supports healthy emotional regulation and decreases stress. 

7. Eat Healthy As An Act of Love Rather Than An Obligation When we use unhealthy food as a way to celebrate or “let loose,” we are subtly telling ourselves that eating healthy is something we “have” to do. This can easily lead to feeling like we need to diet to be healthy. When we start treating eating healthy as an act of love, we rewrite the story we have around food. In reality, food is necessary to fuel our lives and is used to meet our bodies’ needs. Just to be clear, eating healthy doesn’t necessarily mean never eating foods that are processed or have sugar. It means being mindful and having the majority of your diet being foods that fuel the life you want to live.

13 ways to Live an Unleashed Life

8. Stop Shoulding Your Life Away When we do things from a “should” or “have to” place, we take away our sense of choice in whether or not we do them. When we remember that at any moment we can choose to do something or not. 9. Meditate Daily People who meditate daily often experience an increased ability to handle stressful situations and feel more connected to themselves. Meditation is also amazing for giving busy minds a moment to rest and reset. Different people prefer to get centered in different ways and finding a way that works best for you is key.


10. Build Up Habits Slowly and Consistently Rather Thank All At Once As you probably know, life can throw unexpected curve balls. When we build up habits slowly over time, it allows us to implement them more fully and successfully even when those curveballs come. 11. Transform Your Self-Talk When you listen to your self-talk, who is talking? Is it really you? Is it a past version of you? Or perhaps it’s someone else’s voice you hear. Train that self-talk to be empowering and supportive of you in all areas of life like a best friend would talk to you. 12. Surround Yourself and Connect With People Who Inspire and Empower You Drew Houston says, “You become the average of the 5 people you hang out with.” Do you surround yourself with people who inspire you? If not, where are they and how can you find them?

13 ways to Live an Unleashed Life

13.Move Through Your Experiences Rather Than Waiting For Them To "Pass" The allure of avoiding negative feelings can be strong. When we feel anger or sadness, we often push them aside or wait for them to “go away.” When we treat our emotions like guests and listen to them, we can figure out the lessons they have for us. This allows us to access strength and compassion for ourselves. Many elements above may be things that you have thought of before or experienced in some way. My question to you, as the reader is this: How many of these are you actually implementing regularly? In my journey, some of these were natural to me, while others I had to learn and strengthen like a muscle and it takes conscious effort to incorporate them all regularly. Seeing these may have also reminded you of lessons you have learned and implement in your life. May you live your life powerfully, joyfully and in full connection what to what sets your soul on fire. 

'People who meditate daily often experience an increased ability to handle stressful situations and feel more connected to themselves.'

Victoria Mantzoros - Empowerment and Wellness Coach Victoria Mantzoros is an empowerment and wellness coach who helps leaders step into vibrant health, empowerment and self-expression, so that they may connect to their purpose with ease while having the large impact they know they are on Earth to have. She hosts workshops, mastermind groups and private coaching to help people transform their lives from the inside out.

Stay in touch with Victoria Mantzoros here:

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'Trying to do everything yourself and struggling alone, in silence, will not get you the 10k+ months you desire and deserve!' @LauraFrancisKAM

10 steps to aTTracting SOULMATE clients... you get to choose the people who want to work with you!. We’ve all been there. We’ve all done it. We’ve all experienced it.

WORKING WITH CLIENTS YOU FUCKING HATE It’s a fuckin’ nightmare. You don’t like them. They don’t like you. You have nothing in common. They’re difficult. They’re complainers

editors column with laura francis

10 steps to aTTracting your ideal SOULMATE clients...

editors column

with laura francis

They’re blamers. They’re excuse-makers. They don’t do the work. They’re late payers. Wouldn’t it be nice though if there were a simple road-map to finding the women who are want to work with you and are absolutely ready to invest in themselves? Did you read that right?

WANT TO WORK WITH YOU READY TO INVEST IN THEMSELVES It’s like a coach/mentors (wet) dream! Having the women that YOU WANT TO WORK WITH cued-up and knocking down your (virtual) door. But what’s wrong with this questions?

A. FUCKING. LOT! Because. Quite simply sweet one. You don’t waste your valuable fucking time searching high and low on the interwebs for women ready to invest in themselves.

YOU ABSOFUCKINGLUTELY DON’T! Hoping to find your ideal clients online – in groups, in your newsfeed, in your friends list – is like looking for a fucking needle in a haystack. And. You’ll be looking. You’ll be searching.

FOR FUCKING EVER! Spinning your wheels. Pulling out your hair. Curled up in a ball crying because it’s just not working for you. You DON’T go looking for them at all.

10 steps to aTTracting your ideal SOULMATE clients...

editors column

with laura francis


YOU. GET. YOUR. IDEAL. SOULMATE. CLIENTS. TO. COME. TO. YOU. What the actual fuck? Is that even a thing? Is that even possible? Does that even work? How? I know right…. That concept is sooooo far out there it might as well be in outer-space. But. Truth be told. Getting your ideal soul-level clients to COME TO YOU isn’t as far fetched as it first appears. In fact. It’s the method I have personally used to grow my multiple 6-figure business AND it’s the same method I teach to my high-level clients. Who. By the way. Are ALL my ideal soulmate clients. Aside from your dream client being someone who wants to work with you and who is ready to invest in themselves…. What else makes for an IDEAL SOULMATE CLIENT? You You You You

love everything about you and they love everything about you too! could very easily (and often do) become your best friends. have a ridiculous amount of things in common with you. can unapologetically be 100% your true self and they love you for it.

They are super excited to start working with and you’re ecstatic about that too. They eagerly and happily pay whatever your asking price and always pay on time. They are action takers who love to slay and will show up every single day to do the work. They know that you are HELL YES the person they need to align with so they can achieve their goals and create the business and life they desire.

10 steps to aTTracting your ideal SOULMATE clients...

editors column

with laura francis

They know that to become the person they desire to be they need to ditch the excuses, stories, fears and bullshit and simply get-the-fuck-on-with-it. They know they need tough and fierce love and ass-kickings and someone to hold them to account

SO. HOW DO YOU ATTRACT YOUR IDEAL SOULMATE CLIENTS? You. Call. Them. In. By being the person they need you to be. Now. Don’t mistake me sweet one. I’m certainly not telling you that you need to be someone you are not in order to call them in. But. What I am saying gorgeous is… That you need to show up like an absofuckinglute BOSS they need you to be so that it’s a nobrainer (a HELL YES) for these women to know that they need to work with you. And. Fast. How though do I expect you to SHOW UP AS THE BOSS when earlier in this post I said you don’t go looking for them? Let me clarify. You DON’T seek them out one by one. Or two by two.


10 steps to aTTracting your ideal SOULMATE clients...

editors column

with laura francis


'... IT MAY SOUND A BIT You are not here to be the huntress gorgeous badass. You are here to be the fucking hunted! RIDICULOUS BUT Capish? LET ME EXPLAIN. Excellent. YOUR IDEAL SOUL-LEVEL So. CLIENTS ARE NOT How do YOU become the hunted? THAT UNLIKE Here are my top 10 Steps To YOU...' Attracting Your Ideal You DO show up where they are.

Soulmate Clients: 1) KNOW YOURSELF:


It may sound a bit ridiculous but let me explain. Your ideal soulmate clients are not that unlike you – in fact, they are likely to be exactly where you were in business/life 3-5 years ago. One of the best things you can possibly do is… get to know yourself inside and out.

Don’t pretend to be someone you’re not. Don’t try to become the person other people tell you that you need to become. Don’t try to be the person you think you need to be just to get clients. Simply show up, every single day, as the real, true version of YOU.

Ask yourself things like:

There is not another soul out there quite like you, embrace that. You are unique in every single way, own that unashamedly and unapologetically. Your soul-level clients will resonate with you EXACTLY as you are. They want all of you. Raw. Unfiltered.

a) What do I love doing outside of my business? b) Where do I enjoy hanging out? c) What activities do I enjoy? d) What do I stand for (what am I truly passionate about) and why? e) What are my values (what is important to me) and why? f) What type of lifestyle do I want to live? Why? Chances are, your ideal soulmate client will could give very similar answers.

3) JOURNALING: Ask yourself the tough questions, go far beneath the layers, below the surface level shit and get to know who you really are, what drives you and how you can expand on that. But. More than that, journaling at its heart is about taking your thoughts and

10 steps to aTTracting your ideal SOULMATE clients...

editors column

with laura francis

putting them into writing, engaging you in a creative process that allows you to brainstorm effective solutions and explore new ways of thinking, doing and being. One of the simplest and best journaling practices is the ‘brain dump’. In other words, putting pen to paper and letting whatever is ‘clogging’ up your mind fall onto the pages, therefore clearing your mind so you can better focus on what you need to get done for the day. Add to that daily practice of writing: A gratitude list Your future into reality Daily affirmations… I am ‘blah blah blah’ A list of money mantras 4) MESSAGING: You were born with a message so big and badass already inside of you that keeping it to yourself is borderline criminal. Simply because your soul-level clients are out there, waiting with baited breath for you to show up and speak your magical words to them. They need it. Without your message they will be left wanting. Having a clear, specific and purposeful message and always speaking your truth EVEN when there are people out there telling you that no-one wants to see/hear what you have to say is critical. You must show up every day and share your message – unfiltered, unapologetically, unconditionally. And doing so must be non-negotiable. 5) CONNECTING Make a point of connecting personally with those people you are ‘friends’ with on social media – Facebook, Instagram, SnapChat, etc. I don’t mean that you must get in their inbox/messenger app and spam them with your products or links, what I mean is that by having a simple conversation with them you actually get to know them better and with that comes a stronger relationship. And in that conversation make sure you ASK them what they need most right now in their business and NO this is not an opportunity to pitch your stuff, instead this is a great opportunity for you to recommend someone who may be able to help. Putting other people's needs before your own is a great way to strengthen the relationship but to also be of service without pressuring them into buying your product or program. 6) SHOWING UP: But what does that even mean? Showing up is about honouring yourself and your tribe every single day. It’s about being consistently present on social media and demonstrating your prowess (otherwise known as badassery) in your niche, boldly, proudly, loudly. Showing up is

10 steps to aTTracting your ideal SOULMATE clients...

editors column

with laura francis

fucking critical. If you're not out there shaking shit up and disrupting the norm in ways that only you can, you are losing out on a multitude of opportunities to really kick-ass online and serve your tribe at the highest level. But where do you show up? How? Well, that needs some discussion so I’ll be sure to cover that off in the following points. 7) PERSONALITY: I mean have one (as well as become one) and make sure that you share it with your existing tribe and those you would have become tribe members. Don’t keep it hidden from the world. You are uniquely you – there’s literally not another soul like you out there, not anywhere. Plus. Ain’t nobody got time for another deadass boring online entrepreneur: the interwebs is overflowing with them already. Set yourself apart from the minions and wannabepreneurs by showing up BIG and BOLD and REAL. Your soulmate clients will love the shit outta you for it! 8) GIVE VALUE: I’m not talking about the dollar value of your latest offering. I mean PROVIDE REAL VALUE to your tribe. Give them what you think they need, what you know they need, what they ask for and then give them more (and more, and more!). And, when I say GIVE VALUE I really do mean ‘give’. Give it for free and give it often and watch as the love and adoration for you grows from a slow and steady trickle to a dam-busting flood. Your ideal clients want to know you can deliver the goods long before they hand over their cash for it – that’s how it works. That’s the nature of the beast (online business). Giving doesn’t have to be hard and it doesn’t need to cost you anything other than a little of your time, which we all have bucket loads of. So, give freely… Really. 9) EXPOSURE: Be relentless in getting yourself out there and seen by your ideal soulmate client. The more places and the more times they see you the faster your relationship with them is solidified.

10 steps to aTTracting your ideal SOULMATE clients...

editors column

with laura francis

You can do this by being part of Virtual Summits, get interviewed for podcasts and magazines, host your own live streams on Facebook and Insta, engage in other peoples Facebook groups where your ideal soul-level clients are hanging out. And hammer your exposure home by consistently posting on your Facebook business page, personal profile and Facebook group as well as SnapChat and Instagram. Also, make sure you send traffic to your website so they can check out your latest blog post or free training. Always be demonstrating your prowess and sharing your message, your passion and your purpose with your prospective clients. 10) BE RELENTLESS: Seriously. If there is one thing I can’t express enough is that becoming a wildly successful online entrepreneur doesn’t happen overnight and it doesn’t necessarily come easily… at least not in the beginning. There will be ups and downs, breakdowns and breakthroughs. That’s all a valuable part of the journey to the top. Take the lessons from each and every experience and keep moving forward, remaining focused on your goals, your desires and your purpose every step of the way. Oh, and be relentless, consistently.

Oh, and here are two BONUS steps that are a MUST: 11) TELL PEOPLE WHAT YOU DO: So many people DON’T do this anywhere near enough. Too many people hate that shit. They get all tied up in knots about what people with think about them and how many times mentioning what you do is too many. I don’t know if it’s because they don’t know their frickin’ niche/industry like they should, or they simply don’t really want to grow a massive fucking’ online empire. But seriously. Swallow your fucking insecurities and doubts and just bloody do it. People cannot buy your stuff if they don’t even know you exist. And, well. Fuck what some people think about you – those who mind don’t matter and those who matter don’t mind. In fact. They love the shit out of that stuff BECAUSE the more you tell them what you do the faster they learn that YOU are the person they need to help them to get from point A to point B. And, don’t forget that once you’ve told them what you do… ASK FOR THE SALE. It’s pointless talking it up and getting them wanting more (aka: to work with you) and leaving them with no idea how they can do that.

10 steps to aTTracting your ideal SOULMATE clients... 12) INVEST IN YOURSELF:

editors column

with laura francis

'... GET Honestly, this is up there with one of the bestest INTERVIEWED FOR things you can EVER do for yourself, for a variety of reasons. Firstly, when you invest in yourself PODCASTS AND (coaching, mentoring, training, upleveling, etc.) you can help more people at a deeper level (and in MAGAZINES, HOST more ways). YOUR OWN LIVE Now this is a biggie that most people fail to STREAMS ON realise… If you expect people to invest in you (your skills, knowledge, products and programs), FACEBOOK AND you must demonstrate to them that you understand the importance and the value of INSTA, ENGAGE IN investing in yourself. OTHER PEOPLES Your prospects knowing you readily invest in yourself encourages them to do the same. FACEBOOK GROUPS By investing in yourself your basically giving yourWHERE YOUR IDEAL soulmate clients permission to DO the same SOUL-LEVEL and telling them that doing so is. perfectly. OK. CLIENTS ARE Perfectly normal. That it’s even expected. HANGING OUT.'

10 steps to aTTracting your ideal SOULMATE clients...

editors column

with laura francis

LET ME BREAK IT DOWN REAL SIMPLE-LIKE FOR YOU BABY-CAKES: Always be doing the internal (know thyself). Always be the truest version of you. Always be peeling back the layers. Always be sharing your truth. Always be connecting and conversing. Always be showing up online. Always be revealing your personality. Always be giving massive value. Always be seeking exposure (I’m not saying you need to share nude selfies, but if that’s your jam then go all-in, be unapologetic about it). Always be fucking relentless. Always be talking about who and how you help. Always be willing to invest in yourself. Right. I reckon that just about covers it. Now that you’ve got all of this badassed goodness at your fingertips (and in your eye balls), don’t let it go to waste.  Get the fuck out there and put it into practice. Trust me. You’ll thank me for it!

Want some help to use your message to identify and attracting your soulmate clients... Want to know which offers and products will resonate with them the most and make them want to buy you're stuff... ... So you can blow up your sales and make 10k, 30k and 50k+ months your new normal?

In 90 days or less? If you're sitting there nodding your head and saying FUCK YEAH! and you'll like to chat about how together - we can do that... I have one spot remaining to work with me privately for 3 months. Click this link and let's see if you're a fit!


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When you undervalue what you do, the world will undervalue who you are.

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I bought the Sacred Rebels Oracle Deck, by Alana Fairchild, about 18 months ago and it's my #1 fav and I use it almost daily. When I pull a card I can feel the magical energy augmenting and strengthening around me - it's as though the electrical charge in the air is intensified.

about Sacred Rebels Oracle

This stunning deck is dedicated to YOU you who want to live your own, unique, inspired life and share your light with the world as a sacred offering.

The Sacred Rebels Oracle is for those that are ready to celebrate and nurture their individuality. When you are a Sacred Rebel you want to be fully alive and express your authentic truths. You want to help heal the world, even when that means shaking things up. Sacred Rebels love life and refuse to believe that manifesting their dreams is impossible! This oracle deck is filled with striking imagery and beautiful heartfelt guidance to support you in awakening your sacred rebellious heart, so that you will trust in your own uniqueness and authenticity, and honour your creative power!

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how I made 50k in 2 days by: malaine lea I made 50k in 2 days and you can too! Enough of thinking that the rules apply to everyone else. Enough of thinking that you do not matter enough or are not worthy enough of having an abundance of money in your life. Enough. Before I share how I created success let me share why I can totally relate to you… For almost three decades I worked my butt off to have a decent lifestyle. By decent I mean my spending allowance was about 20 dollar a day (barely). Early mornings and late nights, I worked. Everything was always about work, not passion, not purpose, just work. I usually was falling 


how I made 50k in 2 days

asleep in my car on the way to one job from the other. That was exhausting, not to mention literally deadly. It’s funny how much we are willing to risk to stay committed to our struggle. Being woken up by a horn from an oncoming car was an occurrence that happened more than once. Not cool my friends, not cool. Living life in automatic. For me the struggle always seemed to be super real and the struggle was the only way I perceived I could be successful. Life was hard, money was limited, and I was not happy. I once worked a bartending shift with a fever of 102 degrees. INSANITY! This condition was nearly worthy of the emergency room attention, but I needed the money. I thought if I didn’t go to work, I would not make the week’s bills. The struggle was real or so it seemed. The struggle was the only way I related to others, to my life, to the world. Boy, was I wrong. It’s hard to know how wrong you are when you do have anyone around you doing life differently.


how I made 50k in 2 days

Do you make moves based on fear when it comes to money? Do you constantly make decisions based on whether or not you have money? Do you constantly worry about finances and money? How I began to create my life took a conscious choice to let go of the struggle, to let go of the fear and to embrace changing my thoughts, habits and actions.

Here’s how I made 50k in 2 days and YOU CAN TOO! Lean into what lights you up and brings you bliss. What makes you feel good, what do you really enjoy doing? Do more of that. Lean into what makes you feel good. Lean into the things that bring you passion. Stop worrying about the “how” of whether or when it will yield you profits and trust it will happen. Invet In A Business Coach Seriously investing in yourself will show the universe you believe you are worthy enough for others to invest in you. When we invest in ourselves we create the ease in the ability to sell ourselves and our products to others. Why? Because you know truthfully that you would spend the money you are asking for.

how I made 50k in 2 days

Make a simple inspired action strategy plan. Stop taking forced crazy action. Take simple inspired action. Every morning for the next thirty days get up and meditate with the intention of gaining clarity on what your next steps are. Work with your coach to put them into play too. Take massive action that is inspired, feels good and is not a push to do. Believe in yourself every single moment of the day. You need to believe and trust that everything is always working out in favor of you. Otherwise it will not work. What you focus on grows. So focus on your business thriving, expanding and believe like crazy that it will. The bottom line is that I am not different or more special than you. You too can have massive success; you too can make 50k in 2 days. Believe in you.

'Until the day my desire to change became greater than my fear of change. I was never going to be “ready” and to be honest you will never be “ready” either.' Malaine Lea is a Lifestyle Architect & Wealth/Luxury Mindset Coach. As a women of faith and divinity she has supported hundred of women to find their power, worth and abundance. Her mission is for every women to be able to stand abundantly in their divine goddess power while claiming ever desire they want. She is on a mission to make sure no women every says no to herself or life because of money.  Through her own experience, strength and hope along with her studies in transformation workshops, energy work, spiritual work and professional experience, she has cultivated earth shattering, life changing formulas to help women truly MASTER THEIR LIVES. Malaine has been featured in Inspired Coach Magazine, Goddess on the Go Events, YFS Magazine, Sustainable Success Lounge, Elephant Journal, Addicted to Success Podcast with Joel Brown. 

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Issue #4, August 2018 Badassery Unleashed Magazine  
Issue #4, August 2018 Badassery Unleashed Magazine