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Pleasure Games Book one—Pleasure Control Synopsis

In order to prove to the Grant Governing board that they are close to producing a libido suppressant, scientists Laura Manning and Jay Cutler must use themselves as guinea pigs.

Jay fulfills his role by injecting himself with the serum. requires candlelight, soft music, and silky lingerie. him.

Laura’s role

Her job is to entice

If he gets aroused they will know the libido suppressant failed.

Since Jay gravitates toward tall, waify blondes, a complete contrast to Laura’s petite, curvaceous frame, she is both surprised and thrilled that the man she’s been lusting after for months wants her to try to seduce him.

Hours after taking the suppressant, Jay shows up at Laura’s apartment ready to test the stability of the serum.

Clad in silky lingerie, Laura decides

that if she has to get undressed, Jay should too. see Little Jay, to observe his response.

After all, she needs to

In no time at all, their

scientific pursuit turns into a sexy, seductive game.

One thing leads to

another and they find themselves engaged in heavy foreplay.

Lost in Jay’s touch, his kisses, and his scent, Laura is secretly pleased that the formula failed. affect more than her body.

During their intimate encounter, Jay’s touches They affect her heart.

Their play is halted when they get a phone call from lab security informing them that the lab has been broken into. have

Laura discovers that the vials

been tampered with and the serum Jay had taken earlier that day was a libido enhancer, not a suppressant.

Since Jay has never paid attention to her sexually, she naturally assumes this is why they ended up becoming intimate.

Emotionally distraught, she

discusses this with her lab assistant.

Knowing Laura and Jay must test the formula again, her assistant makes a suggestion. the vials.

If Laura wants to finish what they started she should switch As much as she wants to be with Jay again, Laura could never

bring herself to do such an immoral thing.

Outside the lab, Jay sees a whole new side to Laura.

A side he suspects

exists, but is kept hidden underneath her pristine lab coat. intimate


encounter awakens an emotional part of him, and has left him longing for more.

All of her.

Inside the bedroom and out.

Wanting to be with her again, physically and emotionally, Jay pretends to take the serum.

Later that morning they make wild passionate love against

the bathroom wall.

Because Jay is so feral and aroused, Laura fears that

her assistant has switched the vials and he, once again, has taken the enhancer.

She gathers her courage and confesses this information.

Jay is thrilled to discover that Laura’s secret desire was to finish what

they had started.

In turn he admits that he didn’t take the formula.


she appears confused, Jay goes on to explain that he loves her and wants to be with her--forever.

Laura is overjoyed to discover Jay didn’t need an enhancer to want her. That he loves her for who she is.

Elated and in love, they decide they don’t ever want to suppress their desires and decide to find someone else to test the potion.

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