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Become a Crusader What does it mean to “Become a Crusader?” Simply put, Belmont Abbey College has a rich history of encouraging students to develop a passion for learning and building so as to double their talents and leave the world a better place. What is your dream? Do you want to be a doctor who has a better understanding of your patients? Want to start your own company? Help manage a professional sports


Belmont Abbey provides an outstanding academic opportunity, a rich college experience in a beautiful location where you will make friends for life.

team? Teach children how

As a Catholic Benedictine institution

to learn and watch the

of higher learning founded in 1876,

light bulbs go on? Argue

we welcome students from around the

before the Supreme

country and the world, and ready them

Court? Become a counselor who helps

to tackle the challenges of the 21st

the emotional life of the patient? Not

century by providing a foundation they

sure yet, but want a great education

can trust and build upon throughout

that will prepare you to take on the

the course of their lives.

world when you do figure it out?

“The Abbey is simply one of the most unique schools in the United States. I can say that unequivocally, because I looked at more than one

Whatever your crusade in life is,

hundred colleges before I

Belmont Abbey College is the place to

chose to come here.”

discover it, to nurture it, to make that

Rebekah Weber

dream become a reality.

Wichita, Kansas


Uniquely the Abbey…

The Wall Street Journal found what we’re doing here so intriguing, they did a front-page article on Belmont Abbey.

What makes a small Catholic college in North Carolina so unique that our alumni go on to accomplish some of the most amazing things imaginable?

Belmont Abbey College was named one of the top 50 “All-American Colleges” by the Intercollegiate Studies Institute and one of the top Catholic colleges in the United States by the Cardinal Newman Society.

According to the National Survey of Student Engagement, here’s what students are saying about their experience at The Abbey: Academics: Over

Athletics: What’s

Spirituality: Our

Location: The most

80% of our faculty

better than watching

Catholicity guarantees

important thing in real

have doctoral

sports? Playing them,

a welcome to all.

estate is “Location,

degrees. This means

of course. For many

We wouldn’t be

location, location.” This

you will enjoy the


authentically Catholic

is also important when

benefits of an

the Abbey is the

or Benedictine

choosing a college. The

education provided

“sweet spot.” We’re a

otherwise. After all,

Abbey’s beautiful, scenic

by seasoned experts


over 1500 years of

campus with its Gothic

in their fields who

Division II school.

Benedictine tradition

brick buildings is just

care about you and

Our coaches help

have taught us to

minutes from uptown

know you by name

you to participate in

welcome others “in

Charlotte–the nation’s

–not by part-time

competition, to win

persona Christi,” as

second largest banking

teacher’s assistants.

at your sport, and to

Christ himself.

city, a major international

We’ve invested in

succeed in your life.

airport, and the U.S.

your educational

Olympic Whitewater


training center. Its beautiful and temperate climate allows you to enjoy being outside all year long.

89% of first year students report a favorable image of this institution. 83% of seniors would choose this school again if they could start their college career over. 84% of first year students feel that this institution has a substantial commitment to their academic success. 88% of first year students feel that this institution places substantial emphasis on academics.

Just a small sample of our prestigious alumni: • A NASA flight surgeon • The nation’s youngest congressman in the U.S. House of Representatives • A two-term governor • The head of the Baseball Hall of Fame • The former head of the Speed Channel • An NBC News international correspondent • President of a Catholic college • Oprah Winfrey’s investment manager

Majors and Minors Majors

The Abbey has just the right mix of

have guided many others before you.

academic programs to allow you to

The faculty are dedicated to helping you

follow your dream with great one-on-one

learn, and will mentor you so that you can

advice from dedicated professors who

succeed in college and in life.

It’s the study of…

At the Abbey you will…


systems for recording, presenting, and interpreting financial accounts and data for businesses, organizations, and government


how organisms live and reproduce with focus on the identification, join a long line of Biology Majors who have had a 100% origins, history, function, as well as characteristics of plants and acceptance rate into graduate or medical schools habits of animals


business ethics, leadership qualities and skills, creative and critical thinking, decision-making and problem-solving using strategies, tools, techniques, and communication skills, as well as understanding globalization and diversity in the U.S. workplace and marketplace

become an independent learner and thinker with the knowledge, skills, discipline, and ethics needed for personal and career success • learn to manage business systems and resources

Criminal Justice

criminal behavior, legal processes, law enforcement, court management, and correctional treatments

attempt to explain crime and criminal behavior at the societal and individual level, think critically and creatively about crime and other social problems, develop empirically-supported solutions to these problems

Educational Studies theories of how children learn and develop, and how such education can be optimized

have internship opportunities in the 2nd largest banking city in the U.S. • learn best practices in accounting • focus on ethics and communication as well as functional areas of accounting (financial, tax, and auditing)

learn to support children’s learning in a variety of settings

Elementary Education

the development of appropriate learning experiences for children in kindergarten through grade six (K-6)

prepare for North Carolina teacher licensure • learn to make wise and ethical decisions • prepare for an elementary teaching career


key works of British and American Literature

develop a life-long appreciation of literature, and verbal skills in speech and writing

Government and Political Philosophy

important questions, issues, and facts of political life as well as of the actual ordering of communities of the past and present

become familiar with the major figures of political philosophy and the structure and operation of the American polity


past human experience – social issues, politics, economics, religion, and art – as a key to understanding the present

analyze and explore the human potential for both good and evil across many centuries and within diverse cultures • gain a thorough understanding of the tradition of Western Civilization and the currents of political, ecclesial, social, and conceptual changes throughout its formation

You’ll enjoy this if you…

You’ll be prepared for…

have well-developed math skills • approach challenges and processes analytically • are detail oriented and organize information well

corporate accounting • auditing for public or private firms • taxation or government work • law or graduate studies • banking and finance positions

want to explore how living systems work • are strong in science and math • enjoy lab work • want to understand the created order

medical, dental, and graduate school • food and drug research and development • forensic medicine • environmental protection • research and teaching • business

want to motivate and lead people in a competitive business environment working in a variety of business positions • team leadership • engaging in • have broad interests in business functions such as marketing, finance, diverse business functions including, marketing, finance, and operations etc. • organize information well • are an ethical decision maker • want to learn to be a good steward of resources are committed to the search for truth and societal justice • enjoy sociology

law enforcement • investigative and correctional agencies • municipal, state, and federal court systems • law school • public administration

love working with children in a support capacity • are patient • possess strong communication skills

non-profit work • museum education • daycare management/ownership • teacher assistant • tutoring in for-profit companies

enjoy teaching children • like a variety of subjects • are an excellent communicator • have a creative mind • are patient and have a strong character

teaching grade school (K-6) • counseling • coaching • school administration

possess strong communication skills • like English, History and the social sciences • enjoy writing and thinking critically and creatively

teaching • law, business, or graduate school • advertising and public relations • journalism • grantwriting for corporations and non-profit organizations

enjoy learning about politics, law, and societal issues • posses strong communication skills • like reading • enjoy writing and thinking critically and creatively

public office • law, business, or graduate school • teaching • journalism

enjoy history and reading • have a good memory and logical, orderly mind • enjoy learning about different cultures and their social and structural transformation

many different career opportunities, including teaching • librarianship • business • government • law • museum and archival work • social work • different forms of ministry


It’s the study of…

At the Abbey you will…


abstract reasoning and quantitative manipulation

apply your knowledge to a wide range of mathematics • develop an understanding of animate and inanimate systems • learn how physical laws shed light on the building blocks of the world

Motorsports Management

business careers in the multi-billion dollar motorsports industry, through partnerships with sanctioning bodies, teams, tracks, media, sponsors, agencies and attractions

learn in the first four-year business degree of its kind • have access to top industry leaders, teams, media, sponsors, agencies and attractions • have the opportunity to intern at hundreds of local businesses in the Charlotte area


understanding psychology as the scientific study of behavior, mental processes, and emotion using scientific methods, and applying such study for the promotion of human welfare

understand and evaluate psychological research presented in the popular press • understand the role of theory in psychology • develop research skills and understand the role of evidence in psychology • understand the dynamics of the human person as an individual, as a member of a family, as a member of a group, and as a member of a community

Sports Management

the technical, interpersonal, and conceptual skills required to function as an effective sport manager in today’s complex sport environment

learn how to plan, manage, and lead contemporary sport organizations in a virtuous and ethical manner • understand the governance structure of various sport organizations • learn the legal and regulatory environment of contemporary sport


Christian faith as an academic discipline that enables students to understand the human condition, Western civilization, and contemporary affairs in the light of Scripture and Tradition

study theology rooted in our Catholic, Benedictine tradition • learn in a place where your spirit is strengthened and your soul is nourished • have the opportunity to spend time with the monks in our monastic community


Life at all levels: the exploration of the sub-cellular and cellular structure of organisms, their anatomy and function, and their relationship to the rest of the natural world

learn the structure and function of organisms and their ecology, taxonomy, metabolic processes, genetics and physiology


the natural world as one means of coming to know the truth

study fundamental chemical principles • gain an appreciation of the physical nature of the natural world • learn about the chemical and energy changes that occur in the world

Computer Science

programming, computer hardware, and their interactions

learn about programming in general, the operation of a computer at a high level, and the theory of computing

Computer Studies

how useful computers are in a variety of settings

customize your own minor by selecting a coherent set of approved courses allowing you to learn how computers can be used in areas of interest to you


You’ll enjoy this if you…

You’ll be prepared for…

have a strong background in mathematics • enjoy thinking critically and solving problems • are analytical and organized in your thought process

engineering • teaching • insurance actuaries • computer programming • graduate school

enjoy racing • want to motivate and lead people in a competitive business environment • have broad interests in business functions such as marketing, finance, etc. • organize information well • are an ethical decision maker • possess good communication skills

a career in motorsports management including marketing, communications. finance, operations, and support • team and sports management • graduate or business school • a wide range of business career possibilities

are fascinated by the human person, group, family, and marriage working in a variety of business positions • team leadership • counseling • dynamics • are a good listener • comfortable with empirical data • psychiatry • psychologist • criminal investigator • pastoral guidance • church recognize the inherent self-worth of the human person as created by God work • organizational behavior and human resources • want to help others with their problems

enjoy athletics and sports • like working with people • have well developed communication skills • want to motivate and lead people • have an interest in finance, marketing, and operations

coaching • team and sports management • marketing, communications, economics, law, and operations as it relates to sports

are a reflective person • enjoy historical theology, biblical studies, and moral theology • like reading

graduate school • pastoral work • service to your diocese, archdiocese, or the Church at large • work in political campaigns and organizations

like to learn about bacteria, plants and animals, have an organized and disciplined mind, and enjoy being challenged

a focus upon environmental law in a law school setting, pursuit of business opportunities relating to the environment, work in sports related fields, entrance to graduate programs in sports science, kinesiology, athletic training, or teaching

are strong in science and math • enjoy lab work • like to work independently

medical, law, dental, and graduate school • chemistry research and teaching • pharmaceutical research and development

think logically and enjoy automating processes with machines

using computers in engineering, the sciences, and mathematics • graduate studies in computer science, if you combine this with a mathematics degree

enjoy using the computer and see yourself using computers extensively in your career

using computers to assist in a variety of careers • graduate studies


It’s the study of…

At the Abbey you will…

Information Systems the analysis, specifications, use, or management of computerlearn introductory programming or web site development skills based information systems without extensive training in computer • understand information systems design or how information programming systems are managed • understand files, databases, and database access Information Technology

the management of information technology resources (including computers and telecommunications) in an organization

learn some of the technical aspects of information technology, current uses, and management issues


human behavior as expressed through the production and distribution of goods, services, and scarce resources

learn how microeconomics and macroeconomics affect the profitability, cost, and accessibility of goods and services • learn from published economists who have an understanding of the World Economy and how it affects businesses and governments in the 21st century


promoting commitment among students to serve and to be advocates for those most vulnerable in society, children

study children’s literature • become familiar with different perspectives in education • gain an understanding of educational development and psychology • learn to make wise and ethical decisions


how to start and run your own company or invest in other emerging companies

understand the legal environment of business • learn the role of financing a startup or existing business • become familiar with product innovation and development • have internship opportunities in numerous areas of business

International Studies necessary language skills and social tools to enter into dialogue with and learn from the many diverse cultures of our world today

learn how to promote worldwide understanding • understand how business, economics, history, languages, government, political philosophy, and theology affect diverse world cultures

Justice and Peace Studies

the world’s major problems together with responsible social response guided by Catholic social teachingz

study socioeconomic conditions or potential changes in those conditions affecting justice/peace • learn about sociopolitical philosophies or movements • study the relationships between individual human existence and the larger social or natural world


disciplines that hone the particular skills needed for success in law study skills needed for the LSAT examination and to prepare school one for the rigors of law school • become familiar with the logic of arguments • learn about Constitutional and business law

Theatre Arts

performing, informing, and entertaining people through storytelling, acting, set and costume design, direction, and technical support

develop your skills in the technical and creative aspects of theatre • have the opportunity to perform in the longest running theatre in North Carolina

You’ll enjoy this if you…

You’ll be prepared for…

are proficient with computers • have a logical and organized approach to managing information • think analytically

careers in Systems Support, Database Maintenance, diagnosing potential systems security issues • business • engineering and graduate studies in information systems if you combine this with a business degree

are interested in how computers and networks work and would like a career in the management of information technology

careers in information technology leading toward management positions • consulting positions for small organizations • graduate studies in information technology, if you combine this with a business degree.

excel in math and social sciences • have a disciplined and analytical mind • enjoy staying up to date on the most recent economic challenges facing today’s world

banking • investing • economics research and teaching • marketing and sales • government service • graduate school • domestic and international trade

enjoy teaching children • like a variety of subjects • are an excellent communicator • have a creative mind • are patient and have a strong character

parenting • assistant teaching • counseling • coaching • early childhood education

want to start your own business • are creative • have broad interest in business functions like marketing, finance, and operations • believe in the value of risk • are energetic and see problems as potentials for improvement

starting and running your own business • working with other entrepreneurs

enjoy traveling to new places and experiencing new cultures • like to learn from other societies around the world • have an open mind • have strong language skills

law, graduate, and business schools • international business • governmental and private international organizations • international journalism • teaching

have a strong ethical conscience • are open minded • enjoy helping others and working towards the greater good • are a strong leader and communicator

victim advocacy • graduate and law school • social work • child welfare • lobbying

are committed to freedom • have a sharp and analytical mind • seek truth • possess strong communication skills

law school • business • graduate school

are artistic and creative • enjoy engaging people • have a love of acting • appreciate and have a flair for performing arts

acting on stage or on film • directing • designing • graduate school

Dr. Gerald Malsbary serves as the Director of FYS. He selects from the talented faculty professors that are devoted to first year students.

Dr. Gerald Malsbary

You will have the skills you need for

B.A. in Classics, University of California, Berkeley

success. Dr. Malsbary also teaches

M.A. in Classics, University of California, Berkeley

Latin and Greek in his spare time.

Ph.D. Medieval Studies, University of Toronto

Crusaders for the Classics Classical skills for today’s employers! A recent survey of Human Resource heads

All singled out writing as a major problem with

Dr. Gerald Malsbary serves as the Director of FYS.

and employers asked what essential skills were

new college grads. First-Year Symposium (FYS)

He selects from the talented faculty professors

required for success in today’s marketplace

is designed to develop these skills. Classes are

who are devoted to first year students. You will

that they noticed were lacking in most college

small and encourage interaction. The professor

have the skills you need for success. Dr. Malsbary

graduates. All identified the same three areas:

of your FYS is selected especially to help you

also teaches Latin and Greek in his spare time.

• Teamwork/collaboration • Communication in writing and presentation • Creativity

develop your ability to write clearly, present yourself and ideas lucidly, and to interact with your peers in meaningful and creative ways.

At the Abbey you will acquire the classical skills that will prepare you for any successful career in the 21st century.

Crusaders for the Classics The Honors Institute: Great Students Studying Great Ideas The Honors Institute is a small learning

state, and how the great ideas from the

community within the college.

great works of the Western tradition

Honors’ students can go to any college or university in the land, but they pick the Abbey precisely for the Honors Institute.

B.A., Assumption College B.Th., University of Ottawa M.A., University of Chicago Ph.D., University of Chicago

process, you’ll learn how to write, how to argue, how to listen, how to debate, and how to present your ideas in community with other students. These skills will

While honors students can select

position you well for graduate school, for

from a wide assortment of majors and

law or medical school, or for the market

disciplines, all receive an outstanding


academic foundation.

Dr. Eugene Thuot

have shaped our civilization today. In the

Dr. Gene Thuot is the director of the

The courses for the Institute are rigorous

Honors Institute. He plays a special

and based on the Great Books tradition.

role in the intellectual formation of the

You’ll read the great works from classic

students in The Honors Institute. He

thinkers, like Plato, Aristotle, Descartes,

knows and counsels each student to

Locke, and many others.

develop their potential to the utmost.

You will reflect and write on what

Classical skills for the 21st

constitutes a happy life, what is a just

century world.

Crusader for Words “At the Abbey, we want our students to learn to write by reading some of the most eloquent texts ever produced, and we want them to read about ideas that heighten their understanding of the past, present, and future.” – Dr. Angela Miss “There’s nothing to writing,” Hall

We threw out much of today’s

of Fame sportswriter Red Smith

most popular collegiate writing

reportedly quipped. “All you do is

anthologies and created an

sit down at a typewriter and open a

anthology that’s custom-made


for Abbey students: The Belmont

The Abbey has a refreshingly

Abbey College Reader.

different attitude about writing

With it, you’ll be given the skills to

instruction. We’re so passionate

think logically and carefully and you

about teaching good writing, we’ve

will develop the extraordinary writing

created a

and speaking skills that will serve


you in all aspects of your personal


and professional lives.

program that may well serve as a model for other colleges and universities.

The Abbey will help you always to

Dr. Angela Miss

remember that the truth matters –

B.A., University of Georgia

and words can help lead us there!

M.A., University of Georgia Ph.D., University of Georgia

Interaction is key for success in college and for success in life. At the Abbey, you will interact with your fellow students. You’re not a number here– #122 out of 350 in your class. You matter! Your fellow student colleagues matter!

Crusader for Justice

The commitment to the search for truth and societal justice. You know the world is a fallen place. You

She witnessed first hand the pain and

hate to see wrongs go unpunished. You

disruption that crime causes. Her Catholic

want to understand the causes of

faith called her to teach others how

the imbalance in society, and be an

to become an instrument of justice,

agent that restores that balance.

how to balance the scales and make

Truth, justice, and order are not

a difference in this fractured world.

simply words or ideas for you. At the Abbey, students learn from each other as well as from our great faculty. You are not alone in your college experience. The student to student dynamic facilitates learning and mastering the material, which makes college a whole lot more fun.

You are a crusader for justice.

LAW OFFICE OF You will learn how to understand social


problems; develop empirically-supported

solutions to these problems; strengthen BLACK

Belmont Abbey’s faculty in Criminal

Justice will aid you in your quest. Prior to her career in education, Julia Beeman was a police officer and a court administrator.

your oral and written communication skills; and explore the ethical issues surrounding the professional field of criminal justice.

Crusader for Kids Dr. Sara Davis Powell is a dedicated educator. She loves watching children’s eyes light up when they grow in understanding. A noted author and professor, Dr. Powell is committed to teaching our students how to be great teachers, imaginative educators of children, and crusaders for kids. It is said that teaching is not a job, not a profession, but a calling. As an Elementary Education major, you will learn how children learn and will be given the tools to help those children gain a love of learning. You are an investor and we will help you learn how to best invest in children who are the future. You will join a group of Elementary Education majors who are highly sought out by school districts throughout the country.

Dr. Powell is widely regarded as an expert in childhood education. She is an advocate of active student engagement and is a frequent speaker at regional and national conferences, where her enthusiasm for teaching and love for her students has proven contagious.

Dr. Sara Davis Powell is an accomplished author, educator, and a mom of four

Dr. Sara Davis Powell | Professor of Education

grown sons. Her books have reshaped how

B.S., in Mathematics, Southern Nazarene University

elementary education is understood and

M.A.T., in Math Education, University of Colorado

taught at institutions throughout the country.

Ph.D., in Administration, Supervision, and Curriculum Development, University of Colorado

But her most treasured role is evidenced in her love for children and how they best learn.

Dr. Ronald Thomas Assistant Professor of Theology B.A., University of Memphis M. Div., Emory University Ph.D., University of Cambridge

When the Thomas family lived in England, Dr. Thomas’ three-yearold son told his friends, “All my Dad likes to do is lounge around cathedrals.” Dr. Thomas maintains his passion for church architecture.

Crusader for Faith Saint Anselm of Canterbury defined theology as “faith seeking understanding.” Faith is a gift, but do you understand that faith and how it has been discussed, debated, formed, and handed down in the last 2,000 years? At Belmont Abbey College you will. Grounded in Catholicism and Benedictinism,

and brings it to fulfillment, so faith builds

Belmont Abbey students understand the

upon and perfects reason.”

human condition, Western civilization, and contemporary affairs in the light of Scripture and Tradition. You will come to understand that faith and reason are partners in the human search for truth.

Theology faculty members, like Professor Ronald Thomas, are among the best in the country. They will help you to better understand what it means to have faith, how to read the great texts of the tradition, and how

As Pope John Paul II writes in Fides et

to think well about God, the Church, the

Ratio, paragraph 43: “Faith therefore has

Bible, and the central religious and moral

no fear of reason, but seeks it out and has

questions of the day.

trust in it. Just as grace builds on nature

Faith Seeking Understanding

Crusader for Success Although your college years can be some of the best and most fulfilling in your life, we also want you to be prepared to go forward to affect the world positively. NASA flight surgeon Joe Schmid, M.D., MPH, Abbey alum, U.S. Air Force Colonel, and aquanaut holds the Belmont Abbey College pennant while aboard the Aquarius, the world’s only undersea research laboratory. Dr. Schmid has

Our Office of Career Development was created for that very purpose. Belmont Abbey’s location offers more

Our extensive internships offer complete

than just spectacular weather, it affords

career development services, including a

tremendous economic opportunities.

web-based skill and interest assessment,

Located just miles from the growing city of Charlotte, our students have access to many companies, banks, and industries that

personalized career coaching, and early notification of full- and part-time job positions.

have made this area their headquarters.

We’re here to coach you in resume/

missions, including three to the

Those companies come to campus to

cover letter writing, how to search for

International Space Station.

interview students. Our students procure

your preferred position, and practical

incredible internships in the region. That

interviewing skills. The office assists with

practical, real world experience coupled

internship searches by maintaining a long

with a first-rate education is the recipe for

list of contacts and a constantly updated


database of available internships.

Led by professional corporate trainer

Students will also have the opportunity to

Stephannie Miles, the Office of Career

participate in career and internship-related

Development will do everything possible

seminars and workshops, on-campus

to ensure your success, both on and off

interviewing, as well as annual career fairs.

been the crew surgeon for five shuttle

Captain Henry Mitchell, ‘07 made time while stationed in Iraq to show his love of Belmont Abbey College as well as his love of country.

campus. You’ll gain a competitive advantage in a challenging professional environment.

Stephannie Miles is a professional corporate trainer. Her experience in the business world enables her to know, on a first-hand basis, what corporate leaders want to see in their new hires. She and her staff work closely with each student to help mine particular talents, define career and post-college options, and refine the skills needed to achieve those goals.

Crusader for Safety In a dangerous world it’s comforting to know that someone is watching over us. Chief Shane Starnes heads the

Belmont Abbey College Police

Belmont Abbey Police Department.

enjoy their work. They love the

Chief Starnes has 23 years of law enforcement experience, including 13 years of Campus Police work. He served six years on a S.W.A.T. team, and two years in a Special Operations Unit, and is a decorated

students, the faculty, the monks, and the staff of our community. They ensure that the peaceful atmosphere of the campus is a reality allowing you to study, have fun, and enjoy your education.

veteran of law enforcement with

We sleep better at night because

medals of valor, meritorious

of them and you will too.

achievement, meritorious conduct, and is ranked among the top 40 Campus Law Enforcement Administrators in the Nation by University Business and Leadership Institute. Shane Starnes is a crusader for safety.

Crusader for Community One of the classic hallmarks of the Benedictines is to live in community. Renee Agner is Dean of Residential Life and brings fifteen years of experience in making a home away from home for our students. BAC residence halls bring together students from 38 different states and many foreign countries. They learn together how to live joyfully, interact respectfully, and how to grow in community. Community requires that one

Our residence halls provide a

interact daily with other people home away from home, with and learn to put the needs of

many activities, a helpful staff,

others first. At Belmont Abbey

and skills gained along the way.

College students come from 38 different states and many foreign countries. They live, study, and work together.

Students learn with and from each other, and they have a blast in the process. They make friends for life.

The Abbey is just minutes from uptown Charlotte, NC, one of the nation’s top cities for business opportunities and growth.

Crusaders for Commerce

Dr. Gary Scott

You like the fast pace of business. You thrive on the challenge of how

B.A. Bowling Green State

to make a product better, how to market it, how to sell it, and how to reap the rewards of your efforts. You are a Crusader for Commerce! You are a resourceful person. As a young

you are interested in Accounting, Banking,

kid, you had a lemonade stand that turned

Marketing, or Economics. Our faculty will

a profit and you were hooked. You look at

teach you the skills you need to succeed,

lemons and see an opportunity. Belmont

maximize your instinctive resourcefulness,

Abbey business faculty will help you get to

and optimize your potential.

the next level.

With a solid liberal arts core and the

Our entrepreneurial program will connect

polished skills you gain from our business

you with local business men and women who

program, you will be ready for the job

have built a business and they will share

market. You will be ready for the big

with you how you can do the same.Perhaps


M.A. Economics Bowling Green State Ph.D. Economics University of Notre Dame. Dr. Gary Scott is the Chair of the Business Department. Trained as an economist, Dr. Scott is a noted author, and is highly sought out for commentary on television programs and in the popular media. But he came to Belmont Abbey because he wants to form a new generation of business professionals.

Crusaders for Commerce Dr. Travis Feezell heads our popular Sports Management Major. He is beloved as a professor, is dedicated to his students, and knows how to link them to professional teams and sports organizations around the country. Sports is big business. Many of our graduates are working in the N.F.L., the N.B.A., the P.G.A. They are making their mark in the field of Sports Management.

Bruce Mosely is our Executive in Residence for our nationally recognized Motorsports Management Major. After a successful executive career in the multi-billion dollar motorsports industry, Mr. Mosely came to The Abbey to teach our students how to succeed in the fast lane of motorsports. Working closely with Dr. Feezell, Mr. Mosely places our students in practical internships that help to apply what they learn in the classroom to where the rubber meets the road. The wheels of commerce don’t just turn by themselves. They require the engine of smart, hard working people. Our faculty will prepare you for the business challenges of tomorrow. They will hone your innate talent, instruct you in the best business practices, and ready you to be a Crusader for Commerce.

Crusader for Science Abbey Biology majors’ acceptance rate into pharmacy and veterinary graduate schools is 100%, with 90% acceptance into medical school. Dr. Jennifer Ellington has a passion for science. She is rigorous in the classroom and labs and expects the most from her students. You’ll learn how to observe the world around you, to understand the complex systems in which organisms live, to respect the detail and repetition of experiments, and the logic necessary for sound deductions. She is a crusader for science. Are you?

Jennifer Ellington Assistant Professor of Biology B.S., Siena College M.S., University of North Carolina-Charlotte Ph.D., Wake Forest University

Crusader for the Mind Psychology is one of Belmont Abbey

they feel well-prepared to meet the

College’s fastest growing fields of

demands of their jobs or graduate

study. Students are drawn to it as


they seek to understand who the human person is, how the person behaves, as an individual and in context with other human beings.

Dr. Diana Elliott Associate Professor of Psychology B.S., University of New Hampshire M.Ed., University of Houston M.A., Biola University Ph.D., Biola University

Our psychology majors go on to become counselors, lawyers, medical doctors, law enforcement officers, researchers, marketing

You will be given a strong liberal

professionals, and great spouses,

arts education that is valued by

moms and dads.

many employers. Our graduates find that a wide range of jobs are open to them, particularly in “people-

People are complex beings: brain, body,

oriented� areas such as police work,

emotions, behavior, spirit all play a role

teaching, community-based service,

in the makeup of the human person.

nonprofit agencies, management,

Dr. Diana Elliott wants her students to

customer service, and sales.

understand the emotional, intellectual,

Whatever path they chose, our

The human person is a mystery.

graduates consistently tell us that

How we think, how we grow, how

they feel that they were challenged

we feel, how we dream, how we

and supported while here, and that

behave, how we live are endless sources of wonder and worthy of

behavioral, and spiritual complexities of the human person. She is a crusader for the mind. Last summer, Dr. Elliot took a group of teens to Zimbabwe to lend help in the hospitals and medical centers of that

study. If you are intrigued by these

impoverished country. That makes Diana

questions you could be a crusader

Elliott not only a crusader for the mind,

for the mind.

but for the heart as well!

Belmont Abbey’s coaches are dedicated to the success of our studentathletes, on and off the field, on and off the court.

Crusaders for Sport & Virtue Belmont Abbey College coaches love competition. They love to win. But more importantly, as mentors, they love to see our student-athletes distinguish themselves as students and as men and women of impeccable character who are mature, selfless, noble, and who strive for excellence in every arena of their lives. At Belmont Abbey sport is like another

you’ll steel your will to endure and persevere

Championship-winning Division II Athletics:

classroom for our student-athletes.

on and off the field.

Men’s Women’s

You’ll train to win, but you’ll learn so much

Sport at Belmont Abbey is an occupation of

more. Through daily practice you’ll develop

the whole student.

discipline. Through team work you’ll grow to

You’ll learn to develop your mind. This will

be a selfless member of something larger and grander. Through hard work and under the care and expertise of your coaches, you’ll become courageous, generous, gracious, and

perfect your body and optimize performance, while directing you to acknowledge and praise the Creator who provided you with these talents and gifts.

Baseball Softball Basketball Basketball Cross Country

Cross Country

Golf Golf Lacrosse Lacrosse Soccer Soccer Tennis Tennis Track & Field

Track & Field

Volleyball Volleyball Wrestling

Crusaders of Sports If you’re an athlete, you’re going find yourself in very good company.

In the 1960s, Al McGuire, one of the most colorful characters in

A passionate love of sports has been a hallmark of the Abbey since our

college basketball, got his start here as head basketball coach. He

early years.

went on to win an NCAA Division I National Championship in 1977 and

In the 1930s, Babe Ruth brought his New York Yankees teams here for

was inducted into the Hall of Fame.

exhibition games and wowed crowds by launching titanic home runs

One of McGuire’s recruits was a talented New York City player named

into the Carolina sky.

Danny “Sunshine” Doyle. Doyle who joined the NBA after graduating,

Reclaim the Game Dr. William Thierfelder is a two-time Collegiate

what you learn on the field of competition

All-American, an Olympian, and a Sports

can serve you well in life. At Belmont Abbey

Psychologist, but he is also the President of

College sport is a noble endeavor, a quest to

Belmont Abbey and the pioneer of a national

perform at a higher level, and a mission to

movement. Dr. Thierfelder knows that sport

better oneself as a person of character.

and virtue can be integrally linked, so that

Today, Abbey athletics just keeps getting better. We’ve produced a: was known for his flashy behind-the-back passing and tomahawk dunks at


lacrosse team that won the conference title in


woman’s golf team that won the conference title

a time when such things were unheard of in the South. Another head basketball coach, Kevin Eastman, moved up to the NBA

in its second year of existence

and helped guide the 2007-2008 Boston Celtics to their first World Championship in 22 years.

just its third year of existence


men’s golf team that swept the conference finals and earned fifth place nationally

Sport, properly directed, develops character, makes a man courageous, a generous loser,


title two years in a row

and a gracious victor; it refines the senses, gives intellectual penetration, and steels the will to endurance. It is not merely a physical development then. Sport, rightly understood, is an occupation of the whole man, and while perfecting the body as an instrument of the mind, it also makes the mind itself a more refined instrument for the search and communication of truth and helps man to achieve that end to which all others must be subservient, the service and praise of his Creator.

– Pope Pius XII, Sport at the Service of the Spirit - July 29, 1945

women’s soccer team that won the conference


baseball team that came within one game of winning the conference championship


men’s basketball team that stunned the national champions by defeating them in overtime

Crusaders for Ministry “Pastoral ministry is that activity of the University which offers the members of the university community an opportunity to integrate religious and moral principles with their academic study and nonTricia Stevenson oversees a team of

academic activities, thus integrating faith with life.�

Ex Corde Ecclesiae, paragraph 38.

pastoral ministers, FOCUS missionaries, and members of the monastic community, in engaging the students to integrate their faith with their lives.

Campus Ministry welcomes and respects

administrators: it is integral to our daily


activities and to our interactions with

We guide students to reinforce the fundamental Christian values professed

each other, to our very lives.

by the Benedictines, the primacy of

We create a

God in all things. As a Catholic college,

community of faith

we revere the sacred, treasure life,

in the academic

and extol the importance of loving God

environment and

expressed through prayer and service to

assist students in


the formation of a

As a Catholic and Benedictine institution

Christian conscience.

Patrick Ford is Director of Catholic

of higher learning Belmont Abbey

We help students in making good moral

Student Formation and Leadership. He

College welcomes all people from all

judgments according to gospel values

organizes a host of retreats, oversees

walks of life to its campus and treats

and facilitate personal development and

the RCIA program, and directs the

them as another Christ. At such a

human wholeness, developing future

students in the Felix Hintemeyer

campus, our faith life is not incidental

leaders for society and the Church.

Catholic Leadership program.

to our life as students, teachers, and

Benedictine Crusaders Belmont Abbey is a monastery of the Benedictine Confederation. For almost 1500 years, men have become monks according to Saint Benedict’s Rule. Each Benedictine abbey stands independently, with its own unique character. We are a community of about twenty monks, founded in 1876. Although it is located in a

Abbot Placid Solari celebrates the sacred mystery of the Mass, which many students attend.

thriving metropolitan area, the Abbey’s grounds preserve a space of beauty and tranquility for the Abbey and College. In keeping with Saint Benedict’s teaching, the life and work of the monks of Belmont Abbey take place primarily at the Abbey. Some of the monks of Belmont Abbey work in the College. Many students join them for prayer in the historic Basilica, Mary Help of Christians. All make themselves available for spiritual counseling, giving advice on life’s most important lessons, and teaching the ways of wisdom.

Mary Help of Christians Abbey is the given name of the Abbey’s basilica

where monks, students, and members of the community come together for prayer and worship.

A student talks with Fr. Arthur

Pendleton on historic Abbey Lane.

Alumni Crusaders Dr. John E. Munzenrider

Students make such an

Belmont Abbey College has an

Jim Babb is the past president

amazing connection with the

active alumni association which

and CEO of Jefferson-Pilot

Abbey that they often wish

promotes the welfare and

Communications and former member

to celebrate life’s greatest

advancement of the College

of the University of North Carolina

moments here, with the

and its alumni, fosters alumni

Board of Governors.

Abbey family. Abbot Placid

friendships formed during

has officiated many alumni

campus years, and unifies

weddings at the Basilica over

Abbey alumni throughout the

the years.


Charles A. Pol

You’ll belong to a network

While your lives will undergo

British Telecom Americas, Inc.

of thousands of successful

many changes as you begin

individuals who have ventured

your career and family, Abbey

into the world and changed it

Alumni can always refer to the

for the better; and they are

Abbey as “home,” and to your

everywhere. From CEOs of

classmates, friends, the faculty

major corporations to Peace

and the staff as part of your

Corp volunteers working in

“Abbey Family.”

At age 33, Belmont Abbey alum, Patrick McHenry was the youngest member of the United States Congress. McHenry is now serving his fourth term in Congress.

far-flung countries, you will be closely connected to a large and caring family that shares a piece of your heritage and spirit.

Associate Radiation Oncologist, Massachusetts General Hospital Clinical Director, Massachusetts General Hospital-Suffolk University Radiation Sciences Program Associate Professor of Radiation Oncology, Harvard Medical School Massachusetts General Hospital

President and COO

Dr. Gregg T. Tarquinio, Ph.D., MBA, CPA Vice Chairman, Department of Medicine Vanderbilt University

Robert M. Gallagher President and CEO Good Will Publishers, Inc.

Kathy A. Bentley Foreign Service Diplomat U.S. Department of State


What’s Your Crusade? What is your noble cause? What do you want to fight to become? What do you stand for? What is the purpose of your life? What is your Quest?

Come to Belmont Abbey College and discover it!

BAC: Become A Crusader!

Visit. Apply. Enroll. Become a Crusader. You can visit Belmont Abbey College any time! Tours are available Monday through Friday

at 9:00am, 11:00am and 2:00pm EST. Weekend group information sessions and tours are

offered on most Saturdays at 10:00am followed by mass at 11:00am. Call 1.888.222.0110,

scan the QR code, or go to to schedule a visit or sign up for one of our open houses. | 1.888.222.0110

Belmont Abbey College 2012 Viewbook  

2012 Belmont Abbey College Admissions Viewbook

Belmont Abbey College 2012 Viewbook  

2012 Belmont Abbey College Admissions Viewbook