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Class of 2014

Dallas, Texas



BA students learn from those that have been there

Soldier on

By ROSA HENRIQUEZ, ‘15 Staff Writer


n Wednesday, May 14 “Operation Meet a Hero”, founded by Ms. Birdwell, marked its 14th year. Thirty-four veterans came to share their stories of military service with over 300 students during 2nd and 3rd period. The veterans represented all the branches of the US military and their service spanned over 70 years from the 1940s to the present. Military operations included World War II, Korea, Vietnam and the present day operations in Iraq and Afghanistan. Many of the veterans served or were stationed in more than one theater. Several of the participating veterans have connections with BA. Some were alumni while others served as coaches or teachers. Jerry Kaston, who

Sylvan Ray, BA Class of ‘08, makes a point about military service.

taught at Bryan Adams from 1962-1980, has been to “Operation Meet a Hero” more than once. He served in 1954 to 1956 during the Korean War as an official army photographer. “I loved my job in Korea because every day was a challenge,” he said Sylvan Ray, a BA alumnus, graduated in 2008 and was so anxious to serve he enlisted in the US Army during his junior year. He remembers the same event when he was a

student. “Now I’m sitting on this side of the table; I talked to veterans then and now I am one,” he said. Of course many students are interested in hearing about the experiences of the younger vets because of things they might have in common but the real learning comes from those that can relate true history to them. Jacob Hardesty, who has participated in several of

the “Meet a Hero” events, was the oldest veteran at the event. He will turn 97 this month. During World War II Hardesty served in the Coast Artillery Corps. They were responsible for the coastal and harbor defenses of the United States. One student, junior Vanessa Rodriguez, got to speak with a lot of the veterans that served and were stationed all over the world. “I was very surprised when I heard Bryan Adams did things like this with veterans,” she said. “This encouraged me to at least think about going into military service.” Operation Meet a Hero is a one of a kind event for DISD and one that Bryan Adams can be proud of. Ms. Birdwell, a veteran herself and Chairperson of the Social Studies Department, understood the value of the program when she created it. “I love it. I’m so proud of the way our students behave and learn from this event. They represent the school very well,” she said.

National Honor Society Induction Ceremony May 16, 2014

Badges through the years



Seniors Most Embarassing moments “I accidentally kissed Tristen once when we were playing aorund, nothing was intentional” -Jermie Johnson

“In Mr.Gallo’s class when i spilled oil on the bunsen burner in chemistry, he tells everyone now.” -Jazmine Valdez

“When i drove the wrong way on a one way street in front of my art club.” -Carderious Hudson

“I had sticky stuff on my butt the last official day of senior year.” - Alejandra Chavez

“My bun fell off when I was performing.” –Kelsey Bosen

“Crossed dressed as pregnant women, Monday and Tuesday.” -Alvaro Guittierrez

“I spilled milk on my shorts when we were testing.” -Eric Frank Hernandez

“I slipped on an orange in the cafeteria, twirled on the orange and did the splits.” -Jacob Parker

“A girl flicked my boob and i lost all my self-esteem”. -Ismael Rodriguez

“During an award ceremony I feel of the side of the stage.” -Angelica Sanchez

“A former student tossed a condom at my face.” - Rachel Villanveva

“My crush saw my zipper down.”.– Noor Shahed

“I wore capris one day to gym, they ripped and everyone saw.”- Raul Hurtado

“I skipped class one day and my teacher saw me.” -Judy Monarrez

“ I fell off the spring show stage.” -Brandon Keys

“I got pulled over for speeding in the parking lot”.-Calvin Whetstone


What High School Taught Me You can’t always trust what people tell you – Efren Coronado

How to study and manage my time- Cedale Kim

People can’t keep secrets- Marcela Munoz Its fine to half butt it and you can always blame the whole group- Alvaro Gutierrez

Life is only going to get harder- Ismael Rodriguez

A class that cheats together passes togetherRaul Hurtado

“High school taught me not everyone can be nice or straight forward. “ - Sadaf Yasmeen How to stay “Trill”Carderious Hudson

Not to take things so seriously- Shan Clancy

A speedo is always appropriate - Brandon Keys

“It taught me to have patience and how text without looking” - Jymylah Roberts

Absences actually matter- Rachel Villanueva Friends don’t last forever. Oh and how to twerk – Juan Ramirez

What High School DIDNTTeach Me How to meet One Direction- Hannah Martin

How to be a successful player- Vontrick Davidson

It wasnt like high school musical, at all. - Yasmin Lopez

How to pay billsAlondra Villa

How college classes really are- Jessica Galvan

How to live in the outside worldAracely Garza

How to manage my money- Vivian Martinez

How to deal with finances- Maria Mares

How to save money- Maribel Pacheco

Time managementNoor Shahed

How to do laundryAngelica Sanchez

How to twerkIvy Bryant

How to get through a business day- Rachel Villanueva How to deal with fake people- Tyler Mitchell

How to register to vote- Kassandra Zamora


Senior Pet Peeves

Calvin Whetstone- energetic morning people, especially on Mondays, when kids randomly stop in the middle of the hall, especially couples, the way the school is ran, hypocrites, selection in the cougar den. Vontrick Davidson- when other people sell chips, stealing my business. Jermie Johnson- stupid people. Wilmer Argueta- when people ask too many question. Chad Nunez- how teachers always tell us to show the underclassmen how to act. Vanessa Montes- when people bite their nails.

Karina Melendez- when teachers lose work and make me redo it. Baldo Gonzalez- when people skip in the senior line, we’re all eating the same thing Jordan Harvey- when people smack while they’re eating Joseph Godina- people saying this school is ghetto Ayesha Carrington- how people don’t have pride in the school, they listen to all the bad stuff people say about it instead of following their own mind.

Eric Cerna- people’s edge up. Steven Lopez- Eric Cerna’s edge up. Anissa Enriquez- when people slap my back, even when playfully I just automatically wanna punch some one. Candice Palacios- I hate annoying and rude people who act stupid in class and hallways just to get attention, makes me want to slap them in the face and say “Why do you come to school?!”

Juan Ramirez- Ratchet Girls

Diana Martinez- When people wear animal print clothing.

Bilal Chaudry- when kids who live in a good neighborhood claim they’re from the hood.

Valerie Rodriguez- When people chew with their mouth open

Rodolfo Guerrero- teacher’s pets.


Maria Mares- teenagers who get tattooed on them “M.O.B”, like you have neither of these things

Mauricio Salmeronsteady caking couples

Brandon Keys- when people don’t walk on the right side of the hallway

Jae Roberts- when people be all up in the way in the halls like they don’t have anywhere to be.

Daisy Perez- judgmental people. Alexis Johnson- When people watch me put on the makeup. Alexandra Moncada- I hate when teachers try to act like they know what’s best for you. Also, I hate the way the school is ran, they focus on the wrong things! How does a collared shirt affect my learning?!


14 for‘14

Stellar athletes for 2013-14 Thalina Salinas ‘15 Track

Jermie Johnson ‘14 Track

Jonas Veazy ‘15 Swimming

Dibenni Miramontes ‘16 Softball

Stanton Lohrengel ‘14, Rafael Gata ‘14

Candice Palacios ‘14 Tennis

Emily Rodriguez ‘14 Golf

Jordan Harvey ’14 Football Maritza Andrade ‘14 Soccer

Briauna Gillepsie ‘14 Volleyball

Luis Morin ‘14 Soccer Joseph Alcocer ‘15 Tennis

Joseph Broadnax ‘15 Basketball

Ian Eastland ‘14 Wrestling

Senior Excuses The best excuse I’ve used for school was leaving class to go the ASP office. -Brittany Dabbs

Sorry I came late, there were ducks on the road -Chad Nunez

I forgot about that homework? -Vanessa Oliva

I was in ASP -Jae Roberts

Princesses come to school whenever they want! Okay bye. -Maribel Pacheco

Work pays me, when you start paying my rent, I’ll show up. -Shaun M. Clancy

I had an orthodontics appt. when I was late to first period, or would leave early. -Annette Ramsey

I forgot it at home, It’s in my book. -Sadaf Yasmeen

A teacher stopped to talk to me in the hallway -Natalie Fonseca

I blame everything on my freshman brother -Angelica Sanchez

I don’t care what y’all saying, I’m grown. -Calvin Whetstone

My car had trouble starting up -Vanessa Montes

I woke up late. I missed the bus -Wilmer Argueta

I was sick, my stomach hurts. -Alexis Johnson

I totally forgot (When really I remembered I was just too lazy do it) -Hannah Martin

Im not late. Princesses are never late. *Hand to the side, girl emoji* -Jazmine Valdez

“My stomach hurt” can I go to the nurse? But really I just didn’t wanna be in class. Lol !!! -India Scott

“I threw up in the restroom” to go home for the rest of the day even though I was just tired! -Ivy Bryant

The parking lot is too far from the entrance, and that’s why im late -Alexandra Moncada

I was working on the newspaper -Karina Melendez

My dog ate the heel of my shoe, then I had to over feed her so she could poop it out. Once she pooped it out, I had to clean it and glue it back together but I ran out of glue so, I went to the store , got the glue,went home and glued the heel together. The glue took a while to dry so I was like “Dang, Im giong to be late to Bio”. So, sorry for being late to Bio. -Gregory Freeney



Not joining cross country and track earlier – Yesenia Mejia

Senior Regrets

I regret skipping when I should’ve been in class - David Torrijos

I regret not going to the homecoming dance after winning homecoming king – Carlos Cerda

Not being involved in school more – Destiny Phillips

Not joining tennis sooner – Candice Palacios I regret not joining any school clubs – Juana Trejo

Quitting Softball -Alexis Johnson

Not being honest with my feelings – Noor Shahed

Not taking school seriously freshman year – Juan Ramirez

I regret not being in any athletic after school activities Raul Saldana

I regret procrastinating on homework – Maria Mares

I regret not sleeping enough in the easy classes – Yuridia Solis

I regret going fishing when I should’ve been doing my homework – Eric Cerna

I regret coming to this school – Calvin Whetstone

I regret skipping so many classes – Vivian Martinez

Not trying my best freshman year, which would’ve boosted my GPA – Valerie Rodriguez

I regret using up all my absences in the beginning of the year –Alexandra Moncada

Skipping so much my freshman year Miguel Recinos I regret getting out of environmental systems class – Carlos Andrade

Not doing caca my freshman year – Vanessa Montes

Not trying hard enough to pass my tests – Ashley Rios

I regret not passing biology the first time, I would have had less classes this year – Jorge Ibarra

Skipping class freshman year – Efren Coronado

I regret not trying out for belles – Maria Gonzalez

Slacking off my junior year – Diana Martinez

Not trying out for soccer this year – Karina Melendez

I regret quitting basketball – Jymylah Roberts

Cougar Look-A-Likes

Jazmine Valdez as Leah Michelle

Azah Tabufor as Lupita Nyng’o

Jocelyn Lozano as Camila Cabello

Marilyn Mancha as Becky G

Alexxus Gilbert as Libby from Jimmy Neutron

Mr.Maratto as Bob from that 70’s Show

Vontrick Davidson as Jason Derluo

Demarcus Hudson as Big Sean



A Night To Shine


Spring Show 2014 Reflections : Peace , Love and Dance!

Proudest High School Moment “When I found out I was 3rd in my class” – Jymilah Roberts

“When I joined/ made a band and we rocked out during the talent show. And soon going to be famous” –Christopher Moreno

“Definitely making Belles! I’ve never worked so hard to get something and I felt so accomplished once I found out I made the team” – Hannah Martin

“Being able to get two periods off for no reason” – Juleianne Mellet

“When I made both Soccer and Baseball Varsity team for my senior year” – Carlos Andrade

“Signing to play college soccer for Southwestern Assemblies of Gods University” – Aime Gonzalez

“Making it this far, most people in the past have given up due to the stress. Knowing I’m graduating with scholarships in my hand” – Jesus Acosta

“Accepted to 4 universities and 2 community colleges” – Jenny Ngyuen

“Making it all the way to senior year, not only alive and grateful, but also in top 10% of my class” – Gessica Cox

“When I got accepted to TWU, and they gave me money to go” –Joanna Morales

“Being accepted to 8 colleges, received highest award given by JROTC (Sabor Sword) Baseball Varsity” – Benjamin Cervantes

When me and my dance crew did spring show last year” – Laderian Page

“Winning Dallas of Diversity competition, getting noticed as an emerging artist” – Erika Hernandez

“Top 10% of my class, highest recognition in JROTC (Distinguished Cadet), and University acceptances” – Angie Becerra

“Finding out that the Band are the number one 4A band in the Disd district, #sweepstakes,#Area” – Luis Gonzalez

“Finding out I was #12 in my class” – Calvin Whetstone

“Passing Ms. Garcia’s class” –Wilmer Argueta

“Passing My government class with a 99” – Serena Rodriguez

“When I made Varsity Football team” – Vontrick Davidson


“Getting the Superintendent Scholarship” – Karina Melendez

“Making the varsity soccer team freshman year” Maribel Pacheco

“Getting promoted to Comand Sergeant Major in JROTC” Juan Ramirez

“Being nominated for Vice President and Becoming a Belle officer and being inducted in NHS” – Azah Tabufor

“Making the varsity football team” Carderious Hudson


Luisa’s Transformation Luisa Tamayo’s inspiring journey towards her transformation.

Alexandra Moncada Staff Writer ‘14

Senior Luisa Tamayo began a journey in August 2013. Luisa, like many girls, she was not too confident about herself and was insecure about her body. She wanted to feel good about herself and look good for her approaching senior year of high school. Instead of just complaining about what she wasn’t content with, she decided to do something about it. Fix the “problem”. Her main motivation was her younger sister, Suzy Tamayo. Suzy was beginning to lose a lot of weight and this motivated Luisa to do the same. She began going to Zumba, a dance workout, every day, except weekends, which are her “chill days”. Not only was she exercising five times a week, Luisa also changed her diet. She ate less portions of what she used to eat. She also cut off certain foods from her diet, no soda and no bread. “In the beginning it was hard to

lose the junk food that I was used to eating, but I knew if I wanted to lose weight, I had to.” stated Luisa She replaced her “normal snacks” with healthier options such as granola bars, fruit and yogurt. Another tactic she tried was eating her meal slower. When you eat fast, your stomach doesn’t feel satisfied. “The cravings for chips and junk food was real, but as time progressed, my cravings decreased and were easier to ignore” states Luisa.

“May all your dreams come true Do with your life as best fit you Believe in yourself And others will too Reach for the stars Don’t be confined by bars Your future lies ahead Never look back, have fear or dread The doors of opportunity awaits your arrival Enter with courage and a sense of survival Be the best that you can be For the world will always charge a fee” – Ms. B. Webster

“Hard work is the path to mastery, not genius.” -Mr.Brown

Luisa Tamayo has lost a significant amount of weight. “I went from 162 lbs. to 118 lbs. , so in total I’ve lost 44 pounds.” Has she reached her goal weight yet? No. She would like to drop down to 110 lbs. and then start toning up her body. “Once I get to 110 lbs. and am toned, then I will be 100% satisfied, until then, “a sudar la gota gorda.” (Which translates to, the sweat shall drip) states Luisa. This dramatic weight loss has changed Luisa Tamayo both physically and emotionally. Physically, she can now wear stuff that she couldn’t wear before.

“I’ve had to update my whole wardrobe. What used to fit me tight, now fits me really loose. I need new clothes.” Emotionally, she feels better about herself and more confident. “Now, I feel, I won’t be seen as that fat girl. I will be seen as the girl who got up off her butt and made a change about something she was uncomfortable with about herself. Many people question me and say I’ve inspired them to lose weight. That makes me feel good.” Luisa’s advice to anyone who is going down the same road as her would be, to start by working out and once you get used to the daily workout. Your next step should be changing your diet, gradually. “Most importantly, never miss a Monday! Because then it’ll mess up your whole week.” To this day, Luisa still stays dedicated to her fit life and healthy diet. She hated the change in her life in the beginning, but now, seeing the change in her body, she embraces it.


“Never let anyone else tell you who you are.” – Mr. Chamberlain “Accomplish something every day” – Mr. Marratto

Work hard but have fun. Academic success is very important but the greatest lessons I learned were from the places I travelled the amazing friends I made and the crazy challenges I overcame to make me a stronger me. Good luck, and don’t be nervous! You’ll be fine “– Ms. Chi “Keep a positive attitude, expect to work hard and you will go far.” – Mr. Bellew “Stay organized, stay disciplines, talk to your professors, and make at least one friend in each class.” – Mr. Cortimilia

“Never sign up for a class before 10 am. Never go out the night before a final…after that first time. It’s a club just for the free food. Take your profession out for coffee! Study Abroad! And remember to call home every now and then.” Ms. Nicholls “Graduation is not an end to schooling, but the beginning to your life.” – Mr. Ashmore I will leave you with this if I may. You will impact the world in some capacities, make sure it’s productive. “Both the trash and leaves blow around the earth on a breezy sunny day, but the trash is a sign of irresponsibility that plugs our future each and every day”. – Mr. Brown


GH3tt0 From 90’s to TR@n$l@T10n$ Now Traprinthions (Ghetto Translations) Bae- A significant other *click* or “nah”- Are you willing to participate or not Icy- Your style is up to par Squuuuaaad- A group of close friends Salty- to be jealous Ratchet- To look uncivilized 3hunnit- You are a very authentic person, or to be authentic Trill- to be surpassingly cool Dis- The object in which you are referring to Da fuuu- I am unsure of the present events taking place Whet- What are you conversing about Fixin to- I am getting ready to partake in a certain event Bruh- Please calm down YASSS- Overly Exceedingly agreeing to something Bet- Challenging someone’s position On the cool- I concur You childish- Your behavior is very immature Bye Felicia- Please remove oneself from my presence Ima sharkeisha you- I will quickly knock you out Thirsty- A desperate individual that seeks attention OH – I understood the words you have uttered, but quite frankly don’t care. I cant even- the situation at hand has become to difficult to handle DEAD- to pass out due to lack of air from laughing too much Cray – to be Ludacris

Calvin Whetstone Staff Writer ‘14

Crazy to think of, but class of 2014 and 2015 are some of the last kids of the 1990’s that can actually say that they remember that decade. The incoming freshmen and going on sophomores were born in 98- 2000, and how much can you possibly remember from 1-2 years old? The 90’s could be described as one of the “best era’s” there was. Music was way better, a lot of songs had meaning to them and didn’t just talk about nonsense; clothing was funky and unique, and cartoons were the best. Many people, myself included, would love to go back to the 90’s if we could and just stay there forever. Things have changed over the last 15 or so years, some for better and others for worse. Music of the 90’s was one of the greatest things about the decade. R&B, Rock, Rap, and almost any other genre you can think of peaked in the 90s. Music was, to a certain extent, influential. Rappers such as Tupac, R&B singers such as Aaliyah, and Rock bands such as Nirvana all had some of the highest rated songs of the 90s and were all well liked by many teens then, and teens now. Even though Aaliyah and Tupac have passed, their music can be heard on just about anyone’s phone at BA. Even teachers, yes teachers, have a couple of Tupac songs on their playlist. Every twenty years or so, different fashions repeat themselves. In the year of 1994, women wore richly colored fabrics, baby doll dresses, high-waisted jeans and shorts, bright lipsticks, etc. Men wore bright colored jackets (really an 80’s thing), baggy pants, combat boots, brightly colored jogger pants, etc. In 2014, you see many of these fashions repeated with teens around BA and even adults. Kids go to thrift stores around the area and pick up many things that could have been in their parent’s closet once upon a time. Cartoons of the 90’s included shows such as, Ren & Stimpy, Pinky & The Brain, Catdog, Rugrats, Hey Arnold, Rocko’s Modern life and many more great cartoons that we don’t see anymore. “I used to and still do love the Powerpuff girls. I think Blossom and I share dominant qualities.” Senior Jazmine Valdez. Many seniors similar to Jazmine, miss 90s television, and continue to watch the shows whenever they are re-ran. As previously stated, it is kind of crazy to think that we are the last ones in HS to remember those years, and were the last ones able to enjoy those years, but time flies, and things change and will continue to change. To me, the 90’s were the best, but I’ve only lived for about 2 decades, so I and many other teens will never know what the next future decades hold for us.

Time to give thanks

As the class of 2014 gets closer to graduating, seniors look back on all the teachers that helped them get to where they are now, with a feeling of thanks. “I want to give a big oh thank you to the JROTC instructors. They drive you nuts almost every day, but always keep you on your toes .They’ve become a second family to me and I value and respect them for all their faith in me” – Angie Becerra “I would like to thank Mr. Gallo for making class interesting and for being such an understanding and caring teacher.” – Ana Mendez

“I would like to thank Coach Morrow because she doesn’t let me be lazy and she’s crazy” – Jessica Galvan “I would like thank Ms. Garcia for advising me to further in my education, and pushing me to work harder and not give up” – Gessica Cox “I would like to thank Mr. Mckoy and Mr. Jackson for all their support and love. Mr. Mckoy’s class was always full of exciting topics and I want to thank him for allowing me to experience something that I would have never been able to do outside of his class. Mr. Jackson’s words of wisdom still come to my mind every weekend, “if you have to think about it don’t do it, If you have to think about it twice definitely don’t do It and if you have to think about it three times you shouldn’t even be thinking about it, so definitely don’t do it” Thank you for being so caring and motivating” – Sumara Chaudry “I would like to thank Mr. Gallo for teaching us stuff in addition to the subject he was teaching us” – Juleianne Mellet “I would like to thank Coach Maratto, because since I was in 7th grade he’s been motivating me to do better in life, and helped me train for football” – Chad Nunez

“I would like to thank Coach Compton, for his courageous words and my downest moment during high school; one thing he has always said is “It’s not the quantity, it’s the quality in work you do”” – Vontrick Davidson

“I would like to thank Ms. Solorio, she believes in me and encourages me every day to be a better and talented dancer.” – Azah Tabufor

about government or economics we also ended up knowing a small life lesson from him. Thank you Mr. Maratto.” – Mayte Rayas

“I would like to thank Mr. Hall, he allowed me to come in his class both years and let me explore my journalism skills (and Photoshop skills) that I never knew I had. Also, he actually helped me understand government and it was the first history

based class that I passed without 70’s!” – Calvin Whetstone

“I would like to thank Mr. Bolster- Makes the class room exciting, MS. Tillery-Kick started my freshman year, and helped get me where I am today, CSM Clark, SFC Guzman, and MSG Ordonez-are always looking out for me and saw true potential, and Coach Allison- Baseball is my life.” – Ben Cervantes

“I would like to thank Ms. Solorio, she has taught me that hard work pays off and she’s a wonderful role model.” – Hannah Martin

“I would like to thank Ms. Aufil, she been my teacher for 3 years and if you know me I never shut up, she has always dealt with that and has helped me pass her classes and understand some material.” –Aime Gonzalez “I would like to thank Mr. Alarcon, he’s been my Spanish teacher for 2 years and has always been there to help me out. He also wants me to succeed and be the best person I can be” – Vanessa Gonzalez

“I would like to thank Mr. Maratto, he just knows the right thing to say. Everything he says makes sense. Over all everyone enjoys his class and although he has taught us

“I would like to thank Mr. Bolster, he made class interesting every day, having fun while learning something new, he always took the time to help you out if you didn’t know something. One of my favorite teachers I’ve had at Bryan Adams.” – Carlos Andrade

“I would like to thank Coach Morrow, because without her I wouldn’t be here almost ready to go to a 4 year college, without her I wouldn’t be close to wearing my graduation cap and gown” – Ali Ortiz “I would like to thank Mr. Craddock for showing me how much i could love history. I would also like to thnak Mr. Hall for teaching me so much about writing, and helping me become the editor of the newspaper, it was a great honor.” - Karina Melelndez


Making music


BA and Gaston orchestras perform their own compositions By CELENE MITCHELL BA Orchestra Director


n April 28 the Bryan Adams Varsity Orchestra and the Gaston Middle School Orchestra took part in a night of incredible music making. What made this concert so special was that the pieces performed were written by the students themselves. For several weeks leading up to the concert the students spent time learning to compose music with mentors Mary Alice Rich, Alex Djinov and Francis Osentowski from the group Voices of Change. Voices of Change is a Dallas based professional chamber music ensemble dedicated to the performance of music of our time and encouraging musical creativity and imagination. Recently Target awarded the organization an educational grant. The grant money was used to help underserved students in our community compose and perform their own music. I would say it was a huge success!

During the concert at Gaston Middle School each section of the orchestra was highlighted with their special piece. “Larbid” was the title of the piece performed by the cello/bass section. “We wanted to give our piece a unique title that would honor each of our members so we used the first letter of our names Laderien, Amy, Rachel, Bailey, Ivan and David for the title,” said senior bassist David Esparza. The evening concluded with the performance of an original composition by a professional trio from the Voices Of Change: Maria Schleuning(Violin), Kari Nostbakken(Cello) and Liudmila Georgievskaya(Piano). Gaston Orchestra directors Juli Powers and I wish to express our gratitude to the Voices of Change for their mentorship, Target for their generous donation and especially the students for all their hard work. When the community and schools work together in a meaningful way incredible things happen!

The BA Orchestra, being directed by Ms. Celene Mitchell, perform original compositions on stage at Gaston Middle School.

Scenes from the May 20 Spring Concert

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Senior Siblings

Questions: 1. Do y’all acknowledge each other at school? 2. Are y’all protective of eachother? 3. Something you like? Dislike?


Maritsa Andrade and Carlos Andrade

1. Yes, we make faces at each other. I have him for a class and sit with him at lunch as well 2. Yes I am protective of him. I only approve of certain girls talking to him. 3. Don’t like: his attitude. Do like: His jokes, he’s funny


1. Yes we say “wassup” in the halls. 2. I’m not protective of her, She’s grown 3. Don’t like: she’s annoying. Do like: I like that she gives me money Amalio Arzapala and Robert Arzapala


1. Yeah, I say “wassup” in the halls 2. Yeah definently. 3. Don’t like: that he’s smarter than me. Do like: that I have family in school


1. Nope not at all, plus I rarely see her 2. Sometimes, when there’s soccer games and a fight breaks out I go look for her to make sure she’s okay. 3. Don’t like: that we look the same. Do like: that we both play soccer.


1. Yeah we say “wassup” in the halls. 2. Yeah that’s my little brother, I have to be. 3. Don’t like: he uses my clothes without asking. Do like: he works, so he gives me money.


1. No we don’t 2. No I’m not because he’s a guy and can take care of himself. 3. Don’t like: that we look the same. Do like: that we both play soccer.

Cristal Valdivia and Rolando Valdivia

Why Goodbye?

Editor in Chief Karina Melendez ‘14 It’s hard to accept the fact that, this will be my last time writing for the school newspaper. (There are a million things I could say, yet none come to mind.) After 3 years of perfecting, this art I still have so much to learn. I am grateful to have had such a great teacher like Mr. Hall. I’d like to thank him for pushing me to reach this position. Without him, I wouldn’t have ever thought I could be in charge of a class, let alone be editor of a whole newspaper. The road however hasn’t been smooth, we’ve faced arduous times as a whole staff. There was the pain of dealing with uncooperative kids, funds being cut, and being pushed against deadlines that seemed impossible to meet. All these amounted to a stressful year. We were able to push through these setbacks and produce four newspapers. This is a great accomplishment, and I am extremely proud of the senior editors. With the exception of Alexandra, the editors were new to the game. They were able to adapt quickly and begin working. I applaud them for picking up so fast and for being able to deal with my overbearing attitude. I couldn’t have asked for a better staff. Calvin, Jae, Vanessa, Natalie, Alexandra and Sam. I thank you all so much for the work you all have put in. Without you guys the paper wouldn’t be possible! I’d like to thank the whole crossroads staff, for their “contributions”. To the ‘buyers’, thank you so much for the support, we do try our best to make the newspaper the best it can be, and forgive us for not catching every little mistake we make, we too are human. PRINT IS NOT DEAD. Farewell crossroads, it’s been a great journey! Thank you Mr. Hall & Staff I came into journalism my junior year. While I didn’t start off in newspaper, we tried to start a magazine for the school, but our attempt was cut short when the publishers folded. Even though we didn’t get to get it publishes, Mr. Hall still taught us the basics of Photoshop and InDesign and I got straight to work. I want to thank Mr. Hall for allowing me to explore my talents in journalism. Although I was not in newspaper for the whole year, I still came in and took up a position of the entertainment section editor. The staff took me straight in, and we all got along great. We all worked hard and finished tasks that were nearly impossible. While it was hard having a class where no one wanted to write stories, we all came together as a team and got things done. I’m going to miss this staff, Jae, Karina, Vanessa, and Sam. I am also, of course, going to miss Mr. Hall. He is a true journalism teacher and teacher all in one. Although my goodbye isn’t very lengthy, I am truly thankful for everything that he has done. Thank you, Calvin Whetstone Entertainment Editor ‘14

To Bryan Adams as a school and a family:


I came here only in my junior year. Since being here I’ve developed unbreakable bonds with many people and have built relationships that I can only hope last forever. I learned most about life here, mainly because teaching policies in Dallas Independent School District are atrocious and most teachers would rather not waste their time. I didn’t have the same reputation as my last school, so getting to know people and being patient was the most challenging thing I had to learn. Even though it all came at a very challenging time in my life, the lesson was so worth it. Here I learned things that I can take with me into many other arenas of my life. For instance: shaking hands and greeting someone. Mr. Cortimilia always shook my hand a greeted me at the door of his class. I also learned that rules are for a reason regardless of how outrageous they may seem or actually be. But greatest of all, I learned that high school is not the place for me and that I need to leave in a most expeditious manner. I learned that administrators are seemingly glorified hall-walkers, and that teachers are just babysitters that get paid on salary. However I am truly grateful for the experience of public high school in America, not many people are fortunate enough to indulge in such corruption. It ignited in me and has since lighting, fueled a desire to change the minds of those who are still young enough to believe that good things come from education and not just experience. I pray that I can do something truly amazing with this newfound inspiration and illumination, and I hope that I can accredit it to Bran Adams High School. Thank you, Jymylah Roberts Opinion Editor ‘14 I am not a person who is known for their writing skills or is able to use software programs well, so coming into this class was a bit intimidating. As the class went on I learned skills that I’ll be able to use in my future. I learned how to use Adobe InDesign and manipulate it to my use. I learned that you can’t always depend on your fellow classmates to get there job done but with hard work you are able to come through when the paper must be printed. Being put in those types of situation forced me to come out of my comfort zone and helped me write effectively. The editors, Mr. Hall and I have done a lot to get the paper out for the students and don’t get accredited for it, but still dedicate ourselves to come out with something to entertain our peers. The bond that was made between the editors is one that I hope to recreate with the new people I encounter in my life. As they say “All good things must come to an end.” The time has come for old editors to take what the newspaper has taught them and for the new editors to enjoy what the paper has to offer. I leave with the incredibly funny and stressful memories from working on the paper. For incoming editors I leave the pressure of deadlines and the students who refuse to contribute to the paper. Peace. Vanessa Montes Student Life Editor ‘14


Psalms of the Seniors Twentyfourteen

It’s hard to think of all the things we’ve done these past four years. Doesn’t seem like a lot, yet if you stop and think, The memories still ring in our ears. The numerous fire drills, food fights, even a bomb. We hit some highs as well as lows. The Belles won grand champs, We lost some dear friends too. These things remind us of how greatwe can be and our strengh too. Now as we take our last steps through these halls The falls we had only prepared us for this . its time say goodbye, so please don’t cry. The wold’s in our hands, so keep them clean And let’s celebrate ourselves, class f 2014!


So many memories in these 4 years Everything we’ve done has prepared us for this Nothing can stop us now Imagine where we’ll be in the future Only we can choose our path. Ready? Set. Go!

Senior Crossword Down: 1. What seniors should be lking forward to next year 2. Graduates at the top of his or her class 4. The dance we wait all year for 7. Worn on the finger of most graduating students Across: 3. What graduates thrw in the air 5. Exams at the end f the year 6. What you want all your friends to sign 8. The ultimate goal of students in school 9. The end of the year syndrome that kills us all 10. The first opprtunity to wear caps and gowns

Most Outstanding Seniors! Yesenia Mejia


Eric Hernandez

-BAnd (Drum Major) -Cross Country -Track -Nationa Honor Society -Tri-M -Academic Success Program -Top 10% -Mariachi Band -Superintendant Scholar -Tal Morrison Schol-

ar _Regional Qualifier for CC and Track -Outstanding Performer at DISD for Band

-Cross Country -Track -National Honor Society -Academic Success Program -Top 10% -Key Club -Tal Morrison Scholar -Regional Qualifier for CC -All State Academic Athlete Plans to attend Texas A&M Univeristy in College Station and major in Biology.

Plans to attend Dartmouth Univeristy in New Hampshire and study Pre-Law.

Senior Superlatives

Most Likely to Succeed Gregory Freeney and Jymylah Roberts

Most Studious Benjamin Cervantes and Noor Shahed

Senior Superlatives


Most Attractive Adriana Prda and Aaron Sanchez

Biggest Flirt Jazmine Valdez and Vontrick Davidson

Best Smile Grant Dismuke and Natalie Browne

Best Dressed Sergio Gutierrez and Jaqueline Lopez

Tallest/Shortest Natalie Fonseca and Stanton Lohrengel

Most Athletic Jermie Johnson and Valerie Rodriguez

Most Opinionated Gabriele Hicks and Shaun Clancy

Most Spirited Angelica Sanchez and Brandon Keys


Fifth Issue 2013-2014 school newspaper for Bryan Adams High School, Dallas, Texas