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Volume 57, Issue 02 November 2013

Bryan Adams High School, Dallas, Texas

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Cougars running wild! Get a Clue A review of this year’s fall play

BA hosts first annual 5k race


Jymylah Roberts Opinion Editor ‘14

Editor in Chief ‘14


n Saturday, November 9th Bryan Adams held its first Cougar one mile fun run and 5k race. The event was held to benefit the BA athletic department and LIFT (Literacy Instruction For Texas). There was lots of participation from the BA faculty, Runners bolt from the starting line to begin BA’s first Fun Run & 5K Race. The race both started and ended in front of the school. staff as well as students and many The race wouldn’t have been such alumni. Participants included the whole a success without the many BA student BA softball team, AVID, JROTC as well as volunteers. Members of AVID and JROTC other members of the BA community. present helping out and supporting the The overall winner of the fun run runners. They helped set up tables and was BA cross country runner Junior Jocpass out snacks as well. elyn Lozano who finished in six minutes After 17 minutes the first runners and thirty seconds. The overall winner of could be seen approaching the finish line. the 5k was BA’s cross country star Jermie The first over the line was Jermie Johnson Johnson. and following not too far behind was BA The 5k began after the Fun Run at alumni and former cross country runner 8:00 am with more than 200 participants. Erick Tristan. Among the notables were DISD Board Awards were given out to the of Trustee Dan Micchiche, Executive winners of the various age categories. Director Jolee Healey, SBDM President They included Jessica McGarvey for Danny Salinas, Principal Richard Kastl and overall female and Jermie Johnson for numerous BA Coaches, teachers, students and alumni. The race started and finished See 5K RACE Page in front of BA. Student Life

Homecoming 2013




he BA Theater Arts Department presented their production of Clue beginning on November 22 and running for three days. Mr. Roberts, Ms. Irvine, the student actors and technicians produced a high quality enjoyable stage performance that they and all of the BA community should be proud of. The acting was great and their performances were enhanced by a beautiful set. The setting is a stormy night in 1954. Six strangers are gathered at a mansion and witness six murders while being blackmailed for their alleged indiscretions. It makes for a night of murder, mystery, madness and a lot of laughs. As the story begins Colonel Mustard, Mrs. White, Mr. Green, Mrs. Peacock, Mr. Plum, and Ms. Scarlet join the butler, the cook and Mr. Boddy for dinner at the mansion. At dinner the butler reads a letter he received from Mr. Boddy and the guests agree to having also received a similar letter. The party moves to the study and everything is revealed. Each person is being blackmailed by Mr. Boddy for one thing or another. Mr. Boddy gives them all gifts: a pistol, a candlestick, a knife, a rope, a wrench, and a pipe. Before total darkness they are all convinced that the butler has set them up and that if someone kills him it will never get out of the house. The lights go down,

Book Review The Fault In Our Stars

See CLUE Page 2

BA’s Haunted Hallway


5K Race a big success

first-ever event, had to secure the route, distribute flyers, organize the racing Continued from Page 1 system, find sponsors, provide post-race food and coordinate with the Dallas Police overall male. Within their age divisions Department. Ms. Rhodes, Coach Enriquez, Ms. Arumugam, Ms. Grubbs, Luke and Sam “This event would not have Malone, Erik Tristan and Ruben Davis been possible without the help of many people.” she said. “They include sponsors, volunteers, teachers and coaching and administrative staffs. There are really too many people to list, however, I would like to send a special thank you to our Community Liaison Alumnus Erick Tristan and BA Senior Jermie Johnson overall winners of the 5k. were all winners. Of course everyone who, by just taking part in the races, was in some way a big winner . Preparation for the races was a big job. BA Athletic Director Stacy Segal, who was responsible for organizing this


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In the original script, Ms. Scarlet kills them all; in the study, and the library, and the foyer, and the lounge, and the kitchen; with the pistol, the candlestick, the pipe, and the rope. In an alternate ending, performed on Saturday night, Mr. Plum kills the man who was known to be Mr. Boddy, Mrs. Peacock killed the cook, Ms. Scarlet killed the officer, Colonel Mustard killed the stranger, Mrs. White killed the maid, the butler kills the singing telegram girl and Mr. Green turns out to be an undercover FBI agent who kills the butler who turns out to be the real Mr. Boddy. Whew! The all-star BA cast included Sean Clancy, Lorena Correa, Cassandra Chapa, Jason Pho, Victoria Velasco, Noor Shahed, Marcelino Vasquez, Aisha Roberson, Joseph Alcoves, Romellow Williams, Quinterris King, Sean Michael Salas, Paulina

Ms. Hillary Johnson, Asst. Principal Ms. Sarah Ritsema and PTSA President Tammy Malone for all of their hard work.” Besides just having a good time with lots of school spirit the Fun Run and 5K Race was a way to raise money Villegas and Liliana Candanosa. Their performances were amazing! As a part of the audience, they even made me feel like part of the cast. When Mr. Boddy was killed, they pointed out things beyond the stage, and it felt real. The stage itself was wonderfully

for good causes. The funds raised will go not only to the BA Athletic Department but also to Literacy Instruction for Texas. Founded in 1961, LIFT’s overall goal is to teach illiterate and low literate adults to read English. BA’s first annual Fun Run and 5K Race was a total success and Ms. Segal hopes it will be the same next year and for years to come. “Yes, I think it should be an annual tradition and that we have even more participation by groups and organizations next year,” she said.

Senior Jermie Johnson, Sophomore Samuel Malone and his Freshman brother, Luke Malone

was “plum” for Mr. Plum, and the foyer was painted blue, for Mrs. Peacock. The lighting was used very effectively. It told the audience exactly where to focus, as different people did different things in different scenes. Like when the characters paired up to look for the killer, and were spread all across the stage, the spotlights volleyed between the cellar, the library, the lounge, and the dining room. The audience always knew exactly where to look. To enhance the mood, the sound effects were exceptional. They showed exactly how I felt in moments of fear, and suspense. Overall, the production was superb. I will definitely The butler, played by Shawn Clancy, reveals to the dinner guests that be seeing the next Bryan they are being blackmailed by Mr. Boddy. Adams original production, constructed by Mr. Roberts and his Tech because this one was great. Theater crew. Each of the rooms were painted a color corresponding to one of the characters. For example, the Library

Ice ICe baby

Cougar Tunes Staff Writer Evelyn Sarrato 17,

FRESHMEN >Lisa Nuncio

-Drake (hold on where going home) -Ariana Grande (the way) -One Direction (rock me)

>Erick Jaimes

-Cuisillos (mil heridas) -Trakalosa (san lunes) -Chris Brown (don’t judge me)

JUNIORS >Damian Contreras

-Future (tap out) -Chief Keef(morgen tracy) -Rich Gang,ft Future (fly)

>Amairany Quintero -Juicy J (bounce it) -Juicy J (23) -2 Chainz(codeine)

SOPHOMORES >Maria Sanchez


Bryan Adams High School introduces Ice Cream and Iced Coffee to the students and staff in the fall Staff Writer Chad Nunez 14’

-Christina Perry (a thousand years) -Banda Carnival (asi te necesito) -Drake (hold on where going home)

>Kyle Nash

-Lil Wayne (how to love) -Nikki Minaj, Lil Wayne (tapout) -Dustin Lynch (cowboys and angels)

SENIORS >Jesus Ruiz

-Miley Cyrus (we cant stop) -Paramore (still into you) -Justin Timberlake (mirrors)

>Victoria Sanchez

-El Juaguar (misma luna) -Wiz Khalifa (paradise) -The Weekeend (holy grail)


Jennifer Ortiz supports the school and her stomach by buying ice cream

n September, Bryan Adams added new ice cream machines located in front of the cafeteria and another near the auditorium. The machines have a favored assortment of chilled delights including Reese’s, Twix, Snickers and Crunch, that cost as much as two dollars. “The benefits of having two ice cream machines is that part of the proceeds can go to clubs or teachers whenever they need to order buses or club shirts and have to give from their own pocket,” said Mr. Kastl. Jeffery Argueta says “It’s getting old because it’s always the same ice cream, and I crave the Snickers … or the Twix and they always run out after a couple of days”. About a month ago Mr. Chamberlan bought an iced coffee machine equipped with French vanilla and mocha. The 16oz beverages are exactly two dollars. However they are only sold during breakfast from 8:10-8:55 and lunch, when the cougar den is open. “It’s an interesting change for the school” said Sebastian Tomson “like the new ice cream machine and now the coffee. Things are getting better.”


Coming together A celebration of giving thanks with two different cultures Staff Writers Sumara Chaudry and Sadaf Yasmin 14’


s Thanksgiving has come and gone, we find that there are other religious holidays that can be compared to Thanksgiving, because of the many similarities. One such holiday happens to be Eid-Al-Adha (festival of sacrifice) which is celebrated by Muslims world-wide. The story behind these two holidays is surprisingly similar. It starts off with Abraham (Ibrahim as Muslims call him, PBUH), who had a dream that God told him to sacrifice his son, Isaac. If he truly believed in God then he would have no problem sacrificing his son. Morning came and he told his son about his dream. His son told him to go ahead and complete the dream, so Abraham raised his knife to his sons’ neck. Right then and there a goat appeared in his sons place. The goat become the sacrafical symbol that appeased God. This was the Muslims side of the story, and how Eid-Ul-Adha got started. In the honor of Abraham fulfilling his dream and showing strong belief in God. Today they buy a live goat and sacrifice it. The goat is a symbol to both cultural traditions. Muslims cut up the meat, and distribute it among the poor, friends, and family. After this important task, they go and celebrate at the oldest family member’s house by dressing in their newest and fanciest clothes. “The clothes are elegant and beautiful, and very unique. It’s fun to wear them and just be different and have a banquet”, said Sophomore Roohie Chaudry, “The banquet consists of cooked goat meat covered in spices and gravy, tandoori Food is common in both celebrations as feasting. chicken, spicy rice with chicken, chutney (dipping sauce made with mint leaves), raita (plain yogurt mixed with salt/lemon juice and vegetables, tomatoes, onions and peppers”. “When I look at the food I think to myself I have to try all the dishes, and after my first plate m stuffed, I don’t even get to eat everything”, said Senior Noor Shahed. After the feasting the family plays traditional music while the children show off their moves. In the Judeo/Christian tradition Abraham was also told to sacrifice his son Isaac. Abraham took him and two servants to Moriah and tied him up and prepared to slay him. At the last moment Abraham was stopped by an angel from God. He looked up and saw a ram in a thicket. He sacrificed the ram, provided by God, instead of his son. They might have different names and believers but they have similar practices. Thanksgiving and Eid are both about giving thanks, being with your family and friends and, of course feasting. So as we prepare to give thanks this season take a moment to appreciate what you have and how other cultures might be doing the same. Sumara preparing to celebrate Eid.

Falling for Fall Fall has arrived and here are the top 10 things Cougars look forward to Staff Writer Natalie Fonseca


1. Lovely Weather 2. Stylish Clothing (Sweaters, Boots) 3. Holidays begin 4. Wearing Yoga pants/ leggings 24/7 5. Spending time with family 6. Seasonal drinks at Starbucks 7. Cuddling in warm blankets 8. Sales (black Friday) 9. Fall Colors 10. Seasonal Decorating

Boys: 1. Football 2. No shave November 3. Girls wearing yoga Pants 4. School Breaks 5. Cuddling with girls 6. Soccer tryouts 7. Basketball season begins 8. Camping 9. Watching Charlie Brown Thanksgiving 10. Stepping on leaves to hear a crunch

Fright Fest at BA

Take a look inside!

By: Luis Frias 17’ Staff Writer Bloody pig butchers, flesh crazed clowns, and insane, zombie creating scientist, are some of the spooky things featured at six flags fright fest. The Halloween season is over but was celebrated in the most terrifying of ways, at fright fest in six flags. Fright fest features spooky scavenger hunts, crazing wandering zombie and haunted houses such as zombie factory, circus berzerkus, skull doggery, and Piggy’s bloodshed. While six flags made their fright fest, staff and students from Bryan Adams

made their own fright fest called“The haunted Hallway.” Coach Cannon and company hosted this “Haunted Hallway” held October 31, 2013 during all lunches. As students went through the hallway spooky features such as bloody walls, haunting lockers, the darkness, spider webs, and amazing but terrifying costumes frightened them all. People came out of the hallway shaking, terrified, and amazed of the terrifying features in the haunted hallway. Some people loved it with the scary features, the lighting, costumes,

The Fault in our Stars

The Fault in our Stars The #1 New York Times bestsellers that describes the undeniable Time Magazine called “Damn near gechemistry of a threesome nius!” between two teenagers John Green writes an amazing love story and cancer. After countless between two teenage cancer patients battears, joyous smiles, and tling the life-changing disease together. the incredible twenty-five Payton Sullivan ‘15 Staff Writer chapters, this book can completely transform anyone’s view on life, one sentence at a time. This love story does not include a knight in shining armor; there is no princess with a big ball gown and tiara, instead, a young boy with an artificial leg, and the beautiful Hazel Grace carrying her oxygen tank with her everywhere she goes. With little faith left, they learned how Author: John Green

unfair life can be, yet together took on the world with no hesitation. With their last life wishes they took adventures all the way to Amsterdam, Europe in search for their favorite author, drinking champagne for the first time, and just sitting and battling cancer together is the dream relationship for Augustus and Hazel Grace. They force upon the reader the realization of how precious life is, and that nothing comes before happiness. Lives touched by cancer are far from perfect, then again no one’s life is.

students metriculate through he haunted hallway in the boy’s lockeroom.

actors, and the scary pop outs in each locker and hiding spots in the hallway. Even though it was only one day, it was great, amazing, and terrifying and I will be coming back again next year.

Texas Top 10 Haunted Houses Go there, If you dare!

Gracie Palacios ‘15 Staff Writer According to the critics Cutting Edge is one of the top Huanted houses in the country! What makes it’s so amazing? It’s full of amazing terrify clowns, zombies, and scary creatures with chain saws. It’s enterance can be a headache standing in line to buy tickets and to enter the house. At the enterance people wait for almost 30minutes sometimes. While they’re waiting there’s a marching band of zombies performing. The tour is about 40 minutes at the end there’s a chain saw and a tunnel full foam waiting for your exit. 10. Festival of nightmare Grand Praire 9. The Terrorplex Mansfield 8. Sluaghter House Dallas 7. Screams Waxachie 6. Dollz Huanted house Dallas 5. The boneyard Arlington 4. Nightmare Huanted House Arlington 3. Zombie mare dark Attraction Arlington 2. Hangmans House of Horrors Fort Worth 1. Cutting Edge Fort Worth


Camo day


Sen ligh wit wh

Character Day

Junior Juliana Espinoza stands proud displaying her very spirited green and white mum.

Soph show with

Freshman Hannah Roberts blows the fish out of the water with her over the top mum.

ming 2013

Throwback thursday

Best Mums

nior Maribel Pacheco hts up the hallways th her traditional senior hite and silver mum.

homore Beatriz Nunez ws off her lover for soccer h her mum.

Western Day




Striding for excellence By SAMUEL MALONE ‘16 Sports Editor


he Bryan Adams Cross Country Team has upheld the school’s longlived tradition of excellence by finishing remarkably high in both the girls’ and boys’ divisions. Through hard work, persistence, and dedication the Lady Cougars Cross Country Team took home their first District Championship since 2004. The Lady Cougars dusted the competition with 1, 2, 3 finishes from Senior Abigail Cartwright, Senior Yesenia Mejas and Junior Crystal Salinas. The national elite runner, Abigail Cartwright, came in first with a time of 19:33.44, and went on to compete in the Region 2-4A Meet where she earned the title of “Regional Runner-up”. From there, Ms. Cartwright advanced to the 4A State Meet and finished in fourth place with a stellar performance of 18:36.96. Bryan Adams’ own Yesenia Mejas and Crystal Salinas sealed the deal for the Lady Cougars coming in second and third with exceptional finishes of 22:45.28 and

22:55.88. “I was very happy with the girls’ championship. This was the first 1, 2, 3 finish on the varsity level since I took over the program,” said veteran coach Mark Smith. Approaching the close of the season the Cougar Boys were looking for their fourth straight district title. During a highly intense and electrifying championship race the Cougar Boys came up short finishing in second place behind the Woodrow Wildcats. Senior Cougars, Jermie Johnson and Ruben Davis, solidly performed at the District Meet. Johnson raced with heart and spirit finishing third with a nothing-less-than-marvelous time of 17:47.14. Davis magnificently raced and came in fifteenth place, with a fantastic performance of 19:14.74. “I would have like to win a fourth boys’ championship, but it wasn’t in the cards,” said Coach Smith. Although the boys didn’t come home with the district title the future looks


weight class, extending his record to 2-0. “The matches were easy for me. I trained hard so it was easy. They were not even on my level, and it gets harder from here on out”, said Sergio. Senior, Ricardo Flores won his matches in the weight class of 160 pounds, advancing his record to 2-0. Senior Alan Cruz, in the 120 pound weight class, wrestled hard but came up short and lost his match, making his record 0–1. Junior, Lorenzo Rivers, in the 144 pound weight class, also came up short, but wrestled all three periods with heart. The Cougars are off to a pouncing start with a lot to look foward to coming down the pipline.

Cougar wrestlers start on top By ALEX TREJO ‘15 Staff Writer

BA started the wrestling season strong by beating Samuell. The matches were held in the Bryan Adams gym at six o’clock in the evening, on November 13. Junior Jacob Lopez won his match in the 120 pound weight class, improving his record to 1-0, while Senior, Sergio Lozano, captain of the wrestling team, easily won both of his matches in the 195 pound

optimistic for the Cougar Boys. Probably the most promising performance of the championship race was that of freshman and possible future standout, Luke Malone, who exceeded all expectations and finished ninth with a jaw-dropping time of 18:30.76. “The future is bright with the freshman performing so well at district,” says Coach Smith, as he looks to reclaim the District Championship.


O-line questionnaire By GREG FREENEY ‘14 Staff Writer

JOSEPH BROADNAX • Favorite cartoon: Ben 10 • Favorite player: Warren Sapp • Breakfast? Whatever the school is serving • Hamburger or Pizza? Pizza ISAAC ORTIZ • Favorite cartoon: Tom and Jerry • Favorite player: Ray Lewis • Breakfast? Whatever mom cooks • Hamburger or Pizza? Pizza FAROLD HUNTER • Favorite cartoon: Batman • Favorite player: Jeremy Shockey • Breakfast? Cereal • Hamburger or Pizza? Pizza STEPHEN JEFFERSON • Favorite Cartoon: Ed, Edd, & Eddy • Favorite Player: Michael Vick • Breakfast? Pancakes and sausage • Hamburger or Pizza? Pizza




Steady progress

BA football ends season with an optimistic outlook By JONAS VEAZEY ‘15 Staff Writer


he Cougars took on the Woodled by seniors Greg Freeney and Terrion for a 36 point 2nd quarter, Jordan Harvey row Wildcats on October 17th at Johnson, forced 6 turnovers to keep the gutted the Spruce secondary, finding the Franklin Stadium, in a showdown Spartans scoreless. end zone on four separate occasions. The of two serious contenders for the district After two dominating wins, the Cougars didn’t let up in the 2nd half, two title. The biggest game of the year couldn’t Cougars had a chance for district runmore touchdown passes from Harvey and have started any worse for the Cougars. A ner-up, but they would have to beat a a 58 yard fumble return by the defensive fumbled opening kickoff and two straight tough Lincoln team on November 7th at lineman, Joseph Broadnax, brought the interceptions returned for touchdowns Forester Field. It was a defensive battle earcrowd to their feet. The game ended 56-6, put the Cougars in a 14-0 hole. Two runs, ly, the only score was a 26 yard field goal the Cougars didn’t waste any time getting by Jimmy Odie by the Lincoln and Keylhin kicker. In the Cheeley, gave 2nd the Lincoln the Cougars 12 Tigers broke the first half points, game open with but a big 2nd four straight quarter for the touchdowns, the Wildcats nearly Cougars got one put the game out back late via a of reach at 34-12. Keylhin Cheeley The Cougars had 3 yard run, but a better 2nd half, that was as close a Jordan Haras they would vey to Nathan get, 29-8. The Stewart touchCougars settled down pass was for 3rd in district the bright spot of for the second the game for the year in a row. Cougars. Howev The bi-district er, on this night playoffs on Nothe Wildcats vember 14th at were too much Wilmer Hutchins for the Cougars, Senior Jordan Harvey sets up in the shotgun formation, from Samuell’s 35 yard line. Stadium the final score featured was 47-26. a matchup between the Cougars and the back to their winning ways. After a disappointing loss to cross Kimball Knights with a chance to play at The Samuell Spartans chose the town rival Woodrow, the Cougars looked Cowboy Stadium on the line. However, for Cougars for their homecoming game, to rebound in the homecoming game, the 3rd year in a row, the Knights proved big mistake. The Cougars dominated the against a weak Spruce team in front of a to be too much for the Cougars. The CouSpartans at Forester Field on November packed crowd on October 25th at Forestgars, despite being obliterated, had some 1st. The Cougars scored 17 1st half points, er Field. In the 1st quarter, the Cougars bright points including a 86 yard kickoff including a 25 yard fumble return for a seemed as if the pressure of losing the return for a touchdown by Jerrick Chism touchdown by Terrion Johnson. The 2nd homecoming game to a weak opponent and a 14-0 fourth quarter advantage. The half saw two long passes for touchdowns was getting to them, they trailed 6-0. This Cougars are getting better every year, and by Jordan Harvey, one to Quincy Brown, was not the case as the Cougars exploded next year should be the best year yet! the other to Tyus Lewis. The defense,


Bit Strips Frenzy Comic strips are back in style.

David Ezparza Special Contributor ‘14


eople use applications like Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram to share what they’re doing in their everyday life. Now, there’s a whole new way to do it: Bitstrips. Bitstrips is a comic book like app that allows you to create comics of yourself and friends. You can share these comic strips on instagram and Facebook. Even though this app is fun for everyone, it was actually made for a “No Bullying” Campaign held by Cartoon Network Inc. that was released two years ago. This app was made so kids could express their creativity and know how to respond to bullying if they ever had to confront it. It was originally an online application that could be accessed via Facebook. Due to increase in popularity the creators decided to make into

a mobile app. Many BA students have joined in on the comic strip making fun. You are able to create and customize your own avatar that will be included in your comics. The comics you can create include, but are not limited to various situations such as holidays and day to day activities. “I really like the captions and the animations of the app, especially when you can make a character of yourself.”- said Enrique Trejo 12th Grade “I think it’s humorous. It gives people a way to use their imagination through the use of these electronic comic strips”- said Brittany Dabbs 12th Grade. Bit Strips had so many downloads that all the servers crashed due to so many users: 50 million in one week! The Apple App Store holds 26.7 Million Downloads while the Play Store holds 24.2 Million. The creators of the app are recently working on making the app servers larger for everyone to enjoy.

Three’s a Charm The BAnd receives straight 1’s at UIL


Danielle Blankenship ‘15

he BAnd received a superior rating for the third year in a row after competing in the UIL marching contest Oct. 17 at Kincaide Stadium. The 60 member band worked hard on their Ray Charles Tribute since the end of July. They were always improving their show during two-a-days in the summer, morning rehearsals everyday before school, and mandatory Tuesday night practices. “I had no doubts from day one that we would get a 1!” said freshman Stefan Rudeloff. Sophomore Humberto Ortiz agreed with him, stating, “I knew we could do it the whole time as long as we stopped playing around and took everything seriously.”

Even though the BAnd had such wonderful results, they had a bumpy road to their success. They didn’t receive the marching drill for the last song until the weekend before Pre-UIL. Also, inclement weather moved the day of the contest to the 17th, which was also the day of BA’s football game against Woodrow Wilson. After earning their 1, the BAnd went on to compete at the Area Marching Contest at Mesquite Memorial Stadium on October 26th. While there, the BAnd got 22nd place, beating Molina, Thomas Jefferson, and Mt. Pleasant High Schools. They even got a standing ovation, which goes to show that quantity doesn’t affect quality.


A Soldiers Life Sergeant Guzman’s Army experience has taken him ‘round the world By CECILIA MARTINEZ, ‘16

Special Contributor


ergeant First Class (SFC) Guzman is one of the JROTC instructors in BA and has been for 11 years. He feels one of his most important jobs is to serve as a role model to all the students. “My advice to young students is, stay in school and try to do their best. Remember to always use the situation in which they find themselves in as a motivation to success, not as an excuse for failure”, he said. Sergeant Guzman leads by example. “I will never tell a student to do something or attempt a task I’m not willing to do myself ”, he said. “I take my responsibilities very seriously. Parents trust me to be with their kids 8 hours a day. I don’t only teach them, I learn from them too.” SFC Jose Guzman became interested in joining the Army when he was in high school. “My uncle that died during the Korean War and one of my sisters inspired me to join the service”, he said. His sister, by giving him a “pep talk” or a “come to Jesus talk” about the

realities of life, settled the issue. He joined in a very uncommon way. He was a recruiters dream. “I just walked in the recruiter’s office and said I was ready to join up”, he said. He took the entry and physical exams, then he signed the entry papers. His recruiter explained to him what army life was like and what the expectations were. He enlisted in Ponce, Puerto Rico in August 1980. He was shipped to Fort Sill, Oklahoma for basic training in October. His first challenge was to complete the Army’s Basic English Language Skills. His training was completed by December of that year. He ended up serving 23 years & 15 days. He retired from the US Army Nov. 1, 2003. He wears the uniform because he is a JROTC Army Instructor (AI). Not everyone in the Army faces combat but SGT Guzman did. He fought in Iraq in “Operation Desert Storm” in 1991 and in Panama in “Operation Just Cause” in 1989. “We had to drop all the equipment needed for battle behind enemy lines and then fire artillery to support the infantry”, he said. “When I went to war my wife was pregnant. Lucky for me my daughter Katrina was born the same day I came back , April 8, 1991 at exactly 2:00 p.m. I was able to see her being born at11:56 p.m.”

Professional pranksters

Your teachers may have a wild side you didn’t know about


Wilmer Argueta Staff Writer ‘14

ur teachers were not much different as teens than we are. They weren’t always nerds! Believe it or not they liked to have fun, they didn’t always do their homework and some even skipped class! Oh no! Coach Allison seems like a studious, no nonsense person, but did you know that one night he snuck into Arlington Stadium (Rangers old ball park) and pretended he was playing left field for the Rangers?! Ask him about it. Mr. Esparza, one of our new assistant principals, often seen impeccably dressed marching down the halls, had his wild side when he was young as well. The craziest thing he did when he was a teenager was throwing water balloons at passing cars. The one that will surprise you the most, will be Ms.Tillery. Many know her as all-business and totally dedicated to teaching and her students. Well, it’s true but it wasn’t always that way.

Writing to his wife from the base in Saudi Arabia

He often recommends that BA cadets join the service. “The Army is not for everyone. You need a strict environment and must be willing to make the sacrifice,” he said. “Not everyone can handle it”. “The Army is like any other job, but with a lot of excitement. Soldiers get paid to travel. I’ve traveled to Europe and Hawaii. Traveling was nice. I’ve been stationed in lots of places such as Germany, France, Italy, and Spain. I went to Korea in 1978 and 1999, and Hawaii in 1985-89”, he said SGT Guzman's has enjoyed his time in the service and is proud of his service. “I am proud that I served our country and defended our way of life and freedom”, he said.

She had a mischievous streak when she was young. Hardly the calm, shy and quiet teenager many may have assumed Ms.Tillery once pranked her principal by breaking into his office with her friends and placing his desk on the roof?! Watch out Mr. Kastl! Keep your office door locked at all times! Last but not least, the boss of the school, the man you will always see smiling and the person no student wants to have a “private conference” with: Mr. Kastl. Running from the police on a dirt bike would be something no one would have ever guessed our school principal did as a teenager. But he did! His favorite hobby, of course has always been riding dirt bikes. He continues to pursue his hobby but tries to stay on the right side of the police patrols. Officer Garcia howevermay want to keep an eye out.


Casa Linda 9540 Garland Rd. #362. Dallas, TX, 214-821-6900 Try our new location Deep Ellum 2912 Elm St Dallas, TX. 214-748-6901

Cougar Casual Sweater weather has officially hit BA Abramn Rodriguez Staff Writer ‘15


intage, urban, and grandpa sweaters fill the halls of BA. These layers of clothes being worn in the winter is what keeps us warm and also stylish. Scarfs and beanies are also playing a part this season, they protect your body from the winter while leaving you with a punk/ vintage look. For the girls this year UGG boots are a favorite again. They are extremely comfortable and can be worn with almost everything. Baggy cardigans and leggings are also among the most popular clothing items for the fall and winter time. For guys any jean jacket with a plaid or any pattern undershirt is a great staple piece for the fall and winter. Sperry’s are an all-time favorite that look good with cargo pants and jeans - if you choose the right color. Patterns and different textures on sweaters are also taking a big part in guy’s wardrobe for the upcoming winter. Prices for the vintage/winter wear can range from $7 to $25, depending on where you purchase them. Popular places to buy and look for your winter wear can be thrift stores, H&M, Forever 21, Urban Outfitters, and Cotton On.


Second issue 2013-2014 school newspaper for Bryan Adams high School, Dallas, Texas