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October 2013

Bryan Adams High School, Dallas, Texas

Student Life


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Striving for excellence! BA welcomes new principal Mr. Richard Kastl Noor Shahed Contributor ‘14


A welcomes its 10th principal in its 56 year history. Mr. Richard Kastl joins the Cougar staff after serving as assistant principal at Sunset High School. He started out studying Biology but ended up going towards educational leadership and policy studies. He originally wanted to be a pediatrician but ended up pursuing education. Mr. Kastle has many plans set for the future of Bryan Adams High School. One is the “portrait of a graduate”, which is the concept of academic improvement by creating a collection of information from a variety of sources. It includes helping students earn community hours, study groups for the SAT and ACT. This policy is intended to prepare students for graduation, college and eventually life itself. Mr. Kastle is actively involved with the faculty and educational process at BA. He has meetings every morning or after school for different class subjects. To discuss with the teachers about good instruction, intervention, and other basic topics. “We are what we repeatedly do. Excellence, then is not an act, but a habit.” This is a quote by Aristotle that is Mr. Kastle’s motto. He believes that one can achieve success if one really puts their mind to it. “I work hard and I play hard”, he said. Riding dirt bikes and mountain bikes is his passion. He applies this same energy

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School Policies

Funneling through Mr.Kastl implements new side door policy Jymylah Roberts Opinion Editor ‘14


ryan Adams administrators restrict

BA’s new principal Richard Kastl is known for his freindly smile and the pep in his step.

to his responsibilities as principal at BA. Mr. Kastle believes this is the best way to succeed. He believes there is a fine line between fun and hard work. He takes his work very seriously which is evident in the hallways as he interacts actively with the students and faculty. “I want to be a role model for the students at BA”, he said Mr. Kastle has been married for 12 years to his middle school sweetheart, Stella. He has a son and a daughter. Mr. Kastl currently lives in Fort Worth, and his dedication to BA is evident by his long daily commute.

students to entering through only the side entrance, at the start of the 2013–2014 school year. Totally different from last year, when the front door was still an option for entrance. Returning students know that the side doors were usually for students who rode the bus and got dropped off on Lingo. Others, that drove or were dropped off by friends or parents, went through the front doors. At first, it presents itself as an added hassle to the commute and the traffic. “The purpose of the Side Door Policy is to introduce students to the reality of how in college, your classes won’t always be right next to the parking lot, and you may have to adjust your schedule to accommodate walking time.” Said Principal Richard Kastl. In turn, it forces students to develop time management skills. Though this is a good practice, it also forces the entire student population of Bryan Adams through two doors in about 15 – 20 minutes, if they’re all on time. See SIDE DOOR on page 2

Student Life


Side door helps manage time? Continued from page 1

You may see where the problem lies, because it does get crowded and it does take a while to funnel everyone in. It would be a lot easier if at least one more door was open (the front door) to allow students into the building. It would alleviate some of the pressure from the side doors, and would also make a way for authorities to more closely monitor dress code and ID badges.

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The Boss A.K.A. El Patron Marcus Hall


Richard Kastl

Superintendent Mike Miles

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Senior class Officers of 2014! We put these questions to our leaders Sumara Chaudry 14’

1.What do you think will be the hardest thing about being a class officer? 2.What are your plans for making senior year a memorable year? 3.What do you plan to do different this year? 4.What motivated you to run for class officer? Jermie Johnson -President 1. To get everyone involved in what we want to do and money Jermie Johnson, Stanton Lohrengal, Azah Tabufor, Kimberly Ruiz because of all the costs and also reaching out to the seniors that we don’t really know. 2.I just want everyone to enjoy themselves and I don’t want them to feel left out because of money problems. I want to motivate seniors to pay for fundraisers so that we will be able to go to class trips such as Great Wolf Lodge. 3.I want everybody to feel like they matter and are a part of the school community. Nobody should think like “My high school sucked!” but should be able to enjoy it and have lots of school spirit. 4.I wanted to feel like an important part of the school and be able to lead the student body because that’s “What I’m supposed to do!” Maybe even be an impact on people’s lives. Azah Tabufor -Vice President 1.Making sure that the students get what they really want but also to abide by the school rules. Mostly to please so many people! 2.I would say fun senior trips as well as activities and competitions. It can be from going to the movies to a simple game of tug of war. I also want to have a fundraiser in which the underclassmen have to pay to wear jeans on Friday and that money would go to seniors. 3.I want to add chords to the graduation gowns and make them look fancy. I also want a senior field trip out of state but before that we will need all the support we can get from family and friends. 4.It was my dream to run for Vice president since freshman year! I wanted to be a good leader so that other could follow in my footsteps. I hope to help my senior class be the best it can be. Stanton Lohrengal -Secretary 1. It would be fulfilling all the students’ requests and sometimes other students might not agree with our decisions. 2.I want to have some good senior activities and the dances to be a success! I want to try to get everyone involved in homecoming and prom and all that good stuff! 3.Just more things for the students such as the front door pass for seniors. I want to be able to do more things but at the same time get approval to do those things. 4.I wanted to be a part of the decision making process because I’m a fun and friendly person. I can also communicate effectively with others and I will be able to get more information on what we want to do as a whole. Kimberly Ruiz -Treasurer 1.Being a positive role model and living up to my standards that I have promised to go by. 2.Asking classmates what they like and fulfilling their wants while at the same time being able to work with the student body. 3.Getting the students involved and to have the feeling of a family not just people who I go to school with. I also want to be able to bond with them during senior activities, trips and sports. 4.I wanted to be involved in a variety of positions and I wanted everyone to feel comfortable at school just as I am. I also wanted to help others in any way possible and that’s exactly what I’m committed to do.


Black Out

Bryan Adams uniform policy changes, this new school year students are not allowed to wear black uniform shirts. Jaqueline Valenzuela Staff Writer ‘14

The dress code this year changed, not dramatically, but it was noticeable to the students who were here last year. Those students seemed to be disturbed the most probably because of the fact that the color black was a favorite color among many students. To the new incoming freshmen, well they don’t really care too much for this, being that they didn’t experience the changes as much as other students have. Students feel somewhat upset, asking some of the students, most say that they aren’t that happy with the fact that they

can’t wear black uniform shirts. “I loved wearing black uniform shirts. I actually prefer wearing black rather than wearing white or green,”-Bianca Rodriguez “12th”, is one of the responses received when asked their opinion. Last year, had anyone took a good look in the hallway, it would have been obvious that black was a very favorite color, it was used a lot. “We should be able to wear black because the whole concept of uniform colors is usually just white and black, and green is for school spirit.” Angelica Sanchez,-“12th”.

Most will say that we should have just been able to wear all colors just like last year, well they could have let us wear the same colors as last year, but now not much can be done. The decision was made and students must abide by it, even if it mean giving up wearing black uniform shirts.

Fish tank or fish jail.

BA Buzz!

New freshman hallways causes contorversy among students and staff. Chad Nunez Staff Writer ‘14

If you’ve been at BA for more than a year, you know the nervousness that come with entering as a freshman. There is the insomnia that come from the night before, ceaselessly wondering how your first day will go. Worrying about being that loser that is hopelessly walking around trying to find his classes. However, this year incoming freshmen will get their very own hallway, making it easier to locate and move from class to class. There is a great difference between junior high and high school. Although by this time most of the freshman should’ve been accustomed to the school, many haven’t gotten over the fact that this isn’t middle school. “I was kind of sad because I miss my old teachers and my old teammates. “ said freshman Romeo Teran Although many people were pleased by the idea of a freshman hallway, many upperclassmen and teachers were outraged by the idea. Senior Noor Shahed said “I don’t think it’s right because the freshmen need to learn about where everything is at school since they’re going to be here for four years.” Many of the upperclassmen argue that it isn’t fair that the freshmen get their own hallway, while we received nothing as incoming freshman. While others are indifferent about the idea. Senior Vanessa Montes was alright about the idea, “it keeps them away from us and isolated.” The real reason behind the freshman hallway was unsure, until we talked to administration. Mr. Kastl said “statistics shows that if freshmen do not pass one or more classes they might not graduate on time.” Maybe this hallway will ensure many freshmen dont fail.

Friday October 11- Blood Drive High School Fair Day - October 18th

Homecoming Parade - October


Spirit Days:

Monday October 21 - Camo Day Tuesday October 22 - Character


Wednesday October 23 - Western Day

Thursday October 24 - Blast

from the past

Friday October 25 -

Green and White Day/ Homecoming Game

Saturday October 26 - Homecoming Dance

Saturday November 9- Cougars

Running Wild 5K Run/ 1 Mile Fun Run


All city- first in BA history

“Ba welcomes new and old faces!”

David Esparza 14’ Staff Writer

With a fresh start of the new school year BA welcomes 21 new teachers all “Striving for Excellence” and trying their best to fit in with the BA staff. The minute bell rings and all you can see is a blur of BA student but don’t lose hope of being caught by the tardy bell. “1 minute guys!” the new teachers chime in. It looks like the new teachers at B.A fit right in, helping the students hustle to class. Some of these teachers have really exciting backgrounds like actually being the school mascot! You can find out more about one such as Athletic teacher, Miss Segal. She walks around the cafeteria making sure the students are well behaved during lunch. You would have never known what wonderful personality she has. Miss Segal is from Bryan, TX and remarks that she liked growing up in a college town while her father worked at Texas A and M. Some interesting facts about her are that she was also in her high school band and has coached four Olympians. When asked what her favorite subject was she vividly described her love for history, “History, the study of the past, is my favorite subject.” “It’s the understanding of History as people, not events that hooked me that fascinates me and keeps me interested.” When it was time for Miss Segal to attend college she got her undergraduate degree from Texas A and M University and for her Masters she attended the Returning athletic director, Stacy Segal University of Texas at Tyler. What motivated Miss Segal to join BAHS was the opportunity to return to “the school I invested my heart and soul into, Go Cougars!” Well Miss Segal is showing off some of her Cougar Pride! She also has some advice for High School students: “Listen and Leave a Legacy!” “If you truly believe, you can be great!” Now that you have gotten to know her a little bit better you can get to know her on a whole new scale and who knows, maybe you guys might have something in common. Just remember to say good morning to her if you see her by the metal detectors and start her morning off with a warm smile.

Five BA orchestra members accepted to All-City Competition

Five members of the BA orchestra have tried out for All-City Competition on September 23. All five were accepted to perform at All-City Competition. These members include Violin 1st Chair Joanna Hernandez, Karen Macias, and Esperanza Puente. Viola member 1st Chair Carlos Garcia, and our last but not least, Senior 1st Chair Bass Player David Esparza. He was the only senior that made it this year and the very 1st Bass Player to make it to All-City in 5 years. He’s been trying to make it since freshmen year and was not accepted, but finally on his last year at BA, he was accepted as an All-City Bass Player. These 5 members have been practicing really hard. They practiced at Greiner Middle School until 9 at night Thursday and Friday. Their concert was held at 2pm Saturday September 28, but they still prepared themselves from 8 in the morning that day. They played 3 famous music pieces which included Autumn by Antonio Vivaldi,Andante Cantabile by Peter I. Tchaikovsky,, and Finlandia Tondichtung By Jean Sibelius op.26 During the concert, there was a storm happening nearby, but the concert was still holding strong. The All-City orchestra was composed by Jeff Turner. Mr. Turner is a violinist, used to be an orchestra teacher, now the fine arts director for the Plano ISD. This was his first year composing the All-City group, but he plans to compose for them in the future. “This was my very 1st year that I didn’t have to teach my members the basics on the music, we just went straight to the music and they all did great on their 1st try”- said Mr. Turner

David Esparza 12th- 1st chair bass Carlos Garcia 11th- 1st chair Viola Jeff Turner- Alll-City Composer Esperanza Puente 11th- Violinist Karen Macias 11th- Violinist Jonanna Hernandez 11th- 1st chair Violinist

BAHS welcomes 21 new teachers including Ms. Segal Sumara Chuadry 14’ Staff Writer

Something smells fishy

See where the term “fishy” originated from” Malik Fullylove 17’ Staff Writer

The term “fish” comes from the class of 1973, it’s been going on for years. It’s just one of those welcome-newbie type of things. At first I felt offended about this name, but all freshman must adapt to the high school ways, especially at B.A. (Bryan Adams) We’ve all been a fish, our parents, even our grandparents were one. These words are spoken from a freshman, a person who understands. The upside is: we’re not going to be fish forever. This is a spiel to all the freshman and upper classmen likewise. It might sound fumy but it’s a part of life. “Although we get tired of being called that, we and generations to come will join in the ridiculousness one day also.” Says freshman Maria Garcia Taking this minor effect and running with it should make you want to do more. That’s the best way to solve an issue. Also, show the juniors and seniors what you’re made of. Play a sport or join a club, earn your stripes! “Yes, Yes I am a fish” says Demarcus Smith. “I am proud to be a fish, because one day I’m going to grow into something bigger, like a shark. I also enjoy being young and I wish I could be aa fish fish forever. Call me a fish!”

The fast lane



Child stars seem like they can’t wait to be “grown” By Mellissa Perez, ‘17


hild stars seem like they can’t wait to be “grown”. But is this what it means to be adult?

In recent years there has been a spate of young stars and starlets misbehaving in public to the delight of media outlets such as TMZ and Entertainment Tonight. “Twerking” by Miley Cyrus on the VMAs’ is just the most recent example. Although not technically “misbehaving” it certainly got the attention of a lot of people. People were surprised to see her “grow up” so fast. She certainly seemed to be saying the she was no longer Hannah Montana, the squeaky clean Disney teen idle. Miley isn’t the only example of this kind of misbehaving. Amanda Bynes has been embroiled in a series of legal troubles. First there was a DUI charge, then a string of alleged hit-and-runs, photos of her driving while smoking marijuana, and now allegations of mental instability. No list of this sort would be complete without Lindsay Lohan. She started out in movies such as The Parent Trap but since then has been more famous for her personal life. She has been arrested for drunk driving numerous times, cocaine possession and has gone to rehab multiple times.

"I tried to mask my problems with alcohol, cocaine and mind-altering substances," she said. Apparently the rehab didn’t take and she was involved in a series of car crashes, arrests and more stints in rehab. On August 23, she pleaded guilty to DUI and cocaine possession and was sentenced to one day in jail and three years of probation. As of 2013, Lohan was reportedly sober and trying to work her way back to the top in Hollywood. Now there is Miley Cyrus. She started as Disney’s queen show girl. Since Her Hannah days there has been a series of dramatic dye jobs and haircuts, a leaked video of her birthday bong hit (which she claimed was filled with the legal herb salvia) and eating disorder rumors. Not to mention her side-and under-boob photos, her tattoo addiction and her scandalous Tweets. Many of these celebrities do these types of ridiculous things for more fame, money, or just to get as much attention as possible We might all think this is the person they’ve become but in my opinion I think there just going through a phase. They all seem to want the spotlight but each time they do this they lose more of their dignity and look worse than before. These “grown up’s” aren’t showing the world a good example of what it means to be a real adult.


Cougar Kickoff 2013

ain or shine, the cougar kick off started the season off right, Friday September 20 in the Bryan Adams Auditorium, to celebrate the beginning of the football season, and to promote other clubs around the school. Usually held outside in the football field, but due to inclement weather, this year’s kick off was held inside the school’s very own auditorium.


o room for rain on our parade. Although it was held inside, the cougar spirit was still high! The belles, band, football teams, JROTC and cheerleaders all performed and kept the crowd raging.


BAck to school crossword puzzle


2. what comes on every morning so that we say the pledge and hear about events 5. when the school body and its alumni come home 7. where you eat when you’re not in the cafeteria 8. the type of shirt we're allowed to wear on Fridays 9. something you must wear every day


1. electronic devices that are to be off and out of sight 3. something we don't want too many of when we are late to class 4. the best place for snacks in the school 6. every class' president, vice president, secretary, and treasurer known as 9. how you open up your class periods

RAINBOW is the new BLACK Pride cheer squad and the Dallas Pride Drill Team with their amazing stunts and tricks it wasn’t hard for them to get the crowd pumped! Junior, Haley White, who went to the parade had this to say “ I feel like it’s a good opportunity to go out and be proud of who they are and know no one there is judging them.” “It felt like it was raining beads on the crowd, it was a ton of fun trying to get as many as I possibly could by the end of the night my neck was flooded with rainbow colored beads!” said Junior Ashley Flores. Ms. Jones Bryan Adam’s Gay straight alliance sponsor was in the parade

herself with her friends and family! She looked very happy to see the turn out and to see all of the support! The entire time, it was refreshing to see so much support for the LGBTQ community all in one parade. Let’s just hope next year’s parade is even better!

Answers: Across 2.Announcements 5.Homecoming 7.Courtyard 8.Spirit 9.badge Down 1.Cell phones 3.Tardies 4.Cougar den 6.officer 9.bellringer


eptember 15th Dallas pride parade celebrated the end of DOMA the Defense of Marriage Act, which kept same-sex couples from receiving federal protections- like Social Security, veterans’ benefits, health insurance and retirement savings, bringing them one step closer to equality. The pride parade was filled with tons of fabulous drag queen, same sex couples, heterosexual supporters, many colorful beads, and our very own History and Gay straight alliance sponsors Ms. Jones! The parade started at two, but by noon the streets were already filled with people! Starting off the parade was the Dallas

Dallas Pride Parade 2013 Marcelino Vazquez Staff Writer ‘15



S po r t s

Running Wild By SAMUEL MALONE ‘16 Sports Editor


s usual, the Bryan Adams Cross Country Team is off to a running start, led by veteran coach Mark

fourth, and fifth runners, I believe the girls could easily win the District Title,” boasts Coach Smith. Seniors Jermie Johnson and

Smith. Every meet this season, the girls have finished within the top 3 spots as a team, led by Senior Abigail Cartwright and Junior Crystal Salinas. The state-bound Abigail Cartwright of Townview TAG was named a national elite runner by DyeStat Magazine, and has won all but one of her races this year, with a best time of 19:03. Bryan Adams’ own Crystal Salinas has placed very high this season, with a memJunior Crystal Salinas at the Molina Invitational where she placed 2nd orable second place overall in the girls 4A-5A Division. finish at the Molina Invitational, running a best time of 22:07. Ruben Davis have led the reigning District “With the strength of Abigail and Champion boys to several top tier perforCrystal, along with the speed of our third, mances this season. The 2014 Class Pres-


BA Hoop Squad shoots for District By WILMER ARGUETA ‘14 Staff Writer


ooking past their 11-11 season, the Bryan Adams boys’ basketball team is looking forward to the start of the 2013-2014 season. Focused on winning district competitions, the Cougars are determined to stay focused and continue

to work hard. With the passionate and intelligent Coach Maxey at the helm, the sky is the limit for this team. With most of their star players gone and a lot of new faces, including some promising Freshmen, the young hoop squad is determined to advance deep into the playoffs and win it all this year. “We’re trying really hard and give a lot of effort. We want to go to state!” said varsity guard Romello Phillips. Phillips is also a believer in head coach Tyrone Maxey, saying “Proper preparation, prevents poor performance!”

ident Jermie Johnson stellarly performed at the Jesuit Invitational, beating out the reigning District Champion, Woodrow’s Luca Chatham, with an expectional time of 17:43. The number two man, Ruben Davis, solidly performed at the Jesuit Invitational, providing the team with a sub-twenty minute time of 19:08. With the District meet coming down the pipeline, the Cougar boys know they have a big challenge on their hands. “It’s gonna be a dogfight, it’s gonna be really close, the closest boys’ championship race in a long time,” said Coach Smith.


“15-Love” is Here By DESRAY PHILLIPS ‘17 Staff Writer


oach McKeever, the new head tennis coach, is at school at 7:00 AM to make sure the tennis court is clean and dry for the days’ practice. The tennis team practiced before and after school every day for the last six weeks. Then it came time to show some of their skills on the court. District play began October 8th. This year the team has a full squad (7 boys and 7 girls), which will help them score points at district. Coach McKeever is determined on getting out of district this year. Key players this year include Candice Palacios, Nicole Martinez, Sergio Gutierrez and Abenezer Abate. “With the improvements that the team has made over the last several weeks, I believe that we can place in district”, said Coach McKeever.


In their own hands


Strong defense and experienced offense puts Cougars on track to capture the 2013-14 district title. By JONAS VEAZY, ‘15 Staff Writer

In OT the Patriots got the ball first and punched it into the end zone with a 16 yard run forcing the Cougars to answer with a touchdown. On 3rd down of the Cougar drive Harvey dashed out of the pocket and hit Nathan Stewart on what appeared to be a 1st down. However, to the dismay of the crowd, the referee called Stewart out of bounds. A failed 4th down attempt ended the game.

Roosevelt (W 31-14) The Bryan Adams Football team kicked off the 2012-2013 season with an impressive 31-14 victory over the Roosevelt Mustangs at Forester Field on August 30th. Highlights included a 63 yard bomb from Jordan Harvey to Quincy Brown followed by a bullet pass through the diving Mustang defenders into the hands of Nathan Stewart for a 24-6 lead at halftime. In the second half another long pass from Jordan Harvey to Quincy Brown and a shutdown defense would seal the deal at 31-14. Head Coach Ron Grace addresses the team after their hearbreaking OT loss to Lakeview Centennial. This is Coach Grace’s first year as head football coach. Garland Lakeview Centennial (L 45-38) It was an exceptional perfor Next up was a high powered mance by the Cougars, especially quarterovertime loss, 45-38, to Garland Lakevback Jordan Harvey who went 28 for 41 iew Centennial on September 6th at H.B. with 348 yards and 4 touchdowns. Johnson Stadium in Garland. It was back and forth in the first half. A 55 yard pass Mansfield Legacy (L 39-0) from Harvey to Reese was answered with Every now and then you come a Patriot 63 yard pass. Then, a Harvey to across a team who is bigger, stronger, and Brown 51 yard pass exploited the middle faster than you in almost every aspect of the Patriot defense once again, but the of the game. Mansfield Legacy, the #15 Patriots answered again with a 20 yard ranked 5A team in the state, was that team strike ending the half at 21 all. for the Cougars. In a game where the score The 3rd quarter was disastrous line was 39-0, it is hard to find bright for BA. Two long drives by the Patriots, spots. However, throughout the game the both resulting in touchdowns, nearly broke Cougars continued to play hard. They the Cougar’s will. Nearly. These Cougars were just as hungry for a touchdown in weren’t done yet. First came a 48 yard the 1st quarter as they were in the 4th. The strike from Harvey to Tyus Lewis, then a team showed a great amount of discipline. long drive was capped off by a 2 yard run The players kept their cool and continued by Lewis, his second touchdown of the to play. quarter. The Patriots answered with a field goal giving them the lead with just over 3 Thomas Jefferson (W 41-14) minutes to go. The 4th quarter ended with After a bye week, the Cougars a 30 yard BA field goal to send the game were ready to start district play. They into overtime. would do so against the Thomas Jefferson

Patriots at Loos Stadium on September 26th. BA came out on fire with three touchdowns in the 1st half. An Eddie Reese 20 yard reception, a Quincy Brown 12 yard rush and a Tyus Lewis 22 yard reception gave the Cougars a 21-7 lead at the half. BA outscored the Patriots 20-7 in the 2nd half. Two huge plays, a 66 yard pass from Jordan Harvey to Quincy Brown and a 99 yard pass from Harvey to Eddie Reese sealed the deal as the Cougars came away with a dominant 41-14 victory. Jordan Harvey, once again, posted very impressive stats going 15 for 19 with 280 yards and 4 touchdowns. Conrad (W 24-13) The Cougars 2nd district matchup was against the Conrad Chargers on October 3rd at Forester Field. The game didn’t start as well as BA anticipated. The Cargers returned the opening kickoff 96 yards for a TD. The Cougars answered with a 1 yard touchdown run by Jalen Stallworth and a 45 yard field goal by Daniel Martinez giving them a 10-7 lead. In the 2nd a 21 yard pass from Harvey to Quincy Brown made it a 17-7 lead at the half. In the 3rd quarter Eddie Reese took a handoff for a 6 yard score. The run ended it for the Chargers as BA improved their record to 2-0 in district. Hillcrest (W 26-14) Bryan Adams faced their first legitimate threat to their perfect district record against the Hillcrest Panthers on October 11, at Forester Field. Despite some trash talk via twitter by some Hillcrest players, the Cougars dismantled the Panthers piecemeal. Two rushes, one for 7 yards by Jalen Stallworth and a second by Quincy Brown for 49 yards gave BA their halftime advantage of 14 - 0. In the 2nd half BA continued to roll with a 39 yard pass from Jordan Harvey to Nathan Stewart. The Panthers wouldn’t go down without a fight; two quick touchdowns forced the Cougars to get some insurance points, which they did. A 24 yard Daniel Martinez field goal and a safety sealed the deal for the Cougars as they improved to 3-0 in district.



Lights, camera, were back in action Ms. Irvine fills vacant theatre arts position.

Marcelino Vazquez staff writer ‘14

After weeks and weeks of substitutes and unproductive class periods the students of all theatre classes could breathe in a sigh of relief. On September 11th, Victoria Irvine, started her first day as the new drama teacher at BA. She was ready to teach students how, and why theater arts is

an important course. ”I have been involved in theatre for over twenty yearsboth onstage and off. I am always looking for new places to perform, teach and direct! It is my goal to continue working in theatre in all different capacities- Theatre is a collaborative art and there is something to be learned from each individual you collaborate with.” Said Irvine. After the many succesful plays, last year’s teacher Ms. Allen directed, drama students expect a lot from Ms. Irvine. When she took this job she did not

just take on teaching, she has to take over the drama club, and the fall play along with UIL play in the spring. The drama department can only hope that she’s able to handle the pressure. After all it’s been a very long time since Bryan Adam’s theater arts department has won or even placed UIL one act play trophy. With the motto “I’m not Crazy, I’m a theater person,” she seems to be exactly what the Bryan Adams theater department needs to turn everything around.

The 2013 VMA’s

Miley twerks, NSYNC is back and Lady Gaga rocks the stage. Abramn Rodriguez Staff Writer ‘15

This year the 2013 VMA’s songwriter, artist Lady Gaga kicked off the show with an amazing performance, in which she had more than 3 costume changes. However, many say one artist stood out among the rest, Miley Cyrus. The critics had much to say and wonder about her performance in which she twerked. Miley really expressed her more provocative side with artist Robin Thicke while on stage at the VMA’s. Miley caused, and is still causing, a lot of

controversy for her raunchy dancing. Many of the artists present at the VMA’s where left awestruck by Miley’s outgoing performance. However, many of the viewers applauded her outrageous actions and had no issue with her expressing her older and more mature side. This year’s VMAS did not have a host, instead they had many guest appearances. There were various artist like Katy Perry, Bruno Mars, Drake, Kanye West, and NSYNC that performed on the stage as well. The biggest award given away that night was to Justin Timberlake dedicating the award to his 6 year of not

performing on the VMA stage. Due to his break from the music industry, his performance showcased his mark as an artist and talented dancer. He had help from some very special friends, all former members of NSNYC were there alongside Justin. This brought about questions such as, will NSYNC have a reunion tour? This excited many of the former fans. The 2013 VMA’s will be remembered for many reasons, some good and some bad. The focus now is next year’s VMA’s. Will it be better than this years? Only time will tell.

Top Tunes

Get an inside look on what some students are jammin’ to.

Rosa Henriquez Staff Writer ‘15

Carderious Hudson ‘12 1. Migas- Rich then famous 2. Migas- Finesser 3. Gucci ManeCali

Hannah Martin ‘12 1.Best song ever- One Direction 2.Wrecking ballMiley Cyrus 3.Drunk on You- Luke Bryan Joseph Giroux ‘12 1. All you need is love- Avicii 2. Beat it Micheal Jackson 3.Dreams- Van Halen

Yasmin Lopez ‘12 1.Time BombAll Time Low 2. Wherever you are- 5 Seconds of Summer 3. Angel with a shotgun- The Cab Darryl Neang ‘12 1.SnowflakeRawtekk 2. NujabasEternal Soul 3. Arkasia- Angel

Seniors Give Back Gazebo refurbishment adds to list of school gifts Danielle Blankenship Contributor ‘13


he final stages of the repairs on the gazebo in the BA courtyard are still on hold. All that’s left is completion of the roof. The school district was to have roofers sent to do the job over the summer, but the work hasn’t been done, or even started. The refurbishment of the gazebo was a request, or “senior will” of the 2012 graduating class. They wanted to keep the tradition of giving a ‘gift’ to the school every year. The gazebo wasn’t the first or only gift “willed” the school by a graduating class. There are many more that most students are probably not aware of. In fact, you pass by most of these additions everyday and don’t even know it! “I know of the courtyard that was from 2010 and the cougar on the side of the building, but that’s it.” –Thomas Jennings, junior. Those are just two of the many gifts given to BA over the years. The cougar on the side of the school (near the band room) was a gift from the classes of 1978, ’79, and ’80, which was around the same time that the gazebo was added. Also, the granite benches next to the gazebo were a donation from the seniors of 1972. Some other gifts include the mats in front of the school from 1994 and the mat in the student center donated by the class of 2007. Sadly, some of these gifts that the school has received are in better condition than others. The courtyard that was dedicated by the 2010 seniors and the benches in front of the school from 2002 are in pretty rough shape. However, the mural in the courtyard and even the cougar mascot (a gift from the class of 2013) are still in

Juniors, Marcelino Vasquez and Romellow Roman frolick in in the refurbished gazebo with senior, Darryl Neang.

great condition! So, the next time you’re rushing to class, remember all those classes of the past that have helped BA become what it is today!

Fall Into Fashion See What’s Trending in the Halls

Vanessa Gonzalez, staff writer 2014 Dressing comfortable is what you can expect this season. Summer is over and fall is right here in the halls of BA. Since they are still popular around school, girls can wear combat boots to give our everyday uniform an edge. Unique sweatshirts definitely catch the eye, for example your favorite band or just find one that says “you”! Jean jackets are classic plus they look great with your Thursday college shirt or Friday Spirit shirt. Guys can also be on trend with some simple clothes. Leather jackets give a good appearance and you can match it with anything. For example cardigans and patterned flannels keeps you comfy. Sperry’s/ Loafers are also popular around BA, it gives your uniform a classier look. And since the weather is geting cooler girls and guys can share similar fashions such as eternity scarves, and caps and beanies. It may even be time to bring out the fingerless gloves and single pocket hoodies to add to the hipster look. Whatever you choose to buy this fall make sure’ it’s fashion-worthy!

Snake Walk

BA Senior bitten by poisonous snake By ALEXANDRA MONCADA ‘14 Staff writer


n August Senior Rachel Villanueva and her family decided to go for a walk at White Rock Lake. They were strolling down the path when suddenly a foot long, brown, vicous looking snake fell down from a tree right in front of them. Her father’s first reaction was to kill the snake. To do so, he tried to stomp on it. Rachel, who has always loved reptiles sprang to its defense. “No! Leave it alone!” she yelled, then reached down to try and save the snake. “It hissed and struck”, Rachel said. When she thinks about it now, that

noise still gives her shivers. Rachel describes the pain in her hand as a “1000 lb. weight with extreme burning”. All she remembers is thinking and repeating to herself, “Don’t panic. Don’t panic”. Her parents, obviously worried, rushed her to Doctors Hospital. Her hand was beginning to swell and became Rachel shows the bitvery sensitive to the ten hand. The swelling much reduced. touch. At Doctors she was administered four doses of anti-venom over the course of six hours. She was eventually transferred to Children’s Medical Center where she spent

Horse Story

I broke my wrists falling off a horse! By DALIA ROUILLARD‘15 Staff writer


probably have the most interesting summer vacation story. I broke my wrists falling off a horse! It started when I was at my cousin David’s house in Mesquite. He had his horse Ranger there. I usually don’t ride horses but that day I decide that I wanted to get on. So then, my cousin and I started riding around the neighborhood. After we turned a corner I told him that I had a feeling that something bad was going to happen, like me falling off the horse. “As long as you’re with me everything will be okay,” he said. We rode down the street and stopped at the home of two of his friends. Suddenly we see a little dog coming out of the house. It went towards my horse’s feet, Dalia shows off her double trying to bite them. The horse began to casts. react by running in circles and jumping up

a total of three days. The snake, a Cottonmouth Water Moccasin, is a poisonous pit viper. They are common to the southeastern part of the United Sates and live in or around water. They are known for their aggressive nature and the white “cotton-looking” inside of their mouth. Their bite can be extremely painful, killing the flesh around the bite and can be fatal. Rachel expects to be fully recovered by the end of October. She is currently in physical therapy. Her therapist is focusing on restoring the use of her hand and fingers. To do this, they do little practices such as, picking up beans and macaroni. For now Rachel is left with her arm in a sling and an experience she’ll never forget. “I won’t go near snakes anymore, at least not live ones”, she said.

and down. My cousin told his two friends who had come out of the house to get the dog away, but they couldn’t. Then I started to feel the horse trying to step on the dog. It was quite scary because I could actually feel it as the horse was squishing the dog. The horse began to jump up and down. At that moment I didn’t know if I should jump off or stay on. Then I realized that since the horse was jumping up and down, that was the perfect time to jump off. So when I was about to jump off the horse, the horse jumped higher which made me go higher. I hit the ground....wrists first. That’s when I heard the “pop”. I knew my wrists were broken. There I was, on the ground, helpless. When I looked up I saw the horse coming towards me fast. I tried to roll over so that he wouldn’t run over me. I noticed that I wasn’t getting anywhere so I used my wrists that were already broken, to get myself up from the ground. It was very painful. I already knew that as soon as I got up I made my injuries worse than they were already. As I turned I saw that my cousin had been thrown off too. He was on the ground holding his ribs. David suffered bruised ribs but otherwise he was OK. The closest people near me were the two friends of David. I ran to them telling them my wrists were broken. They took me home and my parents rushed me to Doctors hospital. So I started my junior year with broken wrists. Its OK, I can get through it with help from people like my best friend Maria Calderon. She and others do little things for me like carrying my tray, holding things that are too heavy for me and just any little things I can’t do for myself. Lesson? Don’t jump off a jumping horse....and not all Texans are cowboys...or cowgirls!


First Issue 2013-2014 school newspaper for Bryan Adams High School, Dallas, Texas


First Issue 2013-2014 school newspaper for Bryan Adams High School, Dallas, Texas