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AT A MEETING of the PERSONNEL COMMITTEE held in the College on MONDAY 14 JUNE 2010 at 6.00 pm. Present P Ball C Holliday A Isherwood E Lugg and J G Moorley. An apology for absence was received from A Armstrong. Also in attendance L Oliver (Clerk) S Ruddock (Directorate) and C Wray (HR Manager). 1

Appointment of Chair Resolved That E Lugg be appointed Chair of the Committee for the ensuing year. E LUGG in the Chair


Appointment of Vice-Chair Resolved That A Armstrong be appointed Vice-Chair of the Committee for the ensuing year.


Declarations of Interest There were no Declarations of Interest made prior to the consideration of business.


Minutes The Minutes of the meeting held on 1 February 2010 were confirmed as a correct record and signed by the Chair.


Financial Improvement Plan 2009/10 The Committee considered a report on progress made on the implementation of the Financial Improvement Plan 2009/10.

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The report informed on progress with – the formal consultation procedures talks in the FIP Monitoring Group confirmation of the number of staff reductions in the following areas – Adult Learner responsive BTS Closure of Aycliffe site Technology and Employer Responsive Additional Learning Support Management structure Other through VR/RIH and other leavers Attached to the report was a copy of the proposed Redundancy Action Plan as discussed in the Monitoring Group together with a report on progress to the savings target. Resolved That the progress to date be noted and endorsed. 6

Redundancy Selection Process The Committee considered a report on the Redundancy Selection Process. Attached to the report were Draft Selection Criteria for lecturing and support staff. Each Selection Criteria involved the use of ‘weighting’ marks to set against the following areas – Qualifications Experience Job Knowledge Lesson Observation (teaching staff only) Disciplinary record Absence record The criteria used were based on the result of looking at the criteria used by other organisations both from within and outside the FE sector. The JCC had also received the draft criteria and had stated that they would welcome any feedback on the criteria. Whilst it was noted that disability related absences would be disregarded the College accepted that there was a need to clearly define ‘disability related absences’. In answer to a question the Committee was informed about how ‘Quality’ issues were addressed in the proposed selection process namely through learning observation grades, job knowledge and qualifications and experience. Page 2 of 5

The Committee also discussed the possibility of having to use the policy in the future but was advised that different circumstances could well warrant a different approach. It was also noted that whilst the staff representatives would not formally endorse the criteria they accepted that it would be used by the College to meet the requirements of the Financial Improvement Plan. Resolved That the draft Redundancy Selection Criteria be endorsed. 7

Record of Equality Impact Assessment The Committee considered a report on an Equality Impact Assessment on the application of Redundancy Selection Criteria. Resolved That the Equality Impact Assessment be endorsed.


Employment and Welfare Matters The Committee noted a report on the following employment and welfare matters – Paternity leave Statutory increases in redundancy payments Time off for training Statement of fitness to work arrangements


Statistics on KPIs The Committee considered a report providing statistics relating to the following key performance indicators – Sickness absence Staff turnover Disciplinary Grievance Payroll queries Stress risk assessment The Committee queried the need to review and adjust targets in year. It was also pointed out that no targets had been set for Sickness Absence and Staff Turnover.

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Resolved That targets be set for Sickness Absence and Staff Turnover and that all targets be reviewed in year and adjusted where necessary. 10

Safeguarding and Independent Safeguarding Authority The Committee considered a report on safeguarding issues including – Safer recruitment procedures Changes to safer recruitment practices Governor Awareness sessions Payment of ISA fees by staff and a further tabled report on the Independent Safeguarding Authority (ISA) requirements. With regard to the payment of ISA fees by staff it was proposed that existing staff would have all their fees paid by the College but that for new staff the College would pay the CRB check fee but would oblige staff to pay that part of the fee relating to the ISA check as it was transferable to other employment. Resolved 1. 2.



That the report be noted. That before any action is taken on Governor training the College contact others in the sector to see how they are approaching the issue and the wording of the guidance from Ofsted be reconsidered in line with the information received. That the College be authorised to continue to pay all fees for existing staff and the CRB element of the fee for new staff but to charge new staff the ISA fee except in cases of proven hardship at the College’s discretion.

JCC Minutes The Committee received the Minutes of the Joint Consultative Committee held on 28 May 2010.


HR Policies & Procedures The Committee considered a report advising on which policies and procedures were currently in place within the Quality Management System. With regard to the Absence Ill Health Procedure the report informed that the College was to use the Bradford Factor Index as a means of monitoring absenteeism and put support measures in place when concerns were identified.

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Resolved That the use of the Bradford Factor Index be endorsed. 13

Equality & Diversity The Committee noted a report enclosing a report presented by the College Equality & Diversity Manager to the Management Team on 27 May 2010.


Health & Safety Matters The Committee noted a report enclosing the minutes of the College Health & safety Committee held on 21 May 2010.


Pay Award 2009/10 and 20010/11 The Committee considered a report reminding it of the Corporate Board’s duty to declare a pay award for 2009/10 and offering options for consideration bearing in mind the funding cuts required in the Financial Improvement Plan. The report also provided an update on the position for 2010/11. The Committee was reminded of a previous decision by the Corporate Board of its wish not to declare a nil pay award two years in a row. Resolved That the matter be referred to the 12 July 2010 meeting of the Corporate Board.


Date of Next Meeting The Committee noted that its next meeting will be held on 1 November 2010.

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Personnel Committeen Minutes 14 June 2010  

5 Financial Improvement Plan 2009/10 3 Declarations of Interest Resolved Resolved P Ball C Holliday A Isherwood E Lugg and J G Moorley. Also...

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