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Which is the best android sms restore app

• Many people want to know which is the best android sms restore app? is there any method to transfer all android phone text message to my computer for backup? Any software that can do that? As we know send text messages play a important role in our daily life. To send cell phone sms help us easily communicate with our friends to convey important information, the important information stored in android phone memory or SD card which can easily lost or deleted.

• Here i like to suggest you to use AST android sms transfer, this application is a designed for backup and restore android sms, here I will post a guide about how to use AST android sms transfer to backup and restore your android text messages. • • The frist step is to download software( you can download at the end of this article ). Set up the android phone port of this software on your cell phone, after you run this app on your phone you will see "backup sms" and "restore sms" button, choose "backup sms".

android sms restore

• After you hit the "backup sms" button, you will find a .db file that stored in "smsbackup" forder on your SD card. • Next steps is transfer Android Text Messages to PC. Plug in your Android to PC via USB cable. Move the .db file you backup right now to computer. And this helps you save text messages to computer. You can restore it to your phone if you need one day.

• Android sms restore. Run AST android sms transfer, click "restore sms" button, import the .db file,now you can view all text messages that you backed up before. • For more information, please visit

Which is the best android sms restore app  
Which is the best android sms restore app